2021 15 Best Little Girls’ Comforter Sets Your Little Princess Will Love

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Table of Contents

Your little girl’s room should look smashing with a bed set that is tough, durable and of course, laden with creative motifs that she can relate to. This can be anything from cartoon characters to their favorite animals and toys.

The room can really come alive with the help of a great comforter with playful print accompanied with creative patterns and color schemes on sheets, shams and pillows.

In this post we review no less than 15 of some of the best girl’s comforter sets that can brighten and transform your little princess’s bed space. Moreover, the construction of these bedding sets is tough and yet soft enough to withstand kids and their play, as well as cleaning over a long period of time. Additionally, the options reviewed below are also ideal for great comfort throughout.

Review of the Best Little Girls Comforter Sets

  1. Mi Zone Kids Wise Wendy Comforter Set For Girls

The Mi Zone Kids Wise Wendy Comforter Set is no doubt pretty and is sure to brighten your daughter’s room with gorgeous contrast of pinks and whites.Best Little Girls' Comforter Sets

It’s worth noting the comforter is made from polyester. High quality polyester is an excellent option for a comforter because of several reasons; the fabric’s durability as well as moisture wicking abilities. These qualities see to it the user is comfortable year round.

The comforter also feels cushy without being heavy, that is thanks to the 200 grams per square meter of polyester fill that helps your princess sleep in good comfort. The print on the comforter is not over done and offers a bright and playful aesthetic that includes owl motifs as well as flowers. Moreover, the set is generous in size and spreads well on the bed without touching the floor.

Decorative polka dotted pillows add to the comfy and cheerful look.


  • Dimensions of this queen comforter are 86”L x 86”W. The unit is also available in twin/full
  • Constructed from high quality polyester fabric that has impressive moisture wicking abilities and durability.
  • Light with moderate loft as a result of 200gsm polyester fill
  • Comes as an 8 piece set that includes 1 comforter, 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 2 shams, 1 decorative pillow and 2 pillow cases
  • This set is machine washable, very fast drying and wrinkle resistant
  • Available in two color options; wise Wendy pink/ blush

Before you know it, your daughter, sister or niece is not so little anymore, because they grow up so fast. The beauty of this unit is the generous size and durability means your little girl can use it all the way through to her young adulthood.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this comforter mentioned that they like the durability and aesthetic aspects. The print is girly but not in a babyish way. This means that your child can use it well into her preteens and teenagehood without feeling like it belongs to a baby. A majority of customers agreed that this comforter set is super soft, cozy and gives you girl’s room a cheerful look.

2 .Dream Factory Magical Princess Ultra Soft Girls Comforter Set

Many parents and little girls are often on the same page on all things princess. So it comes as no surprise when little daughters and their parents settle on a princess theme for the girls bedroom.Dream Factory Magical Princess Ultra Soft Girls Comforter Set

This comforter from Dream factory is the way to go when opting to inject a princess feeling and look to the bedroom. That’s because this comforter set includes motifs of castles, a princess girl with little wings and a magic wand, crowns, flowers and heart shapes.

So the comforter displays a dominant princess theme with several shades of pink and a touch of white, magenta and blue for nice contrast.

The unit is double sided with a princess theme on one face while the reverse has a plain pink color.  This offers a change and an avenue to break the monotony every so often.


  • Dimensions of this twin comforter are 86”L x 64”W.
  • Constructed from 100% polyester fabric that is very good at wicking moisture and has extensive longevity.
  • Has a moderate loft and fluffy feel as a result of polyester fill
  • Comes as a 5 piece set that includes 1 comforter, 1 pillow case, 1 sham, 1 fitted sheet, and 1 flat sheet.
  • This unit stands up to machine wash very well and is fast drying
  • Available in two color options, pink/ blue

If a princess theme is what your little girl loves, then you can be sure she will be not be disappointed by opting for this comforter set. The display of varied shades of pink, motifs and the white sheets that are peppered with heart shapes in an array of colors sets a playful tone to the room.

Customer feedback

Parents who got this comforter shared that their little girls loved the cute princess theme. The comforter is warm and cozy because of a fabric that can wick moisture, is puffed, lightweight and soft to the skin.  Some customers were put off at first by the fact that it doesn’t come with a removable cover, but soon realized that was no issue because this unit is machine washable and therefore very easy to maintain keep clean and fresh.

  1. Disney 4 Piece Minnie’s Fluttery Friends Toddler Bedding Set

Disney cartoon characters are a natural favorite for many children. That’s because generally speaking, many children including girls are in love with these cartoon figures and the antics they get up too.Disney 4 Piece Minnie's Fluttery Friends Toddler Bedding Set

While the reviewed comforter here is emblazoned with Minnie mouse, the unit is not confined to only this character but one can choose from a wide array of loveable cartoon figures such as Ariel sea garden, Fancy Nancy, Bingo and Roley, Frozen, Lion guard, Mickey mouse classic, Muppet babies, Rapunzel, Vamparina, and an assortment of princess characters.

The comforter’s shell is made from 100% polyester which offers a comfortable level of softness as well as incredible toughness and longevity.  So your little girl is assured of awesome sleep in her favorite comforter for many years to come.

The sheets and pillow cases are very comfortable as the materials used are a fusion of 55% cotton and 45% polyester with a thread count of 180.

The fabric offers soft and cool comfort on those warm summer nights because cotton has good absorbent qualities while  polyester is excellent in moisture wicking. The unit is light and fluffy at the same time because of the polyester fill.

All the options mentioned above are reversible to a face with a single color when you want to take a break from the cartoon side.

The unit is easy to care for because it can be machine washed. On the few occasions that you may need to use bleach, just be sure to use a non-chlorine bleach to preserve the gorgeous colors on both sides.


  • The dimensions of this unit are suited for a toddler’s mattress of 28”x 52”
  • Shell of the comforter is constructed from 100% polyester fabric while a 55% cotton and 45% polyester fabric is used for sheets and pillow case
  • The moderate loft and soft feel is made possible by a polyester fill
  • Comes as 4 piece set that includes 1 comforter, 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and a pillowcase
  • Machine wash friendly and wrinkle resistant fabric
  • Available in numerous Disney cartoon characters and different color combinations

Customer feedback

Parents were happy with the wide array cartoon characters and color combinations to choose from. They mentioned that the quality of the comforter and accompanying pieces is top notch.  Washing and maintenance is easy and the colors hold fast provided you use a gentle detergent, cold water, and if you have to use bleach, ensure it’s non-chlorine bleach.

  1. BlessLiving 3 Piece Comforter Set with Pillow Shams

Like most girls, your little one probably loves glitter. So it’s hard to go wrong with a glitter theme as presented in this comforter that meshes colors beautifully and effortlessly incorporates the glimmer of glitter into the design.Little Girls' Comforter Set

This design will also work if your little girl loves nature and enjoys checking out the stars, reading up on animals, or loves dogs and paintings.

This BlessLiving comforter set offers a plethora of themes including rainbow amongst others to satisfy her inquisitive nature.

The set is well constructed with the comforter’s shell being 100% high quality polyester. It also has a fluffy look which not only looks inviting, but is very comfortable and light to sleep under. The unit is moderately puffed for both warmth and breathability

The design on the BlessLiving3 piece set uses 3D printing technology to create unique designs and very realistic visuals for endearing aesthetics that enliven your kid’s space.

Moreover, these comforters are reversible from a carton print to something more plain when you want to.


  • The dimensions of this queen size unit are 90”x 90”. Other sizes include king/ full/ twin/twin XL
  • Construction fabric of the comforter is 100% polyester which is durable and soft to the touch
  • The unit has a unique 3D design with a moderate loft from a polyester fill that’s light and comfortable
  • Comes as a 3 piece set that includes 1 comforter and 2 shams
  • Machine wash friendly and wrinkle resistant
  • The unit comes in a total of 11 color combination and varied print styles to choose from

The design and build of this comforter is minimalist and is the perfect fit for a girl’s room. With such a vast range of color combination and prints to work with, you and your little girl should have a ball trying to settle for one that is most suitable to her bedroom décor.

Customer feedback

Customers mentioned that they appreciate the different choices available with this comforter. They were also impressed by the 3D printing which offers a beautiful artsy visual experience. A majority of users said the unit has a decent level of comfort in both cold and warmer climate seasons.

  1. Dream Factory Sweet Butterfly Ultra Soft Microfiber Girls Comforter Set

The Dream Factory Sweet Butterfly Girls Comforter Set is top notch quality and a good fit for a little girl’s room.Girls Comforter Set

The softness is just right thanks to the high quality polyester fabric that is soft against the skin. The moderate fluffiness gives body to the comforter making it cushy yet lightweight and breathable. The unit’s fill is polyester can be a good option for little girls who may be allergic to other fill material such as goose down.

This comforter’s utility is also very good as both sides of the unit are useable. The face has beautiful flapping butterflies and flower prints while the reverse offers a solid color of purple that can serve to give a change whenever you please.

The colors mesh together very well and exude a cheerful vibe. The butterflies and flowers printed on the purple base are dotted with splashes of light blue and green as well as pink, white yellow and black.


  • The dimensions of this twin size unit are 86”L x 64”W. Also comes in full size
  • The fabric used is 100% polyester which is durable and soft to the touch
  • The unit’s moderate loft is made possible by polyester fill
  • Comes as a 5 piece set that includes 1 comforter, 1 pillow case, 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 1 sham
  • Easy care with machine washing and no need to iron as the unit is wrinkle resistant
  • The unit is available in a gentle light purple with butterflies and flower motifs

If you are looking for a gentle tone that is also cheerful and playful, this unit will certainly do the trick for your little girl’s bedroom.

Customer feedback

Users who bought this unit loved that that the build, quality and theme blend easily with numerous little girls’ décor preferences. Customers also loved the simplicity of the design and choice of colors for excellent cheerful contrast.

  1. My Room Peace Out Girls Comforter Set with Bedskirt

This option comes with a bed skirt that has a generous drop on the side. The comforter has a charming retro look with multi-colored peace signs dotting the face, while the reverse features a beautiful pale turquoise color that merges well with any décor you are working with. The comforter is also available in pink.Girls Comforter Set with Bedskirt

The sheets and one sham come in white with purple polka dots. The color scheme is bright, playful and not too kiddy, such that your little girl can grow using this unit well into her teens without feeling that her room is baby like.

The bed skirt is especially great for that purpose because it gives off a charming adultlook to your girls room.

100% polyester is used in the construction of the set. With high quality polyester, you can be sure of fabric softness, no shrinkage, color retention and longevity even after many washes.

This polyester fabric is lightweight with excellent moisture wicking abilities for added comfort during warmer months.

The moderate fill using polyester ensures that your little princess remains warm and snuggled with this comforter for blissful sleep every night all year round.


  • This unit’s dimensions are 86” L x 64W. Also available in twin/full/ queen
  • The casing of the comforter is constructed from 100% polyester for added comfort and durability.
  • The loft is moderate and soft enough for use soft in warm and cold seasons. That’s made possible by a microfiber fill.
  • Comes as 6 piece set that includes 1 comforter, 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, a bed skirt, 1 pillow case and 1 sham
  • Low maintenance and easy care because the whole set is machine washable and wrinkle resistant
  • Available in several colors including;

Little girls like their room pretty, bright and playful. That’s why going with this option becomes an easy choice.

Customer feedback

Customers who opted to get this unit shared they are glad they made the purchase. Their reasons included the impressive general aesthetics of build and print and also the inclusion of a bedskirt in the design. Users expressed their confidence that even as their little girl grows older through preteens and teenagehood, they will likely not grow weary of this unit’s gorgeous set up.

  1. Jay Franco Frozen Magical Winter 5 Piece Twin Bed Set

Is your little girl an ardent fan of the movie Frozen? Then there is no debate on the choice of bedding you should get for her. This is definitely the one. The sham features Elsa and Anna while a big sized Elsa in all her charm and princess splendor is emblazoned on the comforter.Jay Franco Frozen Magical Winter 5 Piece Twin Bed Set

The Elsa figure starts in the middle of the comforter and cascades all the way down to the edge of the unit. Her robe spills over the edge of the bed and gives a nice flowing impression that most little girls will love.

The reverse is also beautiful with a patterned look and attractive contrast of colors.

The sheets have a snow theme with Elsa and her loveable buddy frozen.

If your daughter enjoyed the movie frozen, then this is a settled matter and you need not look any further. Other than the delectable print, the unit has a solid and durable construction from brushed polyester fabric.


  • This unit’s twin dimensions are 86” L x 64W.
  • The comforter’s casing is constructed from 100% polyester for added comfort and longevity
  • Fluffy microfiber fill ensures a moderate puff and softness
  • The 6 piece set includes 1 comforter, 1 sham, 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 1 pillow case
  • Low maintenance and easy care as the set is machine washable and wrinkle resistant
  • Gorgeous color combination on the units face and reverse

One thing you can be sure of with this set is the material is soft yet tough and easy to care for. The colors will hold fast for the long haul even after many machine wash sessions.

Customer feedback

Customers loved the theme and color combinations in addition the fact the unit can also be used in reverse when you want to change the look. After several washes of the set, users of this unit expressed their satisfaction that the colors held fast. Apart from the pictures of the two frozen sisters one of the shams reads “Keep calm and let it go” which parents found to be an uplifting message for their daughters to wake up to.

  1. Heritage Kids Kids and Toddler Ultra-Soft Sleepy Unicorn and Rainbow Comforter

Sleeping among unicorns and rainbows is possible for your little girl with this bedding set. The dreamy and fantasy motif of unicorns and rainbows features on both faces of the comforter and on the shams.Heritage Kids Kids and Toddler Ultra-Soft Sleepy Unicorn and Rainbow Comforter

In addition, there are flowers, clouds and the moon on the overall print. Further, channel box stitching adds to the charming look of the comforter and also serves to ensure that fill is held in place for uniform insulation eliminating any cold spots.

With this, your little girl can sleep in great comfort that befits a princess. The microfiber fill is lightweight but does an excellent job of keeping your child warm and cozy without overheating.

The colors are bright right from when you purchase this unit and do not fade even with multiple washes.

To complement the overall airy aesthetic of the comforter are two sheets with multi-colored horizontal stripes and similarly patterned pillow cases. The display of pattern, print and fabric comes together rather harmoniously to add beauty and cheer to a girl’s room.


  • This unit’s full size dimensions are 66” L x 86”W. Also available in twin
  • Shell of this comforter is constructed from polyester to provide  smooth feel and durability
  • A puffy microfiber fill ensures moderate fluff for adequate softness and insulation
  • This 5 piece set includes 1 comforter, 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, plus 1 sham and pillowcase
  • The set is machine washable and wrinkle free
  • Comes in a gentle light blue dotted with rainbows, white, magenta and pink prints

With this bed set you can expect a smooth, soft and cozy feel for your child’s room. The comforter is also reversible for added convenience and utility

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this comforter love the fact that the fill is an excellent down alternative from kids who struggle with allergies as a result of feather bedding.They also praised the ultra soft and plush construction which remains lightweight yet cozy. Generally, parents shared that their children liked the theme and fun vibe it infuses into the kids room.

9. Dream Factory Purple Princess Hearts And Crowns Girls Comforter Set

Every little girl is a princess in their own right. If daddy or mommy want to accentuate that sentiment, it can be done in a fun and practical way that will put a smile on your girl’s face. Getting this Dream factory set that features crowns, hearts, wands and stars on the face is sure to not only brighten and add color to your girl’s bedroom,but also provide her with great sleeping experience that is soft and snuggly.Dream Factory Purple Princess Hearts And Crowns Girls Comforter Set

This unit is reversible and while the face is printed, the reverse offers a change in scenery when needed by providing a solid purple color.

The pillowcases and sheets have a 180 thread count for comfort and easy maintenance. The polyester material makes the set perfect for all year round use because of its well-known moisture wicking abilities. This means your child can sleep in relative comfort in both warmer and colder months.


  • This unit’s full size dimensions are 66” L x 86”W. Also available in twin
  • The set is constructed from a fusion fabric of 60% cotton and 40% polyester to provide impressive moistures absorption, softness and durability
  • The microfiber fill is used in moderate mounts for a subtle puff which gives adequate softness and insulation
  • The 5 piece set includes 1 comforter, 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, 1 sham and a pillowcase
  • Super easy to care for as the set is machine washable and wrinkle free
  • Comes in a gentle light purple dotted with white, magenta and blue prints

It has often been said that purple color does not encourage sleep and therefore not the best color to have in a bedroom. While that sentiment may be true for stronger purple shades, it does not apply to this gentle and laid back purple shade.

Customer feedback

Customers loved this blend of soft shades in different colors that soften the room and make it feminine yet cheerful. The materials are also easy to care for as they do not lose their vibrancy according to many customers. Parents found that this bed set completes a princess ensemble to perfection.

  1. Jay Franco Frozen 2 Forest Spirit Bed Set

Jay Franco has a renowned reputation for creating exceptional Disney’s Frozen themed bed sets. Above, we have reviewed their bed set with Frozen 1, but with this option this brand pays homage to Frozen 2.Jay Franco Frozen 2 Forest Spirit Bed Set

The comforter which features Anna and Elsa in the Spirit of a Forest theme is also made from brushed polyester just like the one we featured earlier by Jay Franco.

This unit is reversible with the face printed with Elsa and Anna surrounded by trees and foliage, while the reverse is icy forest featuring leaves and a predominantly grey shade.

One of the shams reads “Forest spirit” keeping the theme of Frozen 2 alive in your little girl’s dreams. The sheets have prints of alternative pictures of Elsa and Anna and their hilarious snowman buddy Olaf.

The color combination is vibrant and fade resistant.


  • This unit’s twin dimensions are 86” L x 64W. It is also available in full
  • The shell of the comforter is constructed from 100% polyester for added comfort and longevity
  • Microfiber fill is light weight and ensures a moderate puff and softness
  • The 5 piece set includes 1 comforter, 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, in addition to 1 sham and a pillowcase
  • Low maintenance is assured as the set is machine washable and wrinkle resistant
  • The whole set offers a vibrant color combination

If your girl(s) had a blast watching the Frozen movie sequel, then surprising them with a bed set themed after the movie will certainly make them very happy.

Customer feedback

According to customers who bought this bed set, the pieces are excellent quality and present even better display in person than in the pictures. They do feel satin-like as many described them but this is to be expected since they are made from polyester. Most customers mentioned that it definitely brought a smile on their daughter’s faces from as young as three years old to nine year olds and older.

  1. Jumeey Girls Llama Comforter Set

Are you thinking of sprucing up your little girls room? This comforter set with a desert theme will help you refresh the overall décor in your daughter room.Jumeey Girls Llama Comforter Set

The Llama themed comforter is cute and airy at the same time, featuring llama and cactus motifs set against a clean white backdrop. The white background brightens up any bedroom.

Further, the unit is lightweight while remaining cozy and fluffy thanks to the 100% cotton shell. This versatile bedding that will not only work for your girl’s room, but is an excellent option for the guest room or boy’s room as well.

The colors are fade resistant and easy to clean without bleeding into the white background. So you can be sure that the aesthetic beauty will last for the entire life of the unit.

This comforter set is super easy to care for. When it gets dirty, simply toss it in the washer with a gentle detergent, cold water and do not use bleach. As per the manufacturer, machine wash is preferred over dry clean. In addition, the unit should not be ironed.


  • This unit’s full/queen size dimensions are 90” L x 90”W. Also available in twin and king sizes
  • The comforter is constructed from of 100% cotton and is cool, absorbent and durable
  • The moderate puff has been achieved by using a microfiber fill for good insulation
  • The 3 piece set includes 1 comforter
  • Comes with a sham and a pillowcase
  • Machine wash is recommended for easy care and no ironing is required
  • Comes in numerous colors options such as pink/ yellow/ purple/ black white, grey gold/ white black/ white blue/ white dark purple/ white grey green/ white grey/

The plethora of color combinations makes this unit an excellent piece to work with for a broad range of bedroom decors.

Customer feedback

Some customers were skeptical about the comforter when they received it because it was stuffed in a small package. But upon opening it matched the pictures and it fluffed out beautifully into a full comforter. A majority of users also mentioned that the material is super soft and the filling sits perfectly in the comforter without clumping even after several machine washes.

  1. Heritage Kids Unicorn Microfiber Comforter Bed Set

Most little girl is a big fan of magical cartoon characters and a make believe world of unicorns.Kids Unicorn Microfiber Comforter Bed Set

Well, the Heritage Kids Unicorn Microfiber comforter bed set delivers on that tale by bringing a small piece of that Utopic universe into your little girl’s bedroom.

Splashes of rainbows and the words “Be magical” in bold golden print could be all your princess needs to add some magic to her room.

The shams have rainbow prints with the words “Just believe” against a white backdrop. The comforter features a huge motif of a unicorn surrounded by flowers, snowflakes and a rainbow.

The unit is made from 100% polyester for a smooth durable finish. The blend of light pink, white and touches of blue color are sure to brighten any kid’s room.

What’s more, the comforter is also reversible providing you with a refreshing option of a pale purple face.

The channel box stitching contributes to the aesthetic of the design but also serves to ensure that the microfiber fill stays in place at all times.


  • This unit’s twin size dimensions are 66” W x 86”L. Customers can also get this unit in full size.
  • The unit is durable and smooth as its made from 100% polyester fabric
  • The microfiber moderate stuffing gives a light and comfy body to the comforter
  • The 3 piece set includes a fluffy comforter, a sham and a pillowcase
  • Super easy to care for as the set is machine washable and wrinkle free
  • Comes in 2 color options light pink/white

Polyester cleans well in addition to fast drying. So although this unit comes in white or light pink, you have little worries about keeping it clean. Polyester is also tough and is not fazed by frequent machine washes.

Customer feedback

From the speckled shams and comforter to inspiring mantras on the bed set, customers were impressed by the timely tag lines for little girls. They also loved the premium quality of the materials used that makes it safe for sensitive kids. The option of pure white or light pink is also welcome because it brightens up the space. Many customers did however mention a slight disparity in the color compared to what they expected from the pictures.

  1. Sleep Zone Kids Bed-in-a-Bag Bedding Set

Does your little girl dream of living in a castle? Well, you can bring that dream closer to home by getting her this castle comforter.Sleep Zone Kids Bedding Set

The Sleep Zone Kids Bed-in-a-Bag Bedding Set is an option with cute princess and castle print set against a pristine white background that makes it pop even more.

In addition to the castles, there are pumpkins carts, wands crowns, stars and unicorns thrown in the mix to enhance the fairy tale theme.

The color scheme on the sheets, shams and comforter are a mix of green, white and pink selected to create a warm, sunny childlike feeling.

With this unit, you can bring the sunshine to your little girl’s room every day while also providing a fluffy cloudy aesthetic and comfort.

The smooth feel is made possible by the ever durable high quality thick polyester and light fluffy appearance is as a result of microfiber fill.

If your kid is sensitive to down fill, this can be a good solution that does not trigger bedding related allergies.


  • The dimensions of this twin size unit are are 66” W x 90”L. customers can get this in full size as well
  • Made from 100% polyester that is smooth, soft and has great longevity
  • The microfiber moderate stuffing ensures a fluffy look and good insulation
  • The 7 piece set includes a fluffy comforter, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted bed sheet, 2 sham and 2 pillowcase
  • Super easy to care for as the set is machine washable with no ironing required
  • Available in an additional variety of colors and motifs; Blue galaxy/blue, blue dino/ blue, green dino/ blue, white sheep/ pink, pink snowman/ Light blue fish/ space rocket.

The design is catchy and practical with a quilted classic look that generously sprawls over the bed. This unit is built to last with piped edges ensuring the fill stays in place and protects the comforter’s edges from daily wear and tear it.

Customer feedback

Customers appreciated that the set doesn’t fade nor do the colors blur into each other during and after multiple washes. They also loved the quilting stitching that keeps the comforter’s fill in place and promotes longevity. Many customers praised the super soft material and cloudy construction of the comforter saying it makes bedtime more cozy and dreamy for their child.

  1. Sleep Zone Girl 7 Piece Bedding Set

This second Sleep Zone Bedding set features a darker purple color. Other than the cool and pretty motifs for an awesome visual effect, what also stand out is that all the pieces on this set are stain proof because the fabric fiber is premium quality. Users can be sure of low maintenance, easy care and durability.Sleep Zone Girl 7 Piece Bedding Set

The unit is versatile with a reversible design allowing you to change face options as you see fit. The reverse face features a pink plain color which is excellent for brightening up a room.

This is built to last with 100% polyester and exquisite comfort from a fluffy comforter made possible by microfiber fill material.


  • The dimensions of this twin size unit are 66” W x 90”L. customers can get this in full/queen as well
  • Made from high quality microfiber material and the print does not fade
  • The comforter is stuffed with microfiber fill for excellent insulation and softness
  • This 7 piece set includes a fluffy comforter, 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 2 shams, 2 pillowcases
  • Easy to care for as the set is machine washable and ironing is not required
  • Available in several colors to suit most decors

Making you little girl’s room more cozy and thematic does not take a lot. Bedding sets such as this one can make all the difference in brightening and adding a touch of magic to her space.

Customer feedback

Customers liked that the unit is reversible and provides a fresh look. User mentioned that the unit’s general construction is solid and durable. The comfort level is great as the comforter is fluffy but not heavy. Most praised the soft material and the trial period wasn’t lost on them although the majority reported not needing it because they were satisfied with the sets aesthetics and performance.

  1. Sapphire Home 6 Piece Twin Size Girls & Teens Comforter Set

This Comforter Set by Sapphire Home brings the fun, party and cheer into your girl’s space. Little Girl Comforter

Made from 100% polyester which drapes superbly to almost touching the floor, the pink color with print of an owl on a branch has a cheerful and brightening tone. Splashes of turquoise, pink, yellow and blue colors complement each other perfectly for good contrast. Plus, it comes with a decorative toy pillow for your little one to hang on to.

With this print and color scheme your little girl can use the comforter through various growth stages. The colors do not fade or seep into each other even after several washes.


  • The unit’s twin size dimensions are 66” W x 86”L. This comforter is also available in full size.
  • Made from 100% polyester that is soft, does not fade and is durable
  • The microfiber fill ensures a moderate comfy puff
  • The 6 piece set includes a puffy comforter,1 flat sheet, 1 fitted bed sheet, 1 sham, a pillowcase and a decorative toy owl
  • Easy maintenance by machine washing
  • Comes in pink color

Your little girl can use this comforter well into her teens simply because the color scheme and design agrees with older girls as well. One can also order matching curtains to develop the theme even further if they so wish.

Customer feedback

Some customers mentioned that the colors remain intact as long as the comforter and sheets are washed in cold water with a gentle detergent and air dried. However, for some others the colors faded faster. Many of the customers mentioned that the toy that comes with the comforter was an instant hit with their kids. They also mentioned that it softens up very well as you wash it continually. Just be sure not to use bleach.

Final Thoughts

The comforters sets above are a combination of solid construction, well thought out colors and motifs for beautiful designs. Your little girl will love spending time in her room that is well kept, cheerful and downright cool. All the above options add a little magic to your girl’s bedroom while staying comfortable, stylish and durable.






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