10 Best Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Cabinets with Mirror in 2020

A discreet free standing unit for storing, organizing and securely locking away jewelry pieces? A functional and versatile unit designed with ample storage space, enough to fit an entire jewelry collection plus other fashion accessories including cosmetics? That can be used ensure daily grooming results are achieved, including head-to-toe views? Sounds a lot like a Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Cabinets with Mirror, don’t you think?

More often than not, necklaces get tangled, precious jewelry items get scuffed and damaged, an earring from a pair gets lost rendering the other one useless, a favorite piece goes missing just when you need it the most.

All these are results of not not having a convenient way of storing and organizing jewelry! If this is the everyday story of your life, then it’s time you considered having some order in your life by getting one of these jewelry storage cabinet armories.

Jewelry storage cabinets armories are functional units that make it easy to view and find your jewelry and other items fast and easily while keeping your room clutter free. What’s more, they keep your jewelry safe and damage-free.

To add to the functionality, different jewelry cabinet comes with different additional features like mirrors, LED lights for illumination, locking mechanisms to prevent kids and other people from accessing your valuables, and different interior layouts and regardless of your tastes and preferences, there’s really no shortage of different jewelry armories cabinets to suit different styles, needs and budgets in the market.

Below we’ve review some of the best selling Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Cabinets that come fitted with a Mirror, locking mechanism and some, with LED illumination. We think that these are no doubt some of the best value-for-money units that are not only practical, but sturdy and quality-made armories for long term use.

Review of the Best Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Cabinets with Mirror

1. Langria Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Armoire with Mirror 

Top of the list we have the Langria Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Organizer from the popular storage solutions manufacturer that is Langria.

Constructed using long lasting Medium Density Fiberboard(MDF) material, you can get this free standing jewelry armoire cabinet in either all brown or white color depending on your tastes and preferences.LANGRIA Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Standing Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Mirror, Full Length Standing Jewelry Storage

To ensure that you get all your makeup and grooming in one place, this unit comes fitted with a 42” long and front-facing mirror. What’s more, to get a better view each time, you’ll have the convenience of tilting it to four ways because it comes with a pair of sticks and 4 upper horizontal holes on each side of the stand that allows you to adjust to different beveled angles for a better view each time you’re on your grooming routine.

When it comes to storage, you’ll be glad to know that this unit is capable of holding a vast selection of jewelry, from chunky to minimalist types. With 108 earrings slots, 18 necklaces and bracelets hooks, 84 rings slots, 36 earrings holes, 1 pouch and 11 compartments for extra accessories like watches, perfume bottles and sunglasses, there is no doubt that this unit it roomy. A protective black fabric lining ensures your jewelries are kept from scuffing and scratches.

Even better, in addition to keeping your jewelry and accessories neat and organized this goes the extra step of ensuring their security with the help of the lock and key. With this locking feature your jewelry will be kept safe from prying hands.

When it comes to installation, setting up is pretty straight-forward with no technical expertise needed.

This cabinet measures 16.1 x 14.4 x 37.6 inches including the stand while the mirror measures 9.3 x 42 inches.

What we love best…

  • Substantial storage capacity
  • Locking feature
  • The sturdy frame construction

Customer feedback

Now, this is one of the best selling Jewelry armoire cabinets not just by the brand Langria but also in the market as well. It’s said to be a very sturdy, well constructed unit that in addition to providing the much needed storage, also looks great as well. Additionally, a majority of the customers who commented on assembly said that assembly was hassle-free and didn’t take more than just a few minutes.

2. Songmics 8 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Beveled Full-length Mirror

Songmics is another storage solution company know for quality storage products all over the US and beyond. The high quality MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard) constructed Songmics 8 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Armoire is one of their best sellers and has the name suggests, this unit comes fitted with a total of 8 LED bulbs that serve the purpose of illuminating the interior of the cabinet. Songmics Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Cabinets with Mirror

The LED lights work automatically, such that when you open the cabinet door, they turn on automatically giving you a quick illuminated of all your jewelry and off again when when you shut the cabinet door closed. So, one added benefit of this unit is that you will not have to worry about insufficient lighting of your room. The LED bulbs work with 3 AAA batteries which unfortunately, you will have to buy separately because they are not included should you choose to purchase this cabinet.

For the purposes of storage, 6 drawers, 40 Acrylic Stud Earring Board, 18 necklace hooks, a scarf rod, 48 ring slots and 13 compartments for extra accessories should be enough storage for an avid jewelry lover. There’s also a board at the very bottom of the stand for additional storage.

Using the the locking feature with the keys that accompany this unit ensures no one but you has access to your valuables.

A full length beveled mirror should come in handy for your daily grooming needs and head-to-toe outfit viewing. The unit measures 61.4″H x 15.7″W x 15″D.

What we love best…

  • LED lighting
  • Locking feature
  • Sufficient storage capacity

Customer feedback 

A majority of its customer do approve this jewelry cabinet with several of them highly recommending this unit for its sturdiness, durability and storage capacity. The LED lights are an added bonus which customers also loved. When it comes to assembly, the unit comes already pre-assembled so setting up is easy.

Overall, this may not have some of the largest storage capacity but it’s a great unit with sufficient storage, especially for people looking for a lighted jewelry cabinet. Moreover, it also has a locking feature which makes this unit a very price worthy unit.

3. AOOU Full Length Mirror Lockable Jewelry Cabinet

Another MDF constructed unit, the sturdy AOOU Full Length Mirror Dressing Lockable Jewelry Cabinet is able to accommodate 120 earring slots, 90 ring slots, 24 necklace and bracelet hooks, 5 different depth compartments for various size cosmetics, 3 removable transparent cosmetic boxes and 1 hanging rod for such things as scarves and ties. The interior is lined with velvet to prevent any scuffing and scratching of your precious jewelry.

For a full head-t-toes view of you outfit and other grooming needs, this jewelry cabinet comes fitted with a 47.2 by 14.6 inches full length mirror that can be adjusted up to 3 angles for even better views.

Additionally, this unit may be free standing but it can also be wall or door mounted once you detach the removable legs and use the necessary hardware. The door/wall hardware does however not come with the unit.

Measuring 61.4″H x 14.6″W x 14.4″D, it’s available in white but if your preferences is geared towards the more darker of colors, you can get this is brown as well.

What we like

  • The multi-mount capability
  • That it can be locked
  • Large storage capacity with several compartments

Customer feedback

From a majority of the customers, this does have plenty of room for a variety of jewelries plus the quality isn’t bad either. It has several compartments that make it very easy to keep track of all jewelry thereby serving is primary purpose very well.

4. Nicetree Standing Mirror with Jewelry Storage

Nicetree Jewelry Cabinet is a high quality unit made of lacquer free fiber board qualified P2  and comes with a full-length mirror that measures 42.5″H x 14.57″W. What’s more, the mirror can be adjusted to 3 angles for even better head-to-toe views. 

For storage the velvet lined interior comes with 24 necklace hooks, 108 stud earring holes, 78 ring grooves, 36 earring slots, 4 shelves where you can place such things as perfume bottles and cosmetics, 2 bracelet rods, 3 makeup tool cups and 2 bottom drawers where things like underwear and other personal items would fit perfectly.

And to ensure all of your personal items are always safe and secure, a lock and key included with this jewelry armoire comes in handy.

What we loved

  • Large storage capability
  • Can be securely locked
  • The 2 bottom drawers and the 3 removable makeup tool cups are very thoughtful additions

Customer feedback

Highly rated for giving complete value for money, Nicetree Jewelry cabinet armoire is a highly recommended product, loved for its overall construction design as well as its functionality.

It’s said to have plenty of storage space, and not only for jewelry, but the interior is divided and designed in such a way that items such as perfume bottles, sunglasses, cosmetics, cosmetic brushes, clothing items and so many other things can be stored in the cabinet as well.

Furthermore, not only is it a practical unit but as quite decorative as well, that is according to customers. The frame of this jewelry cabinet arrives pre-assembled to set up does not take more than a few minutes.

5. SONGMICS 360° Rotatable Jewelry Organizer Cabinet Armoire

Available in either brown or all white color finish and constructed using durable MDF this Songmics Jewelry Organizer is a fully rotatable unit. This is made possible by the base that holds the cabinet. It Best Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Cabinets with Mirrorenables the cabinet to swivel up to 360°, allowing the user the flexibility of not only using the full-length 10. 2”L x 56. 7”H mirror from any angle, but also access to items inside the cabinet just as easily.

At 13. 8” high, this is a tall storage cabinet that comes with a velvet lined interior complete with 90 earring slots, 30 necklace hooks, 30 stud holes, 91 ring slots, 5 compartments ideal for storing things like perfume, watches and cosmetics, 1 pocket, 2 scarf rods and 3 additional shelves.

Additionally, at the very back of this cabinet, you will find more storage shelves where such things as your favorite handbags, clothing items, books, boxes or even decor can snugly be placed.

  What we like

  • Bonus storage shelves at the back
  • Plenty of storage here
  • Swivel capability
  • Has a locking mechanism

Customer feedback

According to a majority of the customers, this jewelry cabinet can hold a ton of jewelry and other items due to its roomy interior. To add to that, the back shelves are said to be great, additional areas of storage where other lightweight items could be placed. Overall, this works and looks great based on most user experiences. Assembly is straightforward but may take more than 20 minutes to fully set up.

6. Twing Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Full-length

Like the above Songmics jewelry storage cabinet, the Twing Full-length mirror jewelry cabinet too is fully rotatable for different head-to-toe angle views using the mirror and items in the cabinet are easily accessed from any side. It also features back storage shelves where lightweight items can be stored.

With a fully locking mechanism complete with keys, you will be able to securely store your valuables in a quality constructed MDF cabinet with a velvet interior, able to house at least 32 necklaces, 48 stud earring and 90 earrings. It also has a bracelet rod, 5 storage shelves ideal for sunglasses, watches, perfume bottles and cosmetics, a small jewelry dust bag and a ring board are also fitted into the cabinet.

What we like

  • Sufficient storage space
  • That it can be securely locked
  • That it rotates fully
  • Back shelves for additional storage

Customer feedback

From most users, this is said to be a sturdy, practical jewelry holder and mirror combo that is really worth it. It’s said to have plenty of room for all types of jewelry and other fashion accessories, plus the exterior back storage shelves are a welcomed bonus.

7. Langria Lockable 10 LEDs Free Standing Jewelry Cabinet with Full-Length Mirror

Our second Langria jewelry cabinet storage armoire model is also completely lockable with keys, but this one comes fitted with 10 LED lights powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included), that give instant illumination to the interior of the jewelry armoire automatically when the door is opened. They turn off automatically when the door is closed as well and even better, the LED lights can also be controlled by a push button fitted into the unit.

The body of this cabinet, like most of the Langria cabinets, is constructed using quality MDF material in either brown or white color finish.

It has plenty of storage in its velvet lined interior to fit a wide range of fashion accessories from jewelry to makeup with its 36 necklaces and bracelets hooks, 78 stud earring slots, 36 earring holes, 1 hanging rod, 84 ring slots, 13 compartments and 1 pouch.

And like all the units reviewed in this list, this one too has a full-length exterior mirror measuring 46.5”L x 12″W with 3 tilting angles for better views during your grooming routines.

What we like

  • 10 LED lights provide sufficient illumination so there’ll be no worrying about insufficient room lighting.
  • Fully locks for security
  • Enough storage for a ton of of accessories

Customer Feedback

The LED lights, though not has bright has expected, are said to be a great bonus all the same, as they moderately light up and really show off the jewelry items. And not only that, the lights are also helpful in those darker of rooms or even those late nights or early mornings where lighting is a bit limited.

When it comes to overall design and functionality of the unit, this is said to be well- made with plenty of storage space.

8. Best Choice Products Full Length Standing Mirrored Lockable Jewelry Storage Organizer 

If you’re looking for a lighted interior jewelry cabinet, then you will be glad to know that this Best Choice Products Jewelry Storage Organizer also comes equipped with 6 LED lights that turn on automatically. The Lights are battery operated but you will have to purchase the batteries separately.

The interior features 48 necklace hooks, 2 cubbies, 6 lined shelves, and a bracelet rod, as well as plenty of room for storing rings and earrings. This same interior part of the cabinet is lined with velvet which not only ensures the jewelry items are firmly held in place, but also prevents them from getting scuffed or scratched and resulting in damage. To fully secure you precious valuables, this has a locking mechanism with key that you can take advantage of.

Additionally, the exterior part is fitted with a full-length mirror that tilts to 3 different angles.

What we love.

  • That you can lock it
  • The illuminating LEDs
  • Ample storage

Customer feedback

This is a great storage cabinet that is highly rated for sturdiness, plenty of storage capacity, ease of assembly as well as for giving value for money. The LED lights are said to be a great top up that add to the overall functionality of the armoire.

9. TomCare Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Cabinet

Made from premium MDF material TomCare Jewelry Free Standing Jewelry Armoire is a large capacity unit that includes 36 necklace hooks, 66 stud earring holes, 78 slots for rings, 54 earring slots, 1 bracelet rod, 2 bottom drawers, 4 shelves, and 3 makeup tool cups. All of which can be fully secured behind lock and key.

Additionally, there is also a shelf fitted at the very bottom of the cabinet’s exterior which can also be utilized for storage. 

The unit also comes with an exterior head-to-toe mirror and can be adjusted an tilted to three angles.

What we like

  • Can be locked
  • The additional bottom drawers and exterior bottom shelf
  • Ample room for storage

Customer feedback

When it comes to ease of assembly, sturdiness and storage capacity, this cabinet scores very highly on those aspects. It’s said to be a nice looking armoire that accommodates a ton of jewelry neatly, making it ideal for use by people with several pieces of jewelry.

10. Luxfurni LED Light Standing Mirror Armoire 

Finally, we have the Luxfurni Jewelry Cabinet with Automatic on/off LED lights, a fully lockable models thanks to the fitted locking feature and keys. It’s made from quality medium Best Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Cabinets with Mirrordensity fiberboard

When it comes to storage, this has 130 earring slots, 24 hooks, 84 slots for rings, 54 earring slots, 1 bracelet rod, 2 bottom drawers, 4 storage shelves, a transparent makeup organizer 4 more transparent drawers at the bottom and a removable pouch.

On the exterior, is a full-length mirror that can be tilted three ways for better viewing and what’s more, there’s also an interior HD face mirror as well.

What we like

  • The interior is designed not only with jewelry storage in mind, but also other accessories including cosmetics.
  • The removable stain-free acrylic cosmetic organizer as well as the removable clear stylish drawers at the bottom.
  • The LED lights for illumination
  • The locking capability
  • The interior mirror though not very useful given the exterior mirror

Customer feedback

This is well received and highly recommended storage cabinet, and just as advertised, customers do indeed confirm that this unit comes with several draws, hooks and slots for organizing lots of jewelry, cosmetics and other fashion accessories.

It’s also been commended for being very attractive thereby not only serving as a piece of storage furniture, but also a decorative purpose as well. Overall, it’s a sturdy, functional and nice looking cabinet with users implying it’s worth every single penny.

Final Thoughts

Most Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Cabinets are easily assembled, sleek and designed to occupy very little in the way of space. Yet, they are still able to accommodate a substantial amount of fashion accessories.

Opening a jewelry cabinet to display an entire jewelry collection, takes the hassle out of having to rummage through drawers and shelves on a daily basis, trying to locate your favorite jewelry.

And not only are these units utilitarian but they can also can be used to add or complement the general aesthetics of a room. Seeing as there’s a vast selection of options readily available in the market in different designs and color finishes, you can find one that will accessorize your room as an additional piece of decor. This way, you’ll end up with an entirely practical and decorative unit at the same time.

Ultimately, there’s no doubt that there’re immense benefits to be derived from Free Standing Jewelry Armoire Cabinets, fitted with Mirrors. If you’re new to these types of jewelry armories and you get yourself on of these cabinets, you will attest to this and wonder how you ever went so long without one.


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