2021 12 Best Daybed Bedding Sets Worth the Money

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Table of Contents

What makes a great daybed bedding set? Several factors have to be considered depending on your sense of style and preferences. In this post, we review some great options all with favorable pricing that will help you dress your daybed in a fashionable yet practical way.

But, to be honest, the answer to what makes a bedding set the best choice will differ from one person to another. And rightly so because the daybed needs of one user will vary from another. But 3 items should cut across the board when looking to buy the best bedding set.

A daybed bedding set will often consist of a bedspread/comforter, bed skirt, and shams. Occasionally a decorative pillow may be included.

But it is important to look out for the following aspects to ensure that you end up with a functional and long-serving daybed bedding set that still looks greats as well.


If you don’t mind a bit of ironing when your bed set is fresh from the wash, then a 100% cotton option will work for you. Cotton is a resilient fabric with excellent durable qualities. While it may not be the fastest at drying, it makes up for that by being very breathable and absorbent. Cotton is an excellent choice for hot summers and sleeping cool.

Man-made fabrics such as polyester and microfiber are a great fit for those who don’t fancy ironing. Both materials are wrinkle-resistant even after machine washing. They are very easy to wash, dry and are generally low maintenance. Both fabrics are very durable and retain colors well with little chance of fading even after numerous washes.

The fill material used in most daybed sets is often poly-fiber and can occasionally contain a small mix of cotton for breathability. The fill is very lightweight and improves insulation as well as an aesthetic comfy appearance. The daybed sets that have fill, although lightweight tend to have better insulation.


How a daybed is finished can determine whether it will be long lasting or not. Finishes also play a part in styling and overall comfort to a degree. Some customers prefer a textured surface over a smooth one, while others may prefer flanges on the shams over piped edges. Piped edges, however, do score higher in terms of durability because they guard against issues such as fraying and the usual day to day wear and tear.

Quilted or blush stitched finishes do a remarkably good job of ensuring the moderate fill does not clump. As a result, your bedspread stays neat and even through its entire lifespan.


Fabric print and color choice is a matter of preference and taste. The existing décor can also influence your choice of color and pattern. For instance, décors that feature block or solid colors may benefit from choosing a floral pattern to infuse some vibrancy into the room. On the other hand, spaces with loads of patterns in the existing décor theme may need the neutralizing effect of a solid color on the bedding set.

Sometimes, going with your gut feeling, emotion, or vibe on a combination of hues can help in choosing the right choice for your space. Remember, ultimately colors do play a role in affecting the mood, vibe, and ambiance of your space.

The beauty of the best daybed bedding sets is that they come in a plethora of diverse colors, design, and print to select from.

All the above considerations, in addition to looking at the features of a daybed set closely, will enable you to make the correct choice for your space.

Here are our our selection for some of the best daybed bedding sets that should have your daybed looking fantastic throughout all seasons.

Review of the Best Daybed Bedding Sets

1. Mk Collection 5 Piece Modern Elegant Bedspread Daybed Cover Set

If you just moved to a new apartment studio, have no furniture, and are on a shoestring budget, don’t despair. A daybed is often a good place to start because it is not only stylish but provides great versatility. What’s more, if you are more than one person in the studio or apartment, you can always get a daybed with a trundle to enhance utility.Mk Collection 5 Piece Modern Elegant Bedspread Daybed Cover Set

The beauty of a daybed is the multi-purpose nature and versatility it brings to a space. You can lounge on it and it makes for a comfortable bed when you need it to be. If your daybed is in an area where all and sundry can see it, then it goes without question you want it looking its best.

That’s where the MK Collection 5 Piece Bedspread Daybed Cover Set comes in.

The set is elegantly designed and has a neat and stylish disposition to it that helps add aesthetic appeal to your daybed.

This set is made from high quality 100% microfiber material that is sleek and pleasant to look at. The aesthetic material has a popping print of geometric contemporary pattern of black and white for a gorgeous look. Its coverlet is quilted which sort of gives the surface of the material a textured feel while the lightweight fill gives this unit a subtle cushioned look and adds to the comfort.

The coverlet has a generous sprawl that covers your daybed lavishly. This spread spills over the front edge with a 17” drop and attaches to the bed skirt that has an additional drop of 14” adding to the flowing look of the design.

Washing linen can be a pain but not with this bedding set. That is because the microfiber material stands up well to machine and hand washing and the colors remain intact even after several washes.

This bed set comes with a bedspread, bed skirt, and three shams.

The set will look amazing whether your daybed is placed in the living room, bedroom, or office. If you like the design but your décor demands a different color scheme, you will be happy to know that there are other numerous color combinations to work with.


  • Dimensions of the spread are 39 inches in width x 75 inches in length
  • It comes with a bed skirt of 39 inches by 75 inches
  • Comes accompanied by 3 shams each measuring 20 inches x 26 inches
  • Features soft micro-fiber material that has low maintenance
  • It is a machine wash friendly bed set
  • Available in black and white as a well as a myriad of other color combinations and patterns

Interior designers count on this unit as one of their favorites to work with for daybeds. The reason is that the bed set has awesome craftsmanship and comes in a plethora of patterns to match most decors.

Customer feedback

Most users who settle for this bedding set were quick to point out that the quality was amazing. They also love that they could choose from an array of colors to best match the décor of their space. Many also mentioned that they appreciate the tough piped edging that looks great but also holds up in terms of longevity.

2. Comfort Spaces Kienna Soft Microfiber 5 Piece Quilt Daybed Bedding Sets

How do you dress your daybed to not look so “bedtime bed-like”? Well, this is a valid question considering the fact that a daybed is indeed a unit for sleeping. However, it does not have to be dressed like a bed entirely because it is also a lounge area. If your daybed is in the living room, then it certainly needs to be dressed stylishly to pass for a lounge look although it retains the functionality of a bed.Comfort Spaces Kienna Soft Microfiber 5 Piece Quilt Daybed Bedding Sets

The Comfort Spaces Kienna Quilt Daybed Bedding Set gets that balance very well. It is constructed to serve as a bedding set but also has a neat stylish look to help your daybed achieve that neat lounge feels and look.

The fabric on this bedding set is 100% microfiber with a quilted finish. The quilted blush stitched finish has a luxurious look and added comfort. Its coverlet’s shell has a glossy and smooth feel to the touch.

The shell is moderately stuffed with a lightweight hypoallergenic fill for an exquisite plush look. You will love the fill which is breathable making this bedding set usable all year round. Its edges are flat trimmed with close stitching to ensure no fraying and provide resilience from day to day wear and tear.

The coverlet has a generous spread and flow with a decent drop on the front. The draping look at the front is further accentuated by a bed skirt made of light fabric for an exquisite finish.

It has three shams that are of the same fabric and design. They are zippered for convenience and edges are piped to ensure durability.

This is the perfect unit that ensures your daybed looks amazing and inviting irrespective of which part of the house or office it is placed.


  • The dimensions of the spread cover are 39 inches width x 75 inches length
  • The bed skirt measures 39 inches x 75 inches
  • The set comes with 3 shams each measuring 20 inches by 26 inches
  • Utilizes soft micro-fiber material with a blushed pattern finish
  • This is a machine wash friendly bed set
  • It is available in several solid colors; ivory/ blue and grey/ blush, taupe/grey, seafoam/white

The solid colors with a nice pattern and quality finishing on this bedding set make an excellent choice for rooms looking for a neutral tone that is both stylish and subtle.

Customer feedback

Users who bought this set shared that the right daybed sets are hard to find, but this was exactly what they were looking for in a solid color. It is well constructed with excellent finishing and dresses the daybed neatly without seeming too bedding-like. The fit is also ample and generous. Customers also like that the set is lightweight with moderate hypoallergenic fill for all year round use.

3. Madison Park French Country Medallion Daybed Cover Set

Of course, when looking for a daybed bedding set that will be suitable for you there are quite a few thoughts running through your mind. For some people, the primary thought is that you could use an injection of a cheerful vibe of vibrant colors. If that’s what you are looking for, then it is very likely that the Madison Park Daybed Cover Set will work very well for you.Madison Park French Country Medallion Daybed Cover Set

This set comes with one quilted coverlet printed with large medallion motifs for a vibrant look. The lively look is further accented by an infusion of blue and yellow for a bright feel that matches numerous color themes in your décor.

This bed set is inspired by French country living that explodes with the colors of wild flowers and azure blue skies.

The fabric used in the construction of this set is 100% microfiber material that has a mute glossy finish and a smooth feel. The coverlet is quilted and stuffed with lightweight fill that offers a moderate plush that looks comfy and plush. In addition, the hems of the coverlet and pillowcase edges have been piped for a neat finish and durable build.

The shams have the same medallion motif as the cover, while the reverse side is striped with blue and white for a beautiful contrast. These same colors and stripes adorn the bed skirt which adds to the colorful contrast. The reversible shams help to give your daybed a refreshing look and afford you the flexibility of switching up the colors every so often.

This comforter features moderate fill making it breathable for added comfort when sleeping on warm or cold nights. Summer nights can get notoriously warm and humid. Microfiber material does a good job of wicking moisture while the breathable fill allows air to readily circulate for a cooling effect. During very cold nights such as in winter, you can always add an extra layer to enhance insulation and heat retention for toasty warmth.


  • The coverlet features a width of 39 inches by a length of 75 inches
  • The bed skirt also has dimensions of 39 inches x 75 inches
  • Set includes 3 pieces of reversible shams each measuring 20 inches x 26 inches, and a decorative pillow
  • It is made from micro-fiber material with a quilted finish
  • It is a machine washable set making it easy care to maintain
  • The set is available in medallion pattern and a mix of yellow, blue and white colors

Between the gorgeous large medallions and a burst of blue, yellow and white colors, this unit does a great job of adding color to a room. It is an excellent fit for a contemporary themed décor.

Customer feedback

Customers shared they were looking for a stunning and vibrant daybed set and the Madison Park Daybed Cover Set delivered that to a tee. They mentioned this gorgeous set is a good fit good for a daybed. With this set, you can be sure your daybed and space look super comfortable and inviting. Customers who bought this added they highly recommend it for those with daybeds and looking to brighten up their space.

4. Lush Decor Monique 6 Piece Daybed Cover Set

Bed sets come in different qualities and at varied price points. If you are looking for a bit of luxury and excellent utility, the Lush Décor Piece Daybed Cover Set will likely suit your space well. The design is beautiful and presents a neat and artful look that will not only brighten your surroundings but also add a touch of elegance to your daybed.Lush Decor Monique 6 Piece Daybed Cover Set

The face of this bedding set is made from 100% cotton with a beautiful assorted print. Its print comes across as a patchwork of floral and other geometric patterns resulting in an exquisite and unique artful look. The back of the unit is 100% polyester material.

The coverlet provides a generous and neat spread over your daybed, spilling over the front edge for a 16” drop. That drop is further connected to a bed skirt providing an additional 15” drop. This fluid flow of fabric and garment offers a lavish draped look to your daybed.

2 pillow cases and 2 shams all with flanges for added aesthetic are included. A delightful contrast is achieved with front face of the shams matching the coverlet’s pattern while the back is a solid blue with dotted stripes matching the bed skirt. This sort of playful contrast allows the user more flexibility in maintaining a fresh look for the daybed.

The splendid look of the set is easy to care for because the entire set can be washed regularly using a washing machine. A common concern with such a good looking unit is often whether the color will hold fast. You are in for a pleasant surprise when you see that the colors do not fade even after numerous machine or hand washes. However, should you occasionally opt to use bleach for cleaning, be sure that it is a non-chlorine bleach.


  • The bed cover has dimensions of 39 inches in width by a length of 75 inches. It is also available in full/queen/king
  • The bed skirt comes in measurements of 39 inches x 75 inches
  • This set includes 2 pieces of reversible shams and 2 pillowcases each measuring 20 inches x 26 inches including flanges
  • Construction is made of 100% cotton on the face and 100% polyester on the back
  • It is both machine and hand wash friendly
  • It comes in an assorted pattern print in blue, white, and black

This unit’s quality is quite superior in terms of construction and material while remaining easy to care for. The finishing is excellent and choice colors can match with a broad range of decors with ease.

Customer feedback

Customers loved the country farmhouse look that this bed set exudes. The fact that the set comes in several sizes is an added advantage to most users with bigger sized daybeds. A majority of customers mentioned they liked the bedding set’s utility saying that it can be used on both sides to bring a fresh look to your space.

5. Madison Park Quebec Daybed Size Quilt Bedding Set

Are you on the hunt for a high quality and luxurious daybed set that will add to the allure of your comfy daybed? Well, you might find it hard to pass over this bedding set because it has remarkable craftsmanship and a delectable calming color of seafoam.Madison Park Quebec Daybed Size Quilt Bedding Set

The fabric used is microfiber which has great qualities for a bedding solution. For example, it washes really well and does not fade. This means your daybed will be looking well dressed and neat for a long time to come because this fabric is also incredibly durable. Moreover, with microfiber, you will never have the need to iron your bedding set as the fabric is wrinkle resistant.

That’s in part why the Madison Park Quebec Daybed Size Quilt Bedding Set is such a good buy.

But further, this quilted option has a beautifully textured surface that looks great and is soft to the touch. The set has a moderate fill of poly fiber with 10% cotton for good breathability. This makes it a great fit for most daybeds and provides all year-round use.

The fill brings additional comfort and a plush look and the bedspread is warm enough on colder nights and breathable enough for use in the summer. The hems of the bedspread as well as the shams are piped to enhance durability.

While the face of this bedding set is a gorgeous solid sea form color, the reverse can also be used as it has an exciting striped look of white and seafoam lines.

This bedding set comes with both sham pieces and an additional pillow.


  • The bedspread dimensions are a length of 75 inches and a width of 39 inches
  • It features a bed skirt measuring 39 inches by 75 inches
  • This set contains 3 pieces of reversible shams with piped edges and a decorative pillow
  • It is constructed from 100% microfiber material
  • This is a low maintenance and machine washable set
  • The set comes in a solid seafoam color and a striped reverse

This bed set has both a calming effect while adding and complementing the brightness in a room. The plush look and feel make it a good choice for your daybed at home or the office.

Customer feedback

Customers who prefer solid colors mentioned they could not quite resist the calming tone of the seafoam color. They also loved the excellent craftsmanship and decorative appeal this set has to offer. Many customers pointed out the striped reverse is an added advantage because one can switch the look of the daybed from time to time using the same set. Users who used and liked this unit said they have recommended the Madison Park Quebec Daybed Size bedding set to their people.

6. Fancy Collection 5 Piece Daybed Quilted Coverlet Set

For those who like a pattern with an explosion of delightful colors, the Fancy collection 5 Piece Daybed Quilted Coverlet Daybed Set will be transformative for your space. The collection is rife with an assortment of color combinations to suit several décor themes.Fancy Collection 5 Piece Daybed Quilted Coverlet Set

With this particular one, the Oslo Aqua color is hard to miss. The material is soft and patterned with beautiful art and craft shapes as well as splashed with an orderly selection of vibrant and endearing colors that complement the Oslo Aqua hue. This includes a combination light grey and off white. The full medallion and half medallion shapes and to the visual beauty of the print

The material is quilted, giving the fabric an aesthetic textured surface while the edges of the coverlet and shams are piped to promote longevity. Geometric patterns on the bed skirts and the reverse of the shams provide gorgeous contrast that adds to the visual appeal of the bedding set.

If you are looking to brighten up the room with a relaxed joyful feel, this bedding set will do the trick just fine. While the advertised picture of this set shows the Oslo aqua color and medallion patterns, you will be glad to know that there is quite a massive selection of colors and patterns in the Fancy collection to choose from.

This ranges from floral turquoise navy blue options to a myriad of other color combinations and patterns such as geometric black/ white and gray teal arabesque to name just a few. If you love the craftsmanship but your décor demands slightly different color schemes, the Fancy collection will not disappoint as there are plenty of color and pattern options to work with.


  • The coverlet has dimensions of 39 x 75 inches in width and length respectively
  • It features a bed skirt that corresponds with the dimensions of the coverlet of 39 inches by 75 inches
  • The coverlet is accompanied by 3 pieces of reversible shams featuring piped edges
  • It is made from microfiber material
  • It is a machine wash friendly bedding set requiring low maintenance
  • Available in medallion print and Oslo aqua color/ orange blue floral/ pink beige green white/ sage green floral geometric and so much more

A daybed is both a high utility yet minimalistic furniture which can add charm to a room. Dressing it up with this beautiful bedding set will certainly help achieve that neat and stylish yet comfy look you are after.

Customer feedback

Over and above this unit being highly aesthetic, customers delighted in the stunning pattern that has the ability to bring multiple shades together. Most users were quite happy that this bedding set is very easy to care for. Washing in the machine washer is a breeze and the set is said to dry pretty quickly.

7. Madison Park 6 Piece Reversible Daybed Cover Set

Madison Park is a well-reputed and authoritative brand in the world of bedding sets. This double-side set is an absolute stunner rich in color, design, and pattern featuring a reversible coverlet as well as shams that provide variety when you need to refresh the look of your daybed with its gorgeous muted elegance made possible by unique and rare color combinations such as and purple and teal.Madison Park 6 Piece Reversible Daybed Cover Set

Some bed covers for daybeds can tend to be heavy and cumbersome to wash. That is certainly not the case with this set. It is light yet warm and breathable for use on both warm and cold nights. On those bone chilling nights, simply add a duvet or comforter for added insulation. Not only does the bedding have gorgeous look, you can dress your daybed with it all year round.

The shell is made of 100% polyester. The beauty of polyester material is that it stays wrinkle-free eliminating the need of ironing your bedding set to make it smooth and neat. Also, in addition to being smooth and sleek, polyester is fairly tough and delivers amazing durability and service. You can also be sure the subdued color combination in this unit will not fade.

The problem of buying an exquisite daybed set only for it to shrink after a machine wash is a real concern to many consumers. With this Madison Park choice, fading and shrinking is the last thing you have to worry about as the polyester fabric is solid and immune to such issues.

This bed set will look amazing on a daybed. The set has a plush feel made possible by a moderate fill for good insulation. Washing is a breeze as the set is lightweight and fast drying.

With piped edges on both the coverlet and the shams, durability is guaranteed.


  • The coverlet features dimensions of a width of 39 inches by a length of 75 inches
  • It also comes with a corresponding bed skirt with dimensions of 39 inches by 75 inches
  • This set has 3 reversible shams with piping on the edges and a decorative pillow
  • It is made from 100% polyester material
  • This is a machine wash friendly, easy to care for bedding set
  • It is available in the striped pattern of Yosemite and purple color

If you like your hues earthy and subdued, the color combination in this unit is delightful and will help accentuate your surrounding décors such as wall colors, flooring, and artwork.  It makes the daybed look vibrant without overpowering other elements of your house furniture.

Customer feedback

Customers shared they found this Madison Park Daybed bedding set to be very reasonably priced for such good quality. Many agreed that this set is definitely great value for money. Users whose daybed is in the living room and don’t want it looking like a bed mentioned this bedding set is excellent for giving your daybed that lounge look and feel. Customers also loved that the set is reversible for a bit of occasional variety using the same set.

8. Better Home Style 5 Piece Daybed Bedding Set

Are you looking to inject a bit of color to your elegant daybed? Well, your search may very well end here with this Better Home Style Piece Daybed bedding set. That is because this set is well-crafted and comes with a delightfully patterned fabric with gorgeous color combinations that are sure to make your daybed and space pop with life and elegance.Better Home Style 5 Piece Daybed Bedding Set

The breathable material with a glossy surface that’s used in constructing this unit is 100% microfiber. Microfiber is remarkably easy to maintain and wash meaning that the entire set is machine wash friendly for easy cleaning and dries quite fast.

The surface of this set has been quilted creating a textured surface.

This unit has popping colors of gold, red, beige, and a touch of off-white. This print is marvelous as it allows the fabric to bear multiple colors and shades for an exquisite look.

The three shams are double-sided and offer reversible use for variety. The versatile colored print delivers a cheerful bold look while the reverse infuses a solid look that’s easy to blend with most decors.

It’s worth noting the pipe edges as they do a good job of promoting longevity. The coverlet spreads well on a daybed and has a decent drop of 17” on the front of your bed. The bed skirt not only adds contrast but also an extra 14” drop accentuating a flowing look. This is an ingenious way to dress a daybed and conceal a trundle beneath the daybed if your has any.


  • The comforter dimensions are 39 inches on the wide side and 75 inches on the longer side
  • It comes with a bed skit of 39 by 75 inches to fit the comforter dimension
  • The set features 3 pieces of reversible shams made with piped edges plus a decorative pillow
  • This set is constructed from 100% microfiber material
  • It is an easy-care and machine washable bedding set
  • It comes in a combination of red and beige and a host of other patterns and color options

This bedding set is a top choice for interior designers because the craftsmanship is top notch. They also appreciate that it comes with a wide range of prints and color schemes to select from, making it easy for them to match it to various customer’s décor themes.

Customer feedback

Customers were delighted by this daybed set because it fits perfectly and appears as advertised in the picture. Users who liked the quality but wanted a different print pattern and color combination were equally happy and shared there was a wide array of choices to work with.  They also mentioned that they love the quilted but soft finish.

9. Waverly Floral Reversible Daybed Set

For a room that is mostly decorated in white, a flowered print for a daybed cover often does a great job of providing contrast and breathing vibrant life into the space. This bedding set is has a strong flowery theme with a gorgeous color combination of blue, off white, pale green, and a soft yellow.Waverly Floral Reversible Daybed Set

The fabric used in making this bed set is 100% cotton. So you can be sure of the durability and colors that hold fast even after numerous washes. Unlike conventional designs where the front edge of the coverlet is straight, this bedspread adds a bit of a welcomed twist by using a wave-shaped edge. The edges of the coverlet are well finished through piping for longevity.

While cotton fabric is not exactly wrinkle free, one can always gently iron the set for a smooth look. But, even without ironing the wrinkles disappear fairly quickly after spreading the set on to the daybed. Cotton has excellent absorbent qualities and is highly breathable and therefore very comfortable even on warm nights. Wintry nights will have you grabbing an additional comforter for extra layering and added insulation.

The bed skirt has a generous drop of 15” and has gentle draping folds for an exquisite finish. It has vertical stripes and provides an excellent contrast to complete the look.

The three shams share the same pattern and colors as the coverlet and their edges are flanged and piped with a beautiful wavy petal-like shape.

This Victorian-inspired ensemble featuring a bursting garden motif is what any plain room needs to infuse a vibrant look and feel.


  • The bedspread dimensions are 39 inches on the width x 75 inches on the length
  • A corresponding 39 inches by 75 inches bed skirt offers gorgeous draping
  • The set has 3 reversible shams featuring piped edges are included in this set
  • It is made from 100% cotton material
  • It can accommodate a machine wash for ease of maintenance
  • Comes in a bursting floral pattern of varied colors such as blue, ivory, pale green, and a soft yellow

Spaces and rooms that predominantly have white walls and a general white décor will be well served to add this floral bedding set to their daybeds. It is a vibrant option.

Customer feedback

Users generally agreed that the floral pattern and burst of colors is indeed perfect for infusing a colorful vibe into a space. Other users mentioned that even under heavy use and frequent washes, the cotton material has withstood the multiple washes well and colors have not faded. Further, users with dogs also remarked that their dogs’ nails/claws haven’t ripped into the set. This is a good indicator of a well-constructed daybed cover that’s built to last.

10. Madison Park Leila 6 Piece Reversible Quilt Daybed Set

Some people have a hard time finding the right bedding set for dressing a daybed that’s in an exposed area where any guest entering the room will spot it. After all, although a daybed is indeed a bed, it does not have to outrightly look like one especially if placed in the living room or office. The trick is accentuating the lounge aspect of that daybed.Madison Park Leila 6 Piece Reversible Quilt Daybed Set

How can you do that? It starts by getting a stylish bedding set that comes with a quilt and shams. While flowery print options are great, one can also opt for a trendy solid look that complements other elements of your décor. It’s hard to go wrong with the Madison Park Leila 6 Piece Reversible Quilt Set.

Madison is a solid brand with gorgeous daybed bedding designs. This particular set has an inviting material with a smooth sheen. You will love that this material as it is wrinkle-free and extremely easy to wash. You have little to worry about over coffee spills or sweat as a quick machine wash and drying will have your set good as new with little effort. The design features medallion tufts that are further accented by a pleating effect for a gorgeous look.

The resilient fabric is a combination of 80% polyester and 20% cotton. This material stands up well to frequent washes and does not fade. This means your daybed and space will be looking stylish for a long time to come as this bedding set does an excellent job of presenting your daybed as a lounge more than a bed. The set comes inclusive of 3 shams and a decorative pillow.


  • The coverlet’s dimensions are a 39-inch width x a 75-inch length
  • The bed skirt also measures 39 inches by 75 inches
  • Comes with 3 tufted shams and a decorative pillow included
  • It is made with 20% cotton and 80% polyester
  • The materials make the set machine wash friendly
  • It comes in gray/ faux suede/ Peyton/ Chenille medallion white and so many more color options

This bedding set offers a draping pleated feminine look that most women and girls will love. In the event that you like the design and want this in a different color or pattern, you will be glad to know there are several other gorgeous versions of the same to work with.

Customer feedback

Customers with an appreciation of stylish tufting and runched details loved the yarn dye look with embroidered decorative pillows. Most users shared that they bought this set because it has a unique aesthetic display and feel that easily succeeds in giving the daybed a lounge look. The material is also easy to care for and most users said it’s very low maintenance.

11. Intelligent Design Raina Metallic Coverlet Bedspread Bedding Set

When looking for a feminine touch, color can be a massive differentiator. This Intelligent Design Daybed Bedspread comes in a gorgeous soft pink. It makes a good option for parents who want to spruce up their daughter’s room or simply dress a daybed in the living with an attractive gentle color.Intelligent Design Raina Metallic Coverlet Bedspread Bedding Set

Over and above the gorgeous the pink, the material used in creating this bed set is brushed polyester. So you can be sure of a smooth sleek surface that does not wrinkle and is easy to wash and dry. The surface of the fabric is blush stitched adding a textured aesthetic to the surface of the cover in addition to keeping the light weight fill in place.

The bedspread has a subtle puffy feel that’s made possible by 90% cotton and 10% polyester fill. The subtle fluffiness adds comfort and aesthetic appeal to the bedding set. The pink material has been printed with gold stripes and octagon shapes that bring out a stark contrast and an exquisite stylish finish.

The pink on the bed skirt is several shades darker which adds contrast. A closer look reveals that the edges of the coverlet, as well as the three shams have piped edges for a neat finish and enhanced durability.


  • Dimensions for the coverlet are 39 inches wide x 75 inches length
  • Features a bed skirt measuring 39 inches by 75 inches
  • Included in the set are 3 shams each measuring 20 inches x 26 inches and 1 decorative pillow
  • The entire set is made from 100% brushed polyester
  • This set is machine wash friendly
  • It is available in pink with gold stripes and octagon pattern

This bedding set provides an awesome way to dress your daybed in a cozy feminine color that will no doubt brighten your space. If you are looking for a sweet looking bedding set, this will cork like a charm.

Customer feedback

Users who bought this set did so for their daughter’s room or as a gift to friends with a daybed. Those who used the unit mentioned that they loved the blush stitching and lightweight nature. They found the coverlet to be surprisingly warm in colder months and very breathable during summer. Customers also pointed out that this bedding set was a joy to wash and dry as it washes very easily and does not fade.

12. Mk Collection 5 Piece Modern Daybed Bedspread

While the bursting colors of floral patterns can transform the look of your daybed, some decors and themes demand the simplicity of solid colors as presented in this bedding set. The MK 5 Piece Collection Modern Bedspread comes in 2 reversible colors.Mk Collection 5 Piece Modern Daybed Bedspread

A dark front and bright reverse offer good flexibility for refreshing the look of your daybed and surrounding space. This bed set is made from microfiber and offers incredibly easy care in addition to being tough and durable. The coffee and beige colors hold fast even after numerous washes so you can be sure your daybed will be dressed up neat for a long time to come.

The microfiber material in this set has a textured surface with rattan like pattern that looks amazing on a solid color. The coverlet has a decent drop on the front of 17” and the edges are piped for a neat look and durable build. The new silver bed skirt helps the coverlet drop a further 14” for a generous coverage. The bed skirt also serves to infuse contrast to the set. This set comes with a coverlet, 3 shams and a bed skirt.

In the event that you love the high quality craftsmanship of the set but your décor demands a different color combination, you will be delighted to know that this bedding set comes in several color options.


  • Bedspread dimensions are 39 inches in width by 75 inches in length
  • Has a bed skirt that measures 39 inches x 75 inches corresponding to the bedspread
  • It includes 3 shams each measuring 20 inches x 26 inches as part of the set
  • It is wholly from 100% microfiber which is low maintenance
  • It can be washed in a washing machine or by hand
  • Comes in charcoal and new silver/coffee and beige/ navy blue, light blue/ dark purple and light purple

This is an excellent choice for both homes and office environments with daybeds. Solid colors go well with most decors and serve to brighten or neutralize decorative color schemes.

Customer feedback

Customers admitted that getting this daybed showed a significant difference in fit and aesthetic. They said this option is so much better and can be reversed to provide a refreshing change every so often. Other users mentioned they liked the material because it does not fade and is extremely easy to wash.

Wrapping Up

Daybeds have become very popular and with good reason. How to dress them right though can present a challenge when using a bed cover only. For the sake of presentation, adding a few comfy throw pillows to the back does optimize the look and utility of your daybed. Better yet, getting a great daybed bedding set that comes with a coverlet, shams, bed skirt, and occasionally decorative pillows, holds the key to achieving that gorgeous daybed lounge look.

Some bedding options like some reviewed above can be used in reverse adding flexibility on how to refresh your daybed display every so often. With all the colors, patterns, and fabric options to choose from, you are sure to find several options that will work for you.




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