2021 10 Best Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirrors with Lights Review

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Women, girls, makeup and hair dos are near inseparable. While many manner of mirrors can help you get the makeup or hair styling job done, very few can offer the convenience, splendour and enjoyable experience of accomplishing this task in style and glamour. The Hollywood mirror has no equal in enchanting your room and lighting up your makeup spot in different ways depending on the time of day and the lighting mode you use.

Your dressing experience will never be the same with one of these timeless mirrors! In fact you will be wondering how ever you got along without one. Crafted from quality sturdy materials and fitted with energy efficient, long lasting LED lighting, the best hollywood vanity makeup mirrors are very durable and expected to last for years.

Below we review a broad range of designs with different features that make a Hollywood mirror a must have for every woman. Check them out.

  1. Chende Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror with 14 LED Light Bulbs

One thing with makeup and generally dressing up with an aim of looking amazing, is that the whole process can be elevated and enriched by using a mirror with an aesthetic such as this one. Every girl who loves to look at themselves will likely fall in love with this hollywood mirror. Primarily because the unit is beautifully crafted and the design is thoughtfully delivered.

For starters, the Chende Hollywood Lighted Makeup mirror has a decent size that is not too large nor too small.

With dimensions of 31.5″ long by 23.6″height and a slim depth if 1″, this mirror is perfectly sized for a vanity. This can be placed or installed in a bathroom if that’s where you prefer to do your makeup. It will also work well in a master bedroom vanity, studio, and makeup room.

The construction of the unit is accomplished in such a way that enables you to hang it on a wall or place it on your dressing table.

For placement on top of a table, the unit comes with an installable base that gives the mirror stability allowing it to stand firmly. The unit also comes with a bracket that neatly reinforces the stability of the mirror when placed on top of a table.

This placement versatility allows you plenty of adaptability for your preferences and makeup setup. Because it is a well constructed mirror with plenty of aesthetic punch, it can be used in small commercial beauty establishments such as salons and barbers to add to your decor as well as practical use such as for makeup and as a hairdresser’s mirror or barbers mirror.

The unit has a sturdy construction because the units frame is made from Aluminum and also has detachable base.

The mirror offers a high quality reflection so you are able to work on your makeup with confidence.

The lighting plays a key role in elevating that experience. This Hollywood mirror has 14 round shaped bulbs all round the frame.

Towards the bottom of the mirror surface, is a discrete touch screen control panel that enables you to choose the sort of lighting you want depending on time of day.

Just by touch you can brighten the lighting to suit your needs. The lighting also allows you to choose from warm yellow, daylight and cool white.

It is worth mentioning that not only are all the bulbs dimmable, but they are also replaceable in the event that one gives out. However, you will not need to worry about replacement for quite a while as each LED bulb has a lifespan of approximately 30,000 hours.

The unit also conveniently has a USB port on the side just in case you or a client would like to charge a phone.

The aluminum frame is not only tough and firm as well as aesthetically pleasing, but is also scratch proof which keeps the mirror looking new for a long time to come.


  • Dimensions are 31.5″long by 23.6″ high
  • It has a weight of 12.9 kgs
  • Comes with 14 dimmable bulbs
  • Features a touch screen control
  • Has 3 different color lighting mode to choose from
  • Has an aluminum framing with detachable base
  • Can be wall hang or table top placed
  • USB port equipped
  • Comes in 2 colors black/white

Customer feedback

A good number of customers who bought this unit mentioned that they never knew how much they needed a makeup mirror until they got the Chende Hollywood mirror. Customers expressed that they love the whole design, lighting, ease of placement and the whole experience of looking into this mirror while going through their skin care routine.

Other users mentioned that they got this for use in their barber or salon shop. They said their customers absolutely love the experience, not to mention its ability to elevate the overall room.

  1. Hansong Large Vanity Makeup Mirror with Lights

The Hansong Large Vanity Makeup Mirror has an inviting design sure to accentuate the decor of a given space. The design allows the user to either hang the mirror or place it on top of a table top such as a dresser in the bedroom.

This mirror has just the right size that will look great in a bathroom, bedroom, makeup room or studio.

A dimension of 22.8″length by a height of 18.1″allows the user to see their entire upper body

The unit comes loaded with 15 bulbs all around the frame to conjure up that Hollywood feel and sets the stage for an enjoyable makeup experience.

The Hansong Makeup mirror offers a superior clear image that helps you keep tabs on your skin care by offering a true reflection.

Its 15 dimmable bulbs offer that soft lighting that sets your mood right whether preparing for a normal day at the office, a quick trip to the mall or for a gala dinner that demands you look your best.

The lighting and the reflective nature of the bulbs on glossy surfaces such as on the dresser’s worktop or surrounding surfaces adds to the room’s decor. The light from the bulbs is glare-free and comes with three options to choose from which suits any time of day.

Its summer function can be operated in style from a touch panel on the surface of the mirror. This is placed towards the bottom of the mirror in a discreet but easily operable fashion. It allows you to on/off the bulbs, choose light color options and dim accordingly to suit one’s preference.

The colors to choose from include daylight, warm light and white.

The mirrors frame is metallic giving the whole unit a strong and sturdy frame while adding to the overall aesthetic look.

This unit comes equipped with a USB port on the side that is convenient for charging a phone a tablet or any other USB device.

Although this mirror is suitable for your own private use, it can also be used in a professional setting such as a salon for makeup and hairdos as well as for sprucing up any space. Such a classy mirror will add to the decor of your space but also wow your customers as you elevate your service delivery.

To get an intuitive response from the touch screen panel make sure your fingers are clean and dry before touching the panel.


  • Dimensions: 22.8″ length a height of 18.1″
  • It has a weight of 10.2kg
  • It comes with 14 dimmable bulbs
  • Uses touch screen control
  • Has 3 different color lighting modes to choose from
  • Features metal framing with a detachable bottom
  • It can be wall hang or table top placed
  • Equipped with a USB port
  • Comes in 3 colors white/black/silver

Customer feedback

Some of the things customers loved about this mirror include the extra space that the detachable base provides. Whether you hang the mirror on a wall or placed it on a counter top the base space is convenient for placing a bottle of nail polish, perfume, rings or brush temporarily.

Users also mentioned the size of the mirror worked well for them. They expressed that one can see themselves comfortably when sitting. The mirror shows their upper body from a little below the shoulder level to the top of the head. Being a Hollywood mirror, some customer were hesitant to purchase thinking it was delicate or flimsy but they were pleasantly surprised by the sturdiness of the metal framing.

As far as the lights go, they loved the long life LED light and the fact that they are not only dimmable but also replaceable should there be need.

  1. ALBOR Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror with Magnification

Hollywood mirror comes in a broad spectrum to suite every style, size and budget. While you can get some really high ends one to suit your needs, you can also get decent a Hollywood mirror on a budget. The Albor lighted mirror is one that offers a good deal for a very friendly price point.ALBOR Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

Its overall design looks fabulous and the construction is solid. The frame of the unit is made from aluminum which is not only strong but also adds to the aesthetic of the mirror. The mirror itself is crystal clear and presents a clean reflection.

What you will also like is that the mirror also comes with a 15 times magnification spot for when you want a closer scrutiny of a particular area on your face. The aluminum frame that holds the unit together is adorned with 12 LED lights that have up to 50,000 hours lifespan.

The bulbs are dimmable and replaceable when there is need. The mirror is equipped with a touch screen panel that allows you effortless control when turning the lights on or off as well as when adjusting brightness or dimming.

Another advantage of this mirror is that setting up is really fast and straightforward because the unit does not require any wiring or assembly. You just plug it in and get started.

The Hollywood unit looks great when placed on a vanity and the reflection of the lights on surrounding glossy surfaces adds to your decor and dressing up experience.

One can choose makeup light colors ranging from warm to cool to get the cleanest reflection possible at varied times of day.

One outstanding feature that sets this Hollywood mirror apart is that it has a depth of 4.92″ but that is because the mirror comes with a stand that holds the back firmly and allows you to rotate the mirror 360° to a preferred angle that best suits your needs.

The two bonus makeup sponges with stands are welcome gifts that will certainly get your space looking incredible not to mention being functional.


  • Dimensions: 20.27″ length by 15.15″ height
  • Has a weight of 3.8kg
  • It comes with 12 dimmable bulbs
  • It uses touch screen control
  • Comes in 3 different color lighting modes to choose from
  • Features metal framing with an non skid bottom
  • It offers table top placement
  • 15x the magnification
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Comes in white/silver

Customer feedback

Customers who got this mirror loved it and mentioned it meets their needs perfectly not to mention that the price point is so pocket friendly. This is the perfect option for customers who were students or working with a strict budget.

Users also shared that this unit is bright and exactly as described. It tilts forward and backward with ease. It has three touch buttons at the bottom – one for power, one to change the color of the lights, and one for adjusting the level of brightness and they all work great. This unit is highly recommended if you want a Hollywood mirror that is simple, beautiful, functional and very affordable.

  1. DermAllura Hollywood Oval Vanity Mirror with Lights

The DermAllura sounds like an elegant name for a mirror. But it is with good reason because the unit is not only beautiful but exudes elegance. The design is certainly luxurious and will no doubt inject beauty in your decor. That remains the case whether you opt to install this in your master bedroom, hallway, makeup room or studio.

The mirror has presence, but it is not just a pretty face. It functions very well and has a very practical design. The style of this vanity Hollywood mirror is table top and comes with an oval shaped designed which is a welcomed change from the conventional rectangle and square designs.

Its oval frame is constructed from a high quality aluminium for rigidity while the base of the frame that sits on a table top is a varnished tinplate metal that reinforces stability. That base is lightly padded with a foam layer that’s both soft and non-slip as well as scratch-proof ensuring that your table remains clean and free of scratches. The back is further reinforced by being enclosed with a silver plate finish.

So as you can see while this mirror unit may be pretty but it certainly is not flimsy.

What steals the show in this mirror is the round and marquise beveled-edged arrangement of a cut diamond crystals frame that can light up. The mirror lights up on the oval frame but also on the beveled edge to give off a stunning aesthetic look and feel. The lighting can be controlled via touch screen panel on the surface of the mirror discreetly located towards the bottom of the unit

This mirror is on a stable swivel and can therefore rotate 360° for optimized use. The build and design of the fixture allows versatile use ranging from décor to functionality. The mirror is a perfect match a vanity, tabletop, countertop or dressing table.

This unit can make a great gift for someone special in your life such as a mom, wife, girl friend, sister or daughter without forgetting yourself.


  • Dimensions are 29″length by16″height
  • The weight is 5 kg
  • Numerous crystal cut diamond lighting on the surface and beveled edges of the mirror
  • Uses touch screen control
  • Has 3 different color lighting modes, 5500 Lumen LED lights
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Features metal framing with a base that is foam padded and is non skid anti scratch
  • Compatible with table top placement
  • Comes with white crystals

Customer feedback

Users that got this mirror mentioned that it totally transformed their makeup area in terms of adding aesthetics to the décor, as well as enhancing the makeup and dressing up experience.

Customers also shared that while the unit is more expensive, it is very well made and very functional. For that reason, it’s worth it weights in gold. Customer also mentioned that they loved the lighting options of cool, neutral and warm lights that are dimmable and replaceable. But, with 50,000 hrs life expectancy, it will be at least a decade before you have to change or replace any.

  1. iHome Hollywood Vanity Mirror PRO with Built in Bluetooth, Voice Control, USB Input and Speaker

The iHome Hollywood Vanity Mirror could help you take your makeup experience to the next level. This unit has a large clear and distortion free mirror that gives you a realistic picture.

The mirror also comes with a 10 times magnification bonus mirror for those areas of your face like the cheek or neck that need closer inspection. The magnification mirror is circular and firmly attached to the surface of the main mirror but it’s also detachable offering more flexibility.

The lighting round the mirror is neatly done and the LED bulbs are dimmable. With 12 LED bulbs you can choose from 3 different colors and dim or brighten accordingly. The three colors are a warm white, bright white or soft yellow.

The other massive advantage of this unit is that you can examine your makeup to see how it looks under different lighting. For instance if you are going for a dinner date in a restaurant that has white light, you can make sure that your makeup is adjusted to look just right in that sort of lighting.

The mirror is built for convenience including a USB port for connecting USB devices such as a phone or tablet. The additional thoughtful element such as USB connectivity are meant to enhanced your make up experience as they allow some entertainment if you wish it and also enhance your multi tasking ability. So, if you are busy doing your hair, you can connect your phone through the USB port to charge and be close to you in case you are expecting some calls.

Get this, because of the USB connectivity and in built speaker, you can use your phone to play music through the mirror speaker as you do your hair or makeup.

Should you receive a call when getting all that done, there is no need to fret or lose time by stopping what you are doing to attend the call. You simply put the call through to your mirror speaker mode and have a conversation with a friend as you keep on doing your hair or makeup. That is a pretty thoughtful function.

When doing makeup you want a clear full face view reflection that allows you to work on your makeup or hairdressing routine with ease. This mirror delivers that for you and so much more. The unit is on a stable tilt that allows you to angle the mirror forwards or backwards to catch the preferred angle that best suits your needs.

This fixture will look great on a vanity, dresser, hallway or studio. It can also apply in a stylist salon as well as a barbershop

The unit can be easily placed on a dressing table or vanity. The base is broad and metallic for stability but padded with a thin layer of foam to ensure that it does not skid or scratch your dressing table or counter surface.


  • Dimensions are 11.11″ length by 7.01″height
  • 10x  magnification detachable mirror
  • Has a weight of 1 kg
  • Comes with 12 bulbs
  • Features a touch screen control
  • Has 3 different color lighting modes to choose from
  • Features metal framing with a base that is foam padded
  • Compatible with table top placement
  • Equipped with  stereo speaker, USB input, voice control and Bluetooth features
  • Available in silver

Customer feedback

Users who bought this product have a lot of positive things to say about this unit in respect to the build and functionality. Majority of users expressed that they highly recommend this Hollywood vanity mirror.

Other customers mentioned that they got this as a gift for women in their lives such as a daughter, mom, sister or wife and the recipients absolutely loved it.

  1. Toyswill Hollywood Black Vanity Makeup Mirror

The Toyswill Hollywood Mirror has a nice aesthetic touch that’s sure to add elegance to your dressing space. The units handsome look comes from a sturdy frame infused with 14 dimmable LED lights that conjure up that feeling of lights, camera, action. Almost like you are prepping yourself up for a stage. But then again, they say life’s a stage and you want to show up looking your best. Thanks to this gorgeous mirror, you can now show up to work, or on a date looking glamorous.

The framing is done with aluminum while the base is wooden with a soft padding that ensures your table top or counter does not get undesired marks and scratches.

Because the wooden base is detachable, it means that you can either opt to hang this unit on a wall in the bathroom hallway or bedroom. Alternatively this unit can be placed on a table, vanity or dresser thanks to the wooden base that can be easily attached to the bottom providing reinforced stability. The good thing about a wooden base is it’s truly waterproof.

Other materials can be advertised as water resistant but often in case of spillage, they tend to absorb liquid and ruin the finishing. When doing makeup, occasional spillage of nail remover or other liquid is bound to occur. With a wooden base you have nothing to worry about. Simply wipe and forget about it. The unit remains good as new for the longest time.

Also the aluminum frame is anti corrosion, such that if this unit is in the bathroom which can to be moist, the unit will not corrode but maintain its aesthetic finish while remaining durable and functional.

The lights are easy to operate and manipulate through a touch screen panel. This panel allows you to on/off the light, choose among three light colors based on the time of day and night for a clear full face view and shadow free reflection. Additionally, the touch screen also allows the user to easily dim or brighten the lights as needed.

This neat design and black finish offers a timeless classic Hollywood backstage style mirror that is suitable with most decors.

The mounted USB ports on the side are practical because they can conveniently be used to charge a phone or any other USB device. There are 2 sockets on the side of the unit that are helpful for powering a hair dryer or hair straightener within close proximity.


  • Dimensions are 31.5”length by 25.6″ height ( comes in other sizes)
  • Has a weight of 15kg
  • Feature 14 bulbs that are dimmable
  • It uses touch screen control
  • Has 3 different color lighting mode
  • Comes with an aluminum framing with a detachable wooden base
  • Versatile unit that can be place on the dresser table or wall mounted
  • Comes complete with a power outlet with USB ports
  • Comes in black, white too

Customer feedback

Users who got this unit loved the size as well as the thoughtful placement of ports. With 2 USB ports and 2 sockets nearly mounted on the side of the unit, it provides great convenience for use with a hair dryer or curling iron when styling hair. Customer loved that you can have your phone close to you and charging in the USB port as you get ready.

  1. Fenair Makeup Hollywood Mirror with Lights and USB Outlet

Long gone are the days when your a mirror had to be operated by a knob and switches. In this say and age , you can get yourself a beautiful Hollywood mirror that intuitively responds to your touch.

The Fenair Makeup Mirror comes with a control touch panel that makes it easy to on/off the 15 dimmable LED lights with the mere touch of a button. Selection of light colors from daylight, warm white to warm light as well as brightness control can also be achieved by the touch of a button on the surface of the mirror.

The memory function on this mirror is quite impressive as it gives you back the same lighting mode you had when you switched off the unit.

The mirror comes with a bonus detachable 10 times magnification mirror which comes in handy when you need to examine a made up area of the skin more closely.

Its construction is very well done and has a neat finish. The framing is of aluminum for rigid stability with lighting that prevents casting of shadows and makes your reflection all the more clearer.

It is also worth pointing out that the base of the mirror facilitate placement on dressing tables or vanities. The fact that the base is also detachable means that the unit can be hang on a wall such in the hallway, studio or bathroom.

The USB port placement on the side of the unit adds a nice useful touch that allows you to conveniently charge a phone or any other USB device.

LED lights do not become heated even after long periods of use and the light is soft which protects the eyes even when looking into the mirror for some time. The LED light have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and are if high quality.

That means on average, if you are using the lights at 12 hours a day, it would take you at least 11 years to exhaust them. That tells you that this unit is built to last.

The size of the unit can fit a commercial set just as well as a residential setting.


  • Dimensions are 22.8” length by 18.1″ height
  • Has a weight of 10kg
  • Comes with 14 LED bulbs that are dimmable
  • Comes with touch screen control
  • It has 3 different color lighting modes
  • Has an aluminum framing with a detachable base
  • Compatible table top placement and wall mount
  • USB outlet
  • It comes in black

Customer feedback

User who got this unit mentioned that they were happy with the size of the mirror and the fact that it can be placed on a dresser table with the help of the base attachment or it can be hang on a wall depending on preference. Some users who got this unit loved it so much that they ended up getting several of them as gifts. They expressed that they like the strong build and stylish look.

  1. Glamms Curved Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Have you been wondering what to use to set your space apart? Well, the Glamms curved Hollywood Vanity Mirror might just be the perfect option.

Why? Because the design is playful, enchanting and is sure to bring a smile to your face when you use it every time.

With this vanity mirror you can indeed feel like a star as the makeup experience has never been more pleasant. To begin with, the design and lighting is cheerful and sure to add to your decor. The 14 LED bulbs set the mood and provide a crystal clear reflection in the mirror as you go through your makeup routine.

This unit is easy to set as it has a detachable base. That means that it can be comfortably placed on a table because it has good stability due to the attached base. Alternatively, the base can be detached which allows the unit to be hanged on the wall at a location of your choice in the house.

The curved shaped is a welcomed design for someone who wants a different design that offers a unique feel beyond the normal of squares and rectangles.


  • Dimensions are 31” length by 25″ height
  • Has a weight of 15kg
  • Features 14 LED bulbs
  • It comes with touch screen control
  • Features 3 different color lighting modes
  • Has a glossy framing with a detachable base
  • Compatible with table top placement and wall mount
  • Comes in white

Customer feedback

Users who tried this item mentioned that their purchase was a good bang for their buck and loved the price point. Commercial business owners mentioned that using this in their establishment has resulted in a lot of positive reviews from clients who appreciated their elevated experience. They felt that the service they received coupled with the ambiance set by mirrors was indeed satisfactory.

  1. Hiker Lighted Vanity Hollywood Mirror in Pink

The Pink Hiker Lighted Vanity Mirror makes for a beautiful gift for a girls room. The unit is well constructed making it easy to clean while offering a durable unit.The color and glossy finish can compliment most decors. If you want something loud yet soft for your vanity, this mirror is perfect.

The Hiker Vanity Mirror comes equipped with hanging hooks on the back which facilitate wall mounting.

The fixture also comes with a detachable oval base. This can be taken off in case you want to mount this mirror on the wall or one can opt to attach the base for stability if you intend to place the unit on a table or dresser.

The dimmable bulbs on the unit ensure that you have a crystal clear reflection when using the mirror day or night. The bulbs give your makeup experience a Hollywood feel while adding a lighting aesthetic to the room.

Although this unit does not have a touch screen, that is no big issue as the knob control is conveniently on the front bottom left and very operational friendly.


  • Dimensions are Length of 26.75″ by height of 20″ wide
  • Has a weight of 9 kg
  • It comes with 12 bulbs
  • The mirror uses knob control
  • Has 3 different color lighting modes to choose from
  • Has a glossy framing with a detachable base
  • Compatible with table top placement and wall mount
  • Comes in pink

Customer feedback

Customers who got this unit felt that the bulbs that come with the unit were a bit dim and opted to change them with brighter LED bulbs. But most found the unit to work just fine with the same bulbs. If you want a girly feel, to your vanity mirror, this unit will do for you.

  1. Luxfurni Vanity Lighted Tri-fold Makeup Hollywood Mirror

The Luxfurni Lighted Tri-fold makeup mirror has an air of antiquity to it. This mirror is quite practical as it not only offers a clear reflection of your face but also allows you to see your face from all angles with plenty of ease.

Storage is effortless as the foldable cosmetic mirror folds for easy storage. The foldable extensions of this mirror helps protect your mirror from dust and scratches for enhanced durability.

The center frame of this mirror is adorned with bright lighting of 10 LED dimmable bulbs. These bulbs can be on/offed and dimmed or brightened accordingly with the help of a touchpad on the surface of the mirror.

The unit has memory function that allows the lights to revert to the setting that the unit was in before being switched off. Furthermore, the unit is power saving as it automatically shuts off after 15 minutes.


  • Dimensions are 20.8″ high by 28.7″ wide
  • Has a weight of 6kg
  • It comes with 12 bulbs
  • Touch screen control
  • Features 3 different color lighting modes
  • The side mirror attachments help to stabilize the mirror when placed top of a vanity or dresser
  • Compatible with table top placement
  • Comes in white

This mirror has a USB power supply located in the back of the unit which is super flexible to use.

Customer feedback

Customers who used this Hollywood mirror loved the design. In fact, some users mentioned that you can’t help but press the light button every time you pass near this mirror just to see it light up. Users appreciated that the mirror has a sturdy construction and beautifully crafted frame that adds style to a given dressing area.


The above Hollywood vanity makeup mirrors with lights offer an extensive array of designs and features. The price range is equally flexible across the whole selection. This is your chance to get a gorgeous, functional mirror that helps you look your best with a touch of Hollywood ambience to enhance your makeup experience while at the same time add a touch of elegance and  sophistication to your room.




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