5 Best Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Sets of 2020

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Table of Contents

Quilt bedding sets are a fantastic practical way to purchase a complete bedding solution. Typically consisting of one standard quilt and standard shams, these sets make the perfect finishing to the bedroom environment. They also allow you to layer up the bed surface as you please.

Yet, with so many designs to choose from in this section alone, how can you be assured of getting the best quilt bedding set for your individual needs?

There are typically hundreds of patterns and colors to select from on the market. However, not all such bedding types can offer a tremendous visual look and combine it with the most crucial element – overall soft feel and durability.

This is where Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Sets excel! One of the more popular of household choices in the US alone, these offer a unique detailing and perfect finishing on all their materials. However, they also allow you to personalize their offerings and apply them as best as possible to your own surroundings and individual décor.

With the emphasis on creating your own look by simply mixing and matching from their vast range of classic prints, Eddie Bauer bedding products are claimed to stand the test of time, while providing endless fantastic nights of relaxing sleep as they do so!

Below we review 5 of the Best Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Sets currently retailing online. These are the bedding solutions from Eddie Bauer which we believe offer some of the most fantastic comfortable designs, and all at a reasonable price tag.

1. Eddie Bauer Fairview Cotton Reversible Quilt Set

Our first Eddie Bauer item on the list is the Fairview Cotton Reversible Quilt Set. Though this may be the most expensive on the list, this one of the best-selling Quilt Sets by this company.  Eddie Bauer Fairview Cotton Reversible Quilt Set

This complete set includes one full quilt plus two standard shams. Available in a selection of three bed sizes, this is an excellent patterned material choice which is also reversible. This makes it versatile as it allows you to change things up by using each side individually.

Having the option to reverse this set ensures that you can also mix up your design efforts, thus improving your mood regularly!

The Full/Queen set offers a size of 90 by 90 inches while the shams measure 20 by 26 inches. It’s also available in King and twin sizes.

This is a 100% prewashed cotton fill. Therefore, it ensures an added softness when first purchased.

Completely machine washable, this will not shrink but retain its shape and durability over continued usage.

This set is claimed to be the perfect layering choice for the bedding area. Therefore, you can create a cozier look in this environment.

This is also claimed as one of the perfect choices for those warmer seasons. Therefore, you can use it with a lightweight blanket or even on its own.

The company claims this quilt bedding set looks great in those modern spaces or even in lodged settings – this is due to its neutral gray tones. These all add to that classically updated element when blending them in with the surrounding décor.

Customers of this Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Set find this to be well worth the cost. The color and pattern scheme are undoubtedly a great advantage to many, especially as they fit a more neutral environment. Claimed to provide a softer and high-quality feel, it’s also said to be just the right weight.

2. Eddie Bauer Camino Island Quilt Set

The Camino Island Quilt Bedding Set from Eddie Bauer is a visually pleasing trio purchase and would complement a range of bedroom decors in an instant. Best Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Sets

This is a three-piece set which includes a quilt and two matching shams.

Available in three sizes and two color choices of red and plum, this is a more traditional looking set. Designed with a patchwork theme throughout, it incorporates a multi-tone of plaid squares, rectangles, and colors in its overall makeup.

However, this would be a perfect look to accompany those winter months, Christmas occasions, and for all those richer looking of decorated rooms. This is due to its intense warm colors highlighted.

This is made from 100% cotton and with a cotton fill throughout, with the Queen size measuring 90 by 90 inches and the shams measuring 20 by 26 inches.

A prewashed item that ensures an added softness upon the first touch, this is guaranteed not to shrink when it is placed for ongoing washing in the machine.

Best still, this is a reversible type of quilt set. Therefore, you can create your very own look or follow the fashionable signature feature look of Eddie Bauer products in general.

Claimed to be a perfect addition to the bedroom for layering, this may look a thinner material type, but it offers a superior warmth throughout the colder seasons. It can, therefore, be used alone or added to with other sheets and blankets to suit.

Customers of this Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Set find this excellent value for the money and love the expert craftsmanship which has gone into its construction. The design is said to work well in many a room type. Additionally, many customers report how nice and thick it feels, making it a great added comfort on those colder of nights.

3. Eddie Bauer Yakima Valley Quilt Set

Our cheapest Quilt Bed Setting on the list, this is the Yakima Valley Quilt Bedding Set which offers all the benefits of an Eddie Bauer product, but at a reduced price. Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Set

Once again, this is a fully 100% cotton filled makeup which is available in a good range of sizes, plus two colors of red or green.

This is a set which includes one quilt and two shams, with the twin set complete with just one sham as standard.

Entirely machine washable, this is claimed to wash really thoroughly and will not shrink over time or use. It’s also prewashed to ensure an element of added softness upon first use.

The twin size measurements of this set offer 68 inches by 68 inches for the quilt, with the additional sham providing 20 by 26 inches.

As with some Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Sets, this too is a fully reversible item. Therefore, you can create your own preferred look to suit your choice, every day and night.

The signature look of the Yakima Valley Quilt Bedding Set is a multicolored patterned one throughout, ensuring that it fits well with almost every bedroom décor and every bedroom type. This makes it a fantastic purchase for multiple room choice in many a home environment.

Better still, with the exceptional design pattern and coloring of this set, you can be assured of layering it to ensure a fantastic looking bed surface, regardless of the season.

This is also claimed to be a more lightweight in appearance type of quilt set – but equally assures warmth when needed the most.

Customers of this Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Set love being able to access an Eddie Bauer product at such a lower and affordable price. It’s claimed to offer the right balance between warm and cool, while doing so at an overall lightweight feel and texture. In addition, it’s choice of design and colors rates highly with many customers.

4. Eddie Bauer Eastmont Cotton Reversible Quilt Set

The Eastmont Quilt Bedding Set from Eddie Bauer is a fresh and vibrant looking choice of sets which would suit all room types. Eddie Bauer Cotton Reversible Quilt Set, Full/Queen

Offering all the quality, makeup and construction of what we’ve come to expect from Eddie Bauer products, this set is certainly no exception!

Made from a fill of 100% cotton, this is a three-piece set which provides a quilt alongside two standard sized shams.

The exact measurements of each set depend on the sizes chosen but, as a guide, you can purchase this in Twin, Queen, King, and Full/Queen. There’s also a choice to select from three fantastic colors. These include Blue, Elliot Plaid, and Brewster Stripe.

The Blue set has a fabulous and striking emphasis on plaid, with a vibrant color scheme throughout. Elliot Plaid is a gentler choice of plaid but equally fresh and crisp looking overall. Finally, the Brewster Stripe offers an arrangement of horizontal strips and would make an ideal youthful and vibrant choice for many a bedroom area.

As with the other Eddie Bauer Quilt Sets reviewed here, the Eastmont set is also fully reversible. Therefore, the options to mix and match and create a new look every day are plentiful here.

A fully machine washable set, this is also prewashed to provide all users with a softer all-around choice of product.

Additionally, this is a set which can be used and washed many times and will not shrink or lose its overall soft effectiveness.

Customers of this Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Set highly rate the overall look and first impressions of all these color and pattern choices here! The inclusion of 100% cotton is also a bonus for most in this set as they believe it offers a fresher feel and generally more relaxed sleep – all the while keeping them equally warm throughout the colder seasons.

5. Eddie Bauer Madrona Quilt Set

The final Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Set on this list is the Madrona set which is undeniably a beautifully designed offering that merely looks perfect! Eddie Bauer Quilt Set, Full/Queen

This is mentioned as red in color, but what it actually offers is a multitude of generous Eddie Bauer plaid patterning and a striking texture patterning to finish.

The company state this has elements of dusted indigo, pine, ivory, and scarlet. It also boasts a crisp window pane check with a trimmed quilt edge. Also, the shams included have that look of a clean tailored finishing.

Available in three sizes, this Full/Queen set measures 90 by 90 inches in total, with the two additional shams measuring 20 by 26 inches.

Once again, as with all the Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Sets reviewed here, this is fully reversible. Therefore, you get to experience the power of a fantastically designed and patterned quilt set many times over, choosing at your leisure.

The tremendous visual features of this quilt set ensure that it can be used in any room and fit in with any bedroom decor. It’s also great for all genders and ages. Better still, if you’d prefer it to stand out rather than blend in, it will do so with ease!

Prewashed to ensure an element of added softness when you first purchase it, this will also refrain from shrinking after washing. Therefore, you can put this set onto a gentle machine wash to get that fresh and fabulous feel each time, and over many years of practical use as well.

Whether you prefer to use this set as the predominate bedding set for your bedroom or layer it with other coordinating sets, this is great as a standalone or additional.

With just the right amount of material used, this is said to be perfect at keeping you warm during those colder of seasons, while keeping you equally fresh throughout more temperate months. This is due to its overall lightweight design and feel.

Customers of this Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Set love the equal balancing of lighter weight texture with just the right level of thickness used here. It’s also claimed to look fantastic, with many customers rating its ability to work well in every room in the home, regardless of individual preference.

Final Thoughts on Best Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Sets

There’s no denying that Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Sets are some of the most comfortable, well-constructed and highly rated sets in the market.

Perhaps one of the most essential of items that you’ll use on your bedding area, they are also a fabulous purchase choice as they offer not just the quilt, but the matching shams as standard as well.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a functional element of comfort but don’t want to compromise on design, an Eddie Bauer Quilt Bedding Set can provide you with both simultaneously. Furthermore, it does so at a price which certainly won’t break the bank!

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