2021 10 Best Fluffy Down Alternative Comforters According to Customer Feedback

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A down alternative comforter is also known as a synthetic comforter. The best types of fluffy down alternative comforters can be from polyester, rayon and silk among other materials. These types of comforters are very popular and are the-go-to alternatives to goose or duck down comforters for people who prefer to have less heat during the night, are allergic or just don’t want to use goose or duck feather comforters for one reason or another

Down alternatives are breathable and retain enough heat. Not to be confused with a duvet which is actually a cover for the comforter. Interestingly, in some case the comforter can serve the purpose of a duvet depending on the design.

Difference Between Goose Down Comforter and Down Alternative Comforter

The main difference lies in the material used in each comforter. The goose down comforter insulation is from goose and duck feathers making it a completely organic option. On the other hand, a down alternative comforter features synthetic filling for insulation with materials like polyester and rayon as favorites with manufacturers. Overall, goose down comforters are more comfortable and warmer compared to down alternative comforters.

Below we review some of the  Best Fluffy Down Alternative Comforters that customers felt were worth every penny as they delivered what they promised in terms of durability, fluffiness, softness and overall comfort.

Best Fluffy Down Alternative Comforters

1. Utopia Bedding Fluffy Down Alternative Comforter

From the beautiful quilting to the crisp design, this popular down alternative comforter by the makers at Utopia Bedding is not only comfortable but stylish. It is lightweight allowing free flow of air but it also features a fluffy and plush feel. Down Alternative Comforters

The box stitching on gives the edges excellent durability while at the same time providing the elegance most people are looking for in their bedroom. It comes with four corner tabs which make it easy to dress into a duvet cover and pull out as well. They also make it easier for one to adjust the comforter once it’s inside the duvet.

This comforter is machine washable without any chances of shrinkage which is a concern when washing a down alternative comforter. It requires a gentle tumble dry with cold water to avoid changing the structure and form of the comforter. After washing it needs to be sun dried or tumble dried on low. The piping found on the seams is aimed at making this comforter durable.


  • Sizes: comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen and king sizes
  • Materials: made from plush siliconized fiberfill
  • Quantity: 3 pieces in the carton
  • Design: box style stitching and classic diamond pattern
  • Colors: comes in black/grey, white, grey, and navy

The overall construction of this comforter is stellar and the surface of the comforter is wonderfully cloudy allowing you to sink into a calm sleep. It definitely sends you to sleep Utopia .

Customer feedback

Customers found the synthetic down to be very well and equally distributed making it a very stable comforter. They also commented that the shell fabric is comfortable and does a good job of holding the fill securely. Their favorite part was the classic diamond pattern that makes the comforter look stylish in any room. Customers were pleasantly surprised by its fluffy construction considering it it very affordable.

2. Linenspa All-Season White Down Alternative Comforter

This is a fantastic an all season comforter from Linenspa that has an efficient distribution of heat and the construction is just outstanding. It is stuffed with an allergen-free synthetic down which makes it an ideal option for people who suffer from allergies.

Being machine washable means it is easy to maintain and keep hygienic. It features sewn in loops for the duvet to keep it secured in place.

The interesting thing with this comforter is that it is easily mistaken for a goose down comforter because it offers fluffiness like a natural down comforter. It has a reversible design so that it functions like two comforters when you need to change things up.


  • Sizes: comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, oversized queen, king, oversized king and California king sizes
  • Materials: made from 100% polyester fiber fill and 100% polyester shell fabric
  • Quantity: One comforter and two pillow shams
  • Design: box style stitching and pinch pleat
  • Colors: comes in black/graphite, white, cloudy sky, grey, white quatrefoil, grey/white stripes, navy/graphite, navy quatrefoil, and sand/mocha.

The fill in this comforter is sufficiently distributed to keep you warm without overwhelming you causing one to overheat. It features a box stitch design which effectively keeps the fill in the comforter from shifting all over the place.

Customer feedback

People who bought this comfort commented on its odorless construction which makes it an excellent for customers with delicate respiratory systems. Many commented that even after the wash it was fluffier and there was no shrinkage, not even a clumpy spot. Customers love that it provides a great balance between hot and cold no matter what the season.

3. Sleep Restoration Fluffy Down Alternative Comforter

Sleep restoration is a brand that offers high quality sleep products ranging from gusseted gel pillows for head support to down alternative comforters which offer exceptional comfort no matter what time of the year it is. This is the epitome of ultra-plushness matching almost the same comfort one would get from a goose down comforter.

The coverage of this comforter is adequate since in all sizes it offers extra coverage. From an array of great color combinations, durable hems, to durable stitching and long lasting material, this is an ideal comforter. The design is elegant and yet contemporary allowing it to fit in any room in the house.


  • Sizes: comes in twin, twin XL, full, Queen, King, California king sizes
  • Materials: made from 100% polyester fill and 100% polyester shell fabric
  • Quantity: One comforter in the package
  • Design: box style stitching and classic diamond pattern
  • Colors: comes in Gray/black, navy/sleet, sage/ivory, brown/cream, burgundy/gray, aqua/ivory, grey/white, skyblue/ivory, burgundy/black, navy/skyblue

The polyester is soft and not the kind that makes one feel extremely hot as they sleep. Inferior quality polyester has the tendency to retain heat causing overheating when one covers themselves with it.

Customer feedback

Customers mentioned that this comforter fluffs out right out of the packaging. The polyester is smooth and soft and the fill in the comforter is super plush and cloudy. Some customers would have preferred that it comes with pillow shams as well but it only comes solo. Overall, customers praised the fluffiness of this comforter and loved that the material is luxurious and doesn’t cause overheating.

4. Hospitology Products All-Season Down Alternative Comforter

Hospitology is a great manufacturer of bedding products which are completely hypoallergenic like their all-season down alternative comforter. According to the company ethos this comforter incorporates numerous principles of sleep science including temperature control so that one is not left feeling too hot or too old during sleep. To achieve this, the comforter is made with light, breathable material.

Additionally, it is also made with an ultra-soft shell which provides it with that cloud-like plushness that we all seek when looking for a comforter. It can be paired with a duvet to give it customized look or used on its own. When used with a duvet you can attach the two using the corner ties on the duvet to secure them together.

The comforter is machine washable as long as you keep it to a delicate setting and opt to hang to dry or a low heat tumble dry.


  • Sizes: comes in twin, full, Queen, King, California king sizes
  • Materials: made from 100% hypoallergenic polyester fill and 100% polyester microfiber shell fabric
  • Quantity: One comforter in the package
  • Design: box style stitching
  • Colors: comes in only white

The softness of the outer micro fiber shell fabric is a combination of natural cotton fibers and 100% polyester which gives it an outstanding play between softness, plush luxury, stain repellent qualities and durability. Being a synthetic material eliminates the risk of allergies.

Customer feedback

Customers love the bright white color of this comforter and even though it doesn’t come in another color that’s okay. Most commented on the soft fluffiness of this comforter especially praising the outer microfiber shell which contains natural cotton fibers. Customers also love the box style stitching which gives the entire comforter a classic elegant pattern.

5. AmazonBasics Ultra-Soft Micromink Sherpa Fluffy Comforter

A cozy bed set such as this AmazonBasics Micromink comforter is all you need on a cold night. The plush softness and cloud feel of this downy blanket is literally a warm pleasure to sleep under. The design is contemporary and therefore would be an added decorative piece that meshes well with the rest of your bedroom decor. Fluffy Down Comforter

The comforter is stuffed with plush fill and the exterior is soft and welcoming. It feels even more plush than it looks which is a huge plus if you are looking for that cloudy comfort to sink into at night. And just so you know, the level of cloudy plushness is the same whether you are using the polyester side or the fleece side.


  • Sizes: comes in twin, full, queen, and king sizes
  • Materials: Reversible construction with one side 100% quality polyester and another side has a fluffy and soft white faux sherpa fleece.
  • Quantity: 1 comforter and 2 pillow shams
  • Design: stylish box stitched design
  • Colors: smoke blue/ grey/ chocolate/ taupe/ plum/ charcoal/ red/ cream/ Navy

The colors on this comforter offer righter variety as well as earthy tones which can work in a range of bedroom decors. This means children and adults can use this comforter with the same level of comfort and enjoyment.

Customer’s feedback

Customers love this plush alternative down comforter because it not only offers sensual sleep filled with warmth, and a cloud like softness, but does so from both sides. Covering up with this set is a real pleasure for users because the build comes in varying sizes and allows it to be a good fit in more than one room. Also the reversible aspect offers a refreshing look to the room from time to time.

6. Equinox All-Season Quilted Fluffy Alternative Down Comforter

The Equinox all-season quilted alternative comforter has a fluffy and soft build. The siliconized gel filling is a different approach in comforters that offers superb softness. This fill technology does a good job of eliminating allergen such as dust mites and mildew which can be bothersome to those with sensitive skin and nasal passages.

Further still, this is a convenient alternative down comforter that can be machine washed without losing its shape and structure. This is especially crucial if the comforter is in use during the winter months or is being used by minors. Because the fill is well distributed and remains like that, the comforter is efficient in keeping you warm without being too warm all year round.


  • Sizes: comes in twin, queen and king size
  • Materials: brushed microfiber shell cover and siliconized fiber fill
  • Quantity: 1 comforter in the package
  • Design: square baffle box style stitching with durable piped edges
  • Colors: white, sky blue/ white, navy blue/ charcoal grey, crimson red/white, charcoal grey/ white

The comforter can be used as is or one can opt to insert a duvet with the use of the included corner tabs for added warmth on a fiercely cold night. The design is the classic comforter design that one would be looking for in a traditional bedroom.

Customer feedback

Those who’ve used this product can attest to its soft, fluffy construction that delightfully caresses your body. The siliconized gel material is also an innovative way to repel common bedding allergens which makes this ideal for those who suffer from allergies. Customers also love the colors that are a nice change from the traditional white infusing a modern twist to an otherwise traditional looking comforter.

7. KingLinen White Down Alternative Fluffy Comforter

When selecting an alternative down comforter, one can be worried whether allergens will be an issue. There is often a misconception that alternative downs are more susceptible to allergens. But that is not necessarily true. However, if that is a special concern for your case, you will be happy to know that this alternative down comforter by KingLinen is rated as 100% hypoallergenic.

The construction of this comforter has resulted in a fluffy, smooth and sleek down comforter that provides medium warmth for use all year around. What’s more, it also doubles up as a duvet insert for optimal warmth when needed.


  • Sizes: comes in Twin, Twin XL, Queen and King sizes
  • Materials: 100% polyester on the cover and poly fiber fill down
  • Quantity: 1 comforter that doubles as a duvet insert
  • Design: baffle box style with durable piped edges
  • Colors: comes in a white color option only

This plush Hypoallergenic Poly fiber fill down with a sleek polyester shell is an excellent in choice for keeping your warm all year round. The white is crisp and pristine and will definitely be appealing to people who love a pristine all white bedroom. It will also look great with darker furniture creating a fantastic contrast.

Customer feedback

Apart from the quality polyester shell and hypoallergenic microfiber fill, customers love the fact that the comforter is lightweight, soft to touch, fluffy and can be used all year round. One also has the option of inserting a duvet into the comforter for extra bulk and warmth during those exceptionally cold nights. They also appreciate that the fill has no adverse effect on people with allergies.

8. Superior White Hypoallergenic Fluffy Down Alternative Comforter

Cheaper alternative down options can tend to have a squashing sound when one rubs against the shell. This can be disturbing for light sleepers. However, this Superior solid white comforter’s shell is made from microfiber which is not only luxuriously soft but claimed to be noiseless as well.

Those who are sensitive to allergens will be delighted to know that this product is rated as 100% hypoallergenic. In the event that you are allergic to goose down or feather bedding, this is a good fall back option thanks to the hypoallergenic down alternative polyfill.


  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, full, queen and king sizes
  • Materials: soft microfiber shell and alternative down hypoallergenic polyfill
  • Quantity: one comforter in the package
  • Design: baffle box design and double needle stitching
  • Colors: Comes in white color option only

This is an exceptional down comforter option that is ligh weight and offers medium heat for all year use. This comforter also doubles up as a duvet insert which helps the user pack on some extra warmth and weight to the down for maximum warmth on those very cold nights.

Customer feedback

The brilliant white color and the baffle box design work together beautifully to give your bed a fluffy cloud like look that is very inviting, according to customers. Not only is this comforter a great looker, but it also does an excellent job of keeping you warm and all snuggled up at night. Users mention that they love its cozy look and amazing comfort level. This is in addition to it being hypoallergenic catering to those with sensitive skin and nasal.

9. Tekamon All Season Soft Hypoallergenic Down Alternative

Tekamon alternative comforter is said to enable a lighter and warmer sleep in the cold season and cool in the hotter months. It makes this a reality because its material construction allows it to be used all year around.Fluffy Down Alternative Comforter

The overall construction is durable with piped edges for reinforced strength. The baffle box design on the soft and plush microfiber shell is diamond stitched on both the bottom and top layers which ensures the fill does not clump and stays evenly distributed.

If you are on the lookout for a beautifully crafted, elegant yet still contemporary bedding accessory this comforter will work wonders for your bedroom.


  • Sizes: comes in Twin, Queen, oversized queen, Califronia king and King
  • Materials: Made from a soft double brushed microfiber shell and alternative polyfill
  • Quantity: One comforter in the package
  • Design: box style stitching and classic diamond pattern
  • Colors: Comes in white gray/ charcoal grey/snow white

Although the color selection is a bit scant, it is not very restrictive because the colors can work for most types of décor and any color scheme. You can’t go wrong with white, gray and charcoal.

Customer feedback

Users of this product love the lightweight and sleek feel of the Tekamon comforter. Customers have remarked how sleep has become more restive and comfortable with this comforter because of its plushness level. The soft, fluffy and smooth feel is worth every dime for this down bedding. Customer also love the classic diamond box pattern on the comforter.

10. Bare Home Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Comforter Set

With a good portion of our time is spent sleeping in order to recharge the batteries and keep ourselves ticking with optimal health, getting a comforter such as this one by Bare Home makes that sleep time even better.

Imagine sinking into a cloud of soft fluff at the end of a long, tiring day. No need to imagine with this comforter.

Available in a wide selection of beautiful colors, the construction of the Bare Home comforter is very fluffy and ultra-soft as a result of the luxurious breathable siliconized fiber filling. With this baby, you have all you need for a dreamy night’s sleep. It is also great for people who have allergies seeing as it is 100% hypoallergenic.


  • Sizes: comes in Twin, twin XL, full, full queen, queen, oversized queen, king, California King, and oversized king.
  • Materials: made from 100% hypoallergenic microfiber
  • Quantity: One down alternative comforter as well as one pillow sham
  • Design: box style stitching
  • Colors: come in several cool color options including; Coronete blue, black, white, pink light blue, taupe, red, lavender, cocoa, plum, grey, orange, dark blue, sand, light grey, turquoise, aqua, Cyprus green, medium blue, Rockland

This down alternative comforter is a good option for a person who likes a lightweight hypoallergenic comforter to snuggle into. You don’t have to worry about mildew and other issues like dust mites and mold either.

Customer feedback

Users who are prone to allergies mention that this option works great for them. Their sleep is comfortable, undisturbed by sneezes, a stuffy nose and itchy skin. They say that the comforter is amazingly soft, light and warm. The plethora of colors to choose from make it even better as one can get it in a variety of colors to suit a myriad color schemes. Customers love that colors are fade resistant and also wrinkle resistant.

What to Look for When Buying a Down Alternative Comforter

1. Fill

Choose the fill that best offers you the comfort you are looking for. You have at least three options you can work with. The natural fill which consists of buckwheat hull, silk material which is organic as well or bamboo fill. There is also the option of synthetic fill which is mainly different man-made down fill and the most popular hands down. Despite the synthetic nature of the fill it is mainly hypoallergenic.

Some down alternative comforters have gel fill which are polyester gel fibers. This is lightweight and cushiony and they can be adjusted. They offer an experience close to natural fill.

2. Design

We recommend comforters which have a baffle box design because for those without baffles, the fill may shift all over the place which means that the comforter will have clumping resulting in cold and hot spots hence defeating the purpose.

3. Warmth

Always choose a down alternative comforter that offers you enough warmth so that you get value for your money. Comforters have been created to provide heat but make sure the heat levels are adequate for the cold season but they are also able to provide comfort in the summer.

You will find four levels of warmth in down alternative comforters:

  • Warm
  • Extra warm
  • Toasty
  • Extra toasty
  1. Warm: the warm comforter offers you sufficient heat without causing you to overheat. It may is ideal for cool nights.
  2. Extra warm: this offers slightly more additional heat compared to the warm comforter. It is suitable for cold months.
  3. Toasty: this is adequate for the fall and early spring temperatures which can be more than moderately cold.
  4. Extra toasty: the extra toasty comforter works well for the winter months or if you prefer to sleep with the AC on.

4. Shell Cover Fabric

Choose a fabric that is breathable and excellent for wicking sweat while remaining delicately lightweight and luxurious. Some of the top ranked materials for down alternative comforters include

  1. Microfiber – This is man-made and one of the most widely used fabric as a shell cover for down alternative comforters, known for softness, plushness and durability.
  2. Cotton – It is widely available making it an easy to maintain fabric and it is versatile enough to be used in both cold and warm weather. It is also an excellent material at absorbing sweat and can quickly and easily be washed. Cotton is a favorite because it is comfortable to sleep on even for people with allergies.
  3. Silk – Luxurious and glamorous definitely define down comforters made from silk fabric but more than that the material is comfortable and durable when cared for. Silk is an excellent option for people with allergies because it is 100% purely organic without any chemicals in it. It’s also a highly breathable material while still being capable of absorbing a third of its total weight in moisture. It is an expensive option which deters many people from buying it.
  4. Satin – Satin is the less expensive equivalent of the silk down alternative comforter. It is luxurious as well as breathable but with a friendlier price tag. This is may not be a great option for people with allergies as satin is not all natural.

5. Shell Cover Thread count (for cotton or bamboo covers)

Thread count even though some manufacturers don’t state this in their packaging for down alternative comforters is something worth considering. Choose a comforter with a high thread count if you’re going for one with cotton or bamboo shell cover. If the quality of the material used is high, then the higher the thread count the better the softness level. These are the levels of thread counts

  • 600 +: This is very comfortable thread count where one feels the softness of the comforter and experience plush sleep. This is the luxury zone of the thread count.
  • 400-600: This is high quality and it feels soft but it’s not quite on the higher end of luxurious yet.
  • 200-400: This thread count means the comforter is high quality but not exactly luxurious.
  • Below 200: This is the standard cotton comforter which offers the basic function of providing warmth without the extra of luxury.

6. Size

There are three sizes of down alternative comforters to work with: twin, Queen and King. The twin comforter is the smallest option and it works for a bed in the kid’s room or a guest bedroom. It has dimensions of 70 by 92 by 1 inch. The queen is a perfect fit for most adult beds with its dimensions of 92 by 96 by 1 inch. The King comforter is massive in size offering cover for a king bed and anything larger. With dimensions of 110 by 96 by 1 inch it is also the heaviest.

These are the most important considerations to have when shopping for a down alternative comforter. They impact the use and the functionality of the comforter and determine whether the item will meet your needs or not. We recommend going taking measurements of the bed and going shopping with them in order to find the right fit for your bed.

Benefits of Down Alternative Comforters

  1. An alternative down comforter can be made with an all-season temperature regulation. This allows one to use the comforter all year round because they are comfortable and conducive.
  2. Down alternative comforters are easier to maintain and keep hygienic. They need very delicate setting to machine wash.
  3. They maintain shape and form for longer compared to goose down comforters. The latter is prone to flattening with time and consistent use.
  4. Down alternative comforters are lighter. The materials are typically lightweight giving one the best of both worlds: warmth and lightweight coverage.
  5. They are cheaper because they are made from synthetic materials. A down comforter may cost thousands of dollars while a down alternative comforter will set you back a few dollars. In the long term it is a cost effective buy compared to a goose down comforter.

Drawbacks of Down Alternative Comforters

  1. Down comforters have natural fill which makes them warmer so a down alternative comforter requires additional filling, usually synthetic fill, to be able to reach the same level of warmth of a down comforter.
  2. The synthetic fibers are not as breathable as natural down from ducks and geese.
  3. You may experience shrinkage when you wash a down alternative


Contrary to what most people may think, the best quality, well constructed fluffy down alternative comforter options are an excellent bedding choice. Moreover, alternative down options can be hypoallergenic as seen above. So those with sensitive nasals and skin can find respite and benefit from a carefully selected high quality alternative down comforter that offers luxurious comfort in a soft and plush construction. The above mentioned options go a long way to deliver fluffy comfort, choice and style at very friendly price tags.






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