7 Best Christian Subscription Boxes to Help Strengthen Your Faith

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Table of Contents

Christian women and those aspiring to strengthen their Christian faith mentioned that any of the below highlighted Christian subscription boxes were excellent in keeping them looking and feeling fabulous as well as delivering a touch of inspiration centered on their faith every single day.

Their subscription box came loaded with practical and high quality products as well as uplifting literature to keep them inspired in the faith. This can be in the form of a cards or handmade jewelry accompanied with a powerful scripture, a poem or encouraging words with great artwork.

  1. The Believer’s Subscription Box

In the Believer’s Box you can expect to find 5-7 items per box including a frameable print that you hang or keep on your work desk for daily inspiration well beyond the month. The box also comes with inspiring Christian jewelry, pass-along scripture cards, beauty, wellness and other lifestyle items that will have you feeling great and spreading the love to friends, family and fellow believers.The Believer's Box

As a subscriber, you will also receive 3-5 inspiring t-shirts in the course of the year. This carefully crafted and themed to keep you inspired and have inspiring too. The T-shirts are gorgeous yet practical with powerful messages. You can wear them in the gym or gift them to those who could use some encouragement.

Giving to the needy is an integral part of the Christian faith, subscribers of the Believers box will be happy to know that part of the proceeds from every subscription is directed towards donating a meal to the Christian organization Food for the Poor.

But not only that, the brand is keen on supporting women-owned small businesses by featuring some of their products in the subscription boxes.

Parents loved that this box because it offers yet another way they can use for themselves but also for inspiring their teenage daughters of 16+ to look and feel amazing.

It’s an awesome tool to use for mommy daughter connection, while instilling and encouraging your daughter on the Christian path.


  • Monthly subscription box with a different theme every month
  • Comes with 5-7 items that includes beauty and wellness products as well as frame-able print and scripture cards to name a few
  • Proceed of every sale go into providing a meal to the Christian Organization Food for the poor
  • Well package for beautiful unwrapping experience
  • Good for adults as well as girls above 16+ years

Customer who subscribed this box mentioned that it was excellent value for money with gorgeous wellness products and Christian inspiration to keep you inspired. This box ships only within the US.

  1. Faithbox

The Faithbox has an excellent bundle of goodies that come your way at the end of every month to help stay inspired in your Christian journey. Every month the Christian themes are different to keep recipients eagerly anticipating.Faithbox

Included in the box are books by Christian authors every other month that provide a refreshed outlook on most biblical topics. The box can also includes an impact guide, a daily devotional for the month that helps keeps you focused and centered in your faith through the month.

The contents here are products hand-picked by the Faith box team from eco-friendly companies that are bent on giving back to the planet. Items also include jewelry, prayer cards and spiritual inventory.


  • Exciting Christian themes every month that ignite your spiritual fire
  • Part of the goodies include books, prayer guides and scripture cards to name a few
  • Ecofriendly products from companies that give back to society
  • Recommended for all Christian women and their friends

Christian women, who love to devour books by Christian authors and look good at the same time, will love the faith subscription box. It’s also an awesome way to gift a book lover with a one purchase gift from previous boxes that you like.

  1. The Humble Butterfly’s AFlame Box

Other than reading scripture and Christian books, one will find that creative ways to look for inspiration also do their part in keeping your spiritual fire burning for the lord. Subscribing to the Humble Butterfly’s Aflame Box is one of them.The Humble Butterfly's AFLAME BOX

This monthly box brings with it items that tickle your fancy and fan the flames of your faith while keeping you anchored in joy.

Each box comes loaded with a prayer, scripture focus, war room kit, inspiring reads, challenges, beautiful gifts that you can use to encourage your fellow sisters in the faith.


  • Refreshing Christian themes every month
  • Items include a variety of beautiful gifts hand-picked or handmade for Christian women by Christian women
  • Promotes and supports other women small businesses by featuring their products in the box
  • Good for Christian women looking for a creative way to inspire their faith or that of others

It’s worth noting that subscriptions can be done monthly or gets great discounts on 3/6/12 months block subscriptions. One can also enjoy one time purchases for themselves or as a gift for someone else from a selection of previous boxes.

  1. Butterfly-Box

Life as we know it today is busy and for most people, once the morning starts, the day runs like a blur and before you know it, it’s bed time and you are dog tired. It’s easy to lose those quite moments that help you intimately connect with God.Butterfly-Box

Subscribing to the Butterfly-Box can help you reclaim those quiet moments with God, build your intimacy with Christ, and live out your faith in the world around you with much joy

Each month’s box is designed to illustrate a biblical theme and encourage spiritual growth. Scripture has the power to inspire, encourage and uplift the soul for abundant living filled with loads of joy and reasons to smile and be up-beat.

The monthly box comes with 5 to 6 items that include jewelry, artwork, books, décor and so much more.


  • Every monthly theme inspires Christian living
  • Includes 5-6 items that range from jewelry, artwork, books, decor, personal pampering items, faith sharing cards and other specialty items
  • Proceeds of every sale go into providing a meal to the Christian Organization Food for the poor
  • Recommended for all Christian women and those they love

Do you feel like you need a touch of inspiration in your walk with God or know a sister who does, a monthly subscription, 3 months subscription or a one-time purchase of the Butterfly-Box might be just what you or they need to inject some inspiration and encouragement into their lives.

  1. The Delilah Box

The Delilah Box takes an interesting approach which Christian women who are ardent enthusiasts of literature and ferocious book readers will love.The Delilah Box

This box is more of a book club created to highlight and uncover the lesser-known, lesser liked, and more questionable women of the Bible.

This makes for some great reading offering a different perspective on women of the bible. Each month features a “bad girl” of the Bible and in-depth look at their lives and love for God.

You can expect to receive a minimum of 2 books, study brochure as well as 2-3 additional items like tea, enamel pins, Bible journaling, jewelry, and accessories. Great stuff!.


  • This monthly box studies a ”bad girl” of the bible every month
  • Comes with a handful of items such as a minimum of 2 books, jewelry, accessories and much more
  • Access to an online community of like-minded people that share your passion
  • Ferocious readers will love the book club approach

You will be glad to note that the featured books are hot releases fresh off the press for your enlightenment and enjoyment carefully curated for Christian women.

  1. Bette’s Box of Blessings

The ultimate commandment that sums up of all the others is that you “LOVE ONE ANOTHER”. The Bette’s Box of blessings is here to help you do just that.Bette's Box of Blessings

You can subscribe monthly and enjoy all the blessings in the box or you can do a one-time purchase from a wide selection of previous boxes as a gift to a loved one such as your mom, a fellow sister or daughter.

Each monthly box has a different theme built around an encouraging or uplifting theme to inspire you through the entire month.

It includes premium Christian books, music, greeting cards as well as other gifts.


  • Monthly subscription box with an encouraging or uplifting theme every month
  • Comes with a load of goodies to bless your heart, includes premium Christian books, music, greeting cards and so much more
  • A great way to get inspired or inspire others through the month
  • Recommended of all Christian women and their friends

Let your month be filled with joy, abundance and many other uplifting themes though this box. Spread the love by gifting a fellow Christian sister.

  1. Purp-ess Subscription Box

The Purp-ess box has a unique and practical approach towards inspiring you on a daily basis through your bath time. Since bath time is a daily thing for humans, women will find the artisan soap(s) in this box to have invigorating natural scents and ingredients. The box delivers fresh handmade all natural soap and bath essentials that women will go absolutely cuckoo over.purp-ess box

What keeps this subscription box practical and fresh each month, is that it comes with a different ‘purposeful’ ingredient that has a unique benefit to the skin.

This purposeful ingredient will be related to a Biblical principle and emphasizing one’s greatest purpose in life.

Not only will you learn a thing or two on the “purposeful” ingredient’s benefits as well as where and how it they are derived, you also get inspired by accompanying scriptures that tie in to the themes.


  • Different theme soaps every month and accompanying scriptures
  • Includes artisan soap(s), scripture and often 2 surprise items
  • 10% of the proceeds go towards Christian Suicide Prevention
  • Recommended for both men and women who enjoy naturally scented baths with artisan soap

Customers loved that there are 2 categories of Purp-ess box to choose from; Lathered Box which comes with 1 bar of handmade, natural vegan soap plus at least 1 or 2 surprise items. The category is the Splish Splash Box which has a bar of handcrafted, natural, vegan soap, 1 whipped sugar scrub, plus 1 or 2 surprise items.


The Christian walk is meant to be fun and vibrant. There are many creative ways to accomplish that and ensure that you cherish God’s creation and the abundant natural beauty in it. This can be seen through poetry, scripture, books, music as well as simple things like the beauty of a scent. Get inspired through subscribing to a Christian themed monthly box that best resonates with your personality, likes and proclivities.

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