Review of 9 Best Full Length Mirrors with Lights in 2021

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It can be frustrating dressing up and having to deal with a mirror that is unable to show your full frame. It takes away the pleasure of your dressing efforts when you are not fully able to examine the outcome of your fashion sense. But it does not always have to be so with full length mirrors with lights.

There are plenty of high quality full length mirrors with LED lighting that are adequately sized to show your full frame. Not just that, they add a soft lighting element to your mirror so you can have a better look at your whole frame in a soft glow.

These full length mirrors can also help complement your existing decor in various areas of the home such as the bathroom, bedroom, living room and hallways.

Check out our selection of full length mirrors with lights below that will enhance your dressing up experience and your decor too.

Best Full Length Mirrors with Lights Review

1. Hans & Alice Large LED Full Length Backlit Mirror

This oversized full length mirror by Hans & Alice may be just what you need to make a smaller room feel bigger while adding a touch of class to your space. This large mirror has a beautiful build with the frame constructed from wood and a plastic coating and rounded edges.Hans & Alice Large LED Full Length Mirrors with lights

Not only does the frame look great, but it is well constructed with careful detailing to provide an excellent aesthetic finish but also to protect the mirror in case of an accidental bump or fall.

Whether you are short or tall, one can see their whole frame and outfit in this mirror. Taller people are often put off by the idea of having to duck in order to see the rest of their frame. An overall height of 65 inches ensures that no one with this mirror has to go through that.

The mirror comes with all the installation fixtures required for hanging it on the wall or mounting it horizontally as a vanity mirror. Its outer edges light up at the touch of a well camouflaged button on the mirror. The LED light source that surrounds the mirror is of high quality which means it can be used safely in the bathroom without fear that it will get damaged.


  • Dimensions: 65 inches high and 22 inches wide
  • The construction is a wooden coated frame with rounded edges
  • It comes in six colors: corn gold, black, gold, white, grey and gray black
  • Has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours

Customer feedback

Customers found that this lighted full mirror is delightfully crafted and can work for the bathroom, living room or bedroom. An added bonus is the fact that it can be mounted both vertically or horizontally to suit varied decor preferences. Customers also love that they can get it in a round, oval or square shape.

Users mentioned that the mirror looked even better when they saw it in person.

2. Giantex Jewelry Cabinet Box Armoire with Full Body Mirror

This Giantex unit is a unique 2-in-1 model that not only comes with a 47 inches tall full length mirror that allows you to admire your outfit and accessories with ease, is also serves as a lighted jewelry box for the ultimate functionality.

This jewelry box can be conveniently hang on a door or mounted on the wall, such that even a tall person can be able to see their whole frame. The mirror lights when you need it too. This adds a beautiful look to the whole unit and enlivens the room as well.

Additionally, the mirrored Giantex jewelry armoire is an excellent storage organizer for jewelry and other fashion knick knacks such cosmetics, watches, sunglasses, perfumes and phones.

What’s more, it is fully lockable using the fitted lock and included key which means valuables can be secured away.

If finding your jewelry has always been a bother, this is the perfect solution for you as it can take on all your rings, necklaces, bangles, earrings and so much more. It has a long lifespan because it is electrically powered and comes with an adapter for powering the lights.


  • Full length LED  lighted mirror has a height of 47 inches and 16 inches wide
  • Interior storage for jewelry and other fashion items
  • Interior storage space has 6 lined shelves for holding at least 48 earring, 1 built-in zipper bag, 2 rows of 24 hooks for necklaces and bracelets, 6 rows for rings, 3 storage boxes for cosmetics, 1 rod for scarves an watches and 3 storage shelves
  • 1 small interior face mirror
  • Jewelry box is lockable with keys
  • The construction is high density board
  • Touch screen switch on the mirror to turn on the lights
  • Can be mounted on the wall or door (three height setting for best fit)
  • It comes in three colors: Black, brown and white
  • It has a long lifespan because it is electrically powered.

Customer feedback

Those customers who own the Giantex jewelry armoire mentioned that it is an excellent 2 in 1 fixture that provides an elegant full length mirror, while ensuring they stay organized.

The general consensus here is that this type of unit is said to give better value for many of the customers with lots of jewelry and other fashion accessories that need storage. It has plenty of storage space to take quite a load of items, is well constructed and sturdy, and overall, is a practical unit that is well worth every penny. That is according to a majority of its customers. You can check out more options of this type of storage here.

3. NeuType Full Length Dressing Mirror with Lights

Another great option worth considering is the NeuType LED Mirror, a gorgeous Full Length Dressing Mirror that is very well constructed with decor in mind. The mirror stands at a height of 65 inches such that even tall people can view their whole frame without the need to bend.Best Full Length Mirror with Lights

The mirror is perfect for multiple uses. It can be used as a full length mirror, dressing mirror, living room mirror or bathroom vanity mirror above 2 sinks and it can be installed vertically or horizontally depending on preference.

The LED lighting is safe for use in the bathroom. It has no visible wires, just a discrete button on the mirror that is used to turn the light on or off. Furthermore, the light can be dimmed and the glass is anti-fog so even when using this mirror in a steaming bathroom, you can still see yourself clearly.

A short press on the button will have the light on the mirror turn on or off while an extended press on the button will have the LED light run through three colors: Warm, warm white and yellow. You can take off your finger from the extended press when you get to your choice color. This mirror is available from 300 to 5000 LM lumens.


  • Dimensions: 65 inches tall by 22 inches wide
  • The construction is aluminium frame with silver nitrate coating and has undergone anti-rust treatment.
  • Mirror is extremely high quality HD glass, anti-fog, waterproof and burst-proof
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Touch button to light up
  • It comes in 15 colors: Aluminium alloy, Black, champagne gold, carbon black, solid wood, gold, elegant black, rose gold, deep gray, metal frame with pine veneers, titanium gold, sand gray, walnut, saphire and LED
  • Color temperature: 3000-6500K
  • Waterproof dual color temperature LED light strip
  • It has a life span of 20,000 hours

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this love that it can be mounted in several ways. Some had it leaning against a wall while some decor needs demand that it be mounted horizontal or vertical for multiple uses.

Customers appreciate that the mirror is indeed superior quality, made from SQ grade float glass with high-definition just as advertised. It is said to very well constructed, sturdy and the bonus, very attractive as well.

From several customers, this is said to be one of the best options for decorating and revamping the overall look of a room and the fact that it comes in several frame color choices is great because customers can pick different colors to mix and match with the overall look of their decor. This is highly commended for giving absolute value for money.

4. Decoraport Large 70″x32″ LED Full Length Backlit Mirror

The Decaraport frameless mirror has a nice clean look. The oversized mirror is well designed to suit both tall and shorter individuals. With an overall height of 70 inches, most tall people will definitely feel at home with this unit.Best Full Length Mirrors with Lights

It features an LED strip that is moisture proof and of high quality and emits a gentle cool white light that will sets a cool tone to your space. The light forms a rectangle with clean lines that further accentuate the beauty and huge size of the mirror.

It comes with all hanging material you need for either vertical or horizontal installation or even leaning it against the wall. Whatever your preference may be, you can be sure that this beauty will look absolutely fabulous in your space.

The versatile build can match any decor from vintage themes to more modern and contemporary decors. This mirror is equipped with infrared sensors to enable it to light up whenever you need it.


  • Dimensions: 70 inches high by 32 inches
  • The construction is an aluminium frame
  • It comes in one color option: Aluminium alloy
  •  5500-6000K cool white color temperatures
  • The LED light has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours

Customer feedback

The bulk and size of the mirror is quite imposing giving the room an air of opulence which customers love. The LED light strip only adds to the beauty of this unit. Those who are exceptionally tall appreciate this mirror because one can see the whole of themselves without having to bend.

It is worth pointing out that the thickness if this mirror is 5mm as opposed to the 3mm thickness that most mirror this size will tend to have. That speaks to the quality, and overall density that gives this unit a solid sleek frameless build that looks great within a myriad decors.

5. Giantex Standing Full Length Mirror Jewelry Armoire with 18 LED Lights

There is a lot of organizational convenience to be enjoyed when you have this second standing jewelry armoire with full length mirror from Giantex. Unlike our first option above that is wall or door mounted, this is a freestanding unit complete with two sturdy legs for stability.

The beautifully crafted unit is a piece of art that brings a chic feel with a touch of traditional style to your space, featuring a full size mirror lined with 18 LED lights powered using 3 AA batteries.

For those who love their jewelry, there is a tendency to accumulate more and more pieces and before you know it you dresser drawer is full of them. Rummaging through it to find what you need can quickly become impossible. That is why it makes sense to get a full length mirror that doubles up as jewelry armoire.

Not only can you drink in the view of your beautiful self when you are all dressed up and adorned in stylish jewelry on the full length mirror, but you can also use the armoire to organize and preserve timeless pieces of jewelry that you accumulate over time.

This can range from, earrings, studs, bracelets, necklaces, scarfs and rings. The build of this Giantex full length mirror armoire will add character to your space and provide storage function that will effortlessly get you organized.


  • 2-in-1 armoire jewelry storage and a full length mirror
  • Overall dimension of the mirror is 18 inches long by 14.5 wide x 63 inches high
  • Opens up to an Interior storage space
  • Space features 3 lined shelves with 28 slots and 39 holes for earrings, 7 necklaces and bracelets hooks, 40 ring slots, 16 lipstick slots and 4 storage racks.
  • One interior makeup mirror
  • The construction is durable, high quality MDF
  • It comes in 3 colors: Black white and brown
  • The LED light lifespan depends on the lifespan of the AA batteries

Customer feedback

Given that this unit is on a stand, it can be easily move from one section of the room to another when need be. The petite construction allows users to save space while the full length mirror with 18 LED lights help create ambience. Users love that this beautiful traditionally styled item can gobble up all your jewelry and organize it with ease. It doesn’t hurt that it’s available in colors that are an excellent match for any décor you can think of.

6. QiMH Vertical 47×22 Inch Wall Mounted LED Lighted Vanity Mirror

This is a gorgeous mirror that is neither too big not too small for an average height. With a height of 47 inches to work with, moderately sized persons can see their whole figure without having to bend. Full Length Mirror with Lights

The craftsmanship of the mirror is top notch. A superbly strong and neat aluminum framework provides you with a reinforced back while the front is a seamless smooth surface with high quality reflection. The beauty of the mirror is further accentuated by the rectangular LED light strip a few inches from the edges.

While one would be forgiven to think that the LED operating switch would interrupt the fluidity of the design, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that it has been discretely embedded in the mirror. All you need is to touch the panel for the light to come on/off or change the light color to suit your mood.

This stylish mirror allows you the flexibility of installing it vertically or horizontally depending on the decor needs that the space demands. All the necessary fixtures for an easy installation come with the unit. It offers users 2668 lumens of brightness.


  • Dimensions: 47 inches tall by 22 inches wide
  • It features a strong aluminium frame for a sturdy build
  • It comes in one color option: Aluminium alloy
  • The lifespan of the lights is 50,000 hours
  • The output source is 12 volts and 25 watts

Customer feedback

Those who bought this mirror state how it has transformed their spaces. Some got this for the bedroom and bathroom while other got it for the living room, dressing room or hallway after seeing pictures of its placement. What they all agree on is the build and size of the mirror is suitable in almost every room. The lighting aspect is simply amazing as it creates ambience over and above illuminating you as you get dressed.

Customers also find this mirror to be a great choice because of the solid build and moderate size to fit most spaces without overpowering the room.

7. Best Choice Products Full Length Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet

While some people may have tons of jewelry, most people do not need a whole wardrobe to store their moderately sized pile of gems. If that is your case, a moderately sized jewelry armoire will most certainly deliver on your all your jewelry storage needs.
Full Length Mirrors with LED Lights
This Best Choice Products storage organizer cabinet is one of the best for limited spaces because of its petite build. A lighted full length mirror and adequate configuration allows you to effortlessly organize your jewelry for preservation as well as easy retrieval. The LED lights are powered by 12 AA batteries.

The inside of the armoire opens up to reveal a lined interior with a soft velvet pelt that ensures your gems are not scratched or broken. It also includes spacious storage with several configurations for organizing makeup and other accessories. Your necklace can say goodbye to getting tangled. Bracelet hooks, earrings and ring holders as well as makeup brush holders ensure every little thing is in their place. Additionally, there is a convenient hairdryer holder as well as aa large bottom drawer for bulkier items.


  • 2-in-1 armoire plus full body mirror
  • Overall dimension: 18.5 inches long by 12 inches wide at a height of 62.25 inches high
  • The construction is wood frame
  • Interior storage
  • Interior shelf that lifts up be used as a vanity table to hold all your accessories as you get ready
  • 1 bottom shelf and drawer
  • Hairdryer holder
  • Another interior makeup mirror
  • Touchscreen power button
  • It comes in 3 colors: Brown, black and white
  • Interior and exterior lightning, LED light panels on both sides of the exterior mirror and additional LED lights inside
  • The lifespan lasts as long as the AA batteries last

Customer feedback

Users who bought this product mention that they are happy with their purchase because the unit is well built and is just the perfect size for those with minimal space or want to maintain a minimalist decor.

It is also fairly portable as it can be easily moved from one corner to another because it is not overly heavy. They also love that the mirror can tilt to several angles to suit your viewing needs. The large bottom drawer is particularly convenient because it can also serve as a storage area for those who love to collect and keep jewelry boxes or store other larger items like scarfs and undergarments.

8. DP Home Full Body Wall Mirror with Lights

If you have a bare wall in the bathroom, bedroom, hallway or living room, this DP Home wall mirror is a practical option with beautiful aesthetics that add to your decor. The mirror has a wide look with a decent height that would cover any wall nicely. It utilizes infrared sensors for an efficient touch control.

The LED soft lighting is beautiful as it not only helps you see your figure more clearly but it also details the mirror beautifully. In this case the LED lighting is the frame of the mirror as the lighting is at the very edges of the mirror giving it a futuristic yet exquisite look. It offers users 6000 lumens.


  • Dimensions: 55 inches tall by 36 inches wide
  • The construction is aluminum
  • Infrared lighting
  • Color Temperature of 5500- 6000K
  • The LED lights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours

Customer feedback

A bare wall can be transformed to complement the rest of the decor elements by adding this choice mirror according to the customers. This is an excellent choice for decoration purposes as it is wide with a moderate height. Customers who used this mention that this mirror has transformed their hallways, living rooms and bedrooms in a beautiful simple way.

One of the things that comes with the territory when using a mirror are finger prints and smudges. This mirror surface is resistant to such and therefore requires less frequent cleaning and shining which the customers find convenient.

9. Inspired Home Glam Marquee Lighted Armoire Jewelry Storage Organizer

Glam Marquee Lighted Armoire effortlessly allows you to stay organized while looking your best. It comes with 18 LED lights using 2 AA batteries.Full Length Mirror with Lights and storage

This petite build armoire comes with a tiltable full length mirror and plenty of organized storage for all your makeup, jewelry and other every day essentials. Apart from an excellent mirror it offers users 20 necklace hooks and 5 bars to hold up to 55 pairs of earrings not to mention 5 individual shelves for your makeup and beauty items as well as an hair dryer holder.

It features 18 LED lights around the mirror to provide adequate illumination.


  • 2-in-1 storage plus mirror
  • Dimension: 55.5 inches high by 19.3 inches wide by 14.9 inches long
  • Interior storage with several configurations
  • The construction is wooden frame
  • Inner makeup mirror
  • Hair dryer holder
  • It comes in 3 colors: blush, grey and black
  • The lifespan of the lights depends on the lifespan of the AA batteries

Customer feedback.

Customers who bought this mentioned that they needed a full length mirror that doubles up as a jewelry armoire in order to save space. This unit caters to that need perfectly. Plus they appreciated that the full length mirror can be tilted to several viewing angles to suite your needs.

They also love the petite build that comes with a hair dryer holder yet it can can still pack a sizeable amount of jewelry in an organized way. That is in addition to providing a full length mirror.


Various spaces and individual tastes play into the final decision of the lighted mirror one chooses.

We have brought to you staggered options of the best individual full length mirrors with lights to lighted jewelry organizer cabinets with full body mirrors that cover those with massive spaces and those with a more constrained space. You can also check this post for other smaller lighted makeup vanity mirrors and compare with the options above on this post here.

Depending on your taste and sense of style, these mirrors will work wonders for your decor.


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