2020 Review of 8 Best Inline Bathroom Exhaust Fans

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Dampness in a home or in parts of the house especially the bathroom due to lack of proper ventilation is often because of a moisture retaining problem. Unfortunately, moisture can lead to structural damage in the long run not to mention the immediate unpleasant odors, mold, mildew, pests and health concerns that a damp environment can cause. The good news is that there are some very effective solutions that can mitigate the moisture problem namely, inline bathroom exhaust fans.

These fans can be used in residential houses as well as commercial spaces. Such solutions are effective and they do not have to be expensive.

Below we have rounded up some of the best inline bathroom exhaust fans that will help keep your bathroom attic or basement bone dry without costing you an arm and leg.

1. Panasonic FV-20NLF1 WhisperLine Remote Mount In-Line Spot Ventilation Fan

The design in modern homes tends to be more compact with everything near each other. While the close proximity of rooms makes a home more energy efficient, the home can also be more susceptible to poor ventilation in some areas.  For instance, compact spacing can a mean that a problem in one room threatens the other parts of the home. Accumulation of moisture over time can spell structural disaster and costly repairs. In areas like the bathroom that are more prone to issues brought on by moisture such as mildew and mold that can be an immediate health concern.

To help facilitate better ventilation in a home, the Panasonic FV-20NLF1 is an effective spot ventilation solution that will exhaust any humidity in a room. Most homes fear inflated energy bills, with good reason. This unit will pleasantly surprise you with its ventilating efficiency while saving energy.

What makes this Panasonic WhisperLine fan even more special is how operationally quiet it is. The design allows for multiple-task ventilation. This is really good news for homes that need to ventilate multiple areas or multiple rooms with just one fan. That feature is made possible by an in-line fan that fits a 6-Inch duct and can be installed in five different positions on joist, truss and suspension brackets. These come included to facilitate installation.

The PanasonicFV-20NLF1 is designed to use less energy while moving larger volumes of air. It not only improves your comfort in the home while cutting in energy bills, but it also means less worry and cost on overheating and motor failure issues. This is a good buy that delivers optimal performance and is designed to last.

Multiple exhaust inlets can be placed over the shower, toilet, tub, or vanity for ventilation using the same fan. The blower wheel in the PanasonicFV-20NLF1 is designed to draw air in from both sides allowing more surface area for the air to enter the wheel and be exhausted. This ensures better air quality by extracting humidity from a space.


  • Has a whisper quiet motor
  • Powerful motor that generates 120 CFM, 240 CFM or 340 CFM air flow
  • Fan can exhaust humid air from multiple rooms remotely
  • Fan is housed in a protective heavy duty zinc galvanized steel
  • Has Energy Star certification as well as ASHRAE 62.2, California Title 24, LEED and Washington VIAQ compliance.

Mold and mildew are as a direct result of humidity or high moisture content in a room. This and other air pollutants can be effectively prevented through proper ventilation. With the PanasonicFV-20NLF1, you can bid those air pollutants goodbye due to the unit’s amazing ability to keep your rooms and home dry. In case the room that you would like to vent is smaller or massive, you can opt for this same vent in 120 CFM or 340 CFM to better suit the ventilating needs based on size of the space.

Customer feedback

Some customers found the unit to be a tad larger than expected. The workmanship and quality is excellent. What will surprise you even more is how very quite the fan really is. A customer who installed this in a medium sized bathroom mentioned that it is a perfect fit and performs incredibly. According to the buyer it was mounted it on the attic and 6 feet from the register and one wouldn’t even know it is running. This exhaust fan eliminates moisture from the whole area in just a few minutes after a hot shower. This user says it is on a timer to run for 15 minutes after you leave the shower room. It does an amazing job of getting rid of the moisture in that time frame and then auto shutting off.

2. Broan-Nutone ILFK2502 Inline Bathroom Exhaust Fan Kit

The Broan-Nutone ILFK2502 Inline Bathroom Exhaust Fan Kit can be the solution that you have been looking for exhausting humidity from the bathroom.

The unit is designed such that it can be installed remotely or in the actual room that needs ventilating.

It is capable of comfortably ventilating two bathrooms. This is made possible by a vertical discharge and a high powered monitor that can generate an air flow of 250 CFM. This is accompanied by a single exhaust system using a 6-inch duct fan, two sleeves with dampers, two grilles and duct clamps, as well as a 3-way 6-inch adapter.

This fan will work pretty well even for a windowless bathroom. Mold and mildew as well as other pollutants can make unventilated bathrooms a hot spot for health concerns and eventual structural damage due to accumulating trapped moisture. The Broan-Nutone ILFK2502 is an effective solution for humid spaces that need dehumidifying and clean air to keep them dry and moisture free.

If you are wondering whether this spot ventilating fan will work with large spaces, wonder no more! That is because this ventilator has been designed to accommodate large spaces as well. The housing on this unit can be conveniently installed in the attic or basement. It can also be installed anywhere in the home that is out of the way and discrete. This makes the Broan-NutoneILFK2502 a fantastic solution for venting both large and open spaces of up to 215 square feet.

It is also Energy Star certified guaranteeing you energy efficient usage.


  • Has a whisper quiet motor
  • Features a powerful motor capable of 250 CFM  airflow
  • Fan can exhaust humid air from 2 rooms remotely
  • Unit comes in a plastic housing
  • Has Energy Star certification

Customer feedback

Customers who used this product expressed that it was an excellent choice as it draws from two bathrooms providing good airflow. They also mention that balancing the air flow with the registers provided was quite easy. A quiet performing spot ventilator is imperative for residential homes or establishments such as spas. This unit is a good fit because it can be installed remotely for total quiet when venting.

Once installed you may hear the sound of the airflow but not the fan. Installation is straight forward enough. If you are conversant with electrical wiring, installing the wire up to control from either bathroom should not be complicated. If not, you can always get an electrician to help you out with the installation. The only hiccup that some users mentioned is that the spring clips provided were not very effective. So you may have to improvise a bit in supporting the register from above.

3. Fantech FR 110 Inline Centrifugal Duct Fan

The Fantech FR 100 is a versatile option that can be applied to the straightforward venting needs of a home.

The molded design helps with aesthetics after the installation because the finish is less conspicuous and easily blends with the ceiling. An added advantage to this unit is the fact that it can be installed remotely and caters to the ventilating needs for several rooms efficiently yet quietly.

One of the primary needs for installing a spot ventilating fan is so that it can dehumidify efficiently and fast. By so doing, moisture is exhausted from the room and dryness is promoted helping keep out foul odors and air contaminants. The Fantech FR 100 has an air-tight inbuilt fan that ensures optimum efficiency is not lost and more importantly, contaminants are not spilled back into the home’s air due to leakage.

For more complex residential and commercial layouts, this fan can also be used as a booster fan to move air from one room or area to another. The unit has a powerful motor that can suck up humid air at 167 CFM.

It utilizes little energy for moving higher volumes of air. As a result one can expect no overheating issues and optimal performance. The thermal overload is protected by automatic reset. One can also opt to control the fans via a controlled solid state speed controller.


  • Has a whisper quiet motor
  • Features a powerful motor capable in options of 122 CFM and 167 CFM suction
  • Fan can exhaust humid air from multiple rooms remotely
  • Comes in a welded seam leak proof housing
  • Unit is Energy star rated, HVI certified and UL listed

Ventilation needs of homes will tend to vary. You will be glad to know that this fan comes in 9 sizes with airflow capacities between 150 – 650 CFM between these range of options. While this particular unit is 4 inch, other sizes of the same are available in 5 and 6 inches.

Customer feedback

This fan can be installed in a new construction or as a retrofit. Users with remodels in a basement or bathroom will find this option to be a good fit. For instance, one customer mentioned that they used this for the basement bathroom and needed to use an inline fan instead of a traditional fan because of space issues.

The installation was a breeze and the fan works great with whisper quietness. It was mounted to a wall behind the shower and feared that people would hear the fan noise in the family room that is only 15 inches away. Pleasantly the operation is virtually silent apart from a distant whirring sound when the bathroom door is open. You can barely hear it. The noise is not from the motor but from air being sucked out.

All In all, an amazing fan overall.

4. Tjernlund Metal Inline Duct Fan

The Tjernlund Metal Inline Duct Fan does a fantastic job of venting humid air from your home. It is super quiet and a good option for the bathroom or spa. Its ability to eliminate fogged mirrors and lingering odors is quietly efficient.One of the reasons the Tjernlund

Metal Inline Duct Fan comes highly recommended is because of its versatile and durable build and performance. This M-Series exhaust fan is capable of high pressure air handling performance with low noise and extremely low energy usage. High performance at low energy usage is always welcome in homes and commercial establishments watching their energy consumption. The unit comes in 4, 6, 8 and 10 inches.

Installation is fairly simple. All you have to do is plug the fan cord into the wireless control and plug the control into an outlet. The ducting will depend on intricacies of your house layout. M-series fans are ideal for pretty much any exhaust applications requiring exacting performance. This includes bathroom exhaust, radon and clothes dryers.


  • Has a silent motor
  • 4 inch features a motor capable of 200 CFM suction
  • Fan can exhaust humid air from one room
  • Comes in metal leak proof housing
  • Doesn’t feature energy star certification

Customer feedback

Some customers found this to be very effective for a windowless bathroom while other users applied this ventilating fixture to move air to a second floor from the first floor to avoid installing a second HVAC unit upstairs. Customers mentioned that they were impressed by how quiet the operation is while moving loads of air. There is no vibration even at full speed and it can work as a booster for an already existing HVAC unit.

5. Continental Fan RG100-ES  Energy Star Inline Duct Fan Bathroom Ventilation Kit

This Continental Fan allows you to assault moisture and dry out hard to dry spaces for lack of ventilation. Bathroom and kitchens without proper ventilation often suffer from moisture as well as pungent odor. The Continental Fan has a solid build and design that is both efficient and versatile. The adjustable grille gives the fan an aesthetic that easily blends with the rest of the bathroom.

This venting unit is designed to accommodate long running ducts and can ventilate two rooms thanks to the two intake grills for dual exhaust zones. From dual exhaust, you will need one Y duct connection to bring the two exhaust ducts together and have one exhaust duct to your sidewall vent or roof vent. This fixture is ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.


  • Has a super silent motor
  • Motor is capable of 147 CFM suction power
  • Unit can be used to ventilate two rooms
  • Comes in a metal housing
  • Has energy star certification and HVI certification

Customers feedback

Customer who got this product liked the fact that this fan comes with a 2 vent grilled covers for the ceiling which is nice. The grills make it less conspicuous and it blends easy with the surrounding bathroom fixtures. The fan mounts in the attic and is fairly quite when in operation. There are times that offense is the best form of defense. This unit is easy to install and remains discrete with its silent motor.

6. iPower Inline Duct Ventilation Fan

iPower inline Duct Ventilation Fan is easy to use, install and it’s also safe and environmentally friendly. Fluted on both ends to receive ducting, it is designed to accommodate long running ducts. The unit design requires minimal maintenance as the bearing is permanently lubricated. It delivers quite operation with no vibration. The design is versatile and will work well in a green house, bathroom or attic.

It can be used with the iPower carbon filter for even cleaner and purer air. This unit comes in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch sizes


  • Has a silent motor with no vibration
  • Comes with motor capable of 190 CFM, 442 CFM, 750 CFM, 862 CFM, and 1060 CFM suction variations
  • Comes in an aluminium housing
  • Unit can ventilate one indoor garden
  • Has ETL certification

Customer feedback

One customer purchased this ventilation fan to use in her glass studio to remove toxins caused by heating colored glass. The unit allowed her to choose high, medium or low suction which goes to show just how versatile this unit it. Customers especially love the fact that it can be secured to the right inside the room to suck the toxins away.

This versatile and powerful motor is a good fit for various residential and commercial use. Given that the unit comes in several size ranges with varied motor power that generate different air velocities, it can be used for extensive applications.

7. Vivosun Inline Duct Fan

Air delivery and exhaust can be a tricky affair in areas such as basements, bathroom,  grow tents, cupboards and cabinets especially if they are in windowless spaces. However, with the right system, that problem can be easily solved. The issue often is that most solutions may require major system rework and hefty expenses.

Fortunately, the Vivosun Inline Duct Fan is one solution that is highly efficient, effective, affordable and does not demand major reworks to your set up. In fact it might shock you at how easy to install it is.

The Vivosun Inline Duct Fan features a powerful motor that can run at a maximum of 2450 RPM to generate suction power of 720 CFM. For such power in a motor you would expect this venting feature to generate an equally powerful din. But surprisingly you will find it whisper quiet even at the highest fan speed setting. This unit can be installed anywhere without a roof or ceiling cavity to displace extracted air into.

This ventilating fixture comes with a superior carbon filter of 1050+ RC 48 Australian Virgin Charcoal Bed and measures 8 inches by 22 inches. It also works well for venting and purifying the air in bathrooms and saunas at home or in spas.

It is recommended that the pre-filter be changed every six months or after every grow cycle (if used in an indoor garden setting) for optimal performance. This fixture is low maintenance primarily because the motor design has a permanently lubricated bearing that operates quietly and virtually requires no maintenance.

For the most part, the versatility of the Vivosun Inline Duct Fan comes from its powerful motor and top notch carbon filter. The filter design features a 53% open area which allows for increased air flow.

This means the unit can be used for varied venting applications like exhausting hot or cold filtered air and transferring it from one air conditioned room to another. It is also frequently used effectively for window to window ventilation applications. While the specs of this ventilating unit can sound intimidating, the installation is very simple. It is also worth pointing out that the unit comes in a 6 and 8 inch size to suit a wide range of venting needs.


  • Has a whisper silent motor
  • Features a powerful motor capable of 720 CFM
  • Can be used in a single room at a time
  • Comes in a plastic housing
  • Has ETL certification

Customer feedback

This venting unit will work in a kitchen, bathroom or grow room depending on your exhaust needs. it has met the needs of users with over 64 square feet of space while running 24 hours a day at full speed. Some customers have subjected it to this rigorous use consistently for six months and report that it has not lost suction power. They reported that the unit is solid and built to exceed expectation. It met its function perfectly and it is a widely recommended unit for people in need of a high performing unit.

8. Hurricane Inline Ventilation Fan

The Hurricane inline fan is a commercial grade, high performance fan that has been engineered using quality UL components for quiet operation and durable service. The installation is very simple and can be installed in minutes. While it has extensive application, kitchen and bathroom installation for venting needs are the most common uses for this venting unit.

The design is simple yet effective, that explains why be installation is very straightforward. The Hurricane also comes in different size to better suit varied venting needs. You can go for a lower CRM with the 4 inch for smaller spaces or you can go higher with 8/10/12 inch and more suction power to meet your ventilating needs.


  • Powerful and silent motor
  • 6 inch has a capable motor that delivers 435 CFM suction
  • Made of steel housing that is powder coated to prevent rust
  • Comes with all mounting components
  • It features UL certified components

Customer feedback

“This thing is Amazing!” Is the reaction a good number of customers using this product gave. Another user mentioned they mounted this venting unit on the ceiling above a newly remodeled walk-in shower as a dryer. They also went ahead to set up on a timer switch for the unit to run for half hour after showering.

It is perfect for a windowless bathroom as the Hurricane pulls in dry air from an adjacent room and blows it into the shower cavity. It moves a tremendous volume of air which is key to any application. After half an hour the tiled bathroom is bone dry. Mold does not stand a chance with this unit. Customers also love the fact that the design doesn’t need assembly.


Mold and mildew have no chance in a dry environment. For the sake of your comfort, any of the above inline bathroom exhaust fans will alleviate odors and dry out your humid spaces with great efficiency and at an affordable cost.



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