2021 5 Best Chenille Bedspreads You’ll Love

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Table of Contents

Why Should You Consider Chenille Bedspreads?

Every fabric has its own pros and cons. Cotton is one of the best natural materials and has some strong attributes such as being strong when manufactured with a high thread count and tightly woven structure. It is also known for being absorbent, breathable and very efficient in regulating temperature in bedding products.

A good number of people are familiar with chenille but most may have no clue about what this fabric really is and whether it is a good fit for them or not.

In this post, we shall review the chenille bedspreads that are made from 100% cotton. That means that it brings all the advantages of cotton.

However, no material is without cons. For cotton fabric, the cons are that it can tend to crease and is not stain resistant.

But the pros definitely outweigh the cons if you are looking at cotton as a material because it is also very durable and easy to care for.

Review of the Best Chenille Bedspreads

1. Collections Etc Calista Chenille Lightweight Bedspread with Fringe

When thinking of a lightweight cover spread for your bed, there are multiple traits that you have in mind, including practical, durable, gorgeous, soft and warm.

These can seem like quite a lot to have in one bed spread. However, the Collection Etc Calista Chenille Bedspread delivers all these traits with grace that enlivens any room.

The bedspread exudes oodles of character and looks to have a decent weight at 6.5 pounds. So this chenille cover is lightweight by chenille standards but is heavy enough to give sufficient warmth and provide good usage over many years.

The bedspread is 100% cotton and combined with yarn to achieve that embroidered traditional look that has come to be adored by many home interiors enthusiasts.

This bedspread is neat in a rugged sense. The cover has an intricate texture, a gorgeous design and beautiful patterning that are pleasant to the eye and soft to the touch. If you stop to think about it, your bedspread is seen first long before it is touched. That means this bedspread looks beautiful on your bed enough to want to close in and touch it. That’s a good aesthetic quality in a bedspread and this one delivers with ease.

The decorative fringes on the borders of the spread add to the beauty of the design.

This is easy to spread and straighten on your bed so that making the bed in the morning is quick and efficient.

It is also a fabric that washes very well and can be simply tossed into the washer when dirty. Furthermore, the color on this item holds fast for the entire lifespan of the spread. You can expect to see a bit of lint on your dryer but nothing more than usual.


  • Dimensions of this unit are full 108″ x 96”. Other size options include; Twin/ queen/king
  • It is made from 100% cotton chenille with fringes
  • Lightweight at 6.5 pounds
  • Features a gorgeous embossed pattern
  • It is machine washable
  • Offers color options including chocolate/sage/turquoise

With several colors to choose from, this bedspread can match and complement most decors. Varied size options also mean that you can get this to go all the way to the floor or hang higher to better expose a floor or bed detailing that you want to be seen. While the bedspread sells separately, you can always opt to get the matching standard shams as well to complete a beautiful look.

Customer feedback

Customers appreciated the beautifully textured surface of this item and most mentioned that when looking for a bedspread, they wanted an option that is charming but also low maintenance and durable. The Collection Etc Calista Chenille Bedspread delivered on all those fronts. Further, other users shared that they love the easy care and how well the unit washed. The item is also said to be warm but not too heavy for all year round use.

2. Collections Etc Wavy Tufted Medallion Ruffled Edge Chenille Bedspread

In many ways, this chenille bedspread can be considered a work of art.

For those who like to adorn their bed with an artistic coverlet, then you will likely hit the jackpot with this Wavy Tufted Medallion Chenille Bedspread by Collections Etc.

Its craftsmanship and creative genius is on full display. The final product shows a textured surface that neatly sits on your bed to reveal a massive medallion centerpiece surrounded by criss crossing lines and a ruffled border at the edges of the bed.

The fabric then lavishly spills over the edges all the way to the floor or a few inches shy off it depending on the height of your bed or mattress. But even with a thick mattress and a bed with a high profile, this bedspread still does a good job of generously covering the bed. The bordered edge that comes before the wavy patterns presents a stunning artful look and dresses your bed with absolute class.

Chenille designing is in every way an art form. The sides of this item surround the bed with a wavy pattern which creates awesome contrast in design and patterning.

Its wavy pattern is further accentuated by the drapery fall of the fabric to the sides. The edging on this coverlet departs from the fringes and offers a ruffled edge instead. This finishing touch adds to uniqueness of the overall design.

This bedspread has a majestic air to it and commands an awesome presence in any bedroom. The unit weighs about 6.7 pounds which is light enough to be breathable for cool sleeping in moderate weather and heavy enough to provide warmth during the colder months.

The fabric falls nicely against your body for a warm caress when sleeping. Since the 100% cotton is soft, it feels pleasant against your skin and does not cause allergies.

While this advertised item is in full size, you can always get it in other sizes to suit the size of your bed.

One can maintain the same theme by getting several of these for all the beds in the home ranging from twin, queen to the king size, and in varying colors too. The Wavy Chenille bedspread is not inclusive of shams but the matching shams can be bought separately for a spectacular finish.


  • This is a full bedspread measuring 108″ Lx 96” W. Other available sizes include twin/ queen and king
  • It features 100% cotton with ruffled borders
  • Lightweight at 6.7 pounds
  • The design has a huge medallion centerpiece and a wavy textured surface
  • It is easy to care for and machine washable
  • The cover comes in 2 colors; grey/aubergine

These colors are rich yet muted with quiet elegance. They combine well with the pattern, look, and feel of the fabric. They also augur well with most interior design colors in your room such as tiles, artwork, and walls.

Customer feedback

Customers shared that it was love at first sight with this wavy chenille bed cover. It’s hard to miss the gorgeous massive medallion at the center and the beautiful lattice designed borders. Those with king size beds mentioned that this cover has a beautiful artful look that immediately injects ruffled charm to your bedroom. Either color delivers a stunning contrast with wood and other room elements. Users also shared that this bedspread is durable and does not fade over time.

3. Better Trends Ashton Collection Bedspread

Tastes, styles and budgets may differ from one person to another when choosing a bedspread. However, traits that cut across the board for most consumers when shopping for a coverlet are durability, design, ease of care, aesthetic appeal and cost.

The Better Trends Ashton Collection checks all the right boxes when it comes to quality you will love and a price that you can live with.

If you have ever had a chenille fabric mat or shawl, then you know that this fabric can last impressively long even when the utility rate is high. Give a chenille mat a try and compare it to other mats year in, year out; the difference is remarkable. Chenille shawls can last a lifetime and be inherited by loved ones. That is just a small indicator to show that the use of chenille for this bedspread guarantees you years of service.

That is on top of being awesome in design and construction.

This king size chenille bedspread from Better Trends Ashton Collection has novel simplicity and elegance all rolled up in one.

The fabric is 100% cotton and its handsome piles are fuzzy and soft to the touch. Understandably, at first touch, you can’t help wonder how this achieved, and running your hand over the velvety textured surface is irresistible. But that is the mystery of chenille fabric and its properties.

When you touch it, your hand is met by the furry softness of the piled fabric. The fabric is immaculately soft to the skin such that even if you have sensitive skin, you would not have to worry about being grazed or skin irritation.

Further, the bedspread is adorned by a massive medallion at the center, followed by scroll patterns and lines.

Its edges are flat and tough similar to those of a carpet allowing this bedspread the ability to withstand day-to-day wear for a long time to come.

The coverlet sprawls very well over a bed and also neatly contours around the corners then flows down to hug the floor.

This fabric is easy to care for and machine washable. The unit does not crease easy even after a wash, but if does, it will straighten itself out in a matter of hours after spreading it on the bed. No ironing is needed.


  • These are King size dimensions which are 110″L x 120” W. Other available sizes include twin/ queen and full
  • It is 100% cotton fabric with fringed edges
  • It is of medium weight at 9.4 pounds
  • The design features a massive medallion centerpiece and scroll accents
  • The bedspread is machine washable and easy to care for
  • Comes numerous colors such as; blue/ chocolate/ burgundy/ navy/ grey/ ivory/ sage/ plum/ pink/ yellow/ white/ teal

The elegance and beauty of this unit lies in its simplicity. If you already possess heavy winter and fall comforters, a chenille of medium weight and well-designed such as this one offers the perfect change of style for the warm months.

Customer feedback

Customers, who wanted a slightly different finish away from bed skirts and fringes, shared that they loved the simple flat tough edges. Users who got this item mentioned that they also liked the old-school feel of the design. They also said that it offers a welcome change from the puffy winter comforters to something lighter yet warm with a different rich design.

4. Collections Etc Royalty Elegant Scroll and Checkered Pattern Chenille Bedspread

The reason why carpets often look so amazing and decorative is because of the embroidery they display. While this Collection Etc Bedspread is certainly not a carpet, it does exude that richness of a heavily embroidered bed piece.

This coverlet brings a rich textured surface without being heavy and that is a feat that can only be achieved by lightweight chenille.

The 100% cotton construction ensures a lightweight bedspread with a gorgeous pattern and exquisite emerald green color to boot. The design is elaborate and the intricate texture invites you to touch with curiosity.

Its top is decorated with graceful scrolls while the sides are adorned with a gorgeous trellis pattern for an exquisite finish. The design is finished off with bell corner and fringed borders.

The emerald green is a bold color that is befitting for both adults’ and children’s rooms. This beautiful color coupled with elegant pattern work will instantly transform the look and feel of a bedroom.

Further, the cotton fabric helps make this unit lighter in spite of the elaborate patterns that can present the cover with a heavier look than it really is.

This bedspread is ideal for moderate weather and perfect for summer and spring.

The emerald green is a good color choice for most decors. It adds a luxurious feel to a space and forms a beautiful contrast with wood such as the bed and a wooden floor. It can also be used to complement artwork in the room as well as curtain drapes and wall color. In essence, this is an awesome design with an elegant color that is sure to add loads of character and a curious vibe to your bedroom.

Maintenance and care is an afterthought as this bedspread is machine washable with a solid color that does not fade. However, as is normal with chenille, you are likely to experience some shedding during drying after initial washes.

In time, that will stop but does not affect the look of this beautiful bedspread. If you love a uniformed look, you can always purchase the standard matching shams with fringe edges for an impressively classic and neat look


  • The king size measures 118″L x 118” W. But other sizes also available include twin/ queen and full
  • It is made from 100% cotton fabric with fringe borders
  • Weight of only 6.9 pounds
  • Features a textured surface with scroll accent and trellis patterned sides
  • Offers users easy maintenance and ease of washing with a machine
  • It is available in emerald green color

This beautiful spread is a great addition to any room. Being relatively lightweight makes it easy to store away during winter months when using winter comforters. It’s the perfect bedspread for your spring and summers.

Customer feedback

Most customers who settled for this coverlet loved how it generously fits a king size bed flowing all the way to the floor. The design is beautiful and the color is rich. They found it to be lightweight, soft and agreeable with the skin as well as easy to wash and maintain.

Some customers remarked they ended up buying additional units of the same to grace the other beds in the home and create a uniform luxuriousness. If you are on the hunt for lightweight chenille bedspread with an elegant design and color, this comes highly recommended.

5. Saral Home Fashions 3 Piece Bedspread Set

For those who love a white bedspread in their bedroom décor, the Saral Home Fashions Bedspread Set is worth a consideration.

Bedspreads can come in many finishes and an assortment of colors to suit every style.

But there is always something striking and pure about a white bedspread. And while in all likelihood your winter comforters are of puffed designs, you may want a different approach in the spring and summer to freshen and liven up your bedroom with a bit change.

A chenille option will deliver on that change perfectly. This 100% Cotton set will not disappoint.

For snow white lovers, you are likely to appreciate that this bedspread comes in pure white. And although this solid color is white all across, it is by no means boring thanks to the beautifully piled patterns that texture the surface with amazing grace.

The entire surface is covered with elaborate scrolling and flowery medallions. The borders are not fringed and instead are finished with a wavy pattern for a simple yet elegant look. This coverlet is packaged as a set and comes inclusive of two standard matching shams that will add a charming look to your bedspread.

This unit can be used all year round. During the winter months, it can be used for layering to achieve warmth and fuzzy comfort. It’s also useable in the summer as the cotton it’s made out of is highly breathable and absorbent. It, therefore, does provide an excellent sleeping experience even in hot weather.


  • It is available in queen which measures 118″L x 102”W and also comes in king/ twin and full
  • The fabric is 100% cotton with wavy edges
  • This lightweight bedspread is only 5.9 pounds
  • The design has floral medallions and scroll accents
  • It is an easy wash by washing machine
  • The unit is available in white color only

This is a perfect chenille bedspread for someone looking for a pristine look in their bedroom. You can never go wrong with white.

Customer feedback

To avoid the shedding that is often associated with chenille bedspreads, users who got this coverlet recommended washing it before use. A User who did this mentioned they had to empty the dryer’s lint trap about every 15 minutes while drying. But after this initial wash, the comforter no longer sheds. Customers observed that the bedspread is very soft and fits well on their bed.


The above are some of the best chenille bedspreads that you can hope to find in the market today. They tick all the right boxes in terms of quality, design, aesthetic appeal as well as low maintenance and easy machine wash. Not to mention they come at a relatively friendly price tag.

With these gorgeous chenille bedspread options, your bedroom has never looked so chic, stylish and elegant.

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