2021 10 Best Hugger Ceiling Fans Without Lights Review

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Shopping around for a ceiling fan? If so, you will want to double check your ceiling height. If it is anything between 8-9 feet as most ceilings are, it is considered to be low profile ceiling. One of the best type of fan to get in such a case is a flush mount or hugger ceiling fan that can be installed flush to the base of the ceiling.

While a hugger ceiling fan can also be used for lighting as well, there are often instances where you already have more than enough lighting options in a space and therefore adding another, simply becomes over kill.

Si in that case, if you prefer a hugger ceiling fan without lights, then the below options will tick that box. Check them out.

  1. Emerson Ceiling Fans CF130ORB Tilo Modern Low Profile/Hugger Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Emerson CF130WW Tilo Modern Low Profile Ceiling Fan is a good option with no lighting fixture on it. The design of this fan means that it can be mounted in several ways.

For ceilings that are as low as 8-9 feet, this unit can be installed with ease by hanging the unit close to the ceiling without the downrod. However, it is also possible to use it on a higher ceiling because the unit comes with a standard downrod of 4.5″.

This unit can accommodate various lengths of downrods. What’s more, the unit can also be mounted on a sloped ceiling. That speaks to it’s versatility.

The Tilo Modern Low Profile streamlined ceiling fan has a sleek design and is fashioned for both indoor and outdoor environments. The main body is built from metal and comes with a silver stainless steel brushed finished with walnut blades, or in all white to suit varied decors.

The unit’s damp rating which is why it can be installed indoors or in covered outdoor areas such as pergolas, patios and garages. Home and spa owners can also opt for it when looking for a flush mount fan to be installed in unique damp location such as  sun rooms, sauna, locker rooms and verandas to name a few.

Controlling the unit is very easy via a sliding wall control. The unit is equipped with a powerful reversible motor and a 4 speed fan speed.

With 5 blades and a blade span of 30 inches, the Tilo will pleasantly surprise you with a 2278 CFM at the highest fan setting.

While you may not need a light to come with your ceiling fan, it is worth noting that this unit is adaptable to an accessory light fixture should you may need one at any point in time. The light fixture is designed specifically for this fan and can be purchased separately.


  • Dimensions: diameter of 30 inches x height of 9.5 inches
  • Features three blades
  • Comes in a 30, 36,42,52 or 72 inch blade spans
  • Utilizes a reversible and silent motor
  • Has an a airflow capacity 2278 CFM
  • Comes with 4 fan speeds
  • Uses wall control only
  • It is mounted using downrods or hugger style
  • Damp rated
  • Available in brushed steel body and walnut blades or all white

Customer feedback

One of the most mentioned item by users is the fact that the unit is fairly easy to install. It is also very versatile because customers with sloped, low and high profile ceilings shared that the unit can be mounted with no fuss.

Users also shared that because of the damp rating, the unit is very practical in all rooms of the house. In some instances, users pointed out that they had to use the included weights for balance.

  1. Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan Without Lights

If you are looking to have a fan that has presence and character with no lighting kit, then the Honeywell tropical ceiling fan is well worth a consideration.Best Hugger Ceiling Fans Without Lights

This ceiling is tropical style fan in the truest form because it is characterized by big paddle like blades. The unit comprise of 5 wet rated wicker blades.

Wet rated, this can be installed indoors as well as in uncovered outdoor areas. The blades are resilient to the elements such as wind, dust, sun and rain. Furthermore, they can be hosed down when cleaning making them easy to maintain and keep clean.

Installing this ceiling fan has been simplified through a”Quick 2 Hang” technology. This method allows you to quickly attach the fan blades to the motor housing with so much ease. The actual mounting can be done in three ways depending on how low, high or angled your ceiling may be.

For ceilings that sit low, a close mount or hugging mount is best whereas, higher ceiling profiles will benefit from the downrod. This unit also easily and safely attaches to sloping ceilings.

The unit comes equipped with a 4 fan speed to make it is possible for you to select the appropriate fan intensity for your needs.

Additionally, the Honeywell Duvall comes with a pull chain that brings out the rustic aspect of the unit’s design. The pull chain makes operation very easy as a tag on the chain can on/off the unit as well as be used to manage the units varied fan speed.


  • Dimensions: diameter of 52 x height of 13.31 inches
  • Features 5 blades
  • Available in a blade span of 52 inches
  • Wet rated wicker blades, damp rated motor
  • Uses a reversible motor
  • Has an airflow capacity 5022 CFM
  • Has 4 fan speeds
  • Uses a pull chain control
  • It is mounted using downrods or hugging the ceiling
  • Comes in all white/ oil rubbed bronze

Customer feedback

Those who bought and used this fan expressed how powerful it is. They mentioned that the unit circulated air so effectively while remaining efficient in energy consumption, helping keep the energy bills low.

Some customers mentioned they liked the pull chain option but also appreciated that the ceiling fan is adaptable to a handheld remote which can be bought separately.

However, the same customers cautioned that if you desire a handheld remote as an additional control point, then it’s best that you buy them together because the installation has to be done together with the remote to be functional. So if you buy them separately, you will be forced to bring down the unit to have it configured for the remote access and then reinstall it.

  1. Atlas Fan Company Irene-H Flush Mount 5 Blade Ceiling Fan Without Lights

This unit by Atlas Company has a simple build to it but provides an elegance that is hard to match. The body and canopy which houses a cylindrical motor constructed from cast aluminum that has been heavily stamped for solid durability.

Its five blades that have a wide paddle style are hand curved from solid wood. The two materials come together neatly for a handsome fan that can fit any living room, bedroom, entry way, office or hallway.

The unit features a DC motor that helps with conserving energy for enhanced efficiency.

The 6 speed motor both in forward and reverse motions allows the flexibility of choosing the appropriate fan intensity that suits your needs at any given time. The unit generally provides powerful airflow for every fan speed setting but at the highest fan speed this 52″blade span ceiling fan will generate a circulation of 3405 CFM.

This model is quite versatile as one is able to choose from a number of configuration and sizes. The unit can come with 3 blades or 5 blades. It can also come in varied blade span sizes to suite a myriad of spaces and cooling needs. These include 42″ and 60″blade spans.

The Irene-H Flush Mount Ceiling Fan is also popular because it provides a wireless decora-style Wall Control. While the unit also comes with a handheld remote control which is very convenient, most users appreciate the wall control point because it means, a misplaced or damaged handheld remote control will not stop you from being able to operate the ceiling fan with ease.

It is worth noting that the unit has a provision for lighting in the event that you want to adopt a light on the fan.


  • Dimensions: diameter of 52 inches x height of 10 inches
  • Comes with 3 or 5 blades
  • Available in 42, 52, and 60 inch blade spans
  • Has a reversible and silent motor
  • Has an airflow capacity of 3405 CFM
  • It has 6 fan speeds
  • Utilizes a handheld remote in addition to a wireless wall control point
  • It can only be flush mounted
  • Come in several color options, brushed brass/gloss white/ brushed nickel, matte black, textures bronze/ polished chrome. The blades come in barn wood or walnut.

Customer feedback

Customers said that they love the subtle conflict of the design and materials used. On one hand the design element of the hand-curved wooden blades reminds you of an old plane rotor while on another, the lines and curves of the design are so precise bringing a contemporary feel to the whole unit.

Users also shared that the unit is whisper quiet and delivers a powerful circulation of air when you need cooling or heating.

  1. Casa Vieja 52″ Casa Orbitor Modern Hugger Low Profile Ceiling Fan

The 52″ Casa Orbitor Modern Hugger Low Profile Ceiling Fan is a good option for a low profile ceiling. The build is exquisitely simple yet it presents unmistakable elegance and finesse.

Given that low ceilings can present a safety challenge when you want to install a ceiling fan, it is imperative that you select carefully based on how low your ceiling is.

This Casa Veja cooling unit has a clearance of a mere 8 inches from ceiling to blade meaning that it hugs the ceiling with perfection due to its compact build. And since it does not have a lighting kit hanging low, it provides a better clearance that will work with any ceiling that is 8-9 feet from the floor.

The vase like canopy houses a stealth motor whose operation is whisper quiet. The unit comes equipped with a 3 fan variable speed to offer different cooling intensities.

The 3 blades on this ceiling fan are sleek and neat, molded from ABS material with an espresso finish. They are well sized with an impressive 52″ inch blade span for a majestic look in your space.

Operating this CasaVeja is fairly simple, thanks to a wall control point. With this unit you do not have to worry about losing, misplacing or damaging the remote because there is always a constant wall control point on the ready.

This ceiling fan is ideal for pretty much any space at home or in a commercial building.

What’s more, it’s fairly easy to install.


  • Dimensions: diameter of 52 inches x height of 8 inches
  • Features 3 blades
  • Available in a 52 inch blade span
  • Uses a powerful, reversible motor
  • Has an airflow capacity of 4678 CFM
  • It features 3 fan speeds
  • Utilizes a wall control point
  • It can only be flush mounted
  • Comes in brushed nickel with espresso shaded blades

Customer feedback

Customers mentioned that because of their low sitting ceiling, they needed a ceiling fan with no light and as little clearance as possible without compromising on design. They found the perfect solution with this Casa Veja ceiling fan.

Users expressed that the installation was manageable. The unit is not wobbly and it circulates air with adequate power. Most mentioned that they hardly have to set the unit on the high fan speed but stick to low and medium speed which is is often sufficient for their needs. That goes to show that this Casa Veja is a cooling gem to have in the home.

  1. Emerson Ceiling Fans CF804SORB Snugger Low Profile Hugger Ceiling Fan

Hugger fans are the best option when you have a very low ceiling design and need to install a ceiling fan. So even when your ceiling is considerably low, it is no reason to endure hot and humid summers.

A ceiling fan such as the Emerson snugger’s low profile  model is an excellent option for cooling during hot months as well as for circulating warm air during the colder and winter months.

This ceiling fan is especially designed to fit close to the ceiling. This is made possible because the fans construction is compact and allows an overall height of 8 inches from ceiling to the blade.

The unit is well constructed with a power reversible motor house in the canopy. The canopy and holders are constructed from a die-cast zinc hanging ball for toughness and durability.

To prevent any wobbling, the unit comes with a bracket that reinforces the ceiling fan and provides superior stability.

Most home owners with a low ceiling may prefer a unit that does not have lighting for a snug fit that leaves adequate clearance from the ceiling blades. While this fan does not come with lighting, it is adaptable to a lighting kit in the event that one should want to incorporate lighting at any one point.


  • Dimensions: diameter of 42 inches x height of 8 inches
  • Features 5 blades
  • Available in 42 and 52 inch blade span
  • Uses a reversible motor
  • Has an airflow capacity of 3761 CFM
  • It has a 4 fan speed
  • Uses a pull chain control but adaptable to a wall control option
  • It can only be flush mounted
  • Comes in oil rubbed bronze/brushed steel/ appliance white. The blades come in bleached oak.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this unit mentioned that the fan is very solid and does not wobble. The powerful reversible motor operates quietly even at a high fan speed setting.

Users who opted to self install this ceiling fan shared that it was fairly easy because the motor unit has a hook to be used during the install process. This hook conveniently attaches to the mounting plate on the ceiling so that one does not need an additional person to hold up the motor unit while working to attach the wiring.

  1. Monte Carlo 3TF24RB 3 Wood Finish Blades Ceiling Fan Without Lights

The Micro collection fan by Monte Carlo would make a perfect addition to any home. It can circulate air in hallways, utility rooms, walk-in wardrobes, closets and so many more limited spaces.

This compact ceiling fan is a good option for low ceilings and those smaller of rooms because the actual fan height stands at 13.25″which is suitable for a minimum ceiling height of 8-Feet and a blade span of 24 inches.

The fan’s design is unique for surface mounting and can be installed flush to the ceiling with a hugger profile of 10″ high from ceiling to blade. While one may be quick to dismiss the unit as small, you will be excited to realize that this compact and petite ceiling fan can deliver 1807 CFM.

For a small entry way, pantry, laundry room or closet that gets stuffy, this unit is ideal for airing the room and circulating air to achieve fresh air in those spaces.

The unit presents a nice aesthetic as the canopy which houses the motor is constructed from metal with a Roman bronze finish. The teak blades complement the body for good contrast and easily match with numerous decors.

This compact Monte Carlo unit has three blades with a 14° blade pitch for adequate air fanning in enclosed spaces such as hallways or closets.

If you do not need a light fixture in your ceiling fan because your closet has other light sources, then this unit will work for your just fine. However, in the event that the enclosed space such as a walk-in wardrobe does not have adequate lighting, this ceiling fan is light adaptable and can therefore be customized by adding a light fixture in a pre-provided spot on the unit.

Operating this Micro 24″fan is very simple as it comes equipped with a pull chain to control the  on/off function, fan speed as well as lighting should you have it. If you also feel the need for an additional control point, the unit is remote control adaptable so you can order for a handheld remote control or install a wall control point to suit your set up and preference.


  • Dimensions: diameter of 24 inches x height of 13.25 inches
  • Features 3 blades
  • Available in a 24 inch blade span
  • Utilizes a reversible motor
  • Offers an airflow capacity of 1807 CFM
  • Come with 3 speeds
  • Uses a pull chain control but it is adaptable to remote control and wall unit control
  • It is mounted using downrods or hugger style
  • Comes in Roman bronze and teak blades

Customer feedback

Some customers purchased this item without the light because they felt their space is well lit anyway. However, ordering the light kit was a breeze and so was attaching it to the ceiling fan when they eventually needed it.

They expressed that it was very easy to install and it looks great. The performance is also top notch according to customers who bought it for their small spaces.

  1. Progress Lighting P2524-09 42-Inch Hugger 4 Blade Fan

You may rarely have need to turn on your AC when your residence has an effective and efficient ceiling fan for your space such as the Progress lighting 42″ hugger 4 blade fan. The unit packs a triple speed fan that allows the user to utilize various fan intensities when cooling their space.

A low fan speed may be ideal for night time when you go to bed while high intensity is often reserved for those exceptionally hot summer days.

With this ceiling fan the issue of low ceilings should not be much of a bother. As a long as the ceiling has minimum height of 8-9 feet from the ground, this unit should have you covered. The primary reason why this ceiling can be successfully used with low profile ceilings is the compact build that can be installed flush to your ceiling.

Since the unit has a compact build that measures 8″ from ceiling to the blades, it means that surface mounting to the ceiling will still allow adequate and safe clearance for the blades to operate without becoming a hazard to members of your household.

The unit comes equipped with four blades and a powerful reversible motor. What does that have to do with the ceiling fan? Well, plenty! When the cold is biting and unbearable, you will need to heat your space. Warm air tends to rise up and hang around the ceiling area. As such, it takes longer to heat a room and you may have to set your thermostat higher in order to achieve a decent level of warmth in your space.

This is where a reversible motored unit such as the Progress Lighting ceiling hugger comes in handy. When the motor is reversed, it causes the blades to produce a downward draft which forces the warm air stuck in the ceiling to be evenly distributed across the room. In turn, your space becomes warmer faster and at a lower thermostat setting, lowering your heating bill.

That is the value of this Powerful AirPro motor that features 3 fan speeds and a triple-capacitor control. The 42-Inch blade span can comfortably circulate 4002 CFM to efficiently and effectively cool or help warm your space.

A ceiling fan does not always mean you have to spend an arm and a leg to get a decent one as is evident with this option.


  • Dimensions: diameter of 42 x height of 8 inches
  • Number of blades on the unit is 4
  • Available in a 42 inch blade span
  • Uses a powerful, reversible motor
  • Features an airflow capacity of 4002 CFM
  • Has 3 fan speeds
  • Utilizes pull chain control but the unit is adaptable to both a handheld remote and wall control point
  • It can only be flush mounted
  • Comes in brushed nickel with cherry blades or all white.

Customer feedback

Users who bought this unit were particularly pleased with the price point and value of the ceiling fan. Most customers shared that they got the best bang for their buck. Customers who later wanted to incorporate lighting to the unit also agree that the process was smoother than they would have imagined. This is true on finding a compatible lighting kit as well as the installation process being straight forward. Users who opted to later on get a light kit said they used the Progress Lighting P2610-094-Light Kit and the outcome is marvelous.

  1. Modern Fan Ball Flush Mount Hugger Ceiling Fan

The Ball flush mount ceiling fan effortlessly generates refreshing air circulation while infusing a curvy minimalist touch into a space from your living room, bedroom, hallway or patios with low ceilings. Hugger Ceiling Fan Without Lights

The design is unique with a canopy metal construction taking the shape of a tear drop. The smooth curves culminate into a graceful transition from body to blade. Its metal canopy has been brushed for smooth, clean and polished look.

The unit can be mounted on flat low ceilings with ease. Other than an easy installation, the unit can be customized to a variety of modern environments and decors. That is because the body comes in a variety of finishes which includes glossy white.

This unit is equipped with a majestic 52″ blade span and comprises of 4 blades with a 12° pitch. The blades also come in two colors which add to the color options that a user can work with based on their preference and colors schemes in their space. The blade colors include maple, aluminum and white.

If you have a low profile ceiling that is in the range of 8-9 feet, this unit is a good option to work with because it has a height of 12.9 inches from ceiling to blade.

Although it has no lighting unit attached to it, the unit is quite aesthetically pleasing.

However, this design makes a provision for a lighting fixture should you choose to have lighting at any point. The lighting kit includes a gorgeous mouth-blown glass shade that can be bought separately.

The unit packs a reasonably powerful motor that is reversible for use all year rounds.


  • Dimensions: diameter of 52 inches x height of 12.9 inches
  • Features 4 blades
  • Available in a 52 inch blade span
  • Utilizes a reversible motor
  • Has an airflow capacity of 5986 CFM
  • Comes with a hand held remote but the unit is adaptable to a wall control point
  • It is a flush mount model
  • Damp location listed
  • Comes in brushed aluminum and gloss white. The blade options are maple/ aluminum/ white

Customer feedback

Customers who tried this unit shared that it is impressive in terms of delivering a cooling and heating effect as needed. Users also liked the simple yet elegant design that can be installed flush with a low ceiling. The color options on both the body and blades made it a perfect fit in the homes of a majority of customers.

  1. Atlas Fan Company Irene-H Hugger Ceiling Fan

The Irene-H flush mount 3 Blade Ceiling Fan is a fabulous option for those in search of a minimalist design that makes a statement. The ingenuity used on this unit combines a touch of vintage with contemporary design culminating in an exquisite masterpiece.

The unit can be surface mounted to a low ceiling thanks to a cylindrical motor housing that sits on top of three solid wooden blades. The cylindrical body has been constructed from heavily stamped metal and polished for a smooth reflective finish. Its three hand curved wooden blades have an exceptional authentic look and are pitched at a 15° angle to create maximum air draft when they spin in either direction.

The unit packs a powerful reversible DC motor that is capable of 6 varied fan speeds in forward or reverse motion. A DC motor such as this one is known for its enhanced ability to provide peak performance at minimal energy consumption. With this unit, form truly meets function.

The Irene-H 3 blade ceiling fan operation is very smooth to say the least. The unit can be controlled using a handheld remote control in addition to a wireless wall control option


  • Dimensions: diameter of 52 inches x height of 8 inches
  • It features 3 blades
  • Available in 42, 52 and 60 inch blade spans
  • Uses a reversible motor
  • It has an airflow capacity of 3862 CFM
  • Comes with 6 fan speeds
  • Uses a handheld remote control in addition to wireless wall control option
  • It can only be flush mounted
  • Comes in brushed brass/brushed nickel/matte black/gloss white/ textures bronze/ polished chrome. The blade color options are barn wood/ walnut

Customer feedback

Customers shared that they loved the simple elegance that accompanies the robust construction of this unit. They particularly love the authenticity of the hand curved blades from solid wood. Users also appreciated that the motor is whisper quite and the unit’s overall performance including energy efficiency is impressive.

  1. Monte Carlo Maverick Max Hugger Ceiling Fan Without Lights

The very powerful, Energy Star rated Maverick Max Ceiling Fan has a gorgeous presentation. The majestic three blade fan is made from seamless blend of metallic and natural wood tones. If artsy elegance is high on your list of aesthetics, then you can be sure that the Monte Carlo Maverick Max Ceiling Fan does not disappoint.

The unit has an imposing blade span of 70″. The blades are pitched at a 13° angle for generating maximum draft when rotating. These blades are hand curved from balsa wood for a solid feel and look. They are driven by an equally powerful DC reversible motor that is highly effective in circulating air and efficient in conservation of energy while delivering peak performance.

The unit can also be installed using an adjustable metal downrod but still manages a minimum height of 11.7 “. This means that it is ideal for use with low profile ceilings as well as high profile ceilings.

If you are looking to make a powerful statement with your decor, incorporating the Maverick in your space will certainly help you do that in a stylish fashion.

This unit can be installed indoors as well as outdoors.


  • Energy Star certified
  • Dimensions: diameter of 70 inches x height of 11.7 inches
  • The unit features 3 blades
  • Available in a 70 inch blade span
  • Uses a powerful, reversible motor
  • Has an airflow capacity of 6821 CFM
  • Features 6 fan speed
  • Uses a handheld remote control in addition to a wireless wall control option
  • It is mounted with a downrod or flush mount to the ceiling
  • Damp rated
  • Comes in aged pewter with light grey weathered oak/brushed steel with walnut/ brushed steel with koa/matte black with walnut/ brushed brass with matte white.

Customer feedback

Many customers mentioned that its efficiency of 229 CFM/Watt is quite impressive. They also expressed that the unit has a commanding presence while remaining aesthetically pleasing and functional. In addition, many found the installation easy.


While most ceiling fans tend to come with a lighting fixture, it is possible to get options that do not have a lighting kit.

As shown by the models above, there are plenty of exceptional hugger ceiling fans without lights. With the units mentioned above, some may not have lighting but have made a provision for it using a light cap. So that in the event that you should change your mind in future, you can easily get a compatible light kit and add on with no fuss.


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