14 Best Garage Storage Systems in 2020 for Practical Organization

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Table of Contents

The garage is nowadays, not just a space for parking your car. It is the space for the hacker, tinkerer and maker. A place for storing not just our excesses, but also a safe room for our other important items with the help of garage storage systems.

The garage is not defined by a single field or industry. Instead it is defined by the eclectic interests of its inhabitants. It is a space where intellectual networks converge.” This is according to Steven Johnson and we tend to agree with this quote.

Think about it: Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon started the giant platform in his garage. The same humble beginnings apply to Microsoft (Bill gates and Paul Allen), Disney (Walt and Roy Disney), Apple (Steve Jobs) Google (Susan Wojcicki), Hewlett-Packard (Dave Packard and Will Hewlett) and Harley Davidson (William Harley).

These are some of the giant companies in the world today and it all started for them in a garage. But the garages must have had some level of organization to enable these ladies and gentlemen to pull of such great feats of success. Having an organized garage should be available for everyone which is why garage storage systems come in handy.

Why do you Need a Garage Storage System?

1. Storage

Obviously this is the main reason to have a storage system in the garage. Not only does it take the clutter out your rooms and into a safe accessible storage area but it also keeps the floor of the garage neat and clear of any clutter.

Clutter in the garage is one of the leading hazards that result in horrible injuries especially because dangerous implements like gardening equipment or mowing machines are kept in this space. A garage storage system keeps everything organized facilitating easy retrieval of anything and everything.

2. Adds value to the property

Having a well kept garage can add value to the house when selling it. This is because it is an investment to install the storage system and the investment pays off by adding fantastic aesthetics to the overall look of the house. Apart from looking great, the clear space provides the new owner with a safe and secure space to park their car which is a huge plus.

3. Provides additional space

A well organized garage opens up the space to be utilized in other ways. For example, you can create a man cave for yourself, a game room for the family or even a guest room for visitors who spend the night.  If you would like to have the garage for this purpose, consider customizing the finishing used during the storage system installation. This will inject character and even contribute to a theme for the space.

While we recognize that the Best Garage Storage Systems hugely depend on user needs and preferences, below we’ve reviewed no less than 14 units that we think are some of the more practical options to serve a wide range of user needs. What’s more, we’ve included different types of storage designs that can be combined together to create an exceptionally functional system or organization and storage in the garage.

The Best Garage Storage Systems

1. Wall Control Pegboard Organizer Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit

If you are looking for neatness and quick functionality then this is an excellent system to acquire. This storage system is a good fit for garages that need a place to organize several hand tools and accessories.

The garage system is from Wall Control and it is made from heavy duty stainless steel with durable, rust-resistant paint and according to the manufacturer, this is ten times stronger than regular pegboards.

Additionally, the pegboard is magnetic and will generally work perfectly with conventional 1/4-inch pegboard pegs as well as slotted pegboard pegs that come included. 1/8-inch pegboard pegs and accessories can also be cautiously used on this as well. The pegboard can be mounted and attached to the wall of the garage directly if it is sheet wood.

Very solidly designed with practicality and longevity in mind, this is an an entirely easy to use and easy to maintain model. The model is available in a vast selection of color finishes.

Customer feedback

In addition to its practicality in the garage, users absolutely love how sturdy and heavy duty this pegboard is. Customer also love the brief shelves on the pegboard where you can place items that won’t hang. The material used is strong and long lasting for many of the clients who tested this system. It is one of the things that attracted customers to it because it is also rust resistant. Customers felt that this was one of the most versatile storage space for tools.

2. Holeyrail Garage System Organizer Metal Pegboard

From gardening implements to general tools used around the house Holyrail garage storage system provides organization of these items and most importantly, takes them off the floor. The Holeyrail is Best Garage Storage Systemsrecommended for installation on wooden frames and concrete walls and it can accommodate quite a number of items.

The rail is made from heavy galvanized steel which gives it durability and the sturdiness to stay in the same form and shape without bending or sagging even under considerable tool weight.

This is a great single rail system for a household with a lot of outdoor items. It utilizes the standard 1/8 or ¼ inch pegs with the quarter inch pegs preferred for heavier items.

Customer feedback

Many customers were impressed by the ability of this system to accommodate heavy duty steel items without wobbling and still have room for items like racquets and your golf bag. They were also happy with the easy installation of the pegboard. Unfortunately, the rail doesn’t come with the peg hooks which is inconvenient for many customers who can’t use it right out of the box.  A majority of customers who use this rail love its strength and resilience regardless of tools it holds

3. Sterilite 01423V01 4 Shelf Cabinet

The Sterlite shelf cabinet is such a handy is storage system to have in the garage because of its lockability and how it can stand discreetly in a corner. The color on this is a gun metal that will blend in nicely in the garage. The dimensions of 18.9 by 25.6 by 69.4 are not too big but neither are they too small to be functional.

For customized storage, the 4 shelves inside can be adjusted to suit different types of items that need storage.

This cabinet doesn’t need tools to be assembled. You can quickly assemble it on a hard, flat surface by putting the panels together and fixing them in place with the connectors. It features a heavy duty construction so you can be guaranteed years of use.

Customer feedback

Customers are happy to use this cabinet because it can hide their clutter behind the cabinets. It is lockable and the shelves are also adjustable which give the customer free reign to customize it to their needs. They also love the height which is not too high to reach and provides extra storage room but what most loved is the high quality of construction.

4. NewAge Products Bold 14 Piece Set Garage Cabinet System

If you are looking for something comprehensive to work with in your garage because you have lots of space and need tons of storage, then have an excellent partner in this NewAge Products garage system.

Coming in a set of 14 cabinets of varying sizes, it provides ample storage room so you can organize all Best Garage Storage Systemsthe clutter around the house in this system. Furthermore, with heavy duty caster wheels and large, easy-to-grab handles these cabinets can easily be moved from place to place easily, even with items inside them.

The multi-use lockers can handle up to 800 lbs , wall cabinets up to 100 lbs and the rolling tool cabinets 600 lbs. It is available in red and gray color options with either bamboo or stainless steel worktops. By offering these options you can choose which aesthetic appeals to you and your overall home décor.

To add to that, the unit also comes fully loaded with a slatwall unit that just adds to the overall functionality of this system. Here, items such as hand tools and other smaller accessories can easily be organized.

The overall material used in this system’s construction is heavy duty 24-gauge steel with a powder-coat paint finish so you can be assured that your investment will last for years. The cabinets can be individually locked with keys for maximum security and you can even incorporate lighting into this unit right underneath the wall cabinets to light up your preserved workspace.

Customer feedback

This is an excellent unit which customer can’t get enough of. They are, among other things, besotted with the rolling tool cabinets which they can reorganize in their garage for their convenience. This unit is also popular with customers because it offers a number of storage options for various items around the house. Many customers feel that with this they can even store their expensive items in the garage safely.

Overall, despite the high price tag attached to this system, customers still felt that it’s worth every penny, given the substantial amount of storage you get with this system, the quality and general functionality.

5. UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet

The aesthetic on this storage cabinet from UltraHD is quite striking. It is all commercial grade stainless steel with a mesmerizing silver finish to complement any garage.

The all metal cabinet features beautiful construction with sunken door handles and a vent design on the exterior. It can be moved easily because it comes with 4 caster rolling wheels with two of those wheels fitted with locking brakes to make sure it stays put. UltraHD know that this tall cabinet is one of their best sellers so they have done some of their best design work on it.

It can store up to 600 pounds total and it comes with four shelves all adjustable to three heights. The lockable doors feature UltraGuard finger print resistant coating to keep the cabinet clean. You can lock the door either with a key or with its magnetic latches.

Customer feedback

The combination of height and mobility on this storage cabinet has earned it high reviews among customers. Those who bought this cabinet praised its hard rubber wheels and cited this as part of the reason why they bought it in the first place. The wheels are sturdy and allow you to move the storage system wherever it is convenient for you. They also are impressed by the overall construction and finish of the cabinet and how easy it is to assemble.

6. Racor Ceiling Garage Pulley Storage System

This 4-by-4-foot platform ceiling based storage system is a mix of convenience, ingenuity and functionality. According to the company, Racor, the system allows you to lift 250 pounds off the floor and into a secure overhead storage and lock them securely in place. With such a system, even smaller garages with limited can get the full benefits of this type of overhead storage.

Made from durable heavy duty steel ,this is an excellent idea to store heavy items that are not consistently in use off the ground. The system mounts to any ceiling and lowers 8 feet. It is adjustable to fit the angles of the ceiling.

The system features a drill driver attachment that allows you to effortlessly raise and lower the platform using your own drill. Furthermore, there’s also the pulley system that you can use to easily lower the heavier loads whenever you need to retrieve them before locking it back securely in place once you’re done.

It’s recommended to have a professional install it in place and make sure it is working properly before you start to use it.

Customer feedback

Customers are wowed by the impressive easy-to-use pulley system this storage offers. It basically does all the hard work. They were further impressed by the secure storage that it provides once the system is locked in place. Even those who were skeptical about the safety of having 250 pounds hanging over them in the garage quickly found that they had nothing to worry about.

7. Fleximounts Heavy Duty Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Another overhead storage option is this offering from Fleximounts. Unlike the minimalist almost industrial look of the Racor reviewed above, this option is more homely in design and more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, with the capability to hold 600 pounds and still maintain excellent stability, you can pile on quite a number of items on it.

It features a grid platform, long ceiling brackets for attachment with to 2 studs and six vertical posts. The whole unit is made from heavy duty cold-rolled steel to guarantee long service life and sturdy storage

The makers are confident about the DIY installation with this storage system but to err on the side of caution, it is always better to get a professional to do the installation. The dimensions of 96 by 48 by 22 inches are large enough to provide adequate storage without encompassing the entire ceiling.

Customer feedback

Customers feel comfortable using this overhead storage because all the hardware that come with the system have undergone rigorous testing for quality assurance and it offers better stability since the platform is more solid.

Overall, this rack is said to be a great addition for garages needing that extra space without looking too cluttered. It receives high ratings for sturdiness and high functionality

8. SafeRacks 24 Combo Heavy Duty Overhead Storage System

Our second SafeRacks option is the epitome of multi faceted overhead storage. This system can take items both on top and on the lower side of the rack. It is an excellent option for home owners in areas that tend to experience Best Garage Storage Systemsflooding.

With the ability to hold up to 600 pounds you can use this system for a myriad of storage purposes including holding your bikes, outdoor equipment, travel gear as well as gardening tool and implements.

This rack comes with three dropdown heights of 12-21 inches, 18-33 inches and 24-45 inches. The industrial steel construction guarantees that the rack stays in place without sagging for years.

The system comes with its own ceiling brackets that are the perfect match.

Customer feedback

Many love the simple design and aesthetic of this system which offers a great look to the garage as well as practical functionality. Quite a number were also impressed by the easy installation even though if you are doing it yourself you need to pair of hands to get the installation right.

9. Seville Classics Commercial 7-Tier NSF 16 Bin Rack Shelving

Bin racks are a trendy way to store away clutter. You can label them and once they are pushed back their contents remain discrete.

This offering from Seville classics, an industry leader in storage facilities is a winner by offering users sixteen bin rack shelves. It’s a highly movable unit that comes with leveling rolling casters to facilitate this. The unit is advertised to be usable in various settings from storing food to various rooms in the home including the garage, to commercial settings and offices as well.

The unit is made using industrial-strength steel wire with corrosion resistant platinum epoxy powder finish that not only ensures the unit is able to withstand daily use, but also ensures it will last for long. The shelves which come in the colors silver, yellow, blue, gray function like drawers by pulling out when in use and back then not.

The rack has dimensions of 14 by 36 by 56 inches and is six tiers with three racks on each tier. You can expect 16 bins and four bin dividers upon purchase. It can hold 500 pounds of weight.

Customer feedback

The wheels on the rack are lockable keeping it in place when in use which customers appreciate. Most find the quality construction and dimensions of this rack to be adequate to hold a lot of clutter and the bins are conveniently placed for reach and operation. The construction and design are not too fancy but they offer a quiet charm for customer’s applications.

10. Meet Perfect Heavy Duty Metal Wire Shelving Storage Unit

A storage metal shelf may just be the ultimate garage storage system. This Meet Perfect’s wire shelving unit is a heavy duty option that offers several shelves and a strong durable steel frame. The heavy duty metal features on the frame tapering down to equally sturdy caster wheels offering users years of use.

The unit comes in 76 inches and 82 inches as well and it is very easy to assemble. In fact, you don’t need any assembly equipment as it can be assembled freely. Its wheels lock to hold it in place when you don’t want it running around. Each shelf has a weight limit of 350 pounds to make a total of a whooping 2100 pounds for the whole unit.

Customer feedback

The customers who bought this unit love the minimalistic look that belies the strength of the system. They appreciate that there are several shelves each holding 350 pounds of weight. That allows them to store quite a ton on the unit. For many this is the perfect way to keep everything off the floor but still within sight.

11. Seville Classics Steel Wire Shelving System

Seville classics is well known in the industry for offering exceptional products and their wire shelving unit is as well constructed and it is excellent to look at. This unit comes in two varieties: five and four tier. The frame is an all heavy duty steel construction fitted with caster wheels at the bottom for mobility.

The assembly is simple and requires no tools and the shelves can be adjusted by an inch to create adequate storage room for your boxes. It has plating on the entire unit to prevent problems like rust and corrosion.

Customer feedback

Customers are happy to have three color option to choose from: black, chrome and plated steel. All are equally aesthetically pleasing but it doesn’t hurt to have a choice since most options don’t offer a choice. They also love the guarantee that a Seville Classic always carries because they know they will use this unit for years to come.

12. BestOffice Heavy Duty Wire Shelving Unit

Our second option for wire shelving units is also ideal for garages and has six tiers and offers users tones of space to put items away.

BestOffice wire shelf  has been constructed from commercial grade heavy duty rolling steel which makes it sturdy and durable without chances of sagging with time. The caster wheels make it possible to move it around or lock it in place.

Each shelf can hold 220 pounds of weight and the wire construction is corrosion resistant and you also don’t have to worry about dust build up. The aesthetic of the unit is superb in the garage.

Customer feedback

Unlike most of the other shelving units this one has some adjustability on the shelves so one can fit in bigger boxes in the shelves. This has made this unit popular with many customers because they can use the unit it different ways. Users also appreciate the easy assembly of the unit even as a solo project.

13. Nzace Adjustable Storage System Wall Holders for Tools

Offering you 48 inches of storage length this storage system keeps tools off the floor and hugging the wall. No more bumping into items strewn all over the floor that could easily hurt you. Although it can be used in the garage you can also adapt it for use in the shed, basement, workshop or any other storage structure you work with.

The hooks are sturdy and strong enough to hold items like rakes, shovels and brooms. It will keep their length off the ground as highly elevated as your want.

Customer feedback

Customers love the simplicity of this wall storage system. It is easy to mount, easy to use and really needs no fussing over. You can buy it as a 16 inch unit and combine several to your preference. Users also love the fastener that comes with the unit because it is sturdy enough to ensure tools stay in place.

14. StoreYourBoard Omni Tool Garage Storage System Rack

It is possible to store your tools as well as other little knick knacks in the garage on this storage rack and still leave enough room for one to comfortably move around in the garage. This mounting bar is adjustable and it comes with six storage attachments.

Made from heavy duty sBest Garage Storage Systemsteel this rack can hold up to 300 pounds including the shelf. It is an excellent store board for your gardening implements and the shelf can hold chemicals and other cleaning solutions.

Customer feedback

Customers love the feeling of space this rack offers even as it takes items off the floor. It is discrete against the wall taking up little room so you can even pack your car, or two, in your garage without worrying about a scratch. Buyers also had an easy time of setting it up as it easily mounts on the wall with the hardware provided.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Garage Storage System

When looking for such a garage storage systems here are a few things you should consider

1. Budget

The amount of money you allocate for the garage storage system will determine what system you end up with. This is a case of “you get what you pay for.” Even in cases of limited budget you would rather go small with a quality system rather than invest in a cheap garage storage system from the big box store. First of all they are made from cheap material like poor quality steel or plastic which ultimately doesn’t give you long service.

To get the best garage storage system we recommend expanding your budget allocation even if it means putting away for longer to achieve this.

2. Usage

The more clutter you have the more storage you need. Understanding how the storage system will be used is crucial to making the important decision about what to get. If you are looking for general purpose cabinets you do not have to opt for customized cabinets because they may not be practical for this use.

If the garage has an unusual shape or angles then getting a custom made system makes sense in order to have full functionality. Also depending on what you will be storing in the system you can opt for doors or an open front. When storing tools and chemicals of any sort it is always best to opt for a storage area that can be closed off.

3. Materials

Materials and construction are completely intertwined. It is impossible to have excellent construction on a storage system when you are using poor quality materials. Invest in the best material like sturdy stainless steel or hard wood that can last for long even with consistent usage. Choosing poor quality will mean the construction is not the only thing that is compromised. You will also compromise your safety as the system will not be structurally sound.

4. Customization

Customization is key to better aesthetics with a garage storage system. If you are working with wood consider getting a wood artisan to work their magic on the materials. Custom finishes on metals also make the space unique and creative. The art of customization doesn’t only apply to making space beautiful but also functional. When you customize the system to your garage you get better use of the underutilized nooks and crannies in the room. It is important to understand that there are very few one size fits all options when it comes to storage systems for the garage.

5. Labor

Always opt to work with professionals when installing a storage system in the garage. While this may seem like a DIY project remember that installing the system may require some tweaking of some aspects of the space. If you don’t have the expertise you may be endangering yourself and your loved ones who will also use the space. Professionals at this types of projects are more than capable of delivering on your vision but you must let them do their and take their advice when things like electric wiring and plumbing get in their way. You can customize your garage storage system with some of the following fixtures

  • Lighting (pot and valance)
  • Sink units
  • Utility drawers
  • Organizing bins
  • Garbage and recycling compartments
  • Power and charging ports
  • Backsplash

Final Thoughts

The best garage storage system should be able to make life easier for you in your garage space. But more than that it should be able to bring in better organized less cluttered environment. All the above options do just that and much more as you can see. You never know, you may just have your best ideas build up from your garage; your neat clean garage that is.

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