2021 10 Best Full Length Mirror Jewelry Storage Cabinets

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A full length mirror jewelry storage cabinet or armoire adds character to your room while keeping your jewelry safe at all times. It is a discreet option for locking away statement pieces and family heirlooms that also provides organization for everyday sets of jewelry. Opening to display your entire jewelry collection, it takes the hassle out of finding pieces to wear on a daily basis.

If you don’t already own one of these coveted storage organizers, you should especially if you have a large collection of jewelry. Below we look at reasons why you may want to get yourself a full length mirror jewelry storage:

Advantages of a Full Length Mirror Jewelry Storage Cabinet

  1. Multi purpose design: With any of the storage cabinets below, you get a full length mirror and a storage organizer cabinet all in one.
  2. Neat and organized space: This makes the most obvious reason why you need one.
  3. Time saving: You will never have to deal with tangled necklaces and rummaging through drawers trying to trace your favorite pieces. You simply have to open the cabinet and get to see all your jewelry at a glance.
  4. Large storage capacity: For the jewelry lovers who’ve accumulated several pieces over the years, there is no better organization and storage tool like a jewelry cabinet. Some of the cabinets below come with numerous compartments and slots to hold anything from jewelry to even small clothing items and make up.
  5. Valuables are kept safe and secure: Some of the storage cabinets below come with a locking mechanism complete with keys to ensure your precious valuables are secure at all times.
  6. They don’t take up much space: Most of the storage cabinets below don’t require any additional space as they can be conveniently mounted on a door or installed on a wall. If anything, they create storage space where there was none without adding to the clutter. The free standing models are usually compact and sleek in design which means that the space they take up is minimal.
  7. Perfect for small spaces: Seeing as some can be hooked right over the door or on the wall makes these kinds of storage cabinets the perfect solution for people with limited space.
  8. Durable: These cabinets are made from sturdy long lasting material so that once you buy, it will be years before you have to buy another one.
  9. Additional features: Some of the storage cabinets do come with additional features like LED lighting, sunglasses rack and drawers that can be useful for storing undergarments and other accessories.
  10. Can be used as decorative pieces: Depending on the material and how well your jewelry cabinet blends and fits into your room, it can be used to improve the appearance and general aesthetics.

Below are are some popular mirror jewelry storage armoires available online;

Best Full Length Mirror Jewelry Storage Cabinets

1. Plaza Astoria Over The Door/Wall-Mount Jewelry Armoire

This jewelry cabinet from Plaza Astoria easily attaches to the door or wall conveniently eliminating the issue of space especially in a small apartment.

With four color variations including cherry, oak, black and white to suit most bedroom styles, this armoire will definitely make a great addition to any bedroom decor without being an eyesore.

Standing at 4.2 x 14 x 18 inches it is a neat, discreet cabinet that strikes the perfect balance between function and aesthetics.

The combination of a 48 inch long full length exterior dressing mirror and an interior vanity mirror built into the cabinet makes it dual purpose so you can dress up and do your make up all in one place.

It can take 48 earrings, 36 necklaces,  96 rings, a good number of bracelets and other pieces of jewelry.

For over the door use it hooks up very easily to all types of doors. Plaza Astoria have provided a template of how to drill holes into the wall to secure it for over the wall users. It is height adjustable and comes with all the parts needed to hang it.


  • Built in Vanity Mirror: In addition to the full length mirror, this one also includes a vanity mirror perfect for all your make up needs.
  • Interior is lined: To protect jewelry from scratches.
  • 4 color options: This  jewelry armoire is available in four beautiful wood finishes.
  • Easy to install. It comes assembled so all you have to do is customize it to your needs and you’ll require no tools for that.

Customers commended this jewelry storage armoire for its size and the easy to use template for drilling holes into the wall. It makes wall installation much easier.

2. Songmics 6 LEDs Jewelry Armoire Organizer

Songmics’s have a number of top selling jewelry storage cabinets under their belt and this particular one provides customers with drawers, shelves, 6 LED lights, a velvet interior, lockable door with keys and a 43.3 inch exterior mirror.

It is organized not just to provide space for jewelry but also for accessories. Any misgivings about the two hanging hooks holding the weight of the unit quickly disappear once it is up on the wall with all the jewelry inside.

Standing at 47.3″H x 14.1″W x 3.6″D inches tall, there is plenty of room for all your jewelry as Songmics have fitted this armoire with a ring cushion, 32 necklace hooks, 90 earring slots and 48 holes for stud earring not to mention the bracelet rod, 5 shelves and 2 drawers.

This classic and functional design is available in either white or brown and features 3 adjustable heights.


  • Lots of storage: If you have lots of jewelry then you will love the amount of space this storage cabinet has to offer because not only is it perfect for jewelry, but also other beauty accessories too.
  • Automatic LED lighting: If there is one thing customers love about this jewelry armoire in addition to its storage capacity, it’s the convenient LED lights that light up the jewelry immediately you open the cabinet.
  • Jewelry is protected from scratches: On the inside it is lined with velvet that prevents your precious jewelry from scratches.
  • It’s lockable: This jewelry cabinet is not only important for organization but also for safe keeping as it is can be securely locked ensuring your jewelry is safe from unwanted hands and eyes.

Customers have commended the functionality and versatility of this armoire because it can be used to store jewelry, accessories and even make up. They also love the lighting feature of this cabinet.

3. Homegear Modern Door/Wall Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Organizer

Taking the hard work out of installation this cabinet comes already assembled for easy installation on the wall or door. The design is chic in two color variations: black and white.Homegear Modern Door/Wall Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Organizer

Homegear thought to add a place for perfume and accessories as well as lockable drawers for the expensive jewelry pieces.

The 47 x 15 x 3.5 inch cabinet space with a 42.5 full length exterior mirror  can take longer necklaces without hindering the closing of the door and for bigger chunkier bracelets that don’t fit on the bracelet rod the drawers work just as well.

It fits 60 earrings and 48 necklaces and has a versatile rod that can be used for bracelets or for scarves and ties. The ring holder takes up to 80 rings.


  • Provides security:  It can be locked securely.
  • Storage for more than just jewelry: This jewelry cabinet is not only useful for storing jewelry but it also comes equipped with shelves ideal for storing your perfume bottles, sunglasses, watches, 1 rod for scarves and 2 drawers for whatever else.
  • Soft felt interior lining: For protection of jewelry against scratches.
  • Easy to install.

In addition to being a welcomed storage organizer, customers commended the ease of installation since this armoire comes already assembled and ready to use.

4. Songmics 8 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Beveled Edge Mirror

Songmics upped the ante with their 8 LEDs Jewelry cabinet armoire with a beveled full length mirror and just like its 6 LED counterpart this design is also a popular one.

However, instead of the over the door or wall design they opted for the sleek stand design. It doesn’t take up much space and the fact that it’s free standing and lightweight means it can easily be moved around the room.

With the 43 inches beveled mirror there is a lot of character to the cabinet and the automatic LED lights that automatically light up when you open it bathe the interior in a warm glow that accentuates its aesthetic. This cabinet has a sturdy exterior frame with black felt lining in the interior to prevent scratches on your jewelry resulting in a durable and functional cabinet organizer.

Available in only one color, dark brown, it can hold 40 stud earrings, 18 necklace hooks, earring wires, 48 ring slots and a rod for scarfs and ties. There are no complains about the limited color option because brown integrates well with other wood accents in a room like cherry or oak. Songmics ensured that everything goes inside this cabinet neatly and discreetly whether it is the jewelry, accessories, make up and even small clothing items.

It is lockable and secure and measures 61.4″H x 15″W x 15.7″D.


  • Lots of storage: There is no shortage of storage space with this unit. From the 6 drawers, the acrylic studs board, earring holes, earring wires, necklace hooks, scarf rod, ring slots to the 13 compartments, there is more than enough jewelry storage for all your needs.
  • Automatic LED lighting: The convenient LED lights automatically turn on when you open the cabinet.
  • Additional bottom storage: The bottom shelf provides an additional storage space for such things as books, toiletries or pieces of clothing.
  •  It’s durable: Crafted from high quality MDF material this unit in bound to be long lasting.
  • It’s stable: The legs design enhance the stability of the cabinet.
  • Interior velvet lining: So that your jewelry stays scratch free.
  • It’s lockable: Can be securely locked has it comes equipped with a lock and key.
  • Easy to assemble.

Customers love the fact that the cabinet can hold a large number of jewelry and the compartments totaling 13 in number are perfect for other items like make up. The 6 drawers are a distinct favorite.

5. Southern Enterprises Wall Mount Jewelry Mirror Cabinet

The choice of either warm brown walnut, oak and cherry or frosty white works well in any bedroom decor. Most importantly, however, the organized interior ensures all jewelry has a slot or compartment.Southern Enterprises Wall Mount Jewelry Mirror Cabinet

Southern Enterprises really went all out on this unit incorporating a removable tray for additional storage of smaller accessories and jewelry knick knacks that fits right back discreetly.

It comes ready to anchor onto the wall and assembled. Standing at 14.5 x 4.25 x 48.25 inches it offers ample room for lots of jewelry and the wood is easy to maintain and clean.


  • Large storage capacity: It’s capable of holding quite a large amount of jewelry and other beauty items.
  • Comes fully assembled. It comes ready to mount.
  • Cushioned felt interior lining: To prevent any scratches on your jewelry.
  • Sturdy construction: Cabinet is well made and expected to last years.
  • Keyed locking mechanism: All your items will be kept safe.

Customers commended the uniqueness of each armoire because wood is used in the construction. The small unique flaws in the wood are naturally occurring and vary from one armoire to another so no two units are ever the same.

6. Langria Lockable Full Length Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

This lockable jewelry cabinet crafted from medium density fiberboard includes excellent compartmentalization and, of course, a 42″ head to toe mirror.

Langria chose to go with an unassuming free standing design that opens up to a jewelry cabinet.

The free standing design provides independence of use from anywhere in the house. The choice of color is down to 3 options: brown, white and white.

The armoire measures 14.4 x 3.4 x 47.1 inches which is enough room to store jewelry, make up and accessories.


  • Adjustable mirror: The mirror allows for 4 angle tilting positions so you can adjust it to the angle that works best for you.
  • Jewelry is kept scratch free: Thanks to the protective black fabric lining in the interior of the jewelry armoire.
  • Stable leg support.
  • Offers safe storage: It comes fitted with a lock with keys to safely store your valuables.
  • Easy to assemble.

Customers commended the efficiently organized interior of this armoire because it holds everything in one place effectively. However people with very chunky jewelry had problems getting the door to close.  Also customers with bracelets didn’t like the fact that this jewelry storage cabinet doesn’t have a bracelet bar like some other jewelry cabinets.

7. BTExpert Premium LED light Wooden Jewelry Cabinet

Wooden armoires are popular and BTExpert’s premium LED wooden jewelry armoire with full length mirror ticks all the boxes of why that is so.BTExpert Premium LED light Wooden Jewelry Cabinet

The frame is sturdy with the quirks of wood left intact to give it character, the compartmentalization is practical with high quality MDF components and the overall aesthetics make it a piece of art.

At 48 x 15 x 8 inches this cabinet fits snugly over the door or wall as the anchors do a great job of holding it up. It comes in white, black and cherry and can hold 40 necklaces, over 120 earrings in their variations and 98 rings. The ring section is especially great because it features bigger rows than other armoires offer.

The compartment sections including the two bottom drawers can be used to organize accessories, perfume and other valuables. As part of the package it comes with a small pouch that can be used for currency and gemstones.


  • Comes with a lock and key: To ensure all your valuables are kept safe.
  • Velvet interior lining: To protect against scratches.
  • Plenty of room: For all your jewelry storage needs.
  • Easy to install.

Customers commended the delicate appearance incorporated into the design despite the construction being of sturdy wood. This gives it a chic, feminine look that belies it’s durability.

8. Homegear Modern Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Stand Armoire Organizer

This Homegear jewelry cabinet uses the stand design and is available in 2 basic colors: black and white each with a cabinet space of 57.5 x 14.5 x 16 inches.

With these blendable color variations customers do not have to worry about them not blending with decor.

The 42.5 inches full length mirror can be angled to different heights and is made from real glass. The assembly is basic taking just a few minutes. Although the two drawers at the bottom are narrow they are deep enough to accommodate a good number of accessories.

The felt lined interior is excellent for preventing scratches on your jewelry. It provides 90 slots for rings, a rod for scarfs and bracelets, 48 necklace holders and 90 earring slots.


  • Mirror can be tilted to different angles: This means you can view at different heights
  • It is lockable: Locks with provided key.
  • Interior is lined with soft material for protection against scratches.
  • Leg stand design: For added support and stability not to mention allows for placement at different areas in the room.
  • Easy and fast installation.

Customers commended the organized compartments in the interior as well as the adjustability of the mirror to various angles.

9. BTExpert Premium Cherry Cheval Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

Made from hardwood, MDF, veneer and of course featuring a full length mirror, this cabinet’s finish allows it to be a decorative piece of furniture even as it remains functional. The deep cherry finish is elegant and striking and draws attention.BTExpert Premium Cherry Cheval Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

It swings on an axil accommodating different angles but the axil can be tightened to hold it in one place. As a free standing model there is leeway to move it around the room easily.

The sleek lined 48 inches cabinet armoire has a sturdy frame with no hinges jutting out along the frame. The lock is neatly placed high to prevent children from accessing the interior of the armoire.


  • Comes with a lock and key mechanism.
  • Anti-scratch velvet interior lining
  • Plenty of jewelry room.
  • Stable freestanding model: Allows for different placements around the room.
  • Easy to assemble.

Customers commended the ease of assembly and the aesthetic finish of the cabinet. It is a beautiful piece as a furnishing in addition to providing the much needed storage.

10. Beautify Wall Door Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet

This slim wall or door mounted cabinet comes in dimensions of 43.3 x 12.4 x 3.5 inches and includes instructions for assembly.

Apart from plenty of hanging room it also comes with three shelves, excellent for additional accessories like sunglasses, watches, nail polish, make up and perfume bottles.

It is crated from MDF  and fitted the interior with black velvet to protect the jewelry from damage and a magnetic clasp to secure the armoire.

It can hold up to 44 rings and 72 pairs of earrings. Additional hooks for necklaces or bracelets, totaling 24, are distributed in the cabinet interior and on the door as well.


  • Soft anti-scratch velvet interior lining.
  • Make up mirror. In addition to the full length mirror, it also comes with an inner make up mirror
  • Offers enough jewelry room.
  • Sturdy construction
  • Anti scuffing velcro strips: To protect the wall or floor from damage
  • Easy to assemble.

Customers commended the addition of velcro strips to secure the unit and stop it from scuffing and damaging the door. This keeps it and the wall or door in good condition.

In conclusion, when shopping for a full length mirror jewelry storage cabinet, look around before you make your final decision because different manufacturers have incorporated different features into their designs, features like drawers and LED lights which may prove to be very useful.

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