15 Top Best Ceiling Fans for High Ceilings 2021

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Table of Contents

Most rooms with a high ceiling profile command an air of space and beauty. It is important that such spaces maintain fresh air and cool temperatures. However finding the best ceiling fans for high ceilings with adequate motor power to effectively circulate and keep the air fresh and cool can be a bit of a hassle. That, is on top of finding one that brings a decorative and aesthetic element to the decor.

While high ceilings are majestic, when selecting a ceiling fan, one has take extra care to factor in the height of the ceiling. Simply because it often means there is more space for air to circulate and therefore, the fan has to be installed in a relatively higher position.

When shopping around, we recommend that you mostly consider those ceiling fans with  a blade span of at least 52 inches. With such kind of blade span, these types of fans will be sufficient enough to provide enough air circulation for such high ceilings and those larger of rooms.

Additionally, for higher ceilings, a ceiling fan with a long downrod is necessary! This extension will allow the fan to hang lower to the ground from the base of the ceiling which is what you need with a high ceiling.

Therefore, consider the length of the downrod you need but most large blade ceiling fans include a 4.5-6 inch downrod. Our list below has some as long as 12″ but depending on how high your ceiling is, all the units reviewed are versatile enough to accommodate other downrod lengths which you can purchase separately.

Review of the Best Ceiling Fans for High Ceilings

Check out these ceiling fans which we believe would make for great additions to any high ceiling space in both adding aesthetic value as well as providing exceptional function in disbursing air throughout.

  1. Emerson CF765BQ Large Ceiling Fan

The Emerson CF765BQ ceiling fan is a good option to consider for a number of reasons. The most obvious is the massive blade span of 60 inches that gives this ceiling fan presence.Top Best Ceiling Fans for High Ceiling

While the blade span is noticeably larger, it fits incredibly well with the rest of the minimalist design. The downrod has a thin construction but it is made of steel which is firm safely securing the whole fixtures frame onto the ceiling.

The 6 inches downrod descends to the canopy which discreetly houses the powerful reversible motor. Additional downrods can be bought separately.

The recommended installation height for this fan needs to be 10 feet above the surface floor.

Each of the 3 blades are attached to the cylindrical motor house by three rivets. The rivets alongside the finely curved plastic blades help bring out an industrial look and feel.

But beyond the nice clean look, this ceiling has 4 fan speeds and also has remote control adaptable should one want an additional operational point.

At the highest speed the unit can generate an air flow of 10,516 CFM. That in addition to the long downrods is why this ceiling fan is favored for high ceilings. It has the ability to effectively circulate vast amounts of air with great efficiency using low energy.


  • Has a 60 inch blade span and three riveted blades
  • Constructed from steel with plastic
  • It can generate a maximum of 10,516 CFM at the highest fan speed
  • Features a powerful reversible silent motor
  • Comes with a 6 inch downrod but longer downrods can be purchased separately for customized installations
  • Has four fan speed
  • Four-speed wall control included
  • Available in barbeque black/ appliance white/ brushes steel.

Customer Feedback

Customers mentioned that while this unit is a viable option for high ceilings, the brushed steel finish is not ideal for damp locations. Users who reviewed this unit were also delighted at the straightforward assembly and installation. They mentioned that when properly installed, this unit does not wobble at any given fan speed and runs like a charm.

Installers working with higher ceilings appreciated that the unit has the flexibility to work with longer downrods to achieve preferred heights where the fan is most effective but also visible.

  1. Modern Fan Company Torsion Ceiling Fan Light for High Ceiling

The Torsion Ceiling Fan light has an exciting look. The fan sports a unique and light-industrial design with a minimalist feel. If you have a high ceiling in your home and have been wondering whether you will ever get a suitable ceiling fan that is both effective and visually appealing, then wonder no more.Bright ceiling fan in Nickel finish with Nickel blade finish / 52 inch / LED

The Torsion Ceiling fan is designed for superior air circulation, comfort and energy efficiency. The blade design catches your eye as the blades merge together at the center giving the impression of a massive wrenches twisting on the head of an enormous bolt.

This industrial aesthetic appeal gives the fan character and blends well with the rest of the fan’s polished features. The fan has 3 blades that are driven by a powerful reversible motor capable of 6,247 CFM at 75 watts energy consumption.

Depending on the size of your home, you can opt for this ceiling fan in two fan diameters of either 52 inches or 62 inches. The frame of this unit has a solid construction made from die-cast aluminum and stamped steel for firmness, durability and gorgeous finishes.

Apart from the fixture’s body color, the fan blades do come in a variety of colors such as Black/Mahogany/Maple/White, Gray wash/Nickel and Whitewash.

The makers offer the flexibility of selecting your preferred control type; handheld with various control settings or wall control.


  • Has 52/62 inch blade spans and three wooden blades
  • Light kit included with over 45,000 hours lifespan
  • Constructed from steel and aluminum
  • It can generate a maximum of 6,247 CFM at the highest fan speed
  • Has a powerful reversible silent motor
  • Comes with a 6 inch down rod but longer down rods can be purchased separately
  • Has four fan speeds
  • ETL Listed for use in damp locations, like the patio
  • Available in gloss white/Bright Nickel/ Dark Bronze

Customer feedback

Customers who got this ceiling liked the fact that they could choose between a 52 or 62 inches blade span to suit the size of their space and high ceilings. Most users who like this design but have a high profile ceiling with a slope, will be glad to know that the unit is slope adjustable.

Designers and users alike mentioned that the combination of colors allows the fan to fit in with an extensive range of decors. The installation of the unit is also fairly easy to accomplish, thanks to a detailed and well illustrated installation guide.

  1. Possini Euro Design 56″ Vengeance Modern Ceiling Fan with Light

The 56 inch  sloped ceiling adaptable, Vengeance Modern Ceiling is an excellent choice for someone looking for a bright option and imposing size.Ceiling Fans for High Ceilings

The fixture has a 56 inch blade span which is quite sizeable and can be fixed in both very high as well as average height ceilings. The design is firm, sturdy and durable because it has been constructed from steel.

The overall finish on the steel is chrome which has a glistening look but does not spill over to sparkly.

One has to give credit to the impressive design. It manages to establish balance between having presence without becoming overpowering.

The 3 blades have a silver finished and are made from molded ABS. The silver finish on the blades complements the clean chrome finished body of the fixture.

A slim yet firm steel downrod attaches the fixture to the ceiling. The stem drops down to hold a well sized cylindrical canopy which houses a powerful reversible motor as well as the fan blades.

Beneath them is a set of 3 LED lights that form the light kit. The lights are broad and flat, fitting well with the overall look of the fixture. The three individual lights can be adjusted to a reasonable degree and made to point in the direction of your choice for focused illumination.


  • Has a 56 inch blade span and 3 ABS blades
  • Constructed from steel and ABS
  • Adjustable integrated LED lights
  • It can generate a maximum of 5,950 CFM at its highest fan speed
  • Features a powerful reversible silent motor
  • Comes with a 6 inch downrod but longer down rods can be purchased separately
  • Has three fans speeds
  • Comes with its own handheld remote control
  • Available in chrome finish only

Customer feedback

Users who bought the 56 inch Vengeance fan admitted that it has an impressive look as well as a powerful ability to circulate air with reasonable energy consumption. Most users mentioned they often only use the lowest speed fan setting because of that power.

The adjustable directional downward lighting adds both a practical and aesthetic look that customers find endearing. Customers who purchased more than one unit shared that they installed them in the kitchen, bedroom and hallway. They added that installation was a cinch and the unit is versatile in terms of design to suit various parts of the home.

  1.  Minka Aire Fans Napoli Ceiling Fan Light for High Ceilings

The Napoli Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire Fans is an exquisite piece of art. It is a good match for most high ceilings for several reasons. Chief among them is the massive blade span of 56 inches coupled with a reversible powerful motor and the long downrod.ceiling fan with Sterling Walnut Shaded Blades

The motor is also capable of effortlessly driving the fans in three speeds with acceptable silence and good air circulation.

At their highest speed fan setting, the 5 blades can generate 5,900 CFM at a power usage of 77 watts demonstrating the efficiency of this unit.

Sloped ceiling adaptable, the aesthetics that the Napoli brings to a space are the other reason why this fan is so popular with households that have a higher ceiling profile. While the unit comes with a standard 3.5 and 12 inch downrods, one can always purchase longer downrods that suit their preference.

Designed with a sterling walnut body, this indoor ceiling fan was crafted with antiquity in mind. The modern twist is an excellent fit to add a rustic vintage element to your decor. The 5 blades have a wooden finish while a slender stem climbs to the ceiling for secure Anchorage of the fixture.

The canopy is round and adorned with beautifully patterned metal works and jutting metal hooks that the blades attaches to.

This ceiling fan also comes equipped with a beautiful aged Champagne glass shade that adds character to the whole design.


  • Has a 56 inch blade span and 5 wood finished blades
  • Constructed from metal
  • It can generate a maximum of 5,900 CFM at its highest fan speed
  • Features a powerful reversible silent motor
  • Comes with a 3.5 and 12 inch downrod
  • It has 3 fan speeds
  • Integrated halogen light kit
  • Includes a full function wall control with fan speeds and lighting control
  • Available in sterling walnut

Customer feedback

Customers were quick to share that the unit is quite heavy. But that is not surprising given the metal works and stubs used in the construction. The unit performs extremely well once installed. Users were glad that the motor is extremely quiet as advertised. The installation is simple and the purchase comes with everything you need for the same.

  1. Casa Vieja 60″ Casa Montego Ceiling Fan

If you love a touch of vintage that adds the timeless ambiance to your modern decor, then it will be hard to pass over this Casa Montego ceiling fan.

The design is splendid and full of character starting from the petite stem that leads up to the tapered canopy. The canopy is adorned with sensational carved patterns which appear pronounced thanks to the bronze color. The metal stubs to which the blades attach also form part of the decoration.

The vintage look is further accentuated by the inclusion of a pull chain. Operation is very easy as the pull chain takes care of on/off as well as fan speed adjustments.

The unit has a powerful yet silent motor that is responsible for spinning 5 blades pitched at 14°. The blades have three different fan speeds which deliver air flow with great efficiency.

At the highest fan speed setting, the unit can master a 7,948 CFM. The blades have a teal shaded woody finish that highly complements the bronze metal frame.

Due to its massive blade span of 60 inches, this fan will work great for high ceilings, large spaces as well as on ceiling with average heights. The unit comes with a 4.5 inch downrod or one can opt for a longer downrod(s) based on the height of your ceiling.


  • Has a 60 inch blade span and 5 wood finished blades
  • Constructed from metal
  • It can generate a maximum of 7,948 CFM at the highest fan speed
  • It features a powerful reversible silent motor
  • Comes with a 4.5 inch downrod
  • Has 3 fan speeds
  • Available in bronze and teal/ Bronze and cherry

Customer feedback

Customers who got this unit shared that the imposing size of 60 inches looks amazing in their decors from the kitchen, great room, living room as well as a master bedroom. Users said that they found the installation to be straightforward. They love that it has no wobble thereafter even when the fan is on highest speed setting. It is also worth noting that the motor is exceptionally quiet on all fan speeds. While this unit may succeed in looking vintage, its operation is responsive and fits well in a modern setting.

  1. Emerson Ceiling Fans CF788ORB Carrera Grande Eco Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Each Emerson fan features impeccable workmanship harmonized with the finest materials available. But that comes as no surprise as Emerson has been making fans for more than a century. At Emerson, building delightful fan designs is a proud culture.

That philosophy is evident in this Carrera Grande Eco Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan which is Energy Star rated. This ceiling fan features Emerson’s DC motor that is quite efficient by utilizing less than 33 watts of electricity on high speed.

Other than artful beauty, the concept brought by this fixture is quite unique. It offers a dynamic and flexible fan purchasing approach. The downrod and canopy which house a powerful motor has been well designed and given a Golden Espresso Finish.

The bottom of the canopy is light adaptable and therefore one can opt to purchase this fixture with or without a lighting kit.

It’s also allows you to choose the blade span that is most suitable for your needs. The blade span will range from 54-60-72-Inches.The Emerson Carrera Grande Eco ceiling fans have an extensive range of blade finishes that numbers to more than 50 different finishes. You are at liberty to choose what blade type and design you would want to accompany the unit.

In essence, other than the downrod, canopy and motor, you literally can opt for the fan size, blade design and whether to include light kit on or not


  • Has a 60 inch blade span and 5 wooden blades
  • Constructed from metal and a selection of several materials for blades
  • It can generate a maximum of 5,984 CFM at the highest fan speed
  • Features a powerful reversible silent motor
  • Comes with a 4.5 inch downrod but longer downrods are available for separate purchase
  • Has 3 fan speeds
  • Energy Star certified
  • Damp Location rated
  • Available in oil rubbed bronze body and numerous colors and blade designs

Customer feedback

Users who bought this product liked the flexibility of not having to get the light kit when they do not need it, while others opted to get the light kit because it was suitable to their needs. Users who did their own installation mentioned the process was fairly easy.

Customers love that amongst the blades you can choose from include several blade styles such as weather resistant blades, decorative handcrafted blades, solid wood blades as well as wood veneer blades. It is this adaptability that has a lot of customer appreciating this fixture because they have an active role in tailoring their purchase to best suit their taste, preference and sense of style.

  1.  Minka Aire Fans Xtreme H2O 84-Inch Large Ceiling Fan

Some living rooms, patios, hallways, kitchens and bedrooms can be huge and almost palatial. Extensive size and weather hostilities that come with the season can prove a challenge at times when it comes to climate control. Brushed Nickel ceiling fan for high ceilings

While vented AC has its place, the energy bills can be astronomically high during hotter months if all cooling responsibility is thrust on it exclusively.

A proven and effective way to make sure your home or establishment stays cool and affordably so, is by employing some extreme ceiling fans that pack a massive punch in terms of air flow circulation.

The Minka Aire Xtreme H2O has 8 blades pitched at 4° and a sweep diameter of an astounding 84 inches. This is no ordinary fan and when faced with incessantly tough weather, it calls for extreme measures.

This baby is equipped with a powerful DC motor that has no regard for windy or hot heat waves. Equipped with 6 different speed options to choose from, the power to generate a breeze at various intensities is always at your fingertips.

This 84-inch monster fan is an industrial beauty that moves over 12,209 cubic feet of airflow per minute. For such a powerful fan, the overall design is minimalist and sits well in any large rooms.

The several color options provides some freedom and flexibility in terms of integrating this unit with the color schemes of various types of spaces.


  • Come with a 84 inch blade span and 8 ABS blades
  • Constructed from aluminum and ABS
  • It can generate a maximum of 12,209 CFM at the highest fan speed
  • It has a powerful reversible silent DC motor
  • Comes with a 6 inch downrod but longer downrods are available for separate purchase
  • Has six fan speeds
  • Handheld remote included
  • Available in brown/Coal/Flat white/Brushed Nickel

Customer feedback

For a monster ceiling fan, customers were very surprised at how light the unit is. In fact, a good number of users were worried that this might not be heavy duty. Users mentioned that the installation was easy. After days and months of use, customers who were initially apprehensive about the quality shared that they are happy with their purchase. Most added that the unit’s motor is dead silent with an impressive ability to circulate air in a large space. It is the perfect fan for a high ceiling as it can take on several downrods. Users mentioned that operation was also easy, thanks to a handheld remote control that has 6 speed settings.

  1. Star Fans Star 3 Blades Ceiling Fan

As the name suggests the Star Fan assumes a neat defined star shape with straight clean lines. This design is contemporary and suits spaces with a modern feel and a hint of minimalist decor.

The unit has 3 blades and a blade span of 52 inches.

This fixture has a simple elegance and will work for rooms such  as the kitchen, bedroom, hallway and living room. The construction is durable, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly practical. The ceiling fan frame is made from aluminum metal while the 52 inch blades have been molded from ABS material.

The Star Fan is powered by a reasonably powerful motor that noiselessly drives the blades at varied speed fans for a pleasant cooling experience.

The unit also comes equipped with a downward light for illumination.


  • Has a 52 inch blade span and 3 ABS blades
  • Constructed from aluminum and ABS
  • It can generate 7,500 CFM at the highest fan speed setting
  • It has a powerful reversible silent DC motor
  • Comes with a 7 inch downrod but longer downrods are available for separate purchase
  • Has three fan speeds
  • LED light fitted
  • Remote control included
  • Available in white/Oil Rubbed Bronze, Space grey

Customer feedback

Users liked how easy this is to install. They shared that this was by far the easiest remote receiver installation that they have ever come across. That is because instead of the conventional tinkering with the live and neutral wires through the ceiling, this one has clips to connect to the fan. That eliminates the bother of tracing colors, stripping, adding nuts and so forth. Just simply plugging in a couple of connectors and you are good to go.

Users also mentioned it looks great on a number of background color schemes such as white and a host of other colors.

  1. Modern Fan Company Ball Ceiling Fan

The craze on minimalist design and décor is understandable. That is because they deliver excellent functionality without being bulky. While one may think the actual structure of this Ball Ceiling Fan is flimsy, you will be surprised to learn that it is very strong as it has been made from aluminum.large ceiling fan with Aluminum blades for high ceiling

The unit comes inclusive of a slender 6 inch and 16 inch aluminum downrod that allows you to install the fixture at varying heights on all ceiling profiles.

The canopy is a perfectly shaped sphere that houses the motor and from which the 4 blades pitched at 12° are attached.

The blades are made from plywood with a brushed aluminum finish or gloss white finish. The Ball Ceiling fan is also equipped with a down light that has a beautiful Matte Opal glass shade.

Although the design is minimalist, the unit still maintains a structural strength and uncluttered beauty.


  • Has a 42/52 inch blade span and 4 plywood blades
  • Light kit fitted unit
  • Constructed from aluminum and plywood
  • It can generate 4,998 CFM at the highest fan speed setting
  • Has a powerful reversible silent motor
  • Comes with a 6 and 12 inch downrod however, longer downrods are available for separate purchase
  • Has 3 fan speed
  • UL Listed for Damp locations
  • Available in aluminum/Maple/White

Customer feedback

Customers were delighted with this unit because assembly and installation was easy. The unit is good looking and comes with a slew of remote control options to suit every home’s need. The slender downrod is not delicate according to users who love the sleek look with excellent support.

  1. 72″Turbina XL Modern Ceiling Fan with Light for Large Spaces & High Ceiling

This is a gorgeously constructed ceiling fan that is certain to enliven your space. Whether you opt to install it in the living room, bedroom, great room or hallway, this unit brings with it an understated class that is captivating.

The unit is suspended from the ceiling with a slender metal stem that gives way to a round shaped canopy.

The motor is hidden inside the canopy and provides a strong performance but remains silent across different fan speeds.

This motor drives four blades that sweep over a diameter of 72 inches. Just beneath the blades is an exquisitely woven metal wire cage that houses three 4 watt Edison filament LED bulbs.


  • Has a 72 inch blade span and 3 blades
  • It is constructed from metal
  • Airflow of 10313 CFM
  • It can generate sufficient airflow from 3 fan speeds
  • Features a powerful silent motor
  • Comes with a 6 inch downrod but longer downrods are available for separate purchase
  • Available in brushed nickel finish
  • With remote control
  • NOT reversible

Customer feedback

According to customers the vintage cage light kit is exceptionally well done and accentuates the lighting as well as the overall design of the fan. The minimalist design allows easy assembly and installation as mentioned by customers who bought this unit. Most users also appreciated that the unit comes with an easy to operate handheld remote control. The 72 inch blade span does a good job of efficiently distributing air in a room. Customers mentioned that they often run it on low because of that efficiency.

  1. Minka Aire Fans Zen Ceiling Fan for High Ceilings

The Zen Ceiling Fan does a good job of promoting a peaceful ambience in the home. This fixture with a 52 inch blade span infuses a refreshing simplicity into a room while at the same time consuming minimal energy. The framing of the unit is made of steel for a clean finish, rigidity and durability.White ceiling fan with White Frosted glass

For those who want this unit with lighting, you will be pleased to know that you can get it with a light kit that has a glass shade.

To enable easy and convenient control up to 40 meters away from the fan, this model also includes a fully functioning handheld remote. With it, you can  customize the brightness and the 3 forward/reverse fan speeds.

Those who like the fixtures design but do not need the lighting kit, the unit will come without and instead provide a cap for non-light use.

Simplicity reigns supreme with this fixture. The varying color combination gives you plenty of flexibility to choose the best color options for your space.


  • Has a 52 inch blade span and 4 blades
  • It is constructed from steel
  • It can generate 6,148 CFM at the highest fan speed setting
  • Has a powerful reversible silent motor
  • Comes with a 6 inch downrod but longer downrods are available for separate purchase
  • Feature 3 fan speeds
  • Comes with a light kit that is dimmable
  • Wireless remote operation
  • Energy Star rated unit
  • Available in brushed nickel with silver and white frosted blades/white with white blades/Oil rubbed bronze with medium maple or tinted opal blades.

Customer feedback

Other than the well done construction and the simple aesthetic, users liked the fact that they can operate this fan with a handheld remote because it is convenient and adds to the comfort level. The installation is also very straightforward and once installed, this is said to work like a charm, just as advertised.

  1. Quorum International Alton Ceiling Fan

A point of concern for most buyers who have high ceilings and fairly large rooms in the home, is energy consumption and efficiency of a ceiling fan. With the Alton Ceiling fan, you have little to worry about in that regard.60 Inch big ceiling fan

That is because it offers you the option of a 60 or 70 inch blade span. Both fan diameters are made for energy efficiency. At the highest fan speed they will generate an airflow of 5,955 CFM and 5,637 CFM respectively.

For that sort of airflow, the unit consumes 90 Watts and 75 Watts respectively.


  • Has 60 or 70 inch blade span and 5 blades
  • Constructed from metal
  • It can generate 5,955 CFM at the highest fan speed setting
  • It has powerful reversible silent AC motor
  • Comes with a 4 and 6 inch downrod but longer downrods are available for separate purchase
  • Has 3 fan speeds
  • Wall control switch included with purchase
  • Available in Antique Flemish/Oiled Bronze/Satin Nickel/Old world/Toasted Sienna.

Customer feedback.

Customers loved this fan because it looks great and functions very well. The motor is silent and the 5 blades circulate air effortlessly. Users also appreciated that the energy efficiency was impressive.

Customers say that the Alton is well constructed with a commanding presence. Around canopy, strong motor and delightfully shaped blades will no doubt invigorate your space. The unit also has a down light for illumination.

  1. Hunter Fans HFC 72 Ceiling Fan Large Spaces & vaulted  Ceilings

High vaulted living rooms, industrial building and pole barns will benefit from this Hunter ceiling fan. That is because it has been engineered specifically to meet the air circulation need of such high ceilings. large big Hunter ceiling fan for large rooms, high ceilings

Recommended for ceiling heights of 8 feet and greater, the expansive 72 inch aluminum blade span delivers an incredibly high air flow efficiently making your spaces cooler while still keeping the energy costs low.

The extensive blade span of 72 inches and powerful motor work together impressively with utmost silence.

This unit will also work in covered patios, porches as well as sun rooms because the fixture is damp-rated.

Further still, this unit comes complete with its very own 11 inch downrod, which compared to other similar models, is one of the longest in the industry. However it also comes with a hugger adapter. So essentially, this is an entirely flexible model that allows for standard, low profile, or angled mounting.


  • Has a 72 inch blade span and 6 aluminum blades
  • Constructed from stainless steel
  • It can generate 8,926 CFM at the highest fan speed setting
  • Has a powerful reversible silent motor
  • Comes with an 11 inch downrod
  • Has 3 fan speeds
  • Three-position mounting system, including angled ceilings .
  • Comes with its own Wall Control for speed and lighting adjustments
  • ETL Listed for Damp locations

Customer feedback

Customers with high vaulted ceilings marveled at the efficiency of this unit which has an incredible ability to circulate air in large spaces. The installation is easy with installers and users alike appreciating the fact that the unit comes with a three-position mounting system that allows for low, angled or standard mounting depending on your ceiling’s structural needs. The size is adequate for really large spaces.

  1. Quorum International Vector 72 Inch Large Ceiling Fan with Lights

Great for Sloped ceiling types, the Vector ceiling fan  is an excellent choice when looking for an expansive blade span with a minimalist feel. This unit has a 72 inch blade sweep.72 inch large ceiling fan for large spaces

You are likely to notice that the body and blades of this fixture have no excessive ornamentation. Just a sleek, functional ergonomic design.


  • Has a 72 inch blade span and 5 blades
  • Constructed from steel
  • It can generate 9,873 CFM at the highest fan speed setting
  • Features a powerful reversible silent DC motor
  • Comes with a 4 and 6 inch downrod
  • Has 6 fan speeds
  • Halogen light kit with Satin Opal Glass shade
  • Available in oiled Bronze/Satin Nickel

Customer feedback

Those who got this unit said they were taken by the expansiveness of the whole unit and the delightful fan blade design that works really well for those higher of ceilings. Other than the design, users found the installation and mounting option to be flexible. Customers also love that the vector comes with down lighting that has an opal glass shade for provision of warm ambient lighting.

Despite its size, this is said to be stable even when running on the highest fan speed setting.

  1. Quorum International Dragonfly Ceiling Fan

Yet another Quorum International model, the Dragonfly Ceiling Fan is equipped with a powerful reversible DC motor. Like its name suggests, the unit’s design is inspired by the Dragonfly. 72 Inch size ceiling fan for high ceiling

The overall design is retro-styled comprising of a light industrial fan body that provides a smooth and lovely contrast against the long curves of the blades.

With a 72 inch blade span, powerful whisper quiet motor and excellent fan speeds to work with, you can consider yourself adequately equipped to keep the air in your large space, high ceiling cool, fresh and rejuvenating.


  • Has a 60 or 72 inch blade span and 5 blades
  • Constructed from steel
  • It can generate a 4,860 CFM (high, 72″ blades)/4375 cfm (high, 60″ blades) at the highest fan speed setting
  • Has a powerful reversible silent DC motor
  • Comes with a 3.5 and 6 inch downrod
  • Can be used on sloped ceilings, up to 30 degrees
  • Has a 3 fan speed
  • Available in studio white

Customer feedback

The unit is quite irresistible according to what users shared. They found this retro-styled dragon fly inspired art piece to be just right for a vaulted to high ceiling. Users also pointed out that the installation was quite effortless. It works effortlessly with minimal white noise.


While a high ceiling can be exceptionally beautiful, people struggle to get the best ceiling fan for high ceilings that will accentuate that beauty. All the options reviewed above have been engineered with a high ceiling in mind.

And because the height of a ceiling and expanse of a room will differ from one customer to another, this select options come in a variety of sizes and the flexibilities of getting longer or shorter downrods to achieve the look and air circulating efficiency that you are looking for.




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