Best Hanging Over Door Mirrors with Storage for Jewelry in 2021

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Table of Contents

There are many styles and designs when it comes to jewelry armoiries. There is no saying which is best for an individual as all that is dependent on space, budget, decor and user needs, tastes and preferences. For instance, there are armoire chest boxes, Full length mirrored free standing jewelry armoires that offer practical storage solution for those with loads of jewelry and the space. They’re also fancy and suitable for their practical decor and general style and set up. But perhaps another option that most people will find very suitable to pretty much any home or room is an over door mirror with storage for jewelry.

They also come with a beautifully framed full length mirror which is a real and practical need. But not just that, the mirror frame opens up to reveal a thoughtfully organized and pelted interior for jewelry storage. These types of armoiries often have the capacity to hold a ton of jewelry and other fashion items as well.

Ladies now know that getting mirrors with storage for jewelry is a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want one of these? They are well prized considering the value they provide both in adding aesthetics to a room as well as accommodating, organizing and preserving jewelry.

Even better however, is that these types of solutions are ideal for even the smallest of rooms seeing as they are conveniently mounted on the wall or door and therefore don’t take any floor space.

Well, if you’re in the market for a jewelry armoire organizer to hang over your door or mount on the wall, then this post is especially for you. We have rounded up some of the very best and most practical Hanging Over Door Mirrors with Storage for Jewelry you can ever hope to find.

Best Over Door Mirrors with Storage for Jewelry That Will Give You Your Money’s Worth

  1. Songmics 6 LEDs Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Mirror

For an affordable price point, this Songmics mirror cabinet is a good buy and value for money for several reasons. It comes with an MDF framed high quality mirror and the frame is so well crafted, offering a clean finish that accentuates the decor of the room.

The spray painted exterior has a nice look and more importantly is easy to clean in order to preserve its sheen and unblemished look. When one opens the door which holds the mirror, the cabinet reveals a neat pelted interior with a practical storage configuration designating adequate space, for earrings, rings, bangles and necklaces.

A nice touch is the LED battery powered interior lighting that pours out to the user as soon as they open the cabinet. It adds to beautiful illumination when using the unit and also helps the user to see the contents of the armoire better.


  • Can be locked
  • LED lighted
  • Item dimensions: 47.3 inches high by 14.5 inches wide and a depth of 3.9 inches
  • Constructed from medium density fiber and quality spray paint
  • Velvet interior pelt
  • Cushion ring
  • Long bracelet rod
  • 5 shelves
  • 2 bottom drawers
  • 90 earring slots
  • 32 necklace hooks
  • 48 stud earrings holes
  • 43 inch quality glass mirror
  • Available in three colors namely; gray, white and brown

With this 47 inches long jewelry armoire that does not take up space and can conveniently hang over a door or be attached to a wall, there is no reason any lady should not enjoy the comfort of organized living. Installing is very easy since the unit comes with two hanging hooks and a pack of accessories as well as easy to follow Instructions.

Customer feedback

Customer who bought this item have mentioned how convenient and easy the installation is. The hooks have three adjustable positions so that a customer can attach the cabinet to their preferred height should they opt to hang it over a door. Customers who are concerned about spacing in cramped living quarters love the fact the unit does not hog space. It hugs the door or wall and only protrude 3.9-4 inches from it.

Most customers were surprised by the sheer amount of jewelry it can hold. The five shelves can be customized to one’s desire in terms of what needs to be stored there. Apart from ivory white, one can choose from gray and brown to better match their interior color schemes.

2. Aoou Locking Door Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Organizer Cabinet

Adding Aoou frameless full length mirror armoire to one’s bedroom set up is a fantastic practical storage solution that does not infringe on space yet adds to the decor.

The frameless mirror is huge at 47.2 inches high and 14.6 inches wide allowing the user to see their full length and examine outfits and jewelry combinations with ease. The construction is solid as the material used for the body is top 1 environmentally friendly P2 wood. The unit is spray painted therefore the user does not have to worry about flaked or fading paint. It also makes for easy cleaning of the exterior.


  • Item dimensions: 47.2 inches high by 14.6 inches wide with a 4 inches depth
  • Full length frameless mirror
  • Automatic LED lights
  • Lockable
  • Magnetic door mechanism
  • Bio degradable interior pelt
  • Wall mount or door hang
  • 108 earring slots
  • 78 ring slots
  • 36 necklace and bracelet hooks
  • Hanging rod
  • 1 Zipped transparent pocket
  • 3 compartments for cosmetics and makeup,
  • 2 drawers

This unit offers fantastic storage that is enough to accommodate a large amount of jewelry in addition to other additional beauty products such as makeup, perfumes, scarves, moisturizers and sunglasses.

Customer feedback

The frameless design makes the mirror bigger for an even better view of oneself. Other than tons of storage space, customers love the soft touches that make the unit eco-friendly like the bio-degradable interior pelt. The plugged in LED lights come on automatically as soon as the user opens the door. Depending on the user’s preference, by a simple touch control, the LED can switch to amber, white or warm light. Talk about ambiance!

  1. Langria 10 LEDs Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire with Full-Length Mirror

Moisture is one of the culprits that can spell doom to a wall or door as it causes the construction material to deteriorate over time. With this Langria jewelry armoire, that is the least of the user’s worry. That is because the spray painted finish keeps any moisture from penetrating into the MDF that has been used in the construction.

Also the spray paint finish means that the unit is easy to wipe clean every so often as one cleans the mirror. The full length mirror is frameless giving it a fluid and seamless face. When one opens the door, which is basically the mirror, the user is met with a plush pelted interior with plenty of organized jewelry storage. The adequate shelving provided ensures that any beauty products can be stored as well. This includes items such as moisturizers, sunscreen sun glasses and all manner of makeup right next to the jewelry.


  • Auto LED lights in the interior
  • Lockable with keys
  • 5 inches wide by 46 inches high and 4.3 inches deep
  • 90 earring slots
  • 48 earring holes
  • 48 ring slots
  • 1 bracelet rod
  • 22 necklace hooks,
  • 5 pouches for makeup brushes
  • 3 shelves for skin care products
  • Wall-door mount
  • Color selection in brown or white

As one can see, the wall-door Langria jewelry armoire is more than just storage. It is also an interior decor piece that is multipurpose. Forget disorganized cluttered spaces, getting such a jewelry armoire will guarantee that you can stay effortlessly organized without breaking a sweat.

Customer feedback

With this jewelry armoire, it is refreshing for customers to watch all the beauty products and jewelry cluttering their drawers and around the room simply disappear into an organized space that looks amazing on a wall or door. One customer remarked that she has been told that jewelry armoires are fantastic for storage, but until she got this one, she says she just did not know how fantastic it truly is to have one as they are so practical and beautiful all at the same time

  1. Nicetree Wall/Door Mounted 8 LED Mirror Jewelry Cabinet with Full Screen Mirror

The idea of a full length frameless mirror is a splendid design element. Whether the Nicetree armoire cabinet organizer is hang in a wall or a door, the frameless effect is very agreeable from a decorative perspective. It also provides a great full view of the user during and after dressing up.

The body construction on the cabinet uses MDF which is both hard and durable. The craftsmanship is excellent providing a neat finish both on the exterior and interior. When the door for the cabinet opens, one is met with the welcoming light from LED battery powered lights. The lights provide an aesthetic function but also help to see the contents of the chest more clearly.


  • LED lights fitted
  • With lock and key
  • Item Dimensions: 42.52 inches high by 14.56 inches wide and 3.7 inches deep.
  • Two bottom drawers are ideal for holding brooches and sensitive items
  • Velvet pelt on the interior
  • Gorgeous frameless mirror design
  • 108 earring slots
  • 36 earring holes
  • 78 Ring Grooves
  • 2 bracelet rods
  • 4 shelves
  • 3 make up tool cups for makeup brushes
  • Easy set up
  • Available in white and brown

The four shelves are placed at varying heights. This ensures that products with different heights can easily find a slot that fits. The shelves afford a lot of additional storage for beauty products such as makeup and skin care products.

Customer feedback

The frameless design is unique and offers an excellent full length view to see how one looks like with an outfit and selected jewelry on. Customers love the playful touch brought by the LED lights and the fact that the unit comes with hanging equipment.

The neat arrangement of jewelry storage space as well as the numerous shelves means a user can easily customize the storage configuration to suit their own style. Customers appreciate the locking features which means their precious jewelry can be kept safe from the kids.

  1. Luxfurni Mirror Door-Hanging Jewelry Armoire with LEDs

The full length mirror in this Luxfurni jewelry storage unit is framed with an MDF mold which adds to its decorative element. This frame provides a unique and clean neat finish that adds to the decor of a room. Despite the impressive storage capacity, the slim designed unit is constructed to hug the wall or door protruding only by 3.6 inches. Therefore it does not become nor does it seem obtrusive, but stylish and practical.


  • Item dimensions: 2 inches high by 14.1 inches wide and 3.6 inches deep
  • Full length framed mirror
  • Lockable
  • MDF construction
  • Slim design
  • LED lights
  • Acrylic transparent storage drawer
  • 130 earring slots
  • 24 hooks for necklaces
  • 12 hooks for bracelets
  • 4 storage shelves
  • Pelted interior
  • Available in brown and white

Although designed to be slim, it is surprising that this armoire can take in an impressive amount of jewelry. Design elements that support portability like the removable portable make up pouch and the removable Stain-Free acrylic Cosmetic Organizer makes this option stand out. These detachable elements can be placed on top of a dresser or elsewhere in the room.

Customer feedback

The slim fit was especially appealing to customers who want the unit hugging the wall or doors as close as possible. Customers also appreciate the unique design aspect of detachable parts such the removable cosmetic bag as well as the acrylic cosmetic holder.

Considering that the Stain-Free acrylic Cosmetic Organizer can hold up to 14 lipsticks and 7 nail polish or more small items, it made sense to place it on top of a dresser due to the frequency of use for a majority of customers.

  1. TomCare Mirrored Door Mounted Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Armoire

When looking for a wall-door jewelry armoire an ideal unit for chunky necklaces, this TomCare cabinet will provide the user with just that. Often, the hanging door- wall armoire can be misrepresented so people think it means minimal storage space. But if one can take the time to examine the features such as the depth and storage configuration, they will be pleasantly surprised to find that this design can offer some impressive storage.

This option is unique in terms of storage capacity because of its depth of 4.75 inches as well as the organized storage set up which is deeper than most jewelry cabinets offer. This means that this cabinet is one of those better suited to fit chunky jewelry that may not work so well with the other jewelry cabinet models.


  • Item dimensions: 47.24 inches height by 15.75 wide and 4.75 inches deep
  • Massive frameless mirror at 47 inches high by 15.5 inches wide
  • Lockable
  • 1 bracelet rod
  • 2 bottom drawers
  • 6 ring storage compartments
  • 3 makeup tool cups
  • 4 shelves
  • 24 necklace hooks
  • 60 earring slots
  • 75 stud earring holes
  • Available in vintage and ivory color

All these design features combine to provide an enormous amount of jewelry storage. The four shelves with differing height also serve to efficiently accommodate other items such as watches, skin care products, cosmetics, scarves, sunglasses and so forth.

Customer feedback

This sturdy large size frameless mirror is hard to miss and it adds a gorgeous look to a space according to many customers. They also love the ability of the pelted interior and thoughtful storage configuration to swallow up so much jewelry and beauty products while remaining organized efficiently.

  1. Songmics Lockable Door/Wall Mounted LED Jewelry Cabinet Armoire Organizer

If you are looking for a door/wall with more storage, then count yourself lucky to have this Songmics option. That is because this cabinet not only has a beautiful framed mirror with a  patterned top that adds to the aesthetics of a space, but also has a far bigger storage capacity than most similar sized options. The exterior construction is spray painted high quality MDF that keep off moisture and presents a neat easy to clean finish.


  • Item dimensions: 47.3 inches height by 14.4 inches wide and a depth of 9 inches
  • Full length framed mirror measures 43.9′ inches high by 10.9 inches
  • 80 earrings
  • 60 rings,
  • 24 necklaces,
  • 6 drawers
  • LED lights
  • Lockable
  • Interior has soft velvet pelt
  • Available in white

A height of 47.3 inches and a depth almost 5 inches ensures plenty of storage even for the chunkier pieces. The 6 drawers are fairly deep and multipurpose. Provided shelves are multipurpose as well and help the user in customizing the storage to their preference

Customer feedback

Customers who need a large capacity door-wall jewelry armoire found this option to work for them thanks to the extra space that the 4.9 inches depth brings. Users found the configuration to be very helpful in effortlessly staying organized, even with a heap of jewelry. The LED lights gave the interior a wonderful depth of aesthetic as well.

  1. Gissar Over The Door Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Storage Organizer

The finish and craftsmanship on the Gissar jewelry cabinet storage unit is impeccable. Right from the MDF framing of the mirror to the exquisite velvet pelted interior. The storage configuration is neat and thoughtful, with shelving that allows the user to customize storage to their liking.


  • Item dimensions: 14.57 inches wide by 24 inches high  and 3.94 inches deep
  • Full length framed mirror
  • Fully locking
  • 4 metal rings on both side for your scarf and ties.
  • 1 clear zipper pocket
  • 4 multipurpose shelves
  • Easy install
  • Available in brown and white

The upper part of the mirror is magnetic in case one would like to attach a quote or picture using a magnet so no sticker marks to fear.

Customer feedback

To begin with, this piece adds beauty to a room just by having an impeccable finish. Second, customers love the nice touch of 3-grid clear compartments for storing makeup stuff like the cosmetic brush, mascara and so on. The depth of the cabinet is slim and blends in very well with wall or door when hanged. Customers enjoyed the installation process which is easy and one can do it alone.

  1. Giantex Wall/Door Mounted Rustic Full Length Mirrored Storage Jewelry Organizer

The Giantex jewelry organizer is yet another solid door/wall jewelry storage unit. This unit’s inclusion to a room adds rustic charm and character. But more importantly, it will provide a storage solution for all the jewelry one has. The construction materials include natural wood with a neat framed patterned top mirror that looks great on a wall or a door.


  • Item dimensions: 14 inches wide by 3.5 inches deep and 38 inches high
  • Natural wood
  • Rustic look
  • 16 brush holders
  • 70 earring slots
  • 18 necklace hooks
  • 60 ring slots
  • 65 earring holes
  • 3 lined shelves accessory storage
  • Easy install

Such a smooth look yet rustic finish can only be achieved by natural wood that also brings out a traditional feel.

What customers love

Customers who are not concerned by capacity but are focused more on a rustic aesthetic finish will definitely love this armoire. It provides storage for jewelry while delivering a good dose of understated rustic charm in a space. Most customers agree that this piece is the epitome of traditional elegance because it is almost demure in nature.

  1. Risar Door Mounted Lockable Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Full Length Dressing Mirror

The beauty of the Risar jewelry armoire is in the color among other things. It’s dark and beautiful. When looking for an armoire to match a darker decor this color is a sure winner. The MDF construction is sturdy and the dark color is spray painted, offering good protection from moisture and abrasion while remaining easy to clean.


  • Item dimensions: 14.56 inches wide by 3.34 inches deep and x 47.24 inches
  • Slim design
  • Fully lockable
  • Spray painted finish
  • 1 bracelet rod
  • 1 large ring cushion,
  • 2 bottom drawers
  • 4 shelves
  • 48 stud earring holes
  • 22 necklace hooks
  • 90 earring slots
  • Available in brown and white

While the design is slim and unobtrusive it still provides adequate storage for both jewelry and accessories. This is definitely not an overwhelming piece but it offers excellent contrasts especially in a light and bright environment.

Customer feedback

Other than the splendid framed mirror finish, plenty of jewelry storage and slim fit, the darker hue has proven to be a hit with customers who are particularly looking for a dark walnut. This sort of look can be used as a centerpiece piece to complement another already existing color scheme in a room. You can’t go wrong with this.


Dressing up and looking one’s best comes almost naturally for most people especially women. And true to form, in the course of time, a woman can have accumulated a heap of jewelry and clothing. Although fashion is often fleeting, it is also true in fashion that we tend to recycle trends.

While clothing can be easily organized with the help of a closet or garment racks, accumulated jewelry can also be easily managed with the help of such units as an over door mirror with storage for jewelry. While stashing jewelry in a drawer may work for a time, it will not always work as you naturally acquire more pieces with the ever emerging trends.

And let’s be honest, in time even what had seemingly run out of style often enjoys a resurgence down the line. Isn’t it refreshing if one can easily find those original older jewelry pieces that carry so much character and often come back in fashion stores as retro. Such a  jewelry armoire ensures that one can preserve both old and new jewelry in a practical and organised fashion without overthinking anything.

Stay stylish and organized by getting a high quality over door full length mirror jewelry armoire. All the above options come with hanging hooks and hanging accessories and clear concise hanging instructions. Installing any of them will be easy and quick.


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