5 Fluffiest Queen Size Goose Down Comforters

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Goose down is considered a premium quality fill because of its impressive breathable nature in addition to providing higher levels of comfort. It’s ability to insulate end retain warmth is unmatched which makes it an excellent option for a bedding fill.

Below we explore some of the fluffiest goose down comforter options that come highly recommended;

1. Snowman Queen Fluffy Goose Down Comforter

Are the comforters you have not warm enough for the winter chill, well this Snowman white Goose Down Comforter can help you remedy that situation very quickly. In fact, this bedding unit is so well made with high quality material that makes it fit not just for winter use only but all year round application.Snowman White Fluffy Goose Down Comforter

This queen size comforter is made in such a way that layering becomes easier in those cold months. The comforter can easily be inserted into a duvet for added insulation and comfort that will keep you warm and toasty in the dead of winter.

An important point of note is that in the event that you are allergic to alternative down such as poly-fiber fill, it is likely that you will find this goose down comforter to be quite agreeable with you as it is rated as hypoallergenic.

The 1200 luxury cotton shell has a smooth and lustrous finish with a distant sheen that adds to the aesthetic of the fabric. The shell is finished with a double stitched piped edging for enhanced durability. With most comforters, the edges are quite vulnerable because they tend to sweep the floor from time to time. Piped edges serve the purpose of promoting durability, giving a neat finish and keeping the fill inside the comforter.

The baffle boxes are well stitched with little chance of the threads coming undone. This means that your comforter will maintain an aesthetic puffy look throughout its lifespan.

When you combine the high quality cotton of 1200 thread count with feather+goose down and expert detailing, what you get is a luxurious durable comforter that can be used all year round.


  • Measurements of the queen size comforter are 90 inches width x 90 inches length. It also comes in different sizes such as king, twin and full
  • Shell fabric is 100% cotton with a thread count of 1200
  • Feathers and goose down filling
  • It comes with 750 fill power goose down
  • Utilizes a beautifully done baffle boxed design
  • Machine washable
  • Available in white, khaki and blue colors
  • It is DOWNPASS audited and OEKO-TEX Standard certified

Customer feedback

Customers who bought and reviewed this comforter after using it shared that this is an option which comes with plenty of down. They also mentioned that you will not experience any feathers poking anywhere on the surface or at your skin. Most customers mentioned that after using the comforter for several months, they were pleased to report that no down or other materials have come out since. This is after several washes. In fact, users noticed that with more use, the unit seems to become fluffier. The beauty of cotton material is that it grows softer with every wash and the comforter is lightweight but keeps you warm.

2. Puredown 800 Fill Power Puffy Goose Down Comforter

Sleeping luxury will often be determined by a few factors such as the kind of mattress you use, as well as the bedding you opt for. Figuring out the mattress part is fairly easy once you know you’re sleeping tendencies and the best mattress density that works for you. Beddings will range from sheets to pillows and ultimately to comforters. When choosing bed sheets and comforters, the materials they are made of can determine the level of comfort they offer.Puredown 800 Fill Power Puffy Goose Down Comforter

The Puredown 800 Fill Power Natural White Goose Down Comforter for instance, offers a luxurious look and comfort. This is because the both the shell and core are made from high quality materials.

The shell is constructed from 100% cotton. The beauty, softness and durability of cotton are hinged on the thread count that’s been used to create the cotton fabric. Cotton fabric with a thread count of anywhere between 400-1500 is considered high quality.

That said, this comforter has a thread count of 700 which delivers on soft texture that’s agreeable with sensitive skin and grows softer with every wash. It’s worth mentioning that a high thread count in cotton does also significantly affect the price on the higher side.

The cotton shell is resilient enough to withstand many washes.

This queen size shell is stuffed with goose down which is arguably the best and most luxurious down you can come across in the market.

This comforter is generously stuffed with 40 ounces per square yard for a fluffy look and cloud like comfort.

Goose down fill is highly breathable and therefore ideal for insulation against the cold. This comforter will also work well during the warmer months because the goose down allows good aeration for sleeping cool on warm nights. The cotton shell is also helpful in this regard due to its breathable nature and ability to absorb moisture from your body helping you sleep dry and cooler.

The comforter is finished with baffle boxes to aid in keeping the fill in place consistently while delivering a fluffy finish. The 800 fill power of this goose down comforter alongside the baffle box design culminates in a puffy comfortable good looking comforter that performance even better.

The surface of the shell is pinch pleated adding to the aesthetic beauty of the piece as well as reducing the wrinkling effect often associated with cotton fabric.


  • Dimension of this queen size comforter are 90 inches in width by 98 inches in length. Also available in twin and full size
  • The fabric used is 100% cotton with a 700 thread count
  • It has 800 fill power goose down fill and minimal feathers
  • Features a gorgeous baffle box design endowed with pinched pleats
  • It is machine washable
  • Available only in white
  • The product follows the Responsible Down Standard

The comforter has neat piped edges that aid in keeping the fill in place as well as prevent it from leakage for the long haul.

Customer feedback

Customers loved the fluffiness and the light weight of this comforter. They mentioned that the goose down fill is super warm and the weight is just right applying a gentle pressure against your body without smothering you. They also said that the high quality densely woven cotton of the comforter as it offers a nice baffled construction and exquisite cloud like sleeping experience.

3. Egyptian Bedding Hungarian Goose Down Comforter

Humane treatment of animals is at the forefront of the modern consumer’s mind. Manufactures of this comforter source their goose down from animal processing farms where the birds have already been processed for meat. What this means, is that the down is from free range birds and there is no live plucking involved.Egyptian Bedding Hungarian Goose Down Comforter

The Luxurious Hungarian Goose Down Comforter has a nice look that’s made possible by use of high quality fill and fabric coupled with excellent craftsmanship. The comforter has an inviting cloud like appearance that features 750+ fill power in a cotton shell. The cotton is of premium quality boasting of a thread count of 800. This means exquisite fluffiness wrapped in a baffled box cotton shell to deliver splendid quality.

The baffle boxes are large with awesome loft courtesy of the goose down fill. Inspecting the stitching on the baffle boxes as well as edges as soon as you have received your purchase is imperative, as the immaculate stitching in these areas will affirm that you have made a good buy.

In this case the stitching is close and tight. You can be sure that the fill will stay in place and the comforter will maintain the puffiness for its entire lifespan. The borders are durable and can stand up to wear pretty well thanks to the piped edge finish.  This comforter will supply you with adequate warmth while remaining breathable.

The snow white baffled design does present a handsome look that can be used without a cover and still look gorgeous. However your comforter stands to have a lengthened lifespan if used with a cover. The comforter comes with 8 built-in loops designed to anchor a duvet cover. A cover serves to protect the comforter as well as prevent it from shifting when asleep.

This comforter can be inserted into a duvet that has the material, color and decoration of your choice further adding to your bedroom décor. The unit’s light weight and breathability make it a versatile bedding option for all year round use.


  • Dimensions for this Queen Size comforter are 90 inches long by 90 inches wide. It also comes in king size
  • The cover of the comforter is soft and durable 100% Egyptian cotton with a thread count of 800
  • It comes with 750+ fill power of goose down +minimal goose feather
  • The shell is endowed with large premium 3D baffle boxes
  • This bedding unit is machine wash friendly
  • Comes in white color only
  • It is in compliance with Responsible Down Standard as well as OEKO-TEX and BSCI standards and certifications

If you are shopping around for a high quality comforter insert that will provide you with luxurious comfort through the changing season of the year, then you need not look any further than this Luxurious Hungarian Goose Down Comforter.

Customer feedback

A customer mentioned the method they choose to use to tell whether the product they receive stands up to features it promises, is by holding the duvet up to a bright light. When they did this the baffle box construction and clusters of down in each cell are clearly visible. With this simple test, users can see that the cells appear to be very evenly filled throughout the duvet with no sign of quills or shafts but only goose down. Users expressed they liked the design and the versatile build that allows the comforter to be used in all seasons both warm and cold.

4. Three Geese Pinch Pleat Goose Down Comforter

Some customers prefer their comforters in a darker color as opposed to white. If you are inclined that way, the Three Geese Pinch Goose Down Comforter is likely to tickle your fancy. Not only is the color appealing but the comforter is also well designed and constructed.Three Geese Pinch Pleat Goose Down Comforter

If you have sensitive skin and are very particular about the softness level of the comforter shell, this high quality cotton with a 1200 thread count should put both your mind and skin to ease. The fabric is gorgeously soft and an utter pleasure to lie on or sleep under.

The unit’s baffle box finish offers a delightful look that accentuates the loft of the goose down fill. The cloud like feel and look is peppered by pinched pleats in the right places to bring out aesthetic starry or twisted flowered shapes across the surface of the comforter.

It is honestly quite tempting to use the comforter just the way it is because it looks great. The grey cotton fabric has a distant pale sheen that gives the unit a beautiful subdued look that is not bright but neither is it dull. Well, you can always use the comforter as is but it will culminate in more frequent washes than it would if you got an equally gorgeous cover for it. While the unit is well constructed, a cover is recommended to get the best durability possible from the comforter.

This bedding unit’s performance is versatile given that it can deliver all year round service as a standalone or as a duvet insert when you need layering for the colder months.

When using a duvet with this bedding unit, you will realize that it has an ingenious way of attaching to the duvet and ensures they stick together for the duration of your use. All you need to do is add buttons to the inside corners of your duvet cover, this will effectively prevent your down comforter from shifting.

The down fill has been used in generous amounts at 52 ounces per square yard. The breathable fill working in tandem with a 100% cotton shell results in a luxurious cloud comforter that will have you sleeping like a baby all year round.


  • This queen size comforter has a length of 90 inches and a width of 90 inches as well. It can also be found in king size
  • This comforter shell is made from 100% cotton and it has 1200 thread count
  • The core filling is 750+ fill power goose down and feather fiber
  • Its construction features a baffle boxed finish with pinched pleats
  • It is easy to maintain using a washing machine
  • Comes in grey and white colors
  • Feathers are authenticated and certified professionally

Customer feedback

Customers who settled on this comforter are so glad they did. If you like your comforters oversized, you can always buy a size up to get the hang that you desire. It’s also a good way to mitigate fighting over the blanket at night as there is plenty of it to go around. Fluffing to maximum will take a couple of days of using the comforter. To ensure adequate protection of the comforter against spills and stains, its recommended that you use a comforter cover or duvet.

5. Egyptian Cotton Factory Outlet Goose Down Comforter Queen Size Duvet Insert

This Goose Down Duvet Insert is made from 100% Egyptian cotton. Some customers wonder what the big deal about Egyptian cotton is and whether it is any different from regular cotton.Egyptian Cotton Factory Outlet Goose Down Comforter Queen Size Duvet Insert

For fabric connoisseurs, the difference is major. That’s because to begin with, the regular cotton and Egyptian cotton are derived from 2 different plants. Egyptian cotton is no longer referred to as such only because of where it is grown, but also because that cotton variety has some distinctly unique properties; such as being long stranded and incredibly soft.

The softer disposition that is attributed to Egyptian cotton is largely because it is harvested by handpicking as opposed to regular cotton that is often harvested by machine. But does that make a significant difference in the outcome of the fabric quality? The answer is a resounding yes. Handpicked Egyptian cotton fibers are less stressed which helps them remain intact and straight.

For this reason, they can be made into longer fibers and fine yarns with ease for exquisitely soft and stronger cotton fabrics unlike their regular cotton counterpart that tends to have more splices

The Egyptian cotton used on this unit has a high thread count of 1200 for good strength, and a consistent strong finish.

The shell of the comforter feels pleasant to the skin and is overstuffed with 50 ounces of goose down per square yard. With a fill of 700, the comfort level is remarkable.

It’s worth noting that even after machine washing the fluffiness does rise back to its maximum puff with continued usage. Throwing a tennis ball into the dryer does work wonders in ensuring the loft is at maximum when the comforter comes out of the dryer.

Over and above the high quality of this comforter, the baffle box finish is quite unique and does add to the aesthetic appeal. The pinched pleating does form diamond shapes in addition to the baffle boxes for a nice appealing look.


  • This queen size comforter has a width of 90 inches and a length of 90 inches. It also comes in king, twin and Californian king
  • The shell is 100% Egyptian cotton fabric with a thread count of 400
  • It is overstuffed with 700 fill power goose down fill and feather down
  • The baffle boxed finish is complimented with pinch pleating
  • It is a machine washable option
  • Available only in white color
  • It is certified to the Responsible Down Standard as well as being OEKO-TEX and BSCI Standard certified

This comforter is a good option for winter when you need loads of warmth. Should you want an all year version you can order for the same model but with 25 ounces of fill per square yard.

Customer feedback

Customers loved the queen size as it covers the sides of the mattress perfectly. Users with bigger beds mentioned that the king and California king sizes worked out very well for their bedrooms as the comforter is generously sized. Wrinkles are synonymous with the cotton fabric but according to most customers after using the unit a while, the minimal creases do lessen and disappear altogether. This Egyptian cotton is amazingly soft and grows softer with every wash. Customers recommended getting a duvet cover to better preserve and protect this gorgeous comforter for added longevity.

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