7 Best Electric Underfloor Heating Systems Review of 2020

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Table of Contents

Electric under floor heating systems enable you to comfortably walk bare feet on a porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite or vinyl floor even in the dead of winter without cringing at the cold biting your toes.

These home heating options are affordable to acquire and uncomplicated to install. But most importantly, they are very effective, consistent floor heating on demand solutions. Further still, floor heating systems are energy saving and will not inflate your bills because they can be programmed by using a thermostat.

Check out game changing underfloor heating options below.

Review of Best Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

1. HeatWave Electric Radiant Floor Heating System

This HeatWave Electric Radiant Floor Heating System makes making your home cozy easier and cheaper. Some floors types like porcelain tiles, concrete, marble or granite floors, although beautiful, can tend to be quite cold. Given that the floor surface of your home or office is the biggest surface in the structure, this heating system does an absolutely amazing job of keeping your floor warm during winter months.

This heating system will work with floor types such as wood and laminate floors as well. In case you are wondering how this works, it’s pretty simple. HeatWave floor heating comes as a pre-configured mat or free-roll cable. This makes it so much easier to work around objects even for rooms that have a lot of obstacles. The unit can be installed as a mat with the mesh intact or you can opt to remove the mat. The Heating unit is installed a layer beneath the final floor finishing. This particular one can be embedded in various types of cement-like material, allowing for several floor covering options.

The free roll cable offers very flexible and stress free maneuverability around any physical construction features that surface from your floor. The beauty of this product is in the fact that one does not have to be overly concerned on whether their floor surface is too small or too large for this heating system. That is because it comes in varied sizes ranging from 10 – 100 square feet and everything in between. That said, it is still important to correctly measure the floor space in which you want to install this heating system. This ensures you purchase the appropriate size that matches your floor area.

Voltage compatibility is no issue as the system comes in 120 or 240 voltage options. Is your floor surface more than 100 square feet several times over? No worries! The Electric Radiant Floor Heating System also offers various upgrades and expansion options that ensure even massive floor plans such as offices or huge homes are catered for.

It comes with a wall mounted thermostat that is neat, easy to operate and looks great in your home.

The thermostat is a convenient and helpful addition that elevates your heating experience in the home or office. You can set it to automatic, manual, or comfort mode, it also Includes 2 inbuilt air and floor sensors. It is also ETL listed for the United States and Canada. Thermostat temperature control range is from 41ºF to 104ºF


  • Comes in numerous sizes: 10, 20,25, 30, 35,40,50,60,70,80,90 and 100 feet
  • Features a heating mat
  • Has a programmable thermostat
  • Multi voltage options ranging from 120/208/240 V
  • No Installation monitor included

Customer feedback

Users who bought this product mentioned that it was fairly easy to install if you have some electrical knowledge. This experience comes in handy when configuring the thermostat. If you still feel clueless after reading the installation manual, finding a decent electrician to install it for you would be the best option. Once installed, most customers mentioned that they absolutely loved how effectively it heats up the floor and how good the warm floor feels even in the dead of winter.

2. Warming Systems Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System with Aube Digital Floor Sensing Thermostat

There is no debating the comforts that a heated floor brings.Warming Systems Electric Radiant Floor Heating System with a digital thermostat such as this one offers an excellent uncomplicated heating solution for your space.Warming Systems Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System

This solution will work on varied floor types in the home and in the office set up. The installation is fairly easy and the DIY’ers will find the instruction manual to be very straight forward. However, for the sake of trouble shooting the unit before, during and after the installation, knowledge on how to use and read ohms off the floor heating system with a multi-meter is necessary to ensure that the installation is on-point.

This heating option is ideal for square and rectangular surfaces with right angles as they are the most easy to set up. The system comes in the form of a mat with the visible cable heating elements pre-spaced 3 inches apart. You therefore have little to worry about in terms of spacing and all you have to do is simply unroll the floor heating mat with the cold lead running up the wall to the electrical box.

Remember that the heat system should be laid below the finished floor. For instance, if you intend to finish your flooring with tiles, the heating mats will be laid on the concrete floor before the tiles are placed. The mat will then be covered with a thin layer of mortar followed by placement of tiles.

The mat is a mesh made of white fiber glass and features adhesive on either side. This means once you place it down on the installation area you will not have issues trying to hold it down as it will adhere to the floor. Should your floor not be square or rectangle, the instruction guide provides you with detailed techniques on how to cut the mat and manipulate it to circumvent structural objects off the floor surface.

The mat can be cut to make it flip and turn. But at no point should the red element wire be cut. It is not advisable to install the mat under the toilet or vanity areas. The mat should be installed on areas where you walk on. However, it can be installed under the shower.

This heating fixture comes with an installation monitor that will literally give you a ‘shout’ in case something is amiss during the installation. In the event that wires are damaged anywhere on the system or they have come loose at the terminal, the monitor’s alarm accompanied by a red light will alert you.

The monitor not only notifies you of a problem, but also allows you to fix it before proceeding with the rest of the installation. A white light on the monitor means all is good. This helpful installation tool can monitor 3 separate heating floor installations at a go. It has an easy to use Interface that has both Fahrenheit and Celsius options


  • Comes in a multitude of sizes from  10, 15, 20, 25 all the way to 150 feet
  • Has an adhesive backed mat
  • Comes with an installation monitor
  • Thermostat is programmable with backlit display
  • Features single voltage of 120 volt on the thermostat

Customer feedback

Some customers, who bought this, found that the tricky part is when you skim-coat the same mat in preparation for the actual tiling. You need to consider that you are essentially tiling an uneven floor. If you mix the mortar extra runny, you will end up with two different heights. Looking out for that little caveat, may save you hefty adjustment when tiling. Other than that, the installation is quite a breeze once the floor surface has been properly prepped and installation instructions understood.

3. Warming Trends Cable Set Electric Radiant Floor Heat Heating System

This is another option from Warming Trends but this one comes as a cable set. Unlike the other options that come as a mat, this heating fixture comes as a running cable. The cable is a good option for larger floor spaces as it is more flexible and makes it easier to navigating around permanent objects off the floor such as toilets and vanities.Best Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

So, if you have odd shaped rooms in your home or office, opting to go with a floor heating cable will work tremendously well.

The spacing instructions are well written and instruct you to leave 3 inches between loops. The loops can run as long as the shape of the room demands. An allowance of 2 inches should also be allowed from any wall or physical fixtures such as vanities.

The heating element should be secured to cable guides by way of wrapping wire around the studs. Ensure that the tension on the element cable is slack all through the installation. The cable guides comes with a length of 12 inches but it can be cut down to customized sizes based on the dimensions of your floor. The instructions also advice that the maximum cable guide should be laid perpendicular to the loops and no more than 36 inches apart. These are but a few of the many clear guidelines set out on the instructions.

The unit comes with an installation monitor that makes your job even easier. In case the wiring is faulty in any way, this monitor’s alarm will go off and light red. This lets you know that there is a faulty wire in need of repair before completing the installation.

It is UL listed for USA and Canada.


  • It comes in several sizes from 10 to 150 feet
  • It has a running cable with no mat
  • Comes with a programmable floor sensing thermostat
  • The units offer 120 volts
  • Comes with an installation monitor

Customer feedback

The thermostat works great with the timer. Some customers can be skeptical about this unit and fear high energy consumption. After purchase and use, they are often pleasantly surprised. Thanks to the programmable thermostat and sensors, you will barely notice a dent on your power bill. The configuration of this heating floor cable will bend to your will and the demands of your space thanks to an unfettered cable set for more fluid navigation. For as long as you adhere to the recommended spacing guide lines, your installation should be smooth. Be sure to measure your floor surface correctly. You will be surprised at how much a room becomes smaller once you take out the obstacles that you need to steer away from.

4. HeatTech Mat Kit Electric Radiant Floor Heating System

This HeatTech Mat Kit can be used on numerous floors such as in residential homes. That applies to new construction or as retrofit. If you stay in an apartment building, that too will work. This under floor heating system offers fantastic comfort of a heated floor.

The MatKit comes as a 120 volts mat and can be fitted in any space of the home or office floor. The mat works in the bathroom, under tile, granite, marble, kitchen as well under wooden or laminate floors. If you are looking to install an under floor heating system, this mat kit is a good hassle free option.

It comes with a backlit thermostat that is simple and user friendly.

This Mat kit makes short work of heating a floor surface. That is because installation has been made so much easier for you. The cable comes already configured, spaced out at 3 inches for you and is held in place by the mesh. The only thing left to do is to make sure the wires which you need to feed to the thermostat are placed where you want them.

Since it comes with a 10-foot long cold lead wire, connection to the thermostat should be a breeze if you are familiar with electrical wiring. Otherwise get some professional help to make sure the installation is sound.

Once you lay the kit on the subfloor, you do not even need to staple it down because it will lie flat and self-adhere to the floor. Depending on the lay of your surface, you can always cut the mat to avoid wall or floor fixtures. It is imperative that you do not cut the heating cable itself.

It is UL listed for Canada and the United States.


  • comes in numerous sizes: 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 feet
  • It comes with a mesh mat
  • Features a programmable thermostat
  • The units offer 120 volts
  • No installation monitor included

Customer feedback

Users who got this for the master bathroom floor or any other section of the house were delighted at how easy the installation was. Once the sub-floor has been properly prepped, the rest is pretty easy. The mat self adheres to the floor so no need for stapling. The only trick is to pre-determine where you want the thermostat to be and consequently lay the mat accordingly with that in mind. Applying the thinset is a no brainer followed by tile placement. This mat kit is so ideal for rectangular shaped rooms. It makes it hard to miss spots because the spacing of loops has been done for you. The cable thickness is also minimal which means that your floor is not significantly raised. Its thermostat can accommodate up to 150 square feet.

5. SunTouch Warm Wire Electric Radiant Floor Heating Cable System

The beauty of an under floor heating system is its inexpensive nature. The SunTouch Warm Wire Electric Radiant Floor System is a perfect example.

This heating option is versatile and ideal for heating rooms with right angles as well as those with plenty of curves and any odd shapes. For as long as you stick within specified spacing parameters and do not mind the work of arranging the heating cable and stapling it to the sub-floor, it is a manageable job. But these small tasks are more than made up for by the ease with which the cable can be maneuvered around structural objects on the floor.

Provided the user adheres to the 3 inch spacing, the cable will cover 30 square feet. When laying the cable, be sure to avoid running the wire under obstacles such as vanities as well as maintain 2 inch distance from walls.


  • It comes in  wide range of sizes from 10 feet all the way to 150 feet
  • It comes with a cable but no mat
  • Has a programmable floor sensing thermostat
  • The units are 120 volts
  • It comes with an installation monitor

Customer feedback

Those who bought this under floor heating system mentioned that it was an excellent option especially for rooms that are oddly shaped. Most customers opted to do the installation themselves and liked the fact that the unit comes with a loud mouth installation monitor that alerts you in case the heating cable is damaged or the connection at the thermostat is not properly done. Users also expressed that the installation process is well worth the trouble because the unit delivers every time you need it without maintenance fears.

6. SchluterDitra Performance Floor Heating Kit

The SchluterDitra floor kit has incorporated an interesting piece of tech into floor heating. Not only does this system allow you to control and program heating periods and temperatures manually at the touch screen thermostat, but it also comes with a mobile app that makes it possible to make any adjustments remotely via WIFI and a mobile phone app.

With no mesh on this cable, it means navigating structural objects on the floor has been made easier. The installation kit comes with some handy tools that ensure your installation is as smooth as expected.

The installation monitor reassures you that the installation is going well and alerts you when there is an issue such as damaged wires. A trowel provided in this kit ensures that the cable is not damaged when a applying the thinset mortar. Its thermostat can also be accessed remotely via WIFI. This system comes with handy safe installation tools and utilizes uncoupling crack prevention technology


  • It comes in  many uncommon sizes 11-204 feet
  • The unit utilizes a cable and mat
  • Programmable touch screen thermostat
  • Comes with an installation monitor
  • The units are 120/240 volts

Customer feedback

“Our heated floor tile is just phenomenal, we honestly did not know that it would feel this amazing” is what a satisfied customers ended up saying after they experienced this product. This user mentioned that she had no clue on how to install electrical stuff and solicited the help of a professional handy man. The results are amazing and well worth the trouble. This tells you that the system delivers beyond the expectations of customers.

7. SunTouchTapeMat Kit Radiant Floor Heat Mat

For a quick yet efficient installation of floor heating, this SunTouch Tape Mat Kit is a viable solution. The mesh and cable have already been preset and only require you to prep the subfloor. For as long as the room does not have too many structural fixtures rising of the floor, the installation is very straight forward.

The ease of setting up this floor heating system is further enhanced by the presence of an installation monitor. Its backlit touch screen monitor is neat and makes it simpler to execute your heating needs while conserving energy. It features the simplest installation with just one step.


  • It comes in numerous sizes: 10, 25, 20, 25, 30, 25, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 and 150 feet
  • Comes with a mat
  • Includes an installation monitor
  • Programmable touch screen thermostat
  • The units are Dual-voltage 120/240

Customer feedback

Customers expressed that it is delightful to step out of a shower to a warm floor when it is negative 10 degrees outside. This SunTouch performs tremendously well as an under floor heating solution. Users with varied types of floors mention that the unit heats very well. To avoid any cold spots, you want to make sure that you stick to the recommended 3 inch spacing.


No matter the shape and size of your room or office or whatever obstructions there may be on your floor, electric under floor heating systems will save the day. The staggered options above make sure that the smallest room and the largest floor space are all catered for. The comfort of heating your floor at will and affordably is too good a solution to pass on. So get one of these and enjoy the joy of a heated floor in your home.




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