12 Best Ceiling Fans With Retractable Blades and Lights in 2021

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Table of Contents

Due to advancement in technology, these days it’s a common concept for manufacturers to create fans that are somewhat multi-functional as fans and crystal chandeliers, by integrating them with special retractable blades, lights and beautiful crystals to make them more stylish, elegant and most importantly more functional.

Ceiling Fans With Retractable Blades work in such a way that when the fan is off or when the user configures the settings to turn the blades off, the blades fully retract or fold leaving an attractive lighting fixture.

They stay retracted until the user turns them on again whereby the blades slowly come out again.

Therefore, these fans are not only useful for air quality but are also great for transforming the overall look of the room and make for great conversation pieces.

Now, if you’ve never seen a retractable ceiling fan before or you’re not sure about them then you should know that these fans work extremely well, just like the traditional kinds of fans – the best-quality ones at least.

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They move quite a lot of air and work hard to ensure your preferred indoor air quality is maintained as desired. What’s more, they look absolutely stunning while doing it. Others have even gone as far as incorporating Bluetooth speakers to enable wireless connection with smart devices.

The technology behind ceiling fans has been getting even more sophisticated by the day and while there’s really nothing wrong with the traditional ceiling fans, there’s also nothing fancy about them either. Besides, wouldn’t you rather have one unit doing the job of two or three different fixtures all at the fraction of the price of all three?

So, below we have reviewed no less than twelve of some of the most impressive retractable fans in the market that we think would look great in almost any indoor setting. The fans I’ve been selected based on overall customer feedback and rating.

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A Review of the 12 Best Ceiling Fans With Retractable Blades and Lights

1. Parrot Uncle Retractable Ceiling Fan Chandelier

A subsidiary of Eileen Grays LLC, Parrot Uncle has truly been striving to satisfy homeowners with authentic lighting requirements with some of the most attractive and decorative modern and vintage farmhouse light fixtures. Parrot Uncle Ceiling Fan with LED Light

The Parrot Uncle Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit is a crystal chandelier fan that like all the products listed here features a 2-in-1 function that includes a ceiling fan and a light fixture. The fan system comprises of 4 rectangular blades with a span of 46” when fully stretched and a lighting kit that is able to deliver a total illumination of 4000 kelvin.

Furthermore, it’s available in five cool colors which you can choose from depending on your interior decorating needs.

This ceiling fan is that its UL listed meaning it meets prescribed standards of safety and is backed with a 12 months quality warranty.

Features of the Parrot Uncle Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit

  • 2-in-1 design: this model combines the two features to form one huge fandelier.
  • Remote controlled: to make it more user-friendly, Parrot Uncle has included a remote control that makes it easier for you to control the fan speed (using low, medium, and high) and the light kit (using on/off).
  • Retractable blades: this ceiling fan is designed with silicon steel retractable blades that are capable of stretching and retracting automatically up to a maximum diameter of 46”.
  • LED light kit: the light kit comprises of 9 replaceable LED bulbs that deliver a total wattage of 32W. The bulbs are UL listed.
  • Down rods: to make installation quite a breeze, Parrot Uncle has included two extra rods one measuring 4” and the other 10”. For those people with customized angled ceilings, an angle mounting kit has been included to make installation much easier.


  • Comes fully loaded with a convenient remote control.
  • Led bulbs are replaceable.
  • It’s able to deliver a decent 3600 cfm of airflow.
  • This ceiling fan is available in various colors to choose from which include Black, White, Brown, and silver.
  • The ceiling fan and the crystalline chandelier combination make this fan system overly attractive.
  • With 110 volts of running power, this ceiling fan is considered to be energy efficient.


  • Unfortunately, the LED lights are not dimmable.

Customer feedback

The Parrot Uncle Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit has been welcomed with positive criticism by a majority of the customers. Most of these shoppers not only appreciated the decent price range given its value and performance, but they also loved the overall design and decorative flair this ceiling fan is able to provide to their households.

Overall, it’s said to look and work great. Only thing that several customers didn’t like is the LED lights that are not dimmable and unfortunately no dimmer feature either that would have allowed the use of a dimmer switch.

2. Parrot Uncle Vintage Cage Chandelier Ceiling Fan with Retractable Blades

Another great Parrot Uncle fan with retractable blades is the uniquely designed Parrot Uncle Industrial Vintage Cage Chandelier Ceiling Fan. best Industrial Ceiling Fan Retractable Blades

Now, what makes this fan system so special is the excellent combination of modern and vintage farmhouse decorative flair. This is enhanced by the rectangular espresso finished blades, the farmhouse Edison chandelier, and the recommended Edison bulbs which deliver a glowing light similar to those traditional lantern lamps.

Just like our previous Parrot Uncle ceiling fan, this one too is available in various colors to choose from and has been backed by a 12 months worry-free warranty alongside an enthusiastic customer support team.

Features of the Parrot Uncle Industrial Ceiling Fan with Light

  • 2-in-1 design: for those looking to experience the high performance of a retractable ceiling fan and the beauty of a vintage chandelier, this model is the best to consider as it combines the two features to form one huge fandelier.
  • Remote control: since this fan system doesn’t have a pull chain switch, Parrot Uncle has included a functional remote control to make it easier for you to control the speed of the fan as well as turn the lights on/off depending on your needs.
  • Edison bulbs: just like we mentioned earlier, this ceiling fan is compatible with E26 medium base Edison bulbs which are UL listed for everyday safety.


  • Remote control included.
  • This unit is also available in various colors to choose from.
  • It has a very high airflow of 3,600 cfm.
  • Despite being industrial grade, this ceiling fan runs on a 110 volts power line.
  • The vintage decorative style is overly attractive.


  • Cannot be dimmed unless you undertake some modifications.
  • 5 Edison bulbs needed but are not included with your purchase, have to be purchased separately.

Customer feedback

The majority of online shoppers who’ve installed this ceiling fan are quite impressed with the overall beauty and quality. The retractable blades are said to not only be a bonus that gives the fan an attractive and unique look but also do a great job of moving a ton of air.

To sum it up, customers love this fan and those who’ve never heard or had the opportunity to try out a retractable fan before are ecstatic about their purchase as this turned to be money well spent according to them

3. Fandian 42 Inch Modern Ceiling Light Fan

Fandian 42 Inch Modern Ceiling Light comprises of the fan system that comprises of four acrylic blades supported by either a 4” or an 8” rod. Next, there’s the lower compartment that consists of the LED light source. Best Ceiling Fan With Retractable Blades and Lights

It is housed under an aluminum shell that blends well with most modern ceilings. This unit is controlled by a remote and is ideal for various rooms including the bedroom, living room, coffee shop, or even a restaurant.

Features of the Fandian 42 Inch Modern Ceiling Light

  • 3-fan speeds: this ceiling fan is designed with 3-fan speeds that range from low, medium to high. It also comes with an exclusive dimmer feature that lets you change the color of the LED lights from warm light, white light to warm white light.
  • LED lights: The LED lights have a life expectancy of 60,000 hours and are housed in an acrylic PVC plastic lampshade for safety purposes.
  • Copper mute motor: following customer complaints in previous ceiling fan versions, Fandian has opted to include a pure copper mute motor that is silent enough to provide a safe, comfortable, and silent sleeping experience to all homeowners.
  • Remote control: Fandian 42 Inch Modern Ceiling Light can be conveniently operated using the remote control included.


  • Comes with a remote.
  • This ceiling fan features a classic European decoration.
  • The LED lights are dimmable.
  • The metallic construction makes the entire fan both stylish and durable.
  • The unit arrives with the LED lights already pre-installed.


  • Installation can be quite an hassle

Customer feedback

The Fandian Modern Ceiling Light is said to be a high-standard unit that comes highly recommended for performance and aesthetics.

Customers who need a fan fixture with dimmable lights will be pleased to know that this model offers exactly that. While the retractable blades and overall look of this ceiling fan are great selling points, the fan is also said to operate whisper quietly.

The shallow instructional manual doesn’t provide enough information on how to install this ceiling fan system which, according to several customers can be a bit difficult. So for these and other obvious reasons an electrician may be the way to go with this unit.

4. Tropicalfan Crystal Retractable Ceiling Fan 

Tropicalfan Crystal Retractable Ceiling Fan is a master piece that features a stunning eye catching K9 crystal lampshade, 8 acrylic retractable blades and LED bulbs that illuminate to not only provide the needed lighting but also provide a touch of beauty. To make it more user Tropicalfan Crystal Retractable Ceiling Fan With Remote Controlfriendly, the motor of the fan is constructed with pure copper to ensure it’s whisper quiet when operating.

The Tropicalfan Crystal Retractable Ceiling Fan delivers a decent airflow of 4,500 CFM which is enough to provide sufficient air circulation for medium to large rooms. This unit is backed with a 100% money back guarantee as well as a one year limited warranty.

Features of the Tropicalfan Crystal Retractable Ceiling Fan

  • 2-in-1 design: It combines the fan system with the lighting unit to form one functional fandelier to save on ceiling space.
  • 8 fan blades: this ceiling fan is equipped with 8 acrylic blades made from PVC. The blades extend to a maximum length of 42” providing a decent airflow of 4,500 CFM.
  • Pure copper motor: since it’s designed for indoor use, this ceiling fan is powered by a pure copper motor to provide a whisper quiet performance.
  • 3-speed settings and 3-changing lights: with the 3 speed settings, you can easily adjust the speed of the fan depending on the need of the users. It also comes with a dimmable feature that lets you adjust the light from white light, neutral to warm light.
  • Crystal lampshade: the K9 crystal lampshade is designed with an eco-friendly material that helps to create a safe and healthy environment for you. The lampshade is also stylish especially when the LED lights are glowing providing a modern statement to the room.
  • Remote control: the Tropicalfan too is operated by a remote control from any location in the room. The remote is powered by 12V A23 batteries which, unfortunately, are not included in the deal.


  • The combination of invisible blades and K9 crystal lampshade makes this unit overly attractive.
  • A remote control is part of the package.
  • The metal canopy and the down rod can easily be customized to meet various ceiling designs.
  • The LED lights are easily dimmable to meet various lighting moods.
  • The motor system is very quiet when operating.


  • The fan blades scratch easily.
  • The instruction manual is very shallow.

Customer feedback

The Tropicalfan Crystal Retractable Ceiling Fan has generally impressed many with its attractive appearance, thanks to the K9 crystal lampshade and the retractable invisible blades.

Shoppers also loved the easy customization function that lets you adjust the fan speed and the light mode depending on the indoor requirements. What’s more, it is indeed silent operating.

5. Fandian 42” Tiffany Style Ceiling Chandelier Fan

Fandian 42” Tiffany Style Ceiling Fan is a unique and elegant ceiling fan that would no doubt add glamor to any indoor setting. Tiffany Style Ceiling Fan with Light Classic LED Chandelier Remote Control Retractable Blades

This impressive fan features a unique design composition of acrylic blades that are brushed with a stunning amber finish and a crystal lampshade that is hand sprayed with oil paint then decorated with unique art that resembles that of a classic Mediterranean Church.

This ceiling fan is illuminated with colorful LED lights that provide your living room, bedroom or dining room with a classic decorative flair.

The Fandian 42” Tiffany Style Ceiling Fan is backed with a 60 days manufacturer warranty alongside a 30 days replacement guarantee in case you’re unsatisfied with the product.

Features of the Fandian Tiffany Style Ceiling Fan

  • Reversible blades: these invisible retractable blades are brushed with an amber finish to make them more attractive. With the help of the remote control, you can easily reverse the direction of the blades depending on the season. This will in turn help to improve the air circulation and also keep the costs down.
  • Pure copper motor: this unit is equipped with a silent yet powerful copper motor that’s stable enough to deliver the much-needed power to run the blades. The whisper-quiet operation ensures that your sleep is not interrupted when the motor is running.
  • 3 speed and 3 light settings: to customize the performance of this ceiling fan, Fandian has equipped this unit with explosive features such as 3 speed and 3 light settings to let you select the amount of air circulation needed in the room as well as the light fixture.
  • Tiffany glass lampshade: this Fandian fan is designed with oil painted glass with unique artistic patterns that resemble the classic Mediterranean Church style.


  • Comes with a remote control for retracting the blades.
  • ,The motor has a decent life expectancy of 5 to 10 years.
  • The classic Mediterranean art patterns on the lampshade are very decorative and unique.
  • The blades are reversible.


  • Light fixture is not dimmable
  • Installation is quite complex forcing you to hire a technician.

Customer feedback

The Fandian Tiffany Style Ceiling Fan is said to be an excellent unit that has received multiple positive feedback from a mojority of its customers, with most reviewers appreciating its beauty which gives the room a luxurious touch.

The reversible fan blades are also impressive feature that users love as they make this ceiling fan a suitable option for all-season use.

6. Kalri Modern LED Invisible Ceiling Fan Light 

Kalri Modern LED Invisible Ceiling Fan features a lampshade made with PVC, retractable blades with ABS transparent plastic and the motor casing and the down rod with steel and copper materials.

With such a combination of sophisticated materials, this ceiling fan is high quality as it is attractive and eye-catching when hanging on any ceiling setup. The motor itself is able to power up the 4 blades to deliver a decent airflow to medium rooms with dimensions of 10-25m².

The Kalri Modern LED Invisible Ceiling Fan is available in three major sizes which are the 42”, 36” and 42-Inch-1 sizes. It also comes with a 30 days return policy and a decent customer support team which is ever ready to answer all your queries.

Features of the Karli Modern LED Invisible Ceiling Fan

  • Remote control: to allow easy control of this ceiling fan, Kalri has included an intelligent remote control that you can use to customize the fan speed and light mode settings to suit your specific requirements.
  • 3-fan speeds: the fan speed of this unit can easily be adjusted from low, medium to high. This makes it easier for you to adjust the amount of air circulation needed in a room depending on the amount of heat present.
  • 3-light modes: with this ceiling fan, adjusting the amount of light needed is made easy with the dimmer feature that lets you adjust the LED lights from white light, warm light to neutral.
  • Invisible fan blades: the ABS acrylic fan blades of this unit are transparent making them almost invisible when the fan is running. The blades are four and can stretch up to 42” making them the best for medium-sized rooms.


  • Remote control is included.
  • 3 light mode allows to change up the brightness
  • The fan blades are transparent and low-key
  • It also has three light modes to choose from.


  • The instructional guide is very poor as it doesn’t provide enough information on how to install the unit.
  • Several US shoppers have complained that this unit is not compatible with their standard electrical boxes.

Customer feedback

The Kalri Modern LED Invisible Ceiling Fan has been praised for its performance and great look.

7. Fandian 42 Inch Retractable Blades Chandelier Fan

Instead of using a crystal hanging chandelier, Fandian here has instead used a low profile PVC lampshade and a short down rod to prevent the unit from hanging too low.

In addition to that, the Fandian 42 Inch Ceiling Fan has dimensions of 20.1”×20.1”×16.5” making it a space-saving unit. The acrylic blades are retractable and able to stretch up to 42”.

This ceiling fan is available in four distinct colors that you can choose from ranging from White, Gold, Black, to Black-style-2. It also comes with three color-changing modes and an automatic timer that lets you choose when the unit will shut off.

Features of the Fandian 42 Inch Ceiling Fan

  • Silent motor: this unit is fitted with a whisper-quiet copper motor that’s silent and very powerful. The motor is ideal for indoor use as it doesn’t disrupt you with loud noises while sleeping.
  • Dimmable LED lights: for those who want to be able to dim the lights this unit has offered you 3 color-changing modes which you can select from ranging from White, Warm Yellow to Yellow light.
  • 3-speed settings: the 3-fan speed settings range from low, medium to high. With these settings, you can easily adjust the speed of the fan depending on how much air is needed in a room. This helps to save on energy as you won’t have to run the fan on the highest setting all day if you don’t have to.
  • Auto shut off: though not common among most ceiling fans, this feature is responsible for the automatic shutoff of this ceiling fan. All you need to do is set the timer to run for a specific period before turning off automatically.


  • It comes with four color options to choose from.
  • It comes with three dimming modes.
  • Automatic timer for auto-shutoff capability.


  • It beeps loudly whenever the lights are turned on.
  • The instructional manual is quite confusing.

Customer feedback

Customers whove used the fan loved its performance as well as its whisper quiet operation.

The color-changing mode is also something that some users loved as it allows for different brightness levels depending on the need.

8. Bigbanban Modern Retracting Ceiling Fan Light 

This Bigbanban Ceiling Fan is also 2-in-1 meaning it has combined a fan system and a chandelier to save on space. It’s also illuminated with LED bulbs bright enough to illuminate rooms of 144-255 sq ft.

This ceiling fan is powered by a silent motor that’s both strong and energy-saving. It comes with a remote control, and four ABS fan blades that stretch and retract to the fuselage that’s designed into a golden chandelier.

Features of the Bigbanban Ceiling Fan

  • Remote control: the intelligent remote is used to control most of the functions of this ceiling fan that range from setting the timer, switching the fan blades on/off and customizing the lighting and the air circulation by adjusting the fan speed and light modes.
  • Silent motor: since this ceiling fan is intended for indoor use, the motor system is designed with copper wire to make it as silent as possible even when running in the highest setting.
  • 3-speed settings: using the intelligent remote, you can easily change the speed of the fan blades from low, medium to high.
  • LED ceiling lights with 3-color changing modes: the LED lights are carefully engineered to illuminate rooms on their own without having to add any external lights. These LED lights can easily be dimmed with the help of various light modes, from cool white, neutral to warm yellow.


  • Remote included
  • Has a short down rod that suits low ceilings.


  • Installation is a bit difficult.

Customer feedback

Overall, this is is said to be an impressive looking and great performing unit that does the job it was designed to do well. It’s also loved for its metallic whisper-quiet motor which is said to be silent when running even in the highest setting.

9. Kalri 42” Modern Retractable Ceiling Fans 

In addition to being multi-functional as both a chandelier and a fan system this unit also has another added aspect of a Smart Bluetooth Music Player. With the help of a Smart APP that you have to download from the APP store, you can be able to seamlessly connect your fan with your wireless device in order to conveniently control the light color and music your of your Karli 42” Modern Ceiling Fan.

It has the normal 3 light changing modes with the added advantage of a Bluetooth capability. By using a special Smartphone app, you can easily activate various enhancements such as surround sound and 7 visual effect color-changing modes.

Features of the Kalri 42” Modern Ceiling Fan with Light Smart Bluetooth Music Player

  • 2-in-1 design: with a LED Lighting board and 4 42″ retracting blades, this is meant to function as a chandelier and as a fan.
  • Pure copper motor: similar to most ceiling fans we’ve already reviewed, this one too is equipped with a pure cotton motor that delivers immense airflow at a whisper-quiet operation.
  • In-built Bluetooth: with this rare feature, this Modern Ceiling Fan can integrate with all Smartphones via the Bluetooth connection to activate various features as play surround sound music and enjoy the various color effects right at the comfort of your home.
  • 3-color changing modes: whether you like it dim or in full light, you can conveniently adjust the amount of light in your room from white, warm yellow to yellow lighting.
  • 3-fan speed settings: the 3-fan speeds can easily be adjusted using the remote control from low/medium/high.
  • Remote control: lastly, this ceiling fan comes with the convenience of a remote control which can be used to control the light modes and the various fan speed settings.


  • This version comes in different models that you can choose from depending on your taste.
  • It can be operated either by a remote control or a Smartphone.
  • Designed with an audio player and multiple LED enhancement options.


  • Pairing this ceiling fan with the App via Bluetooth can be difficult.

Customer feedback

One of the major reasons customers opted for this fan is the Bluetooth function and other than connectivity issues here and there, customers absolutely love this function. It’s also nice and looking and seems to be very well constructed according to customer reviews.

10. Bella Depot Chandelier Ceiling Fan with Retractable Blades

ETL Listed Bella Depot’s chandelier ceiling fan is a gorgeous that can also serve as a statement decor as it features beautiful illuminating crystals and 4 acrylic retractable blades Best Ceiling Fan With Retractable Blades and Lightsthat are transparent and low-key, and stretch up to 42″ when they unfold.

This is a LED lighted unit with 3 lighting tones to chose from including Warm White, Neutral White and Cool White.

Features of the Bella Depot’s chandelier ceiling fan

  • Remote control: the remote control is an excellent addition that lets you operate this fan from any spot within the room. Whether it’s turning the lights on/off or adjusting the fan speed, you can effortlessly achieve all these using the remote control.
  • 3-fan speeds: there are two reasons why the 3-fan speed levels are important. First, they help to freshen up a room in case there’s too much dust and secondly, they provide sufficient air circulation when indoor temperatures are high. The fan speed levels range from low, medium to high.
  • 2-in-1 design: the beautiful combination of the black finished retractable blades and the black painted crystal chandelier gives this unit a modern fandelier flair which is very attractive.
  • LED kit: the Deluxe Lamp Ceiling Fan is illuminated by LED bulbs. The bulbs are replaceable but unfortunately, they’re not dimmable. You can only cycle through the 3 light tones for different brightness levels.
  • 2 down rods: since Deluxe Lamp are concerned about their dear customers, they’ve provided two down rods of different sizes (5” and 10”) to give you an easy time when installing this ceiling fan on any ceiling design.


  • Very decorative unit.
  • The LED bulbs are replaceable
  • It has a remote control for ease of operation.


  • This unit is quite heavy.

Customer feedback

Customers who’ve purchased and installed this fandelier are quite impressed by the design which they say is very decorative as well as the amount of air the blades are able to move.

The quality of the unit is said to be top-notch, operates as advertised and the icing on the cake is that it’s a really great looking fan. Overall, most the customers are more than satisfied with their purchases.

11. Moooni 36 Inch Fandelier with Lights and Retractable Blades 

Moooni 36 Inch Fandelier with Lights and Retractable Blades is unique in appearance as it is functional. It has beautiful acrylic blades that are  almost invisible when the unit is operating. When turned off, theceiling fan with lights and retractable blades blades fold intuitively on top of the chandelier and when it’s turned on, they stretch to a span of 36” when in full length.

The Ceiling Fan offers illumination with a 32-watt LED panel that provide 3 cool color-changing options from white, warm, and natural light.

Features of the Mooni Ceiling Fan

  • 3-speed control: to provide your room with sufficient air circulation, this ceiling fan is equipped with a 3-speed fan system that lets you customize the speed of the fan blades from high, medium to high.
  • Dimmable LED panel: the Ceiling Fan illuminates with bright LED panel that provide a combined wattage of 32W. The lights can be dimmed and changed using 3 changing color temperatures from 2700K (Warm white), 4500K Day light and 6000K for Cool White.
  • Remote control with timer: as it is the norm with most modern ceiling fans, this one too is equipped with a functional remote control that provides a hands-free operation right at the comfort of your seat.
  • 3-light changing modes: lastly, the fan is equipped with 3-light changing modes that lets you configure the amount of light needed in a room from warm white light, neutral white to cool white light.


  • Very decorative fan.
  • Lights are dimmable
  • Equipped with a timer for automatic off/on
  • Remote control included with your purchase

Customer feedback

Customers who’ve bought this were quite pleased by its beauty and performance stating that it’s exactly what they were looking for. It’s said to be a very unique and an attractive fixture that that is just eye-catching. The quality is great and it does a great job of moving air. Additionally, the fact that that the lights are dimmable makes the unit all the more functional for users.

12. Moon Lighting Crystal Ceiling Fan with Light and Retractable Blades

Last but not least, we have the Moon Lighting Crystal Ceiling Fan. What you’ll love most about this unit the moment you set your eyes on it is the crystal chandelier which is molded to resemble a golden rose. Crystal Ceiling Fan with Light Modern Invisible Retractable bladesThe lasting beauty of the chandelier is further illustrated by the LED lights the moment they reflect white light through the K9 crystals.

The fan blades on their side are non-deformable, transparent, and retractable meaning they’re able to stretch and fold onto the fuselage. This ceiling fan is powered by a silent motor and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee alongside a 2-year after-sale protection.

Features of the Moon Lighting Crystal Ceiling Fan

  • 2-in-1 design: the innovative 2-in-1 design of this ceiling fan allows it to combine the K9 crystal chandelier with the transparent retractable fan blades to form a space-saving fandelier.
  • Moisture-proof fan blades: the blades of this fan are durably constructed. The blades are retractable, transparent, moisture-proof, and non-deformable.
  • 3-color changing modes: the 3-color changing modes (which include warm/neutral/yellow) provide a more customizable option that lets you adjust the lighting to suit every occasion.
  • 3-fan speed settings: the speed of the fan system can also be customized from low/medium/high depending on temperature fluctuations.
  • Digital timer: to save on energy costs and enhance functionality, this ceiling fan is further equipped with timing function that lets you choose when the unit will turn off. The timing function ranges from 1h/2h/4h/8h timing.
  • Silent motor: the motor on its side is made of pure copper to provide a flawless excellent motion without producing noisy sounds. It’s strong, stable, and energy-efficient making it the best option for indoor use.


  • Has an attractive golden rose design.
  • Remote control is included
  • Quiet motor is perfect for indoor use.
  • Color changing modes offer a decent color temperature changing option.


  • Installation is quite complex and will require a certified technician to install it on your behalf.

Customer feedback

Overall, the Moon Lighting Crystal Ceiling Fan has been welcomed with bells and whistles from the vast majority of its customers. Most of these customers are satisfied with this ceiling fan as it’s able to accomplish most of the lighting and air circulation endeavors. Customers are happy with the design which they say is very unique and quite eye-catching.

Ceiling Fans with Retractable Blades and Lights—Buyer’s Guide

First of all, installing these units can be little a little tricky so we recommend getting an electrician to the the installation for you. Though beauty is one of the major concerns, there are lots of other factors that need to be considered when making your purchase. In this section, we will highlight some of these factors which when missed out, can mean a disaster in the long run.

1. The size

Here, consider the size of the fan blades with that of the room to which the ceiling fan will be installed. When buying a ceiling fan, the first thing that comes to mind is the amount of air circulation you’ll expect the unit to deliver. Therefore, when laying down your options, always consider the size of the room to determine whether you’ll need a large or just a small unit. Another factor you’ll need to consider here is the population in the room. Obviously, a restaurant will require a fan with wider fan blades than a walkway.

2. Number of blades

Whether a fan is traditional or contemporary, the number and the angle of the blades is what will make the ultimate difference. Most people presume that the higher the number of the blades, the more efficient the fan will be. Although it does look logical, this is the direct opposite. The more the blades, the heavier the fan will be hence the less the air it’s able to circulate. However, since most of these ceiling fans are intended for domestic use, 3 to 5 blades will be enough to perform the magic.

3. The blade material

The material used to design the blades is also very paramount when making your choice. Although some of the traditional materials used are plastic, metal, and wood (due to their polished looks), choosing blades made from other materials such as powder coating is essential in case you’re planning to install the fan in moisture-prone rooms.

4. Energy efficiency

Apart from the beauty and the overall performance of a ceiling fan, you may also need to consider its energy efficiency to ensure that the utility cost is minimized to its maximum. To achieve this, you’ll need to get a little bit technologically creative by investing in a ceiling fan that has an energy star rating.

5. Reversible function

If you reside in regions that experience regular temperature fluctuations, you need to think of purchasing a ceiling fan with `reversible fan blades. At least with this feature, the fan system will rotate both clockwise and anticlockwise providing hot air in winter and cold air during summer.

5. Budget

How much are you willing to spend on a ceiling fan? This is one critical question you need to ask yourself before making your final decision. To ensure that you purchase a high-standard unit at a budget-friendly price range, always research the market well to ensure that what you get truly works for you.


Overall, if you’re looking for a ceiling fan that will give your home a more modern and attractive flair, then this guide has reviewed twelve gorgeous options that you can refer to. Each of these ceiling fans features a beautiful crystal chandelier and plenty of powerful airflow that will handle various air circulation needs with ease.

The best thing about each of these fans is that they’re all equipped with retractable blades and lighting options. They also come with 3-fan speed settings and color-changing modes which can be customized using the intelligent remote control.


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