2020 12 Best Closet Organizer Systems For Practical Organization

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Table of Contents

One way of revolutionizing your daily grooming routines and the overall look of your bedroom or walk-in closet is by investing in a brilliant closet organizer system. You see, a perfect closet shouldn’t just be well organized—rather, it should also look neat, simple, and overly attractive displaying your material possessions with pride.

The best closet organizer systems offer a combination of shelves, hanging rods, baskets, shoe racks, and perhaps some drawers all in a bid to keep your clothes, shoes, bags and other fashion accessories stored, neatly displayed and organized to ensure everything is manageable and within your reach.

Now, although there’s a myriad of excellent options available in the market, the best choice boils down to your taste and needs. Whether it’s a mounted model or a free standing model, with a shoe rack or one without, drawers or no drawers, height adjustable or extendable horizontal rods and customizable in different ways, the options are plentiful.

Below are some great types of the closet organizer systems that we believe are some of the  more practical units for varied spaces, budgets and user needs.

Review of 12 of the Best Closet Organizer Systems

1. Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Custom Closet Organizing System Kit

The fanstatic Rubbermaid Deluxe Closet Organizer System is one of those versatile closets that grow with you as your needs expand. With all the pieces available in one compact kit, this closet offers you a versatile layout that will not require you to add any more rails just to expand or upgrade it.

The construction is top-notch as it comprises of a titanium framework that guarantees durability and years of maintenance-free experience. The titanium finish is also clean, shiny, and long-lasting as it doesn’t scratch or yellow with age.

The Rubbermaid Deluxe Closet Organizer System is a strong option that cannot be compared with most wire closet systems in the market that prove flimsy when exposed to heavy-weights. It’s also available at an affordable price meaning shoppers will not have to spend a small fortune to enjoy the befits here.

Features of the Rubbermaid Deluxe Closet Organizer System

  • Steel metal construction with Titanium finish: although there’s the option of a white finish, the titanium finish used here is more manageable as it’s not only shiny but its also attractive, long-lasting and doesn’t yellow with age.
  • Telescoping rods: the telescoping rods are truly something as they’re designed to adjust up to 12 feet to create immense space to hang some of your leather jackets, office suits, and other gear.
  • Fitting hardware: to maximize the space, this closet is designed with countless mounting hardware that offers ample space to all your accessories. These mounting kits include; 2*48” shelves, 7*26” shelves, 2*48” top rails, 19 brackets, 5*47.5” uprights, 2 hang rods, and 2*25” upright extensions.
  • Expanding shelves: just like the telescoping rods, the shelves of this closet can be adjusted up to 22 ft to create enough room to fit some of your valuable assets.


  • High quality and sturdy unit
  • The titanium finish is beautiful and it doesn’t rust.
  • Easily customizable and expandable thanks to the adjustable rods and shelves.
  • Easy to assemble

Customer feedback

Truth be told, the Rubbermaid Deluxe Closet Organizer System is one of the best in the market. Designed for 4-8 ft walls, this closet is sturdy and compact offering a perfect fit for all your clothes and accessories.

Most customers appreciated the high-standard construction that includes the sturdy shelves and the rods. The compact size has also impressed most shoppers with most of them moving on to appreciate the easy installation process.

2. ClosetMaid 22875 ShelfTrack Adjustable Closet Organizer Kit

Whether it’s a reach-in-closet or a walk-in-wardrobe, the practicality of the CloseMaid ShelfTrack Closet Organizer Kit is something that cannot be ignored. With plenty of customizable options, there’s no Best Closet Organizer Systemsdoubt that you’ll love the tidy and organized look this closet organizer will give to your huge wardrobe.

Constructed from vinyl-coated steel, this closet organizer is one of the models that have opted to use traditional wire shelves. Although it might seem outdated, this approach provides a firm storage solution as each shelf can hold a maximum weight of 60 pounds per shelf.

Storage space has not been sacrificed either. With a hanging space of 132” inches and a shelving space of 216”, this closet organizer provides immense storage capacity to fit over 100 hanging garments, over 70 pieces of folded clothes and nearly 36” of shoe space.

Features of the ClosetMaid ShelfTrack Closet Organizer Kit

  • Steel construction: the steel construction on the latches, wire shelves, hanging, and vertical rods is one feature that makes this closet organizer so stable when screwed on the wall. In addition to that, the steel material used is 90% recyclable earning this closet organizer major certifications such as the SCS and the Gold Indoor Air Quality certificates.
  • Wire shelves: the wire shelves are adjustable and offer a perfect way of maximizing your space from 144” to 216”. So, whether your wardrobe is small or huge, you can always adjust the size of the shelves without having to cut the wires.
  • Closet rods: since this organizer kit is designed to fit on walls ranging from 4 to 8 ft, the hanging rods can also adjust just like the shelves from 96” to 132”. This creative engineering provides a perfect way of customizing your wardrobe to ensure that all your accessories are accommodated.
  • Shelf liner: the shelf liner is a smooth surface that has been added at the top of the wire shelves to prevent small accessories from falling over.
  • Hanging basket: since ClosetMaid focuses more on storage, a hanging basket has been added to provide additional space where you can fit your scarves, socks, and purses.
  • Stacking shelf: in case you feel like you require additional space in your wardrobe, the CloseMaid ShelfTrack Closet Organizer Kit provides a way to add a Stacking Shelf on board where you can fit more accessories. This organizer is also compatible with SuperSlide shelves which are attached to the existing wire shelves to provide extra hanging space.


  • Offers plenty of room to organize your wardrobe.
  • Its fully customizable thanks to the adjustable shelves and hanging rods.
  • It’s constructed from rust and very strong scratch-resistant vinyl-coated steel.


  • Installation may be a little complex and modifications maybe required to better suit your space.

Customer feedback

Several users loved that it allows for customization of the closet layout to suit user needs. Other than that, the majority of online shoppers who’ve bought and assembled this unit are impressed with the solid build, size, flexibility and, of course, the affordable price range.

3. John Louis Home Walk-in Wardrobe Closet Organizer System

The John Louis Home 12 inches Deep Standard Closet Organizer is a great choice for those looking for closet organizer constructed using solid wood. With a combination of quality, value, and simplicity, this closet organizer is also smart choice for people with walk-in-wardrobes as it provides the perfect way of organizing your cluttered, heaps, and piles of clothes.

Constructed from 100% solid pine wood with a mahogany finish, this closet organizer occupies 10ft of wall space with hanging and shelving spaces that can be adjusted to meet your configuration needs. There are six shelves, three hanging bars and a shoe rack to keep all your garments well organized.

For those worrying about the size, the John Louis Home 12in Deep Standard Closet Organizer has a height of 6ft, a depth of 12 inches, and a length of 10 ft. Although it might require you to hire a professional to install it, this wooden closet organizer outshines most wire shelf and modular closet organizers in terms of performance and stability.

Features of the John Louis Home 12in Deep Standard Closet Organizer

  • Solid pine-wood construction: the John Louis Home Closet Organizer is crafted from soft pine wood that makes it firm and fully functional. The use of solid wood has also allowed this closet organizer to last longer as compared to those models made of particle boards or compressed wood.
  • Adjustable shelves: although this closet organizer is just 10ft wide, it’s fitted with adjustable shelves that provide a maximum shelving space of 24ft.
  • Adjustable hang bars: just like the shelves, the hang bars are designed to adjust up to 18ft to provide multiple configuration options.
  • Red mahogany finish: unlike wire shelf closet organizers, the red mahogany finish on this unit is both durable and attractive giving it years of long-lasting use.


  • Attractive and sturdy
  • Comes with lots of customizable options.
  • Solid wood construction is long-lasting.
  • Sleek enough to fit in most wardrobes.


  • This closet organizer is quite a Little more expensive.
  • The instructions are awful making installation quite difficult.

Customer feedback

The John Louis Home Closet Organizer has several in-built features that have caught the eyes of most online shoppers. Most of them are impressed with the solid wood finish that’s not only attractive but its also firm allowing the closet to handle weights ranging from 300 to 400 pounds.

A few customers have appreciated the easy assembly though they’ve confessed that the instruction manual required a lot of patience since it wasn’t direct.

Lastly, several shoppers loved the beauty of the adjustable shelves and the hanging bars which they said was much better as compared to wire shelves and rods.

4. ClosetMaid 2091 ShelfTrack Adjustable Closet Organization Kit

The ClosetMaid 2091 ShelfTrack Closet Organizer Kit is available in three sizes that fit 2 to 4ft walls, 5 to 8ft walls and 7 to10ft walls. This particular model is the largest meaning it can fit in large closets such as the walk-in models and large wardrobes.

Just like the ClosetMaid 22875 ShelfTrack Closet Organizer, this model too is constructed with a mix of hanging and shelving space that lets you hang both short and long garments. The kit is designed to hold over 250 hanging clothes and nearly 80 folded garments.

The rod and the wire shelves are adjustable leaving you with ample space at the bottom to fit all your pair of shoes. Although it’s constructed from a traditional wire design, this closet organizer can handle weights of up to a whooping 800 pounds making it a sturdy and stable option that will never disappoint you.

Features of the ClosetMaid 22875 ShelfTrack Closet Organizer

  • Adjustable shelves and rods: the shelving space adjusts from 144 to 216 inches while the hanging rods adjust from 96 to 132 inches. With such a huge margin, this closet organizer can easily be customized to meet your specific needs.
  • Vinyl-coated steel: the vinyl-coated steel frame is both clean and shiny. In addition to its immense beauty, this steel frame is also sturdy allowing this organizer kit to handle weights of up to 800 pounds.
  • Shelf liner: just like most of the ClosetMaid closet organizers; the ClosetMaid 22875 is also fitted with a shelf liner—a smooth surface at the top of the wire shelves—to prevent tiny items from sliding and falling off the shelves.
  • Hanging basket: to further customize this closet organizer kit, ClosetMaid has added a hanging basket that provides additional storage space to some of your staff such as your handbags or folded towels and beddings. There’s also an 18inch wide stacking shelf in the package where you can keep more of your staff.


  • Offers plenty of storage with lots of customizable options.
  • The materials used are recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • Strong and stable
  • Sleek enough to fit in most wardrobes.


  • According to some customers, this organizer kit is way too short.

Customer feedback

Most users are more than happy with their purchase. A huge fraction of these customers are really happy with the configurations and super easy installation process. The components are super light and very easy to handle throughout the process. The low price range and overall functionality are other factors that really impressed the buyers.

5. Closet Culture Steel Closet Organization System Kit

Walk-in closets never run out of space but keeping them organized can sometimes be a difficult endeavor. The Closet Culture Steel Closet Organization System is one of the best closet organizers that will keep your space tidy and perfectly set up.

The Closet culture organizer system has a length of 96 inches which is enough to fit most walk-in-closets. For those with wardrobes that require special customization options, this organizer kit has adjustable hang rails and wall standards that you can customize to accommodate your space.

This kit rests on a steel frame brushed with a Nickel powder coat finish to maintain its outstanding beauty. It comes with two hang rails, four hang rail covers, and six Driftwood shelves that let you organize all your garments with ease.

Features of the Closet Culture Steel Closet Organization System

  • Driftwood shelves: the 15 ¾” Driftwood shelves are brushed with a beautiful wood finish to maintain the overall beauty. The shelves are six meaning they offer ample storage space for all your folded clothes.
  • Hang rods: the hang rods are not left out either. They’re six and are secured with ten closet pole hooks to keep them strong. These poles are strong and can handle weights up to 100 pounds each.
  • Shelf brackets: the ten 16” shelf brackets have been included to secure the shelves and prevent them from wobbling when heavy load is applied. Other components such as the hang rails, adjustable wall standards and basket surrounding kits have also been included in the kit to make installation much easier.


  • It’s very easy to assemble.
  • Many components allow easy customization.
  • The shelves and the hang rods can endure heavy loads.


  • The wood used is chipboard and can easily be damaged by water or heavy loads.

Customer feedback

What most customers truly loved about this closet organizer kit is how it makes good use of your space. Whether your wardrobe is small or large, this kit is well structured to handle your messy wardrobe and make it a perfectly well-organized space.

Its easy assembly which is all thanks to the super sleek components is another area most customers appreciated. The low price range and the multiple customizable options offers huge advantages that customers also appreciated.

6. EZ Shelf EZS-K-SCRW72-5-4 Walk-in Closet Organizer Kit

This EZ closet system is ideal for a Walk-in Closet. Made in the USA with high strength steel tubes, this closet organizer kit can also be used as an excellent organizing solution for kitchens, basements, Walk in Closet Organizer Systemslaundry rooms, garages, and mudrooms.

For those looking for a closet organizer for their kids, this unit can be the solution as it has lots of customizable options that will let it expand as your kids grow. It has five closet shelves and hanging rods that can be customized to meet your needs.

There are multiple supporters and brackets to enhance stability and prevent the unit from wobbling. This EZ Shelf Closet Kit can also be customized to fit U and L shaped closets.

Features of the EZ Shelf Walk-in Closet Kit

  • 5-closet shelves and hang rods: the 5-closet shelves and hang rods fitted in this closet organizer are adjustable from 40” to 73”. Each shelf can hold folded garments or other accessories with weights of up to 200 pounds making this unit the best for all-purpose use.
  • Steel construction: the construction consists of 6 expandable steel tubes that have been used on the shelves, the hang rods and the molded parts. Since these steel rods are very firm, the overall construction is sturdy and able to handle heavy loads.
  • White finish: lastly, there’s the white finish. Not only is it beautiful and eye-catching, but its also tough preventing this unit from getting scratched.


  • Assembly is quite a breeze.
  • Provides immense hanging and storage space.
  • Adjustable shelves and rods prevent you from cutting the poles just to make it fit.


  • Capacity of 200 lbs which is lower than most systems on this list
  • A little more expensive

Customer feedback

The EZ Shelf Walk-in Closet Kit had a lot of interesting features that impressed most shoppers. The adjustable shelves and rods were among them which most shoppers truly loved as they offer plenty of configuring options.

The other was the easy assembly which was all thanks to the super lightweight expandable steel tubes. The package also contained additional mounting hardware which most customers found easy to use during the assembly process.

7. Organized Living freedomRail Adjustable Closet Organizer Kit

The Organized Living FreedomRail Closet Organizer Kit has one huge advantage—it’s designed with lots of customizable options. To maximize every inch of your wardrobe space, this unit is constructed with flexible components that can be adjusted without having to use any special tools.Best Closet Organizer Systems

This closet kit fits walls of 96” to 100” making it ideal for lager wardrobes. The quality of the steel frame is top-notch and the use of wooden shelving ensures that it provides extreme dependability with a bit of style and sophistication. The shelves and the rods are easily movable meaning you can switch the looks of your closet in case you’re bored with the same outlook.

The Organized Living FreedomRail Closet Organizer Kit is available in Black and Chocolate Pear color options.

Features of the Organized Living FreedomRail Closet Organizer Kit

  • Heavy-gauge steel construction: all the components used in the construction, including the rails, the vertical poles and the brackets, are made of heavy-gauge steel that’s highly resistant to physical damage. The steel construction also helps to maintain the overall strength of this structure.
  • Wooden shelving: unlike the traditional wire shelves, the wooden shelves are more functional here as they offer support to your folded garments while at the same time preventing tiny accessories from falling over.
  • Flexible hang rods: the hang rods are also strong and made of steel material. They’re able to handle weights of up to 100 pounds each making them strong enough for support heavy items.


  • Very sturdy thanks to the heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Can be customized in different ways to give it a new look.


  • Price restrictive

Customer feedback

The Organized Living FreedomRail Closet Organizer Kit has been welcomed with positive criticism by most of the users. Most of them are really impressed with the use of quality components and the seer size. A fraction of other customers have loved how easy it is to customize this closet kit especially when you want to give it a new look.

Despite the price, this is said to be an excellent unit that is extremely strong and stable, offering lots of configurations. It’s considered a worthwhile investment for those people looking for a large, practical and durable closet organizer system

8. Prince Hanger Deluxe Closet Organizing System

If you’re looking for a simple-looking closet organizer kit that will give you a tidy wardrobe to share with your significant other, the easily customizable features of the Prince Hanger closet system might interest you.

Now, this closet kit has a simplistic open design that’s quite different. First, it doesn’t have a shoe rack and second, it doesn’t have the shelves. Instead, there are ten pant hangers to hang your trousers, four horizontal rods of different lengths to hang your shirt and coats and two-wire baskets (each measuring 29x12x1.5 inch) to keep some of your folded clothes, handbags or shoes.

The steel pipes are very sturdy and are designed with adjustable heights that range from 67” to 117”.  If you have enough space in your closet to fit this closet kit, then this might just be the answer you’re looking for.


  • Steel construction: the steel material used on the frames has offered a solid solution that has allowed this closet kit to endure weights of up to 135 pounds per hanging bar.
  • Wire baskets: instead of shelves, special wire baskets have been used here to offer more storage options for some of your folded clothes.
  • Hanging rods: made of steel pipes, the four rods are easily adjustable and are designed to hold at least 160 shirts.
  • One-touch fastener technology: To make it easy and fast, a very unique One Touch Fastener Technology has been used that allows you to bind the steel poles quite easily.
  • Pant hangers: just like the rods, the pant holders are also creatively designed with an option to hold nearly twenty pants.
  • Anti-slip rubber base: to guarantee a firm secure fit, the upper pole is fitted on the ceiling using a special spring technology. Likewise, the base is equipped with an anti-slip rubber plate that prevents accidental sliding when the closet organizer is erected.


  • The height can be adjusted to suit closets with different ceiling heights.
  • Stand alone unit with anti-skid base to prevent sliding.
  • There’s a dedicated reach stick that lets you hang or get clothes that are on the higher rods.
  • The construction is very sturdy.
  • No tools required for assembly


  • According to some customers, this closet kit was advertised to fit on 9ft ceilings but unfortunately, it doesn’t.
  • Although it’s advertised to hold 135 pounds, the hang poles are not strong enough to endure such weight forcing them to bend.

Customer feedback

From users feedback, the framework is very sturdy and the installation process is very simple. Most of the customers are impressed with the great space-saving solution this unit offers especially to apartments with limited space.

Others loved the height adjusting option while others were impressed with the wire baskets that offer additional space to fit more of their personal accessories.

9. Seville Classics Expandable Double-Rod Clothes Rack Closet Organizer System

A freestanding closet organizer isn’t a really bad choice for someone looking for a temporary storage option that will not interfere with the walls. The Seville Classics Expandable Double-Rod Closet Organizer doesn’t come with any rods, rails or wall brackets. Instead, it features two towers that are bound together by adjustable hanging rods for that open design look that gives you clear visibility of all your items.

The expandable rods used to connect the two towers are not only strong, but these rods are also extremely expandable from 58” to a length of 83”. The four-pronged feet are also noticeably sturdy to offer stability to this closet kit.

There are four shelves on each tower with each featuring a polypropylene shelf liner. Each shelf can hold 100 pounds while the hanger rods hold 120 pounds each.

This closet organizer is available in four color options that include; Satin bronze, Platted Steel, Light Brown, and Espresso.

Features of the Seville Classics Expandable Double-Rod Closet Organizer

  • 2-hanging rods: the two hanging rods are telescoping and expand from 5 to 7ft. they’re the main connectors between the two towers offering an adjustment option that range from 58” to 83”.
  • Steel wire shelves: the wire shelves are eight in total and they look quite binary. However, what gives them a bit of taste and prominence is the addition of a polypropylene lining at the top to prevent small items from falling through.
  • Screw-in leveling feet: there are four screw-in leveling feet on either side of the tower. The feet are balanced and are intended to offer stability to both towers.
  • Overhead shelves: the cantilevered top shelves measure 14” by 28”. Since the shelves are overhead, they can only hold light items such as hats, handbags, shoes, purses, and other light accessories.
  • Long lasting finish: the finish protects this closet kit from rust and corrosion.
  • Steel construction: the industrial-grade steel wire used in the construction is strong and very solid. With such a construction, each of the eight shelves and the two hang rods can endure heavy loads of over 100 pounds each.


  • Doesn’t require any permanent installation.
  • Offers ample storage space.
  • Easy to assemble as it doesn’t require to be drilled on the walls.
  • The height and the width are adjustable to fit your specific wardrobe.


  • Since it’s a standalone model, it can sometimes wobble when under extreme weights.

Customer feedback

The Seville Classics Expandable Double-Rod Closet Organizer despite being a freestanding unit is said to be surprisingly sturdy and stable even while holding a ton of clothing items.

It’s easy to install and overall an outstanding buyΨ that a majority of the customers feel is worth it.

10. Songmics 59″ Portable Clothes Closet Wardrobe Storage Organizer

The Songmics 59” Portable Closet Organizer is another free standing storage organizer that comes in Beige and Dark Brown color options. Quite similar to the Seville Classics, this closer kit is also goes a step further to include a zippered dustproof cover with a waterproof tier to keep dust and moisture away from your garments.

This unit is constructed from a high-quality steel frame with PP plastic connectors that keep the vertical and horizontal tubes perfectly locked together. It’s a perfect space-saving solution as it measures 59″L x 17.7″W x 69″H.

This closet organizer has one hang rod, five shelves on either side, and two long shelves at the center to offer ample storage space for all your garments, shoes, and small items.

Features of the SONGMICS 59” Portable Closet Organizer

  • Quality steel construction: the steel construction on the frameworkis durable to ensure that all your long-term storage needs are met with ease.
  • 12-storage shelves: since it’s a great space-saving closet kit, Songmics has added 12-storage shelves that provide enough space to fit all your folded outfits. To avoid any inconvenience, each of the short shelves can hold a maximum of 6.6 pounds while the long shelves can hold 11 pounds each. The overall load capacity of the unit is around 143 lbs.
  • Movable hanging rod: this hanging rod is of immense benefit as it provides added space where you can hang some of your garments. The bar can hold a maximum load of 50 pounds which is quite decent especially when you need to hang heavy winter outfits.
  • Zippered dustproof cover: since it’s intended to be used in small rooms, the zippered dustproof cover can be used to cover your garments to keep them away from dust, moisture, and, of course, public eyes.


  • It’s a standalone model that doesn’t require to be drilled on the walls.
  • Comes with a dustproof cover.
  • Offers lots of storage options.
  • Affordable unit


  • The plastic connectors can easily break if mishandled causing this closet kit to wobble.
  • The hangers can’t hold too much weight or else they’ll bend. Load capacity of 143 lbs is lower than most models on this review list.

Customer feedback

The Songmics Closet Organizer kit has been welcomed with positive feedback from most of the customers. Most of them appreciated the affordable price range which they mentioned was quite fair.

Another factor most of the customers loved was the huge size of this closet organizer as well as its portability. This closet kit is also nice looking and it comes with a zippered dustproof and waterproof cover which is a great addition that allows for discretion for customers living in small apartments.

11. Whitmor Double Rod Freestanding Closet Heavy Duty Storage Organizer

The Whitmor Double Rod Freestanding Closet Organizer is a great and smart option for solving storage chaos without necessarily having to install a large and complex closet system.

With 5 wire shelves, 2 hanging rods, and assembled dimensions of 19.25 x 45.25 x 68 inches, this closet organizer can be installed on both small and large wardrobes offering you a lot of freedom to customize and manage your space.

Its flexible characteristics coupled with a maintenance-free experience—that’s all thanks to the silver epoxy finish—are some of the features that have enabled this closet kit to be so popular

Features of the Whitmor Double Rod Freestanding Closet Organizer

  • Steel frame construction: since this closet kit is a standalone model, Whitmor has used a steel frame construction to maintain stability and enhance durability.
  • 5-Wire shelves: to manage your small closet space, Whitmor has added 5-wire shelves in this unit to provide additional space to fit all your folded garments, purses, hats, shoes, and small baskets.
  • Double hanging rods: there are also two hanging rods one at the top and the other at the center where you can hang some of your shirts, blouses, trench coats, and winter coats. The bottom rod is removable to create more vertical space where you can hang long coats.
  • Silver epoxy finish: a silver epoxy finish has also been added to enhance the looks of this closet kit. With such a rich vibrant finish, the frames are given a luxurious look that complements most interior decors.
  • Heavy-duty plastic connectors: heavy-duty plastic connectors bind the steel tubes together to maintain stability and prevent wobbling.


  • It’s very easy to assemble.
  • Light and extremely sturdy thanks to the steel construction.
  • Fits most closets and wardrobes.
  • Stand alone model with no tools needing for installation


  • The plastic connectors are not strong enough to withstand extreme weights
  • Overall unit is not ideal for extreme weight loads

Customer feedback

The Whitmor Double Rod Freestanding Closet Organizer is a great space-saving solution. Most users appreciated the compact design that allowed this closet kit to fit in their closets.

A large number of other shoppers also appreciated the low price tag. A few others loved the easy assembly while others stated that they generally loved the standalone models as you won’t have to interfere with the walls (most generally due to restrictions).

12. Northern Kentucky Cedar DVSWK0812 Aromatic Red Cedar Deluxe Ventilated Wall Kit

Northern Kentucky Cedar Ventilated Wall Kit unlike most of the closet systems we’ve reviewed here made of wire shelves and steel poles, has a frame and shelves constructed from Aromatic red cedar that’s responsible for its overall beauty and durability.

The open design structure lets you organize all your clothes, shoes, hats, purses, and small items for easy access. The construction consists of 4*39” ventilated shelves, 4*39” hanging rods, and 5 tiny shelves on the center tower.

The Northern Kentucky Cedar Ventilated Wall Kit is easy to assemble and it’s fully adjustable making it a smart choice for almost any closet need.

Features of the Northern Kentucky Cedar Ventilated Wall Kit

  • 4-ventilated shelves: the four large shelves are ideal for keeping folded clothes or baskets containing some of your tiny valuables. These shelves are adjustable up to 12” to create more vertical space to hang some of your long coats. There are five small shelves at the center that you can use to fit your shoes and other valuables.
  • 4-hanging rods: these rods are placed on top of each of the four shelves. They provide ample horizontal space where you can hang your pants, shirts, coats, and sweaters.
  • j-Hooks: to maintain stability, four J-Hooks and four angle braces have been used to secure this closet kit towards the wall.


  • Offers large storage space.
  • The wooden finish is beautiful and smells great.
  • Works well with most wooden wardrobes.


  • A little pricey

Customer feedback

Most of the customers are really impressed with this fantastic closet organizer stating that it’s suitable and practical enough to handle most of their wardrobe needs

Furthermore, the aromatic red cedar has enchanted most customers with its glittering beauty and the sweet smell generated  by the wood is just a welcomed bonus

Best Closet Organizer System—Buyer’s Guide

1. Material

Closet systems are available in a range of materials with the most common ones being steel, laminates, wood, and a combination of materials.

Laminates are usually the least expensive as they’re neither durable nor strong enough to handle heavy loads. Wood, on the other hand, is moderately to expensively priced and it’s a great option thanks to its beauty and durability. Lastly, there’s steel construction. Similar to wooden systems, metal systems are also durable, sturdy and very stylish. They can endure heavy loads and they’re easily customizable thanks to their adjustable characteristics.

2. Installation options

Are you looking for a wall-mounted model or a freestanding one? Wall-mounted models though most are advertised to be easy to assemble can be a little time consuming, with some requiring some type of modification first depending on the space. Tools are required for these types because you only need to drill them on the walls. They’re therefore sturdy as they’re usually secured on walls. Another downside is that they require lots of components to install.

Freestanding models, on the other hand, are easy to set up and don’t require any mounting. They’re are usually the best option for temporary storage or in urban rental apartments where you’re restricted from drilling into the walls. The only downside with these models is that they’re not sturdy enough and might wobble when heavier loads than the recommended maximum capacity is applied on the shelves.

3. Functionality

What’s the main purpose of purchasing this closet kit? Are you looking to hang most of your clothes or are planning to keep them folded? Now, with an answer already in your mind, you can opt to select a model that offers more hanging solutions such as more rods or one with more shelves depending on how you like it.

4. Budget

Lastly, there’s the budget. How much are you looking to spend on that particular closet kit? Remember, the price of your particular closet organizer is highly dependent on the construction, adjustability, available space, and additional features.


A closet organization system has many benefits with the obvious ones being, all your clothes and personal items are kept neat an organized as well as easily accessible.

If keeping things neat and tidy around the room means investing in a quality closet organizer system, then each of the twelve units we’ve reviewed here will definitely offer a practical, smart space-saving solution. From hanging rods, adjustable shelves, shoe shelves to drawers, these closet kits in different price ranges will not fail to keep your space in great shape especially if your wardrobe is always in chaos.


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