2020 12 Best Garage Storage Cabinets For Practical Storage and Durability

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Table of Contents

For some of us, the garage is perceived as a dumping ground for anything that can’t find room in the main house. And as time passes, the traditional garage, that was once meant for the car and a preserved workstation now becomes a storage room for all the junk and overflows. Garage storage cabinets provide an easy access storage solution where you can neatly store not only your garage items, but these excesses and those lesser used items.

This ensures that you do not compromise on the functionality and overall look of your garage by keeping everything neat and organized.

If you’re in the market for a great storage cabinet for your garage then this post is for you as it includes no less than 12 of the best storage cabinets that we think would work great for most garage needs, from storing tools, gears, files and accessories to many other items from around the home

Cabinets selected and based on overall practicality, quality of construction as well as user feedback and ratings.

Review of 12 Best Garage Storage Cabinets

1. UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet – Stainless Steel

The highly rated UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet is basically tall and in charge. It has dimensions of 36″ W x 18″ D x 72″ H and roomy enough to accommodate a ton of your garage stuff. The UltraHD is is partitioned with four adjustable shelves that help to keep your garage adequately organized. Each of the four adjustable shelves are designed to ensure a maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds (600 pounds total) which is enough to hold heavy tools.

This model is constructed from a powder-coated frame and heavy-duty stainless steel segmented doors to preserve its beauty while still withstanding abuse.

With a set of 4.5” wheels mobility is somewhat easier.

Features of the UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet

  • Heavy-duty steel construction: the steel construction is a major plus here, consisting of stainless steel segmented doors and a powder-coated frame to enhance strength and overall durability of this cabinet.
  • Lockable wheels: the UltraHD is a heavy-duty storage cabinet able to hold weighty items. To make mobility easier, a set of wheels have been added at the base two of which are lockable to make it stationary and prevent it from tipping over.
  • Adjustable shelves: to allow for customization depending on the items you want to store, the shelves of this cabinet are adjustable. Not only that, they’re able to lock into place meaning they can’t slide or bend when heavy items are placed on top.


  • The cabinet has a set of wheels for easy mobility.
  • The stainless steel construction is very beautiful.
  • It’s able to hold a maximum weight of 600 pounds.
  • Shelves can be customized


  • The panels are thin and can bend easily when knocked hard.

Customer feedback

Its durable all-steel construction, aesthetic appeal and ample storage capacity are some of the things most of customers loved about this garage storage cabinet.

The unit is said to be a practical storage solution that extremely sturdy and very high quality for long term use. What’s more, despite its overall weight once it’s packed full of items, its mobility is not hindered thanks to the heavy duty rolling casters that make movement so much easier.

While assembly is said to be easy, it may take some time and require two people to do it faster and conveniently.

2. Seville Classics Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet UHD16234

The Seville Classics Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet is an epitome of durability. That’s all thanks to the heavy-duty steel construction on the doors and powder-coated steel on the framework.

In addition to providing storage, this cabinet can also be used to provide security to your valuables in the garage as it has a lockable feature complete with keys to deter unauthorized access to your sensitive files and tools.

In addition, a set of 5” lockable wheels have been added to make mobility a breeze while still providing some space underneath for easy cleanup.

There are four storage cabinets, three of which are adjustable. And, if you have heavy tools that need to be stored, you can take advantage of these shelves which can hold a maximum weight of a whopping 800 pounds between them total.

Features of the Seville Classics Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet

  • Adjustable shelves: the three top shelves can easily be adjusted to create space to fit tools of various weights and sizes. The shelves are also designed to lock into place and can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds and 350 pounds for the bottom shelf.
  • Lockable door: although they don’t offer much security, the locking feature will help to protect sensitive documents and tools against unauthorized access.
  • Caster wheels: at 5”, the wheels are really large making mobility hassle-free. They also provide ample space underneath the cabinet to make cleanup quite easy.
  • Stainless steel construction: to make it withstand the test of time, the Seville Storage Cabinet is constructed from a powder-coated steel body and stainless steel doors. This cool combination also makes this cabinet an ideal option for long term offices and home work stations.


  • Holds a maximum weight of 800 pounds.
  • Assembly is very quick and easy.
  • It has lockable doors.
  • The wheels are large for ease of movement on any type of floor.
  • Shelves can be adjusted


  • It’s pricey

Customer feedback

Most shoppers rated this garage cabinet as high-standard and durable. Its ease of assembly is another factor most shoppers appreciated.

Its also been said to look great and hold a lot of items thus making this a practical, price worthy investment.

3. NewAge Products Bold 3.0 Gray 7 Piece Set Cabinet

If you have a lot of garage space and equally in need of tons of storage, then buying cabinets that comes in sets can be an ideal solution that not only saves you on time trying to look for different products to fill up this space and provide storage, but ultimately also save you money as well.

The NewAge Products has several of these types of set cabinets, and this particular Bold 3.0 comes in a set of 7 Pieces, all practical and intended to handle heavy-duty storage requirements.

With total dimensions of 108”×18”×77.2”, that’s ample storage to make a great storage companion for those with huge collections of tools and other items that need to be stored and neatly organized.

The cabinets are fitted with fully-lockable doors with decorative full-length aluminum handles. Therefore, all your tools, documents, and other private accessories are guaranteed maximum safety from unauthorized persons.

Speaking of the construction, this garage cabinet is built with a 24-gauge heavy steel frame that has a powder-coating to prevent rust, scratches, and everyday knocks that usually happen in the garage. It comes as a set of seven different cabinets with under-mount LED lights and a backsplash to make your DIY projects easily manageable.

Features of the NewAge Products Bold 3.0 7 Piece Set

  • Set of 7 cabinets: the 7 cabinets are ideal for people looking to adequately organize their garages. These cabinets comprise of 2 multi-use lockers (holding a max weight of 800 pounds), one 2-door base cabinet (600 pounds), a rolling tool drawer cabinet (600 pounds), two mountable cabinets (100 pounds), backsplash kits and a stainless steel worktop.
  • 48” steel worktop: the 48” stainless steel worktop provides a huge working area that fits a laptop and a monitor or two monitors and a lamp.
  • Stainless steel construction: the heavy-duty 24-gauge steel construction adds on strength and overall durability of this cabinet.
  • Under-mount LED lights: the under-mount LED lights are creatively designed to illuminate the worktop to ensure that your DIY projects are accomplished with ease.
  • Full-length aluminum handles: The handles are full length making it easier for you to grab the door when opening. The shiny aluminum handles also blend well with the Gray sand text paint finish making the cabinets very beautiful.
  • Lockable doors: all the doors and drawers of this garage cabinet are fully-lockable providing a secure spot to organize all your private accessories without the fear of misplacement or vandalism.
  • Leveling legs: apart from the rolling tool drawer cabinet which, of course, has wheels, the rest of the cabinets are designed with adjustable leveling legs which help to maintain stability and support.
  • Adjustable shelves: lastly, the NewAge Products Bold 3.0 7 Piece Set is fitted with adjustable steel shelves that are flexible enough to offer immense space to fit tools of all sizes.


  • Multiple cabinets offer immense space for storage and organization
  • It has a huge workspace.
  • Under-mount LED lights provide sufficient illumination.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Shelves can be adjusted
  • Doors are fully lockable for security


  • Very pricey.

Customer feedback

Easy assembly, awesome quality, and brilliant space-saving cabinet are some of the words used to describe the NewAge Products Bold 3.0 7 Piece Set. Though large, this cabinet comes with extra screws, bolts, and washers that make assembly easy and straight forward.

Most customers loved the sturdy, heavy-gauge steel construction and overall quality while others were impressed by the spacious cabinets which are designed to house almost everything under tight lock and key steel doors.

4. Suncast Wall Garage Storage Cabinet

The Suncast Wall Storage Cabinet is a budget option when you’re looking for an affordable cabinet to keep your garage stuff organized. It is a wall mount solution with sleek dimensions of 12”×30”×30.2” which means that it won’t comprise the rest of your shelves or up take much of your wall space.

The body is constructed from a mix of platinum and slate 2-tone resin to make it resilient to rusts, dents, knocks, and warping. This cabinet is designed with two metal shelves, one at the center and the other at the bottom, with each holding a maximum weight of 50 pounds.

Although this cabinet doesn’t hold much weight, it offers a perfect way of storing some of your kids’ toys, light tools, and some books. It can also be combined with other Suncast taller models to create one huge unit.

Features of the Suncast Wall Storage Cabinet

  • Lockable doors: to enhance security, both doors are equipped with a padlock-ready option with mid hinges and upper/lower latches to ensure that they tightly seal the cabinet when a padlock is added.
  • Resin construction: the combination of resin and platinum has played a pivotal role in ensuring that this cabinet resists scratches, rust, and dents.
  • Metal reinforced shelves: with metal reinforced shelving, this cabinet provides a firm storage option for most of your small tools and equipment provided they don’t exceed a weight of 50 pounds.
  • Multiwall panels: with the multi-wall panels, this cabinet can easily be mounted on different walls and still provide the much-needed strength and stability.


  • Wall mount option and therefore ideal for garages with limited spaces
  • The doors are lockable.
  • Adjustable interior shelving
  • Resin material is strong and light at the same time.
  • The combination of resin and platinum makes this cabinet very attractive.


  • Not ideal for very heavy items.

Customer feedback

The Suncast Wall Storage Cabinet is a great small cabinet that offers an excellent storage solution for small-sized tools and toys. It’s said to be sturdy and practical choice for those looking for some extra storage on their walls. The price is favorable and the overall experience is just outstanding for a majority of the customers.

5. Sterilite 01423V01 Garage Storage Cabinet

The Sterilite 01423V01 Storage Cabinet is a versatile choice for your garage and basement featuring a tubular framework. The cabinet is slim and tall offering ample space to organize your tall tools yet taking up limited space.

The frame and the panels are made of heavy-duty plastic while the handles are made of titanium to maintain its elegance and beauty. This cabinet has four adjustable shelves which are made from heavy-duty polycarbonate material.

Since the idea is to offer practicality in storage, the shelves can be adjusted or removed to create more vertical space. The Sterilite 01423V01 Cabinet has sleek dimensions of 18.9”×25.6”×69.4” that make it an excellent space-saving option with lockable doors to keep your private items secure.

Features of the Sterilite 01423V01 Storage Cabinet

  • Adjustable shelves: to allow for customization of storage space, the shelves of this cabinet are adjustable and easily removable. They’re also made from high-standard polycarbonate material to make them stronger and more durable.
  • Lockable doors: to provide added security to all your stuff, the doors of this cabinet are compatible with most standard padlocks to ensure that all your valuables are kept safe under lock and key.
  • Titanium handle: titanium handles have been added on both doors to offer additional convenience and make it easier for you to open or lock the doors. These handles are also beautiful and help to enhance the appearance of the overall cabinet.
  • Heavy-duty plastic construction: the frame and the panels of this cabinet are durably constructed from heavy-duty plastic that’s able to withstand challenging environments as it doesn’t bend, rust or peel.


  • This cabinet doesn’t require much assembly.
  • It’s very sturdy
  • Shelves can be customized to different heights.
  • It has a mix of Gray and Black finish that’s very beautiful.


  • The shelves can only endure weights of up to 40 pounds.

Customer feedback

Overall, the Sterilite 01423V01 Storage Cabinet remains to be a durable, sturdy and easily assembled garage storage cabinet in the market. The cabinet is reasonably priced and it’s neat looking especially when you consider the slim tall height.

Most of the customers are optimistic and very confident with this cabinet stating that it’s able to handle their garage items well. Other customers are impressed with the affordable price range while others are quite impressed with the heavy-duty plastic construction.

6. Elite 32″ Storage Cabinet, White

Although it’s simple looking, Elite 32″ Storage Cabinet is very strong and one of the best options to consider for storing some of your valuable garage items.

The frame and the panels are constructed from composite wood then laminated for easy cleanup and to prevent moisture from damaging the wood.

This storage cabinet is great for garage use thanks to the addition of two adjustable shelves and one stationary shelf. The adjustable ones can be removed or shifted at will to create more space to fit larger tools.

The doors are fitted with European style 6-way adjustable hinges that can shift left or right for easy opening and closing of the cabinet. When fully assembled, this cabinet has dimensions of 30.25 W x 59.5 H x 15.75 D Inches making it a superb option for garage use.

Features of the Elite 32” Storage Cabinet

  • Composite wood construction: both the frames and the panels are constructed from composite wood that’s very beautiful. Depending on user preferences, the unit is available in four cool colors that customers can choose from.
  • Adjustable shelves: to make this cabinet versatile, two of the shelves are adjustable for tailored fittings.
  • 6-way hinges: with the 6-way hinges, you can easily open the doors left or right when you’re storing or removing tools from the cabinet.
  • Brushed nickel handles: the brushed nickel handles are very solid and they make it easier for you to open the doors. They’re also stylish making the entire cabinet look amazing.


  • Solid construction
  • The edges of each door are rounded to enhance its beauty and prevent any bumping accidents.
  • The cabinet is tall with some adjustable storage.


  • The MDF construction is very delicate and susceptible to damage.
  • The holes for the screws during assembly are too small.

Customer feedback

The majority of the customers were impressed with its sturdy look and adjustable shelves that can be added or removed to transform the cabinet from a toolbox to a wardrobe closet.

Other shoppers were impressed with the affordable price tag relative to the functionality.

7. Torin Garage Workshop Tool Organizer Storage Cabinets

The Torin Garage Workshop Tool Organizer arrives as a combo set comprising of nine pieces, and is ideal for people with lots of space needing lots of storage . Just like the NewAge Products Bold 3.0 7 Piece Set, the Torin too provides ample space to fit most of your garage tools and accessories.

The entire combo set measures 130”×18.6”×75.8” and has a maximum weight of 487 pounds. The combo set comprises of two lockers on either side, two drawer cabinets, one 2-door base cabinet, three wall cabinets and a 1” thick wooden worktop.

Since it’s intended for garage use, the locker cabinets are fitted with 3 adjustable shelves on either side to create ample space to organize most of your tall tools. All the doors are lockable to enhance security while the bottom is fitted with adjustable leveling legs to keep the cabinet well balanced when heavy-load is added.

Features of the Torin Garage Workshop Tool Organizer

  • Lockable doors: to enhance security, all the doors of this garage cabinet are lockable making it a safe haven to store most of your valuable items and confidential files.
  • Adjustable shelves: since it’s intended for garage use, the shelves of the locker cabinets are adjustable allowing you to either adjust or remove them completely to customize your space. Each of the shelves is designed to hold a maximum load of 150 pounds.
  • Thick wooden worktop: the 1” thick wooden worktop creates a wide work space where you can accomplish most of your DIY projects.
  • Adjustable legs: unfortunately, these cabinets don’t have caster wheels. However, Torin has opted to use adjustable leveling legs to keep the unit level and grounded.
  • Satin powder coating: with the satin powder coating, this cabinet combo set can withstand rough and tough garage knocks. It’s also rust and scratch-resistant making it a great option for garage use.


  • It offers plenty of storage space.
  • Long lasting and highly resistant to rust and scratches.
  • The doors are lockable.
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Black and Gray combination adds on the overall beauty.


  • It’s very bulky.
  • Price restrictive

Customer feedback

Overall, the Torin Garage Workshop Tool Organizer is an excellent buy especially for homeowners with plenty of tools and other items that need to be organized. Users love its huge size and multiple cabinets that create ample space to organize and store

Additionally, customers also appreciated the overall construction and the lockable doors that ensure security from unauthorized access. Thus overall, though this is considered expensive, customers feel the price is justified and well worth it, seeing the quality and the amount of storage one’e gets as opposed to if one had individually bought each of these cabinets separately.

8. Homak 2 Door Wall Cabinet with 2 Shelves

The Homak 2 Door Wall Cabinet is an ideal choice for garages that require that extra wall cabinet for additional storage.

With a weight of 35 pounds and dimensions of 29.5”×29.5”×3.5”, this cabinet is constructed from a high-quality steel material with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware to make installation both easy and firm. To customize your space, you can take advantage of the 2 adjustable shelves which hold a load capacity of 66 pounds.

To ensure security a top priority while in the garage, the Homak 2 Door Wall Cabinet is equipped with HMC tubular locks that offer over 100 different combinations.

Features of the Homak 2 Door Wall Cabinet

  • Steel construction: since this cabinet is intended for garage use, Homak has constructed the panels with high-quality 2mm thick stainless steel and 2.5mm thick steel framing to make it strong and highly resistant to damage.
  • HMC tubular locks: the HMC tubular locks have been added on each door to boost security to all your personal tools. Additionally, recessed handles have been added to offer a catch-free experience when you’re opening or closing the doors.
  • Adjustable shelves: the two adjustable shelves offer a customizable storage option for all your stuff. With the help of the base shelf, you can easily remove or adjust any of the two shelves to create additional vertical space to fit your tools.
  • Mounting hardware: since this cabinet is designed to be mounted on the wall, there’s mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes at the back to make installation quite easy and fast.


  • The doors are lockable.
  • It comes ready with mounting hardware for easy installation.
  • The steel panels are very thick.
  • Space reclaiming and ideal where space is limited.
  • Shelves can be tailored to suit user needs


  • The steel casing is not very stiff. It can bend easily when knocked over.

Customer feedback

The Homak 2 Door Wall Cabinet is said to be an excellent wall cabinet choice that offers a good value for your hard-earned money. The affordable price, easy assembly, and heavy-duty construction are some of the things which most users loved about the Homak 2 Door Wall Cabinet.

9. Gladiator GAWG28FDYG Full-Door Wall GearBox Steel Cabinet

The Gladiator GAWG28FDYG Full Door Wall Cabinet offers an ideal solution to store your garage equipment ranging from fishing supplies to automotive tools. With dimensions of 28″ x 12″ x 28″, this cabinet is indeed offers sufficient storage and is able to offer a practical solution for your storage needs.

This model is constructed from heavy-duty steel meaning it promises longevity. The Gladiator is intended to be mounted either on the wall or placed on top of another cabinet to ease congestion on the garage floor.

The shelves of this cabinet are adjustable with each holding a maximum load of 40 pounds. The doors are secured with magnetic latches to keep them intact and prevent them from swinging around to avoid being knocked accidentally when storing or retrieving your tools.

Features of the Gladiator GAWG28FDYG Full Door Wall Cabinet

  • Steel construction: this cabinet is constructed from heavy-duty steel that has been rigorously tested against rust, impact, and thermal performance.
  • Tab and loop design: with the tab and loop design, assembly is made much easier than ever. Additionally, Allen head bolt screws and back plates have been used during the assembly process to make the structure of this cabinet more durable.
  • Magnetic latches: the magnetic latches are extremely useful here as they help to hold the doors firmly to prevent unnecessary swinging which can cause accidents.
  • Adjustable shelves: lastly, the shelves of this cabinet are adjustable. Although they can each only endure a maximum weight of 40 pounds, they can be adjusted to customize the space to fit extra gear.


  • Can handle a maximum weight of 150 pounds.
  • Wall bracket kit allows easy mounting on walls.
  • Assembly is quite a easy
  • Shelves are customizable
  • Magnetic latches allow easy locking of the doors.


  • The steel sheets used in the construction are very thin and can bend if mishandled.

Customer feedback

Most of the customers have used words such as fantastic, sturdy, space saver, beautiful, and intelligent engineering to refer to this cabinet. Several customers, also appreciated the affordable price tag while others were impressed with how fast it was to assemble.

10. NewAge Products Bold 3.0 Gray 2 Piece Set Garage Cabinets

Our second NewAge Products Bold 3.0 Gray cabinet is a 2 Piece Set consisting of a Locker Cabinet and Project Center, also constructed with heavy-duty steel frames to add extra-strength.
The shelves and the drawers both on the locker and project center cabinets are also constructed from steel to allow them to accommodate tools and equipment of different weights.

This combo set cabinet is fully-welded and it’s finished with a powder coat paint finish to make it beautiful and resilient to rust and regular scratches while in the garage.

Features of the NewAge Products Bold 3.0 Gray 2 Piece Set

  • 2-piece set: this cabinet arrives as a combo set with 2-pieces that include a locker cabinet and a project center cabinet. The locker has adjustable shelves that can hold a maximum weight of 800 pounds. The project center, on the other hand, has tiny shelves on one side and full-extension drawers on the other. It has caster wheels for easy mobility and can hold a maximum weight of 800 pounds.
  • Adjustable shelves: with the height-adjustable shelves, the locker cabinet can be fully customized to make it accommodate different sized items.
  • Steel construction: this combo set is constructed from heavy-duty fully-welded steel frames that add strength and boost the overall durability of both cabinets.
  • Closet rod:the locker cabinet is fitted with a closet rod to customize it. Other than just providing storage to your tools and gears, this locker can function as a closet to hang some of your garage garments.
  • Bamboo worktop: although it’s also available in stainless steel, the worktop on this specific combo set is made of bamboo to provide a tough stain-resistant and easy to wipe surface.
  • Full-length aluminum handles: the handles of these cabinets are made of full-length aluminum that gives you easy access to the doors whenever you need to grab something.
  • Lockable doors: all the doors of these cabinets are lockable providing a secure unit to organize and safely keep some of your valuable tools and private documents.


  • High quality and sturdy
  • Provides ample storage space.
  • Flexible adjustable shelving
  • Bamboo worktop has a very large working surface.
  • All doors are lockable for added security.


  • It’s a bit pricey.

Customer feedback

Most shoppers who bought this garage cabinet are impressed with the amount of space it offers as well as its quality construction. Others loved the easy assembly while others were carried away by the solid beauty it offers.

11. Tennsco J2478SU Heavy Gauge Steel Jumbo Storage Cabinet

The Tennsco J2478SU Heavy Gauge Storage Cabinet is featured in Champagne, Light Gray, Medium Gray, and Sand giving you a tone of fresh and clean colors that will definitely blend with different garages.

Constructed from heavy-gauge welded steel, this cabinet has a huge extra-large capacity that’s spacious enough to handle tons of your garage tools and equipment. Additionally doors that are easily lockable to provide maximum security to all personal tools and gears.

What’s more interesting about this cabinet is the four adjustable shelves that support a massive load of 400 pounds (each). So, if you’ve been worrying about where to store some of your bulky tools, then this cabinet will offer a lasting solution.

The Tennsco J2478SU Heavy Gauge Storage Cabinet has a weight of 217 pounds and dimensions of 24”×48”×78” making it a must-have for any pilled up garage needing some heavy duty type of storage.

Features of the Tennsco J2478SU Heavy Gauge Storage Cabinet

  • Extra-large capacity: the huge interior of this cabinet is a massive win as it provides ample space to store most of your bulky tools without worrying about damaging the shelves.
  • Adjustable shelves: constructed from heavy-gauge steel, the shelves of this cabinet are very solid and able to handle weights of up to 400 pounds. What’s more, these shelves are adjustable giving you the flexibility of adjusting the space inside to fit taller tools.
  • Brushed nickel handles: the handles not only offer a simple closing and opening experience, but they’re also shiny and very clean to further enhance the rich appearance of this storage cabinet.
  • 3-point locking system: the leaf hinges provides a secure three-point locking mechanism that helps to keep the doors firm and well balanced.
  • Welded steel construction: this is another major selling points of this cabinet. With the heavy-gauge welded steel construction, this cabinet is transformed into a steady box that’s highly resistant to damage.
  • Lockable doors: lastly, to enhance the security of your valuable staff, the doors of the Tennsco J2478SU Storage Cabinet are easily locked with keys.


  • Ideal for heavy duty storage
  • This cabinet is available in various colors to choose from.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction secures the cabinet against heavy knocks and bumps.
  • The interior is roomy enough and adjustable
  • The doors are lockable for added security.


  • If not assembled well, the doors of the cabinet do not align properly.

Customer feedback

All in all, the Tennsco J2478SU Heavy Gauge Storage Cabinet is a fantastic cabinet that has managed to solve most space-saving problems in the garage. Most homeowners indeed conformed that this cabinet is a lifesaver thanks to its huge interior. Others appreciated the easy assembly while others seem to be satisfied with how well it is constructed.

12. Goplus 8-Piece Garage Storage Cabinet Sets

The Goplus 8-Piece Garage Storage Cabinet Set is a top-rated model that offers ample space to store garage items. Whether it’s storing delicate tools or organizing your garage in a way that everything will be retrieved easily, this cabinet combo set provides a worry-free solution that will never disappoint you.

Constructed from a 24-gauge steel frame, the Goplus offers you a steady and durable solution especially keeping in mind especially if you’ll be using it in the garage. The cabinet is available in a set of 8 pieces that include 3-wall cabinets, 2-locker cabinets, 1-two door cabinet, 1- two door and a drawer cabinet, and one large bamboo worktop.

The shelves of the locker cabinets are adjustable to create more space to fit in most of your tall tools. The drawers have ball bearings for easy opening and closing while all doors are lockable meaning you can store all your private items inside without worrying about unwanted access.

Features of the Goplus 8-Piece Garage Storage Cabinet Set

  • Removable shelves: just like most of the cabinets we’ve already reviewed, the Goplus too is equipped with adjustable shelves that can be removed to create more space to fit in larger tools.
  • Lockable doors: to enhance security, all the doors of this cabinet combo set are lockable. This feature is key especially to homeowners who need to keep their private tools secure from unauthorized access.
  • Adjustable feet: to maintain stability, the feet of all floor cabinets are easily adjustable from 0 to 1.6”. This helps to keep the cabinets stable when placed on uneven grounds.
  • Bamboo worktop: the bamboo worktop is durable and very easy to clean. It has a large working area that measures 17” by 71” providing ample space to accomplish most of your DIY projects.
  • Ball-bearing slides: all the drawers are equipped with ball bearing slides to make it easier for you to slide and retrieve your tools, special gears or private files.


  • This cabinet combo set is easy to assemble and easy to wipe clean.
  • It has convenient handles that make closing and opening quite a breeze.
  • It provides ample storage space for most of your garage tools.
  • Both the feet and the shelves are adjustable.


  • Price restrictive

Customer feedback

The Goplus 8-Piece Garage Storage Cabinet Set has been recommended by customers due to its stability, massive storage capability and, of course, quality of construction. Customers were impressed with the heavy-duty steel construction while others seem to love stating that the value you get here is very much a worthy investment.

Garage Storage Cabinets Buyer’s Guide

With so many brands and types of cabinets available, making a selection can be daunting. Here are some important factors to consider.

1. Budget

The age old English saying that says “ you get what you pay for”? Well then best believe that  that price is a key factor that will dictate the quality and durability of what you buy. In most cases, cabinets made of cheap plastic will generally be cheaper as compared to those made of heavy-duty and long-lasting steel material.

2. Usage

How are you planning to use your garage cabinet storage space? This is another question you’ll need to ask yourself before making the final decision. Are you looking for a cabinet that will handle lightweight storage or are you looking for one that will work alongside your heavy-duty workshop?

In either case, you’ll have the flexibility to choose any of the light options available or perhaps you can go for those custom-fit options that will offer extra space to fit all your tools and other garage accessories regardless of the size and weight.

3. Location and space

Where are you planning to install or place the cabinet (s)? Do you have enough space? These are other key factors that will need to be considered. Do you need the cabinets to be mounted on the wall or should they stand freely on the ground? In case your garage is just an ordinary one, then you can go for a simple cabinet which can be mounted on the wall to free up some space on the ground or you can choose a base cabinet in case you have shelves already mounted on the wall.

In case your garage walls are molded, then you can select customized cabinets that will match with your walls and still leave enough space.

3. Style

The exterior finish is another factor you can consider. How the cabinets look in relation to furniture, walls and other furnishings in the garage is something some people take very seriously. To enhance the look of your garage select cabinets with color finishes that will correspond with your garage walls and surrounding.

4. Features

Finally, there are the features such as adjustable shelves, caster wheels, lockable doors, adjustable leveling legs, and ball bearings on the drawers are some of the things that enhance the functionality of a cabinet and also make user experience much easier and better.


Garages are often considered as the next best place for all our excesses around the home which sometimes results in over congestion in the garage and an overly cluttered room with limited space. This can not only be unsightly but also hinder productivity in the garage, time wasting when searching for items and several other headaches that can be avoided.

One effective solution you can consider is adding a garage storage cabinet to effectively organize your garage space and depending on your budget, the type of garage you have and, of course, your personal requirements there’s really no shortage of options readily available.









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