2021 Review of Top 14 Best Daybeds with Trundles You’ll Love

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Table of Contents

If you are not familiar with the term daybed, it can raise your eyebrows and have you scratching at your beard as you ponder why it’s called a daybed. Is it because you sleep on it during the day? Does that mean you can’t sleep on it at night? Is it another name for a sofa bed? These are some of the common questions that pop up whenever the term is mentioned. Below we review the best daybeds with trundles. But before we do that:

What is a daybed?

A day bed can be defined as a multipurpose or multi-functional piece of furniture that’s ideal for smaller spaces or spaces that need flexibility of use. The daybed is perfect for such spaces because it can serve as an extra sofa when needed, and as a spare twin size bed for afternoon naps or for the night.

Daybeds are incredibly popular in guest rooms, offices and kids bedrooms. This is because they occupy minimal space and often pass as a trendy sofa that can also be used to nap or lounge. The beauty of daybeds is their ability to disguise as a sofa while in actual fact they are a twin size bed.

Other than guest rooms, daybeds are an excellent addition to basements, master bedroom as well as the sturdy or library. They do come in handy when the kids want to have their friends sleep over. In most scenarios daybeds are often confused with sofa beds. And that’s with good reason.

Most daybeds like sofas will indeed have three sides although some may differ in design slightly. However, many will have a back and arm rests. The difference between a daybed and a sofa bed is very simple and definitive.

A daybed’s build will remain static and will not change shape to transform into a bed, by simply removing the throw pillows on the back you have your twin size bed. Sofa beds on the other hand, will need to convert in some way for the sofa to become a bed. Usually it means the back of the sofa can be pushed outward to lie flat and form a double twin bed. Therein lies the main difference.

Why do you need a daybed?

Well, as mentioned above, the greatest selling point of a daybed is the ability to pass as an oversized sofa while it can also serve as a bed. That versatility makes it an ideal multi-use piece of furniture that takes up minimal space, looks amazing in an office, home, patio or bedrooms. It serves as an extra bed in the home for friends and grandkids when they visit and sleep over.

Over and above all these reasons, a daybed provides an excellent opportunity for adding a decorative and practical piece of furniture to your living room, lounge or bedrooms. Whichever room you decide to put a daybed in, it makes for an excellent relaxing nook for reading because you can do so while sitting down or stretched out.

Daybeds with trundles provide even better value. Don’t worry, people coming into your office or home will not think you are obsessed with sleep.

The daybeds we are reviewing below come with a trundle.

A trundle is simply a pullout bed that is neatly stored underneath a daybed and can be pulled out when needed. It’s space saving and provides an additional sleeping unit within a confined space. This option makes the daybed even more convenient to have around.

If you do decide to place a daybed outdoor such as on a patio or pool deck, you should purchase one that is waterproof for the best results. It also works better if it is under a canopy of sorts to prevent the unit from being damaged by the relentless sun or occasional rain.

In this post we have taken the time to find som of the best daybeds with trundles and show you why they are worth investing in. It is also vital to point out right from the get go that all the products reviewed below do NOT come with mattresses. The mattresses have to be bought separately.

Review of Best Daybeds with Trundles worth the Money

1. DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle

The DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle has an elegant all metal frame. The daybed has a minimal build that is both stylish and practical with the back and armrest both featuring a delightful Victorian finial detailing that will add a decorative element to your space.DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle

This bed comes ready with metal slats for extra support. These slats are well spaced out, enough to provides support while allowing plenty of air movement to keep your mattress fresh for years to come.

The unit accommodates a standard twin mattress for a snug fit. The mattress thickness can be up to a maximum of 8”. Because the unit has an overall good look it can be placed in any room depending on one’s need.

To give the unit a complete lounge look that makes it pass for a sofa when not being slept on, simply add some throw pillows with vibrant colors to the back and a plain or patterned fabric  pop of color to brighten up the room. The unit makes for a comfortable seat as well as comfortable bed.

Neat as this bed is, it also comes with a trundle bed that works with a standard twin size mattress of a 6” maximum thickness. The trundle is on 4 easy glide castors two of which are lockable but neatly slides in and out underneath the daybed when needed.

Its this space saving ability and the versatility of this unit that makes it such an excellent buy and a great option for small spaces.

This daybed will look fabulous in a number of spaces in the home including the guest room and the kid’s room.


  • Dimensions for twin are 5″L x 41.5″W x 41.5″H. Also available in full/queen
  • Features an all metal construction for a sturdy frame and longevity
  • Has gorgeous Victorian finial detailing
  • Fits a standard twin mattress of up to 8” maximum
  • Comes with a trundle bed for more sleeping space
  • The trundle is equipped with 4 easy glide castor wheels
  • Available in several colors including bronze/black/gold/pink

If you are looking to add multipurpose furniture that can serve as a lounge as well as a bed with no fuss, this unit is an excellent choice. It is strong enough to take on a maximum load of 400 pounds while the trundle can accommodate 225 pounds maximum weight.

Customer feedback

Customers loved the simplicity and practicality of this unit. They mentioned that the multipurpose design is just what they needed. Some guest rooms that are really small benefited from this stylish unit as it doubles up as a seat and bed saving up space and keeping furniture minimal. Users loved the trundle bed as well as it means two beds in the guest room even in constrained spaces. Customers also shared they liked that the trundle comes with castors, as it can also be conveniently wheeled in and out.

2. Novogratz Bushwick Metal Daybed & Trundle Set

The Novogratz Bushwick Metal Daybed & Trundle Set is a trendy design with an understated charm suitable for numerous sections of the home including the children’s room.Novogratz Bushwick Metal Daybed & Trundle Set

This day bed is hedged off on three sides, the back head and foot sections with the entire unit made from metal and therefore the frame is exceptionally strong and firm.

In addition to the conventional beds for the kids, this unit is welcomed into the kid’s room because it provides them with their own lounging nook in which they can relax in to enjoy a book or play Nintendo. But, more so because it also makes for an awesome sleeping space when their cousins or your grandkids are visiting.

When kids have their friend visit and sleepover, sleeping arrangements are so much simpler and effortless. The daybed comes ready with fitted slats and ready to use. Box springs or additional foundation is not required with this daybed. All you need do is get a twin mattress which can have a maximum thickness of up to 8”, some bedding, a pillow and you are good to go. This is possible because the unit comes with slats included.

Further, beneath the daybed is a trundle that fits snugly into the space. Aside from the daybed, when you need additional sleeping space, simply slide the trundle out and you are set. The trundles beauty in this unit is that it comes with 4 castor wheels that make it easy to store into the space below the daybed with a simple pull out or push in motion.

No one wants to sleep on a trundle and rollaway with the unit in their sleep. But that would be the least of your worries as 2 of the castors can lock while the other 2 don’t lock. This assures the user that the unit stays firmly in place even as you turn in your sleep.

This daybed can also have a place in the living room owing to its classic and aesthetic look. Adding a few cushions or throw pillows to the back of the unit completes the picture of a stylish sofa.

The trundle also uses a twin mattress as thick as 8” maximum.


  • This unit measures 77″L x 41″W x 40″H
  • It is constructed from metal for reinforced sturdiness and enhanced longevity
  • Features beautiful simple and minimal metal finial detailing
  • Fits a standard twin mattress of up to 8” maximum
  • Includes a trundle bed for additional sleeping space
  • The trundle bed comes with 4 easy glide castor wheels
  • Comes in several colors such as; black/white/blue/grey/gold

This day bed is sturdy enough to take on a maximum weight of up to 400 pounds comfortably, while the trundle can bear a maximum load of up to 250 pounds.

Customer feedback

Those who bought this unit did so because they love the classic timeless design and appreciated the unit’s ability to make the most of small spaces such as a guest room or library. The assembly is also very straightforward and quick as attested by a majority of customers. Most did the assembly themselves in less than an hour.

Some users advised that if you want to create more room for storage under the daybed, you can opt to use the higher setting. This unit is very stable and the trundle is super quiet and comfortable to sleep on. Most customers who bought this unit highly recommend it.

3. DHP Bombay Metal Full Size Daybed Frame with Twin Size Trundle

Do you feel some type of way whenever a heavy set family member visits and you would love for them to spend night only to realize you don’t have a comfortable bed that they can use. Well, you can change all that in a dime by getting this DHP Bombay Metal Full Size Frame with Twin Size Trundle.DHP Bombay Metal Full Size Daybed Frame with Twin Size Trundle

This set is a great solution for space saving functionality as well as value for money!

It comes as a full sized day bed with gorgeous finial detailing as well as beautiful curves that’s sure to complement and add to your décor.

This bed serves several purposes. For one, it can be used as an oversized sofa or lounge in the living room, library, guestroom or basement. Adding a few throw pillows into the mix makes it a useable sofa or lounge chair in the living room. So it’s a daily use piece of furniture that conveniently becomes a comfortable bed when you have guests over for the night.

Why its value for money is because, it comes with a trundle bed of twin size that neatly disappears under the unit until when summoned for. With this unit, you no longer have to butt an eyelid over sleeping arrangement when you have family come over to spend a few nights. The trundle is exceptionally convenient and very portable, thanks to 4 castor wheels that makes gliding the unit in and out so easy.

Of the 4 castors, 2 can be locked in place at will preventing the unit from inadvertently rolling away when you need it to stay put.

Most guest rooms require minimal furniture. This is a splendid choice for the guest room. Besides, it can always be moved to the kid’s room whenever they have their buddies around for a sleepover.

Assembly and use is a breeze. Once assembled, the full size daybed is impressively sturdy and takes on a maximum load of 450 pounds while the trundle will comfortably accommodate a maximum weight of 250 pounds. This versatile unit is convenient because it works for both adults and kids


  • The measurements of this unit are 77.5″L x 56″W x 43″H
  • The construction features an all metal frame that’s firm, stable and very durable
  • Design is beautiful curves and gorgeous finial detailing
  • A standard full size twin mattress is needed for the trundle and daybed
  • Includes a twin trundle bed for additional sleeping space
  • Trundle bed has 4 easy glide castor wheels
  • Available in 2 colors; black/white

For those who find the idea of a daybed appealing but would like it in a bigger size such as Full size, then this unit has had your plea and delivers just that. The trundle bed is twin and completely disappears beneath the daybed for easy storage.

Customer feedback

Users shared that they found this unit to be very sturdy, elegant, and easy to assemble. Customers also loved that this unit comes with a trundle and all the slats for a friendly price. This daybed and trundle are perfect for those occasions such as holidays and the festive season, when you have extra guests staying over.

Some customers who have an upstairs room with a slanted ceiling mentioned this was ideal for such a room because it occupies a very small footprint while providing two sleeping units that fit in such a confined space.

4. Baxton Studio Emilie Contemporary Tufted Fabric Daybed with Trundle

Daybeds have a charming and understated class that’s hard to replicate with any other type of furniture. It’s because of their impressive utility that they can be used to bring a decorative element into a space. For instance, the Baxton Studio Emilie Contemporary Tufted Fabric Trundle Daybed is the perfect epitome of style merging with function.Baxton Studio Emilie Contemporary Tufted Fabric Daybed with Trundle

This contemporary design looks more like a seat, yet it is a daybed with an inconspicuous trundle neatly tucked away in its belly.

Although this unit has a pretty and stylish disposition, it has been built to last. The unit’s frame is made from solid rubber-wood with touches of engineered wood on some sections.

What makes this unit distinctly unique is that it steps away from the all metal construction that we have grown so accustomed to.

The Emilie is finished with an upholstered gray fabric and adorned with button-tufting details on the back, front, and side panels. The foot and headboards are low and designed with classic rolled arms that double up as armrests.

The bed is further detailed with chrome-colored nail head trim that adds a distant touch of an old school vibe which blends in well with the tufting.

This elegant unit will look right at home in your living room, guest room, kid’s room or nursery. While adding a few throw pillows will help give it a more plush look, one can also choose to forego that option as the deft tufted back is upholstered and has some minimal cushioning.

Up until you see the trundle roll out, you may find it hard to believe that it’s actually in there somewhere. The daybed needs to be furnished with a twin mattress with a maximum thickness of 8”.

The daybed bears a maximum weight of 400 pounds. The trundle pulls in and out with ease and can take on a maximum weight of 225 pounds. A standard twin size mattress of maximum 8” will also work for the trundle.

This is a delightful piece of furniture to add to your home, because of its practical use of a lounger as well as a bed. Whenever you have some extra guests sleeping over in your home, this space saving unit will be your go to solution.


  • The measurements of this unit are 89″L x 47″W x 43″H
  • Frame is constructed from rubber wood and engineered wood to from a sturdy unit.
  • Elegant design features fabric upholstery, button tufts and chrome colored head trim
  • A standard twin size mattress of maximum 8” will work for the daybed as well the trundle
  • Includes a twin size trundle bed as an additional sleeping unit
  • Trundle bed easily pulls in and out of the daybed (doesn’t have wheels)
  • Comes in gray upholstery

This elegant piece is an excellent filler if you have ample room in your sitting room, but it will also work great in small and confined spaces such as a library or a guest room.

Customer feedback

Customers loved the design and found the idea of fabric upholstery featuring predominantly on a daybed to be appealing. Users shared they were won over by the stylish retro vibe that the button tufts and chrome colored head trims brought out.

They also loved the fabric because it’s easy to clean and the assembly of the unit was fairly straightforward. One reminder though, users pointed out that for the best outcome, one should not forget the instructions on the manual that says to re-tighten bolts and screws after a few weeks when the unit has set.

5. Novogratz Bright Pop Daybed with Trundle

Novogratz is a well reputed brand for their delectable concepts and artistry in designing and crafting functional furniture pieces that are ideal for small living spaces and accommodating guests. You may be surprised to learn that the ideas behind these exquisite productions is the couple Novogratz who have been churning out innovative designs and splendid minimal pieces for 25 years.Novogratz Bright Pop Daybed with Trundle

The passion, artistry and sheer functionality is what the brand has come to be loved for.

This Novogratz Bright Pop Daybed with Trundle is yet another example of a delightful daybed that comes across as an oversized sofa. It creates an ambience of space, comfort and relaxation.

The unit’s frame is all metal crafted with beautiful curved finial detailing that brings out a combination of industrial and contemporary elements that add unique decorative flavor to a space.

Very stable and quiet to sit or sleep on, it can function as an oversized sofa by adding a couple of throw pillows to the back. It’s a great piece of furniture for afternoon naps. When the weather is favorable, you can carry this unit to the patio and relax the afternoon away with your family, before bringing it back into the house.

The curved metal frame with headboard and footboard makes for comfortable seating with the help of throw pillows. Several people can sit on this unit without fear as it can hold a maximum load of up to 400 pounds without wobbling.

The daybed uses a standard twin mattress of 6-8” inches.

Further, it also comes with a twin size trundle fitted with 4 wheel castors for excellent mobility. The trundle neatly stores under the daybed and conserves space. A twin size mattress with a maximum thickness of 8” will also work well with the trundle.

Having guests that are sleeping over becomes a joy when you don’t have to worry over extra sleeping space. This bed does that and so much more for you.

The trundle can bear a maximum load of 225 pounds.


  • The measurements of this unit are 76.5” L x 40.5” W x 39.5” H
  • Well-constructed metal frame for a strong stable and durable unit
  • The design features beautiful curves and finial detailing for a minimal aesthetic look
  • Two standard twin size mattress of maximum 8” will work for the daybed as well the trundle
  • Comes with a twin size trundle bed as an additional sleeping unit
  • Trundle bed effortlessly slides with the help of 4 castors, 2 are locking
  • Available in a variety of colors; black/white/yellow/teal

Beyond the practical uses of this daybed, the oversized sofa like nature helps accentuate the cozy vibe of your space. The color variety such as yellow or teal are also unique and loud in an eccentric sort of way. If you are looking for a muted color, white or black will do the trick.

Customer feedback

Users who got this unit were exceptionally pleased with the neat quality and finish. They pointed out the bed is very sturdy and comes complete with slats for the trundle and daybed. So there’s no need for box springs.

For the advertised price, some customers expected that the steel framing would sound hollow and the unit might not be very stable. They were pleasantly surprised on both fronts with impressive stability and solid frames. Additionally, customers with kids appreciated the rounded edges as they are safer for kids.

6. Harper & Bright Designs Wood Daybed with a Trundle

High quality wood and good craftsmanship like the one displayed on this Trundle Daybed by Harper & Bright Designs makes for an awesome piece of furniture that‘s both aesthetically pleasing and highly practical.Harper & Bright Designs Wood Daybed with a Trundle

If your home sees a lot of guests sleeping over every so often, this is one handy multi-purpose unit to have in the home.

That’s because its well constructed with a low back and armrest that double up as foot and headboards. The low profile back and sides give the unit a relaxed and minimal look. The lowers sides and front are covered with a wood panel such that the neatly tucked in trundle is totally inconspicuous.

The design will work well even in a living room as a lounge sofa and add to the rest of the décor. This daybed comes complete with slats such that NO box spring or additional foundation is required to set up the unit. The wooden frame is sturdy and several people can seat on the unit with ease.

A standard twin mattress sees to it that users are comfortable when seated as well as when sleeping on the bed. It also makes for a cozy reading nook.

One of the reasons this unit is popular for use in small spaces such as a library or guest room, is the multi-use construction that has confined spaces looking great and delivering excellent utility.

The unit comes with a trundle that can conveniently be rolled out from underneath the daybed and serve as additional sleeping space. The trundle also requires a standard twin mattress of 6” to 8” thickness and comes ready to use with slats for reinforced strength.

The daybed is sturdy enough to accommodate a maximum weight of up to 250 pounds while the trundle has the ability to handle a maximum weight of 250 pounds. Other than serving as a lounge sofa, this unit is fit for kids and adults alike when you have friends and family sleeping over. When you have company over, the unit can also be moved to other sections of the house for flexible sleeping arrangement.

If you like the design but feel the white color may not quite agree with your décor, you will be delighted to know that this fixture also comes in darker shades such as espresso and grey.


  • Measurements of this unit after assembly are 79.5″L x 41.75″W x 30″H
  • Wood constructed frame for stability and a neat finish
  • Low profile design features a concealed trundle bed
  • Standard twin size mattresses of maximum 8” will work for both the daybed as well the trundle
  • The twin size trundle bed neatly and invisibly tucks away underneath the daybed
  • Four castors ensure easy pull out of the daybed
  • Comes in several colors; white/grey/espresso

If you fancy a wooden daybed design that has a completely hidden trundle, then this unit has you covered. That aspect makes this unit a prime candidate for the living room area guest room or the home office.

Customer feedback

Customers who got this unit shared that their kids absolutely loved this bed because it’s comfortable and makes their room look great. Some users bought this unit to fit an extra small bedroom while others expressed that it was the perfect piece of furniture to go into a study room which converts into a bedroom when guests are around. A majority of the customers remarked that assembly was very straightforward.

7. Hillsdale Winterberry Daybed with Trundle

The Hillsdale Winterberry Daybed offers a lovely unit which can go into any space of the home with ease. That’s because the unit is meticulously crafted and upholstered for an excellent finish.7. Hillsdale Winterberry Daybed with Trundle

The unit’s frame is constructed from wood for a solid and sturdy frame. The chaise design helps bring out a chilled and relaxed vibe that’s sure to add comfort and accentuate a toned down mood of a space.

This design will not only work for small rooms, but can also be added to a spacious living room. Why that’s possible is because the finish is elegant and the look immaculately passes as chaise.

The unit comes with a trundle which the design does an exceptional job at concealing such that unless you saw the trundle being pulled out you would never have guessed it existed.

This chaise design daybed is upholstered with a weathered gray vinyl material that gives off the elegance and character reminiscent to leather. The material is classy and shiny which leaves you with no worry over spills as they can be easily wiped off.

While this unit looks amazing in the living room, it can serve well in a guest room, kids room and the master bedroom too. Daybeds offer great utility, but this design offers that and an aesthetic advantage of being displayed in living areas.

It will also look fantastic in a sturdy room or office. The daybed will fit a standard twin size mattress with a maximum thickness of 8” and bear a maximum weight of 400 pounds.

The trundle tucked in the bosom of this daybed cannot be seen, as it appears as part of the vinyl upholstered front of the unit. The trundle bed easily pulls out when need and has three discrete leg supports on either side for added stability. This day bed affords additional sleeping space and lets you enjoy extra storage with ease. The trundle also accommodates a standard twin mattress with a thickness of 6-8” for absolute comfort.


  • Dimensions of this unit are 35H X 85W X 42.25D
  • Solid wooden frame ensures a sturdy unit with excellent load bearing capacity
  • Catchy design features vinyl upholstery with sleek leather look
  • Two standard twin size mattresses measuring a of maximum 8” will work with this unit
  • Twin size trundle comes well concealed and provides additional sleeping space
  • Trundle bed pulls in and out of the daybed smoothly
  • Comes in weathered gray vinyl upholstery

The decorative accents on this unit, presents a beautiful finish and gorgeous French Victorian inspired chaise design offering impressive versatility in function.

Customer feedback

Customers, who were looking for a wood upholstered option in a daybed, mentioned they were drawn to this unit because of the leathery look and sheen presented by the weathered gray vinyl material. Many users also pointed out they bought this unit as an addition to their master bedroom while others mentioned that it looked great as a lounge chair in a wide hallway, or the kids bedroom.

Other than a gorgeous look, parents were quick to mention that it comes in thoroughly handy when the kids are bringing their buddies home for a sleepover.

8. Harper & Bright Designs Wooden Trundle Daybed

One of the major advantages of a daybed is their multipurpose nature. Choose the right design and the unit will provide you with excellent versatility including a pleasant and comfortable lounge or nap space even in a living area. That’s in addition to great portability in the event you have some extra guests sleeping over and you need to re-engineer sleeping configurations. This second Harper & Bright Designs wooden daybed is an ideal choice.Harper & Bright Designs Wooden Trundle Daybed

This daybed option is delightfully designed with a touch of traditional design elements that will fit right in with contemporary and modern spaces.

This unit is constructed from wood and has a good load bearing capacity which complements its multi-use features. Multiple people can comfortably sit and fits a standard size twin mattress and so does the pop-out trundle bed right underneath the it.

The unit has low and partially open profile on the back and the side. The foot and headboards have strips of crisscrossing wood pattern. They also serve as armrests when the daybed is being sat on. Adding a plain patterned fabric that drapes over the mattress and a few throw pillows to the unit makes a perfect lounger that will work even for the most visible section of the house such as the living room.

But also, this unit will do justice to smaller spaces that require minimal furniture such as the guest room or living quarters in a basement. That’s because the unit can be used for sitting, sleeping and as a storage for a trundle. The trundle is well concealed and fits effortlessly into the design and easily pulls out, thanks to discrete castors that allow it to fluidly glide in and out of its hideaway.

The trundle is completely detachable and can therefore be wheeled to a different section of the house as an extra sleeping space when there is need.


  • After assembly, this unit measures 80.5″L x 42″W x 38.9″H
  • Frame is constructed from high quality wood for stable and robust frame integrity
  • Charming design features a low profile back and sides
  • 2 standard twin size 8 inch mattress will fit the daybed and trundle
  • Comes with a well hidden twin size trundle bed as an extra sleeping unit
  • Trundle slides in and out of the daybed with absolute ease
  • Comes in gray/white

The trundle can take on a load of 275 pounds while the day bed can accommodate a maximum weight of 175 pounds.

Customer feedback

Customers who decided to go with options love the versatile nature of the unit and the charming design. Some users loved the convenience the unit provides, once assembled there are no box springs or additional foundation required because the daybed and trundle comes with their own slats ready for fitting. The only thing needed is placing a mattresses on top of the slats and the unit is ready for use. Customers who got this expressed absolute satisfaction with their purchase.

9. DHP Sophia Upholstered Daybed with Trundle

This elegant chaise like design transports you several centuries back and conjures up images of roman loungers in Caesar’s palace. The design has an air of royalty about it. And who’s to say that small spaces should not enjoy some royalty.DHP Sophia Upholstered Daybed with Trundle

DHP are indeed the experts of small living. The brand specializes in unique functional furniture ranging from futons and sofas, bunk beds and daybeds with trundle to name a few.

The DHP Sophia Upholstered Daybed is well designed and constructed from wood. The design breaks from the conventional by omitting the back and introducing rolling armrests with tuft buttons for a touch of vintage class.

The rolled sides serve as armrests when sitting and as foot or headboard when reclining or sleeping. Aesthetically, it presents the image of a stylish and luxurious oversized lounge area.

An inconspicuous trundle bed is snuggled underneath the body of the unit and matches the rest of daybed such that, if you needed this unit in living areas for all and sundry to see, it would work marvelously as a lounger because the trundle completely blends into the design without giving away the slightest hint of its presence. The credit to that ingenuity goes into excellent designing and impeccable craftsmanship alongside a very well done fabric upholstery for an exquisite finish.

The daybed and the trundle come with slats for reinforced support and ultimate comfort. For cushioning, 2 standard twin mattresses will do just fine.

The unit can come in several colors such as tan and black to suit broad tastes and color schemes.


  • Overall dimensions of this unit are 89″L x 42″W x 34″H
  • Solid construction gives the units frame reinforced stability and longevity
  • The gorgeous design features a backless unit with tuft buttoned rolling sides and fabric upholstery.
  • Cushioning the unit requires 2 standard twin size mattresses measuring 8” for the day bed as well the trundle.
  • The invisible twin size trundle bed offers an extra sleeping unit
  • 4 castors ensures the Trundle pops out smoothly
  • Available in several colors; tan/black/grey/navy

This backless daybed is a unique option when styling your space. Over and above offering flexible utility, the unit infuses a contemporary chic look which will no doubt enliven any big or small room.

Customer feedback

Most users said they were delighted by this unit because it presents a stylish piece with impressive load bearing ability of 400 pounds for the daybed and 225 pounds for the trundle. Users also appreciated the flexible use the unit provides. Some customers added, that with the addition of some throw pillows, this has become everyone’s favorite TV watching spot in the house.

10. Novogratz Her Majesty Upholstered Daybed with Trundle

For those who love the flair and artistry that comes with Novogratz daybeds such as the metal framed options we already reviewed earlier, you will probably be excited to know the brand also offers an alternative wooded an upholstered approach to the same product. It’s hard to miss the trademark high quality and artfulness in this unit that the brand is well known for.

The Novogratz Her Majesty Upholstered Daybed is inspired by Mid-Century Design. That’s evident from the ebb and flow of the entire unit.

Stability and firmness are reinforced by the solid wooden frame of this fixture. The frame is dressed with impeccably stylish upholstery of premium linen. The vintage beauty of the design pops at you through a diamond-tufted backrest with wingback arms that are low and tapered brown legs.

This unit easily passes for an oversized sofa and will fit a twin size mattress of 6-8” thickness for luxurious comfort.

Because this unit’s design and finish is so top notch, it can be displayed in full view of any room including the living room.

While the unit has a gorgeous look, it still has great utility because it houses a trundle bed. The trundle is extremely well concealed complementing the overall aesthetic look while still remaining easily accessible when needed.


  • Measurements of this unit are 75.5”L x 43.5”W x 33.5”H
  • Frame is wood constructed for firm stability and neat finish
  • The design is very sofa like and features premium linen upholstery and button tufted facade
  • 2 Standard twin size mattresses of 6-8” will ensure cushioning is comfortable
  • Comes with a twin size trundle offering additional sleeping space
  • Trundle bed is equipped with 4 castors that ensure smooth pop out from the daybed
  • Available in several colors; blue/grey/ light pink/ light green/pink

Due to the unit’s multipurpose flexibilities in usage, it serves just as well in a guest room, master bedroom, kid’s room or study room.

Customer feedback

Customers were quick to point out the luxurious feel that the unit brought to their spaces. The design is superb and stylish easily complementing any room. Users were very satisfied with their purchase. They said the unit looks great, but feels even better when sat on or slept on. Some customers who tried this slated unit mentioned that it sleeps better than their previous bed that had box springs. They pointed out the comfort level is unbelievable and solid with no squeaks. This daybed comes highly recommended.

11. Camaflexi Mid-Century Trundle Daybed

Simplicity can effectively infuse charm as well as practical utility to most decors. The wooden elements coupled with the Mid-Century Modern design of this unit, combine extremely well to bring high functionality with sleek lines and geometric forms to your space.Camaflexi Mid-Century Trundle Daybed

This Camaflexi Trundle daybed has well-defined lines with awesome symmetry that accentuate simple sophistication alongside a very solid and firm frame.

The slats on the daybed and trundle reinforce support, adding good strength and comfort to the unit once a twin mattress has been placed over them. For both the daybed and trundle, standard twin sized mattresses will provide luxurious comfort.

The Camaflexi Mid-Century Daybed is made from pine wood. This in part explains the gorgeous wood hue, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. The natural beauty of pine wood is even more enhanced with the use of urethane which accentuates the grains and patterns of this bed.

Further, the back and either side of the unit are boarded and the boards do an excellent job of keeping the trundle out of sight but easily accessible.

Users can choose between a Scandinavian Oak finish that presents a gorgeous look which augurs well with the rest of the décor or can opt for Castanho Brown protective finish which presents a neat yet rich wood feel.

This Daybed includes an easy to roll under bed trundle equipped with 4 castors.

Given that this can literally blend into any room, it offers practical multi-uses and achieves full utility when you have guests or friends sleeping over.


  • Overall measurements of this unit are 79.75″L x 42.3″W x 29″H
  • Features an all wood frame construction for sturdiness and neat finish
  • Simple elegance shines through a natural wood grained finish
  • The unit utilizes 2 standard twin size mattress of 8”
  • Concealed twin size trundle neatly tucks in under the daybed
  • With the help of 4 castors, trundle pop out is smooth
  • Comes in two finishes; Castanho Brown/ Scandinavian Oak

Camaflexi Mid-Century Daybed is a good solid fit for a guest room, kid’s room, study or a living room looking to infuse wooden touches into the décor.

Customer feedback

Users who got this unit were impressed by the simplicity of the design and the muted elegance it injects into a space. Customers liked the quality of wood, thickness and general sturdiness of the structure. Customers also advise to invest in high quality twin mattresses for the best in simple practical luxury that this unit has to offer. Assembly was fairly easy and the trundle is well accessible with smooth roll out when needed.

12. Lexicon Ballou Daybed with Trundle

Just moved out of the nest and starting life on your own? Well, your small space might feel like a hall because you barely have any furniture. A day bed with a trundle is a good place to start from. That’s because it utilizes a small space in terms of footprint while offering your plenty of flexibility. And when you have a buddy over for dinner, no one has to brave the discomfort of trying to sleep on the floor or squeeze on to the limited space of the daybed.Lexicon Ballou Daybed with Trundle

The Lexicon Ballou Daybed with Trundle will not only spruce up your space with a great look, but will also provide you with an easy accessible trundle as an extra comfy sleeping unit. This way, you have ample reason to seize on every opportunity and excuse to have family or friends visit you and sleepover.

Even for a fully furnished house, this daybed still makes perfect sense owing to the small space it occupies and the massive utility it delivers.

This unit is made from a wood frame and has a low profile back, and sides. The entire unit is upholstered with 100% polyester fabric with button tufts across the unit’s façade for a delightful look. A hint of old school class peppers the unit through the inclusion of a double nailhead trim.

Moreover, the light foam material used for lining the unit right under the upholstery, gives this daybed a comfy luxurious look that can be used with or without throw pillows. Adding few throw pillows however does accentuate the plush look.


  • This unit’s overall dimensions are 85″L x 40.5″W x 36″H
  • Construction of frame is from wood for firmness and impressive load bearing
  • Design features fabric upholstery, button tufts and double nailhead trim
  • 2 standard twin size mattresses of maximum 8” will suffice for the daybed as well as the trundle
  • Well hidden twin size trundle ensures you save on storage space
  • Trundle bed easily pulls in and out of the daybed thanks to 4 castor wheels
  • Comes in; blue/grey

Polyester is a tough fabric that is aesthetic, easy to clean and fast drying. The upholstery  is available in colors offering some flexibility in choosing a color that best suits your space.

Customer feedback

With this unit, customers felt they made a good choice for several reasons, great stylish finish that is not over the top and excellent utility that includes an extra sleeping unit and trundle top among these reasons. Users shared  they now look forward to their friends, nieces and grandkids visiting because there’s plenty of flexible sleeping space to go around.

13. DHP Halle Upholstered Daybed and Trundle

With the DHP Halle Upholstered Daybed and Trundle, it’s easy to see why most people can mistake a daybed for an oversized sofa. In a sense, a day bed is an oversized sofa depending on the construction style.DHP Halle Upholstered Daybed and Trundle

In the case of this unit, the design is upholstered with a high back and high armrests that bear a resemblance to a sofa. The design is all engulfing in a luxurious sense and does not feel bare, thanks to the foam material used under the upholstery.

The deft back and sides are particularly well cushioned for comfortable use. One can always add a couple of throw pillows for more plushness and comfort.

The unit’s construction comes with stable slats that do reinforce the unit further and play a crucial role in achieving a solid firmness once you place a mattress on them. The construction is neat and cozy.

The trundle is well hidden and the front face upholstered to blend in with the overall design. Pulling out the trundle when needed is a smooth affair as the unit rolls on out supported by a solid frame and 4 castors. The trundle also comes equipped with slats and therefore no box springs required or any other foundation.

With two standard twin mattresses of 6” maximum thickness, you are free to enjoy the comforts that come with having this daybed


  • Dimensions of this unit after assembly are 84.5″L x 42.5″W x 38″H
  • The sturdy frame is constructed from solid wood
  • Plush fabric upholstered and cushioned design with a beat finish
  • 2 twin size mattresses of maximum 6” will be sufficient for daybed and trundle
  • Comes with a hidden twin size trundle bed as an additional sleeping space
  • Trundle bed has 4 castors that roll in/out smoothly
  • Available in grey upholstery

The unit is very well constructed. The daybed is capable of bearing a maximum weight of 400 pounds while the trundle can handle up to 225 pounds maximum weight.

Customer feedback

Those who bought this item shared that the unit comes neatly packaged. Once you open the box, the components are well labeled and the instruction manual well illustrated with step by step easy to follow instructions. So assembly was a breeze. Users also mentioned the unit is beautiful looking, very comfortable and fits well in the living room or a spare bedroom.

14. Novogratz Tallulah Tufted Daybed and Trundle Set

This is about the fourth Novogratz daybed we have reviewed in this post. The brand clearly has a pattern of churning out bespoke daybed designs that customers find absolutely practical and highly functional but also artful and aesthetically pleasing.Novogratz Tallulah Tufted Daybed and Trundle Set

The Novogratz Tallulah Tufted Daybed and Trundle Set is no different as it exudes undeniable charm and enviable comfort.

The sturdy frame is wood constructed and comprises of a subtly low profile back with rounded edges with slightly lower head and foot boards that also serve as armrests.

The trundle is designed to tuck neatly underneath the daybed and remains invisible because the face has been upholstered to match the overall décor.

The upholstery across the whole unit is with a soft velvet fabric that has an inviting appeal to it. The back and inner side of the unit are all detailed with button tufts for an elegant finish.

The daybed and trundle all come with slats for reinforced support and can both accommodate standard twin mattresses of 6-8” maximum thickness.

While this chic design is a beauty, the daybed can take on a maximum load of 400 pounds, while the trundle will happily accommodate 250 pounds as maximum weight. This means that whether you have adults or kids sleeping over, this unit certainly helps you solve that problem with great flexibility.


  • The unit’s overall dimensions are 85.5”L x 48”W x 37”H.
  • The solid and sturdy frame is crafted from wood
  • An inviting design features soft velvet fabric upholstery and button tufts for an exquisite visit
  • This daybed needs 2 standard twin size mattresses of maximum 6-8” thickness
  • The twin size trundle is invisible and blends with the overall décor
  • Trundle has 4 castors for smooth roll in/out
  • Available in several trendy colors; pink/green/ grey/mustard yellow/light green/blue

With such a strong frame, you have nothing to worry about even if you are treading more on the heavier side. You can sit or sleep on this unit and enjoy its comforts without any worries.

Customer feedback

Some of the customers who bought this unit love the brand from precious purchase of futons. Those not so familiar with the brand were equally delighted. They mentioned the upholstery is amazingly soft and luxurious. Irrespective of the color you settle for, the velvet tends to reflect differently against the light or direction in which it’s rubbed. This adds to the charm of the unit. Assembly was quick and can be put together under 30 minutes if you are 2 persons.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s a plethora of design options when it comes to the daybeds with trundles. You can opt for one with a metal frame for unique charm and minimal design or you may prefer an upholstered and wood constructed version. Either way, you can be sure of added comfort to your space and additional sleeping units that are space saving and multi-use.



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