2021 10 Best Central Vacuum Systems Reviews

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Table of Contents

While portable vacuum cleaners have their place, the best types of Central vacuum systems are solutions that offer easier and efficient vacuuming. And the fact that such a system eliminates the worry of finding outlets to plug into, makes them the best for large homes and spaces.

Further, it’s also quite a relief to not have to drag a machine around with you on chore days. Plus, there is often the constant worry that a portable vacuum cleaner is not up to the task when cleaning an expansive home and might give out at any time. Well, a central vacuum system addresses all those concerns and offers so much more.

Installation of a central vacuum system is often a straightforward affair because one does not need to open walls and change piping. All of the units we review in this post can be installed using your existing piping system. Additional flexible pipes from manufacturers are available for minor fitting adjustment to ensure an easy and perfect fit.

It’s easy to get confused by the many central vacuum system options in the market and the sea of features that they provide. To make it easier we recommend that you look out for the following:

  1. Brand

While you will not buy blindly based on brand alone, it is safe to say that some brands have more superior product compared to others. Make sure that you buy a reputable brand.

  1. Suction power

The reason why most people are considering a central vacuum system is to get more suction power that allows you to work faster and achieve impeccable results. Suction power is indicated in air watts. The higher the air watts the more the suction power. This will range anywhere from 400 to 700 air watts

  1. Materials

A canister is what houses the motor and is often installed in the garage or basement. This should be of durable material such as aluminum or steel that is rust resistant and perforation proof. Some will be powder coated for additional protection. You also want to make sure that the accompanying accessories are of high quality material

  1. Filtration system

Permanent self cleaning filtration systems mean less maintenance on your part. Some filter options are removable and washable while others need replacement after some time bringing in the question of additional maintenance cost.

  1. Noise level

The rule of thumb is to check on the specifications to see how many decibels the unit puts out. Some models are more silent than other depending on the muffling technologies used.

  1. Space

Last but not least is knowing the space of your home in square feet in order to get a vacuum system that covers that range. The good news is that once you know this the range of the vacuum is clearly indicated on the unit as the maximum space they are suited for. This can range anywhere from 3000 sq.ft to 12,000 sq. feet

Review of the Best Central Vacuum Systems

To make your reviewing process easier, we have narrowed the field down to some of the top ten best central vacuuming cleaners in the market to date.

  1. OVO Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum System

There are vacuum cleaners and then there is OVO. This Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum cleaner is in a class of its own. That is because the design, function and sheer power of the unit all come together nicely to deliver on all your vacuuming needs for moderately bigger sized premises.Central Vacuum System

The OVO solves has a robust build and central vacuuming system. One of the advantages of this unit that will impress right out of the gate is the suction power and accessories that facilitate thorough vacuuming of different floor surfaces such as carpets and rugs.

Carpeted floors can harbor plenty of debris and dust particles overtime. This in turn can affect air quality. With this unit, that would be the least of your worries because even stubborn dirt does not stand a chance thanks to the carpet beater tool for carpets and the 12 inch floor brush made from horse hair.

A high quality upholstery brush ensures that even vacuuming your furniture is a cinch. For those hard to reach corners on both floors and furniture, a crevice tool ensures that they get vacuumed as well.

A telescoping wand makes things easier as you can conveniently extend and retract the wand accordingly for better reach. These tools combined with a wicked suction power will leave your spaces cleaner and fresher for longer. That is because dust, micro particles and allergens are effectively captured and removed.

The unmistakably powerful suction is as a result of 5.7 inch 2-stage Ametek Lamb Motor housed by the OVO central vacuum unit. It can literally pick up anything.

If top of your list for a central vacuum is longevity and unmatched suction power, then you need not look any further that the OVO. The life of the motor is extended by 20% due to a soft start-stop feature. This ensures that the power fades in rather than receiving full amperage at startup, which saves the motor.


  • Coverage: covers up to 9000 sq. ft space
  • Power: Has a suction power of 700 air watts
  • Capacity: it has a 9.25 gallon capacity
  • Filtration: Has a hybrid filtration system with a triple layer disposable filtration bag or without
  • Warranty: Has a 10-year warranty on motor

Customer feedback

Other than obvious suction power that this unit packs and the practical tools that it comes with. Customers loved the LED status indicator that lets you know the status of your central vacuum. In case there is any issue, a color based chart will alert you.

For such a powerful motor, you would think that the whole neighborhood would know when you are vacuuming because of the din produced.

But surprisingly, and pleasantly so, this unit is amazingly quiet. This OVO vacuum comes equipped with noise-reducing technology that comprises of an integrated muffler and noise-blocking foam added in the motor compartment. Customers love that allows you to clean your house with some awesome suction power, but without causing a racket.

That’s how impressive this unit is. It brings power, convenience and fantastic practical tools that make it easy to manage your home vacuuming needs effectively.

  1. Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Power Unit

If you have tons of space in your home, then you need a central vacuuming unit that packs extraordinary power with an ability to handle all floor surface types as well as upholstery. It is hard to go wrong with the Prolux CV12000 because it is engineered for large spaces.

While it will work incredibly well with bigger premises of up to 12,000 sq.ft, there is no reason why those with a smaller spaces should not to enjoy this unit and take advantage of the extra suction power.

The steel body is well built for durability and then powder coated for further protection an attractive look. Its canister certainly looks good even when installed in the garage.

The powerful motor which is the heart of this central vacuum cleaner is an Amtek 2 stage motor. The motor packs a punch with a delivery of 600 air watts suction power that is more than adequate to get rid of all the dirt in your home.

The filtration of a central vacuuming unit can make or break the overall ease of use. Fortunately, using and maintenance of the Prolux Central Vacuum is pretty easy because it does not use bags and instead utilizes 3 levels of filtration.

There is a bag less dirt chamber constructed with a clear view window which allows you to see when the chamber is full. It also features a Micron Pre Filter a washable HEPA filter for any allergens or fine dust.

The suction can be improved even further if you remove the HEPA filter. However, this is not recommended if you are prone to severe allergies.

Those who love to clean their own cars are likely to fall in love with this unit. That is because it comes equipped with a garage outlet that allows the user to plug a suction hose directly into the central vacuum unit to clean up the upholstery of your car as well as the garage floor.


  • Coverage: covers up to 12000/sq. ft space
  • Power: Has a suction power of 600 air watts
  • Capacity: It has a capacity of 5 gallons
  • Filtration system: Has a hybrid filtration system with a HEPA filter and washable filter
  • Warranty: Has a 10-year warranty on the motor

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this product appreciated that the ProluxCV 12000 delivers on good suction power.  Some customers mentioned that they are able to use the hose on both floors of the house without losing suction power. They also expressed that the soft start and delayed stop were nice features. Although powerful, the unit is relatively quiet allowing you to vacuum without waking up everyone in the house. Customers also praised the easy installation which set them off on the right foot with this appliance.

  1. NutonePurePower Central Vacuum System

Vacuuming has never been a pleasant chore. Constantly having to look for plug points and dragging the whole unit with you as you go along can get pretty tedious. That frustration can be exacerbated if your home is fairly large with lot of space and upholstery to cover.

The Nutone PurePower Central Vaccum System is an excellent solution that can turn around this chore into an almost pleasant one. This unit will help you vacuum more efficiently and significantly reduce the time you use in vacuuming. It does this, all the while delivering results that a portable vacuum cleaner can only dream of.

This unit is engineered to handle large spaces faster and with much more ease while yielding better results. It ensures that your surfaces are not only clean, but the surrounding air is much fresher too.

The Nutone PurePower canister has a slender build that is space saving during installation in the garage or basement. The unit’s suction power is impressive at a whooping 700 air watts. Dirt, dust and micro particles on carpeted, tiled or wooden floors surfaces have nowhere to hide.

You will notice a marked positive difference when you use this unit to vacuum your upholstery as well. This unit is about 5 times stronger than portable vacuum cleaners. You can expect the vacuuming results it yields to be just about 5 times more superior to portable vacuums.

The suction power in this unit is a good range for homes that are 2,500 -10,000 square feet. The unit comes equipped with a top notch hybrid bagging system that offers you both a bagged and bagless option all in one unit.

With a high quality filtration system working in tandem with a powerful motor, the results are a clean home with less or no allergens due to cleaner air.


  • Coverage: covers up to 10,000 sq.ft space
  • Power: Has a suction power of 700 CFM
  • Capacity: It offers users a capacity of 6 gallons
  • Filtration: Uses a hybrid filtration featuring both a bag and bagless system
  • Warranty: It comes with a 10 year warranty on the motor

Customer feedback

Some users mentioned that getting the Nutone PurePower was an excellent decision because it performs amazingly. They mentioned that they gained the added convenience of unbelievable suction power and a super quiet machine all in one. This unit Uses NuTone model 391 Vacuum Bags. However, should you run out of bags you can simply switch to the bagless mode and use the vacuum without bags.

For many other customers, getting this unit was to upgrade from a portable vacuum cleaner to a way stronger option that can cover extensive spaces with much ease. Customers also noted that the hybrid filtration feature is a valuable option to have. If you have a pet, you will be thankful for the Nutone bags because it means not having to deal with dust and dog hair.

  1. Ultra Clean SC200 Steel Canadian Made Central Vacuum Power Unit

For those looking for moderate power that is not over the top but far from ordinary, the Ultra Clean Vacuum may be a good fit. This unit is powerful enough to comfortably cover a maximum of 7500 sq.ft.

The unit comes equipped with a powerful reliable motor. The motor is an Ametek Lamb 2-stage tangential discharge blower that is capable of generating a suction of 550 air-watts. That is well above the average and about 3 times better than a portable vacuum unit. This range of power is adequate enough to rid your home of dust and dirt

The vacuums canister is constructed from steel and then powder coatedfor rust prevention as well as protection from perforation.

Additionally, it also comes with a muffler kit that makes the unit even more silent when running.

The hybrid filter is a welcomed feature for most. That is because it provides you the option of using filter bags or letting the dirt collect directly to the rust resistant pail.

This central vacuum cleaner is best for residential use.


  • Coverage: covers up to 7500 sq.ft space
  • Power: It has a suction power of 550 air watts
  • Capacity: It offers a capacity of 5 gallons
  • Filtration: Uses a hybrid filtration system featuring a disposable filtration bag or collecting dirt in the pail
  • Warranty: Comes with a 5 year warranty on the motor

Customer feedback

Part of the reason most users got this unit is because the price was exceptional for such a central vacuum system unit. Some customers confessed that they were not familiar with the brand and we’re therefore a little apprehensive before purchasing this unit. But with time they found it to be a great buy.

Users shared that the installation was easy enough especially if you have installed anything similar to this before. But if installing for the first time, you might struggle some as the unit comes with no manual and no set of instructions. However, once you get over the installation hump, the unit works like a charm. For residential purposes of an averaged sized home that is not beyond 7500 square feet, this unit seems like a good fit that will get the job done and not cost a fortune.

  1. Allegro MU4500 Champion Home Central Vacuum System

The Allegro MU4500 canister is all steel with an attractive powder coated finish in both the outside and the inside. This means that there is zero chance of perforation or rust. It also explains why the manufacture provides a life time warranty on the body. Over and above having a tough exterior, it also has a powerful engine.Best Central Vacuum System

The 2 stage motor is all metal construction and therefore its durable. It has a tangential bypass with a shaft and a double ball bearings system that ensures extra structural rigidity.

The motor is capable of a 600 air watts delivery of suction power. That is the sort of power that you can count on to vacuum multiple floor surfaces effectively.

The unit also comes equipped with a patented Micro-Fibre Filtration System. This is a permanent filter that never needs replacement or washing and is therefore very cost effective requiring little to no maintenance.

Comes complete with Hose Cover, dust Mop, Tool Caddy, and Tool Bag, 35 Foot Electric hose and Electric Carpet Powerhead, Telescopic Extension Wand and Cleaning Tool kit.


  • Coverage: covers up to 6000 sq.ft space
  • Power: Has a suction power of 600 air watts
  • Capacity: Has a capacity of 5 gallons
  • Filtration: Uses a single patented microfiber filter
  • Warranty: comes with a 7 year warranty on the motor

Customer feedback

The unit’s solid built will fit right in your basement or garage.Users also praised its consistent performance even after month and even years of use. It has a powerful suction power and comes with a load of helpful tools for different surfaces.

The permanent filter system in this unit is self cleaning and inexpensive to maintain. It is also quite refined as it boasts the ability to trap dirt particles of 3 micrometer in size with 99.98% efficiency.

  1. Nutone PP600 PurePower 600 Air Watts Central Vacuum System Power Unit

Nutone is among one of the most respected brands in the vacuum cleaning space. This is with good reason as their central vacuum units are excellent in both performance and longevity. The PP600 vacuum is no exception as it brings you some solid features that will enhance the air quality in your home or office space by way of vacuuming your floors and upholstery with incredible suction power.

If you are not up for the extremely powerful Nutone PurePower 700 air watt suction above, then perhaps the PP600 will be more suitable for your needs as it tones down that power by just a notch. The construction of the canister is petite and made from steel with an attractive powder coated finish. Such a finish prevents rusts and perforation issues. In true Nutone form, this canister’s petite design can fit in tight spaces.

The canister houses a Thru-flow motor that delivers an impressive 600 air watt suction power.

The unit’s sound-absorbing ability is another worthwhile feature. Although high-performing, this unit is ultra silent with no need for a sound muffler. That low noise is made possible by Nutone unique assembly techniques that make this unit amongst the quietest in the industry

The unit comes equipped with hybrid filtration that allows you to choose whether to use a disposable bag or go bagless for easy maintenance. The thoughtful design of practical oversized ergonomic debris pail handles make for a quick and easy pail removal when getting rid of the dirt.


  • Coverage: covers up to 3500 sq.ft space
  • Power: It has a suction power of 600 air watts
  • Capacity: Has a capacity of 6 gallons
  • Filtration: It uses a hybrid system using a disposable filter bag or collecting dirt directly in the pail
  • Warranty: Has a 7 year warranty on the motor

Customer feedback

Users who got this unit said they were happy with their purchase. This is primarily because the PP600 is powerful enough and rated to cover 3500 sq.ft. The fact that this unit operates silently is a bonus. It is good value for money according to users and does a stellar vacuuming Job.

  1. VacuMaid P125p Cyclonic Central Vacuum Power Unit

While sneezes and a runny, stuffy nose may be as a result of a cold often times, this and asthma like symptoms can be set off by unclean air that is full of pollutants because of unclean carpet floors or dust that clings to upholstery.

The VacuMaid P125p can help get rid of allergens in your space and drastically improve the air quality in the home. It does this by effectively vacuuming your floors as well as getting rid of micro particles that can accumulate on upholstery.

This unit boasts of a high quality Tangential By-Pass Ametek Lamb motor. The motor is single speed and has a double bearing for enhanced performance. It has the ability to deliver adequate suction power of 525 air watts.

That coupled with cyclonic filtration technology that requires no bags to replace or filters to clog means optimized performance and low maintenance.


  • Coverage: covers up to 9000 sq.ft space
  • Power: It has the suction power of 525 air watts
  • Capacity: It has a capacity of 6 gallons
  • Filtration: Hybrid filtration system featuring a cyclonic bagless filtration and a dirt pail
  • Warranty: Comes with a 7 year warranty on the motor

Customer feedback

Those who got this unit appreciated the ease of use and a straightforward installation. Users mention that it does a good job of vacuuming everything in the house with a decent amount of suction power. The cyclonic filtration is a patented system that allows lighter dirt particles and dust to be vented straight outside of your home while the large particles fall to the bottom of the pail

  1. OVO Large and Powerful Central Vacuum System with Hybrid Filtration

This OVO vacuum model is a slightly smaller model but even so, OVO still remains a no nonsense central vacuum unit. For customers who are keen on high quality performance and longevity, it’s hard to be disappointed when opting for this brand.

This unit at 630 air watts still outperforms the portable vacuum cleaner by 3-4 times and registers more power and efficacy than a host of other central vacuum cleaners out there.

The canister is made of steel and although not petite, it does not require a lot of space in your garage or basement. The longevity of your motor is assured 20% more life thanks to the soft start technology of the OVO central vacuum Motor. This technology achieves that by delaying the unit from shutting-down by 3 seconds allowing the hose to empty the piping network.

It is hard to miss the quite operation of this unit that is made possible by a muffler and noise-blocking foam technology


  • Coverage: covers up to 7500 sq.ft space
  • Power: It has a suction power of 625 air watts
  • Capacity: Offers a capacity of 6.6 gallons
  • Filtration: It has a hybrid filtration system that can use filter bags or can function without
  • Warranty: Has a 7 year warranty on the motor

Customer feedback

Customers who purchased this product spoke highly of it. They mentioned that it has a strong performance and is easy to use. They liked the fact that vents exhaust right out of the house instead of spreading fine dust around. Users also like the plethora of helpful accessories that come with the unit. Installation of this OVO is easy and will fit in an existing system when doing a replacement. Customers also appreciate that flexible pipes are also available for making any necessary minor adjustments.

  1. Nadair Large Capacity Central Vacuum System

The Nadair Large capacity Central Vacuum System is a cleaning beast to say the least. Armed with a Poweful Ametek USA 2-stage motor, this unit churns out a suction power of 700 air watts.

Dust, debris and micro particles on multiple floor surfaces and upholstery in your home are about to get obliterated by the Nadair!

The canister build is neat and capsule like which fits nicely in a garage or basement. The futuristic design is made from span aluminum construction that is rust resistant, very lightweight and durable

One of the key factors that will likely win you over is the fact that this powerful unit is remarkably silent. So when you install in the garage, you can barely hear it at all and it does not disturb those who are working, sleeping or studying.


  • Coverage: covers up to 7000 sq.ft space
  • Power: it has a suction power of 700 air watts
  • Capacity: It offers a capacity of 5.8 gallons
  • Filtration: Has a hybrid filtration system that use filter bags or can function without
  • Warranty: It comes with a 7 year warranty on the motor

Customer feedback

Some users who are familiar with the Nadair brand were quite confident of performance when getting this unit. Reviews show that the customers were happy with their purchase. The main reason being a straightforward installation and more than adequate suction power for a space that is 7000 sq.ft and below. Customers were very pleased with the performance and the silent operation.

  1. HP Products 9880 Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System for RVs

Unfortunately, life on the road does not allow you the luxury of a garage or basement when living in an RV. Fortunately, you can still keep things nice and tidy by using a powerful central vacuum system designed for such tiny mobile spaces.Best Central Vacuum System for RV

Dirt Devil CV1500 is the answer to your vacuuming needs when on the road. This unit is powerful and promotes a much cleaner and healthier environment for your living space. The all-metal construction is hardy and durable. The system is  built-in so it doesn’t take up valuable space.


  • Coverage: Covers an entire RV space
  • Power: It has a suction power of 500 air watts
  • Capacity: Provides a capacity of 1 gallon
  • Filtration: Uses a single filtration system featuring the HEPA bag filter
  • Warranty: Comes with a 5 year warranty on the motor

Customer feedback

The installation is very easy, especially if you had an older model. Simply unmount the old and mount the new. In terms of performance you can feel the powerful suction once you fire it up. Customers also loved the telescoping pole on this unit because the hose is very heavy duty. Your carpeted, wooden or tiled RV floor and couch will be super clean, free of debris and pet fur.


The best central vacuum systems take many different shapes and come with all manner of features. It is hard to argue with the efficacy of a central vacuuming system because of their results and convenience. If you are looking to install something that works exceptionally, a central vacuuming system is a great choice all around.

And the above options promise to transform your vacuuming experience through and through.


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