6 Best Chair Mats for Hardwood Floors in 2021

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Table of Contents

Chair Mats are the most practical choice of product for anyone with a hardwood floor needing protection from an office chair.

Unfortunately for those using office-type chairs to work in the home environment, the floor beneath can quickly become damaged by the chair. This includes scratching from rolling back and forth. The result is a chunk of your floor space that begins to look unsightly compared to the rest of the floor area of that room.

However, chair floor mats can also double up, working to help the movement of your chair, as well the floor beneath. This is because the bottom panel of a rotating chair needs free movement throughout the time you sit on it.

Yet, not all mats placed between your chair and that of a hardwood floor will work well. This is why we recommend the best chair mat for hardwood flooring is one that specifically states it is designed for this particular floor type.

Specific hardwood floor mats tend to be made up using essential layers of solid materials and are finished off with a protective covering. This means they are the most suitable for using beneath a chair and will actively protect your floor surface in the process.

Here we review no less than six of these fantastic product types. All available to purchase directly online, these are not only those highly rated by verified customers but also come complete with a realistic price tag in the process!

Review of the Best Chair Mats for Hardwood Floors

1. Clearly Innovative Glass Chair Mat

Clearly Innovative offers a glass type chair mat and one that is patented to provide one-inch beveled edges all round in its design.

The idea of these unique edges in its design is to further ensure that you can roll your chair both on and off the mat. This means you will not groove or cup the wheels of your chair in the process.

This mat also benefits immensely from a heavy-duty curved design. This assures that the mat is not just a functional one throughout but also prevents any breaking or cracking during use.

In addition to this, the thick and clear tempered glass design employed here means you can still see the floor beneath a vinyl transparent finishing

Remaining entirely in place throughout use, the Clearly Innovative chair mat comes in eight fantastic variable size choices. Still, it accommodates a maximum capacity of up to 1000 pounds.

A most elegant ergonomic glass mat, this model can be placed over hardwood floors. It can also double up for carpet, tile, and vinyl flooring areas as well.

This chair mat is constructed using silica sand that is natural and rapidly renewable in its material. This means it remains odorless, phthalate-free, and BPA free. This is in contrast to the many other similar types of mats on the market that are man-made and chemical-filled.

Thus, when you purchase and indeed use the Clearly Innovative chair mat, you’re using a most environmentally friendly choice. This is also one that contributes to a more sustainable green future.

This chair mat comes complete with a limited lifetime warranty. The company is so confident here that this is an excellent investment to last for many years of use, such is the strength in both material and design.

With over fifteen years of experience designing, constructing, and manufacturing quality-built products, the company believe this chair mat will never have to be replaced. Thus, it makes a fantastic investment choice.


  • Eight sizes to choose from
  • Patented beveled edges
  • Holds a maximum capacity of 1000 pounds
  • No breaking or cracking
  • Thick clear tempered glass material
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Clearly Innovative Glass Chair Mat provide some astounding five-star reviews on this awesome product. With many loving the glass design of the mat itself, its practicality remains top rated with many claiming their chair glides each time perfectly over the mat. Best of all, because you can see through this chair mat, most customers love being able to see their flooring beneath. This is especially so when they have a great carpet they don’t wish to cover up!

2. Ilyapa Heavy Duty Office PVC Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

From the makers at Ilyapa come one of the most popular chair mats in the market. This is the company’s heavy-duty office chair mat, which you can select on its own or in a pack of two and from many different sizes.

The dimensions available here include 30 x 48 inches, 30 x 48 inches with lip, 36 x 48 inches, 36 x 48 inches with lip, and 59 x 47 inches.

The idea of the Ilyapa floor mat is to protect your floor from any scratches and markings. This means it is perfect for those areas with hardwood floors or even tiling, laminate, concrete, or vinyl flooring.

Both slip and scuff resistance, these chair mats employ the smoothest feature backing, which encourages then to hold the floor more securely.

Also, the surface of the mat is lightly textured to allow for increased but ultimately controlled chair movement.

These are the mats that are easier to clean. Therefore, should you ever spill anything on them, just a simple wipe down on theses plastic mats will keep then as good as new.

Though they are practical, the overall design is that of a robust and durable PVC material. This means not only are they built to last, but they also resist cracking, curling, or discoloration.

With an automatic one-year warranty with your purchase as standard, Ilyapa is 100% confident that their product will go the distance in your home office environment.

This is also the chair mat that is considered easier to set up upon delivery. All you need is to unroll the mat from the box and turn it over to lay it as flat as you can. Then, simply place weights on all four corners and allow it to sit for several hours. This mat type will work quicker within those warmer temperatures and can also be set outside for flattening if the weather is good. Once this has been done, your mat will be flat and ready to use.


  • Various sizes and packs available
  • Transparent and durable PVC material
  • Slip-resistant
  • Scuff resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Built to last
  • One-year automatic warranty

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Ilyapa heavy duty chair mat are very impressed with this product once it’s installed. For many, the idea of this mat being a transparent type almost makes it look invisible when it’s on the floor. For this reason, some people prefer it as they can still see their flooring underneath. Efficiency wise, many customers claim it will retain the impression of the chair’s wheels while you’re sitting on it. Yet these soon disappear afterwards, never leaving any marks underneath as a result.

3. Office Chair Mat with Anti Fatigue Cushioned Foam Footrest 

The makers at Mushyn present their office chair mat, which makes excellent use of an anti-fatigue cushioned foam in its design. This is said to be the best choice for the health of your feet – and one you’ll thank them for in years to come!Chair Mats for Hardwood Floors

Best of all, this mat doubles up as a two in one product. This means you can use it when sitting on a chair at your desk or use it for increased comfort when you’re standing at your desk working.

A fantastic simple one choice mat type, this is rolled when delivered to both reduce waste and indeed shipping time. However, it also offers the most straightforward measurements. The anti-fatigue floor rest itself is three square feet, with the entire mat 48 inches by 36 inches overall. There is also an 0.08-inch thickness.

The materials in the make-up of the Mushyn mat work to increase its cushioning and, indeed, overall comfort. This includes a PVC surface with high impact strength, making it the most durable.

The core of this mat uses an NBR anti-fatigue support foam. At the same time, the bottom is an anti-slip backing to ensure security all-round.

In addition to these functional materials, the mat is also scratch-resistant, stain resistance, phthalate-free, and heavy metals free. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty as standard.

What’s great about this mat, alongside thoroughly protecting your floors, is the flexible and resilient touch of it. This works to relieve the stress and pressure on your feet and ankles as you sit.

Yet, if you choose to stand and work on this mat, you can transition easily here to keep your shoulders relaxed, back straight, pelvis in natural alignment while keeping the circulation healthy in your legs.

Suitable for all floor surfaces, this is a waterproof product and one that is easy to maintain and clean.


  • Dual-use for sitting and standing
  • Thin edges for ease of chair rolling
  • Built-in anti-fatigue footrest
  • The perfect blend of strong and supportive materials
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Waterproof
  • 48 x 36 x 0.6 inches

Customer Feedback

Customers choosing the Mushyn floor mat find this a fantastic choice and excellent solution of mats for the home office. With the concept suggested as one of the most clever they’ve come across, many love how this can support both sitting and standing. They also find it is the most comfortable choice of mats and most perfect of designs. For some, even the sheer fact this works well when standing has encouraged them to buy a standing desk as well!

4. Anji Mountain Chair Mat Rug’d Collection

The Anji Mountain chair mat for hardwood floors comes in the form of their rug collection. This mat that is available in two styles. The first is that of ½ inch thickness and which can be used on all surfaces. The second is that of a ¼ inch thickness and which is more suitable for those low pile carpets and hard surfaces.

With two sizes of 36 x 48 inches and 40 x 54 inches to choose from, there is also a massive selection of just under 30 colors and patterns to select here! This means you won’t have any trouble choosing a design that matches and indeed complements your interior fully.

These rugs are all 100% jacquard woven polyester on their surface. They also boast a 100% phthalate-free PVC core.

The idea here is a mat that can further ensure a natural rolling action for all chair casters. This means your chair can, in turn, roll smoothly but all the more effortlessly over these surface types.

The concept of having a mid-layer, which is made up of phthalate, ensures an ongoing durable performance, keeping the mat sturdy and supportive throughout use.

With a non-skid felt backing feature, this is the mat that also stays in place. This backing also works to prevent any marking to the floor itself.

With an emphasis on both function and style, Anji Mountain believes it’s time people gave up on those ugly plastic-type chair mats. Instead, they recommend inserting a little dash of color into their home office!

Therefore, each rug/mat here is designed to reflect user personality and style, ensuring your workspace has a little bit of décor.

Claimed to be the better choice of floor of solutions, these are also the easier of products to handle. With a simple bi-fold, they can be both shipped and indeed moved around the room with ease. They also eliminate any unnecessary plastic spikes as well as needing no rolling or further hassle to set up and indeed use.


  • Sizes 36 x 48 inch and 40 x 54 inches
  • ¼ inch thickness or ½ inch thickness
  • A huge color and pattern choice
  • Hardcore performance
  • Non-skid felt backing
  • Tightly woven polyester surface
  • Smooth and effortless rolling

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Anji Mountain Chair mat rug collection offer some high rated reviews for this product. Many love, not just the style and boost of color it brings to a room, but more so the rug’s ability to encourage a chair to roll flawlessly over it. For those who’ve used the rug for some time now, they highly recommend a rug type rather than a plastic or glass type – vowing never to revert to such models again!

5. MuArts Crystal Clear Heavy Duty Hard Chair Mat

MuArts sell a crystal clear and heavy duty hard chair mat that can successfully be used on either carpets or on hard floors.

With the ability to purchase this on its own or in packs of two, three, and five mats, this weighs around 14 Ibs in total and offers measurements of 47 x 35 x 0.2 inches.

A dual-purpose mat type, the hard material used here ensures that this mat cannot be curled or folded. However, it retains an entirely flat shape throughout while being similar to that of a glass chair mat. Yet its makers insist that this is more durable than plastic and indeed glass mats and therefore more heavy-duty overall.

With clear glass type transparency, this allows your carpet or floor beneath to come through and remain clearly seen.

Made using non-toxic and odorless Plexiglass material, the MuArts heavy duty chair mat can accommodate as much as 1200 Ibs of pressure.

The company has provided peace of mind with this model, which allows for a worry-free 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support.

MuArts claim this mat has been improved and upgraded over the years thanks to much customer feedback and market demand. So, taking such a response, they believe they’ve developed a chair mat that is very different from many others on the current market.

Best of all, by upgrading where necessary, this is the chair mat that allows you to glide your chair over effortlessly while leaving no evidence of activity on the floor beneath you.


  • Available as one or more packs
  • Size 48 x 35 x 0.3 inches
  • Crystal clear surface
  • Upgraded and improved version and made using Plexiglass
  • Accommodates up to 1200 Ibs of pressure
  • Non-breakable
  • Dual purpose

Customer Feedback

Customers who’ve purchased the MuArts chair mat offer some brilliant high rating reviews, especially around the sheer durability of this model. With many claiming it to be extremely tough and rock-solid, the quality of this design is suggested as second to none. Furthermore, many are pleased with the amount of scuffing and scratching the mat works to retain, therefore eliminating such activity from the floor or carpet beneath it entirely.

6. Premium Glass Office Chair Mat – Vitrazza 

Offering customers a never dent promise, this chair mat comes from the makers at Vitrazza. This is their premium glass office chair mat.Best Chair Mats for Hardwood Floors

Super strong in strength, the result is a smooth and easy glide across the surface, and one that remains intact despite many years of use.

With a clear design, the Vitrazza continues to allow you to showcase the fantastic floor beneath your mat, therefore sitting neatly in any room.

With an ability to work well on hardwood flooring, this mat can also work well with any other floor type you lay it on.

An ergonomic glass floor mat, the company believe this is a premium alternative when compared to those worn-out plastic-type mats. Better still, this is the mat which is protected by an invisible Pro15 coating.

Because of the construction used throughout the Vitrazza mat, this will hold over 1000 Ibs in weight. The company is so confident of its product’s ability to go the distance that there is also a transferable lifetime warranty included here as well.

Boasting three-inch radius corners, the edges of this mat are polished and offer a furniture quality, made up of a mini bevel. What’s more, a Stabil-a-dot bumper system, handling and cleaning tips, and an easy lift tool are also included with your purchase here.

Vitrazza is an industry leader in their field and therefore produces quality high tested and inspected products only. Their chair mat is no different here, being tempered for strength and increased safety to meet standard quality processes.

Intending to insert more function into your home office area, Vitrazza also prides themselves on providing a concierge-style and America customer service process. This means that before your mat is dispatched from their facility, it is individually cleaned, labeled, and inspected for quality. There’s also the chance to ask any questions about your order before, during, and after your purchase directly from the company themselves.


  • Never dent promise
  • Holds over 1000 Ibs
  • Lifetime quality
  • 36 x 48 inches
  • ¼ Thick tempered glass
  • Tempered for strength
  • Protected using a nano-tech coating

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the Vitrazza chair mat find it works so much better than those standard plastic mats. For many, the increased level of weight this mat allows for is a great bonus, especially for those who require a little more reinforcement here. With evidence of eliminating any scratches or dents on the floor beneath it, many claim this mat also looks fantastic when it’s in place. For many, the initial outlay of purchasing this type of chair mat more than makes up for it in performance.

Final Thoughts

If you spend a considerable amount of time working from your home office but are keen to protect the floor beneath, specific chair mats for floors are a perfect practical addition.

Over time, many chairs with castor wheels will start to wear or dig into the floor, leaving unsightly marks and scratches as a result. So, if you want to assure your choice of flooring isn’t damaged here, a chair mat will keep them looking and feeling as good as new. This is primarily because such products are designed to take the abuse – rather than your floor suffering in the process!

With a variety of different types, sizes and indeed materials used, any one of these chair mats for hardwood floors reviewed will make a world of difference to your room. For a little outlay at the start, these products really will serve you well for many years to come.

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