9 Top Best Linear Shower Drains of 2022

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Table of Contents

With the introduction of linear shower drains, bathroom design has been made more fluid with a seamless flow that eliminates barrier while adding to the aesthetics.

Conventionally, drains in bathrooms, kitchens, verandas and other wet areas in the home have often been constructed using the center drain. While that may get the job done, it typically means that for it to function properly, the floor has to leveled in a slight slope from four directions in order for water to naturally follow the gradient into the center drain.

What is a Linear Drain Shower and Why They’re Worth it

There’s no debate as to which drain looks and functions better when one compares the center drain versus the linear drain.

A linear drain is a rectangular form of drain that is installed flush with the floor. It is basically a gutter with ‘V’ shaped channels that empties into a 2 inch central outlet drain with an attractive cover.

It often comes with a filter for trapping hair and any debris for easy cleaning. Once installed all one sees is a clean rectangular cover that water effortlessly flows into and disappears.

A glaring difference between the two becomes pronounced when one wants to design a surface floor that clears more water. Using a central drain means installing one with a larger circumference and it has to be slightly sunken.

While this works, it does not present the best optics in terms of design especially in environments where decor is of utmost importance such as in a spa, hotel, bank, house and so forth.

Opting to use the linear shower drain option means one can achieve function with aesthetic beauty in a space. That is because the linear drain installation is longer and can therefore clear more water on a floor surface. When one needs more water clearance on an expansive floor, they can get a linear drain with more length ranging from 12 ,24, 28, 32, 36, 48, to 60, 72 inches.

The installation is not sunken but is flash with the tile or flooring of choice for a fluid seamless look. It is also the perfect way to eliminate the step over barrier in bathrooms that is meant demarcate the dry and wet area by keeping the wet on the bathroom side only.

With this linear drain, the gradient is tilted ever so slightly so that the water gravitates toward the linear drain effortlessly naturally achieving a demarcation of the wet from the dry areas without a barrier.

Roundup Review of the Best Linear Shower Drains



1. Best Overall: Neodrain Tile Linear Drain


2. Best Black: Webang Linear Drain


3. Best Budget: DreamDrain Linear Drain


4. Best Attractive: Neodrain Slight Sea Linear Drain


5. Multiple Colors/Sizes: Neodrain Brickwork Drain


1. Neodrain Quadrato Pattern Linear Shower Drain

This Neodrain linear shower drain provides numerous installation opportunities due to its versatile build as well as the various different sizes it comes in. Whether one needs drains for a new home or would like to transform and already existing one, Neo linear shower drain is a good option to consider.


  • High quality construction

  • Attractive design

  • Adjustable feet

  • Great value for money


  • Limited sizes

It is applicable to several environments such as residential, commercial, hospitality and even industrial settings. That is because it can be safely used for drainage on balconies, showers, garages, kitchens as well as private and community pools to name a few.


  • Linear drain size: 36 inches length by 2.75 inches wide. Other sizes- 32 and 24 inches
  • Central outlet is 2 inches and can clear 40 liters of water per minute with high flow capability
  • Brushed steel finished that protects against corrosion and rust
  • Patterned removable grate made from strong 304 grade stainless steel
  • Equipped with adjustable feet on both sides for easy adjustment
  • Cast iron drain base
  • Enhanced deep slope ‘V’ shape design that ensures elimination of water from the channel

Customer feedback

A quality drain should not only look good and clean, it must be easy to clean. Customers love the removable grate that is easy to clean. Among the accessories that come with the Neo drain shower include an anti-clogging hair and debris catcher so no blockages.

Customers appreciate this accessory because clogging is a primary concern for most. The linear grate is easy to open as the unit comes with a hook for easy lifting of the grate whenever one needs to inspect the inside of the drain.

2. Webang Matte Black Linear Shower Drain

The Webang linear shower drain suits numerous interior decors and themes. Other than practical function, it provides seamless aesthetics that augur well with all manner of floors from marble and granite to mazeras. The matte Black finish and a capsule patterned grate offer a subtle rustic element of fluid decor.


  • Durably constructed

  • Easy to maintain

  • Several size choices

  • Not prone to visible discoloration


  • Finish is prone to flaking

  • Color may not be the most subtle

This bathroom floor drain is made from nickel stainless steel so that at no point will one have to worry about corrosion and rust.

That is the universal advantage whether this linear drain is in indoors in areas such as the kitchen, bathroom or outdoors on a balcony, garage, storm drain or driveway.


  • Linear Shower Drain Size: 24 inches length by 2.75 inches wide. Other sizes-12 -72 inches
  • The central outlet is 2 inches wide and has a high flow capability of 36 liters per minute
  • Durable as the unit is made from AISI 304 stainless steel,
  • Corrosion, scratch and rust free surface that is brushed finished, tough, sleek and beautiful
  • Easy installation with adjustable feet for finding the right installation level

Customer feedback

Customers with a black themed bathroom love this unit because apart from creating an air of continuity in a bathroom design that eliminates barriers while maintaining a clear distinction between wet and dry areas in the same space, this black matte nickel brushed finished linear drain also maintains a dark colored scheme in a bathroom.

But for other customers it neutralizes bright color schemes by providing style and color contrast.

Customers also mention that they like the capsule design on the grate as it adds to the fluid flow of the design and unimpeded flow of water.

Accessories include a metal lifting hook that makes it easy when lifting the grate for any inspection of the trough.

3. Neodrain Wave Pattern Linear Shower Drain

The Neodrain brain brand has been in existence since 2006. The brand is a hallmark of quality and design as far as linear shower drains are concerned. They oblige the customer with several sizes to choose from lengths of as long as 72 inches to as small as 12 inches.

In this 36-inch linear drain, the cast iron drain base has a deep slope design with a shallow ‘V’ Profile that aides the smooth flow of water without it ever accumulating in the bathroom.


  • High quality construction

  • Sleek attractive look

  • Easy to clean

  • Anti-corrosive


  • Limited sizes

The water is effectively collected in the ‘V’ shaped channel across the length of the linear drain, the slope then directs the water rapidly down the ‘V’ slop to a central 2 inch drain that gobbles up the water efficiently with a capability of taking on 36 liters of water per minute.

No shower can really produce that much water at that rate which speaks to the water draining efficacy of this unit.


  • Linear Shower Drain Size: 36 inches length by 2.75 inches wide. Also available in 24″
  • 2 inches wide central outlet with a high flow capability of 36 liters per minute
  • Made from durable AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Anti-corrosion, scratch-proof and anti-rust surface that is brushed finished.
  • Trendy and superior drainage capsule design with a wave pattern for smooth and efficient water flow
  • Easy installation with adjustable wheels for finding the right installation level
  • Threaded adapter with rubbering attached to 2 inch drain to prevent any leakages

The capsule and wave pattern offers a nice touch to the finished look. This drainage sits flash with the floor so that there is seemingly no interruption of the floor design flow.

Customer feedback

The accessories that this Neodrain linear shower drains comes with ensure easy maintenance which is huge advantage cited by customers.

Many love the fact that they can easily lift the grate with the stainless steel hook whenever they need to clean the hair strainer that ensures hair and debris are arrested and eliminates the chances of clogging pipes. Customers found this to be a simple but efficient unit.

4. Ushower Linear Shower Drain

When customers go for a linear drain option, they are often looking to achieve continuity with the floor design. The Ushower shower drain helps achieve just that. This is because the linear drain unit comes with a shower tile drain cover with a flat and tie-in side. The tile insert grate allows the installer to place matching tile and provides an invisible and seamless floor.Best Linear Shower Drains


  • Well constructed

  • Sleek and fluid look

  • Easy to clean and install


  • Available in one size

  • Not completely rust-proof 


  • Linear shower drain size: 24 inches length by 2.8 inches wide
  • 2 inch central drain with High flow capability of clearing 25 liters per minute
  • Made of standard 304 stainless steel, US ASTM
  • Neat and beautiful brushed finished surface

This linear shower drain design is a game changer in removing barriers and effectively draining floor surfaces while still injecting an element of class to a space. It is durable and well constructed to offer maximum efficiency.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this expressed that they love the versatility of the Ushower linear drain unit as it offers many installation opportunities for different areas of the building including the kitchen, office building, balcony, spa, night club or Gym to name a few. They love the overall simplicity in installation and the efficiency of the product.

5. Neodrain Linear Shower Drain with Tile insert Grate

The beauty of the linear shower drain design lies in the fact that it comes with versatile options to choose from. We have gone through the Neodrain capsule and wave pattern removable cover as well as the quadrato grate pattern, but this brand offers customers yet another hypnotic design for the customer who wants the linear drain to be as inconspicuous as possible.Best Linear Shower Drains


  • High quality construction

  • Modern attractive design

  • Easy to clean and install

  • Highly rated for efficiency

  • Available in several sizes

  • Rust-proof


  • A little pricier

This particular design allows the user to insert any cut tile on top of the grate so that the whole floor surface remains uniform save for a slim slitted drain rectangle outline.


  • Linear Shower Drain Size: 24 inches length by 2.75″ width. Other sizes include; 28″,32″, 36″,48″ and 60″ inches
  • 2 inch central outlet with a high flow capability if 30 liters per minute
  • Made from durable AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • The finishing is brushed making the surface anti-rust, scratch proof as well as corrosion free
  • The trough has a shallow ‘V’ slope for easy and unimpeded floor of water
  • Installer find it easy to install this unit because finding the right level very straight forward thanks to the adjustable wheels

This linear unit fits amazing in a tile flooring offering utmost discretion. It brings a classy, minimalistic fluid design flow in a space and is ideal for consideration during major remodeling work.

Customer feedback

Although the linear shower drain may be inconspicuous, cleaning and maintenance is still just as easy according to customers. A lot of customers appreciate the fact that even though the design might be sophisticated, the function and maintenance aspects remain low. Lifting the tile covered grate is possible using the provided stainless steel hook that comes with the unit, while dirt and debris are filtered by the easy to reach and cleanable hair strainer.

6. DreamDrain Brushed Stainless Linear Shower Drain

The Dreamdrain Linear shower drain makes shower water disappear like a dream. It also brings safety to the bathroom. With the efficient draining from this unit you can eliminate the shower lip that is common in most bathrooms.


  • Good quality 

  • Modern and attractive looking

  • Easy to clean 

  • Multiple size choices


  • Hair catcher not included

  • Will require cleaning out on the regular

Lips can be a trip hazard in the bathroom but if bathroom floor is correctly pitched towards the drain, your bathroom design will look so much better without any barriers. In the same breath, if one has a family member in a wheel chair, access to the shower is so much easier.


  • Linear shower drain size: 28 inches long by 2.75 inches wide. also available in 24″, 32″, 36″, 42″ and 48″.
  • 2 inch drain with a high flow capacity of draining 9 gallons of water per minute
  • Made from brushed stainless steel that is rust proof and durable
  • Easy to remove grate when one need to inspect or clean the trough
  • Improves safety in the bathroom as only a single pitch is required
  • Easy installation

The circular hole pattern on the removable top of this unit is aesthetically pleasing and brings some playfulness to the design without compromising or impeding water flow.

Customer feedback

Customers mention that a lip in the bathroom was the only practical way to ensure water did not flow to unwanted areas in the bathroom until they found this unit. This linear drain totally changes that as it offers a floor surface with continuity and does an even better job of ensuring shower water heads and disappears in the right direction keeping other areas of the bathroom dry without the need of a barrier. Customers love this incredible functionality that has made the wet space even better.

7. Neodrain Rectangular Slight Sea Linear Shower Drain

Designers who appreciate the quality and finesse offered by linear shower drains made by the Neodrain brand know that they can always count on an expansive array of linear drain designs to suit varied spaces. This particular one is 36 inches long with an elegant slight sea grate.


  • Great quality 

  • Modern and beautiful aesthetics

  • Easy to clean 


  • Only one size

The rectangular shape is not just for aesthetics although it looks great. It also promotes efficiency in the unit as it drains more water than a center drain.


  • Linear Shower Drain Size: 36 inches length by 2.75″ width
  • Has a central outlet of 2 inches capable of handling a high flow of 30 liters per minute
  • Made from durable AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Brushed beautiful finish that looks superb and ensures no scratches, rust or corrosion
  • Deep slope trough design see to time that water flows quickly and freely
  • Beautiful slight sea pattern on the grate
  • Easy installation made possible by the adjustable wheels which aids in effectively finding the right ground level for a flush finish

This unit comes with accessories such a hair strainer that filters debris and hair that finds their way into the drain. Also included is a stainless steel metal hook for lifting the slight sea patterned removable grate with ease when one needs to inspect the trough.

Customer feedback

Customers who chose this mentioned that over and above the high quality design attributes that Neodrain is synonymous with, they love the unique slight sea pattern on the removable grate. They also commented that clogging issues are an afterthought in this design as debris cannot get past the filter.

8. Neodrain Rectangular Brickwork Pattern Linear Shower Drain

For someone who’s building a new house or remodeling, paying attention to the drains can help bring about massive design achievements that remove barriers and facilitate the creation of space.

That is exactly what this rectangular linear shower drain can achieve. The drain’s brickwork pattern grate is particularly neat and catchy which is one of its major selling points.
Best Linear Shower Drains


  • Durable construction

  • Stylish with beautiful aesthetics

  • Easy to clean 

  • Multiple size and color choices


  • Pricier


  • Measures 24 inches length by 2.75″ width. Also in 28″, 32″ and 36″
  • Equipped with 2 inch drain with a high flow of 36 liters per minute.
  • Made of 304 Stainless Steel for durability
  • Anti -rust, scratch proof and corrosion resistant black brushed finish.
  • Deep slope trough design is ‘V’ shape for expedient water flow without accumulating water
  • Clean brickwork patterned removable grate
  • Easy Maintenance and install

The black finish on this unit is a good option for darker color scheme but it can also be used to neutralize bright areas by breaking monotony and adding contrast to brighter kitchens or bathroom.

Customer feedback

Customers who are very particular about the pattern on the grate appreciate the neat cut lines of the brickwork patterned grate saying that it adds charm to a bathroom. Although versatile, the pattern and the black color inject a subtle touch of rustic which customers with contemporary spaces loved. They also appreciate the overall easy maintenance of the unit.

Conclusion on Linear Shower Drains

The rectangular shower drain system is a superb way of creating space and fluidity in floor design particularly in wet areas. Using the best linear shower drains eliminates barriers and promotes safety while improving drainage.

Given that these drainage units come in different sizes and varied patterned tiled removable grates, one will certainly have a wide variety to choose from when looking for something best suited for their purposes.

You can also check shop for the best quality shower tower panel systems from serinerooms.com





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