2020 Review of The Best Cotton Percale Sheets

Percale is always a family favorite. It’s like the most universal selection in the world of sheets. You might even be using it as we speak – you just don’t know it yet.

A Percale sheet is characterized by its crisp yet airy feel. It’s a type of weaving where the cloth is woven in a “one over, one under” manner. A tight weave but still gives air enough space to go in and out freely. Because of this, Percale became a popular choice for many homes. It’s the safest choice if you want a bed sheet suitable for all seasons.

You know it’s Percale when it gets all wrinkly with a little movement. But this crumpled look doesn’t look too bad though, especially if it’s just for domestic use. It’s usually made out of cotton and you know you’ve bought good quality Percale if it gets softer after being laundered.

Percale, like wine, gets better with age.

Nonetheless, one must be very careful when selecting which ones to buy. Low grade Percale can wear off very fast and they become very uncomfortable too. It makes you feel scratchy because the texture starts getting rough. When buying sheets, it’s always a general rule to go for quality over price. After all, what are a few extra bucks compared to a good night’s sleep?

I took the liberty to list some of the best  Percale sheets out in the online market. Check out my top picks below:

  1. Peru Pima Percale Sheets

These sheets claim to be hotel quality given their elegance, luxurious and lustrous look and feel.

Soft and smooth to touch, this luxury sheets are made by Peru Pima, a company that has been around for years, supplying quality sheets to some big hotels here in the USA. The sheets are made from 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton with a thread count is 415. These sheets are durable and easy to care for and can be washed with a machine using cold water ans mild detergent.

Available in Twin, Queen/Full, King and California King in a few colors.

  1. Mellanni Percale Cotton Bed Sheets

Now, Mellani is a popular brand for providing quality sheets at an affordable price and these ones right here can be defined as of “value for your money”!

Made from a thread count of 300 from 100% Cotton without any chemicals, these sheets are superbly crisp and soft to touch and breathable too for a cool and comfortable night. They are also fade resistant and manufactured with quality in mind to ensure their longevity. Available in Full, King, Queen and California King sizes and just 4 colors, they do come with deep pockets with elastic all around for a snug fit and to keep them in place all through the night. They are machine washable.

  1. Pinzon Cotton Percale Sheet Set

In the same price range as the above Mellani Percale Cotton Sheets, these ones are also made with a  300 thread count, 100% cotton and do not contain any chemicals that could irritate the skin.

They are soft to touch with the added advantage of the having moisture-wicking properties common in sports wear, as well as being really breathable which means they’re therefore perfect for those hot summer nights. They are durable and machine washable too and come in Twin sizes, Full, Queen, King and California King.

  1. Queen’s House Rose Floral Percale Bed Sheet

If you want something different from the usual on- colored sheets, then perhaps these floral percale sheets will do the trick?

Available in different floral patterns and colors they are 100% natural cotton, with a thread count of 800 to give you sheets that crispy soft, comfortable and breathable making them really ideal for hot summers. Twin, Full, Queen and King are the sizes available.

Aside from that, they do have matching duvet covers ,curtains valance and decor pillows which you can purchase separately.

  1. Abripedic Cotton Percale Sheets by Royal Hotel

These sheets sold by a popular sheet’s brand, Royal Hotel, claim to offer you luxurious softness like that found in world class hotels.

Crafted from long staple 100% cotton they come in classy, natural colors that are very chic. These 300 thread count sheets are thin but not too much, just enough to make them breathable and come in King and Queen sizes.


  1. Rajlinen Percale Bed Sheet Set

These sheets claim to be ultra soft for a great night’s sleep at a reasonable price.

These Percale sheets are made of 100% regular cotton and have a  400 thread count. They are incredibly soft yet durable with the ability to breath and resist mildew. They are available in a selection of different Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes.


I only reviewed 4-piece sets (one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two standard pillow cases) just in case you were wondering about the items inclusive in the prices mentioned. So whether it’s a new sheet for the guest room or a grand makeover for the master’s bedroom, you’ll surely find a size that fits well.

These are my top picks so whether you try them out or go explore more alternatives is up to you. But just to give you a heads-up, it is advisable to look for these qualities:

  • It should be preferably machine washable because some of these sheets can be too heavy to consider hand-washing.
  • It should be chemical free with OEKO TEX Certification to guarantee this.
  • It should be durable. Buying sheets is no pocket change so make good use of your purchase.
  • Bleachable sheets are preferred – especially if you’re fond of eating and drinking in bed. Also for females, monthly visits can get a little out of hand sometimes so bleachable sheets make stain-removal jobs a whole lot easier.

Overall, Percale cotton sheets are generally a great choice for all year use and can be real life savers especially in the summer because they breath easily, leaving you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Remember though, Percale is an excellent choice when the material used is of superior quality otherwise what you’re get is a scratchy and rough fabric that is anything but comfortable!




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