12 Best Recessed Dimmable LED Downlights of 2020 Review

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Table of Contents

Recessed dimmable LED downlights are perfect for ceiling installation in the home or office and play a major role in mood setting and in adding some spice to the overall decor.

Below we bring you some of the best options that bring recessed dimmable aesthetic and cost effective lighting to your home.

Best Dimmable LED Downlights

1. Hyperikon 6 Inch Dimmable LED Recessed Downlight

The Hyperikon is a great brand with glowing reviews by a majority of the users who have tried its products.

This particular Hyperikon 6 inch LED recessed energy star and UL certified lighting can be purchased in four different light colors to suit varied lighting needs and the tastes of different users. It is well constructed and versatile plus it also comes in 5 inches although it can also fit a 6 inch canister simply by adjusting a screw. It has a dimmable light from 100% to 20%

The installation is also fairly easy and the lighting colors include soft white glow, daylight glow, warm white and Crystal glow. This set comes as a pack of 1, 4 or 16, offering plenty of lighting for the house. The lighting of this down light fixture is crisp and clear which is good for reading or cooking. It is suitable for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, den and basement to name a few possibilities. Your space can range from a residential home to a retail space as well as other public spaces such as a restaurant.


  • Comes as a pack of 4, 1 or 16
  • Comes in four different brightness colors, Soft White Glow (3000k lumen), Crystal White Glow (5000k), Daylight Glow (4000k), Warm White (2700k)
  • Dimming capability from 100-20%
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty

Customer feedback

Customers loved the fact that there are several color variations to choose from to suit varied tastes. Several users who got this light for their basement mention that the brightness is just perfect. For other sections of the house, one can always deploy a dimmer switch to dim the brightness to preferable levels.

Part of the reason why this downlight feature has a high customer satisfaction rate, is the durability. To put this in context, when this bulb is used for approximately 3 hours a day, it will provide you with a service of up to 25,000 hours. The value is so much higher when compared to halogen, CFL and incadescent bulbs that need replacement every other month.

2. Sunco Lighting 5/6 Inch LED Dimmable Retrofit Downlight

If you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, choosing quality lighting like this Energy Star and UL listed fixture by Sunco lighting will make a huge difference in your comfort as well as the whole look of your decor. This comes 5-inch ready but can be easily adjusted to fit a 6 inch recessed canister. The dimmable bulb that changes shades from 100% to 10%.

The Sunco Downlight has a baffle trim and is a dimmable lamp with damp rating meaning it can withstand damp areas such as bathrooms. It comes as a single unit or packs and not only does it look great across the whole home, it provides bright Illumination that can be dimmed to preferred shades.

Depending on the quality of brightness that one is looking for, this fixture has five light color variations to choose from. This includes soft white/ warm white/ cool white/ daylight / daylight deluxe by choosing their preferred brightness ranging from 2700k, 3000k, 4000k, 5000k and 6000k.

Whether you need lighting for a residential home or a business premises, Sunco lighting has you covered with a well-constructed aesthetically pleasing down light fixture that has an array of brightness levels and colors to work with.

  • It comes as a pack of 1, 4, 5 or 12
  • It can fit 5 or 6 inch cans
  • Comes in 5 colors variations
  • Dimming capabilities from 10%-100%
  • Approved for use in damp locations
  • Comes with 7 year warranty

Customer feedback

A Sunco downlight is efficient when in both bright and dimmed shades and is equipped with a flicker free LED technology that provides consistent light.

It is a good option for replacing halogen, CFL and incandescent bulbs with quality long lasting LED lighting. Customers like the fact that this downlight is a perfect fit for all rooms in the home including, the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and basement. Users mentioned they appreciate that the installation is quite easy.

3. Globe Electric Swivel Round Trim Recessed Lighting Kit

Globe electric lighting has been bringing your way innovative lighting with impeccable quality for nearly a century now. The construction of this swivel round trim downlight is robust as the electrical box is made of galvanized steel that is thermally-protected and certified in both US and Canada. The side panels are removable for easy access to the contents of the electrical box.

With most light fixing surfaces being uneven, this downlight comes equipped with patented push and click clips that have extra width and are fully adjustable helping grip even and uneven surfaces with ease. Installation has been made even simpler with such a feature.

An excellent addition to the spherical design is the directional swivel eyeball gimbal that allows the user to point the light in the desired direction. This can be simply because one desires to illuminate a specific area of the room or cast a spotlight on an exquisite piece of art or furniture.

You will be glad to know that this unit is IC (Insulated Contact) rated with the use of LED bulbs which means that you can install the lights surrounded by insulation without fear of setting the house on fire. Moreover, the integrated cut-off switch is a safety feature that allows for use with with or without an insulation box and ensures the lighting unit will not overheat.


  • It comes as a pack of 1, 4, 10 or 20
  • Galvanized steel longer shaft with spun aluminum housing frame.
  • Directional rotating eyeball
  • IC (Insulated Contact) rated for use with LED bulbs
  • It can fit in a 3.88 inch can
  • Available in brushed nickel and white lighting color housing
  • It has a 5 year warranty

Customer feedback

Users of this product heaped praise on it for several reasons. It looks good and does a fantastic job of highlighting art work, furniture or prized pictures in the home. This is thanks to its swiveling ability that allows the user to point the beam in a preferred direction.

Customers mention that installation is far much easier even on uneven surfaces thanks to extra wide push and click adjustable clips. Users mentioned that spherical design will work for any room in the home, whether that is the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, corridor or stairway.

4. Torchstar Basic Series 6 Inch 12W Dimmable Slim LED Downlight with Junction Box

Some ceilings can tend to be very thin and therefore present a challenge in installing conventional recessed lights that have a can. If this happens to be a challenge that you are facing, you need not worry because the ETL and Energy Star rated Torchstar Dimmable Slim LED Downlight with J-Box is designed for such situations.Best Dimmable LED Downlights

The design of this recessed light is ultra slim and can be installed without the need for housing cans. This is made possible by the inclusion of a super slim junction box which only needs 2 inches of ceiling clearance height. So you have a thin ceiling, this down lights will work marvelously for you. The design allows this fixture to comfortably apply when retrofitting, remodeling or fitting lighting for a new construction. Its installation is very easy.

Customers can choose from 4 colors soft white/ warm white/ cool white/ and daylight glow. It also has exceptional dimming qualities with the ability to dim from 100% to 5% brightness.


  • It comes as a pack of 10 or 8
  • Aluminum housing which is resistant to corrosion
  • It can be fitted onto the ceiling without using cans as it includes a junction box that fits 6.25”hole
  • IC rated light for use with insulated ceilings
  • Available in 4 lighting colors
  • 100-5% dimming capability
  • It has a 5 year warranty

Customer feedback

Users said that this LED downlight is an excellent energy saver when compared to CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs. In fact, it can help you save as much 88% in energy cost when compared to the above mentioned bulbs. Given its slim build, installing downlights in slimmer ceilings is now an aesthetically pleasing option. Users mentioned that this work great in any part of the home including the damp areas such as the bathroom thanks to the corrosion resistant shell.

5. Parmida Dimmable LED Square Recessed Lighting

These fixtures by Parmida are Energy Star certified, dimmable 6 inch downlights that comes as a pack of 12 or 4. The LED Square Recessed Lighting will work for retrofits, remodeling as well as brand new constructions.The unit comes inclusive of an E26 adapter and title 24 connector for a simple and secure retrofit installation process. This downlight has standard spring installation which means it’s ready to fit directly into a 6 inch recessed downlight housing can with ease.

An aluminum exterior gives it a pleasing square look and a toughness that allows this fixture to be a lighting option for all parts of the home including the bathroom as well under a soffit. It has dimmability from 100% to 10% dimmable capacity. The color options include soft white, day light and cool white.


  • It comes as a pack of 12 or 4
  • Square shaped downlight
  • Durable aluminium housing
  • Wet-Location rated and therefore perfect for shower cubicles, bathrooms and other wet environments
  • It can be fitted into a 6-inch can
  • Available in 3 lighting colors
  • 100-10% dimming capability
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty

Customer feedback

Whether fitting the Parmida downlights on a new construction or remodeling and replacing your halogen and incandescent bulbs, users appreciate that a pack of 12 light will cover most of the house if not all of it. If one’s house is bigger, 2 to 3 packs will certainly get the lighting job done for an excellent soffit and interior lighting finish.

Customers also love the Parmida downlights because they are equipped with DOB technology that ensure no flicker, no humming and an instant start when switched on for a smooth consistent dimmable light.

  1. Torchstar High Dimmable Gimbal Recessed LED Downlight

While this lighting fixture by Torchstar will work well in sections of the home especially those that need light that highlights things like art pieces, it can also work very well in the retail environment where a light beam needs to be directed towards displayed merchandise such as jewelry, watches and paintings. That is thanks to the eye ball construction design that is is flexible with an ability to tilt at a 35 degree vertical angle and therefore point the beam of light to the desired direction.Recessed Dimmable LED Downlights

This downlights can be fixed on level surfaces but also will work very well on surfaces such as slanted ceilings and walls. It has a smooth dimming capacity from 100% to 5% without flickers and humming thanks to the built-in COB chip. You can get this light in either daylight or soft white lighting.


  • This comes a safe pack of 4 or 1
  • Adjustable focus lighting  thanks to a 360° rotatable bulb head and 0-35°tilt angle
  • Suitable for both 5 and 6 inch housing cans
  • It is available in two lighting color options
  • Can be used in damp locations
  • 5% – 100% dimming capability
  • 5 years warranty

Customer feedback

Some customers have found this set of bulbs to work well in the home space such as on corridors and bedrooms while other users love the class they bring to their retail shops because of their ability to be focused in a chosen direction. The installation is easy and they look really good in a home or a retail space because they make excellent downlights for display. Being dimmable is an added bonus as one can set the mood of a space by dimming the light to a desired shade.

7. Parmida 5/6” Dimmable LED Flush Mount Recessed Retrofit Ceiling Lights

This Parmida 12 Pack 5-6 inch dimmable LED has a disk-like look. In the event that your ceiling is thin, this disk shaped Parmida will also work with a 2.75, 3.5, or 4 inch junction box. This fixture is highly compatible with most LED dimmers and can smoothly dim from 100% to 10%.

The exterior of this downlight is metallic and damp rated to fit dry environments such as rooms in the home, office and soffit as well as wet ones such as bathroom and shower areas.

The design is recessed and sleek, sure to enliven any space with some classy, bright, dimmable light with varied light colors to choose from. They include soft white/ cool white/ warm white and daylight.


  • It comes as a pack of 12
  • Aluminium housing
  • The downlights can fit 5-6 inches cans
  • It comes in 4 color options for the lighting
  • 100-10% dimming
  • Wet-Location Rated
  • 5 year warranty

Customer feedback

Customers not only love the simple yet elegant metallic exterior, but also appreciate that this light fixture is easy to install. Given that it comes in various brightness levels and light color variations, users like that they can choose light colors to suit their taste.

Customers also noticed that his downlight instantly switches on and has no flicker or any humming sound. That is thanks the fact that the Parmida is constructed using the latest DOB LED technology. It is also equipped with a light diffuser to evenly disperse light and eliminate any dark spots in your space.

8. Sunco Lighting 6 Inch Slim LED Downlight with Junction Box

These slim downlights instantly come on, which means no flickering or an annoying buzzing sound when turned on. The Sunco brand goes above and beyond to ensure their lighting contains no mercury so you can be sure that these downlights are eco-friendly as they emit no UV or IR. The pack comprises of 12 downlights.

The design is flush with a sleek and neat finish. It can be easily installed on extremely narrow ceiling which is a plus compared to regular lighting fixtures.


  • It comes as a single unit or in a pack of 4, 6, 8 or 12
  • 6 Inch Slim LED Downlight that comes with a Junction Box
  • IC rated junction box. However, the light fixture itself is NOT IC rated.
  • It comes in 5 lighting color variations
  • 5 year warranty

Customer feedback

Other than the sleek looking flat design, customers love that one can choose from 5 light color options ranging from daylight deluxe/ daylight/ soft white/ warm white and cool white. Homes or office settings with narrow ceilings love this Sunco lighting design because it comes with a junction box. This is significant if your celling is narrow. This down light only requires that you cut a hole to size in the ceiling and install the fixture.

9. MustWin Smart Retrofit LED Recessed 6 inch Downlight

The MustWin is a smart recessed lighting that has amazing and playful smart features. This down light has a whopping 16 million colors at its disposal. That enables this fixture the ability to change color and create different lighting ambiences such as party, leisure, soft, night meeting, gorgeous, reading and colorful.

It can be voice using smart devices or or remotely controlled and monitored using a smart phone from anywhere, shared across different devices using an app.

The fixture is dimmable and one can also choose from different temperatures ranging from 2700- 6500k.


  • Smart lighting fixture
  • Works with Only works with 2.4G Wi-Fi
  • It comes in a pack of 4
  • Compatible with Bluetooth smartphones and Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control
  • Can be programmed to turn on or off at any pre-set time, even gradually depending on desired mood
  • Allows you to control single lights or a group of lights in different rooms independently
  • It can fit into 5-6 inch canisters
  • This option offers warm to cool white light(2700-6500K)
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty

Customer feedback

Like most customers who’ve bought this model, if you are one for smart technology and control, this downlight is right up your alley. Not only does it bring a massive choice of ambient light, but it is also a versatile model that allows for hands free lighting control and convenient lighting at the palm of your hand using either the remote or a connected smart device such as your phone. You can switch the lights on and change colors even while you’re away and arrive home to a house with the mood and ambiance that you desire.

And that versatility and control is mainly why this lighting is loved by its users as it provides a playful way to inject some class and tech into your home or office.

10. Torchstar Premium 4-Inch Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Light with J-Box

The Torchstar premium Ultra Thin LED Recessed Light with J-Box comes with a metallic exterior that is tough and durable. Its oil rubbed bronze finish on the exterior metal is perfect for complimenting solid wood furniture and offers beautiful contrast.

The look and design of this downlight will work well in closets, kitchens and living rooms. With this fixture, you do not have to worry over the thickness of your ceiling. That is because this downlight only requires a minimum of 2 inches ceiling clearance to install. It can be used in dry environments as well as damp ones such as bathrooms and it has excellent dimming capabilities from 100% to 10%.

One can also choose the color of their preferred light from four options. Cool white/ warm white/ soft white and daylight.


  • It comes in a pack of 6
  • IC rated junction box
  • Rated for wetness therefore ideal for wet environments like shower cubicles
  • It can be used on ceilings that can’t fit a canister
  • This offers 4 lighting color variations
  • 100%-10% dimming
  • 5 year warranty

Customer feedback

The aluminum body with an oiled bronze finish is not only protective of the light but also offers a rich contrast with surrounding colors such as white or wooden ceilings. Customers love that this contrast looks gorgeous in closets, kitchens, bathrooms and any other room in the house. The aluminum body and water proof insulation ensures protection and durability when used in wet areas such as shower and bathroom.

11. Maxxima LED Retrofit Downlight Gimbal Fixture

The beauty of the Maxxima LED Retrofit downlight is its all white color. If one is looking for a fluid white look on their ceiling, this option offers a clean white look with excellent lighting. Given that the downlight is a gimbal design with a fully rotatable head, the light beam can be easily focused on areas of interest in a room. This can be towards furniture, art or an ornamental piece in the room such a huge vase.

The simple color variations make a great compliment for the all-white ceiling. There is no conflicting with the décor when you use this fixture. It can also withstand damp environs such as the bathroom.


  • It comes as one unit in the pack
  • It can be fitted into 6 inch cans
  • Adjustable eyeball downlight fixture
  • Has two lighting color variations
  • 5 year warranty

Customer feedback

Customers with dark ceilings and looking for sharp contrast, have their answer in this downlight which delivers to perfection. U user who bought this mentioned that the rotatable head is practical as it allows the user the ability to point the beam in the areas of interest.

The design of this downlight is simple and all white. It is the perfect fit for an all-white theme in a ceiling or kitchen.

12. Torchstar 6-Pack 3 Inch Gimbal LED Square Dimmable Recessed Light with Junction Box

This Torchstar 6 pack Gimbal LED downlight resembles an eyeball. The rotatable head can move 355 degrees horizontally and can achieve an angle of 30 degrees vertical rotation. This design allows you the user several benefits. It allows you to replace CFL, halogen and incandescent bulbs that are costly to run. For easier and cost saving installation one can also replace recessed trims and housing cans when using this lighting option. Dimmable LED Downlights

The sturdy metal construction and waterproofing make this an excellent option for use in dry or damp areas. Its four color variations include soft white, cool white, warm white and daylight. The dimming capabilities can go from 100% to 10%.


  • It comes as a pack of 6
  • Junction box included
  • Both the light fixture and j-box are IC rated
  • It can be installed without a housing canister.
  • Has 4 lighting color variations
  • Can be dimmed from 10% to 100%
  • Housing available in three colors; white, satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze
  • Can be used in damp locations
  • 5 year warranty

Customer feedback

Users who bought this did so for aesthetic purposes but also for practical reason such as easy installation. The directional light is perfect for when you want to cast a spot light on certain sections of the room. So customers also love the fact that the gimbal is fluid in motions when allowing the user to focus the light in the direction of choice.

Conclusion on Dimmable LED Downlights

Most of the above downlights will suit 5/6 inch cans. But in the event that you have a narrower ceiling, there are plenty of options above with junction boxes that will help you bypass that challenge.

No doubt dimmable LED downlights like the above are practical and modern fixtures that are more than adequate for lighting while also making the ambiance in the home home or office look amazing.



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