2021 7 Best Electric Bathtub Scrubbers with Long Handles

An electric bathtub scrubber with long handle is no doubt a solution that brings a breath of fresh air when it comes to cleaning the bathtub and the bathroom area, as it makes the job so much simpler with less strain and impeccable results.

Truth be told, the process of cleaning the bathroom and its fixtures is by no means pleasant. It can quite literally be back breaking work. The knees and the elbows and sometimes the neck are in not spared in the process. I’m talking about those general cleaning days when one has to clean the bathroom tub and walls because of accumulated grime from soap and dirt or scrubbing the bathroom tile floor because the grouting looks deplorable with accumulated dirt.

A clean and fresh bathroom is a joy to use. However one that has accumulated dirt over time is a turn off. The truth is that few if any persons look forward to the scrubbing involved in getting these spaces to be squeaky clean.

Fortunately, the best types of electric bathtub scrubbers with long handles can be used to make the cleaning experience that much better. These innovative gadgets are a god send scrubbers that do all the hard work for the cleaner. They have a long extendable handle that enables one to effectively scrub the floors and counter tops with so much ease.

If you’re in the market for such a unit, below we’ve reviewed some of the best and most effective electric bath tub scrubbers with long handles in the market.

Review of the Top Best Electric bathtub scrubbers with long handle

  1. Our Best Overall Pick: Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber with Rechargeable Battery

The very popular Hommit electric spin scrubber is an innovative and extremely practical gadget that makes scrubbing oriented cleaning jobs around the house so much easier. In case one wonders how this works it’s very simple. The gadget has an extendable arm and the front end is connected to a smaller angled piece to which various brush types can be attached depending on the surface to be cleaned.

For instance, the user can attach a flat brush if they are cleaning a flat bathroom surface, or counter tops of material such as granite, marble or porcelain to name a few. When it is time to clean the sink or any concave surface such as the bathtub, one can attach the round brush that is more suited for such shapes. It reaches all the areas as if one was using their own hand. For the hard to reach nooks and crevices, this Hommit electric cleaner allows one to attach the corner scrubber that is able to reach tougher spots such corners and crevices. Bear in mind that the angled brush holder can turn up to a 120 degrees, maneuverability while cleaning is just as good as cleaning physically with one’s hand.

Working with this gadget is extremely delightful and cleaning has never been so much easier.

The arm without an extension is just the right length when cleaning kitchen or vanity tops. The arm extension is easy to attach and allows the handle to be at a full extended length of about 18.5 inches long when cleaning off stubborn stains and dirt in more challenging areas on the floor such as tiles and grouting. With the extension one does not need to bend or be down on their knees.

Neither does the user need to worry about elbow grease because this electric gadget does all the scrubbing while the user is standing. All the user has to do is attach the appropriate brush and guide the gadget to the dirt sport with soap and water and the Hommit will do all the rest with outstanding prowess. The gadget is rechargeable and at full charge, the user can scrub using the Hommit for a full hour continuously.


  • Portable cordless design
  • Water resistant build
  • High-torque bathroom scrubber at 280RPM
  • Built-in rechargeable 3.65V battery
  • 3 scrubbers/brushes for different surfaces
  • 5 inches at full extension
  • 60 minutes continuously scrubbing when at full charge
  • Detachable parts for easy storage and greater portability

One can also opt to buy extra Homitt replaceable brush heads for future use. With the gadget, you can maintain a spik and span home without kneeling, bending and grinding your elbows and knees all the time. The batteries are fast charging and will get to full capacity within 3.5 hours.

What is included in the package:

  • Main spin scrubber
  • One extension handle
  • Three brush heads, flats, concave and round bristled brush
  • One portable hook
  • One charger

Customer feed back

Users love the sufficient power of this gadget as it rotates the brush head a continuous 360 degrees at 280 rpm ensuring that stubborn stains and dirt so cleaned effectively. Some customers also mentioned that they love this gadget so much they bought an extra set to gift their parents. This is a secret weapon for cleaning bathrooms according to many customers.

  1. WiMiUS 360 Degrees Electric Spin Scrubber With Long Handle

If you have already gotten one of this ingenious cleaning gadget by WiMiUs, you probably love the fact that the handle is super adjustable with two detachable extensions to get it to the required extension of your preference. Persons of varying height can comfortable use this for cleaning floor and walls while standing and also use on other different surfaces such as counter tops.

With a light weight spin scrubber such as this one, cleaning becomes a joy as opposed to a back breaking affair. The gadget is constructed from light weight metal and high quality ABS and TPE material. The replaceable head brushes are of good quality and will not shed the bristles when the cleaning gets tough.

The Wimius electric scrubber comes with four replaceable brushes that conveniently allow the user to clean various surface in the home with ease. This will range from floors, kitchen tops, bathroom vanities, window sills, wall and floor tiles as well grouting that has accumulated grime over time. Its replaceable brush head area is tough yet gentle and non abrasive when used to clean areas such as the bathtub.

The brushes include a big round head brush that can work the floors and even a ceiling, a small round concave brush for bathtub and sink like shapes, a pointed small brush which is essential for reaching seams that sit at right angles where the floor meets the wall as well as crevices and corner. This means it can sufficiently get the grime and mildew in these hard to clean spots.

This item has a bonus round small to stainless steel brush that is very effective in cleaning greased grills after that weekend cook out or sticky gum floor.

The rotational power of a 360 degree spinning quality brush combined with appropriate detergents, and dirt and grime don’t stand a chance. The gadget can rotate at the same consistent torque throughout the time that it is used for. The cordless design also means that the user can move freely as they clean.

The rechargeable battery will get to full capacity after 4-5 hours. The WiMiUs can be used continuously for 50-75 minutes continuously when at full charge.


  • Cordless design
  • Two extension arms
  • Four replaceable brushes
  • 4-5 hours charge time to full battery capacity
  • Can be used continuously for 50-75 minutes at when the battery is full
  • Three part design is detachable for easy storage and portability
  • Hanging hook for convenient storage

For those who love to host parties but are also a stickler for hygiene, they will find this gadget to be indispensable enabling one to host in a clean home no matter how large the crowd. The clean up afterwards becomes quite easy as well as stubborn stains are easily removed and even the cooking grills stubborn greasy grime has met its match in this stainless steel brush.

What is included in the package:

  • Main spin scrubber
  • Two extension handle
  • Four brush heads: big round brush, small round brush, concave shaped brush and a bonus steel bristled brush
  • Portable hook
  • One charger

Customer feedback

Customers loved the fact that the design is light weight and cordless. For a majority, that makes maneuverability very easy when cleaning floors and areas such as the ceiling. The bonus steel brush is a welcomed addition according to buyers especially those who love cook outs. Cleaning cooking grills is so much easier as well as addressing gummy stains on the veranda or pool deck.

3. ADPOW Upgraded Electric Spin Bathtub Scrubber

All round cleaner is the phrase that comes to mind when one thinks of the ADPOW electric spin scrubber.Best Electric Bathtub Scrubbers with Long Handles

With just the spinner and varied replaceable brush heads, a user can clean numerous surfaces and items with impressive results. This ranges from floors, car surfaces, walls, bathtubs, windows, glass surfaces, patio furniture, toilet, tile grouts, showers and kitchen. To think it can also cleans car tires and bicycles very well, means it is a useful cleaning gadget to have in the home as more than one person in the household will find it quite useful for cleaning purposes.

Part of the reason why the ADPOW is quite efficient has to do with the build that is both lightweight but extremely extendable. First off, the spinner is quite powerful as it is equipped with an 84 watt motor while the rechargeable battery is also superior at 8.4 volts.

This translates to a spinner using quality brushes, spinning them at 360 degrees and at a consistent high resolution per minutes for effective cleaning. That said, the area being cleaned has to be doused with water and the appropriate detergent.

For those looking for a quicker turn around on battery charging time and longer use time per charge, then one is likely to be impressed by this item. That is because it takes a mere 2.5 hour to fully charge and allows a whooping 90 minutes of continuous use time when the battery is at full charge.


  • Cordless design
  • Powered by 84 watt motor
  • 4 volts battery
  • 5 hours charge time to full battery capacity
  • 90 minutes of continuous use at full charge
  • Maximum extension is 50.4 inches
  • Four brush heads
  • Rack for hanging and storing the replaceable scrub heads

With this spin scrubber, one can charge for less time and use longer to get more cleaning done with one full charge.

What is included in the package:

  • Main spin scrubber
  • Two extension handles
  • Four brush heads: round head, flat brush, sponge brush, a chenille head, bonus steel bristled brush
  • Portable hook
  • Rack for scrubbers
  • One charger

Customer feedback

Some users who are fairly tall mentioned they love the 50.4 inches long extendable arm that can be used with this item. It totally takes away the bending even if you happen to be quite tall and have to scrub floors and hard to reach corners. That length also comes in handy when one has to clean tall very tall windows so shorter customers also benefit.

  1. Masthome Electric Bathtub Scrubber Long Handle

The Masthome electric spinner is also something special. This electric scrubber comes equipped with three different scrubbers suited for varied handy purposes for a house cleaning. It’s a perfect option for cleaning areas such as the bathtub, kitchen, tile grout, balcony, gutters and even the car.

It has two extension parts and the body is made from metal as well as water resistant Heavy Duty IPX7 which is highly durable and very lightweight. The extension handle can adjust from 20.7 inch to 41.1 inches


  • Cordless design
  • Extendable arm
  • 4 hours battery charge time
  • Built-in rechargeable 3.65V 2150Mah battery
  • Offers 100 minute of continuous uses when cleaning
  • Comes with 3 different brushes
  • Water resistant

For those who have heavy cleaning to do on a regular basis, this versatile spinner cuts the cleaning time because when at full battery capacity it can run for a continuous 100 minutes which is quite impressive.

What is included in the package:

  • Rotating head
  • Two extension handles
  • Five replaceable brush heads, round head, flat brush, concave brush and three circular cleaning pads with varying coarseness
  • Portable hook
  • One charger

Customer feedback

The cleaning pads and brush heads make this spin scrubber very versatile. Customers love the fact that it can clean floors, sinks, ceilings, cars and even certain laundry that need a good scrub. This is a better portable option that can be carried about in the car conveniently for customers.

  1. Tilswall Cordless Grout Shower Bathroom Cleaner with Long Handle

It can be quite frustrating when the spinner battery charge gets depleted before one has finished all the scrubbing for the day. With the Tilswall scrubber there is a very minimal chance that might happen. That is because it takes 2.5 hours to charge to full capacity and will deliver 3 hours of straight use before depleting the charge. If one is doing some extensive scrubbing of the floor, windows and bath tubs, then this is one of the best tool for the job.


  • Cordless design
  • Spinner reaches up to 300 RPM with impressive torque of 35.4 Kgf.cm
  • Extendable arm can reach a max of 43.3 inches
  • Fairly quiet at less than 70 db for a pleasant quiet cleaning experience
  • Four replaceable brush heads

The motor strength allows for consistent rpm’s from the spinner even when the user is using this item for long periods. So one can be sure of consistent scrubbing quality all through.

What is included in the package

  • Rotating head
  • Two extension handles
  • Four replaceable brush heads, Small flat brush, Corner round brush for curved surface, round cleaning brush and a pointed brush for the dust in the corner gaps
  • Portable hook
  • One charger

Customer feed back

The 43.3 Max extendable arm can be comfortably used without bending much by a person of average height. Customers appreciate this convenience that cuts out the hard bends. They love the battery life on this item as it means one can often finish all the cleaning and scrubbing of the whole home in one fell swoop.

  1. Novete Cordless Shower Bathroom Scrubber with Long Adjustable Extension Arm

This Novete electric spin cleaner comes with a powerful and strong metal motor capable of delivering a consistent torque of 35.4 Kg.cm and spinning replaceable heads at 300 RPM. What this translates to is effortless removal of dirt, grime and hard water stains with remarkable speed. When using detergents on tough stains, faster results as are guaranteed.Best Electric Bathtub Scrubbers with Long Handles

The device has an extendable arm such that one does not have to bend when cleaning floor tiles and hard to reach corners. It is also excellent for cleaning tall windows, counter tops, bathtubs and sinks just to name a few as it comes equipped with 3 multipurpose brush heads


  • Cordless design for easy maneuverability
  • IPX7 Waterproof construction
  • 3 inches Max extension
  • 5 hours for battery to charge fully
  • Will last 90 minutes continuous use at full charge
  • The rotation head can reach 300rpm

With Novete, house cleaning ceases to be a chore as one drastically minimize bending, over straining, or over stretching when cleaning floors or trying to get to far reaching corners.

What is included in the package:

  • Main spinning head
  • Two extension handles
  • Three replaceable brush heads, flat brush, corner round brush for curved surfaces, round pointed cleaning brush
  • Portable hook
  • One charger

Customer feedback

Cleaning has been made so easy by the Novete as all one has to do is get the right brush head for a given surface, add water and detergent on the area to be cleaned, or so say the customers. Take the Novete and hold in place or move it along accordingly and the rotating head and brush will clean away effortlessly. Users find this gadget too good to be true, but it is very real.

  1. Youkanda Cordless Electric Bathtub Scrubber with Long Handle

The Youkada electric spinner scrubber creates new ways to improve the quality of life and work by making backbreaking cleaning chores easier, efficient and strain free. For those who suffer back pain, knee pain or arthritis, they do not have to suffer when attempting to do cleaning chores around the house. This spin scrubber is equipped with a long adjustable handle, 7.4 V rechargeable battery that offers 60 minutes of continuous use when at full charge. It takes 5 hours of charging time to get the battery to full capacity.


  • Cordless design for unimpeded movement when cleaning
  • Decent power on motor
  • 5 hours battery charging to full capacity
  • Can run for 60 minutes continuously when at full charge
  • Three multipurpose brush heads

With this gadget, one can reduce or eliminate the amount of bending that have to do when scrubbing tile grout, bathtubs and counter tops to name a few.

What is included in the package:

  • Rotating header
  • Two extension handles
  • Three replaceable brush heads, flat brush, concave and small round pointed cleaning brush for reaching edges
  • Portable hook
  • One charger

Customer feedback

After using the item themselves, users found it to be extremely helpful and speedy in cleaning stubborn stain such as those on kitchen tops and accumulated grime in the grouting of kitchen floor tiles. Bathroom floors, tubs and shower area are particularly prone to accumulating slimy soap residue as well as mildew over time. The flat brush head in the Youkada electric spinner is enough to clean a bathroom floor with little effort. The harder to reach areas such as floor corners can be effectively cleaned out by the smaller pointed round brush. According to customers, the bath tub or sink area is no match for the concave shaped brush head.

Some users mentioned that this tool is so practical that they had to buy a set for their elderly relatives who have a hard time doing bending chores.


Electric bathtub scrubbers with long handles are very handy tools as they can effectively make life so much easier when cleaning. No need to bend down, which is a great a bonus for people who suffer from back pain and arthritis.

Several users who’ve had the opportunity to try out these power scrubbers for the first time mentioned that they were awed by the concept of effectively and efficiently scrubbing counter tops, tiles, grouting walls, sinks and bathtubs as well as cars so much that they also bought for their parents and friends as a gift.

An electric bath tub scrubber with long handle is truly a gift that keeps on giving.


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