8 Best Central Vacuum Attachment Kits with Accessories 2021 Reviews

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Table of Contents

Central vacuum attachment kits with accessories offer the most basic of cleaning kits, but those that are essential to get the job done each time correctly.

These are fantastic all-in-one kits. This means you will find them the absolute best styles and with increased choices of attachments. Also, and most importantly, you will notice these are the models that can cope well with cleaning multiple areas and levels of your home.

Designed primarily for offering an all-round cleaning experience, central vacuum attachment kits with accessories allow you to clean all types of surfaces. This means anything from carpeted rooms through to tiled and wood flooring.

Best of all, these vacuum types are designed to deal with all kinds of dirt. This is excellent news as it means eliminating dirt that is embedded deep within many of our home’s carpet fibers. This is because each different part of the vacuum has its own unique role to play. Therefore, you can get a deeper clean while removing more debris in the process.

Here we look at no less than eight central vacuum attachment kits with accessories. Offering a review on each product, these are the models that can all be purchased online.  All eight of these central vacuum attachment kits with accessories are wonderfully priced. They also ensure you can access those essential tools throughout your home – and in every room, swiftly and with ease.

Review of the Best Central Vacuum Attachment Kits with Accessories

1. Cen-Tec Systems 93642 Central Vacuum Low Voltage Kit

Cen-Tec Systems sell what they call a general-purpose attachment set. This is the model that they claim to be the most requested of low voltage central vacuum cleaner types.Cen-tec Central Vacuum Attachment Kit Accessories

Their most popular kit is that of a 35-foot hose, but customers can also access a 30, 40- and 50-foot hose from the range as well if they prefer.

However, Cen-Tec Systems believe that the 30-foot hose allows you to reach everywhere in the home with ease.

This is the company’s light grey model, number 93642, which is made up using a most lightweight of crushproof designing. This ensures it will work to resist kinking while making sure not to mark your furnishings or floors.

Manufactured to high industry standards, the wall ends of the Cen-Tec is compatible with those wall inlets that have split low voltage contracts.

Best of all, this is the model that is compatible with many major brands of central vacuums alongside several regional brands.

With a premium telescopic wand that is coated in chrome, the company has produced its trademark button down here. So, when you do release the wand from the hose handle to use any of the premium accessories, this is as simple as it can be.

Coming complete with a 12-inch hard floor brush, the natural fill of this works hard to protect your floors from marks and scratching.

In addition, the automatic combination nozzle here at 10.5 inches works best for those carpeted and rugged areas. However, this combo ensures you can pass the vacuum across different floor surfaces without having to make any adjustments to the tools.


  • Pig tail connection
  • Soft crown and lightweight hose
  • Compatible with many other brands
  • 30 ft to 50 ft hose available
  • Button down chrome telescopic wand
  • 12” hard floor brush
  • 5” automatic combination nozzle
  • Ideal for most floor type, ideal for carpets and area rugs

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the Cen-Tec Systems central vacuum attachment kit with accessories claim this is a fantastic practical purchase. It is also claimed to be one of the easiest of products to use in an array of different places. Many customers claim the exact attachments included here are also just what they need. It is also suggested by many that this product works exceptionally well with the hose fitting the wall outlet superbly well too.

2. 35′ “Comet” Central Vacuum Kit with Hose

Alder Products present its central vacuum attachment kit with accessories in the form of their Comet model.

This is a 35-foot light pearl grey choice that comes complete with the Comet model power head.

It also offers customers the use of a four-piece tool kit. This includes a 12-inch floor brush with wheels, a crevice tool, a dusting brush and an upholstery tool that has a removal brush.

As if that was not enough, the accessories keep on coming with a red dust mop and a caddy bag to hold all the tools. There is also a wand tool caddy attachment, a wall holder, and a hose hanger. The telescopic ratchet wand also included here can be used with the floor brush.

The Comet boasts of a crushproof hose, which is claimed to encourage 27% more airflow due to the 1 3/8 inside diameter hose, as opposed to standard 1 ¼ diameter hose types.

This is the model that also has a three-way switch alongside a soft grip ergonomic handle to relieve strain when using over time.

This is compatible with those standard inside diameter of 1.5-inch wall inlet valves.

Better still, Alder Products will confirm and deal with any compatibility issues and questions with just one quick phone call or message. This further ensures that your choice of model will work in an instant as soon as you receive your attachment kit and accessories.


  • The connection type used here can be either a choice of pigtail or direct
  • Hose diameter offers 27% more airflow
  • 4-piece tool kit included
  • Three-way power switch
  • Soft grip ergonomic handle
  • Air relief control
  • Headlight for improved viewing angle

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Alder Comet central vacuum attachment kit with accessories offer some great reviews on the quality of this model. With many highly commending the entire package, it is considered to work exceptionally well. Above all, it is regarded as the more maneuverable of choices. For many, this is also claimed to be a lighter model type. This makes it easier on the arms and back when in use. Several customers report the helpfulness of Alder’s Product helpline also.

3. Nutone CS500 Combination Carpet & Bare Floor Electric Pigtail Attachment Set

Broan Nu-Tone sells its central vacuum attachment kit with accessories in the form of their CS500 combination model. This is a carpet and hard floor electric attachment set.

Considered a more deluxe product type, your purchase here contains no less than 12 items for performing almost every cleaning job required in your home!

This includes a set for cleaning hardwood floors, carpeted floors, draperies, furniture, and almost anything else that’s needed to keep your home spotless and dust-free.

The two adjustable wands included here offer 22 to 39 inches or 26 to 39 inches in total. There is also a power brush that has an adjustment of four height positions. This means you really can get into those more awkward to reach of areas.

With a 30-foot crushproof hose and a 13-inch long crevice tool, here you can twist and turn your floor brush to reach under all furniture.

This is perhaps one of the easiest to store kits that also comes with its own storage bag with a place for all items. This includes a metal hose hanger and a wand hanger.

Connecting directly to a 120V AC outlet, the makers of the NuTone assure this will go the distance and provide maximum power for many years to come.


  • Pig tail connection type
  • Deluxe set
  • Two adjustable wands
  • Four-positions of height adjustments
  • Designed to reach into smaller spaces
  • Complete storage bag included
  • 30-foot crushproof hose

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the NuTone central vacuum attachment kit with accessories provide some fantastic reviews about its suction capability, with the entire set said to be the most durable on the market. With most suggesting it is easier to move around and lighter overall; this is claimed to get into many a corner and around all obstacles. For many customers purchasing the NuTone, many compliments are made regarded its overall higher quality design and construction.

4. OVO Central Vacuum Deluxe Plus Kit With Low-Voltage hose

OVO’s central vacuum attachment kit with accessories is their deluxe plus kit. This is their 40-foot low voltage hose choice, but customers can also select from 30 ft, 35 ft, and 50 feet.

This is a crushproof hose type with an on and off switch control to be found at the handle area.

Compatible with most existing inlets, kinking is prevented here with a swivel at the handle design element.

This is a primarily air-driven carpet beater. This makes it the most suitable for those entrance carpets and rugs.

Utilizing a 12-inch floor brush, this is a short hair specific deluxe floor brush type. This makes it ideal for using on those tiled and wooden floor areas.

This is also specially designed to ensure you not only pick up more dust and hair with each use – but do so without scratching your floors in the process.

The OVO telescopic wand also features a button lock. This is adjustable for increased practicality from 25.5 inches to as much as 38 inches in total.

OVO also offers a selection of accessories with this model, including a crevice tool, an upholstery brush, a dusting brush, and a chrome hose hanger all packed in a practical accessory bag for convenience.


  • Direct connection type
  • Air-driven carpet beater
  • Swivel at handle
  • 12-inch horsehair deluxe brush
  • Practical accessory pack
  • Collects more dust and hair
  • Prevents scratching on floors

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the OVO central vacuum attachment kit with accessories provide some great five stars reviews of this product. Many claim it to be the perfect selection. The use of the air-driven carpet brush, in particular, seems to seal the deal for many when purchasing this model. Several also mention how light the hose is when using it alongside the benefits of having a longer hose length.

5. Ultra Clean Central Vacuum kit with Powerhead Hose and Tools 

The company Ultra-Clean presents its central vacuum attachment kit with accessories in the form of their self-titled Ultra Clean model.

This is claimed to be their high-end product and one which is available in both 30 feet and 35 feet hose selections.

Suggested as ideal when fitting all brand types, this black hose model is said to be one of the most popular of hose products on the current market.

A deluxe and ultra-light choice, it is also crushproof featuring a 350 degrees full swivel handle. Furthermore, this handle allows you to access the on and off switch at your fingertips.

Featuring an electric powerhead and brush roll in chromed steel, the bristles here are replaceable for increased practicality all-round.

This is a 5500 rpm and most powerful motor choice, which ensures optimal cleaning throughout the home. Better still, there is a headlight built in to increase your cleaning view angel. There is also an on and off pedal switch.

Boasting of a drive belt that will never fail, this comes complete with a set of plastic wands for hardwood floor areas. Customers will also receive a mesh cloth tool bag to store away all the additional accessories that come as standard with this Ultra Clean model.

Those other accessories include a ceramic floor nozzle, an upholstery nozzle, a crevice tool, a dust brush, and a large plastic hose rack.


  • Can be used as a direct connection or pig tail connection type
  • High quality popular deluxe kit
  • Electric powerhead
  • Powerful motor
  • Most durable drive belt
  • 350-degree full swivel handle
  • Extensive accessory kit

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the Ultra Clean central vacuum kit with accessories provide some highly rated reviews of this model. With many believing this to be the most well-made model they have used and available at a great low price, this is considered very well made indeed. The result for many is an item that works well every time and is the easiest of models to connect.

6. Stealth Central Vacuum Accessory Kit, Direct Connect

M.D. Manufacturing presents its stealth central vacuum attachment kit with accessories. Central Vacuum Attachment Kits Accessories

This is a 35-foot model, and one which the makers claim is a must-have accessory and a means of bringing your central vacuum to life!

This model allows you to deep clean all the carpets in your home using the best electric power brush via the 35-foot central vacuum hose.

Though this particular model veers on the more expensive side, price tag wise, it is backed by the company’s claim to be the best central vacuum hose that money can buy!

This can be used simply and swiftly be merely plugging in the integrated 8ft 110 voltage cord into a regular electrical outlet. The hose end is then inserted into the vacuum valve.

Coming complete with a 30-day money-back guarantee, M.D. Manufacturing encourages all potential customers to test drive this kit, so assured are they of their product.

A fantastic investment for your home environment, this is compatible with all those central vacuums with built-in systems, that have 1.5-inch diameter wall valves.


  • Direct connection type
  • Offers deeper carpet cleaning
  • Electric power brush
  • Integrated 8-foot 110-volt cord
  • Compatible with most central vacuum built-in systems
  • A great investment choice
  • 30 Day money-back guarantee

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the M.D. Manufacturing central vacuum attachment kit with accessories give some of the most outstanding five-star reviews possible! Recommended by most customers, this is claimed to be an almost perfect model in operation and one that is fully complete with all you will ever need. With most claiming they love everything about the model for many customers, this is a much-needed improvement on an older model. For this reason, it is one that proves to be the best investment decision made.

7. Cen-Tec Systems 92718 Attachment Kit

Our second Cen-Tec Systems model for review on this list, this time it is the company’s 92718 attachment kit.

Though the company offers a means of checking your model number to ensure the perfect fit, this is claimed as compatible with most major brands.

This is a package that comes complete with two-floor nozzles. The first is a multi-surface nozzle. This works hard on those carpet and hard floor surface types. It also does an excellent job on rugs.

The second-floor nozzle included here is a premium 12-inch type hard floor brush. This boasts of natural horsehair in its makeup, making it the more suitable for those more delicate of floor surfaces.

The hose of the 92718 is the more lightweight of designs and a highly flexible choice. This can power on and off the central vacuum power unit with ease.

Featuring an Italian made ratchet telescopic chrome wand, there is also a full set of soft vinyl accessories as part of your purchase. These are suggested as the ideal accompaniments for cleaning above the floor.

Included with your accessories, here is a mesh caddy bag with a dusting tool, a vented crevice tool, and an upholstery tool.


  • Pig tail connection
  • Italian ratchet telescopic wand
  • Lightweight, flexible hose
  • Two quality floor nozzles
  • Soft vinyl accessories included
  • Compatible with most brands
  • Handy mesh caddy bag included for kit

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the Cen-Tec Systems 92718 central vacuum attachment kit find this is a fantastically well-designed product. The sheer design and practicality of each attachment are said to be well thought out with all items offering the most practical of cleaning experiences each time. Most customers find this a durable purchase and one that provides no issues over time and continual usage.

8. Ultra Clean Hose Kit with Beam Central Vacuum Electric Powerhead

Our final model for review on this list here comes yet again from the makers at Ultra Clean. However, this time it is their Electric Powerhead Sweep N Groom Rugmaster model.Best Central Vacuum Attachment Kits with Accessories

This offers a pigtail styled power cord and is an all-steel chromed beater bar. It also has a 30-foot deluxe three-way switch electric hose.

With a set of cord management wands, this is claimed to be the easier of models to reach under furniture around the home.

Offering the most optimal of cleaning performances, this has a low profile and swivel neck configuration.

With an edge cleaning design, there is also a set of four soft and non-scratch wheels attached.

Ideal for deep cleaning, grooming and indeed wall to wall carpeting purposes, three is a three-way switch design offered on the handle. This means you can choose from all off, suction control only, or power head plus suction control.


  • Pig tail connection (but can supply a direct connection if requested)
  • Optimal cleaning performance
  • Low profile
  • Swivel neck configuration
  • Edge cleaning design
  • Three-way switch
  • Non-scratch wheels

 Customer Feedback

Customers of the Ultra Clean Powerhead central vacuum kit with accessories find this is an excellent choice of products and one that is super powerful in operation. Many find that the beater bar is its best feature, and thoroughly reliable. The quality of the entire kit is also highly rated, with many finding it well designed and indeed constructed. With a unique suction process mentioned by many, this is suggested as a great investment long-term.

Final Thoughts

Boasting of some of the highest-rated reviews by satisfied customers, central vacuum attachment kits with accessories are certainly a worthwhile investment for many a home.

With each type of model reviewed here offering a wealth of choices, not only do they work well on a multitude of flooring types, but they also provide some of the most powerful suction processes possible.

Ultimately, these are the products that can get to almost every area of the home with ease, ensuring one of the deepest of cleans possible.

The result is a home environment that not only looks its best – but one that is also a healthier place to live in all-round.

These eight reviewed models above are all fantastically well priced, considering the many advantages and benefits they all offer the domestic user. With a range of choices of connection types, wands, hose lengths, nozzles, brush types, and indeed the selection of accessories included as standard, each one here is a good investment and guaranteed to go the distance.

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