2020 Review of 9 Best Garage Ceiling Storage Systems

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Table of Contents

Everything that does not have immediate use in the home tends to end up in the garage. It is therefore not surprising that chaos reign supreme in some garages  as a result of lack of adequate space for storage. Garage ceiling storage systems are ingenious overhead storage solutions that can help alleviate perennial storage problems in the most practical ways.

The beauty of overhead ceiling storage is that it applies to pretty much every garage or any section of the home such as the attic or basement as long as the space requires a creative storage solution.

Overhead storage allows you to utilize space in the ceiling therefore creating an avenue that frees up your garage floor space. This can be done neatly for easy storage and retrieval of stored items by labeling content of the boxes or containers on the side and bottom. That helps eliminate the guessing game.

Below we have rounded up different styles of overhead storage suitable for garages. These will transform your garage space in a manner that will pleasantly shock you. Check out this storage options.

Review of the Best Overhead Ceiling Storage Solutions for Your Garage

1. Racor Ceiling Storage System Heavy Lift

Racor ceiling storage system is an ingenious piece of equipment that allows you to create storage in the rafters. This equipment helps you create storage where there was none before.

The Racor ceiling storage helps you to better organize storage stuff by providing additional storage in the ceiling that can take up 250 pounds of weight.

An obvious concern is the mechanics of an overhead storage holding 250 pounds and the safety aspect. Well, the Racor has been engineered with safety in mind and when fixed properly as detailed in the manual, it is completely safe.

The Racor comes with a hoist and platform and the size of the platform is 4 by 4 feet creating 16 square feet of storage that was not there before. And you can do this without compromising floor or wall space.

If your garage is the standard 8-9 feet high, then the wench and cables will work just fine in lowering the platform so you can load, add or remove stored items from it. Then it can be hoisted up again using the crank. If you are not a fan of ladders, this unit is for you.

The hoist can still be mounted on higher ceilings but you would need purchase an extension chain and connect to the ends of the cables in order to allow the platform to lower to floor height.


  • Has a crank to lower and lift it so need need for ladders
  • It can be mounted on flat or angled ceiling.
  • Has nylon rings attached for the mount
  • Constructed from high strength steel
  • The platform can hold a maximum weight of 250 pounds
  • Comes in 1-pack
  • Available in only black color

Customer feedback

Users who bought this item mentioned that the installation was straightforward taking an estimated two hours from start to finish. If you are doing the installation alone and the many trips up and down a ladder to select tools can take a bit of time. However, if you have a person to help hand over the tools to you while on the ladder, the installation time will be drastically reduced.

However, some customers mentioned that their installation came tumbling down like a pile of bricks after installation and feared that this unit is not safe. That can only happen in two scenarios:#1 if the this piece of equipment is not assembled properly and #2 if it is overloaded beyond the recommended load bearing capacity.

During installation, one should ensure that the lag screws are installed into suitable rafters or ceiling joists as addressed in the manual for guaranteed safety.

Once installed and operational, this has been said to greatly help with storage. There are users who feel that given its performance, it’s really hard to find a comparable unit. This perhaps explains why this is one of the most popular ceiling storage systems available in the market.

2. Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack Adjustable Ceiling Garage Rack

One of the other reasons that ceiling storage makes sense is if you are living in a flood prone area. A ceiling drop down storage ensures that in case of flooding, important documents and personal items have a good chance of staying dry if they are stored somewhere overhead.

Apart from that, the additional space created by a ceiling storage helps keep your garage space organized and creates more floor and wall space. The Fleximount garage storage rack is constructed from high strength steel and has a platform of 4 by 8 feet. The heavy duty cold-rolled steel platform can safely hold a maximum weight of up to an astounding 600 pounds.

That is a lot of storage space that frees up your floor and wall space. If you are concerned about safety, this piece of overhead storage comes with long brackets that allow it to be attached to the ceiling joist using 2 studs.

There are 6 vertical posts with long brackets to be safely attached to the ceiling. This structure can be anchored to ceiling joists or a concrete ceiling.


  • It can be attached to ceiling joist or concrete ceilings
  • Has brackets and six vertical posts for the mount
  • Platform is made from heavy duty 13 Gauge cold-rolled steel
  • Total load capacity of platform is 600 pounds
  • Comes in black, hammertone and white colors
  • Available in 1-pack and 2-pack
  • Storage can be accessed by a ladder

Customer feedback

Customers who did their own installation mentioned that they could use it immediately after installation. They also mentioned that the storage platform did not even butt an eyelid on the weight placed upon it. Customers love that the installation was a breeze and there is no reason it should not be done by any person who understands the manual. The manual is fairly easy to follow because it is well illustrated. This is not the sort of installation to be done in a hurry, so take your time and get it right. If one is in a hurry, it’s best to pay someone competent to get it done for you.

Access to the platform is simple. All you need is a ladder, decent balance and you can be sure this ceiling storage will work for you.

3. NewAge Products Ceiling Mount Garage Storage Rack System

If you have a choke full garage, it is time to consider some reorganization. Although that may seem like a project you would not want to undertake because of the tedious job involved, you would likely think twice about it if you were told that you can create approximately 104 cu. ft. of additional space within your garage that will swallow up most of the clutter off the garage floor space. With such a possibility, the task of reorganizing the garage does not seem like an impossible mission any more.

The overhead space created by this NewAge Products ceiling storage system is simply remarkable and super convenient. This storage structure is made from high strength steel so you can be sure it is solid.

The storage platform features wire and strong metal strips that ensure it can handle a maximum load of 600 pounds (the 4 by 8 feet option). That is plenty of storage that should relieve ample space off the floor and walls for a better organized garage. Bulky items such as boxes, tires, bicycles and sporting equipment can find storage in the rafters instead of clogging precious garage floor space.

A point of note is that this storage fixture can only be attached to wooden ceiling joists and will not work on metal or concrete. The storage fixture can be installed to allow 6 or 8 feet of vertical space based on the height of one’s ceiling as well as user preference.


  • It can only be mounted on wood joists
  • Comes with the brackets for mounting on the joists
  • It is made from 13 gauge heavy duty steel
  • The platform has a maximum load bearing capacity of 600 pounds
  • Comes in gray and white colors
  • Available in 1-pack
  • A ladder is needed for storage and retrieval of stored items

Customer feedback

Although this storage has four vertical posts with brackets, it is still very sturdy when correctly installed. Customers who bought this mentioned that the installation was fairly easy. They also expresses that the storage unit is sturdy provided one installs it correctly considering the fact that mounting on wooden ceiling joists can be tricky.

4. MonsterRax Overhead Storage Rack

For maximum safety and rigidity, MonsterRax Heavy duty ceiling storage is made from 14-gauge steel with a design bracket that spans to 2 ceiling joists for super firmness. The unit comes in two colors to match any garage color scheme.

This storage unit utilizes Grade 8 Case-Hardened Lag bolts to attach to the joists. The platform is customizable and one can install it to 3 drop heights of choice. The 4 by 8 feet platform can accommodate a maximum load of 500 pounds. The wire decking offers users a waterfall design which ensures easier, quicker and safe assembly.


  • It can be mounted on straight ceilings
  • Comes with four vertical metal posts with elongated brackets for mounting
  • It is constructed from high strength 14 gauge steel
  • The platform can take on a maximum weight of 500 pounds
  • Available in white and hammertone gray
  • It also comes in 2-packs
  • A ladder is required to store and retrieve items from the platform

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this unit mentioned that they labeled the sides and bottoms of the containers which they could see clearly through the mesh. That ensures that you do not have to wonder which box is where when you need to retrieve an item. The powder coat finish not only looks amazing but also serves as an anti-corrosion protective layer. Customers appreciate this aspect because it guarantees longevity.

Provided you read the manual and understand it, installing this unit should not be too much of a headache. Users mentioned that they were satisfied with the sturdy outcome of this overhead storage.

5. SafeRacks Ceiling Storage Rack Package with Accessory Hooks

This second SafeRack option also comes in 4 by 8 feet and is made from heavy duty high strength steel but unlike the first model, it comes complete with hooks. What this overhead storage unit can do for your garage organization is nothing short of amazing.

If you think your garage is beyond any semblance of order in terms of storage, then think again. All you need to sort things out is a proper storage rack that helps utilize wasted or unused spaced in the garage, like this unit. The platform holds 600 pounds and backs it up with a lifetime warranty.

Now all your seasonal stuff like boxes as well as sports equipment and fishing rods can disappear neatly and safely somewhere in the rafters. Bikes can also hang from the storage. Walking or driving into your garage can be a pleasant experience once you get organized. Let this capable organizing assistant help you out.


  • It can be mounted on a straight ceiling
  • Comes with brackets and six metal vertical posts for proper ceiling anchorage
  • Includes  2 pairs of deck hooks and 1 pair of rail hooks and utility Hooks
  • Made from high strength steel with a powder coat finish
  • The platform can withstand a maximum load of 600 pounds
  • Comes as a 2 pack
  • Available in white color only
  • Ladder is needed to store and retrieve items from this overhead storage

Customer feedback

Sturdy! Is the one word users used severally to describe their satisfaction with this garage overhead storage unit. One user mentions that she left about 2 inches from the wall during the install as this allowed her to tighten bolts and screws with ease. She mentioned that it helped to speed along the installation process.

This is a great way to ensure your garage is organized and safe. It is imperative that the provided lags go into ceiling joists to ensure adequate and correct anchorage. With a bit of patience, know-how and a thorough understanding of the manual, you should be able to do this yourself. Otherwise solicit the help of a capable handy man should you feel you have no time to do it correctly.

Customers add that this unit has an extremely durable build and is a beautiful addition to her garage space. The racks will open up the floor space like you would not believe and they highly recommend this unit to anyone looking for efficient garage overhead storage.

6. HyLoft Overhead Ceiling Storage System

If your garage floor space has been taken over by bins, boxes, baskets and sports equipment, overhead storage can rescue the situation. The Hyloft storage rack does a good job of helping you reorganize your garage by providing additional space that you did not know existed.

The unit is made from high grade steel that has been powder coated for a fine finish and longevity. The height of the unit is customizable allowing you to go with your preference based on the ceiling height of your garage. This 45 inches by 45 overhead storage unit can take on a maximum load of 250 pounds on its platform.

The HyLoft overhead storage system is scratch proof because of the powder coat finish on it. So you can store any item without worrying about the aesthetics of the unit.


  • It can be mounted on any joist configuration
  • Comes with four vertical posts with brackets ensure secure attachment to ceiling joists
  • Made from high grade steel with a powder coated finish that is scratch proof.
  • The platform can accommodate maximum weight of 250 pounds
  • Comes in white and black hammertone colors
  • Available in 1-pack
  • Ladder is needed for storage and retrieval of items

Customer feedback

Depending on the amount of storage one needs, you can opt to install one or several Hylofts units. Although this unit is customizable, customers mentioned, that they are conveniently designed to fit the space above your garage door and the ceiling. This means you don’t really need much customization.

Boxes of memorabilia and seasonal items such as sports gear and festive decorations can often form the bulk of box content in the garage. This overhead storage unit is excellent for providing storage that gets all that stuff out of the way without compromising floor and wall space.

7. Quick-Shelf Hangers Overhead Ceiling Mount Storage Unit

This easy to install ceiling storage unit can be of used in a garage, attic, basement or pretty much anywhere that needs overhead storage. Its installation is super easy and minimal tools are required. All you need are eight ceiling attachment points for the entire rack of shelves. The only tools required are a 3/16″ drill bit and a screwdriver.

The length can accommodate up to 12 feet of board length. However, it is important to point out that the unit does not come with the board and that has to purchased separately.

This is an excellent unit for people who are looking to maintain a wood, rustic theme all throughout their space. Installation is super easy. Drill 2 holes per bracket and twist in the lag bolts. The shelves have minimal “swing” from the ceiling but this will stop once some weight has been put on them.


  • It can be mounted on a straight ceiling
  • Comes with eight ceiling attachment eye hooks for mounting
  • The unit is constructed from galvanized steel spring wire
  • Claims that it can hold a maximum of 1400 pounds at maximum capacity
  • The shelf boards have to be bought separately
  • A ladder is needed to retrieve or store items

Customer feedback

This product installs easily. Most customers who got this overhead storage unit option were looking for a cost effective, simple, and reliable shelving solution. This fits perfectly in a garage or even an art studio with limited space. Most solutions are limited to a single shelf. But this product allows you to stack several shelves to suit your needs for efficient use of space.

If the swing concerns you, then one can stop it entirely by simply fastening the shelf to a stud on your wall and it will not budge an inch.  This product works great if suspended garage shelving is what you are looking for.

8. HyLoft Adjustable Garage Ceiling Mount Storage Rack Kit

This is a simple yet efficient Hyloft overhead ceiling storage that is affordable and incredibly easy install. Even if you just need one unit at the moment, you can always add multiple units continuously and potentially run it from wall to wall if you wanted to.

The pair of brackets can hold up to 200 pounds of weight provided they are firmly attached to ceiling joists. This unit can be bought as a standalone and installed as overhead storage in a garage. Alternatively, if you already have a Hyloft overhead storage system, this can serve as an add-on accessory attached to the existing Hyloft storage for an additional 250 pound worth of storage space.


  • It can be customized for mounting on straight ceilings
  • Comes with brackets for mounting
  • It is made from tough steel all round
  • Each pair of racks can hold up to 250 pounds
  • Available only in white color
  • Comes as 1-pack, 2-pack, 3-pack and 4-pack
  • A ladder is needed to remove and place items

Customer feedback

Users who bought this share that they are very happy with their purchase. One customer mentioned that he would have appreciated knowing beforehand that in order to get the most out of this unit, the 2 brackets need to be as far apart as recommended from each other and each bracket fully needs to be fully extended. Some customers shared that the install can be fussy so we recommend using an expert to minimize any inconvenience.

9. StoreYourBoard Double Ladder Ceiling Rack

This double ladder overhead storage unit supports a maximum load of 150 pounds. The installation is pretty simple and this fixture helps get the items out of your way by clearing valuable floor space in a shop or garage.

It features a dense closed-cell foam padding that holds the ladders securely in place and eliminates any shifting. The unit comes equipped with adjustable ceiling brackets which allow you to fit ladder sets of any style including extension, folding, metal, hinged, wood, roofing and so forth.

A quick-lock push pin connects each support arm to the racks base. You can attach a support arm on either side to hold two ladders or remove one arm to support one. How you configure it is dependent on space, size, individual needs and preference. It comes with removable arms with the push of a button when you need to reconfigure.

You will also notice there is a slight upward angle on each side of the support arm where the ladder lays to enhance safety by ensuring the ladders stay put. It has a 2 sided rack minimalist design that saves space and gives twice the storage capacity


  • It can be used on straight ceilings
  • Comes with gated pins for the mounting
  • It is made from heavy duty steel for strength and longevity
  • Can handle up to 150 pounds comfortably
  • Comes only in black color
  • Comes as a two sided rack
  • A ladder is needed to retrieve and store items

This unit it not exclusively for ladders only but can also be used for storage of other items such as tools, skis, kayaks, paddleboards, snow boards, surfboards, wakeboards, skateboards, fishing rods, canoes and so much more. The idea behind this storage design is to conserve space while protecting equipment from excessive wear and tear.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this overhead storage unit expressed that it is very handy for ladder storage. Not only is the installation simple taking you about 20 minutes from start to finish, it’s very sturdy too. They also mentioned that you can use this unit for holding one aluminum extension ladder and one 6 feet fiberglass ladder and that the height adjustment on this unit is very helpful.


When installing an overhead storage units that will have the capacity to bear a fair amount of weight, safety is always a concern. The garage ceiling storage systems mentioned above come with detailed and well-illustrated manuals that offer a step-by-step guideline on how to install this storage fixtures properly. Reading the manual thoroughly before embarking on any installation of the above units is paramount to safety. The units’ maximum weight capacity is also clearly indicated.

Between having your car in the garage alongside, seasonal boxes, tires, sports gear such as skis and surfboards, it is no wonder your garage can seem so cluttered and small. What we can guarantee you will love by installing any of the above ceiling overhead options in your garage, is the space and order it will bring.

Not only will you have storage but also you will find your items in the pristine condition you stored them in. That is what this type of garage ceiling storage system does for you.





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