20 Top Best Decorative Chandelier Ceiling Fans of 2020

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Table of Contents

What is a Chandelier Ceiling Fan or Fandelier?

People living in tropical environments understand the importance of a fan. Depending on where one lives, they may have had the need to use a fan in a home or office during hot and humid summer months. The most common type of fan that one may be used to seeing is either a pedestal fan also known as a table fan or the ceiling fan that has a mount attached to the ceiling. Fans in general are adept at cooling a room by way of recirculating the air in a given space and generating a cool refreshing breeze. Having a fan makes a room breezy and comfortable.

A lot has changed for the conventional ceiling as we know it. Given that lighting is an integral part of decor, chandeliers are often used as the center lighting piece in space. A Fandelier or chandelier ceiling fan is a two in one fixture that comprises of a ceiling fan as well as chandelier lighting. Essentially, the fixture functions as a decorative lighting fixture as well as providing cooling for a space when need be. A Fandelier is a term that has been coined to describe ceiling fans with a chandelier.

Why Would one Want a Chandelier Ceiling Fan?

They make for excellent decorative piece in a living room, bedroom, office, den, hallway, hotel rooms, lounges and lobbies or receptions. Over and above functionality, they play a role in significantly cutting down cooling bills and adding elegance and a touch of class to a given space without hogging all the attention, instead complementing the overall decor.

Top Best Chandelier Ceiling Fans Worth the Money

Here is our compilation of stunning chandelier ceiling fans that are sure to enliven your home or office decor.

1. LuxureFan 52″ Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan Light

This stunning crystal ceiling fan light has a total wing span of 52 inches and is absolutely beautiful and capable of fanning and cooling a room of up to 312 sq. ft. with its ultra-powerful air movement. It has a gorgeous build consisting of chrome and wood which has been expertly crafted for an aesthetic superior finish.Chandelier Ceiling Fans

The five blades are made from wood while the mount is iron for maximum support. Its motor is not only powerful and reversible but it also remains whisper quiet during the top speed fan setting. The reversible function means that this is one of those ceiling fans that can be put to use all year round.

The chandelier is expertly attached right below the motor and has a beautiful inverted bowl shape made of transparent glass with dangling crystals. When switched on, the light plays through the crystals and glass shade to cast a unique pattern on the surrounding walls creating an exquisite illusion of texture.


  • 52 inch fan
  • Glistening chrome finish
  • Glass shade with crystals
  • Five wooden blades
  • Whisper quiet reversible motor
  • No wobble even at high fan speed setting
  • Three speed levels (high-medium-low)
  • Remote controlled for speed setting and lighting
  • Includes three E12 light bulbs

Customer feedback

Some ceiling fans tend to be wobbly. Customers are pleasantly surprised to see how swiftly this beauty rotates and without the slightest wobble even while the fan speed setting is at ‘high’. They love the imposing size of this two in one fixture. The design, size and color contrast is just right for medium sized rooms as well as wider spaces such as conference rooms according to commercial customers.

2. Akronfire Modern Luxury Crystal 52″ Chandelier Fan

This two in one Akronfire fixture is a perfect example of a fantastic fandelier. If one is looking to make statement with their decor without going over the top, then this option delivers just that in the right dose.

The 52 inch fan has lovely chrome finish with touches of white on the motor house. For those who have a slanted ceiling, you want to note that this fixture is mountable on slanting ceilings of up to 15 degrees. But it also mounts just fine on a flat ceiling. The mount is made of metal to give the whole fixture better anchorage.

The wooden blades are white in color and capable of generating a maximum airflow of 4000 CFM which efficiently makes a hot and humid day breezy right in the comfort of the home. With three fan speed settings to work with, the fan can be set to the desired wind level.

The light fixture comes right under the motor in the drum shade adorned with glass crystals that enhance the shimmer of the larger hanging crystals within.


  • 52 inch fan
  • Drum shade decked with glass crystals
  • Three fan speed (low-medium-high)
  • Remote controlled lighting and fan speed
  • Five wooden blades
  • Silent reversible motor at low and high fan speed
  • Chrome and white finish
  • Uses 40 watt E12 standard bulb base. Bulbs not included
  • Bulb wattage: 40W per Bulb

Customer feedback

Customers love the look of this fandelier in their home and business spaces. Many commented that they get a lot of compliments on their decor from visitors, clients, business associates and friends especially because of this fixture. It’s that good. And a great conversation starter. The design of this fixture is low lying and is hard to miss when one walks into the room. But that is exactly the point with this design because it has stunning yet subtle look.

3. Parrot Uncle Retractable Blades Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit

The Parrot Uncle ceiling fan has a futuristic look giving you the feeling that the fixture is ahead of its time. The retracting blades design and function is simply ingenious.

The design uses chrome finished metal down rods to safely and firmly attach to the ceiling so that the rest of the fixture is secure and stable. When the fan is not on, the design poses as a chandelier because the blades are not visible.

This chandelier has a round shape and utilizes 9 bulbs. Just after the bulb inserts it has overhanging glass crystals as part of the shade. The circular part of the shade is glass and the resulting cascading light provides a textured illusion on surrounding walls as the light pierces the glass shade and crystals.

You will notice the 4 retractable acrylic blades only when the blades stretch out and start to fan. This automatically happens when the blades are turned on via remote. When turned off, they automatically fold or retract.

The total wing span of the blades when extended is 46 inches and when closed they become invisible and form a ring 20 3/4 inches.


  • 46 inches fan
  • LED chandelier
  • Four acrylic retractable blades
  • Glass crystal shade
  • Chrome finish
  • Three fan speed settings
  • Uses 32 watt 9 LED bulbs

Customer feedback

Other than the unique versatile retractable techy design, customers love the fact that one can operate the chandelier and fan separately using the same remote control. For minimalistic decor styles that appreciate fine lines and curve with no clatter, this fandelier will make a great addition. It comes in four other colors which are silver, white, brown, and black to suit varied color themes and customers love the variations.

4. 52″ Casa Deville Vintage Chic Ceiling Fan with Light

The Casa DeVille ceiling fan brings vintage to life with a modern twist. This 52 inch fan has a delectable old school design which is a combination of build and pattern. However, it isn’t old looking because it features a touch of modern style which makes it quite at home in even a contemporary setting.

The fan comfortably circulates air in a medium to large sized space for a breezy cooling effect. Mounting is done using a firm metal rod piece with a white finish which holds the entire fixture securely. Although the design is old school, the silent motor runs like a charm.

It remains noiseless yet effective on all the three speed setting from low, medium to high. The blades are wooden and white in color and the motor is beautifully patterned and painted with an antique rubbed white color peppered with sporadic blemished dark freckles.

The chandelier seamlessly follows right underneath the motor with a beautiful candelabra style with naked LED dimmable lights. The overall design is absolutely gorgeous.


  • 52 inch fan
  • Noiseless motor
  • Five white wooden blades
  • 52 inch pull chain
  • Antique polished white finish
  • Candelabra style lighting chandelier
  • Has three fan speeds low-medium- high
  • Utilizes four efficient energy LED bulbs included

Customer feedback

Customer report buying this fandelier for their living rooms, bedroom and hallways while others got it for their daughter’s room. The general consensus among them is that the quality and design is so authentic and exceptional. They also loved the fact that it can be mounted flash to the ceiling or slightly lower with a down rod. The 52 inch pull chord complements the old school feel and look perfectly and facilitates lighting the chandelier as well as effecting the desired fan speed.

5. Andersonlight Rustic Ceiling Fandelier with Crystals

When looking to add striking feature to an already stellar decor, considering a two in one ceiling fan with a chandelier is highly recommended. If the room is medium to large, it is hard to go wrong with this 52 inch rustic fandelier. Cool breezes in the home soon become the new normal as the 52 inch blade span ensures cool air flow.

With three speeds to choose from, one can opt for low wind which is great for sleeping while medium and high wind see to it that even on a hot summer day the house still remains breezy and comfortable.

The construction is neat with a polished metal canopy. Its crystal lampshade has a shimmering look and a gentle mesmerizing light effect. The five wooden blades are reversible during winter to help with air convection and facilitate in spreading warm air in the room.


  • 52 inches
  • Chandelier with K9 crystals
  • Five wooden reversible blades
  • Polished metal finish
  • Whisper quiet motor
  • Three fan speed options
  • Remote controlled lighting and fan
  • Uses three E26 standard base bulbs. These are not included and have to be bought separately

Customer feedback

Apart from users sharing that they love the overall design, many gave a special mention to the quality of the crystal chandelier and the beautiful lighting effect it brings to a room. They commented on how it becomes a centerpiece with elegance and finesse. The design, size and neat finish with sparkling crystals adds presence to any room from the living room to the bedroom or office.

6. LuxureFan Modern Crystal Ceiling Fan

The Luxurefan ceiling fan is a luxurious piece of work incorporating metal, crystal, and acrylic to create a chandelier and ceiling fan all wrapped up in one.

The polished metal goes into mounting and anchoring the fixture firmly to the ceiling. Its canopy also has a polished finish and the noiseless motor rotates the eight acrylic retractable blades in swift fluid rotations for efficient air flow at low energy consumption.

The crystal chandelier comes beneath the motor with a drum shade that is layered with diamond crystals. The drum shade remains as a decorative piece when the light is on or off.


  • 42 inch fan
  • Polished metal finish
  • Three fan speed options
  • 8 acrylic reversible blades
  • Noiseless motor
  • Diamond crystals chandelier
  • Comes with LED light
  • Remote control included

Customer feedback

This chandelier has a unique elegant look that is suited for both the home and office environments. Customers who reviewed this product appreciate the fact that one can choose from three different colors to suit varied color schemes. The colors are sand nickel, chrome and bronze. Customers who chose from these bulb colors, white, natural and warm light were satisfied by the overall effect despite the type of bulb.

7. BanBan Dimmable Fandelier Crystal Ceiling Fan with Lights

If you like your fandelier with retractable blades so that they are remain invisible when you don’t need them, then getting this BanBan fan fixture is a good idea.Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan

The design and build is minimalistic and all one can see when the fan is not on is an extremely beautiful chandelier. Both the acrylic blades and the chandelier are remote controlled from a single remote but independently.

When you need to turn on the fan, one press of the remote button will cause them to stretch out and start fanning. The fan speed can also be conveniently regulated via the same remote. The acrylic blades will retract automatically when the fan function is switched off. The mount and canopy are polished metal while the blades are white.

The top section of the circular shade is chrome finished. Inside the shade are bulb slots that accommodate nine 32 watt LED bulbs. Right beneath the bulbs are neatly clustered K9 crystals that complete the chandelier’s chic look.


  • 42 inch fan
  • Four retractable acrylic blades
  • Chrome finished metal
  • Powerful and silent operating motor
  • K9 crystal chandelier
  • Three fan speed setting
  • Remote controlled lighting and fan
  • Utilizes 9 bulbs of 36-72 watts

Customer feedback

Customers find that the minimalistic design that this fandelier offers is excellent for numerous applications such as enhancing decor in the living room, bedroom and conference rooms to name a few. Those who are looking to add a wow factor to their space share that this fandelier achieved that for them on two counts, the beautiful minimalist sparkly design and the retractable acrylic blades. Majority bought it for their contemporary decorated spaces.

8. Luxurefan Retro Rustic Ceiling Fan Light Fixture with Tiffany Style Lampshade

There are those who love a tinge of vintage or traditional elements added to beautiful artistic pieces such as fandeliers. If that is your cup of tea, then falling in love with this artistic fixture will come easy. This low-profile, all-in-one ceiling fan and chandelier has a metal mount with a hand painted black rustic finish that goes all the way to the canopy.

The five wooden blades have been expertly crafted with a smooth leafy inspiration in their design for a flawless look. While often times the wooden blades tend to be painted or plated in order to fit a given theme or color scheme, this design welcomes and embraces the real wooden feel with a mahogany finish on the blades for an authentic classic look.

The blades are spun by a whisper quiet reversible motor. This means that while the aesthetic allure of the fandelier remains undisturbed through the warm and cold season, so does its fanning functionality. The blades are also reversible and their direction can be changed from updraft mode which provides cooling in the summer to downdraft mode in the winter which allows for air convention facilitating rising of warm air in a space.

The hand painted mounting rod is fairly thick coming after the canopy and proceeding further down in a tiered fashion with five artistic hooks neatly jutting from its side to form the chandelier. From the chandelier comes five Tiffany style stained glass lampshades hanging. These lamp shades are an inverted bell shape design with petal like patterns of beige and amber. The chandelier is a masterpiece to say the least and blends so richly with the mahogany and hand painted black metal. All these factors converge to produce a delightful traditional piece that would be the pride of any living room, bedroom or hallway.


  • 42 inch fan
  • Metal mount
  • Whisper quiet reversible motor
  • Five Wooden leaf design blades
  • Three way fan speed
  • Street inspired chandelier
  • Amber stained bell shaped lamp shades
  • Uses five lights of E27 standard base bulb
  • Pull chain cord for light and fan speed control

Customer feedback

This unique product barely stays on the shelves due to demand that it has evoked. Customers that have been lucky enough to find it in stock mention that it is perfect for a restaurant with traditional feel such as a steak house. Customers who bought it for residential spaces love the retro rustic touch it brings to their contemporary homes as well as farm houses. When looking for a creative fandelier that brings presence, taste, exquisite craftsmanship and a bit of art to a space, this artsy fixture takes the cake. The pull cord control adds character and pronounces the traditional elements of this fixture.

9. Moooni Fandelier Invisible Retracting Ceiling Fan

If simplicity is king, then this Moooni invisible blades fan with a chandelier ought to be crowned. The simple yet elegant design is ideal for a minimalist decor. The mount is metal with a black matte finish for a firm ceiling anchorage. It culminates in a lamp holder as well as houses a noiseless motor.Chandelier Ceiling Fans

The blades are made from acrylic and are retractable. The glass lamp shade has a well-crafted petal design with thick metal over it. The metal pieces are studded with crystals to form a chandelier.


  • 36 inch fan
  • Black polished metal finish
  • K9 Crystal ball
  • Four retracting acrylic blades
  • Reverse motor fit for summer and winter
  • Three fan speed settings
  • Remote controlled lighting and fan
  • Dimmable light fixture uses a 32-watt LED panel

Customer feedback

Smaller spaces where users want to maintain a minimalist decor, this fixture is certainly suitable. To be precise this fandelier has a blade span of 36 inches and is suited for spaces of 90-168 Sq. ft. customers with small to medium spaces found it to be compact yet dashingly charming for their space. They love the play of glass and metal that is contemporary yet artistic at the same time.

10. 52 Indoor Ceiling Fan Chandelier With Glass Lights

For rooms that need to be brightened with elegance, this 52 inch, two in one chandelier and ceiling fan is ear marked for the job. The chrome finish and quality crystals combine well for an overall bright finish that will light up any room. It will work with numerous decors and is a good fit for the living room, den, hallway or guest room.

Some decorators love their ceiling hanging low while others prefer them as close to the ceiling as possible. In some instances, preferences matters little as one has to work with what the room presents. Some homes may have low lying ceilings and therefore necessitate more of a flush installation while other homes may have higher ceilings and require longer down rods.

This unit comes with two downrods which allows the user flexibility irrespective of how low or high the lay of the ceiling. The five blades with a 52 inch bladespan are wooden with a white finish. The white finish provides a good bright contrast in a room as it gels well with the chrome finished downrods and canopy.

A reversible super silent motor provides downward draft winds during the winter and updraft air flow during the summer months. It comes equipped with three wind speeds of low, medium and high.

The beautifully crafted crystal chandelier comes right beneath the ceiling fan with glowing crystals. This unit looks decorative even during the day when it is not lit. It comes alive at night when lit and the crystal shaded light cascades to surrounding walls creating an illusion of textured light.


  • Dimensions are: 52 inches diameter by 23 inches high
  • One Remote for independent control of the chandelier and fan
  • Crystal chandelier
  • Silent motor with three wind speeds low, medium and high
  • Five wooden blades
  • Programmable timer
  • Uses three E12 standard base bulbs which are bought separately as they do not come with the unit

The unit is remotely controlled and can be operated from a distance. The programmable timer allows the user to set how long the fan should stay on for or when it should start and stop fanning. The remote control also has on-off switch for the chandelier.

Customer feedback

Users mentioned the down rods are particularly helpful as they provide flexibility on how low or high one wants to install their ceiling fan and chandelier. The remote makes operation so much easier and convenient. With four colors to choose from, this superb fandelier can complement many decors.

11. RainierLight Crystal Ceiling Fan Lamp LED Light

The classical finish of this RanierLight crystal and ceiling fan is fantastic. The oil polished bronze looks amazing when hit by light from the chandelier. If one is looking to inject some rustic charm with a subtle touch of vintage, then this fandelier should be featuring high on your list.

The design and finish is exquisite and fitting for hotels, lobbies, reception and any room in the home from the bedroom to the living room or dining area.

The build has a metallic feel and look all through. That’s because the lamp frame is steel for firm and safe ceiling installation. The canopy houses a powerful motor that is extremely stealth and the motor is pleasantly quiet across all wind speed settings from high, medium to low.

In this unit the five premium blades are metallic with a bladespan of 48 inches. The metal blades do explain why the unit has a unique metallic look. Just below the motor comes an exquisite bowl shaped crystal chandelier with a patterned metallic cage.


  • Downrod installation
  • Dimensions are : 52 inches
  • Adjustable three fan speeds of low, medium and high
  • Programmable timer Function
  • Remote Control included
  • Muted reversible motor
  • Five reversible metallic blades
  • Energy efficient
  • Bowl shaped crystal chandelier
  • Uses three E12 or E14 standard base bulbs. These have to be bought separately

This crystal and ceiling fan is an exquisite piece that adds rustic chic charm to a space. Although the draw chords have a function, they also add to the antiquity aspects of the design.

Customer feedback

This fandelier pulls off the feel of luxury with plenty of character according to customers. No room would look the same as soon as you add this RanierLight crystal fan. Users love the fact that they can install these in the bedroom, living room or dining area with the same stunning results.

12. Warehouse of Tiffany 4-Light Crystal 52-inch Chandelier Ceiling Fan

The Warehouse of Tiffany crystal 52 inch ceiling fan and chandelier makes a beautiful addition to a space. The gorgeous construction makes this piece a work of art with functionality. It is not just any other addition to a space but would instantly become the focal point in a room without being over the top.

The graceful design is a combination of artistic metal construction for strength and beauty as well as the graceful and rich feel and look of wood. All that is crowned by the soft light that cascades through the crystals. The result is nothing short of stunning and tasteful deco elements.

The antique bronze finished metal skeleton helps firmly attach the whole fixture to the ceiling safely as well as distribute weight evenly for the perfect balance. Its downrod disappears into a first chandelier that is a bell shape facing upwards. The chandelier is lined with fine metal strands and patterns for enhanced beauty.

The light from this first chandelier illuminates the ceiling with crystal filtered light. Right underneath, follows the whisper quiet motor that is reversible and responsible for spinning five wooden blades. The fan has a 52 inch bladespan with impressive capability of circulating air in a given space. With three fan speeds to work with, one can can generate a wind that is low, moderate or high. It is worth noting that the reversible wooden blades can have a different color scheme on either side.

After the blades comes a smaller bowl shaped chandelier that is also faceted with strands of metal for a beautiful look.


  • Dimensions are: 52 inches in diameter by 25 inches high
  • Metal and Crystal construction
  • Chandelier ceiling fan
  • Five wooden fan blades
  • Reversible blade faces
  • Three fan speed
  • Gorgeous antique bronze finish
  • Two chandeliers joined together- one bowl and the other bell shaped
  • Use four lights, three E12 60-watt bulbs and one E26 60-watt bulb. But the bulbs have to be bought separately
  • Super quiet fan
  • Pull chain fitted for operation

The blend of antique bronze metal finish, with five wooden blades as well as two differently shaped chandeliers on the same piece, comes together rather nicely for a delectable piece of functional art.

Customer feedback

Users love that the design does not make this fixture overly large, neither does it make it too small. It has the right subtle imposing size that brings presence to a space. Customers who buy this, mention that the fixture always gets glowing complements for guests and visitors. What won customer over with this two in one fixture, is the quality and delicate beauty that the manufactures has managed to achieve.

13. Casa Vieja 60″ Montego Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan with Light

To say that the 60 inch Montego crystal chandelier is good looking is a great understatement. That is because this beauty is not only chic but more of a masterpiece for those inclined to the finer full-of-character features in their decor.

The 60 inch Montego has an imposing presence because of it’s size. Large and beautiful with 60 inch blades span installed at a 14 degree pitch and a three speed silent motor. These blades are capable of generating a cooling breeze in your living room, bedroom, office or lobby.

The rubbed white finish gives an exquisite distressed antique look to this traditional ceiling fan design. Its down rods allow the ceiling to be installed flush or low hanging depending on preference.

The construction of this fixture is mainly metal. Excellent craftsmanship gives this imposing two in one fixture plenty of balance. While customers may fear that such an enormous ceiling fan and chandelier may be wobbly when fanning, they are pleasantly surprised at how stable this beauty is. There is no wobble even at the highest fan speed setting while the motor remains muted for an awesome experience.

The canopy and the wooden blades are a matched white rubbed finish which can go well with most decors.

The three pink fabric drum shades are well displayed through patterned metal holders. They offer a curious aesthetic and a subtle attention grabbing contrast. The design is then crowned by hanging clear crystals while others are pink.


  • Dimensions are 60 inch diameter and 33 inches in height
  • Metal, fabric and Crystal construction
  • Rubbed white finish that give off a beautiful distressed look
  • Whisper quiet motor
  • Five wooden blades pitched at a 14 degree angle
  • Operated by pull chain
  • Utilizes three 4 watt bulbs. This come included in the with the fixture

This fixture has an antiquity look and if one is looking for a high end option that is full of beauty and character, this is a solid choice that will complement numerous decors.

Customer feedback

Although the fan presents elements of oversized old school ceiling fans, it is a peculiar design that has modern elements and an eclectic color scheme that arouses curiosity. Customers love the fact that it runs so quietly. One user remarks “this is the quietest fan I have ever owned”. Despite having an imposing size, it can be installed flush or low hanging.

14. Kan 52 Inch Modern Reversible Chandelier Ceiling Fan Light

This charming chandelier fan will provide your space with three exciting functions. Those functions are lighting, fan and ornamental. The Kan reversible ceiling fan light made it into this list because of its exquisite yet simple design.

The metallic build is gorgeous with a stunning smooth bronze finish. There are five blades that are made from wood with a stained finish adding an artistic air to the design. The crystal chandelier is bowl shaped and constructed from quality clear crystal.


  • Dimensions are 52 inch diameter and a height of 22 inches
  • Five stained wooden blades
  • Stealth reversible quiet motor
  • Antique bronze finish
  • Remote control
  • Made from bronze Crystal and wood
  • Three way fan speed
  • Remote controlled lighting and fan speed
  • Uses three E26 60W bulbs. They have to be bought separately as they do not come with the unit

This is an elegant functional piece of furniture to add to any decor. It looks great without overwhelming the room, even in small spaces.

Customer feedback

The artistic appeal is evident in this two in one fixture. Customers mention that it looks great in a living room, kitchen and hallway providing a touch of class with vintage antiquity undertones to a space. Those with small spaces were just as satisfied as those with larger spaces.

15. Topical Fan 52” Crystal Ceiling Fan With Lights and Remote Control

For those looking for an ultra modern crystal ceiling that has remarkable function , convenience and infuses some class into the living room, bedroom or hallway, this 52 inch ceiling fan and chandelier certainly checks all the right boxes.

The overall design is neat and fluid and the fixture is constructed from steel with chrome finish for that clean, smooth and glistening look. The chrome finished downrods do a good job of anchoring the ceiling fan into place for stability. Its canopy is circular and chrome finished as well. If a silent motor is high on the list of what you want in ceiling fan, then you can be assured that this motor has an impressive stealth on all fan speeds.

The five 52 inch reversible blades have good capability of generating cool winds in a given space. They also have the capability of circulating the air in an updraft or downdraft motion depending on preference.

This modern design has all your comfort in mind. The remote control sees to it that you can lay back, relax and switch on the fan, set the fan speed and timer from the comfort of your seat.

The beautifully designed dome shape crystal, is marvelous to look at even when the lights are off. When you do switch on the lights, the space is transformed with added beauty and aesthetic lighting.


  • Dimensions are 52 inch diameter and a height of 23 inches
  • Five wooden reversible blades
  • Whisper quiet motor
  • Steel and Crystal construction
  • Remote controlled fan speed, lighting and timer
  • Three speed fan
  • Dome shaped chandelier
  • Uses one E12 standard base bulb. This does not come included and has to he bought separately

This seamless ceiling fan chandelier design infuses an ultra modern chic design that has subtle class with an understated flash. Just what you need to add some sparkle into you living room or kitchen area.

Customer feedback

Customers love not only the look on this two in one fixture but the convenience it affords. The remote control feature can operate the ceiling fan independent of the light and vice versa. All this can be done on one remote device.

16. RainierLight Modern Crystal Ceiling Fan Remote Control

This RanierLight ceiling fan chandelier has an uncluttered feel and would be ideal in spaces going for a minimalist look. The overall look gives off a polished mirror like finish. Its blades are made of stainless steel and the fluid flow of the design almost feels like the unit has been neatly and expertly curved out of one block of steel material.

It has a metal ceiling attachment that flows into a dome shaped canopy from which four steel blades emerge. The bladespan is 44 inches and reversible. Its motor is super quiet even when the fan speed is high.

The bowl like k9 Crystal chandelier is neatly attached to the canopy for a gorgeous finish.


  • Dimensions are 44 inches diameter and a height of 23 inches
  • Made from stainless steel and K9 Crystal
  • Four stainless steel blades
  • Quiet reversible motor
  • Three fan speeds of low, mid and high
  • Remote controlled fan speed, timer and lighting
  • Programmable timer
  • Uses three LED lights

Depending on preference on the sort of light that one wants, you can experiment with several light colors such as White Light or Warm Light to see what light effect you like best.

Customer feedback

Customers with smaller spaces like the minimalist feel of this remote controlled ceiling fan chandelier design. This two in one fixture has three shades to choose from. Customers also love the quiet stealthy operation of this chandelier.

17. Orillon Retractable Chandelier Ceiling Fan with LED Lighting

A 42 inch bladespan of retractable acrylic blades would work well for smaller living rooms, hotel rooms, dining areas and restaurants. Quality decor often involves tasteful style without clutter and this Orillon chandelier fan effortlessly injects a touch of elegance into a space.

When the blades are retracted, one can only see the chandelier, which is a welcomed minimalist feature when you are going for a spacious feel. The blades can be unfurled when fanning is needed at the touch of a button in a remote control.


  • Dimensions are 42 inches diameter
  • Metal and Crystal construction
  • Four reversible acrylic blades
  • Silent motor
  • Six gear fan speed
  • Programmable timer
  • Can use different colored bulbs based on preference

The circular design with a gold theme as well as gold tinged tiered crystals adds the feeling of old school opulence to the room.

Customer feedback

The retractable blades are always a hit with minimalist design enthusiasts. When needed, they come out to play at the touch of a button. Users love the six gear fan speed that can generate a cool breeze. Customers love the gold elements which shine through in the light.

18. Tangkula 52″ Crystal Chandelier Reversible Ceiling Fan

Elegant and retro design chandelier lovers will be drooling all over this traditional yet modern styled fixture. The 52 inch ceiling and fan is silver finished with matching five wooden blades. The blades can be operated by reverse function and a quietly capable motor.

Its design is neat and firm anchored by a steel rod to the ceiling. A thin disc shaped canopy houses the motor that works the five wooden blades. The lighting kit is quite unique in that it takes the shape of five beautifully carved lampshade holders that houses the bulbs.


  • Dimensions are 52 inch diameter and a height of 23 inches
  • MDF and iron construction
  • Five wooden blades
  • Bronze finished
  • Three way speed
  • Two pull chains
  • Reversible blades
  • Vintage lampshades

This two in one fixture provides you with three functions of lighting, decoration and fan all wrapped up in one.

Customer feedback

Customers who love chandeliers and fan fixtures that have some character appreciate this fixture for its elegant color and lampshades in addition to the fact that it runs like a charm. It is operated by the help of the draw chains for fan speed and lighting. The aesthetic look makes it ideal for the bedroom, dining room, living room or kitchen. It can be easily integrated into any decoration style in your home. For those who like this design but their decor demands something more darker, you will be glad to know that this unit also comes in black color.

19. Wolland 52” Reversible Crystal Ceiling Fan with Lights

The Wolland 52 inch fandelier is versatile and looks great in a number of places such as the home’s living room or bedroom. It can also work quite well in a restaurant, patio or bar area.

It has a sturdy metal construction with a powerful yet silent reversible motor. The 52 inch blades are wooden but chrome finished giving the whole fixture a uniform look.

The circle glass bowl shade is endowed with some sparkly metal patterns for an overall shimmering look that plays well to the soft light.


  • Dimensions are 52 inches
  • Metal, glass and wood construction
  • Whisper quiet reversible motor
  • Three fan speed
  • Five wooden blades
  • Programmable timer
  • Remote control
  • Circle glass bowl shade
  • Chrome finished
  • Uses three E26 60 watt bulbs

This fixture is ideal for adding a bit of sparkle to a space without going over the top. The size is impressive and simplicity of design comes across as neat with clean with a shimmering look.

Customer feedback

Customers love the decked out look which despite looking over the top comes with the convenience of a single remote control that can operate both the fan and lighting independently. This chandelier is the perfect fit for a modern contemporary home that needs a touch of glamour.

20. Industrial Cage Tropical Ceiling Fan with Light

The Industrial Cage’s ceiling fan design is classic and is a welcomed addition to a family living room looking to add a tropical themed type of ceiling fan. The ABS blades are designed after leaves and are capable of providing a strong wind that can comfortably cool an area of 80-400 Sq. ft.

The motor is super silent and reversible. A metal rod ensures firm anchorage to the ceiling and also acts as chandelier holder to an open wire cage lampshade.


  • 52 inch fan
  • Black polished metal finished
  • Five leaf shaped blades made from ABS
  • Silent reversible motor
  • Operation is from pull chain and remote control
  • Uses five E26 standard base bulbs
  • Transparent cage made from stained wire

Customer feedback

Customers love the powerful circulation that the silent motor and leafy 52 inch blade diameter fan generates. That is in addition to a unique industrial and rustic design that will add character to any space. A majority found the design to be beautiful and unique. It does justice to a contemporary decor with the need for a rustic touch.

Final Thoughts on Decorative Chandelier Ceiling Fans

With such an all-star selection of some of the best decorative chandelier ceiling fans, one can understand why a customer would be thoroughly spoilt for choice. The designs and functionalities are truly amazing. The choice boils down to personal taste such as aesthetics and functional requirements demanded by the space. One also has to consider the room size and decor themes.


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