2021 Review of 9 Best Gable Attic Fans

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Table of Contents

Unlike standard attic ventilation fans, gable attic fans are cooling alternatives hailed for their easy installation on existing gable vents. To provide ventilation, these durable and effective units are hardwired, plugged into an outlet or solar powered without requiring any sort of modification to your roofline.

Why do You Need a Gable Attic Ventilation Fan in the First Place?

Summer comes with lots of pleasant sun that offers brighter days for most. It is also the season to soak in the warmth and get that much loved tan going. Even insects are abuzz with life and vigor. But summer also brings dreary heat that can be stifling and overwhelming especially if your home cooling system is not performing at its best. Unless you install one of the best gable attic fans.

During a summer heat wave, it’s not surprising that the exhausting heat in the attic can reach as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit. For most of us, the home cooling and heating can be centered just around the living area of the home and often not much thought is given to the attic.

When you take the time to examine how heat from the summer sun affects your home, it becomes quite apparent that your attic should not to be neglected. That’s because the attic acts as your home’s heat shield and for that reason has a significant impact on the temperature in the rest of the house and living spaces.

In case you have noticed an unreasonable spike in your cooling bills. And your living space is heating up uncomfortably despite your HVAC system operating at full throttle. Then it’s quite possible that your attic is acting up and is playing a role in the rising heat in your living space. But how is that possible when your home has a ceiling that is intact and in good repair?

Well, during summer when the sun is all out, it blasts down mercilessly on your roof and your entire structure absorbs the heat energy. The absorbed heat radiates into the attic space and then finds it way downwards through the home’s framing by conduction. As a result, your living space gets heated up. The natural reaction will be to turn on the AC and crank it to a higher setting in an attempt to regulate the temperature to a more comfortable level. When the energy bill comes, it will be significantly higher than usual because of the stifling heat that your AC has been trying to deal with.

A big part of the solution is in improving ventilation in your attic which will in turn reduce the amount of heat the attic holds and conducts into your home. This is where attic fans can help solve the heat problem.

As mentioned earlier, installation of a gable attic fan is pretty straightforward without altering your roofing. Just needs to be mounted on your gable vent.

By installing a good quality gable fan, you can effectively reduce the cooling load on your air conditioner and thus save money off your utility bills. A gable attic fan does a decent job of ventilating your attic and helps keep the hot air from settling which subsequently maintains a lower temperature in your living space.

Additionally, gable attic fans are also smart automatic units that  come with adjustable thermostats. This way, you can set your preferred temperature levels and let it do the work for you. And once the set temperature levels are achieved, the fan will turn itself off.

Below we look at some of the best gable attic fans that can drastically improve the temperature conditions in the attic and have a positive impact on the efficiency of your AC system.

Review of the Best Gable Ventilation Fans for Attics

  1. QuietCool Smart Attic Gable Fan (AFG SMT-3.0)

This unit has a hardy build that can take the rigors of inhabiting an attic such as with standing dust, heat and humidity.

And just because the unit placement is in the attic where it is rarely seen, there is no reason why it should not look great.

It comes with a steel housing that has been painted over to ensure the unit stays in great shape for the long haul.

The QuietCool AFG SMT-3.0 smart attic fan has a built-in thermostat/humidistat and a ten-variable speed motor.

Other than enhancing ventilation in the attic and increasing your comfort level due the fact that your climate control system is working at an optimum, this feature avails an avenue for lowering energy bills because it allows you to choose a fan intensity commensurate to the cooling needs of a given time.

For instance, when the attic is at its hottest point, the fan will run at the 3,000 CFM setting, while only using 140 watts. To achieve an output of 3000 CFM at 140 watts is quite an amazing feat which translates to better cooling conditions, more comfortable temperatures at low energy consumption.

The best part is that this smart ventilating fixture self regulates its operation. Such that, as the attic begins to cool down, this smart attic fan will automatically cycle itself down to the lower speeds. That is remarkable! It’s also worth noting that at the lowest speed, the fan will blow 1,000 CFM and run at only 15 watts.

The installation of this unit is fairly simple as all it take is mounting it directly to a gable or dormer vent and plug the fan using the 20-foot power cord that comes attached. It is plug and play which makes this fixture super easy to work with both in doing the installation and in operating.

If you are looking for maximum energy efficiency, and auxiliary ventilation fan, this gable attic fan will complement your existing HVAC system for better performance. It will also lower your energy bills and ensure a cooler home.


  • Steel case housing for longevity and simplified installation
  • The unit has a built in thermostat and humidistat
  • Self adjusts automatically with a 10-speed ECM motor
  • Connectivity is plug and play which means no wiring
  • The unit is capable of 3000 CFM at the highest setting
  • Runs on 120 Volts

Customer Experience

Customers who got this unit were looking to ease the burden on an existing HVAC system and try mitigating the rising cost of energy bills during summer. Users mentioned that this Quiet Cool Smart Attic fan, with its built in thermostat helped them achieve just that.

Customers shared that they were also impressed at the fans ability to operate itself based on the temperature in your attic just as advertised. Simply plug it into a 120V outlet with the provided cable, and you are good to go.

  1. Cool Attic CX1500 Gable Mount Power Attic Ventilator

Is the summer heat getting the better of you? You may need to consider installing a gable attic fan of good quality such as this Cool Attic CX1500 Gable Mount Power Attic Ventilator.Best Gable Attic Fan

This fan is an awesome complement that works in tandem with your vent’s cooling system for efficiency, comfort and lowering cooling energy consumption in your home. This fan helps prevent weather-induced home deterioration caused by mold and humidity.

This unit has an impressive ability to cool an attic of up to 1,850 square feet.

The motor has decent power at 3.4-amp and runs on 115-volt. Its 60-Hz thermally protected motor functions smoothly and fairly silently delivering a respectable 1,300 CFM rating at 0.03 static pressure when used with an automatic shutter of model No. CX2121.

The unit’s build is minimalist with no clutter but very efficient and easy to mount.

The fan and all its electrical components are housed in a protective galvanized steel plunge that’s durable and can take on the harsh heat, humidity and dust associated with most attics.

The installation has been simplified for the user so that the unit mounts easily in the gable of your home. This fixture can also be mounted on existing louvers or any other preferred gable louvers of your choice. Most home owners and contractors appreciate that this gable unit provides quality ventilation without the need of modifying your roof line.

It’s far cheaper , smart and efficient in the long run to install this gable attic fan for auxillary attic ventilation as opposed to run down your HVAC system with unreasonable heat loads that rump up your energy bill.

If you have noticed that your living quarters are heating up intolerably during the summer heat, then it may be a good call to support your cooling system with some attic ventilation to reduce its cooling load. This gable attic fan will fan out warm air preventing accumulation of heat and fun in cooler air that reduces the temperature of your attic to comfortable levels. This means that your current AC system will not be overworked and your home remains cooler and comfortable while reducing utility costs.


  • Galvanized steel flange that ensure protection against the elements as durability and a hustle free installation
  • The unit has the capacity to self-adjusts automatically
  • Connectivity is plug and play
  • The unit is capable of 1300 CFM at the highest setting
  • Runs on 115 Volts

Customer Experience

Customers who needed a decent motor but on a shoestring budget said this is a great unit that gets the job done. Contractors mentioned that they have mounted several of these already and said that they are efficient, cheap and a simple attic fan both in construction and quality. Users pointed out that it works favorably well in lower the house temperature. Bottom line, users liked this fan for being an affordable option that prolongs the life of your roof.

Few users complained that the unit is noisy. While the motor has a humming noise that can’t be missed, it is bearable. Other rattling sounds that may be experienced would be for lack of proper installation of the unit. However, rubber washers are recommended under the clamps and beneath the screws and washers holding the board to the house studs to prevent the rattle.

  1. Broan-NuTone 35316 Gable Mount Attic Ventilator

The Broan-NuTone 35316 Gable Mount attic ventilator is incredibly easy to install and operate. Once installed the cooling fixture runs automatically.

With this unit you have little to worry about in terms of control, because the 14-Inch diameter steel blade is specially designed for maximum air movement and smart operation made possible by the presence of a built in adjustable thermostat.

What this translates to is that the unit monitors the heat levels in the attic. When appropriate, the motor will adjust the fan speed accordingly to dispel the heat. As the heat levels lower in your attic, this fixture will tone down the fan intensity to low as required to maintain a cooler attic while at the same time conserving energy.

The unit’s size can look deceptively small at 14” diameter, but you will pleasantly surprised to realize that it comfortably works to cool a space of 2280 sq. ft. at 1600 CFM

When properly installed, this cooling fixture operates quietly and can hardly be heard even at the highest fan speed. The installation is also a breeze thanks to a hard galvanized steel flange that is ribbed for strength and durability. This is accompanied by a mounting bracket that simplifies installation.

The unit is a safe and low maintenance option gable attic fan because the motor is thermally protected and permanently lubricated.

It keeps humidity, moisture and eventual mold from taking hold of the attic space. In fact, this ventilator keeps your attic cool and dry all season long.


  • The unit is housed in a strong galvanized steel flange that ensure protection against the elements
  • Has the ability to self-adjusts automatically
  • Connectivity is plug and play for easy operation
  • The unit is capable of 1600 CFM at the highest setting
  • It runs on 120 Volts

Customer Experience

Most of the customers who got this unit said they were satisfied with the efficiency and dependability of the fan. Depending on how and where in the attic this fixture is installed, the humming sound when the fan is running is not an issue. However, customers who have super sensitive hearing, the low hum of the motor were able to discern it but it was not a deal breaker for most.

  1. Air Vent Gable Attic Ventilator

Gable attic vents can be a great solution when your attic insulation is less than R-19, or your home has plenty of eave soffit ventilation space. Because these are the common issues that cause warm air from the attic to find its way into your living space.

The more immediate solution that would cause instant relief is this affordable Air Vent Gable Ventilator.

The build is very simple yet strong and sturdy.

An important point of clarification, although this fan is advertised a gable attic fan and whole house fan. It does not quite do an excellent job when used as a whole house fun. However, when used as an attic fan, this unit performs marvelously well in getting rid of trapped humid heat in the attic.

Ideally, the Air Vent Gable ventilator should be fitted in the gable end of the house. In such scenario one will not even need to cut any holes for mounting the unit.

Installation is super easy for such cases as many homes will already have a gable vent. The preferred way to mount this unit is with an automatic or self-closing louver in a gable end. However, the unit can also be mounted on the roof in a horizontal position.

This cooling fixture is incredibly light weighing at 8.5 ponds. The lightness has a lot to do with the fact that the unit’s frame is made from hard plastic while the blades are thin sheets of stainless steel. The build is strong and designed to withstand the tough environment of the attic that is exposed to loads of dust and humidity.

For attic spaces of up to 1500 sq.ft and below, this unit does an excellent job of getting rid of the heat.

The adjustable thermostat allows the user to set the fan on a fan speed of choice based on the cooling need of your attic.


  • The unit is housed in a hardened strong plastic that is sturdy and resilient
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat for high efficiency in saving energy cost
  • Needs to be hardwired but has a provision for accepting a screw-nut style electrical wire connection
  • The unit is capable of 1050 CFM at the highest fan speed
  • It runs on 120 Volts

Customer Experience

Users who bought this unit pointed out that the thermostat works accurately and the fan runs quietly with a good balance. Customers also noted that the unit does not vibrate when running like some units do. Many compared it to other attic fans that they have owned and found that it can hold its own very well provided they use it for an area equal to or less than 1,500 square feet.

  1. Broan 353 Gable Mount Attic Ventilator

The Broan 353 Gable Mount Attic Ventilator is a welcomed installation for the attic. Other than decreasing the chances of unwelcomed heat wafting down to your living space from the attic, this unit does an excellent job of preserving your roof and structure.

Without proper ventilation in the attic, the stifling trapped heat can slowly damage your roof. Asphalt shingles are more vulnerable as the trapped attic heat can reach up to temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat is right beneath the roof and can cause your shingle to shrink and consequently become cupped or curl and split.

Excessive heat also causes asphalt shingles to become brittle and more susceptible to destruction from the elements such as wind and hail or when someone walks on them during roof maintenance.

You can prevent all that and extend the lifespan of your roof by installing an attic gable fan such as this one. This attic ventilator will effectively works to remove super-heated attic air in spaces up to 1630 sq. ft. at 1020 CFM .


  • The units housing is a 22 gauge galvanized steel with ribbed edges for additional strength
  • Comes with a built in thermostat for automatic ventilation
  • This unit needs to be hardwired for excellent functionality
  • The unit is capable of 1020 CFM at the highest fan speed
  • It runs on 120 Volts

Customer Experience

Users who bought this item love the efficiency of the unit as well as the high performance. Customers also mentioned that the unit barely needs any maintenance as the motor is thermally protected and permanently lubricated for longevity and stress free operation. Quite a number of customers found it effective in protecting their shingled roofs.

  1. Eco-Worthy 25W Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Gable Roof Vent Fan

The Eco- Worthy 25W solar Powered Attic Ventilator  is a ready-to-use solar fan that applies to several areas of the home such as the attic, shed, garage or RV.Gable Attic Fan

This unit is solar powered and therefore eco friendly.

Think about it, summer time is the season where your roof get blasted with the sun’s heat the most and it’s also the time when most heat is trapped in the attic.

If your house is not properly insulated, chances are that some of this heat will make its way into your living spaces and cause discomfort by raising temperatures. The normal reaction is to crank up the AC to higher setting.

This solar fan is a great solution that solves the problem in the short term. Being powered by solar energy has a definite positive impact as it ends up using less electric energy which saves you plenty of cash in the long run. Summer being the time that you may need to cool your attic the most also means there’s a load of available sun to power the unit.

The solar roof vent fan comes with a pre-installed 8-inch solar cable and a quick-connector which simplifies the installation. Connecting the unit to the solar panel has also been made quiet thanks to a 16 feet solar cable that installs real easy with the quick-connect wires. Dispelling heat in the attic, preserving your roof and enjoying more cool air in your living places for less is much easier when you have this fan.

The package includes a gable attic fan as well as a one piece of a 30 Watt Foldable Solar Panel with 16 feet Solar Cable and 6 pieces of mounting brackets. It also features a couple of screws to help you set and start enjoying the benefits of a cooler attic immediately.


  • The unit’s housing is a made from tough galvanized steel that promotes longevity
  • Solar powered fixture that cools your attic with renewable energy
  • Connectivity is through a quick-connector system
  • The unit is capable of 1960 CFM at the highest setting
  • Runs on 120 Volts

Customer Experience

Customers liked the combination of relieving heat in the attic on the cheap as well as lowering their cooling energy bill during the summer heat. They said that this unit meets those needs perfectly. They also appreciated that the package came with everything solar energy related to ensure fast and easy installation.

  1. Dayton 10W199 Gable Attic Ventilator

Cut down on energy costs with this Dayton attic ventilator. You can do that by giving your AC a break or at least lessening the living area cooling load.

This simple but effective gable attic fan  can easily turn the tide of heat around by providing cooling.

This unit can comfortably generate a breeze of 1650 CFM which has the ability to significantly lower the summer heat trapped in the attic and consequently positively impact your home in staying cooler. And it does this economically.

The unit is safe for attic installation because of its thermally-protected motor.

Additionally, the Dayton 10W199 Gable Attic Ventilator is advertised to feature low sound levels for domestic or commercial applications.


  • The unit’s housing is a made from tough galvanized steel which enhances the fans longevity
  • Comes with an automatic adjustable thermostat for smart operation.
  • The fixture needs to be hardwired to the wall
  • The unit is capable of 1650 CFM at the highest setting
  • Runs on 120 Volts

Customer Experience

Customers who used this gable attic fan said they were saving money already shortly after installation. That’s because the house cools down quicker when the AC kicks on. Part of the reason is because the ductwork in the attic is cooler already due to the work of this fan. Customers also mentioned that they were happy to buy the optional but complementary aluminum gable shutters separately to further enhance the performance of the unit.

  1. TPI Gable-Mount Exhaust Fan

The TPI Gable Mount Exhaust Fan has a very simple minimalist build and weighs a paltry 11 pounds.

The unit is safe for attic installation as it comes equipped with a safety fire link-protector to minimize any chances of overheating.

This unit is beneficial all year round. In the summer it helps lower your attic temperatures by bringing in cooler air into the attic space and supplying drier air to the attic in winter. These two factors are crucial in maintaining a problem free attic in a home.

The TPI Gable Mount Exhaust Fan can cover a square footage of 2000 while generating a CFM of 1300.


  • The unit’s housing is a made from tough galvanized steel that promotes longevity
  • Includes an automatic adjustable thermostat for smart operation.
  • The fixture needs to be hardwired to the wall
  • The unit is capable of 1300 CFM at the highest setting
  • Runs on 120 Volts

Customer feedback

Over and above doing a good job in lowering temperatures in the attic to bearable levels, customers mentioned that that this unit was remarkably easy to install. It’s also a versatile ventilating option because it can be mounted on the attic, basement or garage.

  1. Master Flow Egv6 Power Gable Mount Attic Fan Ventilators

While excessive summer heat can destroy asphalt shingles, moisture is the other culprit that can wreak havoc in your attic leading to discomfort and eventual expensive repair. Even though your roof is sound and doesn’t have any leaks, it’s the trusses in the attic that you ought to be worried about. That’s because when they cool at night moisture tends to condense around them and gets absorbed into the wood.Best Gable Attic Fans

The other way that moisture may find its way into your attic is through a lack of good ventilation in bathroom and kitchen areas. The escaped moisture wafts into the attic and get trapped there. If you ever inspect the wood in the attic and find it to be wet or moist you certainly have a moisture problem and issues such as mold are about to set in if they haven’t already.

That’s why keeping your attic dry is a form of structure maintenance.

The Mater Flow Egv6  Power Gable Mount Attic Fan Ventilator is the perfect fan for attic spaces of up to 3000 sq. ft and below.

The unit has a tough build with a galvanized and ribbed casing and can master an impressive 1600 CFM.


  • The unit’s housing is a made from tough galvanized steel that promotes longevity
  • Has an Energy efficient PSC which is a permanent-split capacitor that helps your attic cool with reduced energy costs
  • The unit is capable of 1600 CFM at the highest setting
  • For connectivity, this unit has to be hardwired
  • Runs on 120 Volts

Customer Experience

Most customers who got this item appreciated the easy installation and the fan’s power that efficiently covers a wide attic area. They quickly saw a turn around in the heat, moisture and mold problems after installing this unit. It not only keeps attics cool, it also keeps them dry.

To Conclude…

Gable attic fans are not always the solution to all excess heat issues caused by the summer heat. At times it may mean that you need to improve your insulation for better heat protection as well as the winter cold that might seep into your living space and overtask your cooling/heating system. However, the best gable attic fans such as the ones reviewed above do provide a practical way protecting your roof and relieving the trapped humid air for a cooler attic and home.

Ultimately, gable fans working in tandem with your AC system can bring about great comfort, efficiency and savings from lower energy use.

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