Top 10 Best Girls’ Daybed Bedding Sets of 2021

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Girls can be picky. But then when there’s a multitude of pastel colors, lush lilacs, sweet baby yellows to blush pinks and a myriad of other soothing and lively colors to choose from, it can be hard to decide what color they or you want for them. But what most of them have in common is they love colors and style.

The daybed bedding sets reviewed in this post are certainly not lacking in color and style. While the girly daybed bedding sets that made it to this product review address a broad range of styles and pattern that a girl will love, there are also plenty of options that will work for both girls and boys as well.

Daybeds will often be found in homes and in various areas such as the living room, library and bedrooms. But it is not uncommon to find them in offices. This post provides excellent daybed bedding sets that help you dress your day bed to perfection and preference.

Before we check our top picks of daybed bedding sets for girls, let’s take a quick glance at some of the things to consider when getting a daybed spread set.

1. Fabric;

Type of fabric used to create a bedding set has a bearing on the unit’s longevity, comfort, and aesthetics. Some of the best fabrics for daybed bedding sets are;

  • Polyester
  • Microfiber
  • Cotton

All these three material are incredibly resilient. If you fancy a glossy silk like finish to your bedding set, then microfiber will achieve that for you. The shell of a coverlet can be 100% cotton, 100% microfiber, 100% polyester or a combination of polyester and cotton in varying ratios. A common fabric combination is 10% cotton with 90% polyester or vice versa. These materials are known for their breathability, moisture absorption and wicking features.

2. Filling

You will notice that some bedding sets are quilted and have a moderate fill for additional comfort and warmth. Others are light with barely any fill in them. Generally speaking, bedding with fill tends to be warmer than those without. The climate in your area may determine your choice.

3. Colors and prints

Colors and patterns often boil down to a question of preference and your existing décor. Plain rooms can use a bit of cheer and floral patterns do a great job of infusing a cheerful vibe to such decors. If your wall paper is very flowery, then it may make better sense to opt for a more solid color bedding set.

4. Finishing

The overall craftsmanship of a bedding set needs to be neat and complementing to other features in your space. With a good finish, choice color and pattern, that usually takes care of itself. Quilted finishes ensure the fill stays in place avoiding sore looking lumps that take away from a sleek look. Textured surfaces also offer a muted elegance.

Well stitched edges are very important because fraying and normal wear and tear usually starts from the edges. Piped edges are most preferred as they are more resilient and offer very neat and tough edging that last longer.

With these few pointers in mind, let’s jump right in and review some awesome daybed bedding set options that are sure to look great on your girl’s daybed.

Best Daybed Bedding Sets for Girls

1. Fancy Collection 5 Piece Daybed Quilted Coverlet Daybed Set

Most interior designers and everyday moms looking to make a room feel new and fresh will more than likely find this Fancy Collection Quilted Coverlet Daybed Set suitable for that purpose. In the event that you kids have grown up some and you have upgraded to a daybed, this bed set cover is a sure thing in sprucing up their room(s) with a neat fresh look that they will love.Fancy Collection 5 Piece Daybed Quilted Coverlet Daybed Set

The material is soft and patterned with beautiful art and craft shapes as well as splashed with an orderly selection of vibrant and endearing colors that brighten the room with a relaxed joyful feel. While the advertised picture shows a floral turquoise navy blue option that is absolutely gorgeous, this unit comes in a myriad of color combination and patterns such as geometric black/ white and gray teal arabesque to name a few.

Such that even if you or your kids have different tastes, everyone can be accommodated with gorgeous patterns and color options to choose from while enjoying the same high quality that the Fancy Collection has to offer.

Day beds are not the easiest to dress especially when they are among the first furniture pieces you see when you walk into a room. But with such a gorgeous bedspread, that quickly ceases to be an issue. This set will complete your day bed with a colorful and stylish look.

It comes as a bed cover and is accompanied by a bed skirt which makes the dressing of your bed even more aesthetically appealing.

The pillows and shams do an excellent job of providing comfort and contrast for a great decorative look that makes the daybed pop. The coverlet is not limited to day beds but will also work with the conventional twin size beds.


  • Bed cover dimension 39″W x 75″ L
  • Bed skirt 39″x75″
  • Set includes 3 piece pillowcases each is 20” x 26″
  • Soft material that is easy to care for
  • Machine wash friendly
  • Comes in a plethora of patterns and colors such as; Turquoise navy blue floral/ geometric black, white/ gray teal arabesque/ beige blue floral/ beige burgundy taupe floral, black white grey modern square plaid/ blue medallion/ off white pink floral and so much more

This set has great quality and will have your girls squealing with joy at how awesome their day bed looks. With the array of different color designs and patterns available, boys too will find something that works for them.

Customer feedback

If you have teenagers who have daybeds, picking out a bedding set can be a grave challenge since they may both have different tastes. Customers loved this unit because it works so well for kids who have differing tastes. The design and range of colors combination and patterns will allow you to add some contrasting pillows and wall art that will accent the bed and room in an exquisite way that makes the room pop with a lively feel.

Customers mentioned that this daybed ensemble looks far more expensive than one would expect for the price! It drapes nicely over the day bed for a neat decorative look. Some got it as the perfect gift to friends with day beds or for their own use.

2. Intelligent Design Raina Metallic Printed Reversible  6 Piece Bedspread Bedding Set

Most girls love pink almost by default. So if your girl’s room has been furnished with a daybed and other accents that complement a girly feel decor, then the Intelligent Design Raina 6 Piece Bedding Set would make an excellent addition to the mix.Intelligent Design Raina Metallic Printed Reversible  6 Piece Bedspread Bedding Set

The fabric is refreshingly soft and durable with a beautiful design.

The bedspread is made from 100% brushed polyester material that delivers plush comfort. It has a subtle puffy feel that’s made possible from fill which is 90% cotton and 10% polyester. This sort of feel gives the spread a comfy fluffy feel that’s great for keeping warm as well as breathable enough to sleep cool in warmer seasons. The fluffy look also adds to the aesthetic and inviting look.

The coverlet has beautiful pink colors your daughter(s)  or even a young woman will delight in. The pink is then decorated with stripes and octagonal shapes that are in gold presenting a stunning look that adds some pop into the décor. The three shams share the same matching fabric and pattern for a uniform look.

An additional throw pillow is added for contrast and decoration with its white base and flowered patterns.

The base of the spread is then decorated with a darker shade of plain pink bed skirt that not only adds to the contrast but give the bedspread a neat and flowing drapery look.

The combination of pink, gold and white augurs well with other decorative accents in your girl’s room such as curtains and wall paper.


  • Daybed cover dimension 39″W x 75″ L
  • Bed skirt 39″x75″
  • Set includes 3 piece shams each measuring 20” x 26″ and 1 decorative pillow
  • Soft polyester material that has low maintenance
  • The set is Machine wash friendly
  • Comes in pink with gold stripes and gold octagon patterns

This bed set is low maintenance as pillows can be spot cleaned while the coverlet holds up well to machine washing with cold water. To fluff up the bedspread, tumble dry on low heat for 15-20 minutes for that cushy and soft feel. The bedspread dries fairly quickly too because of the breathable and light cotton and polyester fill.

Customer feedback

Customer who bought this set mentioned they liked how the three matching shams echo the design seen on top of the bed and the blend with solid blush bed skirt brings the entire ensemble together rather nicely.  They also loved that the daybed cover is not overly thick making it a usable both in cold weather as well as warm seasons. The craftsmanship is said to be very good, presenting a neat aesthetic look for a girl’s room.

3. Mizone Carly Daybed Set

Daybeds are a splendid idea because of their space saving ability and their multi-functional purposes. Given that they operate as a comfy lounge chair provided they have enough throw pillows for the back rest, they can also function as a comfortable area to lie down on for an afternoon nap or cozy up spot for a movie.Mizone Carly Daybed Set

At night, a daybed effortlessly transforms into a comfortable bed. With the right dressing for a daybed, it matters little whether it has been placed in the living room or the bedroom.

The Mizone Carly Daybed Set sees to it that your bed looks great irrespective of whether it is the direct eye view of anyone who walks into your space or in the bedroom.

This bed set offers a great cover that is both stylish and cheerful without screaming daybed.

That look allows your daybed to really assume its multi-functional role wherever you choose to place it. The coverlet spreads neatly and lavishly sprawls over the edge to present a gorgeous front draping facade. It has a sleek look and feel that’s made possible by the 100% brushed polyester fabric.

Other than the high quality smooth polyester shell fabric, what also gets your attention is the light fluffiness of the spread. That’s because it has a moderate fill of 7.1 ounce per square yard. The fill is breathable and constitutes of 90% cotton, 10% polyester filling. This breathability moderate stuffing is great because it offers comfortable warmth on a cool night and remains usable even on summer months when the temperatures are high.

This bed set has fabulous utility that will keep the look on your day bed fresh, cozy and cheerful. The polyester fabric has these big polka dots prints of pink, blue, turquoise, black and purple amidst a white back drop.

The three shams and a decorative pillow offer stark contrast of colors that will play well in any space. The bed skirt has a turquoise base with white polka dots that tie in the design to perfection.

The edges of the cover provide a good frame that is well stitched for both aesthetics but also for longevity as it eliminates any chance of fraying and also serves to keep the fill well locked into the shell.

Furthermore, what makes this bed set quite special is the fact that it can also be used in reverse to freshen up the look, mood and feel of your daybed every so often.


  • Daybed coverlet measures 39″W x 75″ L
  • Comes with a polka dotted bed skirt 39″x75″
  • The set comprises of 3 piece shams each measuring 20” x 26″ and 1 decorative pillow
  • Shell is made of 100% polyester material that is easy to care for
  • Reversible design
  • The set is Machine washable with cold water
  • Available in white base and multi-colored polka dot print

Now your daybed can look amazingly superb dressed in this cheerful and well put together bed set.

Customer feedback

Users who bought this bed appreciated that the cheerful vibe that the print bring to a girl’s space. Customers shared that the neat craftsmanship is hard to miss and couples well with the fabric, print and fluffy finish.

Users also mentioned that they bought this set as a gift for friends while others got the set for their daughters and they loved it. The fact that the unit is reversible is an added plus as it makes it easy to change the look of the room with the same bed set.

4. MK Home 5 Piece Daybed Bedspread

This MK Home 5 Piece Daybed Bedspread is refreshingly simple yet bears a subtle sophistication. The fabric is soft and explodes with vibrant colors of beige, burgundy, purple, blue and taupe.
MK Home 5 Piece Daybed Bedspread
A girl’s room calls for some enchanting colors. This coverlet presents an interesting display of color combinations. But, what makes this bedspread unique is that it not only has an array of different colors but patterns too.

This daybed set is playful yet stylish and artful. In essence it is a patchwork of different floral prints, gorgeously meshed with timeless paisley patches.

It comes with three standard shams that have the same material and patched design.

Whereas more often than not putting together patches of different colors and prints culminates in aesthetic catastrophe, this unit has resulted in a beautiful piece. A lot of that has to do with the neutralizing plain beige bed skirt and the fact that the shams bear a patched design on the front and a solid beige color on back. This gives the seeming shambles balance for and achieves an elegant harmony for a unique artful presentation.

Your girl will likely fall in love with this daybed cover set from day one and is sure to transform their space and effortlessly blend with the rest of the décor.


  • Daybed coverlet dimension is 39″W x 75″ L
  • The bed skirt measures 39″x75″
  • This set includes 3 piece shams each measuring 20” x 26″
  • The material is resilient and easy to care for
  • Machine wash friendly and low maintenance
  • Comes in patches of different colors including, burgundy, purple, blue and taupe with a solid beige bed skirt.

If your girl’s room has a general subdued décor, this is a gorgeous option that helps you effortlessly inject charm and a cheerful feel to the room.

Customer feedback

Those who bought this bedspread set mentioned they did so because of the unit’s vibrant appeal. They loved that the material is easy to wash and dries fairly quickly. Customers appreciated the ease with which this unit assimilates a myriad of décor’s and color schemes of a room.

5. Lush Decor Lush Décor Sea Life 6 Piece Daybed Cover Set

Most girl rooms will tend to have different decors and themes. If you daughter or nieces’ room could use a themed daybed cover set, beach and sea themes are often great options to work with. That’s because they allow several shades of contrasting blue into the design as well as other cool and calming color that go well with seas shapes.Lush Decor Lush Décor Sea Life 6 Piece Daybed Cover Set

In the case of the Décor Lush Seas Life Daybed Cover Set, you have a set that has been made from 100% polyester. This means you can be sure the quality of the fabric is comfortable, textured and durable.

The bed cover lavishly spread over your daybed for a neat and bright look. It depicts the ocean floor with light and dark shade of blue as well as fish, coral and star fish motifs helping accent the sea theme.

This unit comes with 4 shams. Two of the shams match the bed cover while the other two shams have different wavy pattern of blue and turquoise that resembles the bed skirt. This forms elegant contrast and a beautiful vibrant feel that’s sure to enliven any room.

The piped edges are well done and provide an assurance of longevity to the entire unit. The polyester fabric is tough, yet soft and easy to care for.

When this unit gets dirty, all you have to do is toss it to the washer for cleaning.


  • The Daybed cover measures 39″W x 79″ L
  • Bed skirt come in at 39″x75″ with a 16” drop
  • 4 piece shams are included in this unit
  • Polyester material affords easy care and great longevity
  • This set is machine washable
  • Available in a sea themed pattern of blue shades, turquoise and a touch of red on motifs

This set is so well done with meticulous craftsmanship that it matters little whether your daybed for the girls is in the living room or the bedroom. No matter the placement of the daybed, you can be sure your day bed is well dressed with an aesthetic design and theme.

Customer feedback

Customers who settled for this unit said they loved the beach and ocean theme. The color scheme was just perfect for their girl’s room and an instant blend with the rest of the décor from curtains to wall paint. Users also shared they liked how the set brightened their girl’s room and the fact that the textured polyester proved durable and very easy to care for.

Some of the users noted that even after several washes, the colors have remained steadfast and vibrant.

6. Urban Habitat Kids Lola Daybed Cover

If you have little girl’s then you know how dreamy or wild their make believe games can get. Their imagination knows no bounds. That’s why this bed set may be a good fit for dressing your girl’s daybed with its textured surface and unicorn motifs, enough to make your little girls fall in love with this bedspread set.Urban Habitat Kids Lola Daybed Cover

This down alternative quilt daybed set is warm, soft, snugly and very comfy. It’s notably lightweight and that is in part because it’s shell is made of 100% cotton fabric.

Further, the unit is moderately fluffed for a cozy and cushioning effect that’s made possible by the cotton fill in the shell. This combination makes for a very breathable cover that can be used in both cool and warm weather.

On cold wintry nights, you can supplement the warmth by simply adding another comforter or duvet on top or under this quilt. The piped edges of the cover are well stitched for durability. The quilted design ensures that the cotton fill stays evenly distributed at all times.

The print on the cover adds a playful element to your girl’s space with motifs of unicorns, hearths, flowers, stars, clouds and mushrooms. The purple background gives the set a calming and cheerful vibe. The cover set comes with three matching shams and one decorative pillow.


  • Bedspread dimensions re 39″W x 75″ L
  • Set come with a bed skirt of 39″x75″
  • Set includes 3 piece shams each measuring 20” x 26″ and 1 decorative pillow
  • Lush cotton material that cleans with ease
  • Machine washable set
  • Available in purple with playful motifs

This cover can be used all year round because of high quality construction. The cover will work well for cooler months because the cotton fill helps in heat retention. It is comfortable even in summer also due to moisture wicking features of the cotton shell as well as well good breathability.

Customer feedback

User who got this unit mentioned they liked the bright color which ended up fitting the daughter’s daybed perfectly. Other customers liked that the quilt is lightweight and well made. Washing the set is said to be a breeze because the fabric is machine washable and the set can be tumble dried on low heat.

7. Madison Park Leila 6 Piece Reversible Quilt Set Coverlet Bedding

When selecting a bed set for a daybed, you want an option that’s both aesthetic but also easy to care for. Just by virtue of the daybed’s multi-functional design, it often serves as a lounging area as well as sleeping quarters all rolled into one. This can often translate to the daybed being a high traffic area.Madison Park Leila 6 Piece Reversible Quilt Set Coverlet Bedding

By gracing your bedroom with the beauty and comfort of the daybed cover set, you can be sure your space will look great but also the cover remains neat and clean.

The material and design of this bed set by the the popular bedding brand Madison Park is unique with some gorgeous tufting. The material has an inviting sheen that is further accented by the pleating effect of the medallion tufts.

The set makes for a great high use daybed. The fabric is a combination of 80% polyester and 20% cotton.

Although the design may have a trendy look the fabric is incredibly resilient and refreshingly easy to care for. Inevitable beverage spills or sweat can be easily washed off. The bedspread is easy to clean by hand in addition to being machine washable and the material stands up well to frequent washes and does not fade.

The beautiful daybed cover with tufting and ruched detailing comes with a puckered charming textural look that your girl will love.


  • This daybed cover measures 39″W x 75″ L
  • Comes with a bed skirt of 39″x75″
  • The set includes 3 piece shams each measuring 20” x 26″ and 1 decorative pillow
  • Soft polyester and cotton material makes the set easy to care for
  • The entire set is machine wash friendly and equally easy to wash by hand
  • Available in grey

Working with a solid color can seem plain. But this plain solid color has been well decorated with tufting and ruched detailing in a puckered diamond design that makes for an awesome alternative to multi-colored options.

Customer feedback

Most customers, who chose this bed set, were looking for a bed set with a solid color. Users shared that while floral print options are vibrant, they loved the medallion tufted and textured surface approach that offers a unique design. Some customers shared that neutral and solid color are a good way to neutralize the tone of a room that is imbued with enough colors and patterns.

8. Fancy Collection 5 Piece Daybed Quilted Bedspread Coverlet Set

The Fancy Linen brand is well known for its exquisite linen. This 5 piece daybed set delivers great aesthetics that dress your daybed with grace and charm.
Fancy Collection 5 Piece Daybed Quilted Bedspread Coverlet Set
Purple does comes in many shades and is said to be the color of royalty. It’s easy to see why that is so when you take a closer glimpse at this beautiful bedspread set.

The fabric has a muted gloss and the surface textured with a woven pattern that looks and feels great to the touch. This unit is made from a microfiber material that is durable and ensures easy care.

The dark purple color is inviting and rich while the light shade of purple offered by the bed skirt provides excellent contrast.

On the other hand, one side of the shams is dark purple while the other is light purple.

Over and above the elegance of the microfiber material and textured surface, this simple contrast of purple shades allows you the flexibility of dressing your girl’s daybed in a neat and stylish way.

If you have an eye for detail, you will notice that all the shams and coverlet have piped edges. That’s absolutely great for longevity as it prevents fraying and is resilient to the normal wear and tear that often begins at the edges of the cover or sham. The bedspread has a generous drop.

The drapery flow that almost touches the floor is further accented by the 14” drop of the bed skirt for a gorgeous flowing look.


  • Coverlet measures 39″W x 75″ L
  • Bed skirt is 39″x75″
  • Set comes with 3 piece shams each measuring 20” x 26″
  • Plush 100% microfiber material that’s easy to care for
  • Machine wash friendly
  • Available in several colors; dark and light purple/ coffee and beige/coral and khaki/ navy blue and light blue

For those who like the idea of a solid color or whose décor demands more of solid colors for your girl’s daybed spread then this becomes yet another good choice to work with.

Customer feedback

Most customers shared that with their daybed in the living room, office, guest room and so forth, they wanted a daybed spread that is no so “bedroom looking” and this bedspread has delivered that look. Customers mentioned that they loved the choice of colors as well as the textured fabric and durable piped edges.

9. Mk Collection 5 Piece Daybed Quilted Bedspread

This 5 piece daybed quilted bedspread set has a light stuffing which not only makes it look so plush, but also provides great warmth on a cold night as well decent breathability on those warm summer nights.Mk Collection 5 Piece Daybed Quilted Bedspread

Since daybeds can literally be in any room, how to dress them is largely dependent on where they are in the home as well as the other factors such the colors of your wall and general décor.

For spaces with solid and muted colors, a bed set that’s lively and cheerful such as the flower prints on this set does an excellent job of adding color, cheer and décor flavor to the space.

The material is 100% microfiber and quilted for a textured surface. The moderate fill stays in place at all times even when the coverlet is machine washed. Even distribution of fill sees to it that heat retention and breathability is even across the bedspread.

The off white base color enlivens any room with ease. The floral patterns have bright cheerful colors in floral print for a fresh cozy look. They include green, pink and purple.

The bed skirt reflects the same colors but in fine print helping creates contrast and added beauty. The shams have bold and large floral print on one side while the other is speckled with fine floral print that accentuates contrast and offers a playful way to dress your girl’s daybed.


  • Dimension of the quilted coverlet are 39″W x 75″ L
  • The bed skirt is 39″x75″
  • The set includes 3 piece shams each measuring 20” x 26″
  • Plush 100% microfiber polyester material that is easy to wash and maintain
  • The set is Machine wash friendly
  • Available in off white, green, pink, purple

If your preference is to have a floral print on your daybed sitter, you will have a hard time passing over this bed set. The color combination is awesome, the fabric soft and very well put together.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this bedspread set liked the silky feel and vibrant look. They also mentioned that easy care was important for them and were not disappointed as the set washed up nicely and retained the colors. Overall this is an excellent choice for a girl’s day bed.

10. Mk Collection 5 Piece Modern Elegant Bedspread Daybed Cover Set

Daybeds are an excellent addition to a living space. The convenience and multi-purpose nature of daybed makes it a suitable piece of furniture to have in a bedroom, living room or office. Depending on where a daybed is placed, dressing it up the way you want can to be a tricky affair.Mk Collection 5 Piece Modern Elegant Bedspread Daybed Cover Set

For instance some bed sets are too bedroom-like and that may not be the feel and look you are going for.

One set that has a gorgeous look and is an almost one fit all solution for daybeds, is this MK 5 piece Collection Modern Elegant Bedspread.

With such a set it matters little where your daybed is located, it dresses really neat and brings out a muted elegance that agrees with most decors.

The bedspread set is made from 100% microfiber material that is chic, sleek and pleasant to look at. The aesthetic material is further enhanced by the geometric contemporary pattern of black and White for an exquisite look.

It is further quilted with a moderate fill that adds to the look and comfort of the set.

The fabric stands up very well to machine washing with all the colors holding fast even after several washes.

The coverlet splashes generously on your girl’s daybed and flows over to the front by about 17” inches. The contrasting bed skirt provides an additional 14” drop that neatly drops to near floor level. The three shams have dominant black on one face with white lines while the other face is dominantly white with black lines offering some good contrast and aesthetic appeal.

The craftsmanship is no doubt top notch, the design is well crafted with piped edges that enhance longevity. Your girl will love this design and pattern.

The beauty of it is that the set comes in plenty of colors to choose from if you happen not to like the black and white to fit and complement most decors.


  • Dimension of the spread cover are 39″W x 75″ L
  • Comes with a bed skirt of 39″x75″
  • Accompanied by 3 shams each measuring 20” x 26″
  • Soft microfiber material that has low maintenance
  • Machine wash friendly bed set
  • Available in; black and white as a well as a myriad of other color combinations and patterns

The design is unique and highly aesthetic and will work for a daybed in the office or at home.

Customer feedback

Most users, who bought this unit, ended up buying additional sets for family and friends with daybeds because they felt the quality was really good and very well priced. Other users loved the many color scheme options they could choose from to match up to their decors.

Wrapping Up

Undeniably, daybeds are convenient furniture items in a home or office environment. The problem comes in dressing it right to look and fit it’s multi-functional uses. While in effect a daybed is a lounge as much as it is a bed, that distinction can be lost based on how you choose to dress and accessorize your daybed.

This post highlights some of the best ways to dress up your daybed with ease and achieve a stylish, inviting and inject an aesthetic appeal that lightens the space. Furthermore, all the above mentioned daybed bedding sets and accessories provides you with an extensive range of floral and other patterns as well as solid colors with textured fabrics or smooth ones to suit broad range of design palates and decors.


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