2021 10 Best Decorative Fireplace Cover Screens For the Most Stylish Households

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Table of Contents

Fireplace cover screens need not look drab and lacking in imagination. On the contrary, they can be decorative and quite capable of delivering on function while offering some stunning beauty.

When the summer is in full bloom, the fireplace is relegated to the very back of our minds. But with winter around the corner, one does begin thinking of making arrangements that ensure the fire place is in good condition. So that when winter rolls around, you can light it up and burn some logs with some peace of mind.

But as cozy as fireplaces might be, accidents can arise around a fire. While the fire provides our families with warmth and dazzles us with its enchanting leaping tongues of flame and glowing embers of wood, it can also be hazardous to our loved ones such as kids, pets and even adults. That’s the reason why getting a fireplace cover screen, decorative or otherwise is a good idea.

However, if you’re here, then it’s most probably because you want one that’s more than just a cover for your fireplace.

In this post, we review no less than 10 of the best decorative fireplace cover screens that offer varied styles and effectively help keep your family, property and pets safe. These fireplace screens are uniquely crafted, for both aesthetic beauty as well as practical purposes.

Let’s check them out!

Review of the Best Decorative Fireplace Cover Screens

1. Best Choice Products Metal Decorative Fireplace Screen Cover

The Best Choice Products Metal FirePlace Screen is a decorative piece that brings a charming and classic aesthetic to your living room while also serving as a protective shield from flying sparks, ash and embers.Best Choice Products Metal Decorative Fireplace Screen Cover

This unit is well constructed with wrought iron and is massive enough to nicely fit most big fireplaces.

Further, this screen has a trifold design with a central part and two hinged sides which make for easy storage on off season should you choose to store the unit.

Wrought iron bar framing is strong and forms a solid yet stylish barrier that ensures even a big dog or any other pet can’t knock it over and neither can the kids. This unit helps keep them safe and warm at the same time.

A tightly woven iron mesh that’s easy to clean is connected to the frame to serve as a cover screen. The entire face of the unit is decorated by metallic scroll patterns that are gorgeously artistic and reinforce the strength of the unit.

The sides are equipped with well-placed handles on the outer edges that allow you to maneuver around the unit with ease. That means you can access the fire whenever it needs tending and the handles also help in moving the unit or folding it up for storage when necessary.

The finish on the unit is equally gorgeous as it has a brushed texture and imbued with a coppery tone that adds to a rustic charm that can match most any décor.


  • The cover screen has a dimension of 5″ L x 33″ H
  • The units overall weight is 17 pounds and is easy to move
  • Constructed from wrought iron and finished with brushed steel and a touch of copper
  • Tightly woven metallic mesh that’s easy to clean and serves as a protective screen
  • Safety handles on the outer edges of the unit
  • Open mesh design and filigree prevent stains and heat build-up

Other than keeping you and the family warm, fire has an aesthetic beauty to the home because it quite literally makes the home glow with warmth. So a see through cover screen such as this allows you to gaze into the natural flaming beauty of fire and fully enjoy that aesthetic while maintaining safety for those around you.

Customer feedback

The customers who bought this unit did so because of the beautiful, thoughtful and practical construction that does not compromise the artistic elements of the unit. Most users with bigger fireplaces also appreciated the size of this beautiful piece that elegantly completes any fireplace feature. If you have had difficulty finding a beautiful screen that can cover a large fireplace space, this one might just do the trick for you!

  1. Deco 79 Lovely Traditional Metal Unique Fire Screen

This simple yet elegant fluid design by Deco 79 brings you an exquisite fireplace cover screen that enlivens your home as a decorative and protective piece.Deco 79 Lovely Traditional Metal Unique Fire Screen

If you’re not familiar with the Deco 79 brand, this fireplace cover screen may very well be the first brush that you have with them and it’s very unlikely that you will be disappointed.

That’s because the Deco 79 brand is the proud home of incredibly skilled artisans and designers who are renowned the world over for their fashionable decor accent furniture collection which includes but not limited to fireplace cover screens, wine racks, discover trunks and so much more. This fireplace cover screen is a gem and highlights your personal style and effortlessly ties in with the rest of your décor.

The 39″ long and 33″ high piece has a notable curved design which gives of a clean fluid flowing look.

Framed is all metal and therefore strong and stable, this is able to act as a solid deterrent for big pets as well as kids from going too close to the fire.

The cover screen that effectively screens your living room from flying sparks and ashes is a tightly woven black see through iron mesh.

Further, the face of the unit has an immaculately curved iron tree reflection. The tree is a piece of art of as it’s crafted entirely out of metal and clearly depicts a trunk, branches and detailed leaves. The curved rod branches of the tree and detailed leaves are impressively vivid and well painted.

All this features come together nicely for form a curved fireplace cover screen with a gorgeous look.


  • The curved cover screen measures 39″ L x 33″ H
  • The units overall weight is mere 9.35 pounds and  quite easy to move
  • Construction is from iron and brass finished with a well-illustrated tree
  • Metallic cover screen mesh is tightly woven, easy to clean and see through
  • The design features safety handles on the outer edges of the unit
  • Open mesh design and filigree prevent stains and heat build-up

This item adds yet another practical and decorative aspect to your living room and looks amazing both when the fireplace is on and when it’s off.

Customer feedback

Customers loved the curved or arched continuous design and the fact that the unit stands on its own base without the need of being propped. The tree illustration with a brass finish is said to be very well crafted giving an artsy feel and look that enlivens your living room at all times of the day while still maintaining its practical function.

3. Christopher Knight Home Wilmington Decorative Fireplace Screen

The beauty of wrought iron as depicted in this Christopher Knight Home Wilmington Fireplace Screen is gorgeous and does indeed show that fashion can meet function. If you have a fireplace and are shopping around for a screen cover, this is a viable and affordable option that injects a sense of style, and art without compromising on function.Christopher Knight Home Wilmington Decorative Fireplace Screen

The design of this cover screen is straightforward and is basically a rectangle and primarily made from iron.

What makes it awesome to look at though, is the intricate metal artwork that bobs and weaves to create some beautiful eye catching patterns with amazing symmetry. The winding patterns are peppered with beautiful decorative metallic fixtures including leaves, spear tips and other catchy motifs for a brilliant finish.

The whole unit has a decent weight of 17 pounds and stands on a solid subtle base with the help of the side stands that seamlessly blend into the structure. The finely woven steel see through mesh is emblazoned on the inner face of the unit to effectively screen any errant embers or flying sparks from reaching any one.

The stands are sturdy and cannot be easily tipped over thus making that fire area much safer for the kids and pets.


  • The dimension of this cover screen are 75″ L x 34.5″ H
  • The units overall weight is 17 pounds and easy to move when cleaning
  • Construction of the frame and ornamental patterns is by wrought iron and finished with a black brushed gold for an exquisite glossy look
  • Tightly woven metallic mesh keeps ash, sparks and embers confined to the fireplace area
  • Well designed with a subtle base stand that blend with design
  • Open mesh design and filigree prevent stains and heat build-up

If you love a Victorian inspired design that features the inanimate beauty of intricate ornate detailing, then you will love how aesthetic this gorgeous fireplace cover screen will look in your living or any room with a fireplace. This design will also work well for hotel rooms that have a fireplace.

Customer feedback

Most customers generally loved the quality and the Victorian inspired vibe of this unit. Some users who were looking for something to brighten their fireplace were not too sure about the color. They later shared that the black brushed color worked out very well as it created great contrast with wooden mantels. That’s because when the fire is on, the light from flames or the sun interacts with the black color and a touch of golden hue shows. Overall, this is said to be a beautiful practical piece of decorative furniture that comes highly recommended.

4. River of Goods Decorative Fireplace Screen Cover

The River of Goods Fireplace Screen takes a sharp departure from the conventional fireplace cover screen as we know them and at first glance, the choice of colors and materials can appear tad eccentric. But then after close examination, the concept and possibilities of its utility do begin to grow on you. Decorative Fireplace Screen Cover

The skeletal frame of the unit is made of iron for strength and rigidity. The tri-fold design is very practical in that the 16 pound unit can be folded with ease for storage or for transportation to another room in the house.

The kaleidoscope of vibrant colors on this unit spans from orange, red, amber, blue and green stained glass pieces.

456 pieces of glass have been arranged to form beautiful shapes and patterns that give this fireplace cover screen an artful look whether there is a fire on or not. When there is a fire going, the different glass colors interact playfully with flames and glowing embers to form a beautiful orchestra of glowing warmth that will no doubt charm any living room.

This unit is versatile as it can cozy up any space with a fireplace whether a wooded burning stove, gas, or electric fireplace. As a matter fact, one can just light several candles behind the unit, and it will provide your space with that gorgeous warm fiery glow and set the tone for a quiet evening at home.

Assembly of the unit is super easy as all it takes is getting the side panels, aligning the hinges and dropping in the pin inserts into the hinges.


  • The dimensions of this cover screen is 44″ L x 28″ H
  • The units overall weight is 16 pounds and easy to move to a different room
  • Metal frame ensures firmness and rigidity and also offers a free standing base
  • 456 metallic pieces are used as the cover screen
  • Designed with a creative artistic approach
  • Tri-fold design makes the unit easy to store away when not needed

When the embers fade, and ash builds up, the unit does a good job of hiding the soot and ashes until they are cleaned up. Thu that is a great practical addition to this unit’s already functionality.

Customer feedback

While this is not for everybody, most customers who bought this unit said they were absolutely thrilled by it. Some users observed that this unit is not for the understated, laid back, nature loving sort of palate but more for those looking for a bold living room centerpiece with vibrant, loud colors. Users also said they love this unit’s blend of colors when you have a fire going or with a regular lamp lit behind it. It goes well when accompanied with an equally bold neat rug nearby but placed well away from the fire.

5. Plow & Hearth Small Tree of Life Metal Fireplace Screen

The Plow & Hearth Small Tree of Life Metal Fireplace Screen has a strong frame made from tubular steel.Plow & Hearth Small Tree of Life Metal Fireplace Screen

Most fireplace screens can do a good job of screening the fireplace but fail to deliver a decorative element that adds to the décor. Given that the fireplace is an integral part of a living room, bedroom or lounge, the cover screen ought to deliver some element of beauty and character to the room.

This unit has a flat guard design and installs flush, providing a screen for your fireplace to ensure safety for pets and kids. The straight design is simple but exudes character and beauty thanks to the artful symbolism offered by the metal oak tree at the center of the unit.

That combined with the hinged, arched-top door, completes an aesthetic look while delivering on practical function.

The screen is equipped with a handle which adds safety and convenience when you need to attend to the fire. The door is held by a magnetic latch to ensure secure closure.

Covered with an iron mesh that is see through, you to see the fire while staying protected from flying sparks and ash.

The unit has a base that neatly extends to the exterior of the cover screen seeing to it that the frame has a stable base.

The entire unit has a durable powder coated finish for a clean look.

The metal oak tree in the middle of the unit is also finished with a black powder and peppered with a touch of gold. When there is a fire going in the fireplace, the light does play well to the contrast of black and gold on the tree.

This fireplace cover screen has a nice simplified aesthetic that gets the job done while adding a decorative element to your living room.


  • This flat guard cover screen measures 44″ L x 33″ H
  • The units overall weight is 20 pounds
  • Tubular metal frame ensures strength and also offers a free standing base
  • See through steel mesh is used as a cover screen
  • Excellent designed with an arching top and an illustrated metal oak tree
  • Flat guard design makes the unit easy to assemble and store when needed

If you prefer a flat guard design for fireplace cover screen, then the Plow & Hearth Small Tree of Life Metal Fireplace might just work for you. The flat design is seamless and smooth.

Customer feedback

Customers who got this unit said they are glad they did. A user shared that after shopping long and hard to find just the right size and style that fits her fireplace and decor, she stumbled on this unit online and says that she couldn’t be more pleased with this screen. Easy to assemble, customers also mentioned that they loved the door and handle as it makes access to the fireplace very easy. The product is said to be not only highly quality, but offers some very impressive detailing.

6.  BestGiftEver Decorative Metal Heavy Foldable Fireplace Decorative Screen Cover

The  BestGiftEver Decorative Metal Heavy Foldable Fireplace Screen is a well-constructed, heavy duty cover screen.Best Decorative Fireplace Cover Screens

For most that have a fireplace, the area is designed and meant to be the focal point of the room. Hearth can indeed set the tone of décor and greatly improve the overall ambience of the room. Both when there is a fire going and when there is none. At the same time adding a cover screen to the area is both practical and can add aesthetic value too, provided your chose the right one.

It’s hard to go wrong with this option for several reasons.

Firstly, the unit has a solid construction with a tubular metal frame that is both durable and strong, with a tri-fold design that is quite convenient. If you have pets or kids, this unit puts a safe distance between them and the fire. Further, the unit is free standing with a gorgeous arched top and not easy to knock over.

The metal decorative patterns are bronze painted for an exquisite finish. The center of the unit is embellished with well sized and skillfully done star shape that draws attention to the fireplace area and accentuates it as the focal point of the home.

It is covered with a metal mesh that’s finished with a dark brown with an overall frame that is powder coated presenting a beautiful rustic contrast in addition to a unit that’s resistant to rust.

Maintenance of this unit is very easy, no oil touch is required as the unit can be dusted or wiped down with water.


  • The dimension of this unit are 44″ L x 31.5″ H
  • Overall weight is 16 pounds and easy to move around when there is need
  • Frame is constructed with tubular metal and ornamented with iron patterns with a bronze finish.
  • The screen cover is a tightly woven metallic mesh that keeps ash, sparks and embers within the fire place area.
  • Well designed with no visible base stand for a clean look and a catchy star shape in the middle of the piece.
  • Powder coated finish helps with the rustic look and rust prevention

If you are looking for a fireplace screen that’s well detailed and rustic, this unit will do a good job of drawing attention to your fireplace area.

Customer feedback

Users who got this unit appreciated that it can be ordered in two sizes; small and large to suit various fireplace screening needs. Customers also shared that even though this cover screen is applicable for use with a wood fireplace, it also does a great job of creating the realistic illusion of a wooden fireplace when placed in front of an electric fireplace.

7. Plow & Hearth Small Crest Flat Guard Fireplace Screen

Simplicity and excellent craftsmanship can bring about a neat flat guard cover screen as displayed by this Plow and Hearth Small Crest Flat Guard Fireplace Screen.Plow & Hearth Small Crest Flat Guard Fireplace Screen

A cover screen that installs flush to the fireplace has its own unique charm. Over and above the aesthetic beauty offered by this piece, you can rest easy knowing that your kids and pets will be safe as the screen acts as a barrier between them and the fire.

The see through closely woven iron mesh provides a good view of the burning fire while protecting your living room from flying embers, sparks and ash.

The mesh as well as the entire unit is easy to clean thanks to great looking powder coated finish that protects the unit from rust and can be conveniently wiped down using water.

The flat guard design is excellent and strong, comprising of a metal frame of tubular iron and a well thought out base. The stands on either side are held by two rivets to the frame adding to that metallic beauty.

The top of this unit is arched presenting a gorgeous look that ties in well with the elegant wrought iron scroll work that covers the face of the unit.

While the fireplace is often the focal point of the home, this small fireplace cover screen draws subtle attention to the area while delivering an understated elegant touch of rustic charm to the spot. Such that the fireplace looks amazingly rustic whether there is a fire going or not.

With a wood burning fireplace, it’s a guarantee that the fire will crackle and popping embers are bound to send sparks and ash flying around, with this unit sparks, ash and embers are safely confined  to the fireplace. This keeps kids and pets in the home safe.

Your living room can have some added decorative rustic elements as well as good function.


  • This small screen measures 38″ L x 31″ H
  • The cover screen overall weight is 21 pounds and easy to clean
  • Solid construction of the frame is from tubular metal and the unit is free standing.
  • The iron mesh that acts as a screen is tightly woven but see through
  • The flat guard design is superb and elegantly decorated with well-crafted scroll work
  • Open mesh design and filigree prevent stains, heat build-up as well as guards against errant embers and flying sparks from the fire.

The simplicity and symmetrical graceful wrought iron scroll detail is what elevates the classic design of this unit into complementing any décor.

Customer feedback

Customers who got this unit were quick to mention that the screen is gorgeous just as it appears in the photos. The craftsmanship is excellent and hard to miss making this a perfect screen for smaller fireplaces as it draws mild attention to your fireplace. Users also pointed out that assembly was quick and easy as all it entails is just attaching the front and rear legs. Customers were also particularly happy about the unit’s weight of about 21 pounds as it cannot be easily toppled by either pets or kids  and therefore a safe decorative barrier for any small fireplace.

8. Pilgrim Home and Hearth Pilgrim Bedford Fireplace Cover Screen

Getting a screen cover that is suited to the size and design of your fireplace does often take some bit of searching. Even though you may start out not knowing exactly what you want. When you see it, you will know it’s the right one. For some customers who lay their eyes on this gorgeous flat faced cover screen, their search tends to end here.Best Decorative Fireplace Cover Screens

The Pilgrim Home and Hearth Pilgrim Bedford Fireplace Screen is manufactured by the household brand Pilgrim and Hearth that have been in the business of creating home décor and accessories for the last 65 years.

So they know a thing or two about providing you with a unit that has practical function coupled with aesthetic beauty that adds to the décor of your living room.

All that craftsmanship and designing prowess from the brand is on full display in this beautifully crafted fireplace screen.

With a simplistic design, or so it would appear to someone who has an eye on how the pieces have been put together, the final product has a sophisticated and practical look.

The frame of the unit is all tubular metal for strength, rigidity and durability. On this metal frame, circular ring patterns have been welded to one side of the unit.

Then the same is repeated on the exterior only this time the circular rings have been positioned to overlap the ones on the interior side.

The results are eye catching circular patterns and a myriad of other additional catchy patterns that draw curious attention to your fireplace.

The closely woven wire mesh is placed on the interior face of the unit to complete the look and functionality of this fireplace screen. The base is a 2 pieces of steel rods strategically placed to offer balance and stability to the unit.

The whole unit is then finished with an elegant brushed brass look that has a muted shimmer.

You can be sure that when your fire is on, the fireplace will look amazing and yet safe for the kids and pets running around in your living room. When the fire is not on, the area still looks amazing and catchy because of the brass finish and attractive iron patterns           .


  • This fireplace cover measures 39″ L x 31″ H
  • The entire unit weighs 19 pounds and easy to assemble or dislodge
  • Tubular metal frame sees to it that the unit is firm and stable
  • Overlapping circular rings form intricate attractive patterns to give this unit a sophisticated air.
  • The overall design is superb and with flat faced look that installs flush to the fireplace
  • A closely knit iron mesh acts as the cover screen and keeps ash, embers and sparks confined to hearth area.

Are you looking for a fireplace design that has elegance with a muted boldness? Well,this unit delivers on both fronts with well thought out patterns and a catchy brass tone. It is an all round great complementer to any décor.

Customer feedback

Users who bought this unit shared that this cover was perfect for their fireplace because they continually receive compliments from guests. Some users mentioned that they loved the concentric/geometric patterns and the brass color that compliments the rest of the décor really well. Customers noted that this unit works well in a home with a mid-century theme amongst many other decor styles such as rustic, industrial, or transitional concepts. One customer summed it all up as pretty, classy and very functional.

9. Deco 79 71822 Metal Decorative Fire Screen Cover

Some people with a fireplace have been meaning to get a fireplace cover screen for years but just haven’t stumbled on the right one yet. If that’s you, your search might very well be over because this Deco Metal Fire Screen is irresistible to say the least.Deco 79 71822 Metal Decorative Fire Screen Cover

With a tri fold design with three panels, one at the center and two on the sides,  the quality is solid because the fame is made from strong tubular metal.

The size of this unit is rather large and ideal for bigger fireplaces. With a length of 52” and a height of 31” and exceptional detailing, this piece will look lovely and stately bringing a touch of rustic beauty to any living room décor.

The classic wrought iron scrollwork across the three panels is unmistakably immaculate as if the patterns have been stenciled by a calligraphy artist, with curves that are precise and lines impeccably straight and adorned by spear heads.

The play of color on the metal work ranges from black to bronze and brass forming a beautiful contrast whether during the day or night. This unit looks beautiful when the fire is on or not. The dome top, flat base coupled with the screen’s brass tone fleur-de-lis accents and fret work on metal mesh structure makes this unit simply an irresistible piece to have for your fireplace.


  • This large cover screen measures at 51″ L x 31″ H
  • The overall weight of this unit is 20 pounds
  • Gorgeous build with metal frames and a free standing base
  • Tightly knit iron mesh that acts as an effective see through screen
  • The tri fold design is elegantly decorated with divine scroll work
  • Open mesh design ensures the popping embers and ash are kept within the hearth

In this fireplace cover screen, the brand Deco 79 has yet again demonstrated that they produce beautiful gems to highlight your personal style. This unit’s elegance is what you want gracing your living room and providing safety for kids and pets against the hazards of a fireplace.

Customer feedback

All users who bought this unit said that it’s very appealing to the eye and look’s superb when placed in front of a fireplace. Customers appreciated the substantial heft and weight of the unit as it cannot be easily toppled even by a big pet. Customers also mentioned that they loved the “S” scrolls and the catchy fleur-de-lis aspects. Assembly of this unit is also said to be very simple and quick.

10. Amagabeli 3 Panel Pewter Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

Having a bigger fireplace sometimes requires a cover screen that has an understated class. The Amagabeli 3 panel Pewter Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen is a good option to consider when you have an extensive fireplace. That’s because this unit’s build has presence by nature of its size and heft.Amagabeli 3 Panel Pewter Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

The design also allows it have bold presence without being loud.

The frames on the 3 panels that make up this unit are all metallic, unlike most designs; this unit is arched at the top of all three panels for a trendy design flow.

The minimal scroll works also appear at the top only along the arches. The rest of the unit across all the three panels is covered by a closely knit iron mesh.

The cover screen does an excellent job of blocking popping embers and baby/pet proofing the fireplace effectively


  • The cover screen dimensions are 50″ L x 30″ H
  • Overall weight of this unit is 15 pounds
  • Solid build with metal frames and a free standing base
  • Closely knit iron mesh that acts as an effective see through screen and safety barrier
  • The tri fold design is minimally decorated and bears arches at the top on all three panels for a beautiful finish
  • Open mesh design sees to it that popping embers and ash are confined to the hearth

This unit has a powder coated finish that’s neat and prevents rust. The cover screen is also easy to clean. When cleaning, you need to do so with water, mild soap and a non-abrasive cloth. Be sure that the mesh has cooled down before cleaning, otherwise you risk damaging the painting work on the wrought iron.

Customer feedback

Users pointed out that the screen is well constructed and aesthetically pleasing. Customers with bigger fireplaces mentioned that this fireplace screen cover was a good fit. It’s sturdy and serves its intended purpose. Some users with dogs observed that it is a safe protective barrier for pets and kids. Since the screen does not seem to get too hot, it’s unlikely that your kid or pet would get burned in case they bumped into it.

Final Thoughts

A decorative fireplace cover screen offers a beautiful and practical way to dress your fireplace area. Not only does it protect the children and pets in the home by forming a preventative barrier that effectively prevents them from getting dangerously close to the fire, it can be yet another attractive piece that adds rustic beauty to your living room in harmony with the rest of the your décor.

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