5 Best Cooling Sheets For Night Sweats in 2020

Sweating at night for whatever reason when you’re in bed can really get in the way of you getting a good night’s sleep so that instead of waking up refreshed, you wake up tired. If you’re one of those people who experience uncomfortable sweaty nights, you need to try some good quality cooling sheets that work by regulating body temperature for dry and cool nights. Cooling sheets ideal for night sweats are made from natural fibers like cotton, eucalyptus and bamboo.

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Cooling sheets are sheets that regulate the body temperature because they may for one reason or another be good at absorbing sweat and fast drying or have moisture-wicking properties, which facilitates body cooling by drawing away sweat from the skin for faster evaporation leaving the skin cool in the process. It is this same moisture-wicking property present in these sheets that is found in most sports wear and workout clothes.

Another characteristic of the best cooling sheets is that they are really breathable instead of trapping excess heat within them. But aside from being breathable, sweat absorbent, fast drying with moisture-wicking properties, overall all the features useful in effectively warding of night sweats, these sheets are also extremely soft so that you’re not only cool in the night but cozy and comfortable as well.

What to look for in the Best Cooling Sheets For Night Sweats:

When shopping for cooling sheets it’s a good idea to look for sheets that clearly state the following say they are breathable, have moisture-wicking properties or have cooling abilities.

So if you’re in the market for some cooling sheets here are sheets we think are the best when it comes to dealing effectively with night sweats.

1. Best Overall: PeachSkin Sheets

In the Mid-price range is PeachSkin Sheets claim to be great for hot perspiring sleepers and cold sleepers as well. This is because they are made with a high performance, athletic grade, breathable smart fabric that is really breathable and effective in managing sweat by wicking it away to keep you cooler and drier. Cold sleepers can also benefit from temperature management that these sheets facilitate for comfortable warm nights making for perfect sheets for all-year use.

PeachSkin Best cooling sheets for night sweats

It is available in a number of bright colors, alongside vast sizes from Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King and Split King.

Featuring a signature peach zipper pull on every product, PeachSkin sheets are hypoallergenic, easy to care for and offer a myriad of anti-features including, anti-fading, anti-shrinking, anti-slip, anti-pilling, anti-wrinkling, anti-microbial, stain resistant and just overall durability.

Interested in these sheets? Read the full review.

Customer reviews rave about staying cool at night with PeachSkin Sheets. Its incredible softness and good quality is something else that stands out in the reviews.

Other things to love about PeachSkin cooling sheets:

Other than being breathable and having moisture-wicking properties for coolness all through the night These sheets come with a number of benefits which we explore below;

  • Soft and comfortable: With a 1500 thread count and brushed on both sides, you should expect nothing less.
  • Long lasting sheets: These sheets are made using high quality performance yarns, with a thread count of 1500. They are strong enough to withstand daily use before you ever need to replace them. They also have so many anti properties that contribute towards their durability drastically.
  • Anti-Microbial and Hypo-Allergenic: If you ask me, germ fighting sheets and sheets that are able to effectively repel pollen, dust mites and other allergens are sheets worth buying!
  • Variety of colors in 7 bed sizes: You get more than 12 color choices with PeachSkin cooling sheets, available in 7 bed sizes.
  • Perfect for pet owners: This is because, the high performance yarns of these sheets does not allow pet hair to weave and attach into them. This same high performance yarns are also great at withstanding pet claws.
  • Perfect for people who suffer from skin allergies: If you’re one of those people who get skin rashes and itches because of using sheets treated with chemicals, then you can find respite with these sheets. No harsh chemicals of pesticides have been used in the construction of the sheets.
  • They do not pile or wrinkle: Provided you follow the wash instructions, you will not be seeing those pesky little balls on your sheets nor will you be needing an iron box with these sheets.
  • Do not shrink nor do they slip off the bed: They do not ride of the mattress which is made possible by the 18″ deep pockets with elastic all around.
  • Fast drying: They claim to dry within 20 minutes on medium heat after washing.
  • Do not stain easily: These cooling sheets do not soak in stains immediately they happen.
  • Colors stay on: The sheets’ colors do not overtime fade with repeated laundering.
  • Customer service: Is fast and very responsive.
  • Money back guarantee: You will 30 days to get your money back in case you have quality issues with your sheets.

What is not do great about PeachSkin sheets;

  • They are fairly expensive: But one could argue you get value for your money given all the benefits that you get with these sheets

2. Sheex Performance Sheet Set

Top of the price range, Sheex’s Original Performance are sheets that are specially designed for temperature regulating and cooling

Sheex Temperature Regulating Sheets Lightweight and ultra-soft it is incredibly smooth to touch and claims to offer the ultimate bed sheet for advanced thermoregulation and a breathability 2 times more effective than traditional cotton. Sheex sheets incorporate an advanced sleep-fit technology which ensures sleep isn’t interrupted by temperature changes by transferring moisture for evaporation resulting in a cool comfortable night.

Other than being perfect for night sweats, these sheets are also resistant to fading, wrinkling and piling. Available in a 10 color variations, this set comes with sheets and two pillowcases. Sizes available include Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King, and Twin sizes.

From the customer reviews Sheex’s sheets as some of the best cooling sheets in the market along with with being some of the softest they’ve ever used. They claim these sheets are unbelievably smooth on the skin, some even going as far as to state they’re softer than Egyptian cotton sheets, and we all know, Egyptian cotton sheets are superior quality sheets!

Other things to love about Sheex cooling sheets:

  • Durable: Sheex sheets are constructed using highest quality materials and engineered to last for many years provided they’re properly taken care of.
  • They are soft to touch: This is in addition to being thermal regulating and cooling which translates to a comfortable night overall.
  • Deep pockets with thick elastic: This ensure a snag secure fit preventing the sheet from coming off the bed.
  • Wrinkle resistant: They do not come wrinkled neither do they wrinkle after you launder them as recommended.
  • Flexible fabric: Fitted sheet is able to expands in each direction which means that it can fit various mattress sizes without loosing shape.
  • Customer guarantee: They do offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your sheets’ quality.

What’s not to love?

  • They are expensive.
  • Construction materials may not work for some people: The two materials used to make these sheets, polyester and spandex may put some people off.

3. Classic Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha

Similarly priced to Sheex Performance, Cariloha’s bed sheets are made exclusively from Bamboo known for its many benefits with the most prominent being its germ-fighting and hypoallergenic properties. Read the full review.

Best Temperature Regulating SheetsCariloha claim that these sheets can effectively keep the user up to three degrees cooler than any ordinary cotton sheet can.

The hypoallergenic properties of these sheets makes them prefect for people who suffer from allergies while those who have sensitive skin can find respite with these sheets because no harsh chemicals have been used in the processing of Bamboo therefore safe to use with no reactions and irritations.

Comes in a four-piece set comprising of two pillowcases and a fitted and top sheet, in sizes Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King and a small selection of colors

Customers highly rate the effectiveness of Cariloha sheets at keeping them cool throughout the night and further noting them as being some of the most comfortable sheets they have ever slept on! This rating also extends to their generous sizing.

Additional features to love about the sheets:

  • Excellent quality construction and luxurious look: Almost as superior as Egyptian cotton but without the extreme price tag.
  • Sheets are strong and durable: They are constructed using twill weave, a type of weave known to produce the strongest and most durable types of bamboo sheets.
  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties. Means you bed is kept free from germs and allergens.
  • Does not ride off the mattress: The extra deep pockets with full-length elastic all around ensures that the sheet stays put on the bed without sliding off during the night.
  • Ultra soft and plush: Bamboo sheets are known for their ultra soft and silky feel, and these ones are no exception.
  • Pro-Environment: Unlike cotton that has lately been the subject of concern due to the huge amount of pesticides used in growing it, Bamboo doesn’t need pesticides or other chemicals to grow. This therefore alleviates major concerns about skin irritations caused by allergic reactions to fabrics grown with chemicals.
  • Eco-Friendly and easily renewable source: Bamboo sheets and other bamboo bedding are a sustainable alternative given that bamboo plant grows to towering heights in just a matter of months, all the while without requiring any irrigation or replanting after harvesting.
  • Customer guarantee: Cariloha offer a 30 day quality guarantee in case of any quality issue.

What’s not to love:

  • They are expensive.
  • Limited color options: There are currently just have 4 color options available.

4. Oasis Fine Linens Island Bamboo Sheets

Oasis Fine Linens Island is another brand offering Bamboo sheets that are great at moisture-wicking and cooling. This set comprises of two pillowcases and two sheets.

Best Temperature Regulating SheetThough only offering a six color shades but equally stunning in design, Oasis Fine Linen’s sheets are available in Full, Queen, King or California King sizes and are made from 100% Rayon from Bamboo. With the objective to keep the user from overheating, Oasis have designed a set that balances heat production and cooling, to create sheets that are breathable with the warmth you would expect from flannel sheets but without being bulky.

Said to be among the softest on the market which isn’t surprising seeing as bamboo is the material of choice, these sheets are generous in their size dimensions and work at moisture-wicking to effectively keep you cool season after season with no sweaty nights.

Customer reviews claim that these sheets offer the perfect night’s sleep keeping you cool all the way through. Also mentioned severally is the softness and luxurious feel of these sheets.

Additional features to love about the sheets:

  • Quality sheets, Soft and silky: As is the case with most Bamboo sheets.
  • Cooling sheets have undergone an anti-wear treatment: This is to ensure that the sheets are durable and capable of withstanding daily use and laundering.
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties: Sheets made from Bamboo plant are known to naturally fight germs, bacteria and allergens which means your bed surface stays hygienic and allergy attacks in the bedroom are minimized.
  • Do not pile: This is made possible by the anti-wear treatment.
  • Sheets are oversized: This allows for a secure fit without popping off for mattresses up to 22″ inches thick.
  • They are wrinkle free: They do not come wrinkled as is the case with some sheets neither do they wrinkle after washing.
  • Renewable and sustainable alternative: Regarded as one of the fastest growing natural resources, Bamboo is definitely not going anywhere any time soon. It grows very fast without needing to be replanted after harvesting or watered.
  • Made using Environment friendly source: Seeing as Bamboo plant has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, it does not need pesticides to grow therefore don’t in any way contribute to air, water or land pollution.
  • Great customer support: Highly rated customer support that is responsive and fast.

What’s not to love:

  • They spot, pile and wrinkle: Only if the wash and care instructions are not followed precisely. But to be fair, this will happen with most bamboo sheets if you do not properly care for them.
  • Few color options: Only 6 cool colors are available and nothing so striking.

5. Linenspa Bamboo Bed Sheet Set

Linenspa offers bamboo sheets that are just as effective for cooling and night sweats.

Temperature Regulating Sheets Luxuriously soft and smooth these sheets are breathable and work just like the above to regulate temperature for cooling. With a small selection of color choices, in sizes Twin, Full, King, California King and a couple of Split sizes Linenspa’s sheets are oversized to provide a perfect fit without slipping off.

Customer reviews give a special mention to the larger fittings than usual which ensures the sheets stay in place throughout the night. They also claim these sheets offer a fantastic night’s sleep due to the added freshness in the material attributable to bamboo and its deodorizing properties.

Additional features to love about the sheets

  • They are affordable: The price tag on these sheets is reasonable.
  • Comfortable: LineSpa sheets are incredibly soft and smooth.
  • Stay put on the bed: Deep pocket fitted sheet and oversized flat sheets are able to secure fit mattresses up to 22 inches deep.
  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties: Sheets are able to effectively keep the bed surface free from germs, pollen, dust mites and other allergens. Sheets are perfect for those who suffer from allergy attacks in the bedroom
  • Sustainable alternative: The supply of Bamboo sheets can accommodate the need because Bamboo trees self irrigate and regrow on their own after harvesting at rapid rates. You are actually contributing to the betterment of the environment when you buy these sheets.
  • Made using Environment friendly source: Bamboo material is a safer and healthier material to use for bed sheets compared to cotton. This is because Bamboo plant has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, it does not need pesticides to grow or harm the environment in any way.
  • Available in split sizes: That is in addition to Twin, Twin XL, Queen, Full XL and King sizes.

What’s not to love:

  • Limited color options: Just 6
  • They wrinkle badly: Expect them to wrinkle when you use them.

The temperature regulating capabilities of cooling sheets is what makes them practical choice to use not only for night sweats, but all year including even on hot summer nights because the body temperature is balanced throughout the night so that you don’t wake up all hot, sweaty and uncomfortable!


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