10 Best Heavy Duty Office Chair Mats of 2020

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Heavy duty office chair mats are durable units that allow users to glide with their office chairs easily when standing up or sitting down. So if you’re experiencing difficulty in moving your office chair around a carpeted floor or tripping backward due to the foot of the chair getting stuck, then it’s time you considered getting yourself an office chair mat.

Another reason that you would want to get these undervalued yet important accessories is to protect the surface your flooring from spills, indentation, scratches, wear and tear from the casters and legs of your chair and even your shoes. 

But chair mats aren’t created the same and not all chair mats will work on carpeted and hard floor surfaces. And since you’re here it’s safe to assume you’re in the market for a chair mat?

Check out our quick guide below to help you choose the most suitable office chair mat 

Guide to Choosing the Heavy Duty Office Chair Mat

There are mainly four things that you should consider when buying an office chair mat. First, do you have a hard or a carpeted floor? Second is how large is your office table area? What material should you go for? And finally, how is your office furniture arranged?

By answering these questions, you will be able to acquire the right office chair mat according to your preferences and the requirements of your floor, area, and furniture. 

1. Chair Mat Thickness

Flooring terms are universal, however, the chair mat thickness and approximations vary depending on brand. With this, it is up to you to do your due diligence as a consumer to inquire and follow the product descriptions of an office chair mat. If it was specially designed for low, medium or plush pile carpeted floors, it is obvious that it will not work as well for hard floors. Moreover, office chair mats created for carpeted floors consist of studs or small “teeth” on the underside which may damage the surface of hard floors. Conversely, office chair mats designed for hard floors will not work on carpeted floors due to the presence of things like rubber backing on the underside. 

To measure the thickness of your carpet, take a paper clip and straighten it out. Simply sink the paper clip into the carpet and measure the distance between the finger and the end of the paper clip. By doing this, you can know the thickness of your mat. Be sure not to press down on the mat for you may not get accurate results. 

2. Chair Mat Size

To know which size of the office chair mat you need, simply determine the farthest points of your work space and choose the mat that covers it. Chair mats are particularly designed for your office chair and your movements. If you are to purchase a mat that would require it to be placed under other heavier office furniture, you may cause the mat to crack and that could void the warranty. There are several brands in the market like Floortex, Ilyapa, and Marvelux that offer a variety of sizes to cater to all sizing needs. 

3. Construction Material

If you’re looking to get a heavy duty mat, no doubt the type of material used to make the mat is an important consideration.

Chair mats constructed from Vinyl or PVC are generally inexpensive options great for low pile carpeted floors. They however aren’t the best options for heavy duty usage nor the most durable due to their are susceptibility to bowing, bending, and cracking.

Lots of the more superior quality and best selling heavy duty chair mats you will find in the market are made from Polycarbonate, a clear, strong and durable material that is very durable, does not discolor, smell and is fully recyclable. This material is able to resist curling, cracking and denting and is ideal for low, standard and medium carpets floors.

Another great option, a material that makes superior quality heavy duty chair that are not only limited to carpets is tempered glass. It’s lauded for its strength and endurance, and like Polycarbonate, glass is extremely strong, durable, does not bow, curl at the edges, does not discolor, smell and is very easy to clean. Chair mats constructed using tempered glass can be used on most types of flooring as well as by users with weights heavier than average.

4. Chair Mat Shape

Once you have determined your floor type, the material you want as well as the size of mat, proceed to the shape you would want your mat to be. Office chair mats come mainly in three different shapes: light bulb, lip and rectangular. The office chair mats that are rectangular with a lip are the most versatile among the shapes. They fit most of the office desk configurations, including the foot space underneath. 

Rectangular and rectangular with lip office chair mats are the most suitable with writing tables, l-shaped desks, u-work stations, as well as desks with credenza behind of the user. For work stations with complicated and irregular desk configurations, rectangular and light bulb office chair mats are the most appropriate shapes to utilize. 

With that said below we review 10 of the best and highest rated office heavy duty chair mats that we think will do a great job of easing your chair’s movements as well protecting your flooring.

Roundup Review of the Best Heavy Duty Office Chair Mats

1. DoubleCheck Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat 

Specifically designed for use on low and medium pile carpetsThe environmentally-friendly and phthalate-free DoubleCheck’s Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat is one of the most popular chair mats available. Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat Polycarbonate Crystal Clear Thick and Sturdy For Low and Medium Pile Carpets

It’s advertised to be one of the thickest chair mats available in the market with over 1/8 inch thickness and is described as having a firm and transparent surface with a super grip bottom. With these notable features, the wheels of any office chair will leave not your carpeted floor damaged. The studded underside of this mat is designed to hold it firmly on both low and medium-pile carpets without shifting.

Furthermore, the mat also consists of a lip that extends beyond the main area to serve as a protection under the desk. 

Features and Specifications

  • Premium Quality Material – the mat is made of polycarbonate which guarantees durability, toughness, high heat and electrical resistance. It prevents cracking, scratching as well as curling. The stiff characteristics of the polycarbonate plastic ensure the corners of the mat to remain adhered to the floor.
  • Highly transparent design – the transparency of the mat allows the floor carpeting to be visible. The mat does not interfere with any color or design of carpeting. 
  • Product Dimensions: 36 inches x 48 inches x 1/8 inches 


  • Ideal for medium and low pile carpets
  • Transparent material – allows the floor carpet to be visible
  • It consists of a lip that protects the floor under the desk
  • Thick, sturdy and dent-resistant material
  • The underside stays adhered to the floor which prevents corners from curling upwards
  • Toxic and phthalate-free material


  • The mat may experience some discoloration over the time of use

Customer Feedback

The customers of DoubleCheck’s Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat initially purchased the chair mat for its advertised qualities: heavy-duty, thick, sturdy and non-breakable. Some of them stated that they were able to test the product over the time of use. Conversely, the product was able to withstand curling, cracking and buckling. Moreover, it was also able to preserve the integrity pf the floor carpet due to its sturdy and smooth surface that also makes chair gliding or rolling hassle-free. Another great feature of the product that most customers liked was the fact that it is highly transparent. The mat is visible yet it camouflages well into any carpeting 

2. Marvelux Polycarbonate (PC) Rectangular Chair Mat

Maverlux’s Polycarbonate (PC) Rectangular Chair Mat is also designed for use on low, standard, and medium-pile carpets. Polycarbonate (PC) Rectangular Chair Mat for Low, Standard and Medium Pile Carpets

It is made of non-toxic, lead-free polycarbonate plastic material with a lightly-embossed surface with a studded underside. With these features, the mat is capable of allowing any office chair with casters to glide smoothly on the surface and at the same time have a good grip onto the floor.

The mat is available in different sizes to cater to different sizing requirements and needs of users including; 30 inches by 48 inches, 36 inches by 48 inches, 47 inches by 53 inches and 48 inches by 51 inches

Features and Specifications

  • A Lightly embossed, smooth, and easy-glide surface – the surface of the mat is designed to be smooth to allow office chairs to easily glide. This feature is proven to reduce cases of leg fatigue caused by effort in moving the chair. The high-impact easy-glide surface allows for an ergonomic gliding. It also has a lightly-embossed surface to prevent the office chair from slipping and skidding. 
  • Studded underside – found at the bottom of the mat or the underside – are evenly spread out studs that prevent damage to any type of carpeting caused by office chair’s casters. The studs also provide an effective grip on the floor. 
  • Highly transparent and subtle design – the mat is created to blend seamlessly into the carpeting floor surface. 


  • Heavy duty design for carpet use
  • Safe to use – the mat is non-toxic, odorless, and has zero presence of cadmium, tin as well as lead
  • Its lightly-embossed surface ensures controlled office chair movement and prevents sliding from side to side or front to back
  • It blends well into any carpet surface


  • Easily cracks if very heavy furniture is placed on top of it.

Customer Feedback

Many of its customers said they were satisfied with the dent-free surface of the mat thereby scoring high points for durability. The surface is also lightly embossed, which allows the office chair to remain in place. Finally, the highly transparent characteristic of the mat allows it to blend with the entire floor. 

3. Ilyapa Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

Backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, the Ilyapa Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors is offered with an extended, guaranteed lifetime warranty once the customer registers Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floorsonline.

The office chair mat is designed to protect floors such as hardwood, laminated tiles, concrete as well as vinyl floors. The texture of the mat allows office chairs to remain in place. Cases of slipping and scuffing are prevented because it works to maintain the quality and aesthetic design of the office chair mat. 

The Ilyapa Office Chair Mat is available in a variety of sizes and lip presence including; 30 inches x 48 inches, 30 inches x 48 inches with lip, 36 inches x 48 inches with lip and 59 inches x 47 inches

Features and Specifications

  • Pvc construction -chair mats are made using PVC material.
  • Offers invisible protection – the office chair mat owned by Ilyapa is textured to hold the casters in place and translucent to appear almost invisible. Moreover, the surface minimizes scuffs, scratches, and dirt.


  • Can be used on a wide range of floor types including hardwood and laminate.
  • Wide variety of sizes and lip area inclusion
  • Ultra-transparent – allow the floor tiling or hardwood beneath to be visible 


  • Bigger sizes of this mat are shipped rolled, which causes minor ridges

Customer Feedback

Customers of the office chair mat by Ilyapa described the product as sturdy, remains gripped or adhered to the floor. It’s said to be a great quality mat that is almost invisible, a property which is one of it’s major selling points.

4. Starcounters Heavy Duty Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors

The Europe-made ⅛-inch thick Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors by Starcounters is designed and intended for carpeted floors. Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors - Heavy Duty

The mat is made of high-quality durable polycarbonate material that is environmentally-friendly, 100% recyclable, and free from harmful toxic materials.

Features and Specifications

  • 100% Polycarbonate – the mat is made of tough, heavy-duty, and durable 100% polycarbonate plastic. It is designed to be transparent to fit any home office decor and to allow the flooring design to stand out. 
  • Pronged base with studs – the underside of the mat consists of a pronged base with studs that hold securely onto the carpet. With this, the mat remains intact, as well as slip or slide-free.
  • Product Dimensions: 36 inches x 48 inches with a lip that measures 12 inches x 8 inches x 20 inches.


  • No curved-up edges or hills that may cause the casters of office chairs to get stuck
  • The 4mm long pronged base ensures the mat remains unmoved from the carpet


  • The mat may or may not be shipped flat

Customer Feedback

The Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors by Starcounters is described by many of its customers to be heavy duty, sturdy and has a great grip on low to medium carpeting. The mat prevents any wear and tear despite the long everyday use. For the most part, customers simply characterized the mat as solid and dent-resistant. The office chair casters also move and glide smoothly onto the surface.

5. Marvelux Heavy Duty Polycarbonate (PC) Lipped Chair Mat

Marvelux’s Heavy Duty Polycarbonate (PC) Lipped Chair Mat is made of 100% pure polycarbonate suitable for light, medium and heavy duty use on low, standard, and medium-pile carpets. Heavy Duty Polycarbonate (PC) Lipped Chair Mat for Low, Standard and Medium Pile Carpets | Transparent Carpet Protector

The underside consists of premium stud material for effective gripping that allows the mat to remain firm in place. Marvelux advertises its mats to be odorless, non-toxic, with zero presence in cadmium, tin, and lead. 

The Marvelux Heavy Duty Polycarbonate (PC) Lipped Chair Mat is available in a variety of sizes to suit the needs and requirements including; 36 inches x 48 inches with lip, 47 inches x 53 inches with lip and 48 inches x 51 inches with lip

Features and Specifications

  • 100% Polycarbonate – the mat is made of polycarbonate plastic which allows the surface to be firm, dent-resistance and easy to clean. 
  • Premium studded underside – studs are present at the back of the chair mat. The studs grip the floor and carpet firmly to remain planted and unmovable. 
  • Created for ergonomic sliding – the surface of the mat is designed to be extremely smooth for easy gliding that provides ease of movement. The lack of effort exerted to slide across the mat is proven to reduce leg fatigue. 


  • Smaller-sized mats (30 inches x 48 inches and 36 inches x 48 inches) are shipped flat – no ridges, no bumps and lay entirely flat on the floor
  • The surface is made for ergonomic sliding 
  • Non-toxic, zero presence of cadmium, tin, and lead 


  • Larger-sized mats (47 inches x 53 inches, 48 inches x 51 inches and 48 inches x 60 inches) are shipped rolled – cases of inward rolling of sides may occur

Customer Feedback

Some customers of the Marvelux Heavy Duty Polycarbonate (PC) Lipped Chair Mat said the product is quite similar to a vinyl mat in terms of thickness. The great difference between the two is that this PC lipped chair mat allows for effortless of movement and gliding whereas the vinyl mat is quite rough as well as bumpy. The customers of the mat were also extremely satisfied with the product because of its dent-resistant surface despite the weight of the user and the hours of use. Even after hours of continued use, the users do not notice any visible bumps anywhere on the mat. Finally, the transparency of the mat makes it almost invisible is considered a great selling point for customers who were looking for unobtrusive-looking office chair mats. 

6. MuArts Thickest Heavy Duty Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

Advertised as ideal for hard types of flooring and Backed by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, MuArts’ Thickest Hard Floor Chair Mat boasts of great qualities for enhanced durability including the flame retardant material on the surface. Thickest Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

For people who are smoking, the mat is the most suitable type in the market. The mat is also advertised to be the thickest and heaviest mat compared to other hard floor office chair mats of the same size. 

MuArts’ Thickest Hard Floor Chair Mat is available in only one size with two different thicknesses. One is ⅛-inch thick and the other 1/16-inch thick. 

Features and Specifications

  • A PVC, flame retardant material – the mat is made of polyvinyl chloride, which is a plastic made from vinyl chloride. They are soft, flexible and phthalate-free PVC. The mat prevents cracking and curling at the edges.
  • Transparent, crystal clear design – despite the design being transparent that allows the floor to be visible, the mat and does not experience any discoloration. 


  • Heavy duty and ideal for heavy traffic areas.
  • Ideal for a wide range of hard floors
  • Phthalate-free PVC – a great type of PVC material
  • Crystal-clear mat – it was almost as if it was not there
  • It’s relatively heavy and therefore stays put


  • Not suitable for use on carpeted floors at all.

Customer Feedback

Most of the customers of the MuArts Thickest Hard Floor Chair Mat said the mat works on top of laminate, hardwood, vinyl and ceramic flooring just fine and remains unmovable. It really is heavy duty and sturdy plus its crystal clear nature does not interfere with the look of your flooring one bit. For the most part, customers highly recommend this chair mat because they are able to get the most out of it. It’s therefore one of the highest rated online by hundreds of customers.

7. Fezibo Chair Mat for Carpet Floors with Lip

Fezibo’s Chair Mat for Carpet Floors with Lip is most suitable for low pile carpets up to ⅜ inches. With studs of 0.6 cm, the mat is designed to hitch up these types of carpets easily and Chair Mat for Carpet Floors with Lip remain in place despite the movement of the casters on it.

The 1/8” thickness plus superior material construction of this mat gives it the endurance to ensure it provides a firm, stiff, and steady surface area that doesn’t bulge or curve inwards when weights are applied on it.

The manufacturer is however quick to caution users that definition of their “stay put” depends on the weave structure of the carpet. Otherwise, the studs on the underside of the mat firmly holds in place. 

Features and Specifications

  • Superior quality construction – the material used to make the mat is BPA-free, 100% odorless Polycarbonate, as well as phthalate, PVC, and volatile toxin-free.
  • Underside grip: the underside of this mat is equipped with studs that sink entirely on the  carpet to hold the mat firmly in place to prevent any unnecessary shifting.
  • Product Dimensions: 48 inches x 36 inches x ⅛ inches thick 


  • Added lip section provides protection under the desk.
  • The mat is shipped flat for instant use by customers. No need to wait for it to lay flat. 
  • The 0.6 cm studs on the underside firmly hold to low pile carpet


  • The mat is designed to work on low pile carpets only. When used on medium or high carpets, the benefits of it firmly holding its place may depend on the user’s movements

Customer Feedback

The transparency of Fezibo’s Chair Mat for Carpet Floors with Lip is said to be unobtrusive and almost invisible. Regardless of the color of the carpet, the mat remains unnoticed. Arguably, one of the best aspects of the mat according to some of the customers is that it remains unrolled when shipped. With this, customers were able to use it straight out of the box. The quality is also maintained as there was no need to unroll the mat in a different direction to lay it flat on the carpet. Many of the customers commended the manufacturer for advertising the mat just how it works, semi-transparent, semi-rigid with studs that hold its place for low pile carpets only. Finally, the customers find the size of the mat suitable and the surface smooth enough not to make the casters slip without much effort exerted. 

8. Mushyn Office Chair Mat with Anti Fatigue Cushioned Foam

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the 2-in-1 ergonomic Sit-standing Mat and Office Chair Mat with Anti-fatigue Cushioned Foam by Mushyn is a CA Prop 65 compliant because of the Best Heavy Duty Office Chair Mats and anti fatigue matabsence of phthalate and heavy metals in the materials used.

The mat is suitable for hard surfaces like hardwood, tile, laminate, concrete, and vinyl floors. In addition to that, the mat holds well to a low pile carpet with up to ⅕ inch thickness.

Mushyn Office Chair Mat is perfect for those who have standing-desk converters at home or at work. 

Features and Specifications

  • Durable surface – the surface of the mat is made of high-impact PVC with a thickness of approximately 0.08 inches. It’s claimed to be scratch and tear resistant and remains unaffected by wear.
  • Anti-fatigue footrest – the office chair mat comprises an area meant to release the stress of the lower body, especially the feet and the legs. Simply put, the mat also doubles as an anti-fatigue cushioned foam. 
  • Product Dimensions: 48 inches x 36 inches 


  • The mat doubles as an anti-fatigue mat to promote ergonomic movements
  • Ideal for multiple floor types
  • Said to be usable even with heels
  • Thin edges for easy rolling
  • Eco-friendly mat – approved by CA Prop 65 


  • The product is being shipped rolled. To which may require customers to unroll the product once pulled out of the box. There is no guarantee that it will lay flat immediately. 
  • Available in only one color: black which may interfere with the overall look of your flooring

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Office Chair Mat with Anti-fatigue Cushioned Foam by Mushyn said they loved the fact that the product doubles as an anti-fatigue mat. It gave them three benefits: ease of gliding when sitting down on the office chair, comfort in standing up or sitting down while working. Despite the thickness of this Office Chair Mat having cushioned foam, some of the customers said it does not make it difficult for chairs with caster wheels to roll over it. This is due to the thin ridges of the mat that allow casters to freely slide on top.

Finally, customers also loved the fact that the mat works on vinyl floors and at the same time any low pile carpeted floors. The flexibility and versatility of the mat are the reasons why it is bought by customers with varied purposes.   

9. Lesonic Office Chair Mat for Hardwood and Tile Floor 

The multi-purpose Lesonic’s Office Chair Mat is designed for hard floor surfaces such as hardwood, laminate and Tile and is made for varied home and office use. First and foremost, it serves Office Chair Mat for Hardwood and Tile Floor with Lipas an office chair mat to allow casters to glide easily and smoothly on top of hardwood preventing scratches. It can also be used for plants, ornaments, other crafts, dog crates, and even on top of tables and desks.

The Lesonic Office Chair mat is available in three different colors: black, brown and white. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a full 60 days upon purchase money-back guarantee. Aside from that, another 12-month product warranty is given to customers after 60 days have passed.

Features and Specifications

  • Made of 100% recyclable materials – the mat is made of 100% pure polyethylene and EVA. It is odorless, non-toxic, PVC-free, as well as BPA and phthalate-free. These materials also enhance the endurance of this mat to make it long lasting due to a myriad of resistant features including resistance to cracking, bending, breaking, scratching and discoloration.
  • Anti skid underside backing – grippers on the underside of this mat keep it firmly in place while in use and prevents unnecessary shifting.
  • Product Dimensions: 47 inches x 35 inches


  • At under -30 °C to +120 °C you can comfortably use this mat on underfloor heating.
  • Made of 100% recyclable materials for environment-conscious customers
  • Ideal for a variety of floor types
  • Extra lip section for under the desk protection


  • Not suitable for piled carpets and half rugs
  • Available in black, brown and white, colors which may interfere with the general look of your flooring.

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Lesonic Office Chair mat commended the mat for staying true to its advertisements. According to many, the mat is indeed odorless when pulled straight out of the box. Since the mat was shipped rolled, others were able to unroll it within the day it was unboxed, while some had to wait for over 2 days for the mat to lay entirely flat on the floor. Overall, the product was described to work well with office chairs. 

10. Floortex Cleartex UltiMat Polycarbonate Chair Mat

Floortex’s Cleartex UltiMat Polycarbonate Chair Mat is advertised by the manufacturer to be made of polycarbonate and built to last with extra smooth gliding of caster wheels. The Floortex Cleartex UltiMat Polycarbonate Chair Mat for Low/Medium Pile Carpetsgripper on the underside of the mat allows stability on low to medium pile carpets.

The mat is certified by Greengard to meet standards of low to zero chemical emissions. 

Floortex Cleartex UltiMat Polycarbonate Chair Mat is suggested for use on low and medium pile carpets only and is available in three sizes: 35 inches x 47 inches, 48 inches x 53 inches, and 48 inches x 60 inches

Features and Specifications

  • Tough material – the mat is made of the toughest form of polycarbonate and 100% recyclable material. The sturdy surface allows casters to roll over easily. 
  • Gripper underside: this mat is designed with an anti skid backing to make sure it stays in place when placed on low to medium-sized carpets.
  • Transparent: this chair mat is completely transparent and low-key


  • Materials used like 100% polycarbonate allow the mat to resist high impact and heavyduty
  • The product is shipped flat – does not require any unrolling and functions immediately out of the box
  • Lip portion that extends under the office desk.


  • May crack if heavy furniture is placed on it

Customer Feedback

Floortex’s Cleartex UltiMat Polycarbonate Chair Mat is said to be one of those mats that are invisible and inconspicuous. With its rigid and sturdy surface, the mat was able to endure varied weights of the users while also resisting any dents posed by the casters and other falling objects. Overall, this chair mat is customer approved for durability and strong build

Quick FAQs for Office Chair Mats

  • What are chair mats made of?

Chair mats are manufactured using various materials with the best being polycarbonate and  tempered glass. Other materials include Vinyl or PVC, wood and foam.

  • What is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is the toughest and most durable chair mat material available and is 100% recyclable. It does not curl, crack, dimple, discolor or even smell. 

  • What is phthalate-free PVC?

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is an affordable, relatively long-lasting floor protection material. While most office chair mats advertise their products to be phthalate-free, PVC materials are still toxic. They are not considered green products as they may still contain harmful chemicals. Phthalates can be absorbed by the skin or inhaled. 

  • What is the difference between the plastics polycarbonate and PVC?

PVC and Polycarbonate are thermoplastics used to make plenty of plastic-based products in the market. From plastic bags, toys, and floor mats. The main difference between the two is that PVC is composed of a chloride group whereas Polycarbonate is composed of a carbonate group

  • What does a chair mat do?

To make things short and sweet, here are the main benefits you will get from using an office chair mat in your home office or at work.

  • Prevents the hard floors from being scuffed or scratched.
  • It allows the user to push back and pull closer to the desk easier and smoother.
  • Prevents caster wheels from snagging the fibers of carpeting. 
  • Promotes an ergonomic movement of feet and legs.
  • What can I use a chair mat for?

Chair mats are not only designed to be placed under chairs, but they also can be used on surfaces you wish to protect. Office chair mats also work underneath gym equipment, pet food bowls, baby high chairs and any home or office furniture. Other mats can also be placed on top of a table to prevent scratches.

  •  Can I cut my chair mat to the size and shape I want it to?

Office chair mats are recommended not to be altered in any way. Any alterations to the chair mat will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. However, it is possible that the chair mats to be cut. Provided that you have suitable tools to do this. 

  • How do I clean my chair mat?

Easy and quick! Office chair mats can be cleaned by wiping them with warm soapy water. Once wiped drying or towel drying should be done. It is suggested that you avoid using strong detergents as some of these can contain harsh, abrasive chemicals that may damage the product. It is also suggested that the underside of the chair mat be cleaned, to prevent it from attaching to the flooring.

  • Can office chair mats be suitable for underfloor heating?

If you have underfloor heating at home or in the office, a polycarbonate office chair mat remains the most suitable for you.

  • Why do some chair mats have a lip?

Some office chair mats have lip area extensions. They should be positioned facing the table so it sits under the desk. The lip serves as a protection of the flooring when the chair is tucked under the desk. 

Conclusion on This Review of the Best Heavy Duty Office Chair Mats

Heavy duty office chair mats remain a great investment because they protect your carpeted or wood flooring. Rolling casters can snag and tear apart the fibers of the carpet, especially if they are a medium or plush type of carpeting. Conversely, casters can also scratch and scuff hard flooring surfaces.

Aside from that, office chair mats also protect any type of flooring from liquid spills. They are easy to clean which requires only a simple wipe or running water.

Productivity in the office is also increased with the use of office chair mats. The average worker is said to move their chair over a hundred times a day. Whether they are standing up from the chair or simply moving around to reach for something. With chair mats present underneath office chairs, mobility is improved and unnecessary strains of the back and legs are reduced. 

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a heavy duty office chair mat, though all the options reviewed above are great choices, we would recommend going for glass and polycarbonate types if possible. Not only are these two materials free of harmful toxins, but they are also generally the best in terms of durability because of their stiffness and myriad of anti-features. Besides, they are smooth and don’t curve or bulge easily which means they are better when it comes to ease of use.

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