2021 10 Best Girl’s Bedroom Chandeliers & Ceiling Light Fixtures

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Table of Contents

A chandelier automatically provides a touch of elegance and style and hanging it in a girl’s bedroom helps her fulfill her inner princess dream. If you are determined to install a chandelier into your little girl’s bedroom, it’s best to canvass around for the best possible option you can afford.

Chandeliers can often become a focal point of the room, so other fixtures to be installed should compliment it.

Ceiling lights, on the other hand, enhance the overall appeal of the room with or without a chandelier. They can come in combination with a ceiling fan too. Ceiling lights are perfect for emphasizing the major or central fixture in a room such as the bed, dining table, and sofa set.

Below we look at some of the best chandeliers and lighting fixtures that can perfectly set the feminine and vibrant mood in your little girl’s room.

Best Chandeliers and Ceiling Lights for a Girl’s Room Review

1. The Original Gypsy Color 4 Light Pink Chandelier

As soon as you enter the room, this chandelier’s incandescent bulbs along with glass and acrylic crystals scream elegance that befits a little girl to a blooming teenage, to a full-bloom woman.

The design knows no age, so you will never have to replace it when a girl’s room becomes a woman’s room in the future.

It has 4 small arms that are foldable so it can be easily shipped and stored without worrying that some parts will break during the process. Beads are also detachable to compliment the foldable arms. You just have to reconnect a few strings upon installation.

It uses 4 incandescent bulbs (not yet included in the package) which is good because there is no warm-up required as the light will be at its brightest the moment you switched it on.

The size of this chandelier might be small but nevertheless, there is no issue with brightness coverage.

Its exterior paint does not fade over time, but dirt and dust on the glass and crystals tend to accumulate, thus, need to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning this does not have to be difficult because all you need are clean, lint-free cloth and a ladder.

However, it is important to remember that when cleaning, you should never rotate or twirl the chandelier because you will risk loosening its grip form the ceiling. What you have to do is to move your ladder around and clean. With proper care and maintenance, this can be a lifetime fixture, thus, a smart and practical purchase.


  • Dimensions of 15”x 15”x 18”
  • Weight: 4.54 lbs
  • Size variation: Small 4 arm (also available in 11 more designs)
  • Style: Vintage, Baroque
  • Made of plastic, glass, metal, acrylic, crystal
  • Hanging Pendant
  • Requires an input of 110 volts
  • Energy consumption of 40 Watts
  • Special Features: 4 arms fold flat for easy storage; easy installation
  • Color: Pink (also available in black, blue green, cobalt blue, crystal black, crystal white, multicolor, and white)

Customers Feedback

Several customers who purchased this item unanimously reviewed it as a value for money mainly because of 2 things: 1) easy installation and easy removal for relocation purpose; and 2) serves its purpose in beautifying the room where it is installed.

However, on the negative note, some customers were not satisfied with the plastic material, used to make the fixture.

2. Tadpoles Pendant Chandelier

If you want a vintage theme for your little girl’s room then this pink sapphire pendant chandelier is an ideal choice.

With its dangling crystal teardrops features, the light either coming from its bulbs while they are on or from a ray of sunshine from the window will make sparkling reflections that will surely be pleasing to the eyes.

The carved metal frames holding the chains may seem slender but they’re durable enough to hold everything together.

It has a cord length of 13” and has a medium-based pendant light for an E26 light bulb. It is also hardwired thus to be safe, professional assistance for installation is recommended.

A typical pendant-shaped chandelier can be hung at least 7 feet above the bed. However, chains’ length varies per product and design. Therefore, you should double-check first to ensure that the distance of the chandelier’s last string of beads from the bed will not cause an accidental bump or cannot be reached by children.


  • Dimension: 12”x 12”x 20”
  • Weight: 4.18 lbs
  • Materials are made of metal and acrylic
  • Shape: Pendant
  • Vintage-inspired style
  • Requires an E26, 40 watts (max.) bulb
  • Needs to be hardwired
  • Cord length of 13”
  • Available in colors Pink Sapphire and White Diamond

Customers Feedback

Customers who bought this chandelier fixture were very satisfied because it works and looks wonderful in their respective daughter’s room. Some of them installed the chandelier by themselves because they easily figured it out, while some customers left the installation process in the hands of a professional.

3. Saint Mossi Children’s Chandelier

This chandelier by the maker at Saint Mossi spells eye-candy. Girl's Bedroom Chandeliers Ceiling Light Fixture

The unique design brings a happy vibe to children and even adults alike because the solid, deliciously painted crystal raindrop beads somewhat resemble colorful candies. Just make sure that the chandelier is hung high enough for them not to reach it because they will try to touch it.

The entire build is made of glass and metal and has an adjustable cord that measures up to 60 inches.

It compatible with E12 LED candle bulbs which may be bothersome for some customers because of the brightness levels, but when installed to an appropriate height, there should be nothing to worry about.

LED bulbs are energy-efficient, thus ideal for kids’ room that needs light overnight.

The chandelier’s light direction is downlight, which is ideal for your little girl’s room because it provides unobstructed and ambient light below it.


  • Dimension: 23”x 23”x 22”
  • Weight: 10.56 lbs
  • Made of glass and metal
  • Modern contemporary  style
  • Made from glass and metal
  • Voltage requirement of 120 volts
  • Uses 5 pieces of E12 LED bulbs
  • Energy consumption of 200 watts
  • Must be hardwired
  • Has a 60-inch adjustable cord
  • Available in Pink color only

Customers Feedback

This chandelier gained a lot of positive reviews from customers for its overall aesthetics and quality. Given its price, some expected that some parts might be made of plastic, but they were wrong because, upon delivery, the fixture was made of glass and ceramics. Also, even though it is hardwired and may require professional installation, some customers said that it is easy to install by following the manual.

4. Yifi Flower Handmade Ceramics Pendant Light for Girls Room

Nothing refreshes up a room like flowers. Therefore, installing this classic floral handmade ceramic pendant light in a girl’s room will create a mix of elegance and an airy atmosphere. The ceramic flowers create a realistic effect that once the pendant light is hung, it looks like real flowers sitting on the gold metal holder surrounding the bulb.

Speaking of the golden holder, it is made from high-quality metal that is not only rustproof but also fade- proof. This powerful combination makes up a lifetime fixture. However, you still have to maintain the fixture by proper cleaning and bulb replacement.

Another benefit of this pendant light is its dimmable feature. All you need is to buy a dimmable bulb then you will be able to take advantage of this special feature. The bulb requirement also gives you a wider option because it is compatible with incandescent, halogen, and LED bulbs. To maximize its full potential, the manufacturer recommends the use of warm white 3000k bulbs.


  • Dimension: 17.9”x17.5”x 17.4”
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs
  • Made from ceramic and metal
  • Voltage requirement: 110 volts
  • Wattage: 60 watts
  •  Special features: handmade finish, compatible with incandescent, halogen and LED bulbs
  • Has a 70-inch adjustable cord
  • One-color variation only (white and gold)

Customers Feedback

Customers find this product a lot more exquisite when it is actually hung, with its ability to beautify a room. Overall, this is said to be a beautiful light fixture that works as advertised and comes highly recommended as a worthwhile pendant fixture perfect for any girl’s room. However, just like any other light installation, some customers found difficulty especially in connecting the wires to the sockets.

5. Pink Small Chandelier Lighting for Girls Room

An affordable option, this pink chandelier might be a mini version, but it roars sophistication and contemporary style that any girl would love to have in her bedroom. The intricate details of the metal holders make way for the adjustable chains holding the lightweight acrylic crystals to hang exquisitely.Pink Best Girl's Bedroom Chandelier

The upgraded version is said to be 95% assembled already and you only have to assemble one arm and connect a few crystals strings to complete the fixture. You can also expect the fixture’s design to have a longer lifespan because it uses acrylic beads instead of glass beads, which are naturally more prone to breakage.

With a dimmer switch that has to be purchased separately, the unit is dimmable as long as the bulbs you use are dimmable.

It also boasts a quick installation procedure and can be installed into rooms on either a high or low ceiling. This is all thanks to the long 39.4″ chain that can be adjusted to suit various lengths.

Not only is this fixture ideal for a girl’s room, but its beauty can also be displayed in major areas of the house such as the dining room, living room, and foyer.


  • Dimension of 13.58” x 12.2” x 7.87”
  • It weighs 4.27 lbs
  • Style: Modern
  • Available in Pink color only
  • Circular shape
  • Made from metal and crystal
  • Voltage required: 110 volts
  • Requires maximum of 60 watts, E26 dimmable bulb
  • Needs to be hardwired
  • Cord length: 39.4” adjustable

Customers Feedback

Customers who bought this lighting unit confirmed that most parts were already assembled and that the only detached bracket is easy to fasten. Reconnecting the detached crystals bead was a piece of cake too. Most users were satisfied with its performance despite its relatively small stature. There are customers who opted to install two or more of these in a room and it turned out great for both decor and lighting purposes.

6. Tadpoles Pink Sapphire 3-Bulb Vintage Mini-Chandelier

This 3-bulb beautiful vintage chandelier is perfect for a girl’s room because of its glamorous design and comes in pink color which is a favorite for many girls.

It can be hardwired for quick installation, but it can also be connected to your existing electrical socket with the help from a professional electrician.

At 8x8x10 inches, this pendant chandelier will make a powerful statement in the room without overpowering the existing furniture.

It has a 12-foot hanging chain, a 15-foot plug-in cord, and 3 candelabra bulbs that work with either incandescent or LED chandelier bulbs, which is great because it gives you the option of which kind of bulb you want to use.


  •  Dimension: 10” x 8”x 8”
  • Weight: 4.1 lbs
  • An elegant shabby chic style
  • Uses 3 pcs. 25-watt E12 incandescent or LED bulbs
  • Made from glass and acrylic beads
  • Has a cord length of 12 ft hanging chain and plug-in cord of 15 feet
  • Has the option to either plug-in or hardwired
  • Color variation: Pink Sapphire, Black Onyx, Black Onyx with Satin Cover, Lavander Topaz, Pink Sapphire with Satin Cover, White Diamond, and White Diamond with Satin Cover

Customer Feedback

Customers who installed this chandelier said that this looks great in their daughters’ rooms. It brings in the much needed sparkle and depending on the bulb type you use, the brightness levels are sufficient.  However, some users were dissatisfied with its small size so you may want to take that into consideration, and may get two units as some users did. The price tag on this is budget friendly and is available in several color choices too, perhaps more reasons why the unit is so popular.

7. Gotonovo Kids Room Semi Flush Ceiling Lights

Your little girl’s room should always be bright, airy and lively, and this cute drum ceiling fixture can provide all that.

The vibrant geometric pattern painted on the round acrylic cover or shade is playful to the eyes but  also, this cover serves another important role of preventing eye strain because the finely crafted fabric ensures only ambient soft light shines through.

This fixture is versatile, with E26 sockets that give you more options when it comes to types of E26 bulbs you would want to use.


  • Dimension: 18.7”x18”x10”
  • Weight: 4.14 lbs
  • Styled with vibrant geometric patterns
  • Made up of quality fabric for its shade, copper metal for the canopy and acrylic for the cover.
  • Flush mount installation
  • Requires 40-watt E26 bulbs and 120 voltage

Customer Feedback

Many customers were happy to buy this ceiling light because of its quality, vibrant colors and safe-to-stare lighting. Overall, for a majority, this is worth every penny. Their purchase was delivered to them working and looking  exactly as advertised.


8. Prominence Home Elsa 48” Pink Ceiling Fan for Girl’s Room

This classically built ceiling fan that also doubles as a lighting fixture features a style and finish that is perfect for girls’ rooms.

It comes with 3 built-in small lampshades with stylish beads for incandescent bulbs. Designed for medium-sized rooms with an area of 300-350 square feet, this fixture can be installed in high, low, or angled ceiling since it has 3 mounting options: closemount, downrod and angled.

All 5 blades on the unit are reversible with dusty rose and pink finish while the base finish is white. It is an added advantage if your ceiling fan is reversible because this means it can be used all year round, including during the  winter season.

The installation can only take 45 to 60 minutes or even shorter if you are already experienced in installing a similar fixture.

This ceiling fan does not have intricate designs, but its simple yet chic style can enliven a little girl’s room.  Furthermore, this is an entirely practical choice.


  • Has dimensions of 48”x 48”x 19.9” and a weight of 15.72 lbs
  • Fan +ceiling light fixture
  • Style: 3-arm branched stems, shabby chic
  • Compatible with incandescent E26/B10 bulbs
  • Has 3-speed reversible motor
  • Can be installed on downrod, angled or closemount ceiling
  • Pull chain control
  • Available colors include Classic White with matte finish and pink blades and lampshades

Customers Feedback

This fan light comes highly recommended by a majority customers for its value for money and easy installation. Most of the customers who bought this installed it at their kids’ room and they were very happy with its performance . The performance of the fan is said to be satisfying as well as the light coverage provided by the small lampshades.

9. Light in the Box Modern Art Deco Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture

If you’re looking for a simple yet sophisticated fixture for your little girl’s room, then this pink chandelier is worth considering. Girl's Bedroom Ceiling Light Fixture

It has a contemporary design with an ambient light direction that resembles natural light, giving you a soft glow without a harsh glare thereby minimizing the strain on the eyes.

The chrome finish, on the metal base plate, creates a reflective, bright metallic look whenever there is a light beam.


  • Dimension: 7.87”x16.54”x7.87”
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Has a modern/contemporary style
  • Available in Pink color only
  • Made from metal with Plastic shade material
  • Compatible with 3 pcs. E26/E27 LED or Incandescent bulbs and requires 110 voltage
  • Flush mount installation
  • Size: 3 Lamps (but also available in 2 Lamps White and 2 Lamps Black)

Customer Feedback

This lightings fixture comes highly recommended for providing sufficient brightness levels, ease of installation as well as aesthetics. Customers confirm that installation is indeed easy and once that is done, it really does look great sitting flush to the ceiling.

On the other hand, there were some who did not have a good experience with this product mainly due to the durability of its plastic parts.

10. Oceano Bladeless Girls Room Ceiling Fan with LED Light

If you are looking for a safer and stylish ceiling fan light fixture that your little girl will love, this bladeless ceiling fan is a great choice.

The bladeless technology produces a smooth, noiseless and powerful airflow without vibration.

Whether installed in a low or high ceiling, this fixture brings a strong aesthetic statement to the room because of the exquisite pendant light and the spinning outer casing with eye-playful detail. The light, which is available in 3 colors, can be turned on separately from the fan. Through the remote control, you can choose from the warm, white, and neutral light mode.

The 6-speed revolutionary technology, which you can control via remote control, gives you a wider option for wind speed and time setting. For the fan speed, you have the option to set it up at 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-hour timer.


  • Dimension: 23”x 23”x 14”
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Fan + LED lighting fixture
  • Has 6 modes for wind speed with reverse option
  •  Downrod mounting installation with the included 6″ and 10 downrods
  • Made from eco-friendly ABS and Iron
  • Special features: Bladeless technology, reverse technology, and you can switch light mode from warm, white or neutral
  • Remote control included
  • Available in Pink only

Customer Feedback

Customers who bought this stylish ceiling fan were very happy because of how powerful, quiet  and practical the unit is. The fan along with its lighting are said to work sufficiently by a majority.  Users also appreciated the included remote that makes controlling the fan’s functionalities from anywhere inside the room so much convenient.

Sum Up

One of the decor items that creates a strong statement in a room is a ceiling light fixture.

The evolving technology continue to give customers a wide array of options in terms of what bulb to be used, installation options, and efficiency levels.  Before shopping around, you have to come up with a set of standards as per your preferences and room requirements to not only ensure that you get the beauty out of the fixture, but also optimal working efficiency as well. This will include things like room size, style,  ceiling height, and product features among other things.


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