7 Best King Size Bedspreads Reviewed

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Table of Contents

Our fantastic selection of king size bedspreads we review on this post should help you get started on finding a spread to grace your bedroom with.

These bedspreads come in an assortment of designs and styles to suit every palette. All of them are excellent for spring and summer because of their lightweight nature.

They can also be used as decorative spreads for your bed during winter with a few blankets underneath.

With the below king size bedspread options, you can indeed effortlessly carve out a small oasis in your bedroom for yourself where life is pleasing to your senses. And why not! Let’s jump right in and check out these awesome bedspreads that are every bit a good bang for your buck.

1. Best Oversize Bedspread: Madison Park Quilt Traditional Jacquard Luxe Design All Season Bedspread Set

A well-dressed bed helps keep your bedroom looking amazing and inviting. A beautiful bed coverlet will always do the trick. The Madison Park Quilt Traditional Luxe Design is a selection that’s agreeable with most bedroom decors because of its rich blend of colors.Madison Park Quilt Traditional Jacquard Luxe Design All Season Bedspread Set

The Jacquard polyester presents a neat finish with a wide edge border. The plethora of earthy colors and tone exuded a grounded feel. The striped design is laden with numerous patterns that add character and a touch of traditional glamor. It’s hard not to notice the glistening sheen of the embroidered jacquard textured surface. The material used is resilient with the ability to last for years without losing its aesthetic appeal.

Other than the ebbs and flows of the jacquard embroidery, the texture is accentuated further by the quilting. This coverlet is lightweight and moderately puffy which adds to the gorgeous look and exquisite comfort.

The lightweight comforter is stuffed with a thin layer of 90% cotton and 10% polyester fill. Other than sitting pretty on your bed, this coverlet has the ability to keep you warm and comfortable for the better part of the year including summer months.

During winter when you need layering, the coverlet can still serve to dress your bed above all the layers for a continued gorgeous look all year round. Your bed will look all the prettier because this comforter comes as a 5 piece set that includes matching pillowcases and shams.


  • Size of coverlet is an oversized king at 120 inches wide x 118 inches long. It is also available in oversized queen size
  • The set is made from 100% polyester Jacquard with quilting
  • The coverlet is moderately stuffed with 10% poly-fiber/faux and 90% cotton
  • It is a 5-piece set includes; 1 bedspread, 2 standard shams, and 2 decorative pillows
  • Maintenance is easy with a washing machine wash
  • Comes in several colors; Princeton red, Aubrey Paisley blue and Bellagio brown gold

This bed spread is beautifully constructed and can be enjoyed in several color schemes to meet your decor needs and personal taste.

Customer feedback

Customers mentioned that this Madison Park Quilt Traditional Luxe Design is a nice lighter option for warmer months and can still be used to dress the bed and layering even in the presence of other comforters. Customers also loved the fact that it washes very well, dries quickly and generally wrinkle free.

3. Best Shabby Chic Style: Lush Decor Light Gray Ravello Pintuck Ruffle Shabby Chic Bedspread

The Lush Décor Light Gray Ravello Pintuck Bedspread displays a gorgeous design that steps away from common designs. If you are looking for a practical bed set with a feminine touch and unique design, then this set is likely to work for you in transforming the décor of your bedroom space.Lush Decor Light Gray Ravello Pintuck Ruffle Shabby Chic Bedspread

The material used in constructing this bedding is 100% polyester. Polyester is known for it’s impressive durability and its ability to withstand frequent washes for years to come.

The subtly padded surface of this coverlet projects a fancy and comfortable look dotted with button tucks for texture adding character to the solid color.

One can easily observe that the padded surface fits squarely to the size of the mattress. It is from there that the skirted part begins and lavishly drops all the way to the floor. The skirt has a shabby chic style that drapes the sides of the bed and generously touches the floor. Upon closer inspection you will also observe that the skirt edge on the floor is well hemmed and collects beautifully to form ruffles.

This coverlet is lightweight and therefore an excellent choice as well as a welcomed change from the heavier winter comforters. It is perfect for summer and spring layering.

The polyester fabric is easy to care for and stays wrinkle free for a neat spread.

The bedding comes as a 3 piece set with 1 coverlet accompanied by two matching pillowcases. The matching pillowcases are also lightly padded and textured with pin tucks. This Ravello pin-tuck design delivers a touch of feminine class peppered with farmhouse elegance. Their complementing edges have 2” ruffled flanges for a delightful finish.


  • Dimensions for this bedspread are 80 inches in width x 106 inches in length. Also available in full, queen and twin sizes
  • The set is constructed from 100% polyester with pin tucks
  • This coverlet has a moderately fill for a cushioned look
  • It is a 3-piece set includes; 1 bedspread with 2 matching shams featuring a ruffled flange
  • Offers low maintenance and is machine wash friendly
  • Comes in numerous colors; light gay, blue, blush, dark gray, grey, ivory, navy, lake blue, white, wheat, wood rose and so many more

It’s worth noting that while the reviewed set comes in Ravello pin-tuck design, it can also avails in Allison ruffle as a well as Ella shabby chic design.

Customer feedback

Those who bought this unit mentioned that they loved it because of the different fashion look it presents. This has decent softness and excellent toughness for a bedspread. Users shared that it responds very well to machine washing and has withstood many washes already and still maintains that beautiful shabby look and surface sheen. They also pointed out that it has a light weight which is great for warmth. The spread can still be used for layering during the winter chill. So in a sense, you can enjoy the look on your bed all year round with this king size set. Other users, who bought several sets, appreciated that it comes in several sizes to suit other beds in the home.

4. Best Plaid: All American Collection New 3 Piece Plaid Printed Reversible Bedspread

The All American Plaid Reversible Bedspread has an endearing simplicity which comes from a minimal flat construction. The unit is so flat that you would think it has been pressed by a rolling mill. This impression comes about because the coverlet is not exactly cloud fluffy; instead it has a subtly flat cushioned look. That’s made possible by a thin layer of fill to facilitate a decent insulation that keeps you warm at night while remaining light in weight.All American Collection New 3 Piece Plaid Printed Reversible Bedspread

A closer look into the gorgeous plaid print reveals elegant quilt stitching that infuses some traditional design aspects that add to the aesthetic beauty of this coverlet. The quilting also helps to firmly hold the moderate fill in place and contributes to the flat look of the unit. The lightweight of the bedspread will work well in the warmer months such as summer and spring.

The plaid checkered print includes stripes, various tones of grey and burgundy while the reverse of the quilt is solid burgundy.

This unit comes as a 3 piece set that features a coverlet and 2 standard shams. The matching shams are also minimally stuffed for a comfy cushioned look. The edges of both the shams and coverlet are piped for a neat yet durable finish while the shams have hidden zippers for a neat presentation.

The fact that this coverlet is reversible and both sides are usable means that your bedroom décor will always be neat and inviting through the seasons. It also offers an avenue to refresh the look of your space without a compromise on quality as you essentially are using the same coverlet. This aspect also means less clatter in your wardrobe as the light comforter is all you need for the warmer seasons. The spread can also be used in winter for layering.


  • The dimensions of this king coverlet are 104 inches wide by 118 inches long. It is also available in queen, California king and full sizes
  • 100% polyester is the fabric use creation of this bed set which is super easy to maintain
  • This coverlet is lightly cushioned and reversible
  • The 3-piece set comes as 2 matching shams with piped edges and 1 bedspread
  • The set can be washed by hand as well as washing machine
  • It is available in several color combinations such as; black grey, black grey red, blue green, purple grey, blue taupe coffee. white grey and yellow to name just a few

This bedspread is very well designed and built. The set is also available in queen size in a generous 100 inches in width and 106 inches in length. The All American Plaid Printed Reversible Bedspread offers a load of color combinations to choose from as well as a myriad of prints and patterns. This makes it much easier to find an option that can be matched to the broad range bedroom decors.

Customer feedback

Customers looking to inject some vibrancy into their bedrooms shared that they fell in love with this bedspread. In part, because of its simple elegance as well as wide range of colors and prints available. It made buying several sets easier with distinguished color and suitable sizes for every bedroom in the house. Users who got the king size set mentioned that spread covers the sides of their large king beds high frame nicely. Of particular note is the lightweight nature of this set which is just right but not flimsy. Customers observed that the red color is more burgundy than red but it blends well with other different shades of red in the room. The price range is friendly for such quality with reverse use.

5. Best Cotton: Beatrice Home Fashions Medallion Chenille Bedspread

The Beatrice Homes Fashions Medallion Bedspread brings the very best of cotton in this beautiful and rustic Coverlet set.Beatrice Home Fashions Medallion Chenille Bedspread

What is chenille? It is a French word for caterpillar, this fabric assumes the name because the tufts common to chenille resemble the legs of a caterpillar, close and numerous.

The fabric is made from cotton yarn that protrudes as a pile around the weave. This fabric embodies softness, luxury and comfort which are perfect for blankets, pillows, as well as upholstery.

This Chenille bedding presents a beautiful rustic design and is sure to infuse a quaint vintage charm to your bedroom.

The king size spread is lavishly oversized and almost looks like a solid ivory carpet with awesome continuity interrupted only by the fluffy tufts and fringed edges.

Its furry tufts form elaborate medallion patterns in the middle of the bedspread. This is then surrounded by scroll patterns that form a border of sorts in the design and fringed edges for a classic touch of vintage styling.

In terms of utility, this beautiful spread feels warm, fuzzy, and luxurious.

It’s a good option for the summer and spring when you want to sleep a little lighter owing to the warmer weather.

The bedspread comes with a set of 2 matching pillows for a neat uniform look with a touch of rustic delight.


  • The king size bedspread measures 118 inches on the wide side and 120 inches on the longer side. It can also be purchased in queen, full and twin sizes
  • The fabric featuring in the construction is 100% cotton chenille
  • This bedspread is plush with medallion patterns and scroll accents
  • The 3 piece set comprises of 1 bedspread and 2 matching fringed shams
  • It is machine wash friendly with minimal maintenance needed
  • It is available in solid colors including white, blush, grey and blue

This chenille bedspread set is a good selection for your bedroom that delivers on comfort and style. It also effectively creates a throw-back vibe that blends very well with other décor items in the space such as drapery, floors, walls and lighting.

Customer feedback

“I love this bedspread!” Is the one thing that several customers across the board had to say about this set. Users mentioned that the material is super soft to the skin and lightweight enough to sleep cool in warmer months. Those with queen beds and high mattresses found the king size spread to have better hang that touches the floor. The bell corners really sit well. Customers loved the vintage feel with a modern twist that getting more than one set makes sense because the choice of solid colors is delightful. This spread comes highly recommended for a touch of vintage charm.

6. Best Floral: Great Bay Home 3 Piece Reversible Quilt Set with Shams

A high quality reversible bedspread is often a good bang for your buck. When the print, design and construction is as good as the as this bedspread, then you know it’s a sure steal.Great Bay Home 3-Piece Reversible Quilt Set with Shams

The Great Bay Home 3 Piece Reversible Quilt Set has an endearing flowered theme against a white back drop that deliver a clean look and brightening effect to your bedroom.

The fabric used in this unit is 100% microfiber printed with beautiful blue flowers.

The minimal stuffing of 120 grams per square yard gives the comforter a slight puffy rise without making it heavy. The fill is a blend of 70% poly-fill and 30% cotton, a mix that gives the cover a subtle cushioned feel while allowing for good aeration.

The microfiber fabric is soft to the touch and has a distant dull sheen that adds to the aesthetic of the cover. The fabric stands up well to frequent washing and maintains its lustrous nature even after numerous washes as microfiber holds colors quite well with minimal fading and zero shrinkage.

While the fabric is an excellent choice for the summer and spring, it can very well be considered as an all season coverlet because it’s generous king size can be used in winter as well. By simply laying this cover on top of your other puffier comforters in winter, not only helps with the layering but also keeps your bed looking nice and decorated.


  • This bedspread is king size and features a length of 108 inches by a width of 90 inches. It can also be availed in queen/full/twin
  • The fabric used for this set is 100% microfiber
  • The coverlet features a moderate fill and flower motif
  • This 3-piece set comes with 1 bedspread and 2 matching shams
  • It is a machine wash friendly bedspread
  • Comes in a decent range of colors

The edges of the coverlet are piped and designed with a wavy pattern while bell corners add an exquisite look that makes for a perfect flowing fit. If you like a full and flowing look then this bedspread will meet those needs.

Customer feedback

Users who settled for this unit said they love it. The material is soft and colors are true to picture. Most users remarked on the spread’s lightweight which is perfect for the summer. Customers pointed out the set remained beautiful even after several washes. You can expect no fading and no shrinking and definitely no effect on its fullness even with continuous use, according to customers.

7. Best Boho Style: Lush Decor Boho Stripe Bedding Set

What is your bedroom décor concept? Is it all out rustic or a mix of modern elegance and rustic beauty in walls, tiles, flooring and artwork? The good thing is that with this bohemian styled bedspread, the bedspread can be matched with a host of decors. The design, crafting and explosively brilliant color scheme will pop in most spaces.Lush Decor Boho Stripe Bedding Set
Earthy tones in the bedroom space such as brick, brown and ocher shades blend really well this set. But a myriad of bedroom color schemes will also work. It all boils down to personal style and preference. What this Lush Decor spread does so well is add cheer and a vibrant vibe to a bedroom.

The spread is constructed from 100% cotton fabric. That explains the depth and richness of color exuded by this set. Cotton is an incredibly absorbent fabric and colors tend to adhere well to the material as they are deeply absorbed into the long stranded cotton fibers. The design of the cover is pieced stripes which hold a host of colors and patterns creating a gorgeous kaleidoscope.

The colors range from yellow, white, turquoise, tangerine to orange creating an amazingly vibrant contrast that is sure to enliven any room. This is a fantastic option for people who love to walk into a bright room and enjoy vibrant colors. The design is two way with a usable reverse. The surface is textured, thanks to the quilting which adds to the aesthetic beauty of the spread.

This coverlet is moderately stuffed with cotton and poly-fiber blend for a bouncy look and plush feel. The fill is highly breathable but provides good insulation against the cold. These bohemian spread comes with two matching shams that complete the beautiful display.


  • Comes in king size measuring 92 inches in width and 108 inches in length. It is also available in queen, twin and full size
  • The shell of the bedspread features 100% cotton fabric
  • This bedspread is lightly stuffed for all season use
  • As a 3 piece set it includes 1 bedspread and 2 matching shams
  • It is machine wash friendly on gentle cycle
  • Available in pieced design and blended colors including turquoise and tangerine among others

The main reservation on cotton fabric by most customers is fear of having to contend with wrinkles. Because of a textured surface, there will be little to no creasing at all here.

Customer feedback

Users who got this unit loved the brightening effect of the Bohemian design and color scheme. They expressed that their expectation of a cozy high quality bedspread was met and exceeded. Those customers that have a taller queen bed mentioned that they ordered the king size so as to achieve a generous hang. They added that the thickness is just right for use all year round. And it looks fresh and vibrant every time you enter the room.


With such a wide selection of versatile designs in some of the best king size bedspreads, there really is no reason why your bed should not look spectacular. You can also be sure to sleep better with a lighter comforter that accommodates warmer months. All the above options provide excellent value in terms of durability, design, utility and pricing.


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