10 Best Electric Fireplaces with Mantel You’ll Love in 2020

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Table of Contents

One of the marvels of fire is its mesmerizing look of leaping tongues of yellow and blue flame. It is enchantingly dangerous don’t you think? And it can pull you into a trance even as it provides warmth and a cozy look. Sometimes a home can feel incomplete without a fireplace of any kind.

Whereas a fireplace used to be a staple in most country homes, things have changed as more people move to the cities with their fire regulations not to mention building restrictions of drilling on walls and other kinds of home alterations. The reassuring sound of crackling wood and warmth of a real fire place can become a thing of the past if one lives in an apartment building or a bungalow in the city.

But that does not have to be so. A family can still enjoy the warmth of a fireplace and the completeness it brings to a home, thanks to an electric fireplaces with a mantle. That applies whether one lives on the 55th floor of an apartment in the heart of a busy city or in a bungalow on the suburbs.

Electric fireplaces with mantel are freestanding models that do not require any mounting or drilling on walls which therefore means you will not be interfering with anybody’s wall. Another benefit is that seeing as these types of fireplaces are not permanently fixed, they can be conveniently moved from one location to another which is great when you want to change things a little around the room.

Whatever your design preference and taste, there’s a myriad of options available in the market. Whether you want a combination of cabinets with your fireplace, shelving, TV stand, a simple one with just a firebox and a simple mantel or a visual piece that is classy and stylish with intricate patterns and finishes, the options are plentiful.

Below we have rounded some of the best electric fireplaces with mantel in the market today that we think would suit various user tastes and preferences.

Review of the Best Electric Fireplaces with Mantel

  1. Dimplex Fieldstone Freestanding Electric Fireplace with Pine and Stone-Look Mantel

It’s easy to have misgivings about an electric fireplace especially when you have been used to a conventional fire place. Dimplex have been making fireplaces since 1955 and are one of the Dimplex Fieldstone Freestanding Electric Fireplace with Pine and Stone-Look Mantelfirst companies to ever pull off an electric fireplace with a truly real burning effect. So you can bet that this Fieldstone model by Dimplex will pleasantly surprises the user because of its aesthetically realistic appearance that adds plenty of rustic charm to a space.

The steeped hearth of faux stone is beautiful and agrees with most decors while bringing a rugged look. The overall effect is mostly complimented by the hand hewn thick real pine mantle.


  • Weighs about 200 pounds
  • Self trimming electric firebox is 26 inch
  • Realistic inner glow logs
  • On-demand heat with thermostat control warms a room or area up to 400 sq. ft. and comes with remote control for on/off
  • Interior light and flame speed control
  • Flame operates with or without heat
  • 26-inch self-trimming electric firebox
  • Inner glow logs molded from wood logs for a realistic look
  • Thermostat control for on demand heat
  • Warms a room of up to 400 sq. ft. and comes with
  • Remote control for on/off
  • With or without heat, the flame is operable
  • Interior light and flame speed control

This fireplace is pretty easy to assemble by following an uncomplicated guide. Gloves are recommended to avoid any fiber glass splinters on your hands. Since it weighs about 200 pounds, it can easily be transported by a personal car or receive it curbside and wheel it into the building using a trolley.

Customer feedback

Customers mentioned that the rustic look instantly transformed their living rooms and they love the effect it has. The assembly of the unit is not bothersome for the majority of customers. They also love how real the logs and flames appear and the fact that the mantle can be used to place a 55″TV with no qualms at all.

  1. Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace with Bookcase Mantel

Tennyson electric fireplace would look exquisite enlivening any living room. The fact that it comes in more than one color makes the design compatible with numerous decors and color Best Electric Fireplaces with Mantel bookshelfschemes. It is available in Ivory and three others namely Espresso for lovers of darker hues or glazed pine for a brighter look and mahogany for that solid wooden feel.

Books look lovely next to the fireplace and it adds warmth as well as character to the room especially if the shelving is well done. The fireplace comes with six fixed, bookcase style shelves that readily display books and store other items such a flower vase. The mantel has extensive space measuring up to 68.25 inches wide enough to support a 60″ TV comfortably.


  • Weighs 150 pounds
  • Quiet and efficient distribution of heat up to 400 SQ feet
  • On demand heat thermostat is remote controlled. Remote is equipped with a child safety lock
  • In built six book case style shelves
  • Protective glass remains cool to the touch
  • Construction materials include poplar, metal, MDF, resin, polyresin and glass

The free standing design of this fireplace not only looks good in a room but it also means that assembly is straightforward.

Customer feedback

Customers mentioned that they love the free standing design that is easy to move around and put together. The fact that they can choose from four colors to best suite the color scheme in their homes is a huge plus. Customers also appreciate that assembly instructions are clear and concise so that one can assemble the unit solo.

3. Southern Enterprises Sicilian Harvest Electric Mantel Fireplace

For a clean uncomplicated look of sophistication and warmth, this second fireplace from the makers at Southern Enterprise is constructed from materials such as poplar, resin, MDF, glass, veneer and metal. The fluted columns and flowered front bring a touch of soft traditional style and class that blends well with most decors.

This electric fireplace can become a center piece in a living room. Apart from the quiet and effective distribution of heat up to 400 SQ feet, the extensive mantle can be used to place a TV of 42 inches.


  • Unit weighs 100 pounds
  • Easy to assemble
  • Brick style interior
  • Can heat a room of up to 400 SQ feet
  • Timer, logs and thermostat can be adjusted through a remote control
  • Protective glass remains cool and safe
  • Remote control is equipped with child lock for safety
  • Wide mantel of 42.75 inches

For simple elegance, this is the electric fireplace with a mantle to settle for. Assembly is very simple as it weighs relatively little and comprises of few joinery components.

Customer feedback

For those looking to brighten a darker color scheme in the home with a fireplace, this ivory electric fireplace serves that purpose to perfection according to multiple customers. Most are surprised at how easy it is to assemble the unit. Once assembled the fluted columns and floral pattern on the face present a lovely element as well as a light traditional feel for the living room space.

  1. Real Flame Marlowe Electric Entertainment Fireplace with Mantel

UL and FCC certified Real Flame Marlowe fireplace brings an air of country pride into a living room or bedroom as it is constructed in solid pine wood and veneered MDF for cutting edge Best Electric Fireplaces with cabinetsdesign and superb finish.

The fireplace mantel is sturdy and able to supports up to 100 lbs and TVs up to 78 inches wide.


  • Weighs 161 pounds
  • BTU Output of 4700
  • Heating capacity of 100 Square Feet
  • Come in white
  • Thermostat is programmable and can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • fitted with a thermal overload protection.
  • 5 flame brightness settings
  • Comes with firebox, wooden mantle and protective screen as well as a remote

The firebox goes right in the middle while the two cabinets with inbuilt shelves and glass doors attach to the side. They add to the overall design and can be used as book shelves or item display to add character to a room. The mantle is multipurpose and can be used as stand for a massive TV or placing framed pictures and decorative pieces such as vases.

Customer feedback

Although the unit can look intimidating when thinking about assembly, customers are pleasantly surprised to find that all assembly instructions are very straight forward. Customers who are not DIY enthusiasts say that even when they put it together solo, it took under two hours to complete the job. They also mention that cushion in the packaging is done very well as all the items arrived to their homes without damages

  1. Southern Enterprises Redden Corner Convertible Alexa-Enabled Smart Fireplace with Storage

This is a smart fireplace with a nice assortment of materials such as the real feel off faux Durango stone around the fire box. What’s unique about this fireplace however is that it is compatible with Alexa and can therefore be conveniently turned on or off without ever having to fumble with buttons.

The firebox display is a joy to watch as the logs and flames are very life-like. When chilly one can adjust the thermostat and heat up a room up to 400 SQ feet efficiently. The firebox displays flames even when not on heating mode.


  • Weight about 85 pounds
  • Minimal parts and Easy assembly
  • Voice enabled technology
  • Remote controlled
  • Corner convertible
  • Comes with a mantel
  • 6 shelves
  • Traditional rustic design

Most electric fireplaces that one comes across are often for straight walls. This one will work well both on straight walls or the corner spot as it is designed to be a corner convertible electric fireplace.

Customer feedback

Not all houses have the same layout. Customers appreciated the fact that this electric fireplace looks great in the corner of a room as well as on a straight wall especially when dealing with small spaces. The shelving is spacious for placing electronics such as a DVD player. Customers love the simplicity of the design and the subtle rustic touch that injects to a given space. More importantly, they love that they can sit on the couch and not have to move a muscle as it can operated via remote for heat and flame adjustment or via voice control. How cool is that!

  1. Media Electric Fireplace with Mantel

The Southern Enterprise Media Electric fireplace is a visual piece to behold. It has an antique feel from the dark wood color and the simple straight patterns etched in the wood. The contrast between the darker hue of the wood, the bricks inside the firebox, the mesa-verde faux stone on the hearth and the life like glow from the logs and flames blend in beautifully to form a masterpiece that brings warmth and ambiance to any living room space.


  • Weighs 78 pounds
  • Quietly and efficiently distributes heat up to 400 square feet
  • Remote controlled
  • Self regulating
  • Protective glass that stays cool to the touch
  • Child safety lock on the remote control
  • Transitional style

The black wood and the overall aesthetic is achieved by use of durable and quality construction materials such as poplar, resin, poly resin, metal, glass and stone. It’s a beautiful mix of contemporary and rustic.

Customer feedback

It’s one thing to have an electric fireplace but quite another to have one that has presence, style and a bold contrast of colors that fills a room with warmth while adding to the decor. The customers enjoy the comfort the remote control enables them to have in adjusting the flame height, heat and timer while on their sofa. With this fireplace, customers are looking forward to the colder seasons. Assembly is no issue as the instructions are precise and both some female and male customers mentioned they were able to figure out the assembly with minimal tools.

  1. GMHome Electric Fireplace TV Stand Fireplace Bookcase Freestanding Mantel

The simplicity in design of the GMHome electric fireplace is its most attractive trait. Constructed with ivory veneered MDF, the unit serves several practical purposes. Other than housing the firebox, this fireplace has several inbuilt shelves. The open shelf just right above the firebox offers an open display for items such as vases and fancy decor or electronics.

The side shelves with tempered glass panel doors can display books or any other items of choice. This fireplace mantle has adequate space to place a flat panel TV set for an even cozier look.


  • Remote and manual panel control
  • Six book case adjustable shelves
  • Adjustable LED flame flickering effect
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Safety thermal cut off devise
  • Easy installation
  • Protective glass that does heat up
  • Overall Dimensions of the unit: 47.24” L * 11.40” W *29.17” H

This electric fireplace comes in ivory color which is perfect for lighting a room. The minimalist design does not hog space and will work well with both larger rooms as well as smaller rooms.

Customer feedback

The assembly is quick and easy with minimal simple tools. Customers love the idea of the open shelf for displaying items as well as the mantle with plenty of space for a large television. The book- case like shelving on the sides makes an excellent bookshelf. The combination of all these factors culminates in a beautiful piece of furniture that will quite literally warm the living room which most customers love.

  1. Pearl Mantels 510-48 Newport 48-Inch Fireplace Mantel

There is only one word to describe the design of the Pearl Mantel electric fireplace: Classic. If looking to add a touch of class to the theme of a living room or bedroom, this option will do just fine.

The full MDF mantel is surrounded by ivory color paint. The scribe molding adds to the artistry of the unit while also hiding any gaps for a seamless look. Non- combustible materials such as marble and slate add to the exquisite contrast and finish and the grooved ivory painted face of the wood surrounding the hearth forms a defining artistic frame.


  • Weighs 60 pounds
  • New Port design
  • Constructed from MDF, marble, slate and scribe molding
  • Includes mantel piece
  • Can heat a 400 SQ feet room
  • Remote and manual control
  • Protective glass that stays cool
  • Flames will light even when there is no heating

To cozy up a living room and add an unmistakable touch of class fire up this electric fireplace.

What customers love

Customer who were looking to add a good dose of sophistication to a living room, found this to be the perfect option. They appreciate the seamless molding and the combination of materials which makes the fireplace variance apparent. Customers observed that the the assembly is not complicated.

  1. Southern Enterprises Rollins Convertible Corner Electric Media Fireplace

Here is another convertible corner electric fireplace by Southern Enterprise that will work well in the living room whose lay out is different. In the event that your living room has a focal point in the corner, Best Electric Fireplaces with Mantelthis option will fit just as well as it would on a straight wall. The inlay of bricks in the oven and realistic logs as well as flames augur very well with the surrounding life like stacked faux stones around the firebox.

This unit is ivory white with open shelves on top of the faux stone. The open shelf can hold electronics or any other preferred items of display. The side corner glass doors offer additional adjustable shelving and the mantle piece is convertible to suit corner placement in the house.


  • Weighs 102 pounds
  • Remote controlled heating
  • Can comfortable heat a room of up to 400 SQ feet
  • Transitional rustic design
  • LED lit curio cabinet for display
  • 4 way adjustable customizable fire place
  • 5 level settings for adjusting flames and logs
  • Protective glass is cool to the touch even when heat is on

Although in a corner, this convertible corner electric fireplace has a spacious surface that is big enough to place 50 inch TV on.

Customer feedback

With this electric fireplace, simplicity prevails again to achieve and fantastic aesthetic rustic look that brings character to any room. Customers love the combination of open shelves and side glass door LED curio cabinets that can serve to display items. The contrast of the exterior and black firebox with a brick inlay cannot help but attract attention in the room.

  1. Southern Enterprises Calvert Carved Electric Fireplace with Mantel

If a traditional woody look and feel is your fancy then one is likely to fall in love with the trim and design of the Calvert Carved electric fireplace. The entire face is richly stained with an espresso color while the columns are grooved with simple lines and immaculate curves at the bottom. The part above the fire box has floral markings of carved out patterns in the wood showing off stellar craftsmanship. The overall design brings a sense of traditional style.


  • Weight 104 pounds
  • Efficient heating of up 400 SQ feet
  • Remote control for thermostat when adjusting logs, flames and timer
  • Rich espresso finish with floral trim
  • Material used include, resin, glass, veneered MDF and metal

This fireplace can bring plenty of aesthetic to a living room or a bedroom. Certain special house areas such as a den, or cigar room would also make a perfect home for this electric fire place

Customer feedback

Customers who love the feel and attractive look of wood fits perfectly with their interior decor. The artistic craftsmanship of the floral trim as well as grooved lines around the hearth enhance the traditional feel of wood. Customers love the combination of these features with the black color of the firebox and perceived brick in lay and how they all gel with the dancing flames and crackling logs.

Some Factors to Consider when Getting an Electric Fireplace

  1. Design

As a general rule of thumb, darker color schemes such as walls and flooring may call for a brighter color such as ivory white and beige. Lighter color schemes often blend well with darker hues in an electric fireplace such as mahogany and espresso. Still, it all depends with the user.

  1. Space

The amount of space that one is working will determine the size of the electric fireplace to get. Naturally, a more spacious room offers no restriction on the size of fireplace one should get. Often one with additives on either side such as extended cabinets that serve as a bookcase or display area tend to do the trick of giving the illusion that the fire place is bigger than it actually is. Smaller spaces call for a medium to smaller electric fireplace. Open inbuilt shelves give an impression of space.

  1. Usage

The main purpose of a fireplace is heating. But then not all seasons of the year require heating. Therefore it makes sense why the fire place should double up as an ornament in the home. Fortunately the varied thoughtful designs ensure that they provide an aesthetic appeal as well as a display area. So choose with the aesthetic angle in mind.


Although the conventional fireplaces still have their place in bringing warmth to our homes, it is the electrical ones that are bringing convenience to homes by today.

Irrespective of where one lives they can install a fireplace that tickles their heart’s fancy in a flush. No smoke, no ash to deal with, no logs to carry, no emissions such as dangerous carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, no fuel and the list goes on and on…

With zero emissions and protective glass that stays cool regardless of whether the furnace is heating or not, everyone is safe in the house including pets and kids. Furthermore, fireplaces with mantel are stand-alone models that do not require any complex installation and drilling on walls.



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