5 Best Commercial Dehumidifiers for Basements in 2021

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Table of Contents

You feel it and you can smell it. It is the excessive moisture in the air. It has created a musky odor due to extensive mildew present on the indoor surfaces and mold growth under your carpeting, walls, furniture or wood work. This combination is already a sign that you should consider getting your warehouse, spa, home, or the basement of any of your affected facilities a commercial dehumidifier to deal with this problem.

Industrial and commercial dehumidifiers provide efficient humidity control in areas that are plagued with excessive humidity and moisture damage like the basement, and are also ideal for water damage restoration tasks and high-speed drying. They work by reducing high humidity levels quickly and work continuously to maintain comfortable humidity levels.

A good dehumidifier that is perfect for your preferences and needs can help in more ways than one. Dust mites, mold and mildew thrive in an environment that has high humidity levels.

Continuously mopping or trying time-consuming ways to dry an area in your house, most
especially, the basement can be very tedious and does not really do the trick.

In this review, we have rounded up 5 of the best commercial dehumidifiers that can keep the muggy humidity in your home at bay, signs or why you should get a dehumidifier in the first place, the benefits you will get when you get a dehumidifier, well as factors to consider in choosing the right dehumidifier.

Top Best Commercial Dehumidifier Brands

  1. Dri-Eaz commercial dehumidifiers – are ideal for a water damage restoration projects, a variety of work sites and residential usage. Their units are built with tough weather-proof housing for extreme moist environments and day to day abuse.
  2. Ebac commercial dehumidifiers- are rugged models ideal for performing general dehumidifying tasks in basements and other areas, water damage repair, and structural drying.

Top 5 Best Commercial Dehumidifiers

Among other features, the best dehumidifiers designed for industrial and commercial dehumidification use are often heavy duty and rugged in construction. This will enable them to operate efficiently and optimally in extreme temperatures and humid conditions.

Other important features that vary from model to model but which are also important depending on your basements  moisture level include; low-temperature operation which is ideal for cooler basements, large moisture removal capacities, adjustable humidistat and automatic operation

In no particular order, here are the best commercial dehumidifiers that can solve your moisture, mold and mildew problems;

1. Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR Commercial Dehumidifier

The Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR Commercial dehumidifier is a compact space-saving unit that that works very efficiently to remove moisture, and is perfect for people who are looking for a high-performance commercial dehumidifier that can be transported easily with no sweat. Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR Commercial Dehumidifier with Pump

At just 12.5 x 21.5 x 12.5 inches, this unit is able to fit in crawl spaces, basement, under stairwells, small spaces in the bathroom and other hard-to-reach areas. It can dehumidify large areas up to 2,000 sq ft removing 80 pints per day.

Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR Commercial Dehumidifier is housed with rotomolded polyethylene that makes it irresistible to dents when stacked.

This low-grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifier is supported by enhanced refrigeration
system technology that allows it to dry a space to as low as 40% humidity level
compared to conventional dehumidifiers.

Features of the Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR Commercial Dehumidifier

  • LGR (low grain refrigerant)– these types of dehumidifiers are capable of removing moisture even in drier low-temperature environments. Compared to the more refrigerant dehumidifiers, they have a better heat exchange and defrost abilities thus why they are better equipped to handle restoration tasks.
  • Displays real-time inlet and outlet temperature – inlet temperature is measured once moist air is drawn in by the fan through the air inlet. The display alternates between the inlet temperature and humidity.
  • Equipped with high airflow filter (HAF) – this filter can capture harmful particles, halts microbial growth and ensures that the airflow is at its maximum operation.
  • Customizable humidity level – the user can select his or her preferred level of humidity to which will be maintained. Humidity can be set as low as 40% and as high as 90%
  • Humidistat Mode option – this option can automatically regulate the humidity of the basement. The Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR Commercial Dehumidifier will automatically turn on and off so as to maintain the set inlet humidity level.
  • Has built-in automatic pump-out technology – pumps out the condensed water into drainage through a drain hose.
  • Restarts automatically after a power outage – in case of a power outage, this Dehumidifier automatically restarts once power supply is back.
  • Wide coverage – can remove approximately 80 pints of moisture per day and up to 139 pints per day in areas that are saturated, up to 2,000 square feet.
  • Extreme operating temperature – it can operate in spaces that have temperatures as low as 33 degrees F and as high as 100 degrees F.
  • Compact dimensions – Measures just 12.5 x 21.5 x 12.5 inches allowing it to fit into spaces where other high-performance commercial and professional humidifiers cannot.


  • This dehumidifier is said to be about half the size of other comparable LGR dehumidifiers in the market yet it’s still powerful and able to extract more moisture and dry more air.
  • Works great in extreme temperature conditions.
  • Perfect and reliable  for restoration tasks due to their ability to orate in extremely high or low temperatures.
  •  Heavy duty rugged rotomolded polyethylene housing resists dents, scratches and makes this unit extremely durable.
  • Compact and lightweight for easier movement.
  • The compact size of the Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR Commercial Dehumidifier makes it perfect for tight spaces.
  • Can be disassembled easily and quickly for regular maintenance and cleaning of pump reservoir.
  • It has a 40-foot long drain hose is long enough to allow the water to drain exactly
    where you need it to.


● The unit’s hum and fan air noise may be too loud for small residential areas.

Customer Feedback

A lot of customers are satisfied with the performance of the Dri-Eaz Revolution dehumidifier. Highly enthusiastic customer reviews stated that they loved the dehumidifier for its high performance, effectively doing great job of removing moisture from the air. It has also been commended for its lightweight nature and compact size, enabling one person to easily move it. The heavy duty design is also a winning feature for enhanced durability of the unit, with one particular customer attesting to this by  claiming to have had their first unit for 15 now and it’s not completely useless!

There are a few customer who had issues with the seemingly loud sound the engine of the unit emits.

Overall, the Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR Commercial Dehumidifier is backed by a favorable warranty because it is durable, efficient and reliable!

2. Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Dehumidifier

High-power and yet compact, the 64 pint Dri-Eaz Drizair 1200 Dehumidifier is engineered and created for rugged use. It is ideal for water damage restoration, structural drying, and other jobs that require high-performance dehumidification and extensive coverage. Best commercial dehumidifiers for basements

The heavy duty rotomolded polyethylene housing provides consistent frame thicknesses and strong housing corners to resist wear and tear. This makes it tough enough to withstand adverse working conditions of professionals in restoring water damage and other commercial uses or even for simple residential uses, while still performing efficiently and optimally.

With its powerful core, the Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Dehumidifier is capable of continuous draining, automatically defrosts coils every six minutes to allow moisture that is
collected to be drained before pulling in moist air again and can remove moisture up
to 15 gallons.

Features of the Dri-Eaz DrizAir 1200 Dehumidifier

  • Optimal drying temperatures – the unit warms the air as the moisture is removed from the damp areas around the location.
  • Detects frost build up on the coils – during a normal operation, the
    temperature sensor triggers the defrost cycle to start in case of frost formation.
  • Built-in condensate pump – to help in getting rid of up to 15 gallons of water a day with the help of a 40 ft long drain hose.
  • Has semi-pneumatic wheels with stackable design– for easy transportation, maneuvering and storage.
  • Hot-gas bypass – the system that makes defrosting faster so that the unit can dehumidify without malfunctions caused by frost on the coils.
  • Auto restart feature – automatically restarts when power is restored after an outage.
  • Features a 3M HAF Filter – this filter protects internal components of the unit from dirt.
  • Efficient touchpad control panel – the control panel consists of straightforward functions of the unit which includes on and off controls, job hour meter that counts the operation time, reset function to restart the cycle, and purge control for draining condensate pump.


  • Its semi-pneumatic wheels, rigid handle and sturdy construction makes it easy to maneuver, store and stack.
  • Rugged rotomolded housing for enhanced longevity.
  • Has a drip tray in case of excessive dripping when left unchecked for a long time.
  • Can be connected to ductwork with the built-in duct attachment ring.
  • Works as great as a commercial, industrial, and heavy-duty residential dehumidifier.


  • This is not equipped with a humidistat.

Customer Feedback

Majority of customers loved the Dri-Eaz Drizair 1200 Dehumidifier mainly because it works as it should and also because it can be maneuvered like a trolley bag.

Overall, the Dri-Eaz Drizair 1200 Dehumidifier works as advertised. High-power and yet compact.

3. AlorAir LGR Compact Dehumidifier

The AlorAir LGR Compact Dehumidifier is specifically designed for flood and water damage AlorAir LGR Compact Dehumidifier auto Shut Off with Built-in Pump, cETL Listed, 5 Years Warranty, up to 190 PPD (Saturation) Water Removal Per Dayrestoration but can also be used in residential, areas including laundries, basement, cellars and garages.

It has a huge capacity of 85 to 190 pints of water per day within 2,300 sq ft area.

Its waterproof design comes handy in the humid environments for enhanced durability. This dehumidifier can sink into water without damaging the unit because the circuit board is sealed with a rubber strip. Its coils are coated with epoxy to extend its life as well as to maintain the coil’s heat transfer function.

Features of the AlorAir LGR Compact Dehumidifier

  • Water-proof housing – the unit is made to resist water in case of flooding. The rubber strip protects the circuit board from the water.
  • Coils are protected with epoxy powder – the coils are coated with epoxy powder to avoid leakage and to maintain the heat transfer ability of the dehumidifier. Epoxy powder also extends the life of coils, making it safe from humid environment.
  • Has automatic humidistat control – the humidity levels can be adjusted through this option, the set level is maintained by the dehumidifier.
  • Makes use of hot-gas defrosting system – to ensure that clearing of frost or ice from the coil is quick and efficient the unit has a hot-gas defrosting system.
  • Digital LCD display – the control panel displays the options manually drain the condensate pump, defrosting mode, job and life hours, humidistat and inlet-outlet temperatures.
  • Wide operating temperature – has an operating temperature range of 33 to 105 degrees F.
  • Functioning humidity range – the unit is fully functional even as low as 35% humidity range and as high as 95%.
  • Fitted with a draining condensate Pump- that allows you to pump the condensate water to a distance over 5 meters.


  • Cheapest option here compared to all the commercial dehumidifiers in this review.
  • Easy to clean filters or replaceable Merv-8 filters.
  • When the humidity set point is reached, the unit automatically shuts down.
  • Removes up to 85 pints per day and covers 2,300 sq ft.
  • In case of a power outage, the unit retains its previous settings and auto restarts.
  • No need for extension cords, because the unit comes with a three long power measured to be 19.6 ft long.
  • This dehumidifier is built small and compact with a stackable design making it easy storage and stacking.
  • Low sound levels produced during operation of below 55 DBA.Cons
  • Weighing 70 pounds, the AlorAir LGR Dehumidifier is not lightweight.

Customer Feedback

Customers highly recommend this unit for its impressive performance as it’s able to greatly reduce the humidity levels and efficiently maintain the humidity levels, even where other comparable units have failed.

4. Ebac DD200 Desiccant Dehumidifier Ebac Desiccant Dehumidification System DD200

The Ebac DD300 Desiccant Dehumidifier is for extremely low-temperature drying for industrial, commercial or heavy residential applications.

Desiccant dehumidifiers like the Ebac DD200 Desiccant Dehumidifier are most effective and efficient when used in environments with very low temperature, and this one remove moisture in environments with temperatures as low as -4 degrees F.

Features of the Ebac DD200 Desiccant Dehumidifier

  • Designed with a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Heater – the unit
    is incorporated with this heater system to ensure maximum drying is immediately reached maintained throughout while the dehumidifier is running.
  • Desiccant dehumidification process – whereby air is passed into a special desiccant wheel with Silica Gel, the moisture present in the air is absorbed, such that the air now leaving the dehumidifier is warm dry air.
  • Extremely low operational temperature – the unit continues to operate even down to sub zero temperatures.
  • Rugged and durable construction – its constructed using stainless steel to prevent rust build-up even in harsh moist environments for outstanding durability.
  • Fitted with an Ammeter – that monitor the units drying effectiveness.
  • Safety cutout in case of high-temperature – the unit automatically shuts off if the room temperature reaches over 104 degrees F.
  • Remote humidistat connectivity – an external remote humidistat (sold separately) connects to the unit so that there is full control of humidity levels.
  • Two operating modes – depending on the user’s preference, the settings can be manual or automatic with the aid of an external remote humidistat.


  • Perform exceptionally well when used in very colder climates, deep drying or low humidity levels are required.
  • Maintenance-free PTC heater.
  • Designed for high-performance.
  • Built to last for years and able to withstand the extreme humid conditions.


  • The wet air outlet of the unit must be exhausted to the outside of the location
    by means of a standard size ducts – must be ducted

Customer Feedback

Majority of the customer said the desiccant dehumidifier works as advertised. Its
small frame with dimensions of 13 x 15 x 13.3 inches fits itself into extremely tight
crawl spaces. The quiet operation of the Ebac DD200 Desiccant Dehumidifier was its
winning factor.

5. Ebac PD200 Dehumidifier

ebac pd200 dehumidifierDesigned for harsh humid environment although it’s applicable for residential use, and for locations as huge as handball courts, sports halls, stadiums, laundry and locker rooms, even spas and pools.

The Ebac PD200 Dehumidifier can remove up to 190 pints of water vapor per day.

It has a quiet two-speed (low or high dehumidification speed) fan. It’s made of heavy-duty steel case and its internal components are epoxy coated to make coils rust-free.

Features of the Ebac PD200 Dehumidifier

  • Wide and extensive coverage and operating temperature range – can remove 130 up to 190 pints of water vapor everyday in 4,500 sq ft room. The unit operates in temperatures as low as 33 degrees F and 95 degrees F.
  • Hassle-free and simple control features for energy-efficient operations – its adjustable humidistat maintains the level of desired humidity so that there is no need to cycle the fan on and off.
  • Comprise of two coils that works to evaporate and condense air – moist air goes through the cold evaporator coil, which cools the air down to its dew point. The cooled air then passes through the hot condenser coil. Air is already dehumidified at this point.
  • The air filter is washable – there is no need for replacement or substitute because the filter is easy to remove and is washable.
  • Reverse cycle for defrosting – melts frost build up on coil, providing ambient and correct temperature.
  • 2-Speed Fan unit – either low or high dehumidification speeds.
  • Fitted with sturdy carrying Handles – for easy mobility during installation.


  • No ductwork required but easily ducted if desired.
  • Free duct kit included.
  • Intermittent operation which means it operates only when the humidity level increases or
    decreases depending on set humidity level.
  • Durable framing as it’s made of heavy duty stainless steel and coils are epoxy-coated internal components.


  • Cannot be moved around easily – the unit weighs around 176 pounds

Customer Feedback

Majority of customers described it with words “it’s big, it works”.
The immobility of the Ebac PD200 Dehumidifier was not a big deal for customers because it doesn’t needs to be moved around. Instead it is recommended to strategically for optimal operation.

Overall, the Ebac PD200 Dehumidifier is an extremely heavy duty unit ideal for pool dehumidification use. It operates quietly and smoothly without the need of so much intervention. Its washable slide-out filters is accessible and does not need frequent cleaning. But according to other users, cleaning depends on the cleanliness of the unit’s location.

Bonus Residential Dehumidifiers for Basement

If it’s a residential dehumidifier for your basement you’re after, the above dehumidifiers will still work just as well, but we thought we should include a different popular brand.

Aprilaire Dehumidifiers boasts of its world-class humidity management and air-filtering systems, designing their dehumidifiers fit for crawl spaces and basement conditions.

1. Aprilaire 1830 Basement Pro Dehumidifier

Best commercial dehumidifiers for basementsMade with corrosion-resistant aluminum coils, the Aprilaire 1830 Basement Pro Dehumidifier is built to last a long life.

This 67-pound dehumidifier can remove moisture up to 9 gallons or 70 pints per day and covers location from 1,400 up to 3,800 sq ft. With dimensions of 25 x 12.5 x 14.5 inches, the Aprilaire 1830 Basement Pro can fit in tight spaces like under the stairwell and crawl spaces.

Besides the fact the the Aprilaire 1830 Basement Pro Dehumidifier can be a standalone unit, meaning it can dehumidify air as it already is, it also has two 10-inch duct collars for ducting air return and supply. To adapt to the flexibility of the space, the supply duct can be installed in either of the 2 locations.

Features of the Aprilaire 1830 Basement Pro Dehumidifier

  • Wide coverage – it can remove up to 9 gallons or 70 pints per day as well as cover a large area up to 3,800 square feet.
  • Has ventilation features – this feature of the dehumidifier can be used to remove moisture from the ventilation air.
  • Measures humidity hourly through air sampling – the dehumidifier measures the humidity level of the air and automatically compares it to the preferred humidity level. If the detected humidity level is higher than the setting, the dehumidifier will dehumidify the air without human intervention until the humidity level drops.
  • Has two features in case of unwanted energy consumption -defrost/defrosting feature is an operating mode of the dehumidifier that prevents ice formation on the refrigeration system coil which normally happens when there is not enough air moving through the dehumidifier. E8 Code feature indicates that the incoming air detected is below 50 degrees F or above 140 degrees F and if the dew point is below 40 degrees F.
  • Built-to-last – made of corrosion-resistant aluminum foils.
  • Reminder to clear filter – when it is time to clean the filter, a reminder will be displayed on the on-board control screen.


  • Full control on the humidity level.
  • The unit has wheels so it easy to drag around the location for better
  • Operates quietly, the same volume as the decibel level of normal speakingCons
  • The condensate drain hose only measures 10 ft long.

Customer Feedback

Majority of the customers expressed their satisfaction over the Aprilaire 1830 Basement Pro Dehumidifier due to its efficient performance in removing gallons of water from the damp moisture in their basements, ultimately getting rid of the musk odor and icky feeling of the humid environment.

A customer said that the electricity consumption is similar to an air-conditioner but in
terms of the potential cost of mold remediation and related health issues, having the
dehumidifier is a better bargain.

A few customers mentioned the short drain hose but it was not much of a deal breaker. Overall, the Aprilaire 1830 Basement Pro Dehumidifier was efficient and reliable.

2. Aprilaire 1850F Large Basement Pro Dehumidifier Aprilaire 1850F Large Basement Pro Dehumidifier

The Aprilaire 1850F Large Basement Pro Dehumidifier internal coils, similar to the above mentioned Aprilaire 1830 Basement Pro Dehumidifier, are made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, designed and built to last and for extensive dehumidification use.

It can remove 95 pints of water a day without the need to empty drain trays within a 5,000 sq ft location.

With dimensions of 27.5 x 12.5 x 17 inches, the Aprilaire 1850F Large Basement Pro Dehumidifier can fit in tight spaces like under the stairwell and crawl spaces.

Features of the Aprilaire 1850F Large Basement Pro Dehumidifier

  • Wide and extensive coverage – can remove up to 12 gallons or 95 pints per day within a 3,000 to 5,000 sq. ft. area.
  • Has evaporator coil that processes air – the dehumidifier makes use of an evaporator coil to drop the temperature of the air as well as its dew point.
  • Auto-defrost control – in cases of an extremely cold weather, the auto-defrost control turns off the compression.
  • Compact size, fit for the basement and crawl spaces – with dimensions of 27.5 x 12.5 x 17 in, the dehumidifier fits perfectly under the basement staircase as well as enclosed crawl spaces.


  • Full control on the humidity level.
  • The unit has wheels so it easy to drag around the location for better positioning.
  • Operates quietly, the same volume as the decibel level of normal speaking.
  • Performs with optimal efficiency whether for industrial or for residential dehumidification use.
  • No need to worry about frost build up because of the automatic defrosting feature.


● You may need a replacement after some years.

Customer Feedback

Most of the customers are satisfied with the brilliant performance of the Aprilaire 1850F Large Basement Pro Dehumidifier, it is quite larger than the Aprilaire 1830 Basement Pro Dehumidifier but to recap, larger capacity dehumidifiers costs more but are highly efficient and pays for itself in the long run.

Here are the signs that you need to be able to tell that you really do need the power of a dehumidifier.

1. Undesirable formation of mold and mildew spots on the ceiling, walls, corners,
window panes, etc. that gives of an indescribable but definitely unpleasant odor. Look around your house, if you see little black or dark spots and grayish spots, you have a mold and mildew problem. Simply wiping them off or using high-performance window cleaners won’t fix it. Mold and mildew accumulates even after removed and spreads when left unchecked.

2. When windows start to bead up water – this means condensation. Condensation
is accompanied by other visible signs like vapor and fog formation. Highly condensed windows can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Again, if left unchecked, mold and mildew can spread across your home and the problem will be harder to fix.

3. Furnitures or anything made of wood in your home starts to rot. You know what is more annoying than rotten wood? Termites. Unwanted pests like termites are attracted to rotten wood. If you see that wood furniture are starting to rot, you should already consider getting a dehumidifier. Excess moisture at home can not only damage wood, but can also attack and destroy dry walls, sealants, and even the foundation of the house.

4. Water stains are spotted in areas like the basement or near the basement.
When you are starting to spot gray water level marks on the basement floor, or yellowish stains on the ceiling of your home, this means excessive moisture start to seep through the areas already and may do bigger damage than just staining parts of your home. Start investigating, it could be pipe damage or lack of ventilation which can be effectively resolved by installing a dehumidifier at home.

In the case that you are still unsure of getting a dehumidifier as another necessary machine to operate at home for the safety of all family members and the structure of your housing, here are some benefits you get for having a dehumidifier.

Benefits that a dehumidifier brings

1. Dehumidifiers makes your home less hospitable to proliferating dust mites,
mold and mildew. With the humidity level lessened, air is no longer a thriving environment for those unwanted bacteria,allergens and particles. It basically eliminates the possibility of mold and mildew build up on your home furniture, walls, and even closets and clothing. Dampness of the air also gets into electronics. So it may do some damage to your television and other appliances as well.

2. No more unpleasant odor. Mold and mildew have certain unpleasant smell. With the dehumidifier operating, these problems will be eliminated, leaving no trace of its odor.

3. It minimizes condensation. Cooking, heating water, hot bath, doing the laundry and any household chore that deals with water or with heat combined – can cause condensation. Condensation can be minimized with the use of a dehumidifier. As an end result, wallpapers are not peeled off, no damp patches or water stains on walls, no and more rotten wood.

4. Dehumidifiers are basically installed then left to operate on its own. A lot of units, have built-in humidistat control option so that you can set your preferred the humidity level. Check up on the unit once or twice a month just to make sure it is dust and leakage-free. It requires minimal hands-on handling and results are apparent when you can smell the musky odor less or not at all and when you feel the air is lighter and drier.

5. It helps your air conditioner run more efficiently and live longer. In a very humid environment, the AC does the function of cooling the air and removing moisture. The
dehumidifier can do the function of removing moisture from the air so that the AC can focus on just cooling the air. Balancing the use of the two can yield lower energy costs and prolong the equipment life of each.

6. Dehumidifiers actually reduces allergies, skin irritation and is good for the respiratory system. No more damp feeling. The air is easier to breathe in and less heavy compared to breathing in damp and moist air.

Factors to consider in buying a dehumidifier for your basement

1. Dehumidifier size

Before you decide on the size of the dehumidifier, make sure you have an idea of the square footage of the room or location you want to dehumidify. Besides this, you also have to know the level of moisture present. While it is best to get professional help to perform this, you can also opt to purchase devices that can measure the level of humidity. (Important note: the drying capacity of a dehumidifier is measured by how much pints of water it can remove from the air within 24 hours.)

2. Water capacity

Most portable dehumidifiers have self-draining or self-purging system and come with a long drain-hose, it can empty water directly to where it should go. When buying a dehumidifier it is important to look at the bucket size and water capacity. (Tip: the more pint of water a dehumidifier can extract, the more it is expensive.) Selecting the right but rather costly dehumidifier eventually pays for itself because of the problems it solves and the benefits it brings.

3. Mobility

If you are the type of person who wants to move things around the house, be it with purpose or not, then you should consider a dehumidifier that is compact, weighs less and/or has wheels and easily mobile. By looking at this factor, you should also put into consideration the length of power cord and the drain hose. So that you can put your
dehumidifier anywhere without the need for extension cords and extra drain hoses.

4. Automatic or Manual shutoff

With the technology that we have today, even dehumidifiers know when to work and when to just stop working. Most dehumidifiers’ humidity level can be set to the preferred level because of built-in humidistat control. When reached, dehumidifiers automatically shuts off and restarts again if the humidity level increases more than the preferred or set level. When it comes to automatic shutoff, some dehumidifiers have an overflow protection valve that causes the dehumidifier to shut off when the tub or drain pan is full and needed to be emptied.

5. Defrosting feature

One of the most important features that you must look for in buying a dehumidifier
especially if you live in an environment where the climate is cold most of the time is the defrost feature. You must look for dehumidifiers that can still function at such a low temperature as 30 degrees F. It will cost you more for this feature, but these types are not affected by extreme cold conditions not to mention, it will cost you less expenses in terms of having to replace the unit from damaged caused by extreme cold.

6. Humidity control

Opt for a dehumidifier that has built-in humidistat so that you can control the humidity level to which the dehumidifier will maintain. Optimal relative humidity during the summer should be 40 to 50 percent and in winter it should be 30 to 50 percent.

7. Quite in operation

You may also want to go for a quiet operating dehumidifier. Some operate so noisily that can be a nuisance and bothersome for family members or guests.

Dehumidifiers are just as important as air conditioning units. For others, even more so. Now
that you have the knowledge on why humidity levels needed to be checked around your
home, time to start working. Don’t let the mold and mildew spread and feel welcomed into
your home.
Did this article help you determine your humidity and other related problems? Was the guide
helpful in choosing the dehumidifier fit to your preferences and usage? In case that we
missed out on some information, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the
comments section below.

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