10 Best Inline Exhaust Fans Reviews of 2021

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Table of Contents

What is an Inline Fan?

Inline fans are ventilation devices that are installed directly inline or independently with your existing ducting system to provide ventilation.

Inline fans operate very efficiently and some quietly, and can be applied in a number of residential, commercial and industrial applications including ventilation of toilets, laundries, home kitchens, hotels and other industrial and commercial areas, exhausting and supplying air to HVACs, grow rooms, greenhouses and other applications that handle clean, ambient air.

Inline Fans for Grow Rooms…

Due to climate changes in recent years, some farmers have opted for indoor farming over outdoor farming. Although it comes with high yields with more growing seasons per year, this farming method requires you to have the right equipment when setting up your greenhouse or grow room.

Other than the lights, the strains, and the quality of the tent material, air conditioning is one critical factor that must be checked on as it is responsible for the control of humidity and temperature inside the grow room.

For that reason, you’ll have to shop for the best inline exhaust fans that will stabilize your grow room temperature to give you better quality plants all year round.

In this guide, we have carefully curated no less than ten of the best inline fans in the market and have further shared some valuable insights that will help you make an educated purchase when it comes to buying the best fan for your needs.

What’s CFM?

All fans, whether inline or extractor fans have a CFM rating which stands for “Cubic Feet per Minute”. In simple terms, this is the amount of air a fan system can dissipate in a single minute. When buying a fan, it’s vital that you check the CFM rating to determine its strength (the higher the CFM, the more air a fan can move in a minute).

Review of the 10 of the Best Inline Fans for Grow Rooms and HVACs

1. AC Infinity CLOUDLINE Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller

AC 4″ Infinity Cloudline Inline Fan is highly impressive and efficient both in terms of appearance and performance. AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller

It comes complete with a thermal probe, 2 duct clamps, and an AC power adapter. The fan itself is feature-rich as it comes with an intelligent controller that lets you control the temperature, the fan speed, and the digital timer. It also features a mixed flow design and a cutting-edge EC motor that’s very quiet when operating.

This AC Infinity Cloudline Inline Fan is a 4” inch with an airflow capacity of 205 CFM and is the best for ventilating and exhausting odors in hydroponic grow rooms and tents, HVAC applications and cooling AV equipment rooms and closets among others. In addition to the 4” it also comes in other different sizes ranging from 6” 8” to 10”.

Features of the AC Infinity Cloudline Inline Fan

  • Mixed flow design: this design allows the fan to continue operating at peak performance even in high-pressure environments. It also protects the fan system from possible damage by dust and moisture.
  • Intelligent controller: this is arguably the most notable feature of this inline fan. With the help of temperature and humidity sensors located on the 12’ corded probe, the programmable controller can monitor and automatically adjust the fan speed to adequately combat temperature changes inside the grow room.
  • DC/EC motor: the motor is operated using the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology. With this technology, the fan system runs smoothly at the lowest RPM to prevent generating heat and noise. This is the reason why the AC Infinity Cloudline Inline Fan runs with the lowest noise rating of 28 dB.
  • Complete kit: the AC Infinity CLOUDLINE Inline Fan comes with a complete kit that includes; the fan itself, the programmable controller, a manual, 2 duct clamps, AC power unit and a corded sensor probe.
  • IP44 rated: with this rating, the AC Infinity Cloudline Inline Fan can operate even in harsh environments without allowing dust and liquids to penetrate through.
  • Dual ball bearings: rated at 67,000 hours, the dual ball bearings allow the duct fan unit to be installed in any direction.


  • This fan system is available in different sizes.
  • Energy efficient Electronically Commutated (EC) motor for up to 40% saving in energy bills.
  • It comes with additional features such as the countdown timer, 6 fan speeds, the alarm system, and eco-mode.
  • The fan is quiet in operation.
  • Dual ball bearings allow easy installation of the fan in any location of your choice.
  • It comes with an intelligent controller for smart operation.


  • In case of a power outage, the fan doesn’t recover from where it left off. Instead, it resets all the settings back to factory setup.

Customer feedback

The AC Infinity Cloudline Inline Fan is said by customers to give you complete value for your money.

Most customers who’ve bought and used this fan said that it does move a decent amount of air as it’s supposed to do effectively. Customers have also appreciated the easy installation, the powerful motor, the easy to use programmable controller,adjusting the amount of air moved at the press of a button, the temperature and humidity display, the whisper-quiet operation and best of all, the smart mode that adjusts the speed of the fans automatically.

On the other hand it’s been said that the 4″ AC Infinity’s inline fan is not sufficient enough to regulate temperatures in large grow rooms. You may need to add an extra fan just to boost its performance if the room you intend to use this for is large.

2. Hurricane Inline Fans

Ideal for grow rooms and other applications to boost airflow, commercial grade Hurricane Inline Fan comes with a rounded design is easy to install and offers a powerful Hurricane Inline Fan 12 in 1060 CFM - 736590operating performance.

For durability purposes, this fan is housed under a steel casing with a powder-coated finish. It comes with UL components for quieter operation and a long 8 ft 120V power cable for easy installation in any spot of your choice.

To make it usable in a wide range of settings, this fan is available in different sizes ranging from 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, to 12”.

Features of the Hurricane Inline Fan

  • 8ft long cord: the Hurricane Inline Fan is equipped with a long 8ft 120V power cord that allows you to install the unit in any location of your choice without worrying much about the power outlet.
  • Complete set: for stress-free installation and operation of this fan, Hurricane has added the necessary kits in the package such as the; carbon filters, ventilation controllers, fan speed controllers, ideal air ducting and clamps.
  • Fan speed controller: this unit allows you to customize the speed of the fan depending on the indoor temperatures. You can program the fan to run quietly and efficiently or you can increase the speed in case indoor temperatures are high.
  • Different variations: the Hurricane Inline Fan comes in different variations to meet your grow room demands. You can choose from any of the available sizes which include; 4”/171 CFM, 6” with 435 CFM, 8” with 745 CFM, 10”with 780 CFM, and 12”with 1060 CFM.


  • This fan comes with different sizes to choose from.
  • It comes with all the necessary ducting and installation kits for easy setup.
  • It has a fan speed controller that lets you adjust the speed of the fan for effective ventilation.


  • The blades are made of plastic instead of metal.
  • The power box is prone to damage.

Customer feedback

Majority of the customers who’ve bought and used the Hurricane Inline Fan are homeowners who’ve actually installed the fan in their homes. Most of them have appreciated the affordable price range of all Hurricane fans and the immense power they operate with.

Others have appreciated the whisper-quiet operation while others have loved the available kits that make it easy to install the fan in just a few minutes.

3. iPower 6 Inch 442 CFM Inline Duct Ventilation Fan

 iPower 6 Inch Inline Duct Fan is great performing inline fan that will accomplish all your ventilating demands in your greenhouse, grow room, attic or bathroom. iPower Inline Duct Ventilation Fan HVAC Exhaust Blower for Grow Tent

Available in 6 inches in diameter, this fan is among the most popular and comes with a ceramic coating and composite blades to boost its durability. It has a maximum airflow of 442CFM, a noise level of 50dB and a long 5ft power cord that gives you the freedom to plug in any 110/120V power outlet across the room.

This iPower Inline Duct Fan series is also available in other sizes which include; the 4” size (190 CFM), 8” size (750 CFM), 10” size (862 CFM) and, 12” size (1060 CFM).

To make things even more interesting, all parts of this fan are UL listed while the bearings are permanently lubricated to make maintenance a breeze.

Features of the iPower 6 Inch Inline Duct Fan

  • 5ft long cord: with the long 5ft power cord, you can easily plug the iPower 6 Inch Inline Duct Fan in any location of your choice provided the outlet has a voltage of 110/120V.
  • 2380 rpm fan speed: with a maximum fan speed of 2380 RPM, you don’t have to worry about your grow room being too hot as this fan will definitely keep the temperature under control.
  • Charcoal carbon filter: this pre-filter has a life expectancy of 2 years and is equipped with RC 412 carbon which is suitable for enclosed environments. This pre-filter is made of aluminum and is designed with large mesh openings for effective performance.
  • Non-insulated air ducting: the air ducting consists of 2 stainless metal clamps made of high-quality aluminum. It has a double layer construction for added durability and is designed to dissipate heat to prevent temperature fluctuations in the grow room or greenhouse.


  • iPower fans are highly affordable.
  • The fan is versatile enough to be used in homes, greenhouses or for industrial use.
  • The ceramic coating offers added durability to the fan.
  • The fan has permanently lubricated bearings that don’t require any maintenance.


  • A fraction of customers have complained that the fan is not quiet in operation.

Customer feedback

According to most customers who’ve used the iPower, this fan is surprisingly powerful and large enough to handle big greenhouses or large rooms.

The only negative remark from a fraction of the customers is the loud 50 dB noise which can be heard on highest setting especially when the fan is operating indoors.

4. AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan

Another fan in the brand that is the AC Infinity the Cloudline S4 Inline Fan, just like the rest of the AC Infinity fans is designed to quietly ventilate  greenhouses, grow rooms, closets, AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S4, Quiet 4” Inline Duct Fan with Speed Controller boosting airflow and exhausting odors in HVACs and bathrooms among other places. It has an airflow of 205 CFM.

For precise air circulation, this fan is equipped with an inline speed controller that lets you adjust the fan speed depending on the temperatures. It features a mixed flow design that works alongside the DC-powered motor to give you perfect results.

This fan comes with a complete kit that includes; the fan, an AC power adapter, an installation manual, and the necessary mounting hardware.

Features of the AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S4 Inline Fan

  • Equipped with an inline speed controller: that enables you to set the speed to maximum noise and airflow levels.
  • Quiet PWM motor: this fan is powered by a very quiet PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) motor to ensure a quieter and energy-saving performance up to 40% less. The motor has a sound rating of 28 dB making it ideal for indoor use.
  • Mixed flow design: with such an intelligent design of combining a stator blade and dual hydrodynamic wind circles, the AC Infinity Cloudline S4 Inline Fan can maintain peak performance even in high static pressure environments.
  • Intelligent controller: the intelligent controller is equipped with temperature and humidity sensors that allow you to monitor as well as adjust the fan speed to respond to temperature and humidity changes. This programmable controller also comes with a power on/off memory, eight fan speeds with power switch, an alarm system and eco-mode.
  • Dual ball bearings: the dual ball bearings are rated at 67,000 hours and are highly useful as they allow the fan to be installed in any direction of your choice.
  • IP44 rated: finally, this fan has an IP44 rating which means its dust and liquids resistant. This makes the fan to be highly useful in a wide range of settings including harsh environments.


  • Equipped with speed control.
  • This S4 model can be connected to the smart controller of the Cloudline T4 model so as to share the same program settings and power source.
  • Has a memory back up which means incase of power outage it will resume to the last saved settings automatically.
  • It’s IP44 rated meaning it’s usable in a wide range of settings while utilizing energy efficiently.
  • It comes with all the necessary installation kits for easy setup.
  • The intelligent controller makes it easy to adjust temperature and humidity levels.
  • It’s super quiet making it ideal for indoor use.
  • Cleaning and maintenance is hassle free as the motor box with the fan’s impeller and blades can be detached from the mounted frame easily.

Customer feedback

If you’re looking for an affordable yet functional fan that will do a commendable job of regulating temperatures in your grow room, greenhouse, closet, or bathroom, then the AC Infinity Cloudline S4 Inline Fan is what you need to get.

According to most positive reviews, the majority of these customers loved this duct fan unit for its massive power. Most of them have appreciated the multiple fan speeds which can be adjusted using the intelligent controller.

Others loved the dual ball bearings that allow easy installation while others have appreciated the 28 dB noise rating stating that it’s quiet and perfect for indoor use.

5. TerraBloom Inline Duct Fan

Next, in this review, we have the TerraBloom line of Inline Duct Fan. TerraBloom is that they’re a well-known brand in the manufacture of quality gardening products. Their line of TerraBloom Inline Duct Fansinline duct fans has received positive criticism from the majority of customers due to their massive power and great performance.

Common applications include; Exhaust and Intake in Indoor grow rooms and commercial spaces, heater line boosting, carbon filter applications, moisture, smoke and odor exhausting.

These fans are available in different sizes to suit a variety of indoor use including; 4” (160 CFM aat18 Watts), 6” (350 CFM at 40 Watts), 8” (710 CFM at 75 Watts), and 10” (1065 CFM at 150Watts).

To save you energy cost, TerraBloom has used the new generation EC brushless motor which is 65% more energy-efficient than ordinary AC motors.

The fan is compact making it easier to install in the tightest spaces and has an airtight steel casing that shields the fan against accidental damage.

Features of the TerraBloom line of Inline Duct Fans

  • Dual jet-type propellers: with these types of propellers, the TerraBloom Fan can push fresh air to the furthest areas while still resisting static pressure.
  • Dual ball bearings: dual ball bearings are very critical here as they allow this fan to be installed in any location of your choice whether it’s in the attic, bathroom or inside the grow room.
  • Variable speed controller: this unit is equally important as it helps you to adjust the speed of the fan from 0%—100% without creating any additional noise or vibration.
  • 5 ft power cable: this cord is equipped with a 3-prong plug to make it easier for you to plug the fan in any power outlet of your choice. In addition to that, TerraBloom has added another 16 ft long power cable on the variable speed controller to make it more mobile and easy to use from any location.


  • Has speed control
  • This fan is compact enough to fit on profile areas.
  • All TerraBloom fans are ETL listed and are UL and CSA compliant.
  • Airtight steel housing guarantees the durability of the fan.
  • These fans are energy efficient.


  • Some of the fan sizes are said to vibrate loudly especially when operating on the highest fan speed setting.

Customer feedback

Most online customers who’ve bought and used these fans have praised their performance, their powerful airflow, maximum operating speed, and their energy efficiency.

A decent number of customers have also loved the speed controller, the brushless motor and the excellent design calling these fans great air movers worth every penny.

6. iPower 4 Inch 150 CFM Inline Carbon Filter Fan

The inline fan reviewed here is the iPower GLFANXEXPSET4CHUMD 4 Inch, 150 CFM Inline Carbon Filter Fan but it’s not the only in this series. This iPower fan series is available in sizes ranging from 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, to 12”, with a fan iPower 4 Inch 150 CFM Inline Carbon Filter with Fan Speed Controller and Temperature Humidity Monitor Grow Tent Ventilation, 4", Blackfilter ducting which again ranges in size from 4” to 8”.

To enhance the longevity of the charcoal filter, iPower has added a free pre-filter in the package which should be replaced every 6 months. For accuracy purposes and added functionality, this inline carbon filter also comes with a temperature and humidity monitor as well as a fan speed controller.

Features of the iPower 4 Inch 150 CFM Inline Carbon Filter with fans

  • Humidity monitor: this monitor has a sensor that determines the rate of humidity in the grow room every 10 seconds. It measures humidity from 10% to 99% and temperature fluctuations from 14°F to 122° The humidity monitor is touch-sensitive and is powered by a 3V CR2032 button battery.
  • Fan speed controller: this controller has a knob with variable speed options that range from OFF/high/medium/low. To prevent any damage to the fan motor, the controller is programmed not to adjust below 50%.
  • Free pre-filter: to prolong the life of the Australian Virgin Charcoal Filter, iPower has added a pre-filter which should be replaced every 6 months. In addition to that, the inner and outer mesh of the carbon filter has large openings that provide precise airflow inside the grow room.
  • Multi-functional: this fan system not only ventilates your grow room or greenhouse, but it also helps to eliminate ill-smelling odors to solve any air delivery problems.


  • Equipped with speed control
  • The package comes with all the necessary kits for fast installation.
  • The humidity monitor has a wide temperature and humidity range.
  • This unit is multi-functional since it can remove heat and still eliminate bad odors.


  • Shorter lefespan than expected.

Customer feedback

Majority of online customers have loved the performance of the iPower 4 Inch 150 CFM Inline Carbon Filter. Most of them have appreciated the combination of the high 150CFM airflow with the powerful motor.

Additionally, they also loved the easy installation while others have appreciated the fan speed controller and the humidity monitor stating that they play a key role in boosting the performance and efficiency of this fan system.

6. Fantech PB110 Inline Exhaust Bath Fans

To enhance its efficiency, the Fantech PB110 Inline Exhaust Bath Fans, mount the available unobtrusive ceiling grilles in multiple locations within the house (bathroom, toilet, and over the tub) to allow quick Fantech PB110 Inline Exhaust Bath Fan Kitand efficient moisture control.

The Fantech PB110 Inline Exhaust Bath Fans are ASHRAE Standard 62.2 compliant and come in different types which include the vent only, fan with fluorescent light, and fan with halogen light. This fan has an airflow of 110 CFM and it uses a 4” flexible duct which is insulated to prevent noise from the fan from penetrating to the bathroom or toilet.

Features of the Fantech PB110 Inline Exhaust Bath Fans

  • Insulated flexible duct: this fan system uses a 4” flexible duct which is insulated to allow fast dissipation of sound from the motor to prevent it from being heard in the house.
  • Unobtrusive ceiling grilles: the best thing about these ceiling grilles is that they can be mounted in multiple locations within the house to allow fast and efficient whisking of moisture from your bathroom or toilet. They’re also stylish so they add beauty and glamor to your ceiling.
  • 110 CFM fan: this  whisper quiet fan system comes with an efficient, power-saving yet powerful motor that has an airflow rating of 110 CFM.


  • Whisper quiet operation
  • This fan system is efficient in terms of energy usage.
  • The fans are either vent only or they may feature halogen or fluorescent lights.
  • The unobtrusive ceiling grilles are stylish and suit every interior aesthetic.
  • The 4” flexible duct is insulated to block as much sound from the motor as possible.

Customer feedback

Whether in the bathroom or attic these Fantech inline fans are said to do the job they’re are advertised to do quite effectively, all the while doing so ever so quietly, so quiet in fact that you may not know they are running were it not for the obvious change in indoor air quality.

7. TerraBloom 6″ Silent Inline Duct Fan

The 6” Silent Inline Duct Fan is another model manufactured by the makers at TerraBloom. This fan has a large 6” duct fan that has a decent airflow of 188 CFM and a power consumption of 26 Watts. It is Best inline exhaust fanssaid to be at least 36% more cost-efficient making it a great option for indoor use as opposed to ordinary fans.

The 6” Silent Inline Duct Fan is not entirely waterproof making it suitable for indoor applications only. At full speed, this fan generates sounds up to 39 dB which is quite low and perfect for indoor use.

This fan is compatible with certain speed controllers and is only usable in indoor environments with temperatures not exceeding 113°F.

This series is also available in other variation including;  a 4” silent booster fan (47 CFM, 9 Watts), 6” silent inline fan (327 CFM, 67 Watts), and 8” silent inline fan (473 CFM, 111 Watts).

Features of the 6” Silent Inline Duct Fan

  • 39 dB of noise: since this fan is designed for indoor use, TerraBloom has engineered it to generate a maximum sound pressure of 39 dB even when operating on the highest setting.
  • Mixed flow design: with its unique mixed flow design, this fan can intake and exhaust air through the 6” ducts in the most efficient way possible.
  • Full kit: for easy setup, this fan comes with all the necessary installation kits which include; the fan itself, mounting brackets, instruction manual, and an 8 ft grounded power cable.


  • With a power consumption of 26 Watts, this fan is energy efficient.
  • The package comes with all the required installation apparatus.


  • At 39 dB, this fan is not as quiet.

Customer feedback

The 6” Silent Inline Duct Fan has been welcomed with positive criticism from a majority of online customers. Most of these customers have praised the immense sucking power generated by this fan stating that it makes the fan perfect for bathroom and toilet use.

Other customers have praised the silent motor stating that it’s the best for indoor use. Growers with grow rooms and greenhouses have also hailed this fan for its consistency even when used alongside LED lights.

9. Vortex 347 CFM S Line S-600 Fan

To boost efficiency, ETL listed Vortex S-600 Fan is powered by a very strong 70 watts AC brushless motor which is very quiet when operating. The fan itself is coated with a double-Vortex 347 CFM S Line S-600 Fan, 6"walled high impact resistant polycarbonate casing which prevents condensation while still reducing the noise level, especially when used indoors.

The fan is constructed with an aerodynamic design to allow precise airflow in and out of the house or grow room. This fan is easy to set up and is ETL listed meaning it has complied to all AMCA standards.

The S-Line Series (sizes include; 6”/347 CFM, 8”/711 CFM and 10”/1082 CFM).

Features of the Vortex 347 CFM S Line S-600 Fan

  • Double insulated casing: polycarbonate has been used to insulate this fan system to prevent condensation or noise from penetrating through. This double insulated casing is also high-impact resistant meaning it protects the fan from exterior damage.
  • Rubber gasket: these gaskets have been used to ensure airtight connection on the fan and on the duct to prevent vibrations and possible air leakage.
  • AC brushless motor: the brushless motor used by this fan is energy efficient and is 100% speed controllable. In addition to that, this motor is equipped with lubricated ball bearings and thermal overload protection for safety purposes.
  • Full installation kit: for easy setup, this fan system comes with a full set of installation kit that includes; the fan, mounting brackets, integrated back draft damper, screws, and 6 ft 120 V power cable.


  • The fan is very easy to install.
  • Mixed flow impeller design allows precise airflow.
  • The fan is double insulated against condensation and external damage.

Customer feedback

The Vortex S-600 Fan has truly impressed most customers in terms of the design, its efficiency and its powerful performance. Most customers have appreciated the super easy installation which they say is all thanks to the available installation apparatus.

A fraction of other customers have loved the high CFM which allows the fan to suck hot air with high airflow.

While some customers say the motor is super stealthy with minimal to no noises at all others definitely disagree, but a majority take the day.

10. Hydrofarm ACDF8 Active Air Inline Fan

Last but not least, we have the Hydrofarm ACDF8 Inline Fan. Just like the rest of the high-profile duct fans we’ve reviewed in this guide, this one too comes with innovative features that guarantee you impeccable performance. best inline exhaust fans

The Hydrofarm ACDF8 Inline Fan is equipped with an AC brushless thermal protected motor which has sealed bearings which don’t require any lubrication. The fan is coated with a green ceramic metal housing which is not only stylish, but it also guarantees you high durability as it is high-impact proof.

For ease of usage, Hydrofarm brand offers its customers a full line of fans to meet all ventilation demands. Also available in; 4”/165 CFM, 6”/400 CFM, 10”/780 CFM, and 12”/969 CFM.

Features of the Hydrofarm ACDF8 Inline Fan

  • Durable ceramic coating: this fan is coated with a durable ceramic coating that allows it to stand the test of time.
  • Brushless AC motor: the brushless AC thermal protected motor is quiet yet efficient enough to suck huge amounts of hot air from your house or grow room. The fan also comes with sealed bearings that don’t require any lubrication throughout their lifetime.
  • Quality molded impeller: the impeller is perfectly molded for aerodynamic reasons causing the fan to push or suck as much air as possible.
  • Fan speed adjuster: with the fan speed adjuster, you can easily adjust the speed of the fan from low/medium/high without causing any damage to the motor.


  • This fan has a very low noise output.
  • It has a long 8ft/120V power cord which allows you to set up the fan in any location of your choice.
  • The durable ceramic coating guarantees the longevity of the fan.
  • It comes with a fan speed adjuster for easy usage.


  • According to some customers, the carbon filter allows smell to leak through.
  • The fan is quiet but it vibrates a lot.

Customer feedback

Most customers who’ve actually bought and used it have appreciated the balance between high performing power and silent operation.

Most of them have loved the fan speed controller, the aerodynamic impeller, high airflow, and easy installation process.


Inline Fans Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best inline fan

Searching for an inline fan that will best meet your greenhouse demands is not just a walk in the pack. Instead, there are multiple factors you’ll need to consider some of which are obvious and others silent. So, to avoid messing up, this section will highlight some of those factors you’ll need to consider before parting with your money.

1. The size

In most cases, the size of the inline fan you’ll need to get is determined by the size of the grow room. If the area is let’s say 10’×10’, you’ll need a fan about 10” in diameter. On the other hand, if the area is about 4’×4’, you’ll need a fan about 4” in diameter.

2. Material

The material to which an inline fan is built is highly instrumental to its overall performance and quality. Steel is one popular material used in most fans thanks to its longevity. To make it even more durable, some manufacturers use powder-coated steel to help the fan resist weather damage.

3. Noise

If you happen to stand next to a 12” inline fan at full power, you’ll understand why noise is a key consideration. If you have neighbors around, the loud noise produced by a fan can be annoying or it can raise alarm especially if you’re growing cannabis in restricted regions. Therefore, it’s paramount that you settle for a fan model that generates less noise without sacrificing its power.

4. Power rating

This is another key consideration you can’t fail to check on when choosing an inline fan. Usually represented by CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), the power rating of a fan can easily be calculated using this simple formula. First, calculate the cubic feet of your grow room. As a rule of thumb, 3 minutes is usually the total time taken by a fan to exhaust air in a room.

So, dividing the total cubic feet of the room by 3, you’ll get a basic estimate of the total CFM a fan should have to handle your grow room.

5. Warranty

Finally, there’s the issue of warranty. In case your inline fan becomes defective, how will it be covered? Does the warranty cover the motor and the rest of the parts and how long is the warranty period? These are some questions you’ll need to ask yourself before settling for a specific model.

Conclusion on This Review of the Best Inline Exhaust Fans

Inline fans, are useful devices for boosting airflow and eliminating moisture and odors in other parts of the home such as bathrooms, attics and basements.

As a grower, you need a combination of different things for the essential success of your plants’ growth. Apart from lighting and watering, one of those things that will make a huge difference is inline exhaust fans. These fans not only allow precise airflow in and out of your grow room, but they’re also multi-functional meaning they can also regulate heat and control humidity levels to allow quality photosynthesis.

We sure hope that with this guide, you are able to make an informed purchasing decision. Any comments or questions are welcomed down in the comment section below.



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