6 Best Heavy Duty Wire Shelving Racks on Wheels in 2020

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Table of Contents

Heavy duty wire shelving racks on wheels are some of the best storage solutions for a garage, workshop, residential kitchen, bathroom, pantry, office or hotel kitchen that is in need of some demanding form of storage unit that can easily be rolled with the stored items from one location to another.

While building more cabinetry can be a solution, there are other times that building is not possible owing to space, time or momentarily budget concerns. Plus, they can’t be moved. These heavy duty rack storage systems on wheels can be the perfect durable solutions for storage deficiencies.

That is because, assembly and dismantling is easy, they are highly portable and ideal for not only storing plenty of items, but also moving them to different locations thanks to the fitted heavy duty caster wheels that make maneuvering easy.

Overall, when you look at the cost of buying these units as opposed to installing a permanent comprehensive storage system, these heavy duty storage racks are price worthy investments considering that in addition to holding a ton of items, their versatility allows them to be moved to wherever they’re most needed. Furthermore, most storage racks will have shelves that are adjustable which allows for customization to fit the different sizes of items that need storage.

Below we have rounded up six of some of the best commercial grade stainless steel storage rack options in varying sizes and load bearing capacities that will likely prove very beneficial to people who need a sturdy and enduring heavy duty storage wire shelving rack.

Best Heavy Duty Wire Shelving Racks on Wheels

1. Seville Classics UltraDurable Commercial-Grade 5-Tier Steel Wire Shelving

A Seville Classics UltraDurable Commercial-Grade 5-Tier Steel Wire Shelving is what you want when you need to organize the space. The beauty of this shelving unit on wheels is versatility, space and ability to pack on weight without buckling. The construction is very solid all through providing industrial strength as it is made from stainless steel. It is ideal for use in dry environments.Seville Heavy Duty Wire Shelving Racks on Wheels

This NSF-Certified Storage stands at a height of 72 inches when standing on leveling feet. The height gets to 75 inches when you switch to wheels. The unit has a depth of 18 inches and a width of 48 inches. The sturdiness of the unit comes from four 1 inch diameter steel poles and 5 stainless steel shelving racks. A triple truss solid-steel wire design adds to superior strength with little to no flex and more durability.

Other than the substantial additional storage capacity that this organizing rack provides, it also has the ability to hold a decent amount of weight. When standing on leveling feet, this rack unit can take up 600 pounds per shelf meaning it can hold a total weight of 3600 pounds. It can also be conveniently moved around from one section of the work space to another. All you have to do is insert the wheels and you are good to go. When on wheels, this rack unit can take a total of 500 pounds.

For more customization, one can adjust the height of each shelf by 1-inch increments to create more space.


  • Dimensions : 48 inches wide by 18 inches deep and a height of 72 inches. But also available in 60″ W x 24″ D, 24″ W x 18″ D and 36″ W x 18″ D among other sizes.
  • Stainless steel wire construction for industrial strength
  • Zinc coated finish prevents corrosion in dry environments
  • 5 adjustable stainless steel shelves
  • 2 locking wheels for easy positioning
  • The unit can hold a total of 3600 pounds when on leveling feet and 500 pounds when on wheels
  • Comes in three colors, chrome, black and plated steel in several size variations

Customer feedback

The 72 inches height and 5 tiers of storage can declutter a space with great efficiency. This well-constructed storage rack has been built with heavy duty use in mind. Customers love the fact that this unit helps them better organize a space for optimal operational efficiency.

Although many users bought this for use in commercial kitchens, a good number of them mentioned that they use it in their garage, office, warehouse, home and workshop. Customers also love the fact that this unit is easy to assemble and requires no tools to put it together.

2. Seville Classics Heavy Duty Corner Steel Wire Shelving with Wheels

Corners can often be underutilized simply because of their shape and the lack of proper storage rack that can fit into their unconventional curvature. The Seville Classics Commercial-Grade Corner Steel Wire Shelving effectively solves that problem for you.

This sturdy heavy duty rack unit does an excellent job of making the most out of corners. This applies to corners in garages, pantries, residential and commercial kitchens. The triple truss design employed in this unit is what helps bring adequate stability to the 5 tired rack.

It is made from five 1-inch diameter stainless steel poles which adds to the stability if the unit. The five shelves are stainless steel and are each adjustable at one inch increments for flexibility. They have adequate space measuring 4 feet wide and 1.5 feet deep. The poles can stand on leveling feet or wheels. When the wheels are on the height of the rack is 75 inches.

The unit can be conveniently wheeled around the work space through corridors and so forth. When on wheels, this rack unit can take up a total weight capacity of 500 pounds. However when stationary and standing on leveling feet, this rack system can take a total weight of 3000 pounds. The zinc plated finish ensures that it stays corrosion free in dry environments.


  • Dimensions: 28 inches wide by 28 inches deep and 72 inches high
  • Industrial strength in this unit from the stainless construction
  • Adjustable 5 Stainless steel diamond shaped shelves
  • On leveling feet, this rack system storage weight capacity is 3000 pounds and when on wheels, it will hold a maximum of 500 pounds
  • Comes in chrome finish

Customer feedback

Those who purchased this multi-use item mentioned the five thick poles and diamond shaped shelving give the unit excellent stability. The sturdiness is further reinforced by a triple truss design for impressive strength. They love that they can now make the most of those under utilized corners in the office, garage, kitchen and workshop by turning them into convenient and practical storage areas.

Users also love the effortless organizational abilities that this storage rack provides. Chefs in busy kitchens mention that this storage rack on wheels is a life saver as frequently used items are only a stride or two away. They also love the open storage system that this unit provides as it means one can easily retrieve and replace frequently used items quickly without having to open a cabinet door. The fact that it can easily be rolled from location to location is a welcomed bonus.

3. BestOffice Adjustable Heavy Duty Wire Shelving Racks Pack of Two

If you’re looking to get an affordable set of these wire shelving units that give value for money, then these solid BestOffice shelving racks are a good place to start as they come in a pack of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 20 and even 50.

They are heavy duty, durable and mobile storage units complete with wheels that are easy to assemble. The construction is not only neat and promises to occupy minimal space while providing plenty of additional storage space.

The units have a height of 78 inches while standing on leveling feet and 82 inches while on wheels. With 6 shelves, one has plenty of flexibility in organizing files, boxes, cooking items as well as tools among other items that one may need to organize. The shelves are stainless steel with V shaped meshed surface for reinforced load bearing strength. These shelves come with a dimension of 48 inches long and 18 inches deep providing loads of storage space. They also have room for 1-inch height increments which allows customization based on the height of items to be stored.

Mobility is a breeze as one can wheel the unit from one section of the work space to another while bearing a maximum evenly distributed load of 500 pounds when no one is wheeling it. The same rack unit can comfortably bear a load of 350 pounds on each its 6 tiers when standing on leveler feet. This makes it an excellent choice for organizing office related items such as files and boxes.


  • Dimensions: 78 inches high by 48 inches long by 18 inches wide.
  • The construction is durable steel on both the poles and wires on the entire rack
  • Has six adjustable wire shelves
  • Load bearing capacity while on leveling stand is 2100 pounds. When on wheels the unit’s total load capacity is 500 pounds
  • Comes in plain metallic finish
  • Come in bundles

Customer feedback

The fact that this unit occupies minimal space considering the amount of storage it takes, makes it a good option to consider as it provides a hustle free additional storage according to numerous customers. It can be used in the kitchen, garage, bathroom, banquet stations and workshop.

Customers loved the fact that they can store a number of items on it such as books, bags, boxes and other things that need to be placed on a shelving unit. The 6 shelves in this unit will fit numerous storage needs for different scenarios. Portability is made so much easier with the wheel option whenever you need to move the station to different room or section of the work space.

4. Meet Perfect Commercial-Grade Heavy Duty Metal Steel Wire Shelving on Wheels

When you need a rack system that is heavy duty and can pack on some impressive weight, this robust Meet Perfect’s Commercial-Grade Heavy Duty Metal Steel Wire Shelving will provide you with fantastic service.Meet perfect Commercial-Grade Heavy Duty Metal Steel Wire Shelving

That is because the sturdy stainless steel construction allows the storage system to take on a total maximum weight of 4800 pounds. This is possible if the weight is evenly distributed across the shelves and the unit is on levelers.

This storage unit comes with 6 storage shelves which can take the load of tyres accompanied by rims and car batteries. That goes to show that the shelves are not only spacious, but the entire unit is very sturdy and will work marvelously in a garage.

This rack unit stands at a height of 82 inches with 6 shelves while on wheels. Other than the sturdy construction, what makes this unit stand out is that one can opt to use this rack as a single rack system. Or one can opt to use it as two separate storage unit with 3 tiers each. One stack of three racks can be on wheels while the other on leveler feet.

This additional option is an excellent way of customization as one can use the stand with wheels to store frequently used items that need to be moved from one section of the workplace to another more often. On the other hand, the other stack of three shelves with leveler feet can be used for heavier stationary items that do not require frequent moving. Each shelf on level feet can accommodate a weight of 800 pounds.

The shelves are made from stainless steel for reinforced load bearing. The four frame poles are also thick for a strong metal frame. Assembly of the unit is very easy and quick as there are no tools needed to install the unit. The rack system is also chrome plated for a beautiful aesthetic finish that looks great in a garage, kitchen or office


  • Dimensions: 48 inches length by 18 inches wide and a height of 82 inches
  • Features a sturdy stainless steel construction all through
  • Comes with 6 shelves with sturdy wires
  • The rack has a total load of 4800 pounds on feet levelers and 800 pounds on wheels.
  • Comes in chrome and black color options

Customer feedback

Customers who have used this unit appreciate its sturdy and practical construction. It is quite versatile as it can be used as a wholesome unit of 6 shelves or can be customized to serve as two separate 3 tiered units. For those who need a heavy duty rack system that is strong, sturdy and customizable, this is a good option.

Customers mention that this rack storage system is an uncomplicated storage solution. They express that it has helped transform their spaces such as garages, workshops, kitchens and office to more organized space with very little effort on their part. If you have limited space and need some additional commercial grade storage, this rack storage system with wheels is a viable option that you are likely to love. It is happy to do all the work and leave you taking all the credit.

5. SafeRacks NSF Certified Commercial Grade Adjustable Steel Wire Shelving Rack

While hooks do an enviable job on a garage wall and kitchen, they can only handle so much. Plus hooks as storage may not apply to an office environment because of aesthetics so a rack storage system such as this unit is a good option for organizing purposes if you have limited space.

The strong SafeRacks Commercial Grade Adjustable Steel Wire Shelving rack is a NSF certified unit that does an excellent job of organizing a cluttered space without hogging space.

With an overall height of 72 inches and a total of five shelves, it becomes so much easier to organize a work space. Given that this storage unit can accommodate a total weight of 3000 pounds when standing on leveling feet, it means that each shelf can accommodate up to 600 pounds when weight is evenly distributed across the shelf. When on wheels the rack system can only take a total maximum weight of 350 pounds.

The wheels are 3 inches in diameter which makes moving items around in the garage, workshop or work place so much easier and convenient. The five shelves can store anything from bags, containers, tools, home goods, dry foods, sports equipment and so much more.

This is made possible because each shelf allows you adequate storage space of 36 inches long and 18 inches deep. In an office environment, the unit can be used to store boxes, files as well as equipment. The shelves are adjustable at one inch increments such that one can store large items on some shelves and smaller items on others. In short, it allows you the flexibility of self-adjusting the shelves to suit your needs.

The shelf is easy to assemble requiring no tools. The zinc plating has a look similar to a chrome finish that is rust proof. So if looking for a quick but effective storage solution that is versatile and portable, this is an option that can work great for you.


  • Dimensions: 18 inches deep by 36 inches long and a height of 72 inches. Other sizes available too including a 4-tier
  • Constructed from stainless steel for a hardy and durable body
  • Has 5 adjustable stainless steel shelves
  • The unit can hold a total of 3000 pounds when on leveler feet and holds a total of 350 pounds when the unit is on wheels
  • Comes in zinc plated finish only

Customer feedback

Some small business owners have remarked how their small office used to be cluttered with papers, files and boxes and how the use of this rack on wheels storage unit has restored order at minimal cost. A height of 72 inches with five shelves provides an opportunity for better organization without having to spend a fortune. The 37 by 18 inch shelves see to it that minimal space is utilized by this storage option.

Customers also love that the assembly of this unit is so simple that no tools are required for the installation. Numerous users point out that they love the versatility of this storage rack because apart from office use, it also comes in handy for organizing a garage, kitchen or workshop.

6. Seville Classics 5-Tier NSF-Certified Heavy duty Wire Shelving Rack on Wheels

Seville is a hallmark of quality when it comes to commercial grade steel wire shelving units. This particular unit has a notably petite build that is ideal for additional storage in a kitchen, office or garage.Best Heavy Duty Wire Shelving Racks on Wheels

On the 72 inch height without wheels and 75 inch height with wheels sit five steel wire adjustable shelves that can handle an impressive load. The 1.5 feet deep and 2 feet wide shelves can each take on loads of up to 600 pounds when the unit is standing on leveler feet.

That is a remarkable load for a rack storage unit this petite. But the secret lies in Seville’s stellar construction of this stand. The frame work consists of stainless steel poles that have a one inch diameter. That coupled with Seville’s Triple truss solid-steel wire design, explains why this unit is so sturdy and is able to pack on weight without buckling.

The ultra zinc finish has a nice shiny and clean look that would pass for any office, restaurant, kitchen or shops that use this rack as a display unit for their merchandise.


  • Dimensions: 72 inches high by 60 wide and a depth of 18 inches
  • Has stainless steel construction for maximum load bearing ability
  • Comes with 5 adjustable shelves
  • 4000 pounds is the maximum load of this unit when standing on leveler feet and it can bear 500 pounds total when on wheels
  • Comes only with an ultra zinc finish

Customer feedback

Those using this unit in the kitchen, garage, bathroom or office have one thing in common: they all appreciate the versatile of this of the rack storage system. One can put on the wheels on the unit and wheel it around the different workstation while carrying 500 pounds. Because needs vary from one user to another, the adjustable shelves that can be adjusted at one inch increments help customize the unit to one’s liking based on the size of the items that need storage.

Hotels kitchens and banqueting departments mention that this unit is a life saver whenever they have events that need moving massive amount of cutlery from one hall to another. It just makes the job so easy due to its maneuverability through corridors.


Storage rack units are plentiful in various sizes and price tags in the market so there’s no reason why the garage, office, workshop, kitchen or bathroom should be cluttered. The above heavy duty wire shelving racks on wheels mentioned are just some of the examples that are not only practical and efficient for additional storage, but are also extremely ideal for heavy duty storage, all very easy to assemble, maneuver and come in very friendly price tags.




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