6 Best California King Comforter Sets

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Table of Contents

Some people can’t make out the difference between king size and California king size. There is common belief that California kings are bigger than standard king beds. Well they are in fact bigger in dimension when you consider the length and width. But just because the California king is bigger doesn’t mean it is better. Or it is best for your needs. The California king comforter sets are meant to serve varied but very specific needs like tall people and large people.

The main difference of a California king is the width and length. A king sized bed/mattress measures 76 inches in width by 80 inches in length. It is worth noting that some king size beds can be as wide as 78 inches. So it then follows that the suitable comforter size for such a bed is naturally a king size comforter which should measure around 102 inches length by 86-88 inches width.

California king bed are longer but slightly narrower than standard kings which makes them great for tall persons with heights above 6 feet. A California king size bed dimensions are 72 inches width by 84 inches length. Most tall sleepers and couples with narrower master bedrooms often settle for California king beds. Knowing the difference is important as it helps you choose the right comforter set size for your bed.

California king size comforters will also tend to be narrower and lengthier. Standard measurement for a Cal king comforter will range at 104-110 inches in the length by 92-98 inches on the width. King sizes tend to be more popular. Since the distinction between these two standard sizes has been clarified, we can now go ahead and review a selection of some California king comforter sets.

1. Madison Park Palisades 7 Piece Cal King Comforter Set

There are a number of good reasons why you want to dress your bed in a fashionable and practical manner. Aesthetics and utility takes precedence over most other reasons. Most other reasons that one can come up with, will tend be already represented by these two.Madison Park Palisades 7 Piece Cal King Comforter Set

If you mention a neat and appealing look, it is covered by aesthetics. When you think traits that you would want in a comforter such as warmth, breathability, all year round use and durability, all these will fall under utility.

The Madison Park palisades 7 piece comforter set forms a superb way to dress your bed in a way that covers both the need to have an awesome comfy and fashionable look that complements and accentuates other decorative elements in your bedroom. It also does so with plenty of grace that offers exquisite design and injects subtle class, to your bedroom.

The comforter design has a fluffy look and feel. The colors also blend well with neat stylish stitching that adds both character as well as contrast to the flow and presentation of this set. The included pillows and king shams complete the whole comfy and inviting cushioned look that will pamper your sleep just the way you like it. Some of the shams are embroidered for an even better decorative look.

This comforter is made with 100% polyester shell. The material has a welcoming softness and is color fast. You can be sure to enjoy this comforter for years with a look that never grows old. Polyester is resilient and stands up well to frequent washes. Because the colors of this set do not fade and the material is naturally wrinkle-free, you can expect this set to keep your bedroom well dressed and ever fresh.

This California sized comforter set comes with a bed skirt which also adds to an elegant look and casual flare.


  • It is a California king size comforter with a gorgeous lined design.
  • The dimensions are 104 inches length by 92 inches width. Other sizes available are king and queen
  • It is made from 100% polyester
  • This 7-piece comforter set includes; 1 comforter, 3 decorative pillows, 2 king shams, 1 bed Skirt
  • It is machine washable with very low maintenance
  • Available in multiple colors including blue, brown, purple and coral

The design of this comforter set is elegant yet casual. What can be mistaken as button tufts, are in actual fact tacks that helps add texture to the surface of the comforter for added appeal.

Customer feedback

Customers, who bought this comfort set, appreciated the dimensions that are excellent for longer and narrower beds. Users mentioned that the comforter spreads well to the sides and spills over nicely at the foot of the bed as well. The bed skirt offers continuity for a fluid look while the pillows, shams and decorative pillows present beautiful contrast creating that elusive pop that enlivens the space. Many also loved the look and fit of this comforter. They also appreciated that the choice of colors and different sizes available. Users, who wanted to get the same quality and sort of uniform look across all the bedrooms in the house, mentioned it was an easy choice to buy several sets just in varied colors and sizes suitable to each room.

2. Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece Jacquard Floral Comforter Set

The Jacquard fabric has delicate and intricately woven patterns. Unlike printed patterns, Jacquard patterning is not stamped but woven into the fabric using a jacquard loom. It’s a beautiful way of adding a traditional touch to modern bedding for a gorgeous look worthy of royalty.Chezmoi Collection 7-Piece Jacquard Floral Comforter Set

The Chezmoi Collection 7 Piece Jacquard Floral Comforter has a catchy elegant look that is sure to elevate the décor of any room. From a far, the look is deceivingly smooth, when you get closer and touch the fabric, you quickly realize the beauty of its textured surface and it becomes apparent that the fabric is smooth to feel but also textured for an added subtle rugged visual appeal.

The designs on jacquard fabric could be anything like traditional art, animal or floral pattern. In this case, the floral pattern is well displayed in a golden tone amidst a black backdrop for stunning beauty and contrast. If you are looking for a bedding set that comes with matching shams, this is a gorgeous option as the shams display the same massive floral patterns for a matching effect.

This California King Size jacquard set is made from 100% polyester. Polyester is soft yet a resilient fabric that is easy to care for.

With such a gorgeous spread on your bed, you want this comforter set to last several years. Meticulous craftsmanship and a resilient fabric ensures that your bedroom will look glam for many years to come.

further, this comforter set washes well and is wrinkle free. The piped edges also add to the neat look as well as ensuring that the edges remain durable with no chance of fraying. The unit also comes in several color combinations that are equally elegant and stunning.

If you are looking to makes a fashion and artistic statement with your bedding, its hard to wrong with this selection.


  • It is a California king size set with huge floral pattern.
  • Dimensions are 104 inches by 92 inches and other sizes available are king and queen
  • The Jacquard is made from 100% polyester
  • It is a 7- Piece comforter set that comes with; 1 comforter, a cushion, a neck roll, 2 king shams and 1 bed Skirt
  • The set is machine washable
  • Colors available are black gold, Maroon gold and gold

The comforter set looks heavy and thick. To a good degree it is but, it’s also very breathable, smooth and gentle on the skin. It can be used all year round. When dirty, just toss it into the washing machine. It cleans easy and dries well with zero wrinkles.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this admitted to have the usual skepticism of buying online, but to their delight, delivery was efficient and the comforter itself exceeded their expectations. A user shared that the set looks awesome on their bed and is super comfortable. Most users remarked that this deal is a steal as the quality of the set is way above the price point and therefore a good buy. Some customers mentioned that the color options blend well with curtains and other décor element in the bedroom. Customers also pointed that the set washes well with minimal to zero color spill.

3. Elegant Comfort Luxury Soft 8-Piece Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter Set

The Elegant Comfort Luxury Comforter Set is aptly named because it delivers nothing short of a gorgeous look and provides absolute comfort and superior performance.Elegant Comfort Luxury Soft 8-Piece Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter Set

The comforter set is made from high quality microfiber that has been processed to achieve a luxurious feel.

The overall look of the fabric delivers a lustrous look and also presents a silky smooth feel to the touch that is very comfortable and gentle on the skin.

This soft fabric with a silky feel and look has been achieved through the use of fine yarns that are stronger and longer than those of silk. These length and strength of fine yarns culminates into a hardy and strong luxurious fabric. The lustrous sheen and smoothness is achieved as a result of having the fine yarns meticulously brushed before being woven to a fabric. The fabric then undergoes additional brushing for impeccable smoothness.

For sensitive skin, this fabric is baby soft and agreeable. Even those with skin conditions such as eczema will appreciate that this fabric soothes the skin instead of irritating it.

It’s also worth noting that the microfiber used in this comforter set is hypoallergenic. This means better sleep. Your beauty sleep is further enhanced by the fact that the fabric is good at wicking moisture and has good breathability.

If you are a connoisseur of fine linens, you will know that this set is one of a kind for the reason mentioned above but also because of the gorgeous design.

The textured surface gives a unique tufted impression. The fabric is skillfully pinched and stitched to bring out diamond patterns that will dress your bed in exquisite fashion. The 2 shams included in the set also share the same textured look.

The fitted sheet comes with a cool addition of two 16” pockets on either side of the bed. This is a practical addition as it helps you store handy items within reach. This can be anything from handkerchiefs, hand towels for when you have the sniffles phones and so forth. If you are an avid reader in bed, you will be glad to know that the pockets can fit and hold a medium sized book.


  • This is a California king size comforter set with diamond shape textured pattern
  • Comforter’s dimensions are 104 inches x 92 inches. It is also available in other sizes including king, queen, full, twin and twin XL
  • Constructed with high quality brushed micro-fiber
  • It is an 8-Piece comforter set that includes 1 comforter, 1 bed Skirt, 2 pillow shams, flat sheet, fitted sheet and 2 pillow cases
  • It is washing machine friendly and easy to care for
  • Available colors include; black, burgundy, navy blue, turquoise and aqua

Microfiber has many beneficial traits that accentuate the visual aesthetic appeal. Top among them; does not crease, the fabric is color fast, stain repellent and can with stand numerous frequent washes. The nature of this fabric effectively discourages mites, and other allergens that can rob you of precious sleep.

Customer feedback

Those who bought this 8 piece comforter set were delighted by the superior performance that allows you to sleep cool. Customers mentioned that the breathable fabric is incredibly soft to the skin even for those with ultra-sensitive skin as well as bedding related allergies. Most customers loved the gorgeous look that the textured surface accompanied by shams and pillow cases brings to their bedroom. They also pointed out that washing this set was a breeze. Cold water wash and a quick tumble dry on low heat will see to it that this set of bedding is fresh and clean for your enjoyment. Users noted that the colors hold fast and the fabric is durable.

4. 510 Design Shawnee Reversible Hypoallergenic All Season Bedding Set

Are you on the hunt for a comforter set ensemble that will brighten your bedroom and dress your bed in gorgeous design and beautiful colors? Well, you will likely find your solution in this all season 510 Design Shawnee Reversible Set. The set is well coordinated to effortlessly bring elegance into how you dress your bed.510 Design Shawnee Reversible Hypoallergenic All Season Bedding Set

The comforter has a plush feel and is usable round the year. That’s both in summer and winter months. This is made possible by the microfiber shell fabric that is well ventilated allowing for good aeration. The fine yarns use to makes the fabric in a way that allows good circulation of air. That fact combined with the fabric ability to wick moisture and sweat, do an admirable job of keeping your body cool during hot summer months.

The shell is stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fill which explains the fluffy comfy look presented by this comforter. The bottom half of the comforter is emblazoned with a gorgeous damask print while the other half is quilted. This pieced design approach delivers good contrast and a visually appealing look that enlivens your bedroom.

Moreover, the comforter is also reversible with a solid brown color that offers a fresh look.

The stuffed shell has nice and comfortable cushioning for good insulation during the winter months. With 6 ounces of polyester filling per yard, the weight and is just right to keep you nice and toasty on a cold night.

The set is accompanied with sheets, shams and pillow cases as well as a bed skirt to complete the ensemble.


  • This set comes in California king size pieced with damask print and quilt design.
  • The dimensions of the comforter are 104” by 92”. Available in king/queen sizes as well
  • Constructed from high quality brushed micro-fiber with hypo-allergenic polyester fill
  • The 8 Piece comforter set comes with; 1 comforter, 1 bed Skirt, 2 king shams, 2 euro shams and 2 decorative pillow cases
  • It is machine wash friendly
  • Comes in several colors; grey/ sea foam and neutral

If you are not one for ironing your bedding because you can’t stand creases, then you have nothing to worry about because this set is naturally wrinkle free. It is also easy to clean and stand s up well to frequent washing. You can rest easy knowing that the colors will hold fast for many years keeping your bed spread looking gorgeous for a long time to come.

Customer feedback

Those who bought this unit were looking for a versatile set that can be used all year round. Customers said that this unit is perfect for that purpose owing to the breathable weave of micro fiber as well the fabrics ability to wick moisture for added comfort when asleep. They also mentioned they loved the aesthetic pieced design and stitching that brings a touch of traditional damask print and gorgeous color combination that effortlessly lively up your space. Other than the fluffy look of the comforter, customers also appreciated that the entire set is smooth to sleep in but also durable and machine wash friendly. The reversible aspect of the comforter is a feature that users also liked as it adds to thoughtful utility and the flexibility to change the look from time to time.

5. Wake In Cloud Mandala Comforter Set

Looking for something cool and trendy bedding set for your teenage brood. The Wake In Cloud Mandala Comforter Set has a unique Boho chic style that teenagers and adults alike are bound to like.Wake In Cloud Mandala Comforter Set

This bohemian and hippie inspired, bright orange mandala pattern print is just the thing to brighten up any bedroom.

The set dresses your California king bed in a minimal way. Teenage boys and girls don’t care much for bed skirt and prefer a more dressed down approach. Perhaps it has to do with their aversion to making up their bed in the morning. This set works well because it comes as a comforter and 2 pillow cases. With this set making their beds in the morning is easy as all they have to do is straighten the sheets and neatly drape the bed with one fell swoop of the comforter. The bed will look and remain neat.

The fabric used here is silky smooth good quality microfiber printed with colorful patterns. The comforter is light with good breathability for generous aeration. The aeration coupled with the fabric’s attribute of wicking moisture makes it possible to sleep cool during warm summer nights. You probably are yet to see a teenager who is keen on ironing their bedding.

With this set, ironing will be the least of your worries as the microfiber does not wrinkle even when it is straight from the wash and dryer. The set is stain resistant, the bright colors remain lustrous and hold fast even after numerous washes.

The kaleidoscope of colors and patterns on the fabric do a great job of infusing cheer and a vibrant vibe to any bedroom space.


  • Minimal California king size set is adorned with intricate colorful patterns
  • Dimensions on the comforter are 104” by 98”. The set comes in other sizes such as; queen/king
  • The comforter is constructed from 100% microfiber with matching accessories
  • 3 Piece comforter comes with; 1 comforter/ 2 pillow cases
  • Easily washed by hand or machine wash
  • Available in patterned print with a mixture of orange, brown, blue, pink, purple and light brown

This Microfiber set is baby soft and smooth which is great for those who have ultra-sensitive skin. The fabric is also hypoallergenic which often translates to blissful undisturbed sleep.

Customer feedback

Customers who are thrifty and have an eye for detail and good value for money, shared that this comforter set is a steal. Given the price point, most users felt that it was too good to be true but took a chance on this set anyway. They expressed that they were not disappointed because this set is smooth, cool and very lightweight for comfortable sleep.

Users mentioned that the advert pictures don’t do this comforter set justice. The build and set is minimal with very vibrant colors that instantly brighten the room. Customers also loved the 20 inch x 26 inch flanged pillow cases.

6. Five Queens Court Palmer Damask Luxury 4 Piece Comforter Set

Indulging and spoiling yourself with some comforts is so richly deserved. After all, you work hard and do an impossible job of splitting yourself into the roles of mom, daughter, wife, professional, volunteer and so forth. You deserve to sleep and rest your bones in nothing short of luxury. That’s why; indulging yourself in the Five Queens Court Palmer Luxury 4 Piece Comforter is so called for.Five Queens Court Palmer Damask Luxury 4 Piece Comforter Set

The Palmer is made from traditional woven chenille damask which comes in rich tones of soft golds combined with teal and navy.

This oversized comforter is perfectly built for a generous and stylish spread over your bed. The surface of the comforter is textured with a traditional vibe and embellished with solid indigo silk for a gorgeous presentation fit for royalty.

When you or someone else walks into your bedroom, they will want to touch your bedding, or better yet unashamedly lie on it because it looks so gorgeous, well presented and absolutely inviting. The damask pattern adds a traditional touch to the whole design but also does a good job of blending the varied colors to conjure up a display of understated class.

The comforter along with its elaborate print has been done by 100% polyester. As such, you can expect impressive durability that will last many years. The set washes easily because it’s machine friendly. So care and maintenance should not be a worry. The comforter is filled with poly-fiber down which is an excellent alternative to goose down especially if you suffer allergies triggered by goose down.

The edges of this comforter are piped ensuring a good consistent look by preventing leakage or clumping of the poly-fiber fill. The pillow shams are endowed with generous thick padded flanges and hidden zippers for a neat finish.

The bed skirt helps sell the design as it comes in vertical stripes that further enrich the contrast of the whole ensemble. The bed skirt has decorative stripes running vertically and contains split corners for easy assembly. The 15” drop on the bed skirt offers continuity giving awesome flow and fluidity to the whole presentation.


  • It is a California king size set with damask pattern
  • The measurements of the comforter are 110 inches by 96 inches. The comforter set can also be purchased in queen and king
  • It is constructed from 100% polyester matching accessories
  • This is a 4 Piece comforter comprising of; 1 comforter, 1 bed skirt and 2 pillow shams
  • The set can be cleaned using a washing machine
  • Available in damask pattern with a myriad of colors such as indigo, teal, gold, navy and teal

This is an excellent set to dress your bedroom with for that royal, gorgeous fashionable look and ultra-comfort.

Customer feedback

There is nothing as scary as getting a gorgeous comforter set such as this one only to find out that caring for it is a big headache. Although absolutely gorgeous, this comforter set is very easy to care for and maintain. Customers shared that washing was a complete breeze. Toss the set into the washer using cold water on a gentle cycle and then air dry or tumble on low for excellent results of a clean and fresh spread every time. Users mentioned that their bed looks opulent and comfort is absolutely guaranteed. The oversized dimensions are generous and accentuate that luxurious, stylish and fashionable draping look. This is a good buy for a total bed dress up and high end sleeping comfort.


This selection of the best California king comforter sets provides you with a broad range of designs, motifs, prints and embroidery in addition to extensive color schemes that will work with numerous decors. While all the above comforter sets are centered on California king size, you will notice that they can also be purchased in other sizes that suit most standard bed sizes.

The comforter sets design and color compositions as well as price ranges are well staggered in such a way that there is something to suit every need whether elaborate or simple. A 3 piece set will work for some customer while other may settle for an 8 piece set or anything in between. Either way, we have you covered.




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