Top 4 Best Crawl Space Ventilation Fans in 2021

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Table of Contents

When it comes to ventilating areas in the home such as basements and crawl spaces, these are usually the places that are harder to access.

However, they are also the most important places to ensure adequate ventilation and free-flowing air throughout, for the integrity of your structure and fittings . It’s therefore highly advisable to ensure they have good quality crawl space ventilation fans in place.

However, problems occur here when such areas like these are not correctly ventilated, and they begin to cause issues regarding the overall comfort levels in the home itself. This can mean anything from poor indoor air quality to loss of both heat and coolness from the floor structure directly above both these crawlspaces and basements.

Air which circulates freely in these areas but has no means of escape will, overtime, buildup and encourage several problems including condensation, mildew, mold and inevitably wood rot. As heat rises, such air, therefore, has no other place to go and as a consequence begins to seep through the floor spaces and into the living area above.

Ultimately, this will lead to an inevitable increase in energy consumption. This is because you’ll find yourself working harder to find solutions to these problems. This can mean excessively heating or dehumidifying such areas or placing several fans around the room to increase airflow, all depending on the type of weather at the time.

Yet, perhaps the most significant problems which aren’t so easy to solve instantly with a device is that of poor indoor air quality. Often something not so swiftly spotted, the inadequate conditions below in your crawl space or basement when not ventilated can contribute to many health problems for those members of the household who live above such areas.

Yet, not all ventilation fans are designed with much smaller and awkward to access areas in mind. Therefore, this is where those vent fans specifically designed for crawlspaces and basements come into play.

Here are four of some of the best vent fans for crawl spaces and basements. With all four adequately priced, these are the simplest of solutions for combating problematic airflow and quality in most crawl spaces and basements, ensuring the structure of your home can once again begin to breathe better in the process!

1. Durablow Crawl Space Foundation Dual Fan

Durablow presents a stainless steel crawl space and foundation fan ventilator which claims to offer no less than four fantastic benefits to those purchasing it!Durablow Crawl Space ventilation Fans

The first benefit is that it works to actively reduce the moisture in crawl spaces or the foundations of your home, thus protecting your home itself and all occupants inside it.

Secondly, it strives to increase air circulation, thereby avoiding any wood rot from condensation.

Thirdly, this crawl space fan exhausts unpleasant gases and any odors while preventing them from seeping into the living areas.

Finally, these exhaust fan is the ideal solution for improving the air quality of your rooms while balancing the humidity simultaneously.

Complete in a 100% stainless steel 304 graded panel and a housing box, this construction ensures a longer life span especially as it’s placed into the more humid of environments.

Durablow claims the structure and implementation of these dual fans, in particular, are much better than other brands using galvanized steel.

This is an AC Axial fan which means it’s a dual fan complete with power cord. Featuring a built-in dehumidistat with thermostat protection, this is a low noise model offering at least 6.5 feet of cable for practicality. With an airflow rate of 220 CFM, this is a 120-volt rating model using all UL listed components.

This is most suitable for damp spaces as it is corrosion resistant and damp resistant. Better still, as this is a built-in dehumidistat model, it will work to turn on and off automatically when the humidity levels rise. Therefore, it works all year round, meaning that you don’t have to worry about setting up options manually.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Durablow Dual fan model find this a very well made product which does make a noticeable improvement when installed. Claimed to be quiet when in operation, it is also considered a more durable of choices for the smaller and more demanding of places it’s fitted into.

2. Elite-Air FAT2 220 CFM Dual Fan Crawl Space Fans with Dehumidistat

Endeavoring offer an Elite-Air model which is a dual fan for crawl space ventilation, and which also features a dehumidistat Durablow M2D.Elite-Air FAT2 220 CFM Dual Fan Crawl Space Fans with Dehumidistat

With an ability to choose whether you want to install this model yourself, or instead opt for expert replacement installation, this can also be used in place of those V2D Tjernlund and MFB M3D models.

Individually designed in mind to withstand the most unforgiving of conditions, this is aimed at those damp environments usually found in many a crawlspace area.

One of the best features of this model is that it allows all the components that are used in its make up to be individually replaced when necessary. This assures you that should one small element of it fail in use or should any of the parts begin to reduce through wear and tear, you can immediately replace them cheaply- without having to spend money on a brand new system.

This unit includes an airflow capacity of 220 CFM and a corded electric power source. Visually, a most simple product this works by pulling in air from outside via a vent in your crawl space. The idea is then to push the dry air out of another static vent in the same area.

This dual-fan simply allows you to select the level of humidity you prefer between 20% to 80% overall. This is via the manual dehumidistat. Then you merely walk away and let the fan do its job!

The dual fan then gets to work on preventing condensation as well as mold, mildew and wood rot. Also, it then works to exhaust problematic gases building and spreading while treating any odors before they have a chance to reach the living environment.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Elite-Air dual-fan find this considerably easy to install by themselves without having to rely on any outside expert help. Better still, claimed to be a well-made model, it’s suggested by many satisfied customers that it works exceptionally well at ventilating the crawl space, with many noticing greatly improved conditions once it has been up and running in just a short space of time.

3. Tjernlund V2D UnderAire Crawl Space Ventilation Fans

Tjernlund’s ventilator fan is a V2D UnderAire model which has been primarily designed to reduce the moisture in the air space, therefore reducing problematic mold in the process.Tjernlund V2D UnderAire Crawl Space Ventilator Fan

This silver 220 CFM, airflow capacity model, comes complete with a dehumidistat and offers a 40-wattage and maintenance-free exhaust type of fan.

To reduce and then ventilate those collective damp and musty crawl spaces in the home, this works on existing and passive vents located in such areas.

The faceplate of this model is therefore sized perfectly for ventilation purposes and openings through that standard of block foundations.

Complete with its adjustable dehumidistat, there is also a freeze protection limit process here as well as a convenient six-foot grounded power cord.

Better still, if you find that you need to re-adjust the faceplate sizing, you can easily do so here by trimming it. Many people find they prefer to do this when matching their non-standard foundation openings here.

In addition to such practicality, this fan also assures you that it will not operate should the freeze protection thermostat element of it sense those lower outdoor temperatures. Therefore, it offers the ultimate peace of mind in operation all year round.

Tjernlund is the designer and creator of high quality products which all work towards solving those most common ventilation, heating and cooling problems home owners regularly experience.

Therefore, this specific model is renowned for exhausting musty air and supplying fresh air into the home environment while also working towards eliminating condensation through increasing the air circulation. The result is an improved living environment which is healthier and subsequently more comfortable for all in the home.

Customer feedback

Customers of the Tjernlund fan find that it really does remove those musty and damp issues and indeed odors, exceeding their initial expectations. Considered quiet in operation, the power derived by this model is very highly rated with many customers pleased at the little effort it takes to install this model. Many also note how this fan gets to work, offering results in just a short space of 24 hours in some cases!

4. AC Infinity Airtitan T8 Crawl Space/Basement Ventilator Fan

AC Infinity sells a crawl space and basement ventilator fan which is a visually sleek and modern in design, and offers customers the option of installing it on their own – or with the use of an expert replacement installation service.AC Infinity Airtitan T8 Crawl Space/Basement Ventilator Fan

With the overall aim of providing a fan system which actively ventilates and controls moisture levels in crawl spaces and those basement areas, this is a heavy-duty stainless steel framed fan which is made of the highest quality components.

Featuring a fantastic programmable controller which has a corded sensor probe, this fan can even be programmed to adjust the airflow in automatic response to temperature and humidity levels.

With the emphasis on reducing humidity, this fan can work on preventing any possible mold growth at the same time when exhausting those problematic odors from the home, as well as unnecessary pollutants as well.

The stainless steel frame protects IP-44 rated fans, which in turn ensure the fans are highly resistant when it comes to liquids and dust particles.

Coming complete with a wall adapter, this exhaust design offers an airflow capacity of 240 CFM and is said to be quiet when in operation. This reduction in noise is aided by the DC motors, which are controlled using what is known as Pulse Width Modulation, that is PWM.

This means the fans maximize the airflow while not just reducing the noise element but also the power consumption.

The smart programming element of this fan has to be its best feature though, with a program that can be set to run continuously or on a timer at customized speeds to suit you. There is also alarm warnings, fan failure alerts, a backup memory, and eco-mode to select from here if you prefer.

Customer feedback

Customers of the AC Infinity ventilation fan offers some fantastic reviews on the ability of this product to actively reduce the moisture levels in even those most humid of spaces of the home. Therefore, performance-wise, it receives some high ratings alongside its ability to offer one of the sleekest and easy to use interfaces and systems due to its smart programming features. Claimed to be simple to install, in operation it’s said by many to be a quiet performer.

Final Thoughts on Crawl Space Ventilation Fans

Perhaps you’ve meant to invest in such a fan as this for some time now – but were unsure about how to get started. These reviewed crawl space ventilation fans indeed show just how affordable and beneficial installing a permanent solution like this in your home actually is!

Hopefully,these reviewed models have given you a clearer idea of how accessible they are, alongside the relative simplicity of installing your very own vent fan into your crawl space or basement.

Fantastically low priced, they may be a small initial outlay, to begin with, but the result of having such ventilation installed correctly in your basement or crawl space will immediately start to pay off once the quantity and indeed quality of airflow in these often problematic areas is targeted. Therefore, vent fans can work to prevent those most common of problems which can occur in almost every home type, but which can often go undetected for a great deal of time also.

Furthermore, we’re confident we’ve highlighted just how essential vent fans are when it comes to keeping both yourself and all other members of the home healthy and comfortable for many more years to come.


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