2020 5 Best Extra Long Bed Rails for Toddlers to Keep them in Bed

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Extra long bed rails for toddlers are effective measures against “wild”adventurous toddlers as they sleep or even kids transitioning to bigger beds. Many toddlers sleep in a variety of positions, sometimes making a full 360°turn around the bed several times during the night. And due to their longer length, extra long toddler bed rails are usually the best choice when regular sized toddler bed rails are not enough to keep your child in bed.

Additionally, when transitioning your toddler to their first bigger bed, a bed rail, extra-long or standard sized is often a great addition to have on their bed in order to ensure not only a smoother and safer transition for your child, but also your peace of mind as parent, knowing that your child is protected from rolling off the bed and onto the floor thanks to the installed bed rail guard.

Extra- long bed rails over 54 inches are not common in the market though. However, lucky for you, we have scouted the web to find you 5 great options that you can consider if you’re in the market for one of these safety units.

Review of the Best Extra Long Bed Rails for Toddlers

1. Best Overall and our Top Recommendation: ComfyBumpy Extra Long Toddler Bed Rail Guard for Kids

Whether you’re looking for an extra-long bed rail or a regular sized bed rail, the highly-rated ComfyBumpy bed rail is one of the best, if not the best option you can get for your toddler.

If you have an adventurous kiddo who moves a lot in bed, you know that what you need is not just any bed rail guard, but a bed rail that will stay in place even when your toddler pushes against it as he/she sleeps.

Now truth be told, with most bed rails you find in the market, though they do indeed offer some form of security and indeed can prevent your toddler from falling of the bed, they still aren’t very effective for kids who roll onto them when they sleep. And what happens is that they sometimes end up taking the bed rail down with them if they happen to roll out of the bed.

So herein comes reasons why ComfyBumpy bed rail is the best possible option and why its our top recommendation…

ComfyBumpy extra long bed rail is a 59” x 19.5″ high-quality bed guard rail that is crafted from premium, tough and super sturdy steel frame to ensure that not only will it stay in place but also enhance its longevity.

Additionally, it also features breathable mesh sides to prevent overheating, flat, lump-free and bump-free iron bars that go underneath the mattress as well as soft side padding for all around comfort as your toddler sleeps.

You will be glad to know that ComfyBumpy bed rail is universally designed to be used securely on all bed types. So whether you’re looking at a convertible crib, king-size bed, Queen bed, slat bed, box spring or any other type of bed, this will extremely well in providing that much needed security. What’s more, it can also be easily adjusted to all bed heights.

This universal design features a unique triple-way attachment system that includes; Velcro to attach to slat bases, adjustable straps to secure hold on to box-springs and screws that attach to wooden bases. With these it will be able to tightly and securely installed to whichever bed, no matter the bed size and type to guarantee as much security as possible for a bed rail.

Therefore, with such a design, it means that as your toddler grows and moves to bigger beds, he/she will still be able to keep using the bed rail all through. The ComfyBumpy bed rail could therefore be considered a long term investment that could even be passed down from sibling to sibling because once you get this you’ll never need to get another rail.

Installation is very easy and once the bed rail is installed on the bed, it can be folded down easily and out of the way. This is made possible by the hinged pull-down design that enables the guard rail to swing down over the base without sticking out.

What we love;

  • That it’s super Strong
  • Built with features to fit snugly and securely
  • Universal design to fit any bed
  • Soft padding on the side
  • Hinged for easy swing down over the base to get it out of the way
  • Comes with a useful storage pocket. You can store a few of you toddlers items here for easy access.

Customer feedback.

ComfyBumpy is a best seller and no doubt at the top of the leader board when it comes to practical, safe and superior quality bed rail guards for toddlers, as evidenced by their hundreds of favorable user reviews. From a majority of the customers this is the best brand for solidly built, easy to use, and secure toddler bed rails for peace of mind.

Parents with kids who roll a lot in bed have been awed by how much this rail is able to hold up, stating that even with continued weights being applied to it night after night, this rail does not bulge.

Overall, this comes highly recommended for security features, durability, and quality of construction among other things

2. Regalo Swing Down Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

All-steel construction and at 54 inches long and 20 inches tall Regalo bed rail is a relatively great option for parents or guardians looking for everyday added security for their toddlers.

To ensure it says securely on the bed anchoring tabs are fitted into the rails that do the work of securing the bed rail firmly to the bed. And just like the ComfyBumpy bed rail, this too is hinged so that the bed rail swings down and out of your way for easier to access the bed or when your child wants to get in and out of bed.

For easy cleaning and maintenance the rail comes complete with a easy-wipe, comfortable and durable mesh nylon fabric that encases the steel frame.

This model is easy to set up and doesn’t require the use of tools. It’s usable with beds from twin to queen sizes and only with bed and box spring beds.

Customer feedback

From several customers, this toddler bed rail guard does a great job of keep toddlers from rolling out of bed or falling of accidentally. It can withstand small toddlers leaning against it but may be too wobbly for bigger kids.

3. MAYbabe Extra Long Bed Rails for Toddlers

At 70″ long by 30″ high, MAYbabe bed rail is all round extra big and therefore ideal for those mattresses with bigger breadths.

It’s made of steel pipe, locking straps to hold the rail securely in place, breathable mesh and can be used on box spring twin beds, full beds, queen and king beds.

Requiring little assembly when setting up, this bed rail can also be folded down for easy access to the bed. This also means that your child can get in and out when needed with ease.

Customer feedback

Easy to install, excellent quality and relatively sturdy, this highly recommended for those looking for not only an extra long bed rail but an extra-tall one as well. From a majority of the customers, this does indeed do a great job of keeping small toddlers in bed.

4. Kooldoo Extra long Toddler Bed Rail 

Kooldoo toddler bed rail is another another option you can consider if you’re looking for an extra long bed rail as this measures 59 inches long by 20 inches wide.

Featuring metal bars wrapped in durable formaldehyde-free cotton fabric, this is all round safe and sturdy, suggested for use with cribs, double beds and other large-sized beds.

An anchoring element ensures the strap secures the bed rail to the bed and a swing down feature enables the rail to be easily pivoted both down and out of the way.

Customer feedback

For most of the customers who’ve purchased this bed rail, it’s the solution to their piece of mind and a great addition for their bed transitioning kids. It’s said to fit perfectly on the bed and provides a safer sleeping experience.

5. Welspo Extra Long Toddler Bed Rail 

Made from high-quality steel frame structure, the Welspo Toddler Bed Rail is sturdy and at an astounding 70 inches long and 26.77″ high, it is one of the longest bed rails that you will find in the market.

This is advertised to work with 99% of bed types, from kid beds, solid wood beds, built-in beds, flatbeds and other large-size beds. With a swing down function you can easily get this out of the way when you need to access the bed.

The rails are covered with safe formaldehyde-free durable mesh nylon fabric that is comfortable on the skin and easy maintain and clean.

Customer feedback

For those with deep mattresses, this is said by customers to work very well in keeping the toddler in bed. It’s well made and sturdy, plus the fact that it’s compatible with most bed types and extremely long and tall means that your toddler can grow into this bed rail, with no need to replace it once your toddler transitions into a bigger different bed.

Final Thoughts

Safety bed rails are the perfect solution for those parents nervous about transitioning their kids to bigger beds for fear that their toddlers will fall out of bed because of being big movers when they sleep. Extra long toddler bed rails help keep your little ones safe throughout the night which will in turn provide you with peace of mind that you so much.

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