2021 10 Best LED Lighted Jewelry Armoire Cabinet Boxes

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Table of Contents

Diamonds whether imagined, generic or real are a girl’s best friend. But if one is looking to gift a woman in their life an awesome item that is practical and will serve them well for many years to come, a lighted jewelry armoire cabinet or jewelry box organizer should be right up there on top of the list. Think about it, where do the diamonds go once she has bought them?

But we are not talking about just any jewelry armoire. It has to be one made from high quality materials with a superb finish, full length mirror and equipped with LED lights. Does it have to have LED lights? Why not?

Why a Jewelry Organizer Cabinet with LED Lights?

The best lighted jewelry armoire cabinet organizers with LED light are a fantastic transformative décor piece in any bedroom. The type and brilliance of the lights can affect mood subconsciously which makes most people prefer armoires with lighting than those without. In addition it is all about;

  1. For illumination – They serve a practical purpose of helping the user clearly see the contents of the cabinet.
  2. Aesthetics – Some units will have LED lights both on the inside ad outside. A lighted armoire has a more beautiful aesthetic during use and therefore value added. They are great mood setters helping get the user in the mood as they savor the preparation process of perhaps a dinner function or concert.
  3. Energy saving – LED is an acronym for light emitting diodes. The LED lighting in a jewelry amoire saves loads of energy in comparison to incadescent or halogen bulbs. It is a fact that LED lighting saves up to 90% more energy compared to its halogen counterpart. Lighting in some amoires will be powered by batteries or plugged into an electricity source. They use very little power and you can use them as a primary source of light if you so choose.
  4. Long lasting – LED lighting is very long lasting. These lights are built for longevity comfortably delivering 35,000 to 50,000 hours of consistent lighting. That translates to roughly a decade and a half of normal use at 8 hours a day. No one uses their armoire for 8 hours a day. At best usage would be somewhere in the range of half hour to one hour a day. That means the longevity of LED lighting is compounded even further in a well constructed armoire. The short of it is, LED lights last very long and are extremely energy efficient so that the customer does not have to worry about repairs for a long time, if at all. It’s recommended to remove the batteries when the LED lights are not used for a long time.

What’s the Best Lighted Jewelry Armoire Organizer Box?

This is a fair question but has no one answer. That is because like most functional and decorative items in the home from sofas and kitchen cabinets to shower heads and vanity mirrors, there can never be a one fit all answer. One has to take into consideration every user’s different sense of style, taste, space, color schemes and storage needs in order to customize an appropriate answer that speaks to the need of the specific customer.

The same consideration applies to lighted jewelry armoires. That said, we have compiled a series of some of the best lighted jewelry armoires that cater to varied tastes, styles and storage needs. This compilation definitely narrows the field for a user to choose nothing but the best lighted jewelry armoire cabinets with LED lights out there.

Best Lighted Jewelry Armoire Cabinet Organizer

1. Songmics 6 LEDs Lockable Wall/Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Mirror

Songmics in a popular brand in the home storage and organization department, and their jewelry armoires are some of the most popular and highest rated in the market. In the cases where space is constrained and one has to make do with furniture that has a slim and a minimalist design, this jewelry armoire will do. But don’t shy away from it if you have plenty of space and want to keep it that way. This jewelry storage solution will barely take up any room and leave the room open as you desire because the unit is a door or wall hanging armoire.

This popular lighted Songmics armoire has a slim design that can be attached to the wall or securely hanged on a door. Given its depth is a mere 3.9 inches, it means it will only protrude that far from the door or wall to which it’s attached. The unit comes with all the hooks and attaching materials needed for an easy and quick installation.

  • Dimensions of 47.3 inches high by 14.5 inches wide and a depth be if 3.9 inches
  • Available in white, brown, gray, rustic brown and rustic green
  • Framed full length mirror
  • Lockable
  • 1 longer bracelet rod
  • 1 large ring cushion
  • 2 bottom drawers
  • 5 shelves
  • 48 stud earring holes
  • 32 necklace hooks
  • 90 earring slots
  • Auto LED lights

Often a door-wall jewelry armoire can be thought not to have adequate storage space. But do not let the slim design on this fool anyone. The design structure is optimal for saving space in a given room while increasing the armoire’s interior space utilization.

Customer feedback

Users mentioned that the 6 LED battery powered auto lighting is quite handy when one needs discrete lighting to select what jewelry they want. The 5 shelves also provide storage for other accessories such as skin products, make up, sunglasses and so forth. Customers love the overall slim design as it is a fantastic space saver and the framed mirror adds a decorative element to the room.

2. Jahrstim 15 LEDs Jewelry Mirrored Cabinet Storage Organizer

For those with adequate space and prefer the idea of a full length mirror, free-standing design lighted jewelry armoire, the Jahrstim cabinet storage organizer is a viable option. The design is slim so that the space saving element is intact. This design comes with stable legs on which the cabinet sit.Pink Jewelry Armoire cabinet Box organizer


  • Dimensions: 47.2 inches high by 14.2 inches wide and a depth of 4 inches
  • Available in pink and white color
  • Full length framed mirror
  • 1 large velvet liner tray for rings
  • 1 acrylic board for stud earrings
  • 6 shelves,
  • 2 bottom drawers
  • 104 slots and 88 stud holes earrings
  • 1 bracelet rod
  • 38 necklace hooks
  • Stable legs
  • Lockable
  • 15 interior LED lights

The cabinet tilts to four different angles allowing the user to get their preferred full view angle from the mirror. The 15 LED lights light up automatically when the mirrored door opens. This provides adequate illumination enabling the user to select jewelry or cosmetic products.

Customer feedback

Most feedback from customers speaks of an appreciation for the space saving design and the traditional stand design which adds a charming nuance to the decor of a room. The jewelry storage configuration allows for plenty of organized space including shelves that store cosmetics, perfumes and skin products. Customers with a lot of space love how this armoire used up space without being obstructive.

3. Langria 10 LEDs Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Full-Length Mirrored Jewelry Armoire

Langria offers this gorgeous freestanding slim design jewelry cabinet that will work great for rooms with constrained space. The design is elegant and beautiful to look at and it adds an element of traditional aesthetic. The decorative quality is mainly due to the neat finish of the framed full length mirror.Lighted Jewelry Armoire cabinet Boxes with LED lights

The frame is expertly patterned both on the top and bottom. That decorative element combined with the stable legs on which the cabinet is attached score a nice traditional touch for the room decor.


  • Dimensions 4 inches deep by 14.3 inches wide and 57.3 inches high
  • Available in brown and white colors
  • Full framed mirror
  • 3 different tilting positions
  • LED lights
  • Lockable
  • 5 Shelves
  • 40 earring holders
  • 36 necklaces hooks
  • 9 compartments
  • 3 ring rolls
  • 1 pouch
  • 1 rod accessories for bangles and makeup
  • 3 adjustable mirror angles
  • Stable legs

The unit comes with 10 LED lights that set the dressing up mood every time one opens the armoire glass door. You will find yourself looking forward to dressing up.

Customer feedback

There is plenty of space to store rings, earrings, studs and necklaces as well as additional items such as skincare products and makeup. Customers love the interior which is pelted with soft black velvet that ensures the jewelry remains unblemished. The five trays are handy so it can take items such as perfumes and sunglasses. Customers mentioned that they love the decorative touch of grooved patterns on the top and bottom of the mirrored cabinet door.

4. Luxfurni LED Light Jewelry Cabinet Standing Lockable Armoire

The Luxfurni freestanding lighted jewelry armoire is neatly designed to bring beauty and order to a room. The framed full length mirror of the cabinet and the well designed legs create a traditional design element that looks great with most decors.

The interior of the cabinet is lit by LED lights which provides an aesthetic that adds to the user’s daily enjoyment of this armoire.


  • 62 inches high by 15.7 inches wide by 14.2 inches depth
  • Available in brown and white
  • MDF molded full length mirror
  • Removable make up pouch
  • Acrylic Transparent Storage Boxes
  • Necklace hooks
  • Earring and stud holders
  • Cushion for ring storage

The storage configuration is pretty neat allowing the user to customize the space to suit their storage preferences. The acrylic storage trays are unique and practical. They are stain resistant and removable for use elsewhere in the room should one choose.

Customer feedback

According to many customers the acrylic storage trays make excellent organizers for make up as they can hold 14 lipsticks and 7 small nail polish bottles. The addition of a velcro design carry-on pouch is quite thoughtful as customers feel that it is ideal for frequently-used items. It can also serve as a storage for cosmetics when traveling.

5. Nicetree 8 LED Lighted Jewelry Cabinet Organizer

Some customers prefer that their floor space has as little furniture as possible to help create an element of space in the room. In such instances one should choose a jewelry armoire that does not occupy floor space.

A beautiful option such the Nicetree lighted door-wall armoire can be a decorative element attached to a door or wall while at the same time providing plenty of storage room for jewelry and beauty products


  • 52 inches high by 14.5 inches wide and3.7 inches
  • Brown and white are the available colors
  • 108 earring slots and 36 earring holes
  • Full length frameless mirror
  • 78 Ring Grooves
  • 3 make up tool cups
  • 2 bracelet rods
  • 4 shelves
  • 2 bottom drawers

Door-wall hanging armoires are perhaps the most easy to install as all one has to do is hook them up to the doors using provided installation materials and instructions. The Nicetree armoire is just as simple to put up.

Customer feedback

Most customers mentioned that the design stood out as the frameless mirror is unconventional yet beautiful. It also makes the mirror bigger giving customers an even better view of themselves. As soon as the glass door of the armoire opens, the LED light come into play to reveal a very well organized trove of jewelry.

6. AOOU Locking Lighted Jewelry Organizer Cabinet

If you love a fluid design that is seamless, armoires with unframed mirrors will very likely tickle your fancy. The AOOU jewelry organizer is a great option. If attached to a wall, at first glance one may simply be impressed by the clear imposing massive, frameless full length mirror of 42.5 inches by 14.6 inches wide. But upon closer examination, it not just a mirror but the face of the armoire.

When opened, it delivers more surprises as the LED lights come on and reveal plenty of neat and organized jewelry storage. The protrusion of this unit from a wall or door is only 3.9 inches which is impressively slim.


  • Dimensions: 47.2 inches high by 14.6inches wide and a depth of 3.9 inches
  • Available in brown and white variations
  • Full length frameless mirror
  • Wall- door hanging design
  • Lockable armoire
  • LED lighting
  • Magnetic door mechanism
  • Eco friendly
  • 108 earring slots
  • 78 ring slots
  • 36 necklace and bracelet hooks
  • 1 Hanging rod
  • 1 Zipped transparent pocket
  • 3 compartments for cosmetics and makeup

The magnetic lock mechanism is a fine touch as the door holds closed and does not come open involuntarily. Great if you have kids around.

Customer feedback

This unit has plenty of storage space that will take most customers a lifetime to fill. Given its floor spacing design, it is a good value purchase that does not only save space but also adds some allure to the decor of a room. Customers love its capacity and easy design.

7. Songmics LED Light Strip Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

This freestanding jewelry storage option slightly departs from the two legged free standing version. While the full length mirror will still tilt at four angles, there is large drawer addition at the bottom that makes the overall design look even better.

It adds to the practicality of the armoire as it enables larger items such as a blow dryers or even clothing items to be stored with ease and within convenient reach.


  • Dimensions: 62.2inches High by 16.1inches long and 14.6inches wider
  • Built-in full-length exterior mirror and interior face mirror
  • Flip-over the cosmetic tray come vanity table
  • 2 small interior drawers
  • Large bottom drawer
  • 98 ring slots
  • 48 stud holes
  • 3 earrings rods
  • 12 compartments organizer
  • 24 necklace hooks
  • 39.4” inch of LED light strip with 95 LED bulbs around the smaller interior face mirror and ring cushion

The interior of this unit has a light strip that comes on automatically when the cabinet is opened. It serves as an auxiliary light which helps one to see the contents of the armoire. Other unique and finer touches include an interior mirror as well as small interior flip-over the cosmetic tray that triggers the light strip to come on. This cosmetic tray can be used as a vanity table for make up or to temporarily hold jewelry. Once done, flip it over and the jewelry armoire door can close.

Customer feedback

The large bottom drawer is a sure hit with customers because bigger items can be conveniently stored in it. It has plenty of room for your bulkier stuff such as blow dryers, straighteners, clothing and toiletries. Some users mentioned that they felt this version offered even better stability for the entire armoire. The darker color also blends well with numerous decors.

8. Kedlan Jewelry Cabinet White Standing LED Mirrored

It not every day one sees a free two legged jewelry armoire with a frameless mirror. This classic design has a gorgeous look. This is in part because of the frameless mirror that slightly overlaps the cabinets and has neat rounded beveled edges.

The design brings a touch of elegance into your space and adjustable angles make it easy to shift the organizer to a preferred angles.


  • Dimensions: 15.7 inches wide by 15 inches long by 61.5 inches high
  • 1 bracelet rod
  • 3 compartments
  • 1 flip-over table
  • 4 bottom drawers
  • 1 shelf at the very bottom
  • 18 necklace hooks
  • 6 earring racks
  • White and brown colors available

Equipped with a strip of LED lights, the interior looks plush with a soft pelt for protection and a neat, organized jewelry storage configuration. This armoire is a keeper for people who love classic and timeless pieces.

Customer feedback

The overall design is simply exquisite as the jewelry storage slots see to it that every type of jewelry can be easily stored and retrieved. The four drawers are very handy in putting away sensitive items such as phones, sunglasses as well as perfumes. The styling of the leg stands not only looks great but also provides excellent stability for the entire armoire. Users mentioned that they loved both the color and the frameless mirror design which can go with a number of different decors.

9. Songmics LED Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with 6 Drawers

Wall-door hanging jewelry armoires can often be dismissed as not having plenty of storage for jewelry. But the truth be told, that impression is simply not correct: Quite the contrary.Lighted Jewelry Armoire cabinet Box

You will be more than satisfied with this Songmics’s lockable 4 drawer cabinet that has a depth of 4.9 inches. The protrusion from the wall will be near 5 inches but one can live with what looks like a bulky construction as that aspect means the pelted organized interior can accommodate loads of jewelry plus beauty products.


  • 3 inches high by 14.4 inches wide by 4.9 inches deep
  • Framed full length mirror
  • Larger storage space provided by a depth of 4.9inches deep
  • 80 earrings
  • 60 rings
  • 24 necklaces
  • 6 drawers
  • 4 earring rods

The 6 drawers have good depth that can accommodate sunglasses, watches, scarves, cufflinks and so on.

Customer feedback

Customers who were concerned that they may have a lot of accessories and jewelry and so decided to get this unit with a bigger depth, mentioned that they were not at all disappointed. In fact they were pleasantly surprised to see that the unit not only accommodated all their jewelry with space to spare, but ended up comfortably accommodating their beauty products such makeup and skin care products as well. The LED lights are appropriately placed such that the user can see all the jewelry clearly even in a dark room.

10. Abington Lane Lighted Standing Jewelry Armoire Organizer

The Abington lane standing jewelry armoire can fit about a total of 350 jewelry items at a go. That is an impressive number to strive towards for any jewelry officionado.
Oak Jewelry Armoire cabinet Box
The stand is a tad different from conventional designs as the two supporting stilts culminate into a squared base forming an even sturdier stand.


  • Dimensions: 17.25 inches Longby 14.5 inches widthand 56.75 inches tall
  • Earring bars
  • Lockable cabinet
  • Full length mirror and interior face mirror
  • Bracelet Bar
  • Necklace Hooks
  • 3 Shelves
  • Pelt lined interior
  • LED lights

One can get see their full form in a full length framed mirror on the armoire’s door. The inviting pelted interior welcomes the user with a soft glow of auto LED lights that light up when the armoire’s door opens.

Customer feedback

As if the stylish look and plenty of jewelry storage were not enough, this item comes in four tasteful finishes that customers found to be an absolute pleasure. They love that they can choose from espresso, rustic wood, and antique oak. So no matter the spectrum of one’s eclectic taste, there is a suitable finish for varied decors


As promised the field for the best lighted jewelry armoire cabinets with LED lights has been narrowed down to some of the top ten best options that one can find in the market today. The construction of the above options is solid from materials ranging from MDF, engineered wood, quality mirrors and hinges and excellent craftsmanship from renowned top brands that have been tried and tested. The LED Lighting is just the sweet icing on the cake.




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