6 Best Heavy Duty Utility Carts with Wheels in 2020

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Table of Contents

Lifting 500 pounds and moving them around on the regular does require some capable assistants such as heavy duty utility carts equipped with wheels. They not only enable the easier hauling of things around the office, home, garage, restaurant or construction sites but they also offer convenient storage and organization

But How Do You Pick the Best Possible Rolling Utility Cart?

People will buy a utility cart for varied reasons but there are a few considerations to make in order to make the best possible purchase to suit your needs.

  1. Construction material

Considering your needs will help determine how heavy duty your cart purchase should be. For instance, heavy usage commercial areas such as industries, hospitals and hotels may opt for steel constructed carts because of their durability and high load capacity despite high usage. Other tough materials include polypropylene or molded polyethylene that can work for either residential or commercial use.

  1. Design

A service cart design is important because the utility cart needs to able to meet your storage and hauling needs. This can mean simple design elements such as where the push bar is located and how many shelves the cart offers. The size and mechanisms of the castors are also important to consider. They determine whether you will be able to maneuver in tight spaces.

  1. Load capacity

Since you will be using a utility cart to store and wheel things around, knowing their maximum load capacity is imperative in order to determine whether they will be suitable for your needs. Most utility carts have a maximum load capacity of up to 500 pounds but a quite a few can go over that weight.

Below, we have rounded up an extensive list of high quality rolling utility carts on wheels that can be used in a wide range of environments.

Best Heavy Duty Utility Carts with Wheels Reviews

1. Suncast Heavy Duty Plus Commercial Utility Cart

Suncast has been manufacturing innovative and stellar products for the past 25 years. For those who work in an environment that needs an extremely sturdy and heavy duty rolling work horse of a utility cart for loads of tools and spare parts that need to be within reach, you are likely to find this Suncast Commercial Utility Cart absolutely helpful for organizing and portability.

This heavy duty utility cart is designed to be tough and versatile at the same time with overall dimensions of 26 inches and a height of 42 inches. It comes with two shelves, each one with a load bearing capacity of 250 pounds.

In addition to the sturdy construction, the design allows you to make use of 6 bins that can be mounted to the cart for additional customizable organization capability to suit varied professional needs.

The bin is easy to secure in two sections of the truck. The first is at the back of the track for additional storage space and the other is at the utility rail that lines the top shelf. These bins are handy features as they help keep everything within reach and in a semblance of order so they are easy to find.

The other aspect that is hard to miss on this cart is the efficient over-engineered castors that offer a smooth, quiet and non-marring ride. This is made possible because the castor’s are coated with durable polyurethane on heavy duty steel frame which is said to make this unit 85% stronger than other leading competitors.

The castor system on this cart is also quite unique because it allows you the ability to navigate through tight spaces, sharp corners, and makes side-to-side handling effortless. The adjustable castors can be set in two different setting by the help of a convenient foot lever. One can choose to set the front wheels on ‘fixed or variable’ for straight paths where a limited range of motion is required.

But for tight spaces and sharp corners the ‘full range’ 360 degree castor allows remarkable maneuverability. The wheels on this baby role like butter even at a full 500 pound capacity load.


  • Dimensions: 26 inches wide and 42 inches high
  • 500 pound capacity load.
  • It is a two shelved unit
  • Conduit storage holes and utility side rail
  • 6 customizable bin system
  • 360° swivel adjustable rolling caster system
  • Has an ergonomic handle that adjusts to three positions for enhanced comfort
  • Features heavy duty material on the construction

The cart is well thought out and is a great assistant when at a work site. An efficient and flexible castor system means easier movement through a given work space no matter how crazy a work site might be.

Customer feedback

Mechanics, stone masons, automotive technicians, or people with a warehouse that need a spacious cart with smooth casters are just but a few examples of those who find this cart indispensable to their work.

It holds a lot of weight at 250 pounds per shelf. One user who is a mechanic complimented the ability of the cart to hold an entire diesel engine and cylinder heads turbos injectors completely loaded up and it will still roll easy when pushed. This is a perfect example of how enduring, helpful, practical and efficient an assistant this cart is. Other users mention that they love the solid build, and the thoughtful storage bins as well as the side utility rails that allow even more storage space for hand accessories and sprays. They make organizing so much easier and one is able to pack all their tools in one workstation.

2. Seville Classics Heavy-Duty NSF-Certified Commercial Utility Cart with Wheels

When it comes to racks on wheels and stainless steel carts, the Seville brand hardly needs an introduction as their product quality speaks loud and clear.Seville Classics Heavy-Duty Commercial Utility Cart with Wheels

A well-constructed cart at home, office or restaurant is often a necessity depending on your storage and need to move items with ease. The Seville Classic Heavy-Duty NSF-Certified Commercial Utility Cart with Wheels is a good option when one needs to frequently wheel a bunch of files from room to room, or dry foods and ingredients from one kitchen section to another.

This cart is sized appropriately with a smaller build such that it remains a handy wheeling assistant without becoming cumbersome.

The overall height of this cart is 33.5 inches and it comes equipped with three adjustable shelves. The shelves offer a depth of 18 inches and a 34 inch width. Given that the height of each shelf can be adjusted at 1 inch increments, one is able to customize the shelving space accordingly in order to suit their needs.

The total load bearing capacity of this unit is 500 pounds. It comes with a rounded smooth metallic push bar for your convenience. The unit is very sturdy, thanks to a stainless steel construction that sits on four wheels that are 4 inches in diameter and are able to comfortably bear the maximum weight capacity with ease.


  • Dimensions: 34 inches wide by 18 inches deep and a height of 33.5 inches
  • Weight capacity of 500 lbs
  • Comes with three shelves
  • Features a strong stainless steel construction with ultrazinc plating
  • Rubber Wheels (two locking) for smooth rolling
  • Has a tubular steel handle

This cart serves to provide additional storage when needed. Its industrial-strength steel build also offers the convenience of being able to move a load full of items from one point to another effortlessly.

Customer feedback

Users love that this cart has a slightly heavier build than competition owing to the use of denser stainless steel wire strands. The UltraZinc plating ensures that you will be using this multi-purpose cart or a long time to come as it prevents the cart from rusting and preserves its smooth metallic look. Most customers using the cart mentioned it is the perfect assistant for moving heavy files around the home, office or for transporting kitchen ingredients from one section to another in a large kitchen.

3. WEN 73002 500-Pound Capacity Heavy Duty Utility Cart

A simpler and efficient way to wheel around 500 pounds around the workplace with ease is by getting yourself a WEN 73002 500- Pound Capacity Utility Cart. This cart is made from durable and tough polypropylene material that can with stand some rough handling that may come with the job.WEN Heavy Duty Utility Cart

It has two shelves with a width of 16 inches, a depth of 4 inches and a length of 30 inches. These two shelves can each take on a load of 250 pounds each. The tough unit frame has four 5 inch diameter casters that allow the unit to carry a maximum load of 500 pounds with relative ease.

The cart has good maneuverability and the hand bar helps in that process. Just next to the hand bar are some small sunken compartments which are excellent for placing items such as screws, bolts and other small accessories when on the job


  • Dimensions: 40 inches height by 17 inches wide by 4 inches deep
  • 500 pound capacity
  • Tough and durable construction from polypropylene material
  • Comprises of 2 shelves
  • Comes with built in handles, cup holder and towel rack
  • 5″ non-marring rolling caster wheels

This cart is ideal for the workplace and is suitable for numerous departments such as gardeners, IT staff, mechanics, film makers, cleaning crews, food and beverage restaurants and so forth.

Customer feedback

The polypropylene material is tough and long lasting with an ability to with stand the frequent bumps on a wall while on the job which customers appreciate. Customers also love this cart because the castors are bigger making for easier movement even when fully loaded. These are five inch casters. Over and above the solid build, customers appreciate the thoughtfulness of a towel hanger and slot for a coffee mug or water bottle.

4. Stand Steady Original Tubstr Rolling Utility Cart/Service Cart

This Stand Steady Tubstr Utility Cart is a three tiered multi-purpose assistant and efficient an trolley or work cart that increases your efficiency by saving time and energy lost in numerous and unnecessary trips to the supply room. It can rack up supplies to a total weight of 400 pounds.Heavy Duty Utility Cart

The three shelves are spacious and deep at 32 inches long and 18 inches wide with a 2.5 inches depth. In a restaurant environment the cart can effortlessly wheel loads of cutlery and crockery from point A to B. If one has to restock shelves of a shop, restaurant, school, garage minimarket or kitchen to name a few, this cart is an excellent option. It can also be used by warehouse staff, cleaners, mechanics, and technicians owing to its spacious storage space.

This utility unit is constructed from molded Polyethylene which is remarkably tough and long lasting. It is also easy to clean, disinfect in addition to drying very quickly. The four castors are all full swivel for easier and flexible movements across all surfaces.


  • Dimensions: 35.25 inches wide by 18 inches deep and a height of 36.25 inches
  • Maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • Made from high density molded Polyethylene material that is rust, scratch, stain and dent proof
  • Has three shelves on the unit
  • 4” full swivel casters
  • Features a built in ergonomic handle on the cart for comfort and maneuverability

The unit is a perfect companion for both storage and hauling items. The deep shelves also ensure that less stable items can be moved securely.

Customer feedback

Those who use this multi-purpose service cart appreciate the three spacious shelves as they can pack on a lot of supplies that need to be moved and distributed across several rooms or buildings. Company employees that have tools or items that move across office floors find this cart helpful as it allows them to clear a whole office floor at a go without having to run for supplies in between floors.

5. Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy Duty Rolling Cart with Wheels

Other than top notch quality construction, what a worker needs in a service or utility cart is easy maneuverability and plenty of storage. This cart by Rubbermaid is built to last. Plus it is easy to handle and can negotiate tight spaces. The cart has handles on both sides so that cleaners or servers or whoever else can move in between spaces such with this cart with much ease.Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Utility Cart with Wheels

It’s conveniently 3 tiered so that there is adequate space in the deep shelves for storing cleaning agents such as tissue and sprays. While the other two shelves can pack up dirty dishes from tables and any other debris or containers such as sauces.


  • Dimensions: 15-1/8 inches wide by 19-1/8 inches long by 29 inches high
  • 300 pounds of total weight capacity with 100 pounds per shelf.
  • Features high-density structural foam construction
  • Has three shelves on the cart
  • Fitted with 4″ swivel casters
  • Comes with handles on either side of the cart

The compact design means one can work in high traffic areas with ease. The 4 inch thermoplastic rubber swivel casters are shock absorbent and non -marking therefore offering better floor surface protection. Their quiet operation makes this option an excellent one for floor surfaces such as linoleum, terrazzo, tile, carpet, smooth concrete, and even wooden surfaces.

Customer feedback

Customers who have used this product have remarked how versatile it is and speak highly of its compact build. Some users have gotten this for multi-purpose use in their residence while others find it to be an indispensable cart for serving and cleaning in restaurants. Customers also mentioned that one can add a bin and other accessories from Rubber Maid to customize the unit even further.

6. GSW Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Utility Cart with Wheels

This solid utility cart is built to last and for frequent heavy duty use. It can withstand heavy usage because it is constructed from 304 stainless steel. This makes it ideal for heavy commercial usage in environments such as industrial, medical, catering, hospitality, banqueting and offices.

With 3 shelves that have a 12 inch clearance and 5 inch diameter swivel casters that roll easy and can rotate 360°, maneuvering while holding your supplies becomes very easy and efficient. That is because you can save time and eliminate multiple trips from your daily runs.


  • Dimensions: 18 inches wide by 29-1/2 inch long by a height of 34 inches
  • 350 lbs load capacity
  • Type 304 all stainless steel construction with steel tubular frame
  • The unit comes with three shelves
  • 360° 5” easy rolling swivel casters
  • Comes with a built in handle

This anti rust and extremely durable utility cart is the perfect choice for very heavy usage environments such as hospitals and hotels.

Customer feedback

Customers who have used this cart in commercial settings like hotels and hospitals mentioned that this unit is one of the best buys one can make for a utility cart that is both multi-purpose and commercial grade quality. That is because you can expect it to last and serve for a long time to come. This cart is a worthwhile investment according to a majority of customers.

Other Rolling Utility Carts for Ordinary Use

7. Atlantic System 3 Tier Rolling Utility Cart with Wheels

This reconfigurable cart system brings a different look and feel to the utility cart. It has a delightful design if what you are looking for is something with a bit of class and functionality all wrapped up in one.

The petite build makes this option viable for kitchen displays and can also serve as stand for photos. The steel metal frame gives the cart strength while the castors are smooth for easy rolling and maneuvering.

With four wooden shelving and two cart baskets to work with, it means the cart can be configured to suit varied needs.


  • Dimensions: 12 inches high by 33 inches wide and stands at height of 46.5 inches
  • Has a steel frame construction with durable powder-coated tubular steel
  • Has three shelves on the cart
  • Comes with handles on either side of the cart
  • 4 caster wheels (2 locking)

This cart option is gorgeous and petite which is a good fit even in smaller constrained rooms. It is super easy to work with in any setting.

Customer feedback

Users mention that this cart is excellent for many reasons but what stood out from most users, is its easy assembly and it occupies minimal space while providing loads of stable storage for cooking items. All those bottled spices and cooking ingredients can be neatly arranged on this baby. The cart can then be put away in the pantry on next to a wall. When those items are needed such as when you are baking, you simply pull out the cart to access all the ingredients you need.

8. Designa 3-Tier Metal Rolling Utility Cart with Handle

If looking for a textured cart that is aesthetically pleasing for a study room, kitchen, art studio or small garage, the Designa 3-Tier Metal Rolling Utility Cart may just be what you need.

The cart has an inviting look and extremely tough build owing to its metal construction and looks great because of it white or turquoise finish. It comes with three tiers that allow you to store loads of stationary such as books, containers and artwork tools. Additional storage accessories can be mounted on this unit for even better organization but accessories have to be purchased separately. Each shelf of this unit can hold up to 20 pounds of weight.


  • Dimensions: 16 inches high by 11 inches wide and 15 inches long
  • 20 lbs per shelf for a total of 60 lbs of overall storage
  • The steel metal construction is solid and durable able to hold heavy items.
  • It comes with three shelves
  • 4 heavy duty casters, 2 are lockable
  • It features handles on each side

This is a versatile and colorful solution for storage and hauling smaller items such as small stationary supplies or kitchen supplies.

Customer feedback

User of this cart remark on how gorgeous it looks and adds to the decor and function of a study room, office or art studio. Customers love that they can get it in two color options to suit their decor. Plus, it fits in a small place beautifully without taking up too much space.

9. PD Master Residential Rolling Utility Cart with Wheels

For those who need a sturdy cart that stores tools and can be wheeled around, then this option is likely to work for you. This rolling utility cart is made from a 19- 21 gauge steel for maximum toughness and durability.

The large 3 tiered shelves are tray like with a decent depth that conveniently stores tools and equipment safely. The 4 flexible and secure wheels are smooth and easy rolling with brakes. The cart is also equipped with a push handle.


  • Dimensions: 27.6 inches long by 13.8 inches wide by 29.7 inches high
  • Constructed from 19-21 gauge steel with rust proof powder coat finish
  • Comes with 3 shelves for the cart
  • A large locking tray drawer
  • Secure wheels, two with brakes
  • It features handles on both sides of the cart

The lockable drawer allows the user to lock away sensitive tools or other items that are need safe keeping.

Customer feedback

Users who work in construction sites found this utility cart to be very valuable because of storage space in addition to being tough. Most customer also expressed that they appreciate the unit comes in several colors to work with to suit individual taste. It comes in white, orange and red.


Heavy duty utility carts with wheels have so many applications at home or workplace. The above extensive options are multi- purpose and any one in need of a high quality utility cart is sure to find one that works for their storage and portable needs.


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