12 Best Electric Fireplace Log Inserts Worth Every Penny In 2021

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Table of Contents

A functional fireplace offers both beauty and practicality and the elegance it can bring to any environment is beautifully understated. In this day and age, a wood fireplace may not fit most scenarios especially considering the carbon footprint we are leaving on our planet. Necessity being the mother of invention, electric fireplace inserts and log inserts have become quite a hit as the next best thing to conventional wood fires.

If you’re in the market for one of these units, below is a fantastic roundup review of some of the best electric fireplace log inserts available in the market.

These selected options are versatile and elegantly animated to present a realistic fireplace display while effectively warming the room, thanks to incorporated heaters with safety features and thermostat control.

The LED technology and craftsmanship employed in these fireplace log inserts is nothing short of remarkable.

Review of the Best Electric Fireplace Log Inserts

1. Duraflame DFI041ARU-2 20-in Juniper Infrared Electric Fireplace Log Set with Crackling Sounds

Traditionally, most houses have always had a fireplace. In fact, for the longest time, most families have always firmly believed that a home should be warmed by its hearth. That thought stands to reason especially if your geography’s cold season is harsh. Over the years, the warmth and beauty of fire in our homes has not been lost to most. While a lot of evolution has taken place over time the age old fascination with fire still remains.Duraflame DFI041ARU-2 20-in Juniper Infrared Electric Fireplace Log Set with Crackling Sounds

While we can still have a wood fireplace in some of our homes, it may be impossible to have them in other settings. So while our fascination with fire has not ebbed the evolution on how it is delivered has changed immensely. Such that, if your home has a hearth, whether useable or only for aesthetic purposes, that fireplace spot can now feel and look even better with very little effort on your part.

That’s thanks to this the electric fireplace log insert model from Duraflame DFI041ARU-2. The unit comes with a black grate and juniper logs with flickering flame lights that creates an incredibly realistic glowing bed of embers.

The fireplace experience delivered by this unit comprises of a convincing flame and an integrated rolling log visual that is super cozy and will no doubt enhance the look of your hearth and your general living room ambience.

What’s more, to realistically complete the mimicking of a real fireplace, this unit also comes complete with integrated crackling fire log sounds for the ultimate fireplace experience.

This beautiful log insert electric fireplace is not just a pretty face but is also capable of delivering safe supplemental zone heating to a room of 1000 square feet.


  • This fireplace log insert measures 20.52” L x 14.43” H x 8.73” D
  • The unit has a solid weight of about 16 pounds
  • The heater in this fan is able to provide supplemental zone heating to a space of 1000 sq.ft
  • The polished grate is black and durable while the flames, juniper logs and ember bed paint a very realistic fire experience.
  • Integrated crackling fire log noises
  • Comes with both a manual and handheld remote controlled adjustable thermostat
  • Safety feature includes an automatic heater shut off that prevents overheating
  • Flames come on with or without heat
  • Plugs into a standard 120V wall outlet

The log set has both manual controls and an easy-to-operate handheld remote. This means that you can have the flames on with heat or without heat. Such functions make it possible to use this unit all year round. The handheld multi-functional remote control makes it possible to control the heater’s multiple functions such as adjusting, temperature, flames and sound effects. With a life-like fireplace insert such as the Duraflame DFI041ARU-2, you can easily add an inviting realistic fire and warm aesthetic to your space.

Customer feedback

Most customers who bought this heater did so to make an artificial hearth in the home more appealing and useable. Several other customers got this unit to help them transition from using wood to an electric option. Generally, users were impressed by the heating capability of this fireplace log insert. It does indeed look very realistic and the crackling log sounds feature is equally loved, said to enhance the overall experience. Customers  also pointed out that they felt safer using this unit knowing that it has an automatic overheat shut off safety feature.

2. Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater with Realistic Ember Bed

This DuraflameDFI021ARU model offers the many conveniences that can be derived from an electric fireplace. Firstly, it provides your space with the much needed warmth and the aesthetic that a burning fire or the illusion of one can bring your living room.Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater with Realistic Ember Bed

While traditional wood fireplaces have an amazing charm and authentic presence, they are often limited to various settings. For instance you may not have the option of such a fireplace if you live on the upper floors of an apartment high rise.

However, a realistic high quality electric fireplace is a versatile option that pretty much fits in any setting, whether a farmhouse, or apartments in high rise buildings.

The build of this Duraflame unit is solid and impressive comprising of a fire grate featuring a rolling flame effect.

The heat generated is from infrared quartz electric log set and ember bed is capable of effortlessly heating a 400 square foot room.

Other than the physical beauty of this electronic set, the convenient operation is a game changer. This unit allows you to instruct it via a remote control. What’s more is that this unit will flame up with or without heat. Such that, on cold wintry days and nights, you can light it up with the convenience of a handheld multi-function remote control and instruct it to emit heat to warm up the space.

This Duraflame electric fireplace also has a thermostat that allows you to set your preferred heating temperature. On warmer months, you can still enjoy the aesthetic beauty of a glowing fireplace but without the heat.

If you have a fireplace in the house, all you need do is insert this fireplace log unit into the hearth cavity and connect the plug to the nearest socket. On the unit via the remote control and watch the unit light up to project flames and burning logs in the depths of the hearth.

Very believable and convenient without the ash and coal mess of a conventional wood stove that will need cleaning periodically.


  • This fireplace log insert measures 20.5”L x 8.66”H x 12”D
  • The unit has a decent weight but too heavy at 14 pounds
  • This unit provides 400 square feet of space with supplemental zone heating
  • The black polished grate is durable while the flames, logs and ember bed is very realistic
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat
  • Safety is paramount with this unit and prevents overheating by automatically shutting off when temperatures rise beyond a set limit
  • With or without heat, the flames come on
  • Uses a standard 120V wall outlet

Some households have gas fireplaces that are barely used because of the high cost of gas or maintenance challenges associated with that system. As a result, an empty lifeless cavity in the hearth of your living room becomes the order of the days. But, the good news is that you can change all that by inserting this unit in that space. It will instantly breathe new life to your living room with on demand warmth in addition to adding the aesthetic beauty of burning flames to your space.

Customer feedback

Customers who loved the convenience of this unit and were looking to turn their wooden fireplaces into electric fireplaces, said that this Duraflame unit was a heaven sent because it makes that transition super easy. By simply buying this unit and inserting it into the hearth and plugging into a socket, is all it takes. Users said they highly recommend this unit as it saves you time, clean up and delivers on beauty while warming your living room.

3. Turbro Eternal Flame EF23-PB Electric Fireplace Logs

The traditional fireplace as we know it offers a gorgeous aesthetic to a home’s living room and practical function of keeping the living room warm and ambient. You probably know or remember the importance of fireplace when winter rolls around during the winter break. But with the scarcity of wood in the city and high cost of gas, electric fireplaces have quickly becoming the next best thing.Turbro Eternal Flame EF23-PB Electric Fireplace Logs

Getting the Turbro Eternal Flame EF23-PB Electric Fireplace Logs is an easy way of converting your existing fireplace into an electric fireplace in a snap. That’s because this unit has an ingenious construction which is highly realistic.

The Grate is made from metal finished in a black powder coat for a great look as well as for protection against rust and promotes longevity.

Connecting the unit to the nearest socket and pressing the ON button on the grate or on the handheld remote control, will result in a display of gorgeous glowing lemonwood ember bed and flickering flames that enhance your living room.

When this well-crafted unit is placed in your hearth, it illuminates the fireplace with a fairly believable illusion of a fire.

But beyond the look, is the unit’s ability to emit heat and warm the room. With this unit you can kiss goodbye to the hustle of lighting a fire, smoke, ash and the cleaning that ensues. This insert allows you to get your fireplace experience going at the press of a button.

The unit’s heater can be controlled and ranges from 62 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Further, this electric log fireplace gives the user plenty of flexibility in terms of operation. One can get the embers to glow and adjust the flame size and brightness as they see fit. The user can do so while in including heat or not.

In essence, this unit is a great addition to any living room because it can be used all year round for aesthetic purposes and for warmth in the cold months.


  • This units dimensions are 23”L x 13”H x 9”D
  • The unit weighs 15 pounds
  • Offers supplemental zone heating to a space of 400 sq.ft
  • The grates has a black polished finish for durability while the flames, logs and ember bed are incredibly convincing.
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat and the ability to adjust the flame size and brightness.
  • Safe to use as the unit prevents overheating by automatically shutting off when temperatures get too high
  • The flames come on with or without heat
  • Uses a standard 120V wall outlet

This electric log fireplace comes with a 6 foot cord, but in the event that your nearest socket is far from the hearth, one can always use an extension cable or get your electrician to install a socket closer to the fireplace.

Customer feedback

Most customers who bought this unit said that they had never owned an electric log fireplace before. But after taking a chance on this one, they were so glad they did and expressed that the unit is stellar, provides heat instantly and is easy to operate and with low maintenance. Users loved that the unit flames with or without heat and can therefore be used all year round to create a cozy ambience.

4. Dimplex Revillusion Electric Fireplace Log Set

When the cold weather sets in, heating cost can skyrocket. One of the effective ways to minimize heating cost during the winter is through zone heating that ensures unused rooms in the home are not heated. Adding an electrical fireplace to your home or converting your traditional wood fireplace into an electrical one is a sound idea that pays off and helps supplement zone heating and therefore reduce heating cost.Dimplex Revillusion Electric Fireplace Log Set

Getting a Dimplex Revillusion Electric Fireplace Log Set can help you kill several birds with one stone.

This unit can do that by bringing a fireplace feel through a well-crafted grate that helps create the illusion of a holder with burning, flaming logs stacked on top of each other for an exceptionally convincing fire experience.

The grate has a minimal design that lends a more realistic emphasis to the burning logs and dancing flames.

The projected flame effect on this unit is stunning and sure to enliven any hearth. That effect is made possible by the specially designed mirage panel on this unit.

With this unit, it matters little whether you live on a farm house or on the 40th floor an apartment building in the heart of a city, you can still be able to enjoy the warmth and ambience that a fireplace provides in a home.


  • This electric fireplace measures 23.75”L x 13”H x 9”D. Also available in smaller version of 20”
  • The weight of this unit is fairly light at 11 pounds
  • Provides comfortable supplemental zone heating for 400 sq.ft
  • The grate has a minimal build and finished with black coated polish for durability
  • Comes with a thermostat to help control heat
  • Safety feature prevents overheating by automatically shutting off when temperatures rise to unreasonable levels
  • You can run the unit on flames alone without heat or with heat
  • This unit utilizes a standard 120V wall outlet

Customers added that this unit provides a way to heat up your room in cold weather while cozying up the space with the feel of real fireplace. The combination of a minimalist design and modern aesthetic makes it a perfect fit for you and your family’s needs.

Customer feedback

Users who got this item mentioned that when inserted in the dark cavity of an existing fireplace, it offers a very believable display of a fire. However, if you place it on areas that have plenty of light, it can come across as artificial. Customer said that it provides good heating for an area of 400 sq.ft. In most cases you will typically not need to set the thermostat on high because the space gets too warm pretty fast.

5. Pleasant Hearth 20″ Realistic Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log Insert

If for some reason you can no longer burn wood in your fireplace or if your gas fireplace has been rendered useless until some major and costly repairs are undertaken, don’t despair as all is not lost and you can still salvage the situation without spending a fortune.Pleasant Hearth 20" Realistic Electric Crackling Natural Wood Log Insert

Given that you already have an existing fireplace cavity, then it means that you can take advantage of an electric log fireplace insert to achieve an ambient look in the space as well as heating and all at an affordable cost. That can be made possible by the Pleasant Hearth 20” Electric Crackling Wood Log Insert.

The unit is constructed from a minimally designed grate that accentuates the impression of a burning woodpile stacked on it.

The lovable thing in this design is that the wood is actually real American birch which does a very convincing job of presenting the ember bed as real. Furthermore, the realistic randomly glowing ember bed also produces a crackling sound that adds to the experience.

Whether you have a real hearth or a make believe one, this electric log fireplace will make it complete by inserting it into the cavity, simply plugging into a socket and switching ON to experience an amazing feel and accentuated by the realistic crackling fire sounds.

The best part is that this fireplace can be used with or without producing heat.


  • The electric log fireplace measures 20”L x 10.25”H x 10”D
  • The weight of this unit is 7.25 pounds
  • Features supplemental zone heating for a 400 square feet sized space
  • The black polished grate has a minimal design and is stacked up with real American birch wood.
  • Realistic crackling fire sounds
  • Safe to use in the home as the heater has the ability to automatically shut off should the unit get too hot. The embers can burn without emitting heat or can emit heat on demand
  • Uses a standard 120V wall outlet

If you are looking to replace an existing wood grate, burner, or log set, this is a good option that will provide you with a realistic fireplace experience and very affordably so.

Customer feedback

Customer who bought this unit were quite hesitant at first because the pricing seemed almost too good to be true. But after some time of using it, they appreciated the simplicity; authenticity and the stellar performance that this unit delivers. Users mentioned that simulation of burning embers is very convincing thanks to the presence of actual American birch logs on the grate. This unit will not only illuminate your hearth cavity with a fire like glow, but will generate heat whenever you need it to. According to users, the quality, design and price offered is excellent value.

6. Vivohome 110V Electric Fireplace Log Insert

With the holiday season quickly approaching, that empty fireplace cavity at your home presents an opportunity to create an excellent ambience and heat in case of cold weather. The Vivohome 110V Electric Fireplace Log Insert presents a chic log option for making your home even cozier.Vivohome 110V Electric Fireplace Log Insert

The beauty of this unit is that it will serve you all year round even past the cold weather months. That fact is made possible by virtue of a thermostat that can be adjusted to suit any time of year. You can ON the unit for an ambient glow of the ember bed with no heat, or you can do so and set the thermostat to your preferred temperature enhancing the ambience of your living room while heating the space to a comfortable temperature.

The unit has a timer and features can be set to suit your preference. If you have a nice dark fireplace cavity in your space, then this is a good option that makes a stunning impression and passes for a real fire with ease.

The unit is easily operable with flame and heat function running independently but provided for in the same handheld remote control as well as at the back of the actual unit for manual control.

A good number of people can have safety concerns where an electric log fireplace such as this one is concerned. With this fireplace log insert, you can sleep easy knowing that at any given time the unit is operating safely as the insert comes equipped with an automatic overheat shut off that cuts power off in case of overheating.


  • This units dimension are 20”L x 11”H x 12”D
  • The unit weighs a respectable weight of 14 pounds
  • The supplemental zone heating covers a space of 400 sq.ft
  • The grates is black polished with touches of gold for a neat finish and longevity
  • Adjustable thermostat ensures you can regulate the heat to your needs
  • In case the heater overheats, it’s automatically shut off for safety
  • Heat and flame functions are independent
  • The unit utilizes a standard 120V wall outlet

For those who love to relax with a crackling fire going, you will love the 3D flame effect that presents a realistic look for visual enjoyment in a dark hearth cavity. That gives the space a fantastic, elegant and bright aesthetic.

Customer feedback

Users who bought this unit shared that they did so for aesthetic purposes. Most customers were delighted by this fireplace log insert heating ability. Even with a vaulted ceiling this fireplace was still able to heat most of the room and at a lower thermostat setting. Some customers also mentioned that they have a big ceiling fan in the room that helps push the warm air further into the room for even better distribution of warm air to the space. Overall, this is an excellent option that helps keep your living room warmer, ambient and supplements your other heating options in winter perfectly.

7. Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Insert

If you have access to electricity, it matters little where your home is. Whether you’re in the woods or renting a condor in the heart of the city, you will find that an electric  fireplace log insert such as the Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Insert is so easy to work with and incredibly convenient.Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Insert

Interestingly, depending on how the hearth has been constructed, most wood fireplaces can fail to effectively heat an entire room. With this electrical heater, the circulating power of heated air is enhanced thanks to a powerful circulating blower that sees to it heated air is pushed to the furthest corners making your space even more comfortable despite the winter chill.

The overall build of this unit is excellent with its black polished grate that offers stark contrast to the red burning embers and the majestic flames that leap from the fabricated wood pile.

It is easy to operate as control can be manual or with the help of a handheld multi-function remote control.

With this unit, you will never have to worry about whether it can sufficiently heat your space during winter. This is because; it comes with an adjustable thermostat that allows you to run the heater on either low or high.

Furthermore, it can also help bring down the cost of heating the home during the colder months as it makes it possible to turn off the central HVAC option when not using most of the rooms in the house, allowing you to enjoy the toasty warm comfort in the living room.


  • The measurement of this unit is 20.5”L x 8.75”H x 12”D
  • The unit has a decent weight that’s not too heavy at 13 pounds
  • Does a good job of supplemental zone heating for any room of 400 sq.ft
  • The grates is black polished with touches of gold for a neat finish and durability
  • Thermostat is adjustable for temperature setting
  • Safe to use as the unit automatically shuts off in the unlikely event that the heater over heats
  • Flames come on with or without heat,
  • The unit uses a standard 120V wall outlet

With this unit, you can enjoy the enchanting dancing yellow flame effect all year round for ambience in your living room. That’s because this fireplace insert can flame with or without heat. The handheld remote control offers 5 brightness levels and is energy efficient thanks to LED technology.

The color of the grate is charcoal black with touches of gold, such that when the unit is off, it still blends with the cavity of your hearth. When the unit is on, it provides excellent illumination inside your fireplace.

Customer feedback

Users have taken well to the Comfort Glow ELCG251 Electric Log Insert because of the heating efficiency of a given space. Customers shared that getting this insert to burn and heat was a breeze as all it takes is the flip of a switch on the unit or the tap of a button on the handheld remote control. Customers loved that the insert can have glowing embers and flames without necessarily heating, therefore excellent for all year round use. Users pointed out that the unit does a great job at setting the mood or enhancing the ambience of your space at the touch of a button.

8. Duraflame DFI020ARU-A004 Electric Fireplace Log Insert

While central heating is necessary especially during the winter months, the ensuing heating cost can be unpalatable. If your fireplace does not do a good job of providing supplemental heating during the winter, then it might be about time that you make the switch to a reliable electric heating fireplace log insert option from a reputable brand such as Duraflame. This DFI020ARU Duraflame model is very energy efficient and utilizes an all LED technology.Duraflame DFI020ARU-A004 Electric Fireplace Log Insert

This unit plugs into any standard outlet and is crafted to deliver an awesome fireplace experience capable of supplemental heating for a space of up to 400 sq. ft.

The logs that are piled on the grate and bed of glowing embers spilling below the grate are very realistic and  believable. The contrast is even better when this unit is placed in a dark hearth cavity.

If you have a mild winter in your area, you may not need your central heating as much. If your winters are harsh, you still stand to enjoy excellent living room heated comfort and flaming fireplace ambience with intermittent chances of relieving your central heating system.

The convenience offered by a fireplace log insert is a huge selling point because of efficiency and instant on demand access to controlled heat when you need it as well as a glowing and flaming fireplace at the touch of a button.

No smoke, no logging, no ash and no flying ember or sparks. This unit can be inserted into a real wood fireplace and plugged to the nearest socket to get a fire going and with plenty of heat when needed. If you happen to have a make believe fireplace in your home, the experience becomes amazingly real with this insert. It’s that sort of versatility that has made the unit very popular with loads of very positive reviews. The fact that this unit can operate with or without heat, makes it a good buy because the tantalizing fire display can be enjoyed all year round even when you don’t need the heat.


  • Dimensions of this unit are 20.5”L x 8.66”H x 12”D
  • At 16 pounds the insert can be easily moved to other sections of the house
  • Supplemental zone heating provided by this unit can comfortably cover a space of 400sq.ft
  • The grate is black polished for awesome contrast and durable function
  • The independent adjustable thermostat helps you regulate the heat accordingly
  • Overheating does not present a problem as the unit automatically shuts off when temperatures get too high
  • The flames come on with or without heat
  • The unit uses a standard 120V wall outlet

Do you have one or more fireplaces in the home that are vacant and looking drab? Getting this unit is an excellent way of breathing some life into them while elevating the mood of your living spaces.

Customer feedback

A good number of customers confessed to buying this unit with the intent of just putting it in the fireplaces that are not often used to keep them from feeling so vacant. The same customers also admitted that they were surprised at how realistically good their fireplace looked after the insertions. As a matter of fact, the users commented that the insert lighting was better than most gas fire logs they’ve seen. That’s because this fireplace log insert does a splendid job of projecting what looks like actual flames at the back of the fireplace.

9. Pleasant Hearth LH-24 Electric Log Insert with Heater

While some living rooms can be bigger, most living rooms tend to cover an approximate floor space of about 400 sq.ft. What may vary is the height of the ceiling of such rooms. Some houses may have a vaulted ceiling while others may have a flat ceiling with an average height of 9-10 feet. That notwithstanding, supplemental zone heating is most welcome in most houses during winter to help warm up the home and reduce heating cost where applicable.Pleasant Hearth LH-24 Electric Log Insert with Heater

The Pleasant Heath LH-24 Electric Log Insert makes for an awesome companion in your home for both décor purposes as well as providing some heating needs. So if you have a masonry hearth or a prefabricated one, you can make the cold season as well as the festivities that come with it extra special by making sure that your living room fireplace has a warm inviting glow of fire.

Your space can also be heated on demand when the chill sets in. This unit is very well constructed and only weighs 14 pounds. Getting the fire going in your hearth has been made all the more easier, convincing and incredibly effortless as all you have to do is touch a button and voila! You have fire.

The grate is black polished for durability but also for providing stark contrast whenever the unit is switched on. The random flames and rolling logs and glowing ember beds will warm your soul just as a real fire would.

So if that fireplace cavity of yours has not been graced with fire for a while, let this unit inject some decorative life to it and also warm your space.

This fireplace log insert does an awesome job of producing regulated heat to suit your preference, thanks to a thermostat that operates independently from the lighting and brightness of the logs and flames. While all these functions can be controlled manually on the actual unit, the user can also conveniently take advantage of a handheld remote control to instruct this electric fireplace.

The devolvement of those two functions also means that one can have the flames of the unit going without heat to enhance ambience. Or you can include the measured heat as you see fit.

In essence, the efficacy of this lovely fireplace is not constrained to the cold months only but spill over to making your living room cozier for the rest of the year


  • The Dimensions of this unitare 23””L x 9”H x 13”D
  • A 14 pound weight can be easily be moved around to any fireplace in the home with ease
  • Supplemental zone heating can be the key to cutting down on heating cost. This unit will comfortably heat a space of 400 sq.ft
  • The black polished grate is not only durable but also offers a realistic heap of logs, flames and a glowing ember bed
  • An adjustable thermostat ensures you have control over the heating you prefer
  • Zero worry of accidents as the unit is equipped with an auto-shutoff in case the heater gets too hot
  • Flames on demand With or without heat
  • This unit works with a standard 120V wall outlet

With the pleasant Hearth LH-24 Electric Log Insert and Heater, you can instantly retrofit your existing fireplace by adding both flame effect and heat. Simply place the unit in the cavity of your hearth, connect to a socket, ON the unit via remote or from the grate, and you have a convincing fire. No smoke, no ash, no clean up.

Customer feedback

Most users shared that they have considered gas logs, but costs of installation, maintenance and the cost of gas can end up being steep in the long run.  Getting this insert has proved to be what most users needed. Customers shared that they were delighted by its aesthetic appeal, performance and because the cost is half that of other electric heaters. Users loved the convenience offered by the handheld remote control for the adjusting lighting and heater independently. The unit offers an impressive 5 heat settings. While the lighting has an equally broad range of function from low, medium, high or off setting.

10. Peterson Real Fyre 18-inch Live Oak Natural Gas Log Set With Vented Burner

The level of realism with gas burning fabricated logs system is quite high. In this Peterson Real Fyre 18” Live Oak Log Set With Vented Burner, that realistic feel is elevated several notches higher.Peterson Real Fyre 18-inch Live Oak Natural Gas Log Set With Vented Burner

That’s because the Peterson Real Fyre gas logs are meticulously crafted to re-create the look of natural oak logs with great success. Part of the secret behind this convincing fabrication is the use of impeccable refractory steel reinforced ceramic logs that produce an end product with impressive integrity.

The black colored grate has a very minimal design which further gives the impression that the logs are piled up while the glowing embers and ash have seeped to the floor of the hearth. Tongues of fire snake from the base joyfully dance their way to the top of the logs, the fireplace feel and aesthetic is brought to life effortlessly.

That said, it’s worth noting that the design of this unit is exclusive to a natural gas vented fireplace and cannot be used with any other fireplace. So if  you have a fireplace with a gas vented system, your need not look any further as this unit will certainly deliver an awesome fire experience for your fireplace.


  • The measurements of this unit are 18”L x 8”H x 12”D. Also available in 24”L
  • The unit weighs 12 pounds
  • This unit provides excellent supplemental zone heating for any space within the range of 400 sq.ft
  • Hand painted minimal black grate with amazing realistic oak logs, flames and glowing embers
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat
  • Safety oriented with an automatic cut- off when temperature gets too high
  • Flames With or without heat
  • Uses a natural gas burner system

When considering the purchase of this impressive unit, it’s worth noting that while this unit Model G4/ 75,000 BTU) comes with a natural gas burner system and glowing embers, it does not include a gas line connection kit. These need to already be in place in your gas fireplace system.

Customer feedback

With this unit, customers were very impressed with the overall aesthetic and the general fireplace experience. They shared that the fireplace produces zero smoke and no cleaning required. Now that creating this warm, inviting atmosphere is so easy, users said that they find themselves starting the logs whenever they get a chance to sit in front of the fireplace.

11. Zokop Electric Fireplace Insert Log Heater with Remote Controller

The Zokop electric Fireplace Insert Log Heater is a good option for filling those vacant hearth cavities that have not been lit up for a while now. This unit offers a good range of sizes that will work with both masonry hearths as well as dummy fireplaces. The insert is 23” long and also comes with a 36” long option which offers excellent length especially if you have a bigger hearth cavity.Zokop Electric Fireplace Insert Log Heater with Remote Controller

If you are looking for a simplified electric fireplace log insert that has a realistic look and will work for a medium to a large sized fireplace cavity, then this unit will likely suit your purposes.

The black polished grate is durable and rust proof and blends well with most fireplaces both when the unit is off or on.

The ember bed and burning log effect can be brightened to three levels. However, the heating option avails 2 settings namely; off and one heat setting. In other words the thermostat can only be set to one heating temperature.


  • This fireplace log insert measures 23”L x 9”H x 12”D. Also available in 36”
  • Weighs approximately 14 pounds and easy to move from one fireplace to another in the home if need be
  • An excellent choice for supplemental zone heating for space below or equal to 400 sq.ft
  • The black polished grate is durable and rust proof while the flames, logs and ember bed offer a realistic experience
  • The thermostat has only one heat setting and off mode
  • Overheating is prevented by an automatically shut off feature that promotes safety
  • With or without heat, the flames will light for an enchanting ambience
  • This unit will work with a standard 120V wall outlet

This electric fireplace log insert is user friendly and can be operated manually from the grate on board control panel or one can opt to conveniently use the handheld remote control.

Customer feedback

Customer shared they used this unit on repainted or remodeled non-working fireplaces in the home to inject some life into them and enhance the immediate surroundings.  The unit can stay on without heating and heating can be activated when needed. Either way, customers shared that this option use minimal power and helps keep your space cozy at a  very decent cost considering that maintenance of the unit is extremely minimal.

12. Dimplex RLG20FC Dimplex RLG20 Revillusion Wide Electric Log Set

The Dimplex RLG20FC Revillusion Wide Electric Log set is yet another viable option that offers great versatility.Best Electric Fireplace Log insert

If you love a good fire vibe and have grown weary of working the traditional wood fireplace, then this unit provides you with a chance to effortlessly switch over to an electric fireplace by simply inserting this unit into your hearth’s cavity, connecting it to a socket and switching it on. That’s all it takes to get an animated fire going with the flip of a switch.

The thermostat of this log insert functions independently with the light function. For that reason, you can enjoy the ambience provided by flames and embers without generating any heat. But should you want some warmth, you can turn on the heater to warm your space.

The heater is quite effective warming a space of below or equal to 1000 sq.ft thanks to a powerful fan-forced heater blower working harmoniously with the thermostat.

This tandem does a great job of providing supplemental zone heat when required. Operation can be manual or with the use of a multi-functional handheld remote.


  • This fireplace log insert measures 23”L x 12H x 19”D
  • The unit is fairly heavy at 20 pounds
  • A good choice for provision of supplemental zone heating to a space of up to 1000sq.ft
  • Black polished grate is durable and rust proof while blending with the furnace when ON and OFF.
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat for regulating temperature
  • Overheating is automatically prevented by auto shut-off for reliable safety
  • Heating and lighting function independently making all year round use possible
  • This unit uses a standard 120V wall outlet

In the event that your living area is larger than average, this unit provides a viable supplemental zone heating option made possible by the powerful heater and blower fan that ensures heated air is blown to the furthest recesses of a large  room for comfortable warm temperature during chilly weather.

Customer feedback

Users were impressed by the performance of the heater, fire experience and room heating ability. Customers expressed that some of their guest had trouble believing that the unit was not an actual wood log but an electric log insert. In general a majority of those who bought this unit said it was good value for money.

Wrapping Up

In case your fireplace has gone unused for a while, or you have done some remodeling and looking for an excellent idea on how to further enhance the ambience of your décor at a reasonable cost, inserting one of these electric fireplace log inserts reviewed above into the cavity of the your fireplace will certainly do the trick. Judging by the product reviews and customers comments, you, your family members and guests will be pleasantly surprised at how well and efficiently all the above electric fireplace log insert options work.

Winter and the festive season is about to descend when it does, you want your home cozy and warm.These units can most certainly help you make that happen with minimal effort.



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