10 Best Commercial Ozone Generator Machines For Odors, Smoke and Other Air Pollutants in 2020

Commercial ozone generator machines use the Ozone (O3) natural compound in cleansing spaces that are ridden with viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and other air pollutants such as pollen. This natural powerful oxidant contains three atoms of oxygen.

The third oxygen atom makes ozone extremely reactive and therefore very effective as a cleansing agent because of it ability to attache itself to other molecules. When air pollutants meet ozone, an oxidation reaction occurs and the pollutants are destroyed. Ozone eventually reverts back to oxygen.

The best part of the Ozone is that it has a pleasant fresh, earthy scent. It is the same scent that you experience after rain.

Check out these high quality performance ozone generators that will help cleanse your home or business establishment of bad odors, smoke, allergens  as well as germs and bacteria.

Review of the Best Commercial Ozone Generators

1. New Comfort Stainless Steel Commercial Ozone Generator UV Air Purifier

You will find the New Comfort Stainless Steel Commercial Ozone Generator UV Air Purifier to be most helpful in getting rid of pungent odors such as those that come about from pet urine and feces that have seeped into carpets, wood and fabric as well as strong tobacco odor can be irritating for most people.

This EPA certified ozone generator has the ability to kill mold, bacteria and mildew and get rid of the toughest and pungent odors to name a few. It does so by generating the ozone molecule to eliminate strong odors and airborne chemicals and particles.

This unit is also equipped with UV lamps that utilize wave length to alter the DNA of viruses, molds and bacteria rendering them harmless.

As a commercial grade air purifier it is constructed from high grade stainless steel. It is therefore very durable and can withstand the regular knocks that come with being moved around.

Where ozone is concerned safety is always a huge issue. That is why this generator comes with two ozone intensity modes. The first is the low mode of 6000 mg/hr while the other is the high mode of 12000 mg/hr which is an industrial grade level of ozone output.

The unit also comes with 120 minute timer. Its recommended that you set the timer to run for the preferred amount of time such as 10 or 20 minutes based in your space cleansing needs.

Remember that ozone purifiers are used in non occupied spaces only. So note it is essential to remove yourself and your pets from the house when an ozone purifier is on. It is recommended that you enter the house 30 mins after the timer has gone off. And then proceed to open all the windows to air the space. It is EPA certified.


  • Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 7 inches
  • Has a stainless steel exterior construction
  • Has 2 intensity modes 6000 mg/hr and 12000 mg/hr
  • Service life of the ozone plate is 5000 hours
  • Comes with a timer of 120 minutes maximum

Customer feedback

The numerous customers who have discovered the power of this unit mentioned that they used it for odor removal in varied settings. This air purifier is perfect for musty smokers rooms and it is also used in hotels rooms, schools, car dealerships, farms, salons, labs, restaurants, animal zones, hospitals,basements, restroom or water damaged homes.

2. Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Ozone Generator

The residual smell of smoke after a fire, pets waste that set into wood or cement and backed up sewer stenches are some of the few stubborn odors that can be extremely hard to shake off a space. This commercial grade Ozone generator is great solution for your home or office that is affected by smoke or pet related odors.

Basements are notorious for dampness that becomes a haven for mold and mildew amongst other air pollutants. Cars and boats can also become a place where mold and odors fester. If you run a restaurant or bar that has developed a musty smell, a round of frequent air purification using this ozone generator should have your establishment smelling fresh. Other than being able to kill airborne bacteria and vanquish unpleasant smells from your space, it leaves a neutral fresh scent.

The Airthereal has a deodorizing ozone output of 5000 mg/hr that can sort out any odor issue you need to address. Depending on your home and establishment, deodorizing every one to two weeks can keep you air clean with no lingering odors. In the process it also gets rid of allergens.


  • Dimensions: 6.8 x 7.4 x 6.8 inches
  • Comes in a tough powder coated steel exterior construction
  • Has 1 intensity mode with an ozone output of 5000 mg/hr
  • 5,000 hours service life of ozone plate
  • Equipped with a 120 minute timer

Customer feedback

One user who paints buildings and houses for his clients, bought this as a valued added service for his customers. Since paints release harmful gases such as formaldehyde, he uses this after finishing the interior painting to purify the air. This unit lessens the discomfort that a freshly painted house can cause. The applications of ozone deodorizing are numerous and beneficial to any home, office or entertainment establishments such as bars, restaurants and hotels. Remember to set the timer to the preferred duration you intend to deodorize a room for. That can be anything from 10,20, 40 to 60 or 120 minutes depending on the strength of the odors to be gotten rid of.

3. Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator

The Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator provides increased usage hours with a timer that can be set to maximum time of 180 minute. This is thanks to ceramic ozone plates in addition to a hold button. Why a ceramic instead of metal plate? This means you get a consistent ozone output which minimizes the need for re-treatment.Best Commercial Ozone Generator Machines For Odors, Smoke

It very rare that you will have strong and stubborn enough odors that warrant you to have this ozone air purifier on for a full 180 minutes or more. More often than not 10,20,30,60 minutes is more than enough time to purify the air in a space. However, for those special and rare circumstances that need longer purification durations, then you know that this unit has you covered through the ‘hold’ button that will run indefinitely until you switch off the unit.

The exterior casing is made of a tough aluminum alloy that is rustproof and easy to clean. The compact design and ergonomic foldable handle makes this unit compact and portable as well easy to store. It is CE and RoHS certified showing it conforms with environmental, health and safety standards.


  • Dimensions: 7.75 x 6.5 x 9
  • Comes in an industrial aluminium alloy casing
  • Has 1 intensity mode with an ozone output of 6000 mg/hr
  • The service life of the ozone plate is 5,000 hours
  • Equipped with a 180 minute timer

Customer feedback

A customer who bought this shared how this unit solved a stinky issue for them. They love the fact that they can use the unit for longer when dealing with hard to expunge odors. It is hard to believe what days of cleaning would not achieve was accomplished in a 2 hour run with this ozone generator. It knocks out the worst of the odors leaving the room or  car smelling fresh and clean.

4. OdorStop Professional Grade Ozone Generator with UV

OdorStop Professional Grade Ozone Generator with UV is a good option for eliminating odors in your home or office. The unit has multiple Ozone generating outputs ranging from as low as 100 – 1080mg/hr for room up to up to 2,500 sq feet.

So if you are looking for an air purifier that has a moderate ozone output, you will most likely find this option to be a good fit.


  • Dimensions: 5 x 0 x 7.5 inches
  • Comes in a durable and easy to clean Aluminium casing
  • Has ozone output ranging from 100mg/hr to of 1080mg/hr
  • The service life of the ozone plate is 5,000 hours
  • Comes accompanied with a 12-hr timer and hold option

Customer feedback

Although this unit has many air purifying applications, a customer who bought this products expressed that one of the ways he uses this unit is by  leaving it on when travelling for an extended period of time. She will simply put it on ‘hold’ setting and use the random ventilate function on the central air system to move the ozone to all the rooms. By the time she gets back after a couple of weeks the house will be fresh and clean. This is an excellent ozone generating purifier for a residential home and smaller commercial establishments. It is not too powerful but proportionately sized for home use.

5. Vivosun Industrial Commercial Ozone Generator

The Vivosun Industrial Commercial Ozone Generator as well creates O3 compound which sanitizes a space by breaking down odors, micro-organisms and other pollutants at their source. Bacteria and mold that causes bad odor do not stand a chance when this beast comes to play.

This unit effectively eliminates any odors from room. If your kitchen, bathroom, hotel, car or office has lingering bad odors that deep cleaning is unable to remove, this ozone generating unit could be your best bet.

The Ozone plates are designed to last a user approximately 20,000 hours and even then, they can be easily replaced. Cigarette smoke, cooking and pet odors in addition to other airborne irritants have zero chance against a maximum ozone output of 10,000 mg/hr when machine is turned on.


  • Dimensions: 1 x 10.9 x 9.4 inches
  • Comes in a durable powder coated Aluminium casing
  • Has a maximum ozone output of 10,000 mg/hr
  • The service life of the ozone plate is 20,000 hours
  • Comes accompanied with 160 minute timer and hold option

Customer feedback

There is no shortage of bad odors in the home as well as in the farm such as in hydroponic grow rooms. Any space that has odors that need to be stopped, the Vivosun Industrial Commercial Ozone Generator is your best friend. Customers love that they can use this unit for a long time with the 20,000 hr ozone service plate.

6. Concise Home 10000 mg/hr Commercial Ozone Generator

It’s almost inevitable that one or other type of odor will rear its ugly head in the house or office. This can range from factors such as a fire, backed up sewage, cooking odors or unattended deaths. While cleaning helps, it may unable to get rid of most of these pungent and harsh odors.

By running a Concise Home Commercial Ozone Generator for a few minutes or hours depending on how stubborn an odor is, it will ensure that crisp air freshness is restored to the space.  This ozone air purifier has a tough powder coated metal exterior and an ergonomic handle for easy portability from one room to another, or from one property to another. The design is also compact which makes for easy storage.

With this ozone Purifier, you can rid the air in your space of odors effectively. It will work well if you encounter odors that can with stand 10 to 20 minutes of ozone exposure. In the event that you do, you can set the timer at maximum or hold position for longer running times.


  • Dimensions: 8.7 x 11 x 7.1 inches
  • Durable exterior is a powder coated Aluminium casing
  • Has a maximum ozone output of 10,000 mg/hr
  • The service life of the ozone plate is 5,000 hours
  • Comes accompanied with 120 minute timer and hold option

Customer feedback

Users have applied these machine in varied situations and it has proven to be worth every penny. One user, who lives in a humid area, explained that she uses this ozone generator for both of her cars because the humidity quickly generates a musty smell in almost everything. She runs the unit for 10 minutes in each one, with the ventilation fan on high to circulate the air. Then she leaves everything closed up for an hour before airing out the car by opening the windows and doors. The ozone smell will take a while to dissipate so you must be prepared not to use the car for some hours. But after a few hours of airing, the interior smells nothing but clean and earthy fresh.

7. Mammoth 5,000 mg/hr Ozone Generator

If you are keen on eliminating odors, viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and pollutants in the air, running the Mammoth Ozone generator in the rooms of the house, open spaces at the office as well as enclosed spaces such as wardrobes is a good idea.

The mammoth generator has a solid metal exterior construction and handle that allow for easy transportation as well as a toughness that can withstand inevitable knocks while on the job.

Users whose air purifying needs do not require massive industrial scale output of Ozone, find this Ozone generator to be the best fit for them.


  • Dimensions: 8.7 x 11 x 7.1 inches
  • Durable exterior is powder coated Aluminium casing
  • Has a maximum ozone output of 3500 mg/hr and 5,000 mg/hr
  • It has a service life of 6,000 hours on the ozone plate
  • Equipped with a 120 minute timer and hold option

This is a great tool to use after regular or deep cleaning the house or office. Turn it on to a select space and leave on for half an hour.

Customer feedback

Customers who have bought this unit gave an excellent review of the service. One user bought a used car that belonged to a smoker, getting rid of the smoke odor proved difficult than he had anticipated. Cleaners and fresheners could not get the job done. Upon trying this unit, recommended by a friend, they ran the ozone generator on timer for 30 minutes in the car with it placed on the center armrest. After they let the car sit, buttoned up overnight.

The morning the customer took the car out for a spin with the all the windows down for about 30 minutes. The ozone smell had disappeared long with any smoke odor. The seats and all the upholstery in the car had been literally cleansed and smelled fresh. Interestingly, the customer had used a unit loaned from a friend but because of the performance he ended up  ordering himself one online.

8. Ozonlife Commercial Ozone Generator

The Ozone life Commercial Ozone Generator is super powerful. It comes equipped with a powerful ozone plate that can generate an ozone output of 10,000 mg/h and 120 minute timer and hold option.

The beauty of an ozone generator is the ease of operation that it allows and efficiency in eliminating odors while purifying your air.


  • Dimensions: 9.3 x 1 x 6.8 inches
  • Metal exterior with a powder coated Aluminium casing for longevity
  • Has a maximum ozone output of 10000 mg/hr
  • The service life of the ozone plate is 20,000hrs
  • Comes with a 120-minute timer

Customer feedback

This is a great unit for a house setting. It works efficiently to remove the odors according to most customers. For one customer the efficiency resulted in them enjoying a house. After buying a house that had been unoccupied for over two years it came with a strong musty smell. They got this machine and ran it for 8 hours straight on day one. The odor disappeared every time and they would use it frequently for freshening their space as needed.

9. ELINP Industrial Ozone Generator

The most effective recommended way to use the ELINP Industrial Ozone Generator is to apply the ozone treatment once or twice a week for at preferred durations that could range from 10-120 minutes depending on odor strength. If odors are recurrent, simply increase the treatment duration and frequency.Best Commercial Ozone Generator Machines For Odors, Smoke

Realtors who have to move around with this unit from one property to another, will appreciate the tough metal exterior as well as the heavy duty efficiency of the unit. This unit can remove all odors even ones that have been recurrent over a long period of time.


  • Dimensions: 9 x 7.2 x 9.5 inches
  • Metal exterior with a powder coated Aluminium casing for longevity
  • Has a maximum ozone output of 10000 mg/hr
  • The service life of the ozone plate is 20,000hrs
  • Comes equipped with a 120 minute timer and hold option

Customer feedback

This commercial ozone generator is a great option for ships, homes, restaurants and hospitals to name a few. It does a fantastic job of getting rid of odors in small to large spaces. Customers mentioned that you have to clean the space thoroughly before using the unit in order for it to be most effective.

10. DKMHA Industrial Ozone Generator

The DKMHA Industrial Ozone Generator features the latest design, with full metal casing for protection and longevity. The ceramic Ozone board requires no cleaning making this unit very low maintenance. The manufacturer promises you free replacement of ceramic Ozone board once within 5 years should the need arise.

This unit is really powerful and is not recommended for long running use unless absolutely necessary. The good thing is that although powerful, one can regulate the timer for shorter runs such as 10-20 minutes for regular domestic use. When the need arises, the units maximum power can be harnessed at full blast for large spaces and for exceptionally strong and stubborn odors such as backed up sewage, spilt chemicals or properties that have to deal with the after smell of an unattended death.


  • Dimensions: 9.1 x 7.3 x 9.4 inches
  • Exterior is metal encased with a powder coated finish for longevity
  • Has a maximum ozone output of 10000 mg/hr
  • The service life of the ozone plate is 6,000hrs
  • Come with a 120 minute timer and hold option

Customer feedback

Customers reported satisfaction using this unit because it works effectively and it is extremely powerful. It offers an easy use for all types of users and customers love that it is very low maintenance. They also love the use of ceramic plates.


When harsh cleaning chemicals, fresheners and deep cleaning fail to get rid of stubborn odors it is time to let natures ozone molecule generators take over and purify, sanitize, freshen while getting rid of all odors. Use one of the best and powerful commercial ozone generator machine featured above to keep your space clean and fresh smelling.



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