6 Best Large Makeup Vanity Table Sets With Drawers

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Table of Contents

A large make up vanity table does an excellent job of providing plenty of storage configurations for your jewelry, makeup and other fashion accessories while also  adding to the décor of a room.

But beyond that, if you are lucky enough to get the right design, size and color, your bedroom will not only look amazing but also appear neater and well organized.

The sizes of the vanity table sets reviewed below also allow you ample space to get some work done when you need to write or work on your laptop. Let’s dive right in and check them out.

1. Homary Modern White Makeup Vanity Expandable Dressing Table

This White Makeup Dressing Table is an excellent choice when you are looking to add a versatile vanity set to your bedroom décor.

The white colored cabinets and drawers present a clean look and come with gorgeous gold handles that bring a nice contrast and break monotony.

The design is practical and stylish with ample space for storage of items and the top surface can also serve as a writing area or work desk.

The versatility of this work desk that makes it possible to serve as a vanity table as well as a work desk comes from the design that frees up ample space and has generous dimensions.

The dimensions of this table when retracted are 39.4″L x 15.7″W x 30.3″H.

The table top surface area comes inclusive of a round mirror crafted with a beautiful golden frame that further accentuates the contrast of the unit.

The pure white surfaces, golden handles and golden mirror frame is agreeable with numerous decors and plays well to the light in a space.

The 2 upper drawers are sizeable with convenient compartments that allow better organization of your beauty products and accessories.

The other three drawers in a column to the side add plenty of storage and they also provide additional work space at the top. The space can be used for stacking books or for placement of a catchy flower vase or framed pictures.


  • Dimension of this unit are 39.4″L x 15.7″W x 30.3″H
  • Made from manufactured wood and metal for good stability and durability
  • Total of five drawers
  • Inclusive of a matching mirror and stool
  • Comes in white and golden tones
  • Assembly required

Consumers who got this unit appreciated the tasteful design presented by neat geometric lines. They mentioned that the unit looks amazing in a bedroom area and the included stool and mirror are perfectly matched.

2. Homary Large Capacity Makeup Vanity Dressing Table

For consumers who are looking for a stylish vanity to place in their bedroom or any other section of the house, this Large Capacity Makeup Vanity Dressing Table is a worthy choice.

This is because the design is elegant and endowed with beautiful curves that are hard to miss.

Although the design is elegant, the units frame is just as sturdy. The frame is constructed with a metal based finished in gold while the rest of the body is MDF.

The top surface area can be used as a writing area for getting some work done on a laptop. But it can also be used for your makeup routine as well.

The area has a neat oval shape and holds one compartmentalized drawer. One side of the top surface has an intelligently designed round hollow for storage and a round top that serves as a swivel door. The unit comes with a round mirror adorned with a neatly trimmed gold frame placed on the working surface of the vanity.

On one side is a column of 4 round swivel drawers that offer plenty of additional storage for most of your day-to-day beauty items.

The vanity table also comes with a delightful matching faux leather seat that will have your space looking amazing.


  • Dimension of this unit are 43.3″L x 19.7″W x 31.5″H
  • Constructed from MDF and metal frame for good stability and durability
  • Total 1 drawer and 4 swivel cabinets
  • Matching mirror and stool included
  • Available in colors: white/ pink/ blue
  • Assembly required

Customers who settled for this unit mentioned that it has a loveable design and an impressive capacity for storage. They also loved the fluid look that has only two golden protruding knobs for handles.

3. Makeup Vanity with Side Cabinet

The design of this Makeup Dressing Table is not only stylish and functional but very well thought out.

The unit presents 2 top surfaces. The larger worktop area has a face that is lined with 3 drawers. The center drawer does capture your attention because it is larger and compartmentalized for better organization of your items. The design is such that, the drawer can be covered by the flippable mirror to create a continuous working surface for task such writing or working on your laptop.

Alternatively, you can flip back the top of this center area to reveal a standing mirror for your makeup routine and have easy access to the exposed contents of the center drawer.

One side of the unit has a column of 2 drawers and an additional countertop that can be used for placement of flower vases, framed pictures or can also serve as a night stand. The sprawling glossy white lacquer pairs well with the gold metal handles for a modern stylish look.


  • Dimension of this unit are 47.2″L x 17.7″W x 29.5″H
  • Constructed from MDF and stainless steel for great stability
  • Has five drawers in total
  • Comes with a matching mirror and stool
  • Available in white/ black and golden touches
  • Assembly required

The design has a nice low profile and comes in either black or white with touches of gold that easily blend with most decors.

4. Bedroom Makeup Vanity Table with Mirror

Are you looking to enhance your space with a contemporary design? This Bedroom Makeup Vanity Table presents a phenomenal fixture with a delicate petal shape and arc design. The delicate carves manifests in the modern aesthetic charms while the sleek gold rim accentuates the beauty of this exquisite vanity table.

The unit is immaculately detailed as the two legs it stands on are made from solid wood that add stability and character to this vanity table. The third leg is a stainless steel support finished in brushed gold that adds contrast and stabilizes the table with a wide bottom rounded base.

The design offers very good utility and versatility. The top surface offers ample working as a work desk as well as working on your makeup routine.

The flip top mirror makes that routine all the more comfortable. Your cosmetics can go into compartmentalized storage area that provides plenty of organized space for all your beauty products.

The table is very solid and stable thanks to a steel beam support and MDF construction for strength and durability.

The blend of gold and off white shades coupled with sensual curves makes this option a great pick for those who want to inject some boldness and class into their vanity space. This vanity table comes in 2 sizes, small and large.


  • Has dimensions of 63″L x 23.6″W x 30.7″H
  • Construction of the body is by MDF and stainless steel for the unit’s frame
  • Ample storage compartments
  • Inclusive of a matching flip top mirror
  • Comes in 2 colors; white/ champagne
  • Assembly required

Consumers who got this unit loved the versatility, boldness and sensual style presented by the vanity table. It’s worth noting that the chair is not included but can be bought separately.

5. Modern White Expandable Dressing Table

Clean geometrical lines and shapes define the elegance of this Expandable Dressing Table.

While the unit is one table, the design gives an artistic impression that depicts one large table sitting on another smaller table. The look is not only gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing but also practical because it serves as a work space for getting some work done on your laptop or writing on a pad, and can be used as a nightstand as well as a makeup dressing area.

The large section of the table presents a massive working area and is adorned by a round mirror with elegant gold framing.

The face of this larger section has 2 drawers. The smaller work space area offer’s additional space that is good for stacking books, placement of flower vases or framed pictures. The face of this section also has 2 drawers.

The body of the entire unit is made from glossy white laminated MDF boards while the metal framing, bases and handles are in gold.

The matching chair is made of foam and faux leather and a minimal golden base that completes the gorgeous ensemble of this expandable dressing table. The contrast between a glossy white and gold framing is excellent and classy while remaining minimal. This unit effortlessly brings a touch of class to any bedroom and adds a decent amount of storage provided by the massive drawers.


  • Dimensions of this unit when retracted are 47.2″L x 19.7″W x 29.9″H
  • Made from MDF and stainless steel for great stability and durability
  • Has 4 drawers total
  • Inclusive of a matching mirror and stool
  • Comes in white and golden tones
  • Assembly is required

This large elegant and minimal vanity piece exudes understated charm, versatility and comes with loads of storage space.

6. Dressing Makeup Vanity with Cabinet

Grace your bedroom décor with this Dressing Makeup Vanity for an exquisite look rife with practical functionality.

The design boasts off elegant simplicity that bring gorgeous form  and function right into your home. The lay and design of the table hints of artistic charm. The design is essentially one bigger rectangle box placed on a slightly smaller one.

But it has been done with such finesse and thoughtfulness that it has culminated in an elegant piece of functional art. The material selection and color scheme also adds to the majestic charm of the vanity set.

The higher rectangular box presents a large surface area that is versatile enough to serve as a work desk for writing as well as an area getting your makeup done.

The flip top mirror can help create a continuous work top when you need the space for catching up on some work on your laptop. Or it can be flipped to present a great view of your face as you work on you makeup.

When flipped, It reveals the contents of the compartmentalized center drawer while creating access to the contents without necessarily having to pull the drawer open. There are two smaller drawers on the same section.

The side of the unit offers a smaller rectangle box which forms a column of two drawers and provides an additional smaller work top area that can serve several functions; act as a night stand or placement base for a night lamp to mention a few.

The base of this vanity table is made of stainless steel finished with a dull gold almost copper like color. The pale gold offers a distant rustic touch that augurs wells with the white MDF and wooden sections of the drawers.


  • Dimension of this unit when retracted are 47.2″L x 17.7″W x 29.5″H
  • Materials used are MDF and metal frames with a pale gold finish
  • Total number of drawers is 4
  • Comes with a matching mirror
  • Available in 3 colors; white/ black/ black and white
  • Assembly required

The unit has good stability, plenty of storage and elegant charm that will no doubt add to the beauty and utility of your bedroom décor.


The above reviewed vanity tables will do great job of enlivening any bedroom space. The numerous designs cater to varied tastes and a wide range of decors as well as storage needs. These bedroom vanity set will help you kill 3 birds with one stone by bringing elegance to your space, help you be better organized and neat with providing additional storage drawers as well as including a working space for both makeup and working.


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