9 Best Commercial Grade Clothing Racks for Heavy Duty Use in 2020

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Table of Contents

The importance of a commercial grade clothing rack cannot be underestimated when it comes to holding a ton of clothing items in the bedroom, clothing store or department. A regular clothing rack can’t accommodate the heavy duty consistent use without getting damaged or just collapsing under the weight.

Commercial grade clothing racks are ideal for use in a storage facility or for heavy travel situations like on a fashion show or television production. But these racks are also great for people who have an extensive wardrobe. Commercial grade racks are cost effective for such applications because they can cost as little as $60 but can hold a massive amount of clothes. They are a great investment for small spaces with limited storage space. Using these racks has incredible benefits including

1. Keeping stock organized

Using heavy duty commercial grade clothing racks comes in handy when you have to keep a lot of clothing organized, properly displayed and segregated. This enables one to find garments faster since the clothes can be arranged by color, size or brands. You can take it further and use specialized commercial grade racks that have sub-divisions to make browsing through the rack even easier.

2. Decluttering

Clothing racks take clothes off flat surfaces by providing the option of hangers. By placing the clothes on the racks, the room is decluttered and the rack can be stashed in a corner creating space. When working in small rooms economical use of space becomes crucial for easy retrieval of garments. Plus, commercial grade clothing racks are constructed to take the heavy weight of many clothes for an extended period so you can use the rack as a storage facility.

3. Mobility

You can travel with the racks without having to pack the clothes away if one has a large enough vehicle. They are also convenient to work with when moving wardrobe from one place to another like on the set of a TV show or fashion runway show. You can disassemble or fold the rack and store it away when not in use.

4. Convenience

With a clothing rack you can enjoy the convenience of not having to set up your display daily. Once the clothes are loaded onto the rack in the correct order they will stay put. You will not have to spend too much time on arranging the display every morning eating into time for other core duties.

Below we review 9 of the best commercial grade clothing racks that we feel are sturdy and well built for heavy duty use both in the home and commercially. We picked these products based on quality of construction as well as customer feedback and ratings on durability and overall sturdiness and stability overtime.

Review of the Best Commercial Grade Clothing Racks for Heavy Duty Use

1. Simple Houseware Commercial Garment Rolling Rack

This offering from Simple Houseware combines style, elegance and a sturdy construction to give users long term classic service. The finish is chrome which lends the rack timeless elegance.

Because of its sturdy construction using quality heavy duty metal, this rack is popular within the retail industry for heavy duty tasks. The rack can take more than 400 clothing items at the same time.

The entire frame is made from solid steel with the hang rail featuring round tubing. The Z-shaped base is great for stability and is also quick to assemble and disassemble because it comes in three parts that fit together seamlessly. Storage is also easy since the rack is collapsible.

One can choose either the neutral all black base, silver or the fun red colored base. With four casters the rack can be moved around fast and easily even with a heavy load. Unfortunately it’s not an adjustable rack.

Customer feedback

Customers love the choice between three base colors which is not typically an option with most commercial grade clothing racks. According to the customers, companies concentrate mostly on the construction of the racks and pay little attention to the aesthetics. But some customers found the red to be too conspicuous for an already massive industrial type clothing rack, the silver base, is a customer favorite. Nearly all were impressed by the quality of construction and load capacity of the rack though.

It receives high ratings for overall durability and sturdiness and is one of the highest and most popular clothing racks available for purchase online.

2. Langria Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Clothing Garment Rack

Another model highly rated for sturdiness and durability, this rack by Langria features a smart design which not only makes it a reliable commercial grade clothing rack for heavy duty use but also a very convenient one.

Its frame is heavy duty metal with a rust proof finish and has the ability to hold up to 287 pounds of clothing on its double rail design. The double rail design allows one to arrange garments according to one’s preferred configuration like size on one side and color on the other side. A grid bottom shelf at the very bottom can also be used for additional storage.

What’s more, the rails are expandable to ensure that the rack can be used for both long and short clothes without getting dirty and the rails can also be moved further out to accommodate even more clothes.

Aesthetically, it has a fantastic shiny finish that makes it presentable in professional settings. Additionally, it is convenient to travel with because of its high portability. The rack collapses into pieces that can easily be stored without taking up much space and assembly is easy as well.

Moreover, the caster wheels on this rack are omnidirectional facilitating fast movement and two of the wheels are lockable to prevent the rack from running off when left free standing.

Customer feedback

Customers love the smart design on the Langria Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Clothing Garment Rack because of the expandability of the rails and two separate hanging rails on the same rack. Most of all however, it’s the quality of construction and the fact that it remains sturdy through a ton a clothing hanging on it that had most users recommending it. Additionally, there are other users who were happy with the placement of the wheels and locking ability which gives the rack stability. Also, some appreciated the fast assembly with this rack.

3. Only Hangers Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Double Bar Rolling Z Rack

When selecting a commercial grade clothing rack you don’t have to compromise on the aesthetics of the rack. Robust Only Hangers clothing rack looks great with its black nesting base that contrasts beautifully with the all steel frame. It also looks professional because of its sturdy construction.

The steel frame is solid and durable with the capability to withstand heavy and consistent use for a long time. The double bar design allows you to hang clothes on both the top and bottom bar. To comfortably accommodate clothes on both bars you can extend the height of the rack from 70 inches to 85 inches.

This rack can take up to a whooping 400 pounds in clothing weight. The bottom is fitted with four neat rubber wheels that smoothly glide along any surface from wood to concrete and everything in between with ease. The top can be removed and it is light enough to be carried in and out of a venue or room to room easily without disassembling.

Customer feedback

Customers love the easy mobility of this rack combined with the beautiful contrast of black and stainless steel on the finish. They are happy with the robustness and load capacity of the rack citing its convenience when dealing with a large quantity of clothing.

4. Songmics Industrial Commercial Grade Clothes Double Rail Rack

Songmics is a popular storage solutions brand with excellent offerings in commercial grade clothing rack and this rack is proof of that. Songmics Commercial Grade Clothes Double Rail Rack is made from industrial iron pipe to ensure it remains sturdy and stable throughout consistent use. The pipes look rustic but that lends to the trendy appeal of the rack especially when used in a commercial setting.

It features double hang rails at different heights. The base is simple and it can offer additional storage to accommodate boxes or shoes and the sides are fitted with cross bars to hang accessories from.

The load capacity of this rack is 250 pounds.

The four caster wheels make it easy to maneuver the rack and it can stay in place by locking two of the wheels.

To make it easier to assemble, the rack comes with assembly tools as well as numbered parts. They also provide illustrated instructions.

Customer feedback

Most customers are happy with the overall quality of this rack especially the industrial pipes which provide a sturdy construction while keeping the rack looking trendy. They love the double railing design because it provides ample storage for lots of clothes. The elevated base is another favorite aspect of this rack for some customers since it can be used as an additional storage space to prevent clutter on the floor.

From the reviews, this is indeed confirmed to ideal for heavy duty use

5. Tatkraft Drogo Heavy Duty Clothes Rack

With the capacity to take a load of up to 220 pounds, this supreme commercial grade rolling clothing rack from Tatkraft is robust and solidly constructed making it ideal for heavy duty use.

The construction is all heavy duty steel on the frame with four heavy duty mobility enhancing caster wheels that are made from plastic but coated with metal for durability.

It has a shiny chrome finish which lends it a fantastic aesthetic. It is highly portable meaning it can be taken on travels as it can be folded for discrete storage.

For the sake of flexibility, this unit can be fully adjusted horizontally and vertically allowing for customization depending on user needs. Length can be adjusted from 127 to 187 cm while the height can go from 144 to 169 cm. The bottom bars can be used to provide additional storage.

Customer feedback

Customers love the simple design of this rack which belies its practicality and functionality. Their most notable advantage of this rack is that it has extendable horizontal and vertical rods which provide even more room for their clothes. They also love the overall construction which is strong and stable through a ton of clothing. It’s also said to be easy to assemble and disassemble.

6. Hokeeper Commercial Grade Clothing Garment Rack

From Hokeeper, this heavy duty garment rack has a capacity of 330 pounds. It offers an excellent chrome finish and the frame is constructed from corrosion resistant heavy 1.0 mm thick steel for durability. Therefore, construction is sturdy enough for this rack to serve a large wardrobe and is beautifully finished to add elegance to the bedroom at home.

Furthermore, this is a very versatile unit that is fully adjustable. The horizontal rail rod can be adjusted from 51” to 75′ inches while the vertical height can be extended From 57” to 67”. Two lower bottom rods can be used for extra storage as well.

The caster wheels on this rack are great for mobility so it can easily be move from one location to another. What’s more two of the four wheels can be locked to maintain the rack stationary.

Customer feedback

In addition to the robust build, stability and overall great quality of this rack, customers also loved the double rail design of this rack because it offers more space for hanging clothes. Customers also appreciated the manual which comes with this rack to help with the process of assembly. It is simple to assemble but it doesn’t hurt to have a manual to refer to.

7. Garment Racks Etc Commercial grade Adjustable Garment Rack

From the all chrome frame to the elevated base design, Garment Racks Etc clothing rack has character. It fits into a bedroom just as well as it does into a store. The rack is easy to assemble and it comes with a graphic picture to help with the visual assembly.

Most importantly, however, it is adjustable and the sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand travel and heavy duty consistent use. This rack can hold 250 pounds while remaining stable because of the overall solid frame and the large castor wheels at the base.

It comes with a five year guarantee that promises that if it bends, sags, cracks or bends during this period the manufacturer will replace or repair it. It is also fitted with a braking system on two of the four caster wheels and features a single hand rail which is adequate enough to take a lot of clothes without wobbling.

Customer feedback

When it comes to heavy duty use and high quality construction, this is indeed customer approved. Customers also loved the eight adjustable setting of this rack because they can work it up to 66 inches or down to 46 inches. It is said to be ideal for really long clothes which can be hang on the highest adjustment without worry that they will sweep the ground. They also appreciate the fact that the entire frame of the rack features no plastic parts.

8. Songmics Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Clothing Rack

The uncomplicated design of this Songmics Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Clothing Rack makes it the perfect fit for use both the home and on commercial premises.

Owing to the simple design assembling it is easy and fast. The round metal tubing hang rail is fitted with spring buttons for quick set up.

The hang rail is extendable so it can accommodate more clothes and accessories and also comes with side bars where accessories can also be hanged. The frame holds up 300 pounds making it ideal for use as a storage rack.

Although it is not height adjustable the standard height of 64 inches is more than adequate for keeping the clothes well elevated.

When it comes to mobility, wheels come fitted into the unit with two of the four caster wheels locking in place. The wheels make moving the rack easy because of their 360 degree swivel action.

The finish is all chrome on the frame with the exception of the caster wheels.

Customer feedback

While the advertised and true to word high quality of construction of this rack was a major reason why users loved it, they also loved the clean simple design and the load capacity of the rack. Customers also loved the easy assembly which takes less than five minutes to put together. Finally, they also appreciate the base which offers excellent stability to the overall rack even when fully loaded.

9. Homdox Double Rod Heavy Duty Clothing Rack

Easy to assemble and able to hold up to an astounding 400 pounds of clothing, this rack from Homdox combines functionality with excellent construction. The unique design makes it more of a closet than just a clothing rack.

The grids on the top, middle and bottom provide one with lots of storage room for boxes and shoes so that everything is well organized. The two compartments on this rack make it easy to organize clothes while hanging hooks on the side to accommodate accessories like handbags, hats, ties and scarves.

Four caster wheels make it movable from one place to another.

Customer feedback

Customers absolutely loved the design model alongside its strong build which is able to accommodate a ton of clothing, both hanging and folded clothes. Users said the rack provides exceptional functionality while remaining elegant as a clothing rack should be. They like the open design on the rack which allows it to still maintain the minimalistic rack look and displays the clothes clearly.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Commercial Grade Clothing Rack

1. Construction Materials

A commercial grade rack should be made from very durable material. Steel, aluminum and iron are among the best materials used in the construction. These metals can withstand heavy use over an extended period of time without giving way. With such metals there is less likelihood of bending, sagging, cracking and leaning.

The wheels should also be made of strong material like hard rubber. Alternatively they should be fortified with metal to enable them to withstand movement when the rack is fully loaded.

2. Design

You will notice the bases of commercial grade clothing racks for heavy duty use are wide to provide stability to the rack. From the z-shaped to the grid base the lower end of these racks must have a large surface area in order to stay stable. Another design favorite is having leveling feet instead of wheels to keep the rack completely stable despite the load.

The design should also be open to keep the rack accessible. Most people like a shiny finish because of the aesthetics especially when using the rack in the home. The double rail design is very popular with people who like to separate and categorize their clothes.

3. Load capacity

A good commercial grade clothing rack meant for heavy duty use should be able to accommodate at least 200 pounds and above. The rack can be used as a display center or storage facility for long periods of time. Because it is used indiscriminately for both heavier and lighter clothes one may want to invest in a double rail rack.

4. Portability

How easy is it to carry the rack around if it is being used in commercial settings? When used at home a rack only needs to be in one place but it’s important to consider portability if one will be traveling with the rack for work. The best racks have are easy to assemble and disassemble. If you are not savvy in assembling or disassembling it might be a good idea to purchase a rack that is just collapsible and doesn’t need to be disassembled for portability. Rolling caster wheels will be important considerations here as well.

5. Assembly

Setting up the rack should be easy, lasting not more than fifteen minutes to thirty minutes if there are some technical levels of difficulty. Look for rack with simple designs as these are easier to put together. Also consider those with a manual or a graphic illustration to visually see what is expected. The good news is that some racks come with the screws inserted partially or with numbered parts to ease the process of assembly.

5. Construction

The construction is much more than the materials. It is how the overall rack comes together to excel in functionality. It is the sum total of all the above parts including the materials used, the design of the rack and the assembly. Choose a rack that has meshed all these together to form a strong, practical unit. While whimsical designs may look great, a commercial grade clothing rack for heavy duty use must sometimes sacrifice charm for functionality.

 6. Size

A commercial grade clothing rack that is expected to hold a lot of clothes cannot afford to be small. The dimensions should be extensive without being overbearing. Of course, choose the size that meets your needs and fits in the space your space without causing clutter. Measure the size of your walls so that when you to buy the rack you can see how it would fit in the room.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right commercial grade clothing rack for heavy duty use can be challenging because each one promises better results than the last one. With the above options, you can’t go wrong as each is exceptional in its own way but they all deliver. The whole point of a clothing rack is to give you convenience, service and order. The right rack will provide all the above and even lend you space an air of elegance.

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